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In welcome everyone to yet another let’s play series This one’s gonna be of Civil War generals to which I have done the campaign better year or so go on my channel However, I figured I would go ahead and play as the Union which is the much easier It’s somewhat easier aside to play as as you would imagine Andrey plain as the civil war that Grand Campaign everything’s connected and the only difference is that I’m gonna be heading the music on for a few missions the video clips only on for this mission and I’m playing on even mini difficulty, which I’ll go ahead and explain as time goes on These visibility options full visibility means that you can see the enemy and all their movements and units and mine the fire shows you where your artillery is able to fire and Firm go ahead and start up This is just a really brief Overview nothing major don’t really have to worry about it. Go ahead and start This is turn one of 21 and This is your mini-map this one is huge absolutely huge Because it’s connected to essentially two battles Because you have like rooms forward here And then in the next area, you’ll have a full run kind of taking place around this area Essentially why there’s all the stuff over here. I am It’s just over here for a really no reason so really even anything over here specifically Oh, yeah, it actually does have those little marquee things. Okay. I was I Was wrong Anyway, I’m gonna go and turn that off you have your enemy down here they will be moving Da I almost always attacks. There are some times where it only does defense, but that’s different Anyway to go ahead and show off. I guess we can go ahead with this Here’s on artillery man Every unit has its own commander and they’re generally about the same in terms of quality, which you can tell by the sabers here This guy is a colonel as you can see and these numbers have some effect on danger itself Where the higher these are the higher the cap on these things right here are I? Believe there you also have some tiny like modifiers. They don’t specifically know if not my head But you can see that he has these numbers here that end up they are essentially increases to what it is and the reason that he has these numbers here is because he is next to a division commander or a brigade commander whichever would be in the Situation and on beginner these guys don’t do a damn thing essentially these are better use overall and What you can do is that on a star pattern you can reassign your division commanders You can reassign them to where the demons would end up fitting with them however I’m not gonna do that because there’s really no point – you can’t do that if I can use really wounded and you’re trying to get Them up a little bit quicker, but outside that there’s little difference However, they only give bonuses to men that are within their own core So if you were to go ahead and look at this again you would see that I can only assign him to the artillery because he is of the second u.s. Artillery and So, you know, that’s all the unit’s there under his command that are on the field If we were to look at the other guy whoops if Goddamn, I didn’t mean to do that either undo If we were to look at this guy, mr. Ivy Richardson, and then we’re to go ahead and do that I can do it with a quick menu You can see that I can move it to the imagery, but not the artillery So I’m gonna go ahead and just kind of give a quick thing this whole report thing The only thing that I would say is really important to kind of always now beside the victory points

Default war strategy war gamesThe only thing that I would say is really important to kind of always now beside the victory points Which is your main objectives essentially is to have high amounts of victory points The top here is Union bottoms Confederacy and you can see who currently owns it now You can’t create your own victory points if you have a lot of combat between an area then that will generate a victory point or even Have these increase on them on their own if you have a lot of combat On that square or near that square or pecs I guess it is in this game And if there’s not like if there’s not a lot of action going poll Going around the victory hex and they’ll start to lose the value which makes sense So that’s the primary thing that you want to have there outside of that Having terrain height is also very important because it gives you a modifier if an enemy is attacking Uphill or and if you attack downhill, I believe he’d get some minor advantage but I remember specifically what it is No, anyway, if you’re looking artillery here you can see that this guy has a range of nine and hat pyro seven So from here if I was to right-click on him again you can see this is what he’s able to fire at and the reason that he is only able to fire in that direction is You have a big hill here. So he can’t fire directly beneath that hill and beyond it because he has to fire over this well if I move him here and Then look look at how much more he’s able to fire at Say I want to station them here and you can right-click and you can see what it takes to end up like moving people and that sort of thing and that does kind of change depending on the terrain and that sort of thing, but I Just kind of lost my train of thought Oh God. What was it how I remember? but with artillery they have a range in they had firepower and the firepower does make a difference the fall that the farther that you end up going out an Example like if I was to attack right next to me You can see his attack power is seven But if I was to go say like over here it went down to four And I think that’s just because you know Blancas range, isn’t that sort of thing? I believe that’s really the only modifier and you can kind of see it long. It’s – somewhat And another thing to note That’s fine for right now But I’m gonna go ahead and move this head. What can you actually fighting fire right there? So I will go ahead with this guy here and you can see that as I moved him He ended up losing a fire power point, which is what this is right here And he lost some men which is what happens If you play on anything above beginner, it makes the game a little bit more annoying But how I might have to adjust if it gets too annoying Now if you look at entry they’re a little bit different in terms of throughout weaponry a Missy he has his musket here the top Section is their firepower and the bomb section is the hand-to-hand. I don’t know how that specifically calculated I want to say you guys say if you’re – I can’t show you right now, but normally there would be a button here to charge and What charging does you essentially fire twice like you attack unit twice in the same action? I? Believe the hand-to-hand combat comes into play more then but also could be completely totally wrong So I’m gonna head move this unit and you can see that as I moved him He didn’t lose anybody But that’s because I was on a road and I was y having control of Rhodes meal to move He units on roads is very vital Now this guy here he has a smooth burn fully in his range of 8 an attack power of 15 So where I want to put him is Ashley on a higher plane field so you can see more of the battle But I can’t deploy him right now. So I’ll have to wait until next turn This guy gets moved up and he has to really should be 6 pounder. I hate these guns in the skinny, by the way You gentlemen have either napoleon’s or you want to have mike howitzers which I don’t have at the moment Gonna keep moving my humans up And it’s always best if you want to play like long term to have Were the ones save this game? Because if you don’t then even likes to crash a lot so you gotta be a little bit careful

