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Savenkov’s arrest didn’t changeanything in principle, did it? Unfortunately, it didn’t. They founda new leader – General Romovskiy. And when now..? In November. A storm fistis being now formed in Poland byMirsk; it amounts to 30,000 peopleand is headed by General Romovskiy. Here you go, gentlemen!Welcome to my house! Sir General… Please sit down. Romovskiy is to play the part of theCommander-in-Chief of the Joint Forces. Large formations will advancesimultaneously with Romovskiy’s forces from the territories ofLithuania and Romania. Revolts prepared by the undergroundwill break out in Ukraine and Belorussia. They’llattack from all directions. Viktor Alexeyevitchis fully initiatedinto the scale of the campaign that you’ll havepossibility to appreciate. You may study thereport of Colonel Balov. I Praise Jesus Christ! Gentlemen! I’m very honored to head the missionthat I consider to be my lifework. I’m even more honored because I’d gladlyserve under the commandment of any of you! Thank you for your trust, gentlemen! Romovskiy is even more preferablefor the English than Savenkov whom many consider an adventurer. They can’t forgive him his pastas a socialist revolutionary. Romovskiy is the only person whom everyone may accept.He is the only… and the last one. General? I toast your victory! – For the victory, gentlemen!– For the victory! It means liquidation, doesn’t it? No. He must refuse to go onfighting, like Savenkov did. We don’t have time to lurehim into our territory. The Syndicate Operation lasted fortwo years, and we only have two months. That Warsaw thief Gustov…you didn’t shoot him. Why? It wasn’t necessary. What a toy! Raise the alarm! Sir Major! Sir Major! Alarm! Alarm! – Drive.– It do not start. I do not know why. Faster! Damn it! – Stand still!– Why? He is a witness. We can’t let him live. – I’ll do it myself.– Let me go! OK. Hold him! We’ll follow the other one! He won’t tell them anything. We usedhim without him knowing about it. He didn’t know who we were. He won’t tell them anythingnow. He was killed… in prison. I’ll be open with you. Yourindecisiveness concerned me. Are you a person whom I mayentrust with such a mission? Taking into account youroperative qualities, experience, loyalty that you provedmany times… go on working! The main thing now is your legend. For the Polish Front Plutsk. 1924 Buy the goods! Buy the goods! Do you need carriers? Take this beautiful pair and goto Mrs.Bonya. She’llrepay you. I know that Mr.Bonya wanted them. I wanted them, didn’tI?What do I need themfor? I wanted silk stockings with aFrench heel! I don’t need these!

strategya comI wanted silk stockings with aFrench heel! I don’t need these! – You shouldn’t say so. Mr.Bonya wanted it!– OK, I’ll take it. – Mr.Bonya?– What? What about panties? They are so sweet! Give them to me! Don’t stainthem! My compliments, Sir Stephan! – Do you need a medal?– Which one? Basya? Why are youdressed like for a haunt? Cover your head with something! Get off, dad! It’snone of your business! Please be more careful! Go carefully! Don’t break anything! Don’t be afraid, daddy! I’llbring it to the place safe. When you come to Gomel, I’llalready be there, with mum. – I’ll take a train…– A train! Here you go! Kiss yourdaddy! Give me a kiss. Get off, daddy! Or you’llslobber all over my face again! You’d better go to thehorses! Help me to go out! Merciful God! Why didn’tyou bless me with a boy? I’d call him Josef… Go! Bro! Give me a light, please! – Thank you, bro.– You’re welcome. So, you were sent to us from Moscow.To stop the enemy, so to speak! My target is the General. We’re not amateurs here either.We understand the situation. Sir General won’t move muchforward. We won’t let him do it. He has no such intentions himself.He’ll conquer two or three provinces, announce himself to be theSupreme Governor and ask Poland to send in military aid. ThePoles won’t go there themselves. They’d raise the alarmat the League of Nations. England and France will supportthem. The provinces will revolt… – Am I right?– More or less. – Shall you shoot the General?– No. I thought so. We the fools wouldbe entrusted with his murder. What are you going to do? First of all, I need to get acquaintedwith the smugglers. It’s an ideal cover. I’d be able to cross the border freely … Let’s be open with each other. IfShylov was ordered to provide support, he will provide it. But Ishall know what I’m doing. Besides,you’re a novicehere and I’m the boss. Don’t hide your cards; it’llmake your job here easier. Unfortunately, it won’t get easier. Bonya? Have you been robbed? Why? I have such a reputationthat I can’tget robbed. It looks like everything was taken out. What do you want if I have repairworks? People will come in the morning with vitriol. That’s why let’s be quick. You have good taste. A diamond of 1.5 karats.There is a chip on it, though. It means a lower price.I’ll give you 200 dollars. What about the medals? I’d give five for the medals. I’llgive you 200 dollars for everything. – How much?– Why are you discontent, gentlemen? Am I offering you 200 dog’s poops?I offer you 200 American dollars! Did you see this? We don’t need it, Mr.Bonya.We may go to somebody else. Whom will you go to? How is that?Yuzek! Mr.Stephan knows how to bargain! I name my price, and he names him.I add some, and he gives in a bit. This is how adult people do business. Mr.Stephan! I’ll give you 300dollars. It’s very good money!

