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the f brain teaser, f, brain, teaser

My name is Dmitry Gromov, and for 10 years I studythe most dangerous, the most mysterious andweird places in Ukraine. Me and my team managed to infiltratethe most severely guarded facilities, and pull off unbelievable stunts there. In this project I’m going to show yousome incredible locations in our country. Places inaccessible for mere mortals, where every visitor’sblood curdles from dread, and every visit can be your last one. This is my ordeal, to be face to facewith this city’s rock solid soul. It’s the Insiders Project! Today my goal is the Southern Bridge,the highest bridge in Ukraine. I want to see from the inside howthis complicated structure is made. The most important task will be to climbto its top, and it’s not an easy task. The Southern Bridge is a bracing wiresbridge over the Dnieper River in Kiev. Its construction began in1983 and continued for 8 years. The bridge is 1300 m long and136 m high. Six speed car lanes run along the bridge together witha metro line. The piers of the bridge are supported by its foundationthat goes 20 m under the ground. The foundation is held in place by thedrilled piers extending for 40 more meters. The main bearing rod of the bridgeis a pylon balanced by 144 pairs of steel cables weighing 750 tons in total. The Southern bridge was considered tobe the most modern bridge in the USSR. A record-breaking amount was spent on itsconstruction – 112 mln Soviet rubles or about 200 mln US dollars. On the Left Bank, there is an inconspicuousmine shaft close to the bridge. It leads to a certain undergroundspace connected to the bridge. Today we won’t show the entranceto prevent any reenactments. The bridge serves as an interchangenot only for the cars and the metro. Numerous communications stretchinside of it from the Right bank to the Left bank. On meetingthe ground, the bridge ends, but the communications go on – ina concrete tunnel under the ground. A heating main is not the mostpleasant place. Inside of this pipe, the temperature ofwater reaches 70 degrees. If the pipe bursts,we’ll boil here alive. Plus, it’s very stiff and dustyhere. A few years ago, when city

the f brain teaserPlus, it’s very stiff and dustyhere. A few years ago, when city communal service workers were repairing a pipe, it burst in this close undergroundspace. Two workers died instantly falling into a hole withboiling water heads-first. The third worker who rushed totheir rescue was severely burnt. In a few days, he died in a hospital. From time to time, the undergroundworld snatches accidental passers-by and leaves them there for good. I don’t know whetherit is accidental or not. In any case, both under and aboveground one shall be extra cautious. One has to climb, crawl and balance allthe time looking for a path one needs. The trajectory of a standardtrip is an obstacle course. Behind these bars is the bridge itself. We won’t break anything. I’msure there is a way around. Everything is wreckedSomebody did their best. Now I’ll have to tryhard to crawl in here. City explorers are like cockroaches. They find paths in the narrowestand most inaccessible places. Very often one feels that one is stuck. However, one more abruptmove – and you’re through! The bridge stands on specialwheels. It may move. In summer, the concrete heats up andexpands. To prevent bursting, the bridge makes a littlemovement and keeps its balance. These hinges are made ofhigh-density steel 11 times stronger than the other types of iron otherparts of the bridge are made of. 1 cm of this constructionmay hold 20 tons. This is the internal part of the bridge. This landscape only anenthusiast will love. Not many people will appreciateit, but I can see some beauty in this geometry of the rusty metal. The insides of the bridge aredivided into a couple of tunnels whose construction is different. It’s not the most comfortableone, so I’ll move to the next one. A path for people is made here. I don’t know how the workers move herebut I believe it’s quite hard for them.

the f brain teaserI don’t know how the workers move herebut I believe it’s quite hard for them. However, I don’t think thatthey visit these places often. Weird sounds reside here, though. An unforgettable atmospherelurks behind every single turn. This tunnel is rather spooky. It seems to detest humanpresence and wants to push me out. Look, these are the ends of the bracingwires. Here they were also pulled. These rings were screwed intoposition to get the necessary pull. These monstrous constructionsreminds me of a transformer. Some obstacle arises almost atevery step along our unusual walk. However, these obstacles keep mefit and alert and don’t let me relax. People who made these spider websof steel wires wouldn’t be happy to find out that all theirhard work was in vain. This is the main metallic avenuethat we saw through the bars. It’s the main navigablepath of the Southern bridge. Under us is the spacewhere the ships may sail. Above us is the green line of the metro. This steel path is 300 m long. 300 m of a steel construction hang abovethe water held by steel bracing wires. Under it, river leads its everyday life. The metro train. It feels as if the trainisn’t going above us, but rushing right atus in this very tunnel. The wear and tear of the bridgeis a result of changing loads. At some point, the bridge may be empty. And in the next hour, all itslanes might be occupied by the cars, plus two metro trains may beon the rails simultaneously. That’s why many bridges move, which isespecially noticeable for pedestrians. Numerous check-ups were carriedout before the bridge was opened. For the last trial, 180 trucksloaded with sand and crushed stone “were driven onto the bridge;””each of them weighed 30 tons.” The bombardment is very heavy here. I have a feeling that I’m insideof a drum. I’ll soon start to shake because of these beats! The bridge is divided into sections.The iron part of the bridge has ended.

