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Attack! Launch the T-Bots now! Right away, Captain! Don’t let him get away! Launch the constrictors! Tie him down and stop him! After all this time. I have finally captured you, Klamkabot. Get ready to bring Klamkabot up. Who would’ve thought. You were hiding in this place all along. Captain! What’s going on? High teleportation powers detected! Stop him now! No! Ah yes, you’re now with me, DJ Jay! Coming to you live from Fishy.FM. And the hot topic for today is… “Why aren’t you taking my bait?” Oh yes, it looks like we’ve got our first caller of the day. Hello! Who’s on the line? Hello. I’m Mrs. Fish. Oh, Mrs. Fish. Have you eaten yet Mrs. Fish? No I haven’t. Why haven’t you eaten yet? That’s not healthy. What was that? Stop playing with the lines please. It’s a floating island! Get up BoBoiBoy! Get up! Get up! You’ll have to get up now! We’re going camping remember? Hello? Hello BoBoiBoy. Do you remember what day it is today? Of course. The International Canteen day? What are you talking about? Today’s our camping trip! Yes, yes I remember! Our camping trip! Really? Don’t tell me you forgot again BoBoiBoy. I didn’t forget. I was… I was just messing with you guys. Enough, enough! Go shower now! Hurry, hurry! Okay, I’ve got to hang up. See you guys later! Be quick! We don’t want to be late! Hey, relax… At least let me get my towel first. Here’s your towel! Okay, okay. I’ll wait downstairs! Be quick! Okay.

the adventure games doctor whoOkay. What’s the matter with- Today is the big day. Don’t forget dey, dey, dey, dey… Is this really necessary? You bet it is, is, is, is… Hey! What are you doing? I’m just making sure that you got my message. What’s wrong with you? Go away! Okay, okay. I’ll be waiting at the bus stop! Don’t be late! Come on guys. I got it the first time. Good morning. This just in. The police are engaged in a high speed chase with a- band of robbers. If BoBoiBoy found out about this… He’ll definitely want to help out! What are you watching? Nothing. It’s just a cartoon show. Awesome! Okay, let’s go! Our camping trip awaits! Let’s go! Come on BoBoiBoy! Hurry! Okay, okay! Slow down. You’re really excited huh? Of course! I’ve been waiting for this for ages! You don’t say. We’ll meet the others pretty soon. We’re finally going camping! What’s going on there?! Ochobot! Out of the way! Out of the way! Robbers! Hi! You are now with me, Ravi J. Jambul! In the heart of danger, that is where you’ll find me! Right now we’re directly behind the suspect’s vehicle. The Serial Laundromat Robbers! Out of the way! Looks like they need my help! I’ve got to stop those robbers! But… You’ve promised BoBoiBoy. Wait for me at the bus stop! I’ll be there when I’m done! Patrol 1 to Patrol 2. Suspects are heading into the city centre using the main road. It seems, evil is in need of our assistance. What- What is he trying to do sir?

the adventure games doctor whoWhat is he trying to do sir? Aperture okay? Rule of thirds? Composition check? My hair is in the frame? My hair? Okay! Hi! Right now we are with, Mr. Robber. I’m pretty sure our viewers at home are curious… Why did you guys rob a laundromat? Smile Boss, smile! We’re on TV. Everybody’s watching! Stop your vehicle! Stop it now! Hold on tight Boss! Aiyoyo! Aiyoyo! BoBoiBoy! Triple Split! Earth Golem! My… precious vegetables! Lightning… Dash- BoBoiBoy! In your face, BoBoiBoy! It looks like the Super Evil Jero Jero Gang has arrived! For those who don’t know, this is the notorious gang who has been the backbone- and endorser of evil activities among villains! We are… BFF’s of evil! Partners in crime. So it’s you! Go BoBoiBoy! Mode: Mega Probe! Go forth my evil friends! Go forth! Hey! You ruined my vegetables! Go get them granny! Get them! Waste of my time. This is your last warning! Stop right now! Throw it! Hey! Stop right there! Where do you think you’re going huh?! Just throw! Lightning Slash! Cyclone Whirl! Earth Golem! Ear Twist! Awesome! Following a high speed pursuit,

the adventure games doctor who Following a high speed pursuit,

the adventure games doctor whoFollowing a high speed pursuit, with the help of local superhero BoBoiBoy, police officers have successfully apprehended- The Serial Laundromat Robbers. Police have acquired 15 bags of laundry, 3 clothes irons, and a flower motif bed sheet. Despite the interference from the- self-proclaimed supporter of evil, Jero Jero Gang, BoBoiBoy still managed to once again save the day. Now to the weather report. Thank you. The meteorology department has reported- an abnormal occurence happening over the sea near Pulau Rintis. You want to know what happened next? Just tell us! Stop it with the suspense already. It’s killing me! When is the sea monster going to appear? Tell us! When?! When did I ever mention about a sea monster? Then? What kind of monster is it? Is it the dugong monster? I’m exhausted. There, there! There he is! Look at how famous you’ve become. Hey! Do you want to hear the rest of my story or not? Yes, yes. Please. Carry on, carry on. I can’t miss out on the ending. I thought so! And after that, A whirlpool came out of nowhere! And from that emerged… The Floating… Island! What sort of baloney is this?! It’s not baloney! The Floating Island exists! I’ve had enough! You really think I don’t know the difference? What’s real and what’s fiction? Yeah! You tell him! What do you think we’re kids?! We’re all fully grown man here! But it’s true. I’m not lying! If you don’t believe me, go to the lighthouse and see it for yourself. When did you get here? Just now, Tok. How was your camping trip? What camping tri- Wait! Oh no! The camping trip! He’s hiding in this planet? Yes, Captain! This planet is known as Earth. This is Klamkabot’s last known location. Good. But…