1 war strategy war gamesWere the ones save this game? Because if you don’t then even likes to crash a lot so you gotta be a little bit careful on that And I guess I also can show this here the command tab that allows you to is supposed to get to all the screens. I Never seem to look for easy reinforcements report, which some battles you’ll get reinforcements some you won’t But you can see that adds 12 o’clock So any six turns will get an entry after that will get more men more men more men Just you know a whole lot more men Which is absolutely fantastic Ya know I just had to click back in Yeah, you’re gonna hear that a lot of time and I’m gonna be kinda like constantly saving So with that go ahead and return And you can see that he ends up moving, you know, stop doing that, you know moving his unit so that means if he’s going to eventually start coming after me these things right here are Oh God how you say that anymore their fortifications essentially and they end up giving you Bonuses to that sort of thing. You can’t move through them like once you get in there You cannot move out again. No matter the unit. So it’s a bit odd, but whatever Now I’m gonna go ahead and move it you right here move you I should not down there. I’ll move you here Nothing analogy was that with imagery they have two formations They have their marked information which allows them to move much more efficiently over land and then they have for combat position Which also changing position does cause some men now kind of formation that makes it harder to Move like for example here. This guy can move, you know all along here. I switch to the bat and you can only move up to here like an example is that if I have a unit here like China or forest or Like on a forest on the road and Combat formation they can only move one for style compare it to more otherwise So I’m gonna go ahead and put all these up And you can all see that they end up giving they get a slight modified to their cover bonus Which beforehand that you would meant that? They had a negative 1 and 0 which means that they can only have a negative 1 or a zero cover modifier Now they have either a zero or a two to cover modifier I believe that the first ones attack second was defense effect So always Ian’s are in place This artillery unit here because I’m not able to fire on anyone. I’m gonna do something which is called that digging in Damian gives them a slight defensive modifier and It also allows them to rest up a little bit and you can over supply a unit and that Over supply what it does is you can increase the firepower by a little bit But it means that they were able to fire more than what they were before hand You can see their supply points down right here And These supply points that I believed it’s one for every shot that you and the taking it might be less though Here your firepower here and then here at quality an experience that does play a factor in the unit Ability to fight by don’t know it to pacifically have to top my head so I can’t tell you and this guy working you fire Not that great It’d be good if I set them up on this fill, however, I think I’d be a little bit too late on that If I set you up here, you can’t really fire worth the damn AB spray you can just sit there. Yeah fine. Noannie as you can also rename them, but Zook go ahead and say it again and end the turn Or they’re going to wait for Maine which they don’t normally do I Find now everyone just gonna go ahead and dig in here. I can do that tongue quickies You go ahead and set In fear they finally decide then they’re coming. I’m just going to go and cut that out and I guess I should

war strategy war games In fear they finally decide then they’re coming. I’m just going to go and cut that out and I guess I should