the f brain teaser The bridge is divided into sections.The iron part of the bridge has ended.

the f brain teaserThe bridge is divided into sections.The iron part of the bridge has ended. All the doors here are locked. This is a suitable path. I’m human sand. I cansqueeze through any crack! We’ve reached the concretepart of the bridge. This tunnel is completely locked andone may think that we’re underground. The engineers called thisconcrete box “the bird”. Maybe it does look like aflying bird a bit in the profile. This tunnel looks like aspaceship. Judging from the sound, it flies at breathtakingspeed somewhere into space. The steel part of the bridgewith the path for the ships hangs from the bracing wires andhas the necessary overall dimensions for the ships. The concrete part worksas a counter-balance for the iron one. The weight of the space inwhich the bracing wires are fixed has been increased intentionally.The mass of the running meter exceeds 200 tons. The bridge isheld by 144 pairs of steel cables. 72 pairs hold the steel part and72 pairs hold the concrete one. The bracing wires were deliveredto the bridge on special spools. Each piece was 1 km long. They were cut right on the bridge.The mounting and pulling of these steel cables took more than a year. We’re in the whale’s belly. This tunnel is a reinforced concretethroat which we use to slide down beneath. The bridge has swallowed us.Although, we’re alive and are going on. We’ve seen everythinghere. Time to climb up. This is a real spiders’ kingdom.All their webs are on my head now. Bars, spiders, concrete tunnels– it’s all very interesting but we won’t have time foreverything. We need to hurry. Ahead of us is the most interesting andcomplicated part of today’s expedition. Inside the bridge we were relativelysafe. Now we’re coming out into the open. We shall be extra cautious.Give me the backpack! Thank you! Let’s go! The traffic is rather active.We need to cross the road. Police cars constantly patrol thebridge checking if everything is OK. We’ll check their professionalismwhile we’re at it… and ours too.

the f brain teaserWe’ll check their professionalismwhile we’re at it… and ours too. I see an opening. Let’s go after theblue one… the black one… This spot is seen from the surveillance cameras,so we have to pass it as quick as possible. There is a manholedown there in the pylon. Once there were stairs therebut later they were demounted. We’ll go up in the most banalway – the bracing wires go up, and we’ll follow them.This is our runway. The best safety equipmentfor me are my strong hands. Let’s check what they are capable of. Come closer, I’ll secure you. Brilliant! If they didn’t take us downearlier, they won’t be able to take us down of the bracing wires. The main thing is to lean on the legs. I got you. Let’s go!– Let’s go. Move slowly, but surely. The bracing wires are moving very, very slowly, they are vibratingslightly – together with us! It’s a weird ascent to the topof a man-made steel mountain. The steel cable we’reclimbing is 230 m long. The arms may be very strong but themain thing is to have strong nerves. One shall overcome one’s fear.When there is an abyss under you the arms are not theproblem – your brain is. I’ve done such ascents many times.However, every time I do worry. The self-preservationinstinct is very strong. How are you, Dimon? – Fine. Are you sure?- I am. The bridge is talking to us…displeased, for some reason. Nikita, look, these guys are goingto drive across the bridge. I don’t know,some blokes from the authorities. So, everybody’s gettingtheir panties into a knot. So, our guys are going inside. We’ll let them drive by. And then we probably can… They worry that thePresident may be passing here. If he sees that somebody is waving a flag onthe top of the bridge, it’ll be a complete… We climbed on top. A trident is a signof our pride, out high-flying falcon. It’ll have rest and fly evenhigher, and we’ll follow. It’s the Insiders Project. Here they are… Hello. – Hi. What were you doing there? We just climbed up to take some photos…