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OK guys I just wanted to show this strategy of craps that I use.

I'm going to show you on this website.

You can go practice yourself on this website and its called

Its usually right at the top of the search when you search "craps" on Google.

But on this, usually when I go, well let me back up let me just say that if you're going

to try this strategy yourself on a $10 minimum table I would recommend trying it out with


So I'm going you start this session with $300.

And I'm just going to start doing it and try to explain it to the best of my ability while

I'm playing.

So we'll always start with a minimum pass line bet of $10 since we're at a $10 minimum

table, let's say...and it looks like we have a point - we should get rid of this point.

OK got rid of the point so $10 minimum bet on the come out and we're on the 8.

Now I'm not going to put odds.

I'm going to bet $75 on the Don't Come Bar.

Sometimes I'll hedge that bet with a $5 bet on 11.

Let's just do that now.

So at this point during the second roll after the come out we have the most money at risk

- I have $90 at risk so I could lose it all with a 7 roll right here, which may sound

like a lot but there's a lot of players out there that have a strategy of you know the

Iron Cross and the 3 Roll Molly and all that stuff where they have at least $90 at risk

on any given roll.

In fact multiple rolls in a row.

So I think that this is a very conservative and modest way of betting but this is the

only time you'll have this much money at risk.

So let's roll and see what happens.

I got a 6.

So now I have a pass line bet on 8 and I'm going to maximize my odds on that on this


On this particular table I have 3-4-5X odds, which is the

worst possible.

strategy games play online free 
strategy games play free online