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hi everyone this is Alec from reddit’s hexandcountercommunity thanks for joining me today as I give you a live stream of GMT games the skies above the right designed by Jeremy white this is a game as the you know beautiful bark box art here might lead you to believe in which the player is commanding a squadron or estoppel of German day fighters the me-109 attempting to disrupt an Allied bombing raids or to pick off bombers returning from the raids facing the b-17s and their defensive formations this is a solitaire air war game and really thematically it’s kind of the other side of a game such as b-17 queen of the skies really the one of the first solitaire air war games where well it was very table driven and a lot of dice being involved that game had players simulating the experience of a bomber crew over an entire campaign this game is much more so trying to play the other side of that with many more modern board gaming conceits and so let’s just go over the bits real quick so everyone that’s unfamiliar can kind of see what it is that we’re working with this map here that you’re seeing is the formation map this is where you will play your actual interceptions and attempting to make passes at the Bombers there’s also a status track here over at the left one area for the escort display where you can manage the Spitfire or p-47 escorts a whole fate box here on the right whereas your fighters get damaged you can put them off to the side and then roll later to see what happened to them and then a generic turn track over here their game plays with a number of randomization mechanics one of which is decks of cards there’s a one deck of card here listed as continuing fire that gives you the results and what happens when your fighters fly through the bomber formation and there’s a number of decks of cards here for the various approach angles that one can attack that depending on how you’re how high you are relative to the bomber how much defensive fire the bomber is giving you’ll get some number of symbols here that give you the resolution of that attack so there’s a card draws that are involved when damage occurs there’s then generally chip pulls that are just random ship pulls that then give you the type of damage that you’ll see on that bomber and then the exact damage value

strategy games war gamesbomber and then the exact damage value and a lot of blocks as well so the fighters themselves are represented by these wooden fighter blocks that have both the determined side ISM they’re really aggressive and going for it and an evasive side they’re engaging the Bombers and further out to keep track of who started play at what altitude they all will then also have alpha 2 blocks where a fighter here just on the map it is low altitude a fighter with the single block under them is at level with the Bombers train and then a block with to altitude blocks under it is coming in high and hopefully coming in out of the Sun that’s going to be a technique that you really want to try and maximize okay so we’ll put this away there’s as with any somewhat narrative-driven game which I will classify this as a narrative it voc’s a lot of narratives there’s logs and the log is two-sided in that one side of the log you are keeping track of the STOVL and it’s successes and experiences mission by mission and then on the other side individual pilots to track their experience their skills and notes about them so this is one that I’ve done two missions on done two interceptions of outbound bomber formations in the early war 1943 scenario and so in that scenario I start with six expert pilot and you’ll see I’ve got various annotations of what skills my six expert pilots have having flown to missions they have various amounts of experience points why on earth they decided to label this EP and not XP is beyond me and then some notes here this is just so I can remember so and I try to be consistent than with the notes here for experience and so for instance in the last mission Freeling here actually got a bomber to drop out of formation that was worth one experience point for him subsequently he chased down that bomber and killed him which was worth another 2x another two experience points but in that combat with the isolated bomber he his plane caught fire and he was wounded so but he was recovered and so he has some experience for doing that so in general you’re going to get experience for a pilot every time you do a mission that they don’t die and then you’re going to get experience if you kill us words an experience if you knock bombers out of

strategy games war gamesexperience if you knock bombers out of the formation will kill them in addition to the pilots gaining experience which will allow green pilots to become not green or veteran pilots become experts the squadron itself gains experience and importantly victory points so I’m playing the advanced game of the long campaign so in this one you get experience points for knocking bombers out of formation they don’t get it but you don’t get victory points manake bombers affirmation you only get victory points for shooting down the Bombers and so the first mission resulted in a very little bit of victory points as we killed only one bomber having killed three bombers and my second mission I was able to get more experience points P so the 1942 I misspoke 1942 season is six missions long so we’ll go ahead and go through the process of generating the sortie for the next mission and as we get into this I’ll go ahead and just state that while this game you know you’re following squadron you’re following a pilot roster you’re keeping track of notes and experiences and people are gaining experience there there is a strong narrative I’ve got two pilots right now over here in the wounded box that I’m going to try and get back to the duty to keep getting them experienced there there are a lot of decisions throughout this this is still a decision rich narrative experience so there’s still quite a lot of game here okay so let’s just go through and get started here on setting up for the next mission I’ll go on the play aid that does so the campaign’s been started we’ll skip that first thing that we’ll do is we’ll figure out what mission and what map we’re going to be doing so we’ll be rolling on this season’s table for the map to mission types and the number of operation points so looking here in 1942 six missions long this early we’re probably facing map one which is the really ineffectual 8th Air Force bombing formations 20% chance or so we’ll get the more factual one so I’ll just roll a die over here I roll the six which tells me that we’re here on that one so that will be annotated here for mission three okay we’re on map one next thing we need to do is to figure out what type of mission it is we can get the bombers laden with

strategy games war games it is we can get the bombers laden with

strategy games war gamesit is we can get the bombers laden with bombs and bound to the target we can find them while they’re bombing over a target or any other target and we can get them outbound so rolling on that die I rolled a five oh this is gonna be interesting went to look up some rules here as we play since there’s going to be an interesting flak mechanic so at five we are near target and so I’ll make a note here mission type is in the air and we’ll see how many operation points that we have an operation points are what you use to sortie fighters get them out get additional resources get additional kit mm-hmm how do I want to do this I think so I will note here that my squadron currently has 12 squadron experience and what that lets you do is that lets you in this phase of the game for seven a cost of seven squadron experience you could take a dive role and go nope not that die role I’m going to do this instead to be honest with you I don’t really mind this being near target I think they’ll be interesting to show and so why don’t I see how this Opie troll goes because of this goes poorly I’ll certainly want to use my experience alright three okay yeah that’s pretty that’s pretty terrible I’m not going to take that three result I think that that only having to opt points as essentially I’m going to let me scramble two fighters for this interception well certainly manageable for this stream isn’t going to lead me to a lot of success so I’m going to line through my 12 experience subtract seven from that okay so I’ve used that I am now going to instead choose to be on the six result I have six points before I get started here I’ll note that again I do have two wounded fighters at the beginning of any mission a wounded fighter comes back to the active roster on role of nine or a ten so the will say Freeling is the red die johan is the the black die mostly what we get here okay Freeling it stays wounded however Johan returns to fighting so move you back there and we’ll go ahead who is Johan he’s one of my aces I’ll go ahead and bring him on this one so I’ll go ahead and create my roster here of Fighters will take Johan Kemmler and claude from

