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We are in Uzbekistan We are close behind the border Bordercrossing Oybek In the east of the country It was a really… Comfortable bordercrossing Much better than expected We read some crazy stories That all the luggage is checked That they delete pictures on smartphones etc. Didn’t happened Our stuff was scanned But not checked further We had to make a customs declaration That we have some cash, Dollar and Euro And just had a chat with the guys Maybe 45min in total Really comfortable Now we are 100km before Tashkent The capital city That’s the first stage We want to arrive tomorrow Let’s go Warm welcome We changed our Tajik money It was 11€ It almst doesn’t fit in the purse Looking forward to change 100€ Into Uzbek Som How it will look This is 88.000Som or? And the 5000 is the highest value? Or is there a 10.000? It rarely fits into the purse 11€ Good evening Made the first 30km in Uzbekistan What we notice First: It’s densly populated And where it’s not populated Is agriculture A lot of cotton Melons Don’t know, pumpkins, beans Everything And because of that It’s difficult to find a campingspot We are looking for some time already But So far nothing good Slowly the sun sets We’ll see where and how we spent our first night in Uzbekistan On time for sunset We found a spot between the fields Next to an old house Many people here Everywhere are people Behind every tree, suddenly someone sits An old man who is waving Laying in the shade and having a rest

xiaomi action yi cameraLaying in the shade and having a rest Tent is up DInner is also ready Rice and vegetables leftovers from yesterday Ikra, a vegetable paste Kidney beans Pickled cucumbers and tomatoes Tomato, cucumber, onion salad with dill And a bread Awesome Enjoy Quite cool Here are some really old cars All the old Ladas From russia 30 years old? At least or? Still driving Good cars It’s an old Volga Nice 9km to the Hostel We check in and then we see Which city? From Germany, Hamburg We’ve been 3 nights in Tashkent Still in the hostel Packing our stuff Then we leave to Samarkand It was really nice here Also the hostel Relaxed a bit and saw the city The basar We bought some stuff Some clothes A new tripod for the camera It’s 300km to Samarkand We try to do it in 3 days 100km a day We’ll see Packing the stuff And go to Samarkand Nice, and eat the melon Syrdarja River Bought a pumpkin But he said it’s a melon Let’s see It’s a Pumpkin! No, it’s a melon! Can i have a piece brother? Helo, a small piece But please don’t take a photo of me Lunchtime Already cycled a bit. Here in the shade? I think 60km We’ve done But still have to do some more Tomorrow we want to arrive in Samarkand It’s 190km i think

xiaomi action yi cameraIt’s 190km i think We’ll see, now lunch! Another break, another melon It’s the third today? Yeah maybe No it’s the fifth We were invited for one It’s the forth we buy Right They are so good So delicious, we are in the melon paradise! There are so many different kinds I think we had 5 differnt kinds today All differnt kinds of sugar melons Cantaloupe or something? Really good! Good melons! There is the little melon market Sun is going to set Made almost 100km 98,5 Looking for a campingspot now It’s now 150km To Samarkand We will not make it tomorrow by bicycle It depends a bit Tomorrow we should get a notice if we got our Turkmenistan Visa The Visa we have to collect in Dushanbe in Tajikistan Olga would go there with our passports Because she doesn’t need a Visa for Tajikistan And also for Uzbekistan I would wait in Samarkand If we get the OK tomorrow Then we would go by train to Samarkand And Olga moves on to Dushanbe Tomorrow is Thursday Then she would arrive on Friday in Dushanbe And could collet the Visa Otherwise there would be the weekend Everything a bit complicated We have to have a plan We’ll see tomorrow How our Visasituation is Then we’ll see how we go But for now Now we already did 100km Difficult to find a campingspot But we’ll find something soon Morning Yesterday We slept at a restaurant Asked if we can camp there We just started from there Now we have 2 melons for breakfast Almost finished the melons The second we’ll have later Now we are Around 150km to Samarkand Now we have this plan: We want to cycle now