the adventure games doctor whoBut… that’s the only information that I have Captain. His exact location is still unknown. What’s wrong Captain?! Find him now or… get out of my ship! Right away Captain! I will try my best. Searching on a lower frequency. Triangulating to Earth! Increasing signal! Huh?! Have you found him? This is a signal from a Power Sphere. But it sure isn’t Klamkabot’s. It’s quite weak. What did you say? I said… Without a doubt Captain! This signal is absolutely Klamkabot’s! We found him! Hooray! Warp into lightspeed! We need to get there before Klamkabot- is able to fully recharge his teleportation powers! Roger that Captain! Yay. Look who decided to show up. Sorry! Sorry again? You promised to come. But you forgot about us again, didn’t you? Sorry Ochobot. Sorry… Do you know?! How long we’ve been waiting for you?! A couple of hours I guess. Poor Ochobot. He was so excited about this trip. Don’t you care about his feelings? Of course I do! I was just busy helping out the police! And then… What about the part where… you forgot about us? But… But I… I had to split into 3! And chase the robbers! Save an old lady! I even had to fight Adu Du! And… so I guess that’s how I forgot. I’m not hearing it. La la la la… Not hearing it! La la la la la… She’s right. All I hear are excuses, excuses and excuses! No! Really! I have to save the day! It’s my duty to save the world! That’s all you think about. Saving the world. If you love the world so much, why don’t you go to school with the world, have lunch with the world, do your homework with the world. Don’t ever come to me again! What are you talking about? I… I don’t get it. You know what?! Today is the tenth trip we planned on going together! And you still forget! Let’s just go home! Why are you dragging me? Let’s go. Yaya… do you think you could walk me home? Sure thing. Ochobot… See you at home. BoBoiBoy. Don’t forget to clean this place up! I was just trying to help other people. Oh man… How did it end up like this. What should I do? A floating island? You gotta be kidding me! Mr. Papa? BoBoiBoy? What are you doing here, huh? Why do you look so sad?! What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s wrong?! It’s nothing sir. There’s no way you can deceive Justice. Looking at your troubled face, I know there’s something wrong. My troubled face? That’s right! Like this! I have so many problems. Awesome! You’re exaggerating. It’s true! How would you know? It’s not like you could see your own face! Now. Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! Well, the truth is… I’ve got a problem. Oh, really? Wow. To that extent? Oh, they shouldn’t have. How could they? That is some serious problem you got there. Please help me sir. What should I do? Listen here BoBoiBoy. You have to grow up and become… BoBoi… Man! BoBoiMan? Yes! You have to accept responsibilities like a real man! Therefore, change yourself… from BoBoiBoy… to… BoBoi… Man! You get it? You get it? You get it?! I have… no idea what you’re saying. You just don’t get it do you? Go and call all of your friends. Ask them out! Redeem yourself! Now I get it. Enough! I’m going home! Justice is going squid fishing tomorrow! Squid fishing? Where Mr. Papa? Oh, at the workshop there. At sea of course! Where would you think it would be?! Can we tag along tomorrow sir? What? You want to tag along? Oh please Mr. Papa. I have to come up with an awesome plan. That is if I want my friends to forgive me. Okay, okay I’ll let you tag along. Meet me at the pier at 10 okay? Here, take this brochure with you. Whoa! You even have a brochure?! Awesome! Don’t you leave without us, okay! Justice… will never set sail alone. See you tomorrow! Ochobot? Ochobot. Hey, wake up. I have something awesome planned for us tomorrow! Never mind. I guess I’ll tell him in the morning. This… This can’t be! Am I really seeing this? What are you doing staying up so late Mr. Boss? Would you look at that Probe. That’s great Mr. Boss! Awesome! But what exactly are we looking at here Mr. Boss? What are you blind? Computer, explain to him! According to my data, This is the signal from the Tengkotak Gang. The Tengkotak Gang? The greatest Power Sphere Hunters in the galaxy? Yes. Yes Probe! It looks like, I will finally be able to meet my lifelong idols! Congrats Mr. Boss! Congrats! Generation 9 Power Sphere, Ochobot. I need to transport you to the Floating Island. With my remaining teleportation power. Floating Island? Teleportation? I’ll be expecting you at the Floating Island. Ochobot! No! What? What happened? Connection lost. Ochobot’s teleportation was aborted. What’s going on? You… You were going to leave me! What? Leave you? I… I just saw you talking to your grandpa. Since when do I have a grandpa? I heard it! You were planning to go back home! Please don’t leave me Ochobot! You’re not making any sense! I don’t