strategy games war gameswill take Johan Kemmler and claude from that half of the squadron from this other half of the squadron why don’t i take my cart and then newman and alt sir so this will be the six that I bring now you’ll notice over here on this other side of the log you’ll see that there are a number of things that you can spend your op4 to bring on the mission any 109 you bring costs you one and you can make do attachments to it the 109 czar available essentially at the start of the game you can get auxiliaries these are crafts from others Waldron’s detail to the day bombing so the bf110 Ju 88’s so the the focke-wulf 190s and then some later war games most of these come in at an Opie of one or one for a small pile of them which is fine however one thing you’ll notice here is many of these come in much later in the game so we’re not going to be able to bring them into this fight in the 1943 scenario you also can spend Opie for cannons very high caliber guns to fire from a long distance again starting next season 1943 they briefly experimented with dropping bombs from above the formations and there’s a mechanic for that again in 1943 rockets were more successful technology that was developed mid 43 and then finally armor they started actually strapping steel plates to parts of these aircraft and vital areas that’s going to be in 1943 late so right now for us the only thing to spend opion are the fighters and so we just hired our three fighters as a mnemonic to help me remember what my two ace experts I’m bringing bring to the fight so I got is a lucky pilot which lets him the gate a hit once a fight so I will go ahead and put his luck symbol on him and Johan can break anywhere allows him to instead of zipping one way that is inertia would not normally be carrying him he can actually pull a pretty evasive maneuver and get someplace else okay so I’ve spent the opie we’re on that part the next step here set up would be to roll escort I’m going to delay on that that’s not going to be something necessarily that I know until I get into the air so I like the suspense of you know getting into the fight and then figuring out what the escorts going to do okay so now we determine our situation when we go into situation manual so situation manual is working this sections based on which map you’re on we’re on map one near target that’s going to start on page three okay first thing that we’re gonna have to do is you’ll notice that let me clear out some of the stuff from the board and we’ll start using the board you’ll notice that there’s actually two sides in two different formations formation a and formation B for these 19:42 map one of formations and it’s its arbitrary which one you get so even as map a oddest map B we are even which is going to put us on map a we will not be using map B okay so first thing that we have to figure out is to figure out excuse me where the damage is on the aircraft as they approach and if I recall appropriately I may have to stop real quick and look this up the the you use the inbound map for the setup for the near mission here we go just check here real quick on where this gets set up because essentially this part of the map here there’s there’s a flak phase near the city so the city is sending a flak which is actually also really hazardous to the day fighters so we’re not going to be doing this all right well let’s just go ahead and take the inbound damage locations and go with that for the moment that was incorrect I’ll post a correction to the notes of this so nine tells me that there’s a random damage on these two bombers so I’ll go ahead and pull a ramen random damage marker for the ones on either wing okay okay so the thing that we’re in check for is a catastrophic event here this this aircraft has no cash off event so that’s just damage of one this aircraft has a potential for a catastrophic event that number there is a nine so we’ll go ahead and roll if I roll a nine or higher that aircraft actually fell out of formation before he got to the city I rolled a six so he’s still there okay so that this this bomber has three damaged this bomber has one coming into the city thanks so we’ll go with that there’s step to determine whether or not the formation is anchored essentially for the later war formations these elements are attached to much larger bombing groups so where are the rest of the Bombers and those other groups certainly you’re not flying through that space where are is the Sun that’s the next really big question because if you can come out of the sign you’re gonna do very well for yourself I rolled a 2 which tells me that the Sun is on the flank that is furthest away from us so I have a handy dandy Sun marker I’ll put that in the approach high to remind me that if I come through that approach I’ll be coming out of the Sun ok next question here number of tactical points this is essentially I like to think there’s how much free energy do we have going into this or how much a student is do we have leading up to the interception to give us more options as we progress through it I rolled a six which looking here that gives me two tactical points okay so I’ll just mark the two tactical points on this side flight limit this is how far how long how much gas we have to remain engage with these fighters rolling that one I rolled a six which tells me that I have six turns to do all of this so I’ll put the flight limit at six okay oh and yep here does previous damage to previous damage determine the damage inbound use the end bound okay got it so we did that right okay so we have determined our situation we have the pre-existing damage on two of the Bombers the Sun is actually going to be useful for us we have a flight limit of six we have two tactical points no contrails here they’re not flying that high so now we follow resolve the mission we’re actually going to do it now so go grab the appropriate play a permission resolution here first thing that we do is a move and there’s also a note here I might grab a sun marker to track where we are okay so we’re doing a move on turn one that’s enter and you always enter on the formation mapping one more groups and one of the low boxes like klo or oblique low or something like that so we’re certainly going to get some of these guys in starting here at tail low to each turn you can follow the arrows and move areas so for 0tp i can move from low to level for one TP I can move from low all the way to high use some of that excess energy I don’t have a lot of it and I might want some of it to actually chase down these bombers as they become stragglers so I don’t want to use my turns here excuse me so oblique passes are a little less optimal there they’re usually not that effective but coming out of the Sun means that the Gunners are gonna have a harder time tracking on us and the we’re going to not get as much fire coming at us so there’s there’s certainly a reason to do that coming in on the nose high or from the tail high or is generally going to work pretty well for us as they did historically part of that’s represented in the game here by these attack advantages these are gonna be some things that we try and do to get more positive outcomes the first of which is going to be swarm which is if we’re able to get four fighters to attack one element and this is can’t be from the oblique section so it has to come from either the nose of the tail and they all have to be determined but not hedging their bets all the same fighter type and from the same approach box so they’re all going to be coming in from you know 12 o’clock high or they’re all going to be coming in from a six o’clock low something like that but this gives you two more hit symbols which we might go for wrote is going to give you if there is one space eventually here on the board that has two fighters in it that allows you to cancel a hit and then advantage position if and is attacked from more than one altitude and position so say level on the nose and low on the oblique that would give you the positional advantage and subtract a hit so what’s been working out fairly well for me so far has actually been – well here’s what I want to do I want to eventually go here for out of the Sun I think that’s going to be useful and so I’m gonna park two of my guys and the oblique low blocks and start working on that I want the rest of mine on the nose working their way to come in and perhaps even level like just get some hits in right away so we’re gonna start here and then work our way up okay so that’s turn one move return step nobody’s returning from our previous pass escort step all right so now we’ll let the I’ve made kind of my decisions on what my plan is going to be but we’ll see here now if the enemy had other ideas so returning to the play aid that where we set all of this up we’ll notice that here are the escort numbers that we’re going to be rolling for the near target in 1942 so let’s go ahead and roll that okay I rolled an eight which means that there are not going to be any escorts they’re too far into Germany they’re too far to be occupied girl so nobody is helping these guys it’s just them on me which is fine by me okay so that’s the escort phase no one’s recovering I don’t have anyone that has damage on them that’s very what to do with it blast and flak we are going to do that so let’s take a look here at what the blast and flak plate says this like like Jerry White’s other games is very much a game that you play from the play aids in fact if you starting to the rule book you get about three pages in and says okay stop you’ve seen everything you need to see look at the component overview play Aid and reference pages as needed and then just start on the sequences as a play and you’ll notice here that so here for the mission sequence of play it pretty much tells you everything you have to do and then if you need to go clarify something there are call-outs here for either page numbers in dark blue or other play 8 panels and light blue so you know exactly where to go and so I knew that you know this says flack I know I’m over city that I have flack and so I’m gonna see here that I’m going to resolve near target flack all right so we’re going to use the situation manual roll the die to determine which bombers suffer damage and if any which fighters and approach boxes are hit ok so let’s take a look we’re back this situation mandala which usually you don’t need after you set up but now I have to figure out which of these configurations might lead to some flak hits I’m gonna roll for flak good use my red die again okay roll to five which indicates here that this bomber is subject to a flack hit and fighters in the lower oblique approach and the tail approach are also subject to hits now thankfully no one’s in an approach box yet even though actually I literally have no one in either of those areas anyway so we treat each damage icon as a damage result and resolve okay okay so let’s try that so this at a roll of five was this bomber so I’ll give him his flank result she’s got peppered with some 88 okay whew I got a hit in the fuselage cache traffic number is nine rolled an eight so he is not brought down by that it takes to damage damage value on this map to bring a bomber down is 10 so no one’s quite there yet now we check for cohesion as this the defensive firepower of the fighting box really relied on the tight station-keeping and overlapping fields of fire as the pilots started to not be able to hold their formations quite as well those overlapping fields diminished and so you know when combat happens and real things happen it kind of gets hard to hold that formation so if this formation loses cohesion they will become less effective so we’re in a role if we we count the number of markers any of any type present in the formation if