strategya comMr.Stephan! I’ll give you 300dollars. It’s very good money! 400? 400… bandits! Good-bye, gentlemen!Good-bye, gentlemen… Be quiet! I’ll let you go now, andyou’ll run, Sir Bonya. But I have… Health us more important. – What takes him so long?– He went to the safe. Stepa? Where did Bonya take a safe? Why are you sitting? Where is the money? I was robbed. – What? What?– They took away everything that I earned… What are you saying? Where is the money? I was robbed! I losteverything that I earned! – Take these!– Mr.Zloty! This is our jewelry! What if I cut your throat? You may do it. However, I gaveeverything back… with a gain. Why are you so generous? Let me join you, Mr.Zloty! – Mr.Zloty!– Be quiet! Zloty? Sit down for now… Stepa, Stepa! Look here! Let’s go! He is the one who robbed Bonya! Why are you sitting here? – Stepa!– Shut up! What? Shall I shut up? Why are you talking to me like this? Why is he sitting here?A robber! A bastard! Calm down! He gave everythingback! Everything is fine! Be quiet, be quiet… – Who are you?– Yanush. – A Pole?– A Pole. A Pole. I fight Poles. – Stepa!– Because they are of a bad faith. What about me, Stepa? I’m a Pole too. I don’t fight you… I don’t fightyou… but I fight people like him! Especially if they are robbers. Here you go! You’re fast, aren’t you? – Stepa, calm down!– I’ll show him… Stepa! I’ll show him the Orthodox strength now… – Maybe you shan’t do it.– I shall. Pray to your Catholic God! What are you doing? I’ll kill you now, do you get it? You… Stepa! Calm down! I’ll tear you to pieces! Sorry, Mr.Zloty. I haven’t made the decision yet. What do you want? Stepan, you attacked me first.I want to make up with you. Help me to take it out…maybe we’ll make up then. On the ground! The fire! Put it downand run away, everybody! Zloty is wounded! Be quiet!

strategya com Be quiet!

strategya comBe quiet! They are gone. You did well. You’re fast. This is it. Mr.Zloty, we shall clean your wound. Will you find some spirits for me? – I may look for it.– Do it! Get out of here! Many people live abroadbut they don’t bring much. They mostly bring manufacturedgoods and jewelry like good. The bandits do it. However,people smuggle everything there. The Reds don’t haveanything. Even spirits. Zloty earned much for spirits recently. We carried four buckets of spirits each. However, somebody found out andthe border guards attacked us. Does it happen often? I meanattacks of border guards. Not too often. Border guards arereal bandits. If they get to know where the delivery will takeplace or about a hiding spot, they take everything — boththe goods and the money. I wish we knew who was responsible. The authorities… or the smugglers.Friends play against friends. Right. They kill everybody… friends! – Mr.Zloty got lucky.– He did! Very lucky! The bullet was small. Therefore, the hole was smalltoo. Not a single bone was damaged. Here you go. Please take this. Thank you very much. I wish you health. Don’trun too much. Watch out! Recover! Recover! It looks like an automatic pistol. No. Its caliber is 9.And this is of a smaller caliber. It’s either a lady’s Braining or… no. The grooves are different. It’sa Glessa. A what? It’s an Italian gun.The caliber of the bullet is 6.3. The lethal effect is not great. Itmakes a good toy in close combat, though. How do you know? I’m interested in weapons.Not everyone has such a gun. I wish we found out whom it belonged to. If God lets us, we’ll find out. – Stepa, why are you Mammoth?– Tell him! Because he is a mammoth! As hugeas a mammoth. And as fast too! Good-bye. What is it? You don’t have any money. If you’re oneof us now, you shall have some money. – What if I’m not yours?– Then… Those who are not ours are dupes! – Go!– Bye! – Hold it!– Good luck! Come on! This is a great apartment! Feelat home! Live as long as you need to! Why not? It’s spacious and cozy. Stepa? Won’t I be a nuisance for you? Why would you? I live alone. My mother died. I don’t havea wife yet. I’m still choosing. – Did you see this?– Great! It’s Sonya’s! Take it!We’ll find the same for you! Feel at home! I’ll come in a moment. – Wow! You’re looking great!– Of course, I am! I look like a vulgar princein exile by your side.