have a grandpa! I saw him! He looked exactly like you! Hey, what’s with all this racket? It’s Ochobot, Tok Aba! He was on the phone with his grandpa. And what’s wrong with that? Why are you getting all worked up? But I don’t even have a grandpa. Well then who was that you were talking to? He was probably dreaming. That’s enough. Go back to bed both of you. Hey Ochobot. I’ve got an awesome plan for us tomorrow. Tell me about it in the morning. Mr. Papa told me… that I need to become BoBoiMan! I need to redeem myself for my mistakes like real a man! So I want to invite you guys on this squid fishing trip. How’s that sound to you Ochobot? Yeah, sure. Aw man, this is harder than I thought. What did you expect? You broke your promise with him didn’t you? Of course he’d still be mad at you. It wasn’t on purpose. Wasn’t on purpose? This is the tenth time you know! What’s wrong with you? Okay, relax! Whoa! Such drama. What’s your awesome plan? Get on with it! Over here, closer. What’s your plan? And here is my awesome plan. Presenting… Squid fishing with… Justice! Awesome plan. Right? Right? Just so you know, people only fish for squid at night. But the brochure here says… morning as well? Whatever! This awesome plan of yours totally sucks! Let’s go home guys! What’s that? Mode: Mega Probe! Stop, stop! You’re good. Welcome! Welcome O’ great and powerful Tengkotak Gang! Welcome to Earth! Who are you?! Why did you come here to Earth? You don’t know who they are BoBoiBoy?! Introducing, Captain Bora Ra. The legendary Power Sphere hunter! This is Yoyo Oh. The Captain’s right hand man! This is Gaga Naz! The muscle of the Tengkotak Gang! And last but not least… On second thought, he’s not that important. Can I be a part of the Tengkotak Gang? Here is my resume. Of course. But first, get me what I want will you? Hey! What do you want huh?! I want… the Power Sphere! Power Sphere? What are you talking about? Ochobot is a Power Sphere! There! There he is sir! BoBoiBoy! That’s a Power Sphere? Why does it look different?! Are you sure Captain? Well it sure looks like a sphere to me. What is it that you’re not telling me?! Actually… The signal we received before was not from Klamkabot. It’s from another Power Sphere Captain. BoBoiBoy, I’m scared. Don’t worry Ochobot, I’m here. So what’s the situation? Give me a second Captain. Just a second. According to this data… Klamkabot has contacted Ochobot before! And? And so, we can pin-point Klamkabot’s location using Ochobot over there. Oh. Is that so? Excuse me. May I borrow this cute robot of yours? Borrow? Yes! By force! BoBoiBoy! Ochobot! Here! Take him away! Power Sphere Constrictors! Hey, let go of my friend! Let go of me! Now you will help us find Klamkabot. Location acquired. I said let him go! BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm! BoBoiBoy… Triple Split! Impressive! Impressive! Cyclone Sphere! BoBoiBoy! Take this! Multiple Punches! We can’t just stand here and watch. We’ve got to help BoBoiBoy! Impact Punch! Hey bad guy! Rapid Kicks! Food Blasts! Let me transform, Captain! There’s no need. Super Massive Black Hole! No! Ochobot! We did it Mr. Boss! And we didn’t even have to go through the interview! Let go of Ochobot! So long, BoBoiBoy. And take care of yourself. Ochobot! Ochobot. Hey, get up already. Aren’t we going on a trip? I must photograph this momentous occasion! The beginning of Squid Fishing Business Empire of Justice! Who is that kid in that picture? Mr. Papa! Oh my you gave me a heart attack! You, you’ve got to help us Mr. Papa! Of course I’m going to help you. That was the whole point, I organize this whole squid fishing adventure. That’s not it Mr. Papa! Ochobot has been captured! What?! Captured?! Was he driving without a license? That’s not it Mr. Papa! Ochobot. He’s been kidnapped by evil aliens! Kidnapped by evil aliens?! Say it isn’t so! It’s true! What are we going to do now Mr. Papa? You got to help us find Ochobot Mr. Papa. But, how are we supposed to find him? We need to get a lead first! A lead? Last night, Ochobot was contacted by another robot! At first I thought he was just dreaming. Another robot? What are you talking about? I don’t know Mr. Papa. But he looked a lot older then Ochobot. What? Robots can grow old? And then… After that, The old robot said to meet on- on the Floating Island! The Floating Island? Yeah! And from that… The Floating Island! What sort of baloney is this?! If you don’t believe me, go to the lighthouse and see it for yourself. What’s wrong Mr. Papa? It’s a good thing I didn’t take Mr. Mat’s story for granted. Yeah you’re right! Mr. Mat did mention about a Floating Island yesterday! But, Mr. Papa and the others- Mere words won’t help us solve this predicament. You’re right Mr. Papa! Enough! Do not waste anymore of my time! Now then. Let’s begin… Operation saving Ochobot! We’re here. Hooray! We’re here! Thanks Cici Ko. You shouldn’t have Cici Ko. What’s our status now? Coordinates locked in. We are heading there now. Hey. Who’s that? That’s Kiki Ta. Kiki Ta? I think I’m in love. Oh boy. Has he gone mad? More like madly in love with her. Captain, we’ve got a visual of the location. Good. Prepare the yellow robot to locate Klamkabot. Got it Captain! Consider it done. Let me go! Ochobot! Ochobot! Can you hear me? Oh man, what are we going to do? How far are we from