we roll under that number the cohesion will degrade so we have three markers we need to roll two or under to the greater cohesion I roll the ten which does not degrade the cohesion they keep it together okay and now an attack no one’s an intact box so we advance to the next turn and we go to the top okay so everyone’s climbing these guys are coming level these guys are going level that’s all we’re doing nobody’s returning there’s no effort to save the day nobody’s recovering we get another flat roll all right so I rolled it oh I rolled another five on flack so that is going to give us the same result that we had previously which was I can get the right reel which is that same bomber so it’s just not that guy’s lucky day some gunner on the ground really has a bead on them I like the thing that there soften them up for me so okay this guy got hit in the engine so this has a much more serious catastrophic number of five I want to roll for that okay I rolled one which is not high enough so I’ll flip that over and will note that okay so now he’s got two damaged markers notice that this one was a zero so it’s not helping me much on bringing them down all right so that was the flak face cohesion there are now four markers so if I roll a three or under and I roll a six so they maintain their cohesion the red die black died at this point it’s completely arbitrary just which I want to happen to roll for reach for in case you’re wondering and there’s no one in attack so we’re back to the top of turn sequence now in turn three so now in this move I’m going to have my oblique guys continue to climb I want them to take advantage of that Sun on a subsequent pass but I’m gonna bring all four of these and the approach level block and I will give them their altitude block so I don’t forget so all three of these guys are an approach level ready to begin their past nobody’s returning no escort no recovery blastin FLAC okay so now I got to worry about does the flak hit might these fighters in that approach I rolled hey another five sometimes I wonder about the balance of something newer GMT dice but we’re gonna play with the dice provided so roll to five it’s this guy yet again and if you recall the friendly fire flack on a five was the lower oblique approach and the tail approach not the nose approach so one more for poor bomber there in slot another engine hit this time the critical numbers of five okay I rolled a ten so the that result happened so we’re gonna do two things the result here shown is that he fell out of formation okay so he is no longer there he’s a hole in the formation he has fallen out entirely alright so I’m gonna mark that as falling now I’m not just in the standard game that’s all you would do you would mark this up if a fighter had done this you would mark up the experience and the victory points for knocking a fighter a bomber out of formation her fighters did nothing so we don’t get experienced or victory points for this but we do we’re playing the advanced game so we will note that this guy has now a straggler he’s either still coming in and lying in behind everyone or he’s starting to turn around and limp home by himself he called a big hit to the engine so we’re gonna put all of his damage markers over here on turn three when he fell out of formation that way we can go back and get him later he’s fallen out so I’m marking here with the Fallen minus one that decrements the firepower numbers and all a janeen’s bait the joining spaces by one him not being here now has left a hole and the defensive fighter coverage so that worked out well for us thank you Gunners on the ground you’re getting a case of scotch or I guess a nice case it’s like we’re in September here right so we shouldn’t have some nice beer okay so that was blossom flack cohesion you’ll notice now that the cohesion number is actually easier than we want four to three and and perhaps with that guy not being there anymore little bit easier to hold formation so rolling again I rolled a six so that cohesion does not degrade still they’re still mostly holding it together now we’re going to attack okay so we’re switching now to the attack phase a sequence of play with these four fighters now that they’re attacking I still have three bomber targets to go for and the first step is going to be approached we shift the fighters from the approach boxes to the Bombers and we need to know if they’re coming of the Sun in our case they’re not so I’ve got three bombers to go for here and then a couple of fighters so what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to park two fighters going after this guy all the way by himself with one damage marker and then I’m going to have one each here and here okay we’ll go with that yep okay we’ll do it so that’s the approach segment now we’re in the engage cycle I have to select their modes are they determined or are they evasive I’m going to have them be determined because I would like them to really get some good results here that that puts them that more risk about we’re going to go to rent right we’re going to now do collision checks so here these people are sharing space they are in close proximity to themselves to each other to other to the Bombers so there’s a chance here that someone’s going to need to you know kind of abort their run because they’re too close to something or that or hopefully that they’ll thing not that they hit something so I went to a blind pull here of the damage marker so this is what we’ll see normally when we pull a damage result for one of our aircraft we flip to the reverse we now have the proximity side so here this says no impact and if we look at the relevant player eight that tells us that there is not a collision so that’s fine importantly we also see that what this tells us is they were determined mode so this actually stays here as a mark in the element which may or maynot of this element okay so we have so so the collision check has been resolved we select maneuvers which way do I want these guys to go I have Sun here and so if I could have all of these guys climb and go this way they can head essentially towards the Sun and come back out of the Sun and that’s what I’m going to you know have everyone do so everyone here is going to have a maneuver marker of climb okay and I’m going to flip it to the roll side everyone is going to be climbing and rolling to the oblique so this just kind of locks us in on what they’re planning on doing as they go through this run okay so that was the engagement step now we check our advantage do we have any of these advantages and we note that we do I’ve got four fighters attacking this element from all bf 109s from the high space so I have achieved schwarmann okay well also note that there is a space with two fighters so I have achieved rote so I will be able to use these to make sure that I get sufficiently strong results okay first things first let me go over here and take a look at this straggler we’re now in the burst phase where we’re going to resolve attacks for these guys I’m going to start here looking at letting my expert kind of take a crack at this he is in a space with two firepower printed on it however that is decremented by one due to the fact that there’s a hole in the formation so this is one firepower on the nose level from a determined fighter so looking here at a nose attack card we come across to find how much firepower is print in the space in our case one okay we look for high level or low we are level all right and then for evasive it’s the lower half if we’re determined it’s the upper half so we’re in this space here which is pretty terrible okay so we’ll note that there’s a collision symbol I will use this character’s luck to negate the collision I’m sorry – there’s a damage symbol I’ll use their luck to negate the damage I’ll flip that there’s a pass-through of – so they actually you know I’m no Zhan I’m zipping through this formation really fast so I’ll actually end up by the time I get some good damage on me here so that’s now where he is before continuing fire when that happens and very regrettably I suffer another collision check so we’ll go ahead and pull that collision marker okay proximity one TP so what this tells me is I pay a tactical point or he has to exit I will go ahead and pay that tactical point to keep him on the board and again this stays in here so this is not just the collision check between fighter and fighter this is also collision check between fighter and bomber so the bombers are having to respond to this as well so not a lot going on there that guy had an unsuccessful pass but he didn’t die so that’s a good thing so now we’ll go on to the next one Newman so he will pull his nose at that card and again this is one firepower in this space level determined so level determined one firepower again I suffer conclusion by do you actually get a hit and you can resolve these in any order so I’ll resolve the hit first on this guy okay that’s a fuchsia launch hit and now I actually have hey super eye I have a sip shifting Sun box that’s going to really make the rest of this not great but we’ll try okay so the fuselage there’s no cash traffic number here so he doesn’t just fall right out of sky so we’ll flip that over put that there I’ll resolve the shifting Sun which is essentially they’re turning somehow and so this formation is is is turning the Sun is shifting relative to them so I’ll roll the die even I’ll bring it this way odd I’ll bring it this way okay I rolled odd so now no super so now nose is where the Sun is on their nose that’s great oh well okay so we were doing this result so he had a damaged result which wasn’t terribly impressive he will pass through for two just like his buddy did and he has his own collision check okay all right no no no effect all right well I was hoping for better here but we’ll keep going now we’ll go with my leader here I haven’t forgotten about these okay well we’ll get into these this is one I really want to use them on so again this is one there’s no decrement here because this loose I’m sorry this this fighter that has fallen only affects those four spaces so this guy is going to do another nose attack at power of one against the defensive power of one nose attack level interesting we’ll go with that so we’ll see here that this result is it’s a passer of two two hits and the the fighter expenses ammo so we’ll do again you respond we use all these in any order you want the two