2 war strategy war gamesIn fear they finally decide then they’re coming. I’m just going to go and cut that out and I guess I should kind of give a little bit to have Explanations what happens during the battle kiss? Yeah. My know my guys can actually hit them In this turn yet again, and whenever you end in the Indian Attorney regularly It will have all your units that have not rested they’ll in the breasting noon have to do it all manually thankfully way we end up getting a Sherman Yay I remember him taking from his bow, but as you can see he has a crapload of firepower and That firepower for the first few battles. They have a Modifier of power a lot of men which is not gonna continue sadly But here at Blackburn’s forward, but essentially the pappy was that Oh, Irvin McDowell. Yes, that’s his name. I mean almost completely forgot it there in McDowell. He tried to circumvent the Confederate fortifications that are over Right there over in this direction He essentially tried to find a way to go around their White flank, and that’s how this battle applicants for end up starting it was a failure that the Union wasn’t able to penetrate and so The enemies I’m just packing have long and then trying to turn each other’s flanks and it was kind of a mess Casualties ranged to about a hundred either side. So it wasn’t anything, you know major there’s very small and freakin significant, but Anyway, you can see that my artillery man here because he’s up on a hill I’d be able to hit him and if I was to go and say look in the event that I can’t it out that it’s dependent Like this unit you could see my main pacifying power of six here he’d have five powerful people. That’s because they’re in motion information So I can go ahead I can go ahead and shoot this man And yes you have reenacting battles And you can see that defender they end up losing that by firepower They had eight casualties like eight men dead total and then they had Some modifiers that ended up making them lose a lot of effective men and we lost time around It says victory points last morale, but I believe it’s almost always morale But I can go ahead and shoot this guy a whole bunch more fouls And I’m sure them get again Now that guy now he’s a little bit unhappy the main point of artillery is to make the units that Lure them around. That’s the main point of it That’s really what you should be doing with all of your artillery and it’s best to have concentrated fire But without my entry can’t do anything and clashes show this yeah, you can see this man here He is a colonel with medium stats. So his cap is at 92 This man’s a little bit better. Just captain 95 But here, oh, he’s not even that capped yet But he can go above that minimum The morale will never get up to 99 really it stays at about 95 to 97 overall Anyway, go ahead I have more amendment and up arriving and going down. I have more artillery as well III should guess I should turn off that train head. I completely didn’t even notice One thing to note before I forget this -15 here if a unit was too wrapped through it Which means that 10, you know, if a unit ends up having low enough morale gets below. I want to say 40 or 30 then they will end up completely breaking and they’ll either go to a commander and if they don’t rally by the time that there are the commander they will end up returning back to these points and There are these points that every on every map there is at least one a novena runs through there They will desert from the battle and you’ll lose that number in victory points Now I you guy you again are the only one that I can shoot So you’re not gonna have any fun end up digging in on that for some reason what you don’t know what fucking guy this pink shirt

3 war strategy war gamesshirt Hits me every time now because I am no longer in my oversupplied stage I end up losing firepower you Again gonna go and shoot you Again, these I’m gonna get rid of after this battle. Just they take way too long and I just be skipping through them anyway Gonna shoot you this was gonna do a lot because it has caught fire power And again that guy he’s not that effective of it unit anymore because his Health’s pretty low so this is morale And a health on the unit determines their ability to actually fight I believe in like wood stain damage organization Kind of applies to that but the main factor is morale. Oh, I actually think that a health determines the officers ability to like survive because during combat there is a chance that an officer can be shot and killed So again still nothing that I can do going in the turn again he end up shooting at me More entry has ended up arriving ashram go ahead and land here on this. I will set tanked Yeah, this is totally a tank. This is this is a pre 20 Century tanks essentially Now leaving your artillery on the open like this Relatively close to the battle is normally a very bad thing But they would have to come up along here and then attack and I can move a unit over if need be Now this man he has a range of seven. I Don’t remember the quick key for that. I don’t like person quick keys because it won’t surprise me if it’s shut down this emulation and think this game itself isn’t in an emulation is I’m using a Virtual PC because This game does not like to work on windows 7. I’ve tried a lot and just doesn’t like it This man has a shitload a firepower 82 which means that if he gets hit by artillery, he’s gonna lose a lot Anyway you go ahead and move up in here you go ahead and come on down as well and like I was just packed You know all these people they don’t have first names apparently No one has yeah McConnell no, first name everyone else is just it doesn’t make any goddamn sense I Need also, stop clicking on that button Now there’s an 80 to five pound man, which I’m gonna give and deal with they do have an unlived artillery Which if I had a unit that can go and attack it I probably would Only were artillery cannot defend itself whatsoever. So they are fantastic to weaken our artillery unit on But yeah, these guys don’t have first names either. No one had Said that I thought that was Garfield and like no a future president even though no I think he did fight in the Civil War. I remember I think James Garfield did Anyway, I’m gonna go and shoot this unit. He does have a cover bonus And he’s in common information. That means he’s gonna substained less damage, but He has a lot of firepower. So go ahead and deal with him quick. He lost seven from that He will lose another five here and My big boy right here will make him lose Mike. This would be probably 10 or so Turn and again, you attacked me, okay? Now a key in attacking them I think uphill into my unit and Sustained more some more casualties, but that supposed guaranteed He loved attacking my unit again whenever they’re good snack more than one unit at time. That’s bad forever That’s bad for the unit to say the least is not very good. You have more entry has arrived. You can’t fire worth the date That is good to note So waste of waste my time Now this unit he’s in a bad spot essentially View, however, wow I can have 11 firepower. That’s because I’m attacking them down to essentially Who would be best for me to try to attack outward though is a good question I’m gonna fight with you on this guy You can also shoot him. What can you shoot youtube neither of them good to know? I Don’t like diversifying my firepower like that just because it’s really ineffective. Where can you hit from there? And it’s fine I shouldn’t move either in the first place You I will go ahead and shoot at you Because I was gonna do a fair amount of damage. That didn’t do a whole lot Now what let’s go ahead and see if he has enough juice to charge Georgiy requires a certain amount of morale you need to be around Essentially a green bar so like around 70 to do so And Sometimes you have to invest to your army morale to make them charge which is why I’m the morale is very important If you don’t have enough army morale Then audience morale just plummets So going like yes, he and them having to give up his ground I Really do like these video clips they’re they’re a nice touch. They’re a bit annoying but there are nice touch

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