strategya comI look like a vulgar princein exile by your side. – Wait. Try this on! Try it on, come on!– Stepa, don’t! Here you go! We could have it altered. Stepa! It’s not my style! Let’s go! Follow me! Buy newspapers! Fresh newspapers!Buy newspapers! Buy newspapers! Buy newspapers! Buy newspapers! – Buy a newspaper, sir!– Get off! Buy newspapers! Fresh newspapers! There is as much weapons as one needs. General Romovskiy is the highestauthority on our territory. Hello. Who else may get in the way?Gendarmerie? The burgomaster? Stop it! It’s all politics… We’re at place. It’s a nice thing. A good stone.How much does Sir want to get for it? I count on your generosity. – Does Sir want to get zlotys?– I prefer dollars. – As Sir wishes. 50 dollars.– Brilliant! It’s a good price. I take it that you’ve onlycome to Mirsk recently. I came here today. I won’t ask you where from.But here in Mirsk… – Hello.– Good afternoon. …a person of your circle shalldress up a bit differently. I’m not sure that I’ll have such luxurythings like your friend has on him but… I’ll be able to find something decent.I’ll give you a considerable discount. You shall try it on. – How do you like it?– Wow! It’s not too chic… but it’s still fine.Mr.Kovalchuk, you restored my faith in people again! Behonest… are you an angel? Of course he is! Let’s go! – How did you like it?– I liked it. Watch your step! I beg your pardon. I beg your pardon once more. She is beautiful. I won’t let you do it here! Let’s go! I’m an unwanted guest in his strangeland. I can hear the cranes flying away. My heart beats fasterlooking at the birds. I’m seeing them off to the faraway lands…. You’re welcome, Sir Colonel! – Look! This is Colonel Sekunda.– Who is he? A big wig from Warsaw! Your table, please…I kept it free for you… Here you go… – Look at her!– Yes, she is a beauty. – She is.– A goddess! Sit down. Do you hear? Petka? How may I help you? Sir Colonel, Madame, goodevening. Let’s go. Come on. I want to sort it out. I’m not a boy, respectedlady. I’m an officer. I won’t let anyone play with me. – Stop it! Come on!– Let me go! I demand… People don’t treatdecent people like this. And if the lady is doing it… itmeans she is indecent herself! Stop it! Come on! – You’re drunk. Take him out of here.– What? Gentlemen, gentlemen,how can you, gentlemen?! Whom? Get off! Whom shallhe take out of here? Me? Oh, God! – An officer of His Imperial Highness?– Right… – Who are you?– Sychov! I order you… – I won’t let some…– Stop it! I beg your pardon, Sir Colonel,Madame… What are you doing, bastard? – I beg your pardon.– I’ll show you! Let me go! I’m a battleofficer! I won’t let them… Give it to me! Give it to me! I’m a battle officer but theythrow me away like a puppy! You’re not a battleofficer. You’re a swine. Watch that tongue ofyours! Go away from here! – Lieutenant Galetskiy is at your service.– Lieutenant… Let me go! So, you’re an officer. What a surprise! Let’s have a duel.Here…through a tablecloth. What, Lieutenant? How do you like it? Why spoil the tablecloth? Let me go! You’re hurting me! Hurting… you? You turned into a courtesan. – Where did you meet that boor?– It’s none of your business. – I used to put up with your treachery…– Lechery. Yes! I used to put upwith your lechery in Warsaw but I’m not going to put up with it here. I’ll do what I want andwith whom I want. The hand! Go! Let it choose the first. Well? Do it. As you were! What is going on here? – The revolver.– But I have to… I order you to give me the revolver! Your Excellency, he must make a shot! Captain of Cavalry Plakhov! Goto the camp, now, both of you! Aye-aye. You owe us a shot. It concerns everybody.Disperse! It’s not a circus. – What is your name?– Lieutenant Galetskiy, Your Excellency. Lieutenant? I havenever seen you before. I have the honor to report.I only arrived yesterday. I escaped from the Bolsheviks. You got into a troubleright away,didn’t you? – I’ll remember you, Lieutenant.– I’ll remember you too. If the General didn’t come,would you shoot at yourself? – Of course, I would.– What if you got unlucky? It would be my fate, Stepa! One shallshake oneself upside down sometimes to spice life a bit. Newspapers! Fresh news! Stand up! – What has happened?– Get dressed. Your hat, please. You may come in. I’m glad to welcome you, dearMr.Galetskiy. Let me introduce myself. I’m Colonel of the GeneralHeadquarters Frantisek Sekunda. Galetskiy Yanush. Sir Colonel, I don’t really understand… I’m sorry not to havecome to you personally. I didn’t want toembarrassboth you and myself. I decided to resort to my powers. I hope you’re not insulted. Beata? Your savior is here. Yesterday I said: “Frantisek,we must thank that young man”. You behaved like a real knight. What trifles, Madame! What family do you come from? SomeGaletskiy’s family used to live close by, in a good estate. Therewas some family drama… – Yes. Love was something to do with it.