hits on this bomber are a wing hit with nothing special and an engine hit will go ahead and resolve that critical that’s a six on the on the that I only roll the two so nothing terribly impressive there I am going to use one at a time these swarm markers I want to knock this down so this is a safer space so I’ll use the first swarm for another damage marker on this lead okay i-10 is the critical number on that one I rolled a three so total damage on this bomber is three so far I’ll use the final one okay and a wing hit with no critical this is really going great so so far this bomber has four damage on it four and four damage markers nothing going alright so that the passed through is two so now this guy will do his pass through to here and he is marked as out of ammo so he’s not going to really be able to do anything else for me all right and so finally I’ve got this poor guy that’s kind of left on lurch this was not a very successful striking pass he is in a space that’s marked as two for the fire he’s level on the nose at two determined so level knows two determined one hit no ammo to pass through like previously okay so we’ll pull the hit first seven is the catastrophic number here I rolled a five so another hit on him for no effect this aircraft is also out of ammo and will pass through essentially to the edge of the board he’ll go as far as you can all right well that could have been better but that’s why I do have some other fighters discard those for now okay so that was the burst base and really nothing else happened so now we go them here to the breakaway phase first off all of these fighters suffer continuing fire they are getting shot at on this entire pass from one side to the other end and conceivably these aren’t the only four bombers in the sky someone else is shooting at it what might be sharing that them as well so we’re going to continuing fire base on the fire and there space so this space is one these and there these fighters are determined so I kind of go from here to here on resolving continuing fire so this one determined one so there’s no combat result engine sputter if climbing or climb rolling after he’s all continued and fire spend one TP or exit so I’m gonna have they spend my last tactical point to keep the sky on the board which I will do and so now he has done his continuing fire he now breaks away to the return box that determined fighters on that oblique uh now I’ll be doing this fighter he is determined as well okay one determined there’s no hits and here’s the text after team and fire if diving are rollin not happening so he also breaks just fine okay now it’s the two of my guys that are out of ammo and who really I was I was hoping for a lot more from again I’ll do this one and then that one these folks are in up shoot are in a one space so continuing fire one determined fine slow climb Oh well note here that since he has climb rolling that increases the effect of firepower from one to two still no result and they break away to the tailed position so they just had not a good pass coming out I’m going to use this guys break anyway well I’m just to show that it does think I want to use that pilots break anywhere skill because that’s the thing that he’s good at apparently which normally like I said he would have to go to the oblique but this card result just gave him going back to the tail the break anywhere expert skill states that instead of passing through the fighter may immediately Oh actually so I don’t have to suffer and this do this before continuing fire okay got it so you know that skill would have allowed me before continuing fire just got nope he is going to go and like it says any so I could have him come back to the nose now the the problem is he’s out of ammo so that’s not gonna do that much for me but but still he could okay and then finally this fighter is gonna go okay so he’s determined that space is one he’s not dive rolling so he does get a hit I’ll go ahead and spend that wrote advantage to negate that hit and so he continues here to that return box out of ammo alright well somewhat of an underwhelming turn I’m afraid to say I got really good position coming in I was able to get a lot of attack advantage i teed up and I get lots of chit draws on all these guys I just wasn’t able to convert I really wasn’t so that is kind of a problem so we’ll now go to the next mission turn and go with move we’ll note that from moving we’ll just move these guys into their approach box they’re approaching from high so I remember that’ll give them their stack of blocks okay they’re no longer coming out of the Sun which was kind of the whole idea of that moving down here to return now what would happen is these if they aren’t marked with the damage marker fighters in these areas return to one of these spaces the ones that are mark is out of ammo can’t do anything for me if they have a gun jam they have a 50/50 chance of being able to do something but as they are they are literally useless all they can do is get shot at and crash and do bad things so they’re gonna go home and so from the return box you can exit so Johan is going to exit and safely land back at home station I will note this for Johan that he did successfully land without issue earning an experience point same thing here with Kremlin he’s out of ammo so he will also land without issue so marking hem as landed and one experience point okay all right which leaves me the two up here they will come back and do a bleak hi now one thing interesting one thing I could have done let’s take a look instead of moving here to this approach box you know maybe I do that I don’t have a TV nevermind so from this box I could move down to level four zero I could move down to low for zero I could bleed that speed I’m coming to the approach and start shooting at things I can move to the tail any of these spots four four zero as well and that makes sense I’m found you know up here on their side and I’m just kind of all slowed down and I’ll let the bomber go by and I’ll I’ll come up here I want to get to the nose I’m gonna have to spend some some TP so I know I think when I do that actually instead of coming here to the approach box I’m going to go to the tail high because this is just going to be more advantageous strafing past for me I think so we’re going to do that we’re not the approach box these guys are down here in this approach box you know what I may even come in tail level I want to come down here that way I can tee up on next round I’ll be able to get to different approach boxes at two different altitudes the flag is probably going to punish me for doing that but I can I can do this okay no escorts no recovery blastin flag so if if the flak knocked these guys down I’m not gonna be a happy camper in the end here if you your action results in the bomber falling out or being destroyed you get the experience in victory points if the flak does that you don’t and so essentially this is the flag equivalent of sniping might kill so let’s hope they don’t do that okay so flag this round is a four hey I didn’t roll a five what does that do and this point we have the tail bomber trail bomber being the one that gets the chip so nine is the cash traffic number I roll a 1 so it’s not catastrophic it takes up three damage bringing him as a toll seven that’s blastin flak unit cohesion okay there’s these folks have to lose some cohesion there’s no way around it one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen all of these collision check modifier since they happen when I was determined apply so there’s no number I can roll that would be greater than a thirteen on a d-10 so these folks are now in loose formation the every space for this bomber formation has one less firepower they just don’t have their stuff together and this is another marker actually for all these attack so I wait one more turn even which I will before my next attack and they will have to become broken just just nothing there okay I know one’s an intact space we will move one more getting close to our endurance here but we will try it alright one more go here move these folks are all going to go into their approach spaces this is when it’s going to be useful that we have these altitude blocks that way remember where folks came from so those guys have their – these folks out there one okay so we’ve got those out the two blocks up and they’re on their approaches nobody’s returning there are no escorts no recovery blastin flag so yeah alright so this is where I’m crossing my fingers some fighter might have to suffer a problem here but we’ll just see how this goes so rolling again on our flag chart I rolled a three three damages the lead bomber and the nose approach okay I lucked out here okay so the flag did not interrupt my bombers knows fighter has a cast traffic number of ken on the fuselage I roll the two that’s one damage this guy’s damage is that see here one three four five he’s got five damage markers on him and four five damage that’s insane okay so that’s blastin flak no problem unit cohesion I can count the markers here but there’s no number I could roll that would be less than whatever that is which means that this degrades from loose to kaput this this is just these guys are nowhere you know they’re near enough to one another where where I can pick them all off in this pass but they are not a defective defensive fight information anymore which is great for me okay attacking them how do you want to do this these guys are coming in from the tail level they’re going to come in straight in that some guys essentially at minus-2 with this fall and all of these numbers are zero there’s just nothing here that’s going to be particularly useful so I want and I don’t have any leader abilities yet so so let’s do this I want this guy to be hit by an oblique run I want this guy to be hit by an oblique run this guy is gonna get hit by a tail run and I’m gonna have this guy coming in like if I if I don’t bring one of these guys down it’s just gonna be embarrassing for all of us so he’s gonna come in here so that’s that’s gonna be our approach nobody’s out of the Sun we’re all on on the box so now we select each fighters mode I want to go and determined there’s literally zero the the all these numbers are decremented to zero everywhere on this formation this is a really poor formation to begin with and they have just lost that do this flag so I’m going to be aggressive there’s an only one