the light house Mr. Papa? Actually we’re not that far. We just need to head to that direction! How far is that Mr. Papa? We need to hurry! Patience, young one. Instead of worrying, why don’t you relax your mind and help me fish for squid! Here squiddy squiddy! Meow meow! Here squiddy. Come on! Nobody fishes for squid in the daytime. She’s right! My Appa told me, people only fish for squid at night Mr. Papa! Does your Appa sleep during the night? Yeah, of course he sleeps at night. Exactly! Don’t you think the squids need to sleep at night too, huh?! Mr. Papa… And off you go! Go and locate Klamkabot for us! That yellow robot is pretty useful. Excellent. Wow! Aren’t you afraid Captain Boss? Afraid? Me afraid? Yeah Captain Boss! BoBoiBoy will definitely come and save Ochobot! Didn’t you just see what we did? We completely defeated BoBoiBoy and his friends. Oh, of course we did! But BoBoiBoy never gives up that easily. He will definitely try to save his friend Ochobot! Friend? He called that Power Sphere, friend? Well yeah. Just like me and Mr. Boss? They’re laughing at us Mr. Boss. They’re jerks! What did you say? I said you’re a jerk! Is that a challenge? Captain! BoBoiBoy is heading our way right now! That was close. It looks like they were right. BoBoiBoy is heading our way! Yoyo Oh! Prepare the Kurita! Got it Captain! Don’t take it too hard Mr. Boss. Look on the bright side. We’re in the Tengkotak Gang. Well… You want to be permanent members of the Tengkotak Gang? Yes, yes. Of course we do! Then I have an important mission for the both of you. What is it that we have to do? Aw, it’s so cute. He’s trying to bite me Mr. Boss! And what are we supposed to do with it? Just feed him. That’s all? And don’t let it get wet. How are we going to get him wet? There’s not a single drop of- He threw us into the ocean! How could they! Hey. Where’s the baby squid they just gave us? Get rid of those clowns… and along with BoBoiBoy! Hey, you’re a pretty good swimmer Mr. Boss. I don’t know how to swim! No! Mr. Boss! Mr. Boss! Thank goodness you know how to swim. Wait! I don’t know how to swim too Mr. Boss! Why are we getting higher? You’re right! You’re not that tall to begin with. Yaya! Do you see anything up there? Nothing in sight! But I can see something heading our way now! That is, one of my former students! Your former student? Where Mr. Papa? Where? There, there! Can you see it? Can you see it? It’s right over there! It’s the other way around Mr. Papa. It’s Adu Du and Probe! Ying! We need to go after them! Got it! Super Paddle! Oh no! That’s BoBoiBoy! Turn right Probe! Turn right! Aye aye Captain! Faster Ying! They should know where Ochobot is! Stop right there Adu Du! Where’s Ochobot huh?! Ochobot? Who cares about- It seems that… he was terrified by the mere presence of Justice. What’s that? What are you looking at? You want a piece of me- Oh my what in the world are you?! It’s a giant squid! A squid? Faster Ying! No! Well done Adu Du. Captain. Ochobot is approaching Klamkabot’s location! Where? Hurry up and follow that robot. Shadow Attack! Water Geysers! Get us out! Get us out of here Probe! I don’t want to die! Amma, Appa! What should we do Mr. Papa? Mr. Papa! If I can’t catch a squid, I guess catching one with a selfie should be enough! Thunder Spear! Shadow Pierce! What’s going on?! Hurry Yaya! Where are we supposed to go? Follow me Ying! Is this where he was taken? Can we tag along? Is… Is it all over? Yup! I attacked the squid and it ran away. You’re incredible Fang! The giant squid is back! Yaya! Get this boat airborne! Got it! Yay! We’re flying! We’re safe now! Yahoo! Oh no! The squid is flying towards us! What? A flying squid? Just close your eyes Gopal! What for Mr. Papa? For your moment. Get ready! Young one! Ready for what Mr. Papa? For this amazing stunt! Change him! Do it… Oh my disciple! Fried… Calamari… Transformation! This is some tasty fried calamari you made Gopal. Thanks to you Mr. Papa. I almost died out there you know. Oh come on, it was totally safe! You were in no danger at all. Yeah right. You were just using me! Enough! Let bygones be bygones. We should never dwell in our past! There’s still no sign of Ochobot. But, are we even sure that Ochobot is here? He’s definitely here! Before we were thrown overboard, Bora Ra released Ochobot to search forKlamkabot on this very island. So what now? Don’t worry BoBoiBoy. We’ll look for him together. Yeah! We’ll find him for sure! Gopal! Can we have some of that please? Yeah! We’re starving over here. Yeah right! You’re a robot. You don’t have to eat. Serves you right! That’ll teach you a lesson. The roots are moving on their own! What? Where? There! There! Right there! Did you see it? Did you see it?! Really Gopal? Are you delusional? Really, trust me! The roots moved just now! Help me. The roots are moving on its own. I’m so afraid! It’s so terrifying! Help! The roots are choking me! Mr. Papa!Help! The roots are choking me! He’s done for! I told you so! Mr. Papa! Are you okay? Gotcha! Mr. Papa! We’re all here to look for Ochobot! Yeah! We don’t have time to fool around! Come on guys! Let’s just leave him. Hey, don’t take it personally! I was just teaching Gopal a lesson! Wait for me guys! Don’t do this to your dear old teacher. Was I imagining just now? Help me! Help me! The roots are attacking