xiaomi action yi camera We want to cycle now

xiaomi action yi cameraWe want to cycle now Then we could arrive in the evening We’ll call the Turkmen embassy And ask about our Visa And if Yes Then we go by train to Samarkand Or hitchhiking So we arrive today And Olga can go by Taxi to Dushanbe today Because tomorrow is Friday Yeah And we also have to arrive in Samarkand today Because.. Today is the third day after Tashkent And in Uzbekistan it’s like this: As a tourist You have to register every 3 days in a hotel This means Every third night you have to stay in a hotel There you get a registration slip And these slips you have to show when leaving the country Without any gaps Otherwise there is trouble Because of that Uzbekistan is a bit different now Every third night we’ll sleep in a hotel First Tashkent, and after three days We wanted to arrive in Samarkand Will be a tough day But i think in the evening we can arrive Every two hours a melon break Then we can do it Exactly, the good melon power! It’s awesome! We just took a break here At this old Tapchan And ate the third melon Then a man came out of this house And asked if we want to have tea We said no, thank you And he just replied “oh, you want to have coffee then!” And then he cam back with this tray Filled with sweets Hot water, coffee Bread Awesome, so nice We are in Jizzax Also a bigger city Probably we take a train from here to Samarkand It’s still 100km So we arrive there today It’s more relaxed then Then we have the registration And don’t have stress and can drink coffee Where are you from? From Germany Where is that? Where are you from? From Germany

xiaomi action yi cameraFrom Germany Germany? Germany On the bicycle Okay? Jizzax is okay? Okay! Awesome, yes? We just went to the trainstation The next train is at 11P.M. Not good, too late Then we went to the taxi stand Looked for a bus or something Which can drive us to Samarkand There wasn’t really a bus Straight Then they offered us two taxis So, normal cars And put our bikes in the trunk Half of it We didn’t like that idea It sucks a bit But here is the crazy thing It would cost us 12€ For two taxis Each 100km That’s crazy These guys gave us a lift I think 60km To Samarkand it’s 40km now I think we cycle that now 2,5 or 3 hours Then we should arrive. It’s 2P.M. now Really cool Allright Here are only potatoes, yeah And onions 31km to Samarkand Good, it’s 2:40P.M. 2hours We should be there then A short lunchbreak now Unfortunately no melon, but grapes! But they are also good What did he do? I just looked at the sign I think i have it recorded Whatever, we are in Samarkand! A busy city But beatiful Looks really interesting A lot to see We are in Samarkand One of the oldest cities in the world Now we do a sightseeing tour with you Have fun Really impressive Awesome how they restored this In hard work Nice Impressive This is how it looked 1932 What’s that? Tomatoes With? Greens and garlic With what they are filled? Just greens How much? Try it first With everything, greens and garlic How much? How much you take? 4 please How much? Moment, i have to weigh it How much? 6000 That’s good, 60cent Where are you from sister? From Russia? I’m from Russia, Chelyabinsk And he? From Germany Germany, who is a famous soccer player? Who is famous? Messi, Ronaldo? Who is the most famous soccer player? I don’t know, Neuer! Of course, the soccer questions! We are both the really experts in that! How much is one of these? 2000 That’s 2000, that’s nice We buy a lot and you give us a discount? We take… Two of this I ordered some nice pants In one day Or also yetserday she could’ve sew it in 30 minutes With pockets I choosed the fabric Really nice, it’s wide I’m happy Sewing was 1,5€ And the fabric 2,8€ For one meter Really nice Done with the sightseeing tour In Samarkand Tea is an art here Always with a string For other experts like me Now we pack our stuff Then we move on We were here for three nights Saw the city Really impressive, really nice Nice how they restored it Old frescos repainted I this nice turqouise Blue With gold and pompous Impressive, beautiful Nice, three nights That was nice A day short would be too less That would’ve been stressfull So it was perfect Now it’s short before 11A.M. We are uploading a video for more than 10 hours now A 30 minutes YouTube video Internet in Uzbekistan is not so good But it’s at 99% Now we go to Bukhara It’s around 270km i think We will do it again in three days That’s possible After three days we need again a registration We do that in Bukhara