fighter in any given space maneuvers where are these guys going I’m going to have these folks come up it’s really not going to matter we’re pretty much done after this so I’m going to have all these folks break dive and come here to the flank so we’re going to just do that dive roll diver all dive roll and dive roll okay all right so check for advantage I do have the position advantage okay you’ll note that the element is being attacked from oblique and low high and level I’m sorry I bleak and a tail high in level so I do have the position advantage in case someone gets a lucky shot off all right and now each fighter attacks all right let’s go for this Claude back here is going to do his role level tail it’s a different card deck for the tail level tail determined at zero so zero level determined that’s a head so do a random pull here catastrophic number is ten on the fuselage roll the two so six seven eight it’s not enough to bring him down maybe the flag let me out next time and that’s all that happens there now I’m gonna have sir here on the lead again it’s printed strength is three minus two for kaput minus one for that bomber being out of the formation zero here so tale zero level determined that’s a hit okay fuselage is the cash shop number of 10 I rolled a 2 just to damage which I believe brings this one from 5 to 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 super and that’s all that happens there so now we’re gonna go with this one on the oblique hi zero determined oblique hi zero determined alright he just sails through and does nothing else he misses I promise you this isn’t usually not how that goes okay and now my car is coming here on his quarry again he is coming oblique hi zero determined and he just sails by he doesn’t get a hit nobody hits him he’s just all the way up here now alright well we tried and that’s about all we can say at this point so so all that burst happens we’re now doing breakaway everyone’s been a sufferer continuing fire at zero essentially here so I’m just going to go through each of them continuing fire it’s zero determined so okay if dive rolling skip continuing fire so fine doing that bringing Claude back here to his return box alright up stir now if diving and that’s just a straight dive not a dive away we’re not doing that so but again zero on determined no hits so he will also report down here okay now both of these guys they’re both dive rolling zero hard roll lift dive rolling skip continuing fire all right and then finally this guy here Sam deal friendly fire oh I love this one okay roll a die if even damage the nearest bomber if odd just skip containing fire so let’s hope for an even of course I roll them on of course I did okay so skip the hand fire he breaks away so all of these folks are now down here in this return box they are hungry for something all right that’s right good okay that’s the end of combat we’re now onto turn six which is the last term that we’re gonna be able to fly here so what I’m going to do here is on return there’s a little bit of ambiguity from irie to the play AIDS on this from any of these flight boxes during either return or move a fighter may exit it does state that from here fighters may go from the play board in to chasing down a straggling bomber which is what I would like all of these guys to do now so let me just verify without slowing things down here too much that here we go and the advance game over bombers like that die during the move phase the fighter may move off the formation map to pursue a fallen bomber if this is okay so he’s on the formation map on that move phase they can all shift off to follow that bomber so we will do that must be able to move it cost nothing for fighter to do this what the fire must be able to be can’t be in the return oh all right well that’s awful so explicitly here the fighter can’t be on a return box so this guy over here that is a straggler went away since all of my fighters were so busy trying to get someone else down here they had missed it that was a bad play on my part really the historical play and the thing I should have done is one or two guys instead of going into the approach boxes to then go for these guys one or two should have split off I thought I had another turn to get them here but I forgot the cycling back from return so that didn’t happen all right and and so that’s just going to be it so they come back from their return escort recovery doesn’t happen blastin flag I could roll blasts and flak just a you know cry and watch these things fall away no attacks gonna happen as far as my squadrons goes they are not getting any more bombers falling out that not getting any kills but again any victory points this mission this was an awful mission for me absolutely awful as you can see here i mean i i’d heat everything up but absolutely not gonna happen so the net effect here at the end of this and clean up is each one of these pilots gets some experience they get credit for having done this and landed so claude flies his first sortie and lands for an EP let’s see oldster completes his first lands for an evening newman lands for an AP and as Weichert lands as well the squadron itself received this others are me updating that squadron itself actually receives no experience point so that’s whatever they only receive experience for bombers that fall out that they were responsible for not the flak or bombers destroyed and we forgot to chase that guy down so no EP earned we are starting out of five and no vp air and we carry forward the four i’m just big old nil here on that mission log y fast forward a little bit here if you want to make sure that we’re kind of on track here to keep the campaign going you have to do a couple of things first you have a lost limit starting in 42 and a pilot minimum you need to essentially have a full roster and we’re going to have that probably unless some terrible things happen here and I’ve only lost six pilots so far we haven’t lost any one we have the guy wounded but he’s not lost to outright win the scenario we’ll need to have the 15 VP here and 42 that’s not going to happen to lose the VP to lose the scenario right away we have to not meet 5 we currently have 4 victory points and three more sorties to go so I’m somewhat confident that you know I’m not gonna get sacked as the commander of the squadron but I’m clearly disappointed and how that went so okay put swagger back here that squad I am missing one of my nitrous if these guys go there just go there seem to be missing someone I’ll find them later okay it goes face out of here clean up the board a little bit okay so all in all again quite disappointed and the net effect of all that just look at all these hits look look at all this and nothing for it so all right I will take this all of Asia Han as my personal failure cross to bear I’ll take this as a set of lessons learned get these guys off okay and you’ll pardon my sounds of shuffling but yeah so I mean that’s that’s how a turn plays out and so you can see here sitting down talking about explaining that you’re looking at an hour bar just to sit down and power through this would be about a half an hour for one of these so you know this isn’t uh sit down two hours and finish it campaign the campaign is actually quite a long thing you know maybe if you’re experienced at it and you were doing one of the six mission campaigns you can do that in two sitting and you’re just doing one season but anything more serious than that you know you’ll want someplace to leave this game set up I haven’t seen a vassal module for this yet but GMT if you’re listening I would be very much interested in vessel module for this game that way it could save the game State and just keep playing it that being said the production values on this game really are rather incredible the the counters are all nice beefy counters the are all well done well shaped the cards are a nice rigid cardstock you can you know bridge them do things like that and have it be fine I know I don’t feel like I have to sleeve these in fact all of these boards as a matter of fact our backside printed and so formation map to is actually just the reverse of this map that’s uh flip it over here okay so this is formation map too as you can see there’s a lot more bombers and these numbers are all significantly higher like this is just a bad place to be and so it’s a lot more hazardous of a terrain than what we’re doing here in our early in our early war scenario I’m gonna I’m gonna leave it here just because I feel the Karma from how bad things are going that we’re gonna roll and we’re gonna be given this map instead of the one that we had been playing with so I just for some reason I feel like that’s going to be it back so alright so that was the end of mission three let’s go ahead and take a look and figure out what mission four is going to be and again coming back here to the appropriate play aid yeah I got everything off of there let me check here again with my wounded pilot from one of my early sorties let me see if he comes back nine or ten he comes back six he stays up there if you were really hurting for pilots you could essentially write them off where I transfer my of your squadron and make them a convalescent and say give me give me someone a pilot training you only do that essentially the way the way that they do it is anyone pilot on here one time you can line through them when they die or when you fire them and write in a new guy and they suggest all of these have different sequential letters of the name abcdefgh etc so just come up with another name that starts that letter that way we’re using the counter is easy to do by going through them once and so if I let go of them because he’s wounded I won’t be seeing him for a while he’s actually got quite a bit of experience points so I’d like to let him go there I’ll also know it boy some of these guys are just so close you get it takes 5xb to get an expert skill and I’ve actually got a couple folks here that aren’t expert that are pretty close to becoming an expert in getting in other experts and getting an expert skill and this is how you make them so okay so I am now looking for two things I’m looking for the scenario book and I am looking for the here we go set up play so we’ve got those first thing that we’re going to do is figure out what map we’re on again chances are just on odds that we’re back on map 1 I’ll go ahead and roll it to see I rolled a 2 