me! Hey don’t fall for that. He’s just trying to fool us again. Now. Move along, move along! Pay no attention to him. Help me! BoBoiBoy! When are we going to locate Klamkabot? Patience Captain! I’m certain he’s hiding in this cave! Patience? I’ve been patient for hours! Where is he?! Hang on Captain. This cave has many passages. It’s complicated. Have you checked all of the passages leading out of the cave? Hey! Of course I have! Do you think I don’t know how to do my job? Enough! Keep searching. Why are setting up camp? We need to find Ochobot! You know that it is dangerous BoBoiBoy. It’s already dark. We don’t know what’s lurking out here. Right! We don’t want to end up like Gopal! Oh man… What a shame. And this is all Mr. Papa’s fault! There, there, there. Don’t be mad. Here, something for your trouble. Let’s just go ahead and look for Ochobot! He’s right! And if anything is in our way, we’ll just fight it! And where exactly should we head to? This island is huge! True! We can’t fight everything on the island! A childish excuse! You kids are lucky enough to have me- looking after all you cute little babies. If I was here all alone… I’ve already plowed through this weird alien jungle ages ago! What’s out there Mr. Papa? Alright, that’s enough. Why don’t we get some sleep first, yeah? Why did I even agree to follow them on this crazy trip. What was that? Klamkabot! Oh no! Captain! Captain! What is it? What’s the status? It’s Klamkabot Captain! He attacked Ochobot just now! What? I’m sorry Captain. He caught me off guard. That’s not the only problem. Look! BoBoiBoy is here too! You had one job and you couldn’t do it! Forgive me Captain! Unleash that shark of yours! And give me the coordinates to Ochobot now! Got it Captain! BoBoiBoy! Help me BoBoiBoy! Help! Ochobot! Where… Where exactly are you? I have no idea where I am. But… I think- Ochobot! Ochobot! Ochobot, answer me! What’s wrong BoBoiBoy? Ochobot! He contacted me! What? Ochobot contacted you? You’re right! Ochobot’s signal appeared on my watch! We’ve got to… We’ve got to go and save Ochobot! Right now! Mr. Papa! Wake up Mr. Papa! We got a trace on Ochobot! But I don’t want to go to school! I haven’t finished my homework yet! Mr. Gopal is going to punish me! Forget it Gopal! We’re heading out! Hold on! I’m coming Ochobot! Where are they going? Where to Fang? According to this… he is just up ahead! Dey, There’s nothing up ahead. Out of the way! BoBoiBoy! BoBoiBoy! Are you okay? I’m okay! Jump over here guys! Is he expecting us all to jump to the other side? Step aside Gopal! Just jump already! Slowpokes! Let me go scout ahead first. What cave is this? Don’t eat me! Are you okay Gopal? There’s a giant man-eating flower- BoBoiBoy!There’s a giant man-eating flower- I… I found Ochobot! Ochobot? Where? Over here! Follow me! But, that flower! Wait for me! Where’s everybody? Now that’s strange… Hurry Probe! Hurry! Hey! Stop right there! Faster Probe! Faster! Hold on right there! Where do you think you’re going huh? Is this your attempt of running away? It’s not like that! Where are BoBoiBoy and the others huh? What in the world is happening? That’s it! Actually… We weren’t running away or anything. Nope! Oh you weren’t running away eh? So what then? Jogging? Yoga? Poco-poco dance? We’re after the Tengkotak Gang! He’s right! It’s the Tengkotak Gang! They’ve kidnapped BoBoiBoy! What did you say? That’s why we’re running away like crabs! We’re going after the gang to save BoBoiBoy! How dare you box headed aliens! Just you wait! Oh my dear students! Justice is on the way! Ochobot! Wait. Stop! Ochobot! Can you hear me? Ochobot! Answer me! It’s so huge! You! You’re part of the Tengkotak Gang! Ochobot. What… What have you done to Ochobot? BoBoiBoy. Don’t attack him BoBoiBoy… He, he… He was just asking for my help. Asking for your help? What’s going on here Ochobot? He… He gave me… You don’t need to know! This… This is no concern of yours. None of my concern? Ochobot here is my friend! He’s right! His concerns are our concerns too! You… You have tell them everything Klamkabot. Only then will my friends understand. Now I have to tell them everything! I don’t like telling stories! Long, long ago… There lived a legendary Power Sphere who was all great and powerful. Pretty sure he’s talking about himself. Indeed. Legend has it… He is from the First Generation of Power Spheres. First Generation of Power Spheres? Yes! Unlike Ochobot here, he has only one super power. What kind of super power? The power… of teleportation! Teleportation? So you can send us all back home! Impossible! I’ve almost exhausted my energy level. It is nearing empty. So much for all powerful. Do you want to be teleported into the ground? So what brings you here? I was being hunted down by the Tengkotak Gang! Fortunately I managed to flee and teleport myself here. Hang on! So what does Ochobot have to do with any of this? I’ve teleported here in order to seek help from Ochobot! I have to make sure that the Tengkotak Gang- will never get their hands on my teleportation power! So, what do they want with your teleportation power? Surely, it would be used for their evil deeds! You’re making assumptions! Assumptions?! See for yourself! Yes! In the far reaches of the galaxy, they are conquering planet after planet. If they manage to obtain the power of