– Yes. Something like that. Love! A litigation started. The Galetskiyshad to leave these places. A Pikulskiy got their estate. Arethose Galetskiys your relatives? – Yes. I’m their son.– Is that true? I intend to make the court review the case. – But Mr.Pikulskiy died.– He died, didn’t he? He did. Three days ago. Hisfoster daughter Ms. Velinskaya inherited the estate. Of course,you may still sue the family but… to sue an orphan… it’snot worthy of an officer. I remember that Vilenskaya as a kid. She should be about 20now. Is she beautiful? She is a charming girl. Why sue her? I shall marry her,and the estate will be mine. You’re so cheeky! What ifshe doesn’t want to marry you? Stop it! How can that be possible? Because of the absence of directblood heirs I bequeath all my savings deposited with the Bank of the town ofMirsk together with the Stavki estate with all the forests andpastures to my foster child Belinskaya Irina Andreyevnaat her full disposal. Let you turn in yourcoffin! No blood relatives! Don’t get hurt. Yanush would inheritthe estate according to his rights and God’s justice…but for that man’smeanness. The family of Galetskiy owned the Stavkifor 300 years! For 300 years! Galetskiy and not Pikulskiy! What do I do? Live and be happy. Maybe pray for Mr.Yanush sometimes…whether he is dead or alive. Do you want to marry, Mr.Galetskiy? Why not? I’ll have tocorrect my papers, though. Don’t you have papers? Yes. Icrossed the Soviet borderjust two days ago. All my documents were lostin 1919 by Ekaterinodar. – It’s sad.– It is. We’ll issue new papersto you. We just need somebodyto confirm your identity. It might be problematic. Myfather was shot and my mother… unfortunately she died. They tookme away from here when I was ten. – Do you hear?– What a sad story! – Maybe Magda is still alive.– Who is Magda? Ms.Magdalena, ourhousekeeper and my nanny. I think she will recognize me. A poor kid! Frantisek, we shall help Yanek. – Sure, sure!– Thank you! My compliments! Don’t take your eyes off him. Ms. Magdalena! Ms.Magdalena!A young man has come! – What young man?– Please come in. Good afternoon, Ms.Magdalena! You don’t recognize me, do you? I’m Yanush. – Yanush?– Yanush Galetskiy. One may still recognize me here. – Yanush. Ms. Magdalena… No. Little Yanushcalled me in a different way. Magdusya… Irina, I assure you – I’ve justarrived from Paris. Corsets are dead! – Won’t girls wear corsets anymore?– They won’t! No corsets anymore! Loose-fitting outfits and a lowwaist! I’m waiting for a few outfits from Warsaw. You’ll see for yourself. Ms.Irina… Yanush… he has come. – Yanush Galetskiy… at your service.– Yanush? Do you remember Yanush? Doyou? You grew together with him! – Ms.Madga…– Did you forget him? – It was very long ago, Magdusya.– No, of course I remember you. I’m very glad that you came. Let me introduce KovalchukNicolay Dmitriyevitch. We’ve met with Mr.Kovalchuk.I had the pleasure to meet him. My fiance. – Magdusya, will you show me the house?– Of course. Sir, Madame… Adam! – So, you’re Your Honor, aren’t you?– I’m Ex-Your-Honor. – Did you fight? Where?– I fought in many places. Don’t keep it from us. Tell usabout it! Zloty let you join us but we don’t know who youare and where you come from. I fought in Galicia, then at theSouthwestern front, with Brusilov. – Did you participate in the breakthrough?– I did. – Eat something!– Let’s toast it! …when he became Hetman andfought Petlyura in Ukraine, then with the Reds on theDon. The Reds captured Rostov and I stayed in the city. I got tiredof shouting “hurray”. I was in prison. I met some people. I tookpart in some interesting cases before the “comrades” encircled us. What kind of caseswere there? With whom? Zhiganov is fromRostov. Do you know him? No, I don’t. We didn’t meet. Whom did you have fun with? There were the Pavlyuk brothers there…Ivan and Aleshka. Do you know them? I heard about them. They were riskyguys… Let God rest their souls! I had a friend in Rostov.His nickname was Lame. He used to work with the Pavlyuks too. Lame? There were the Pavlyuks… therewas Grinya Armyan, Vasyuta the Jew… and me, Lieutenant.There wasn’t any Lame. There wasn’t a Lame! Maybe you’re lying about Lame! – Maybe there wasn’t any Lame.– Maybe there wasn’t! All right! Let’s toast thebeautiful city of Rostov! Right!