what did I tell you what I tell you my karma I rolled the two we’re on map – ok I wanted to show you all map – I knew there was a chance that that would happen so here we are here’s map – as if my squadron didn’t have a bad enough time already and you’ll note that my squadron still only has five experience points so I can’t like go nope I’m going back to map one on my squadron experience there’s a nice little abstraction there’s essentially the more successful you are you can abstract you know the better and pecking order the food chain you are versus your other squadrons and you know the earlier detection that you get because you got better working relationships with ground controllers etc in this case I don’t have that cat and chip to cash in right now okay so our map – we’ll figure out when we catch this guy this group again this is a near target interception so for mission 442 map – near target all right and we’ll see how many up we get cool 10 okay there’s one thing that worked out for us and that’s that I am in fact getting all six up so what we’re going to you know flush this out at this stage in the long campaign I’d like to round out my roster I’d like to kind of spread around the both of risk and the experience again I want to slowly bring up this entire group although that being said this is a pretty nasty board and I do want to have some of my experts in here so here’s one window I’m going to bring in was worker it back in because he’s got the luck skill so we’ll bring him I would like to bring grim and for his aimed skill which allows you to when drawing draw to damage markers and applied both of them so that’s going to be the nucleus there’s going to be the two experts I bring in on this mission let me bring in let’s see here on this first group yeah I’ll bring in adamant and Bower okay and then on the second group let me bring in let Sam Brennan’s rycart let me bring in Schmidt and someone else there’s Matt I’ll bring in Schmidt and dummy okay so here are my six all right so that’s we’ve got the mission type I’ve got my roster fleshed out for this mission those are the people that scramble I’m gonna again hold on escort although being over the target I’m not anticipating that we’re gonna have serious escort presence so we’ve got that there now looking at the situation so we’ll go back to the situation manual here notice now we’re on map to and we’re to start inbound over the target page seven because like the map one we’re treating previous damage from the inbound so here we go so rolling on previous damage on this play aid I rolled the nine which I like that’s gonna be quite a bit there okay so I’m gonna pull three markers one here one here and one here okay Castro’s are gonna burst in on both of these so roll on the lead roll two four rolling on the the rear element or all the three okay and we will ignore the Sun here because I don’t know where the Sun is so one damage on this guy one damage on this guy I’m go let’s go okay and this kind of represents the effects of flack as they got to the area or maybe some another squadron that got got them inbound or maybe even some maintenance issues but there’s some damage there okay so that’s there now we need to consider where they are anchored like I mentioned this is now part of a much larger group and and they’re not they’re probably not all by themselves so we’ll figure out where the rest of everyone is and at seven they are ankle anchored level and low so pardon me while I find my anchored shit here we go okay so level I’m sorry let’s let’s double check that guy’s level and low doesn’t sound like it makes much sense oh I’m sorry I rolled on the wrong one okay let me let me do that again so it would be level and low worthy inbound but they are now in fact over the target so they would have broken up a little bit so at a roll of seven they’re actually not anchored you know near the target there they’re all kind of lining up to get into a nice line to drop all these bombs so they’re not really they’re not so so they’re not anchored that’s good we can come at them from whatever direction we choose okay where’s the Sun that’s the next question roll afford which means that it is high on the far flank they told me that this would be the case last time and they fooled me all right let’s see here and tatak points of flight limit so let’s roll here for tactical points he rolled an eight which is going to give me for tactical points and now for my flight limit I rolled the three which is five terms like more turns than that and let’s all try and remind me to get people out of here in time to chase down these stragglers if any of you guys are present live and I have a chat client up yell at me all right make sure that I don’t miss this but that should be set up for us okay so see all right we’re good we’ve determined situation we’re now on to resolving the mission all right we got to move these guys into a low box somewhere here now one thing I can do is in the advanced game you can regroup you can essentially spend a turn with a bunch of fighters I’ll go ahead and bring that up real quick kind of show you the idea on it but essentially you burn a turn for a main effort in order to increase the amount of tactical points you have and so let’s see here the recruitment fighters must be in the same box on the formation map and you can only select one box each mission turn for regroup you may not argue pursuit map and only if a bomber is not already damaged on the turn track only as long as no one’s already been knocked out and what we do is we essentially burn a turn and count the number of fighters in the box and increase the TP by that number so if we had four or fighters in the box we could burn turn to get four more TP which potentially give us a lot of options and in the endgame I don’t know what I want to do yet so let’s just let’s just read this out okay my my experts are zwei Kurt and grim like I mentioned let me mark them so I remember their special skills Swihart has luck and Grimm has aim there’s luck for Swaggart there’s aim for Grandma okay okay looking around here at our numbers to heal he does kind of look like it’s about as good as we’re going to get for the moment we do have the Sun here which is going to help us coming a bleak but like we saw often times the bleak we just zipped right through everything and didn’t get anything done so I’m inclined to come with them at the nose and maybe go for what we were doing previously on trying to get swarm which would require one element this one or this one or this one of this one one element attacked by four fighters of the same type from the same approach box in the same wave so yeah that could be awesome so let’s do that let’s take these four oh boy and now I did it alright there we go there we go replay the video and tell me if I got that right let’s take a look here yep yep that’s right okay okay so I think before these guys come in here lo I’m going to try and get schwarmann wrote with them I got I gotta bring these guys I don’t think I come approach lo I think I come up getting a level approach and try from there I think these guys come here and come oblique somewhere and I don’t know where keep in mind that these guys are gonna be attacking fighters from these boxes and so maybe if I could have these guys come in level at one of these boxes here or here these guys can come in like so maybe I pick here for a little bit noting that this guy gets a benefit plus one is high so if I am coming in high this guy’s got a benefit so actually I would do it the other way maybe I come here and have these guys come obliquely at the lead element so yeah let’s go with that okay so that was the move okay nobody is returning let’s see what the escorts are doing this is again near target 1942 they’re all the four okay super which means l3 s so this is light which means I get only five export five escort markers and this is near target so they actually stick around until turn three I have them in tilt I have these Spitfires until turn three so for light you get you get five escort markers this must be a target here that’s near the coast or something to have the fighters still around so okay so I have five escort markers and these guys are going to be placed over here so I can move this up onto the escort section of the Playland first thing we do is set them up figure out where they go and so that will involve a die roll I roll the one which means that all five markers come here two above trailing and the escorts exit on three okay no I’m flight one that was five not mission time okay there we go all right so I now roll I check what they do here in this above trailing box which is one marker is going to do I roll the four so one marker is going go to the return box at tail hi so back here at the tail the return box tail hi so there’s actually a fighter escorts they’re pretty tucked in pretty close if I do zip straight through front to back I will return up here and be intercepted by these escorts and and I know that I see that here additionally if I just kind of work my way here the escorts can move down and get me so this is there now kind of boxing me out over here but that’s alright so that was that Square phase recovery known recovers blasts and flak thankfully we do have flak hopefully unlike last time these guys will save some of the glory for us but in the end if they can knock a guy out of formation this time I hope to remember to go chase him down instead of you know just sit there like an idiot and shoot a bombers in the formation okay so flanked results nobody’s in any approach boxes so I have to worry about the approach I rolled a three which means that not worried about that I get a damage marker here and here so that’s his marker and that’s his marker okay so a critical value of ten on the wing hit there I rolled a 9 not quite enough critical value of 7 on this bomber I rolled a 1 not quite enough so okay we’re getting there cohesion each one of these are individual elements these I could roll for but I have to roll less than a one which I can’t would do in the d-10 so now I’m gonna come here to this element I have to roll less than the two so theoretically I could and do roll a 1 so I’ll mark this element is loose that there’s no attack base so that will conclude turn 2 so now we’re moving I think at this point everyone climbs just kind of get ready for this we’re teeing up here on turn 2 I don’t think I want to use the get