teleportation, their invasion campaign will spread even faster! We have to stop them at once! The Tengkotak Gang- are the most ruthless Power Sphere hunters in the galaxy! It is impossible for you to put a stop to them. And then? What do we do? There’s only one way. But first we need to head over to the Power Sphere Lab. The Power Sphere Lab? For what? Ochobot needs to be upgraded. Upgrade? Is he upgrading so that we can fight the Tengkotak Gang? Is that why you came all this way to look for Ochobot? Yes! Indeed! Can’t we just run away? Oh come on guys. Why do we need to run away when we can just beat that Bora Ra up? You’re right! He can’t be that tough to beat, can he? Exactly! I’m going to change him into a sardine puff so he’ll know better- Run Gopal… This hologram can talk! Look at this! Look at this! So realistic! It’s like 3D! Get off me! Watch out Gopal! Shadow Ropes! Earth Wall! Run! Follow me! Stop shooting at us! You guys go ahead! BoBoiBoy… Earth Golem! Earth Barrier! Multilayers! Let’s go Ochobot! Over here! It’s BoBoiBoy’s tracks. They’re still fresh! I think you’re right! It is definitely my students! Oh! Seems that they’re headed that way! Onwards! All my students should be just around the corner! I can’t believe he fell for it. This is our chance to run away! Here, here! Eat a little bit more Mr. Boss! What’s the matter with you?! I’m sorry Mr. Boss! I thought that the more dirt you eat, the faster you’ll find BoBoiBoy. We’re not even looking for BoBoiBoy! That was just a trick to fool Papa Zola! Say what?! I’m sorry Mr. Boss, I totally forgot about that! Hey! How dare you pull such trickeries on the face of Justice! It’s not like that! What in the world is going on here? What soap opera are you playing? Where are the students of Justice?! Okay, okay! Ochobot contacted them a while ago! He’s right! That’s why BoBoiBoy left you this morning! They were all in a hurry to look for a- A shark with legs! Huh? A shark with legs? Oh! A scary shark with legs! Oh, it even has arms. How’s it going? Let’s hang out some time. Here! Hurry! Get on quickly! Where is Ochobot? Where is he? Hurry BoBoiBoy! Hold on tight! Jump! Mommy! Help me! My head hurts! What is this place? This is where all the Power Spheres are created! There! We are approaching the Power Sphere Lab- You think you can outrun me?! Help me! Help! Here! Let me help you fall! Shadow Tiger! Fang! Why didn’t you summon Shadow Eagle? I panicked okay! Out of the way! BoBoiBoy Cyclone! BoBoiBoy! Take this! Gopal! Just hold on tight Gopal! Come on BoBoiBoy! Thank you BoBoiBoy. Sorry. Unbelievable. Where do you think you’re going Klamkabot? Gravity Punch! Hey! Not me again! Slow Motion Sphere! Now is your chance Yaya! Flurry of Punches! Super Punch! That’s awesome Yaya! How could you lose to kids?! I’m sorry Captain! Don’t forget your mission Ochobot! I’ll take care of Klamkabot! And you! Transform and annihilate those kids! Copy that Captain! Thank you. Oh no! Pull us Probe! Pull us up! Oh no! No! Don’t! Why in the world did you save that shark?! Justice… never… leaves… anyone behind! I don’t see anything. Run! Here! Over here! Watch out! Come here you! Ying! Now! Super Duper Speed! Cookie Transformation! Come on guys! You can’t run away! Right on target. In your face BoBoiBoy! Gaga Naz! Are you finished with those kids? All done Captain. Perfect. Perfect. We’re finished with our mission here. Let’s go. We’re heading back to the ship. Yes Captain! Onwards my shark! Onwards! Oh dear. Who would’ve thought… He’s all tame now. You know what they say. All good deeds will forever be rewarded with good. Right, right? Now, onwards! Let us find all my students of Justice! And don’t you even think about tricking me again. We don’t want to help you find BoBoiBoy. You don’t want to help eh? Oh, no worries. It’s okay bro! No! Don’t! Chomp’em my trusty shark! Chomp’em! Okay! Okay! We’ll help you find them! Now we’re talking. That’s… That’s Bora Ra and Gaga Naz! They’ve finally captured Klamkabot. They must know the whereabouts of my students of Justice. Let’s go! Let’s follow them! What? What are you crazy?! Okay, okay! Let’s go. After you Mr. Fish. Yoyo Oh! Is everything ready? Ready Captain! Now I will extract your power! Oh don’t worry my dear friend. This process will hurt a lot. No! Don’t! Hey, what’s taking so long? It’s not that easy Mr. Boss! The ship has a tough hull! Out of the way! Shark Bite of Justice! Quickly! Get in, get in! You sure this is the right place Ochobot? There doesn’t seem to be anything here. Klamkabot has programmed the exact location to me. I’m sure the entrance is around here somewhere. But… We’ve seem to reach a dead end. Welcome back Ochobot. Who are you? I am the A.I of the Power Sphere Lab. This lab is cool! This is where all the Power Spheres are created? Yes. This lab is the origin of all Power Spheres. Why did Klamkabot tell us to come here? Are we here to meet you? Affirmative. I have an important task ahead. I’ve been programmed by Klamkabot solely to upgrade Ochobot. So this is the upgrade that Klamkabot was talking about! Excellent. Scan shows that Ochobot is all set. Ochobot! It’s okay BoBoiBoy. Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be alright. Where are we supposed to go now? Straight ahead. We need to sneak into their control room and- What do you think you’re doing here huh?! Hey you! What? Is this your love interest? Answer me! Or I will open fire. I came back here because… I left something behind. What did you leave? The memories I had with you. Oh, I guess you forgot the anniversary huh? How could you shoot down my pure lovey dovey hearts? What are you babbling about? Darling! Darling, are you okay? What a tragic end to this forbidden love story. Give me your teleportation powers! Never! Why you! Increase the extraction level! What’s happening to Ochobot? The process is complete Captain! Perfect. Ochobot. Are you okay? I’m… I’m okay. That’s a nice outfit, Ochobot! He’s right! You’re so cool! Congratulations Ochobot. The teleportation power is operational. What?! Where- Where is the teleportation power? You’ve been fooled. You’re too late. Where is your power?! He must have transferred his teleportation power to Ochobot! How exactly did you get this teleportation power? Klamkabot gave it to me in the cave just now. You mean when we first found you? That’s right! But I couldn’t use this power, unless I fully upgraded myself. What? You’re going to use that power? Ochobot. Teleportation coordinates have been identified. What’s the meaning of this Ochobot? I’m… I’m sorry guys. The truth is… What’s going on? Ochobot’s main mission is to escape with the teleportation power. Escape?! Affirmative. A number of coordinates have been identified by Klamkabot. Why does Ochobot have to escape?! I can’t let the Tengkotak Gang get their hands on the teleportation power. What difference does it make? No matter where you run they’ll always be hunting you down. Negative. With his recent upgrade, Ochobot has the ability to teleport to destinations far away from the galaxy. With this method, Tengkotak will never be able to trace Ochobot. And the teleportation power will be safe. Safe? But… What’s gonna happen to us Ochobot? You didn’t think about us? But Klamkabot said… We are Power Spheres. Protectors of the galaxy. This mission of yours is for the good of the galaxy. Not only your friends. Yeah. Go ahead and listen to that robot. How could you Ochobot. Do you really want to leave us behind? Well, of course I don’t want to. But… It’s my mission. I don’t care about your mission! You are my friend. You and me, we need to stick together! Ochobot. You need to teleport now, before the Tengkotak Gang can detect you. Don’t do it Ochobot! There must be another way. Don’t worry. We can defeat the Tengkotak Gang together! You’ve got new powers. But… They will definitely hunt me down. Don’t worry Ochobot. I promise that I’ll always protect you! Incoming transmission. I’ve found them Captain! Ochobot is still with them too! Out of my way! You! You’ve got some nerve to steal my power?! BoBoiBoy… Why didn’t you flee Ochobot? Klamkabot! You! You’ve gone too far! I’m done playing games with you BoBoiBoy. Bring Ochobot to me now! Or your friends will suffer the consequences! Please save me BoBoiBoy! Let go of me! Save us all BoBoiBoy! Don’t think I won’t dare to BoBoiBoy. Stop it! If you want your friends safe and sound, bring Ochobot to this location! Now! What are we going to do now? Let us go! Quiet! Reach into my pocket here. Hurry! Just a bit more. Got it! Yes! Good, good! Well done, well done! What are you on about over there?! Oh nothing! Just badmouthing you ugly square headed aliens! What did you just say? Justice said… Let’s take a picture together! Selfie! It’s not every day you get to take a photo- with a vile alien such as you! It’s just a camera and a monopod. No wonder you’re all so weak! There’s a pathetic species in your team! Good… You’ve finally arrived BoBoiBoy. My… My students are here! Let everyone go! Surrender Ochobot to me. Then I will let go of your friends. How can I be sure that you won’t hurt Ochobot huh? Oh, don’t worry! We just want that teleportation power of his. Don’t… Don’t do anything ridiculous BoBoiBoy! Just save me already! What? What is this? Hand over Ochobot to me, kid! If you don’t, your friends will pay the price! Don’t worry BoBoiBoy, Just stick to the plan. Good! Good! A wise decision… Okay, now let all my friends go! Now, let go of Klamkabot! And when was Klamkabot your friend? Klamkabot is only friends with Ochobot. Ochobot’s friend, is a friend of ours too! Everyone’s connected! What? What are you trying to do? BoBoiBoy… Quake! Crystal Golem! Teleportation Power! He’s… He’s trying to escape! Stop him! Gravitational Pull! Almost there! Everyone get ready! Don’t you dare! Full power! Teleportation acti- What happened? Right on target. Oh man… She’s definitely not wife material. Are you guys okay? An admirable attempt. However, I was far more prepared BoBoiBoy! Ochobot! I gave you a chance to surrender him peacefully. But instead, this is how you repay me?! Now! Witness this! Ochobot! We’re doomed… At last! The power of teleportation! Ochobot! Out of the way! Let me see Ochobot! You have to get through me first. I said out of the way! Fire Ball Attack! Fire Shackles! Extreme Heat! I’ve got you now! You think? What is that? It looks like, the Captain managed to- teleport his battle armour just in time! You are pushing my limits BoBoiBoy! Save yourselves… Destroy them all! Dual Fire Ball Attack! Black Hole Absorption! Now have it back! I have to help BoBoiBoy! Let’s go! It’s so hot. BoBoiBoy Water! Water