tactical point thing yet I don’t think I’ve got enough enemy bombers starting to fall out a guy get some effects here myself so ok so we just did that so that was the move nobody returns I get to see what the escorts to this guy sits here fat dumb and happy there’s no reason for him to not be here I have to check again on what these guys do so I rolled an eight which super brings them in the box with the most fighters so these guy this guy zips in and intercepts my main force coming in from the front so we really do need here to now pause and actually roll the escort sequence so we check for escorts such a station and then resolve aerial combat on play aid e so panel E is hopefully on the what all the bits look like panel pieces which tell you what to do with collision checks and bomber damage element cohesion etc so we’re now here on aerial combat so we’ll flip this guy over and see what he is for Spitfires ok we are 109 our fighters were not higher than the escort that escort came in on us there are not more fighters than escort we have the same numbers fighters as the escort regrettably so the answer here is No and we are fighting Spitfires and so we are rolling on the bottom row of this table to see what happens so rolling a d-10 I roll an eight I don’t know if that’s good or bad ideas dogfight eight is B break off alright break off here so that result is the fighters all of them all of my fighters and one escort marker exit so all four of these guys get in a tussle with these escorts and are essentially removed from combat they are now doing air combat maneuvers they are attempting to dog fighting to save their own butts and by the time everything’s done the bomber stream is gone all four of these guys pull up with big fat goose eggs and just end up going home so I’ll go ahead and return them to the forest pool and just denote each of them as having landed I don’t lose any of them that was not the result of that combat they just ended up burning gas they said I don’t think I lost anybody no open X would have been a killed one fighter destroyed he would have been killed fighter earns a kill of an awesome break off is what happened so they just or maybe yeah maybe that’s at that we maybe didn’t get a dogfight result we actually got a break off so they just saw a discretion as the better part of valor and turned tail which you know maybe there’s their right but like I mentioned I am kind of hoping it’s enough to not get fired myself so – so I current lands is third successful sortie doing nothing grim lands it’s nice for him to take off once demean lands and at alight out of my Lance alright so all you guys get to go home and explain to the boss why you’re back so early that was escort recovery blast flack do that now back to our situation manual page nine okay see what happens now on blast and flat six these two guys each get Aflac results okay critical value is 8 for that lead bomber they’re all five critical value here’s nine for that bomber I roll a nine okay this bomber falls out I may may sense an opportunity to hear and just bolt we’ll see okay so this guy falls out and as before we will place a bomber out of you know fallen and go here okay good thank you bombers get those guys all right next thing I will do as next thing I’ll do is roll cohesion I’ll do it element by element this element could on a roll of a1 lose cohesion I rolled a 9 on a roll of a2 or less this element at least cohesion higher than that they would gain it but a never cook becomes better than loose so they can go from between kaput and loose but they can’t get better than loose so I’m looking for one or two rolled an eight so they’re fine on cohesion no one attacks this turn now are the move so for two TP do I do it I’m trying to figure out who I attack and how to kinda get the best effect here I can go straight to the hi box if I want to spend some of this TP I can go straight here from the mid you know lose two of my four tactical points and get an attack in right now I’m gonna do that okay so I’m going to lose two tactical points we’re now on turn three okay and I’m going to come here into the high approach that’s why I’m doing return escort we are at the escort exit number so what’s going to happen now is that the escorts are going to turn tail and home having already done enough problems for me so okay there goes the escorts no recovery get another flak roll right note I now do have folks and approach so the attack role was a 1 and a 1 gives me knows approach and this bomber critical number of 10 rolled an eight so other damage there alright if anyone’s in chat taking votes and chat on which guy we think we should go for because Werner role cohesion this could be great on a one it does not this could do great on a one it does not this could degrade on a one or a two it does not okay so now we are attacking so I’ll get my altitude blocks for these oblique fighters I’ll come in a bleak they are coming in out of the Sun so I’ll give them their Sun markers okay pull out our handy-dandy play a just make sure we’re not missing anything okay so they are approaching we shift them to their attack boxes for damage here may be approaching from a2 to damage here be approaching from a to no damage one damage loose approach memorable for hard pass going at this one would be approaching from actually I’ll be approaching from a3 this this would approach from a1 okay yeah I think I’d do it I think I come here this is my weak point this guy’s got more damage on them but I think I just have to go for trying to do more against them so both of these guys are going to come in the same square so I’m going to have a collision potential becoming at the edge of the formation here okay so that’s my approach they’re both coming in determined I select my maneuvers now where do I want them to go I don’t have bombers to worry about I’m going to go out towards the tail and go hi that’s what I’m going to do so this is gonna be a climb turn so that I get if I do get a second pass which I don’t think I will but that I can you know come to the actually I’m going to finish this when it be in the return box turn four I’m going to move here turn five and want to chase down that bomber so why don’t I instead dive straight just get out of here as quick as I can there we go and move on to other pursuits hopefully I get this guy but if I don’t no big deal okay so those guys both have their modes collision check there is a collision check that happens now no impact I’ll take it okay and checking for advantage I do have a space with two fighters and I came are the same type that came from the the same box so that gives me the world advantage let’s see here okay and so now we do burst well I guess we’ll start with the first guy here and this is a oblique attack determined high fire rating of one so yeah of course oblique attack determined high fire rating of one is a pass-through of two so he goes here and then here okay no damage and a collision check all right so that’s proximity to flipping back to the play aid that I just alluded to that does collision checks this is an evasive modus no collision determined roll a die the number rolled is less than that number an occlusion occurs so don’t roll a 1 I roll the sex I’m ok so that stays here as well all right well there’s that mmm the next guys gonna try from the oblique hi oh did I oh I’m sorry you know what let me undo that ok I’ve read the zero table not at the one table this was on one so hi determined one as a pastor of one only which actually puts me in a pretty terrible spot but does give me a hit there’s no collision result there it does give me a hit I’ll take I’ll take that for the hit ok fighter gets a 10 on the critical role 3 that’s 2 damage alright now the next one again firepower 1 high determined so firepower 1 high determined in this case the it’s a pastor of two with a hit on the fighter I’ll use my ralt advantage and he’ll just pass through roof – all right that’s that it’s hoping for a little bit better of course all right so we’ve just had all the burst procedures so now we’re going to the breakaway each fighter suffers continuing fire I’ll resolve this one first the canoeing fire right here in the middle of this formation is a for the worse and formation of this element makes it down to a three so this is continuing fire determined at three hard roll if dive rolling skip all that stinks determined three that’s a hit symbol so he suffers a hit there’s a with out of the Sun there’s actually if you’re evasive out of the Sun it’s it’s guaranteed that you can cancel a hit however I believe with with with out of the Sun being determined I think it’s only a probability here we go if the term enrolled even to cancel the hit odd it does not cancel the hit ok so I’m hoping for an even roll here and I rolled a four so that cancels the head okay so he’s fine and he goes he returns to the low box okay and now we’ve got this guy here he has one fire coming against him – decremented one so a continuing fire at one determined hard rolling would have negated it one determined is nothing so he is also fine does I have a no ammo result on those guys I did not know K I’m good alright and that resolves that round of combat so I now want to turn for no move both these fighters return to low no escort no recovery blast maybe one of these guys these the flat can knock one of these guys out of formation for us like they did previously so rolling for flak three is to flak results one is on this guy one is on this one neither one of these suffer critical so it’s just one more damage here bringing them to a total of five damage he’s fine and then one damage here okay all right so that’s the flak cohesion well good just go ahead and roll it as long as we’re here okay this element has two markers in it degrades on a one I rolled a 1 so it degrades okay this element degrades on a one hour old an 8 degrades on a one down here I roll the one so they’re starting to loosen up a little bit regrettably I don’t have a lot of time in this with this formation before I have to go start chasing down these stragglers and then here I’ve got a lot of markers I got one two three four five six so looking for a five or under I roll the one so that counts this guy’s now kaput all right so yeah so there we are how do I want to do this that was cohesion no one’s attack him on to turn five so I don’t want to do why you did last time which was forget to go chase down this straggler the one that got separated out from the rest of the fighters I do recognize now that attacking this formation but I really should have thought more about where I was going I do get it I can get one more run on the formation should I choose or I can go for this and I can do a little bit of both but my question is do I split the party essentially and have one of these guys peel off with a straggler or do I send both of them for the strike and I think at this point so this is – – I’m at a really bad place coming low obliquely through the center of the box to get this guy that’s five damage I can come and get this guy at – damage at – so it’s – or – I mean I just I’m really at the wrong spot to come at it the the broken side is on this side and my bombers and my fighters are now wrong here so they they’re they are going to break they’re in their move going to come out here on turn 5 and attempt interception so we are now done on this board that was that was all we got so I’ll go ahead and clean up these markers and move us over to the pursuit phase where we can try and chase down this straggler okay all right so the pursuit phase is tracked on a separate pursuit map and this is actually those of you that have played be something Queens skies this this actually looks a lot like you know what you might see there with fighters coming out you know on the sides or nose or tail and so let’s now head into the advanced game attack sequence for the pursuit and we’ll see what this happens here so the first thing that we have to do is intercept fighters attempt the intercept the bomber the interception number here is the number of spaces between our fighters and the bomber that got strike that separates there – okay select a fallen bomber and one or more fighter groups to intercept it so I want to select them both in roll 1 if I roll a 1 they don’t find it essentially there was too much time between when it fell out and when they went looking if I roll anything else than 1 we got it they roll the 5 so they find the bomber just fine ok before I rolling it like you can spend a tactical points but I didn’t do that all right so now we go to set up so we set up on the pursuit map here for 1942 which represents the you know the b-17 models of that era we will transfer these damage markers from with that bomber that this is the ones they had he had these two damage markers the G here tells me that on the advance came pursuit map but that’s actually a gunner hit he has the his Gunners are not looking pretty so he will have a minus one all of these fire powers the zero this year here this year oh and the one or all reduced by one and he also has an O actually so yeah we’re done here very regrettably we’re done here he has an elevator hit four – okay the elevator only can take two damage and so this is one of those things where on setup you check is it already destroyed immediately make fire Bailey checks as needed it’s also possible to bombers destroyed due to distribution of the damaged markers the Bombers destroyed during setup it means that the aircraft minutes demise before the pursuing fighters caught it these fighters may not intercept another bomber but the STOVL does earn EP and VP for the destroyed bomber individual fighters do not all right so none of these guys get to claim credit for the kill but certainly interesting I think if you were to go back and tie and look at when this guy fell out he was brought down by flack I think they’re the ones that knocked him out but as the rule state here we you know the squadron is the one that you know kind of chase them down and saw him crash into the dirt so we’ll we’ll get the the VP for that experience point for a destroyed bomber is to and victory point for anything other than inbound is only one so upon completion of all this these guys get there and see that report back we now have a total of seven EP which might help us on the next mission and five Fifi so I met our threshold on not outright losing but yet again I still wish that I had more time on the map and my my fighters would have done something for the moment let’s do this though I’ll go ahead and denote that Schmidt and Bower both land safely having played their mission and get their ep so there’s MIT and get Bower here okay he lands all right so so my logs are current that that happened for the moment though I’d like to take just a few minutes and let’s run this as if that wasn’t elevator damaged only let me pick another fuselage result here just for fun now and then that way we can kind of see how this goes a lot of a lot of pretty useless fuselage heads here f3 okay so where’s that oh just fuselage okay so there we go so I’ve got the gunner hit for one I’ve got the fuselage all right and so the fuselage can take eight damage you really add up great many of these to get that fuselage damaged little bit but right now this aircraft has a four of the eight damage it needs to be brought down and so let’s play this out as if I am bringing this down even though it did crash and you know I’ve got I’ve got the log all finished and we’re not going to do that so I’m going back to that sequence of play we transferred the damage markers we’ll say that it didn’t actually die we roll the die to figure out where the Sun is okay I rolled a seven which tells me that the Sun is coming out of eight to ten o’clock high that’s just where it happens to be as this guy is tooling around so I’ll put that Sun marker over here we get the fighter group okay and we’ll plate and and they get to make a free first pass so we will have these guys kind of split out one guy is going to come here from 12 o’clock high in the nose another one is going to come here from six o’clock high on the tail you know that there are TP values listed here we don’t need them I will note that you also bring over tactical points from the plane up so I’ll decrement the to tactical points I do have bring those on tactical points over here so I do have two tactical points here okay dude that so place fighters and spaces to attack the bomber more than one fighter can be in the same space that’s fine we’re just going to go ahead and split this up here and kind of come one come from the front one comes in the back and you do an engagement you again can select the mode as determined or not I will have both of these guys be determined since again this guy’s essentially had zero defenses will resolve the tail attack first so a tail high determined zero is a damage symbol and so what you do here is you ignore the catastrophic results section of the ched and you just come over here and that’s a wing hit for four which is one shy of just blowing the wing off outright and what we’ll do is we’ll now roll to see if the wing catches fire ok and so we’ll just kind of take a look make sure that we’re resolving damage to the bomber appropriately bail out of higher check wing damage may prove fatal to the bomber each time for damage markers placed roll so I’ve got one marker and means a fire erupts on a 9 or a 10 I rolled a 1 so fire does not erupt he is you know just got a number of more holes in the wing this guy now goes to the return box okay we’re gonna roll from the nose then at 12 o’clock I so 12 o’clock I zero determined is two in a jam so a Marcum is jammed jam essentially means that you got a 50-50 shot of negating your attack result on subsequent turns so that that’s awful alright so we go through there that’s the end of that combat round we now circle around for the next pass so fighters may leave the return box to attack you pay TP to do so so I have two TP to work with and if I really if I want one of these fighters to come and maybe that’s what I do if you don’t one of these fighters to come in you I can pay up the to TP I want both I essentially have to go down to one TP so why don’t I come in here I’ll let I’ll let Bower go home I don’t want to waste the TP and he’s probably not going to do anything for me so Bower will return saying I saw them and Schmidt is going to use those two TP and let’s see here I can come in ten o’clock high out of the Sun for two TP I can come in here level or low on the nose I come high the tail let’s try getting the tail again so I’ll do that okay so tail determined zero that’s a hit so I’ll pull chits one more time okay that is a fuselage hit yet again so that is now six damage on the fuselage I am now out of TP okay and so what that happens is essentially i I can’t exit the return box now that I’m here about all these require TV to go to so I’m done so had we have tried to resolve this on the map on this player map I got a couple passes on this guy all by himself I was kind of much easier to do so well note that here if this bomber has an engine damage one of the effects of that is you do gain tactical points he’s you know losing power and he’s not as fast they just keep trying to hit turret damage would potentially indicate a hit as the belly turret or the top turret depending on the year is unable to function and then of course the various subsystems so on this this bomber was brought down assembly by elavator damage he kind of fell out and then by time we caught up to him he was car wailing into the ground but yeah so I think that is probably a good place to wrap we’re at about now in 45 minutes and as we see here it’s about 45 minutes to set up and play another turn so thanks all of you for joining me for my – rather pathetic turns here of ninth fighter I’m sorry part man name I just got off the table of GMT games skies above the Reich were now two-thirds of the way through the 1942 season at five victory points so we’re I’m going to be able to keep going most of the squadron has gotten some play a couple people pretty close to gaining some extra skills a couple of bombers down hoping to get a little bit more effective here particularly as we start seeing more of these advanced box formations going in further into the war and I would be hard-pressed actually to fit the late war in 1940 late 1943 formation maps onto the camera they’re just kind of that large so please do leave your comments and let me know what you thought of the video what you thought of the game please do also swing by slash are slash hacks and counter to join the us redditors talking about tabletop war games such as this one you can find me as Alec Mg pretty much most the places you could look Alec Mg on Twitter reddit twitch and Alec on BoardGameGeek so thank you all and good night