Shield! Food Transformation! And now it’s your turn! BoBoiBoy… Ochobot… Let me see my friend! Go ahead… You’ll regret that! What are we gonna do?! Come out, come out wherever you are! Hey! Watch where you’re going! What are you shushing me for? They’ll hear us! Ochobot… Ochobot. No! Ochobot! Oh no! BoBoiBoy… Come closer… I’m so so sorry Ochobot… I’ve failed to protect you… I’ve failed you as a friend. No. No BoBoiBoy. You’re my best friend. Best friend? I don’t deserve that Ochobot… I shouldn’t have taken you for granted. It’s… It’s okay BoBoiBoy. You’re a superhero. You have to defeat Bora Ra. I don’t think I can Ochobot. I don’t think I can save us all. This… This is the last of my energy BoBoiBoy. I hope you… And what are you hoping for? No Bora Ra! Don’t! Let me crush that hope of yours! Super Dense Black Hole! No… No! Ochobot! You’re crying, boy? Little weakling! I’m sorry Ochobot! I’m sorry Ochobot! That’s the last of Ochobot’s energy. I am putting an end to this! You destroyed Ochobot! You destroyed my friend! BoBoiBoy Blaze! Fire Chakrams! You’re going down! You think you can defeat me? Take that! I… I’ve turned into gold! I’m rich now! We’ve been upgraded! Upgrade? Rubber Body Transformation! Diamond Head-Butt Attack! Now it’s our turn! Blazing Fire Punch! Black Hole Absorption! It’s… burning! Then let me cool you down! BoBoiBoy… Ice! This is for Ochobot! Arctic Cannon! Blizzard Blast! Take that! Come here you! BoBoiBoy got sucked into the Black Hole! You’re finished BoBoiBoy! BoBoiBoy… Penta-Split! It can’t be! Impossible! Thunderstorm… Vortex! Cyclone Rush! Earth… Punch! Ice and Blaze… Combo Attack! Iceberg Eruption! Blazing Meteor! Help me! Maximum Gravity Crush! Serves you right! Time Reversal! Maximum Gravity Crush! Time Reversal! Gravity Crush! Reversal! Crush! Reversal! Gravity Crush! Serves you right! Such is the fate of our forbidden love. Don’t you give up Mr. Boss! Mode: Mega Probe! Ow! My moustache is ruined! Did you really think you could run away from us? Well done Shark of Justice! Well done! No don’t! Stop right there! You leave my beloved Kiki Ta alone! I’ve got a booboo on my arm… Help me Kiki Ta my love. You… You’re finished Bora Ra. You think… A boy like you could ever defeat me?! What are you trying to do huh?! Gargantuan… Black Hole! Shadow Ropes! Gravitational Pull! Fang! You gotta stop him! Shadow Garuda Fusion! Shadow Bear Fusion! Yoyo Oh! Get me the teleportation coordinates. Now! So long. He managed to get away! We’re doomed! We’re all going to get sucked into the Black Hole! Why did we teleport back here? What’s wrong? Was it the wrong coordinates? I’m sorry Captain! He gave you the wrong coordinates! Yoyo Oh! Give me the teleportation coordinates now! You dare make a fool out of me?! Enough Bora Ra! BoBoiBoy… Hepta… Split! Cyclone Rush! Fire Breath! Blizzard Blast! Take this! Entangling Roots! Solar… Beam! It’s finally over. He really did it! BoBoiBoy finally won! But where is he? [ Teleportation powers returned ] There he is! Wake up Ochobot. I’m so sorry Ochobot. Please forgive me. We’ve won Ochobot. Please, wake up! This… This is all my fault. But… You cannot blame yourself for everything. It’s not your fault. Bora Ra did this! Actually… It’s kind of his fault too, right? Hey! What? It’s kinda true. He’s right. BoBoiBoy always breaks his promises. See. I told you so! It’s BoBoiBoy- Ochobot! You’re still alive? Are you okay? Yeah. I’m okay. Ochobot! You’re still alive! How is it possible? Klamkabot. He transferred the rest of his powers to me. After seeing it with my own eyes… The spirit of friendship between the both of you. I’m certain… The Teleportation Power will be safe with you and Ochobot. Protect him BoBoiBoy. Take the rest of my energy, Ochobot… Thank you Klamkabot. I promise I will forever protect Ochobot. Don’t ever leave me BoBoiBoy. Poor Klamkabot. But… How are we gonna protect Ochobot? He’s right! More evil aliens will come after him! Don’t worry! We have upgraded our powers! He’s right. No matter what happens, as long as we’re together, we can take on anything! An absolutely cool and historical photo! Well done my students! Well done! Now, it’s time for a wefie! Wefie! Okay! Say… Awesome! Hey, hey! We want to join too! Yeah! Okay, okay! One… Two… Three! Awesome! What is that thing?! Don’t you worry, oh young one. This right here is the Shark of Justice! Wait! That’s… That’s Cici Ko! You may all know me as Cici Ko. But my true identity is actually… Koko Ci! Commander Koko Ci! Commander of the Coalition Against… What’s he talking about? Yeah! I can’t hear a thing. I have been undercover as their servant for a long time, to obtain information on Tengkotak’s movement. The truth is, I was the one who released the J-REX to help all of you. I helped you all stop Kiki Ta from shooting that Adu Du. And finally, I sabotaged Yoyo Oh’s mission, when he was tracking down Klamkabot, by making him fall asleep, while he was controlling Ochobot… Suffice to say! All of you should be thanking me! Is he good or bad? And now all of you… will be punished! Take that! Take that! Take that! Good guy I guess? Thank you BoBoiBoy. Shouldn’t we tell him we can’t hear him? Come on! Don’t spoil it. It’s funnier this way! Remember this advice BoBoiBoy! Till we meet again! He’s waving at us! Let’s all wave back! Wave him back! Bye!