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I will be making tutorial now

*sips water*

TvZ is a little different

Like, in TvP

Terran goes defensive

and Terran has no initiative at all at beginning

at start that is

In TvZ

From the beginning

Terran has initiative from the very start

It is important to use the initiative to take control

Now I will teach you guys from now on

You know about 5 rax build

my preferred best build, the 5 rax build that is

A lot of people seemed to be interested in that build in YouTube

I will teach you guys the 5 rax build but also the late game transition as well.

and what is the best method

There are countless ways to transition from 5 rax build

but today I will be explaining my most standard transition.

And if there is opportunity, there will be a lot of things that I can teach

I will be teaching numerous things at a slower pace.

Ah, Is my apm too high? I will lower it.

About apm going up; to be honest,

there is not that much difference between 150apm or 250apm

so don’t pay too much attention to just the apm.

Please just focus on playing game with your head, not with your hand.

You can just practice more with your hands later but to play the game, you need to constantly use your head

Let me explain how you scout in TvZ.

You build 11 Rax and before 12th scv comes out,earch at 11.5 scv TIP*: Build rax then scout at 11.5 supply

And if you look closely you might ask, why do I go to 7 o’clock in Fighting Spirit?

My scouting pattern is always same

Why 7 o'clock?

Because if I scout towards 7 o’clock base, you can ALWAYS see the overlord from 5 o’clock

Because in fighting spirit, overlords always go in clockwise direction

You can see overlord coming from 5 o’clock base over here

If you see that, you can just go to 5 o’clock.

Thats why I scout this way; to scout 2 locations at once.

But if I get first scout, its more convenient; a thank you gift even.

its very efficient

And if you first scout, at 15, supply depo

Build* Build supply at 15

Build supply at 15 and produce marine right away

And for natural CC, always do 18~19 CC.

Build* Make 2nd CC between 18~19 supply

Go down to natural expansion around now Build* Make 2nd CC between 18~19 supply

Pretend to produce marine then cancel it

tip* if opponent is monitoring barracks, it is optimal to pretend to build additional marine then cancel it

And press 18 cc right now. See, 18 cc has been planted.

18 cc has been planted.

Don't do anything useless stuff now, just focus on the tutorial (to chat)

And.. wow my apm is too high, I will lower it again.

Its because there's so much useless actions (apm)

To be perfectly honest, you can do this all with 150apm without any trouble at all

And at 22, 3rd supply.

Marine and scv production are constant as soon as you plant that 2nd CC Build * at 22, build 3rd supply depo

At 22, 3rd supply depo and constantly produce marine & SCV

And then, at 24, take first gas.

..24…. everyone Build * Build gas at 24 supply

Move SCV right away. Right away

And at 26, Ebay

After you build ebay at 26, you send 6 SCV to natural. 6.

TIP* When natural is 80% complete, send 6 scvs down. It is good to split the workers into 3 groups of 2 to the minerals.

When do you send scv down?

Between 1250 and 1300, you send 6 scvs down and using shift, you split the scvs into 3 groups. Then it is a little better

And if the scv is able to survive for long time, you can avoid building a bunker.

But look. The scv wasn’t able to survive for long so in this situation

at 88 gas, you take 1 scv off. Take off 1 scv at 88 gas. You must take off 1 scv at 88 gas.

You must take off 1 scv at 88 gas

This is all for resource optimization.

t may not be easy but if you keep doing it, it will come naturally.

Now, you need to build a bunker.

After you press +1 and build an academy, you put down a bunker

Oooh…. Hold up

Stuff like this, you need to fight it calmly.

Its fine, its fine.

Just now, to be honest, what everyone can do is just fight. TIP* If you press worker to mineral walk, you can go through units, but if your units and workers attack while stacked on top of each other, units will collide with each other and create a wall.

Even if you just directly fight, you should be able to stave it off.

But in this situation, I wanted to trade favorable so I did it.

You guys can do it too. You can always check ling count with scv and I will tell you the build now

And you build barrack as you get money to build more and you place supply depo like this.

Right beside the bunker. Build it beside the bunker

TIP* If you build supply depo beside the bunker, zerglings cannot completely surround the bunker.

And when your academy is done, put 1 more scv into the gas.

1 more scv into the gas

And as your money allows, add the 3rd rax.

From now, you build barrack as your money allows. However, your supply must not be blocked at any time.

No supply block~ TIP* If you have blocked enemy attack favorably or have enough units to defend enemy attacks, you focus on building additional barracks while keeping supply depos in mind.

Keep producing medics and scvs constantly

And then as your money allows, build more rax, constantly

But as money allows, keep building supply depos.

You need to keep building supply depo 1 at a time.

And with the scv that had finished making 2nd rax, build the 5th rax.

And how many medics do you make?

You need to get 3. You need to get 3 medics for every control group of marines

TIP* 3 Medics are enough for 12 Marines

And when gas is at 250, you take 1 or 2 scvs off the gas.

TIP* When there is 5 barracks and you hit 250 gas, you take off workers off the gas. This is because 2 scan add ons and range upgrade consumes 250 gas.

Take off before you make both scans that is.

Everyone, 2 scanner add on and range upgrade adds up to 250 gas

From then on, you need to 1 scv to mine gas

And this is the important part.

There is a timing where you must build 2 supply at same time

TIP * There is timing where you must build 2 supply. You build 2 supply depos when you have built 2 scanner sweeps and have reached 50 supply.

This is when you have attached 2 scan add ons at same time and reached 50 supply. Build 2 supply depo at same time at 50 supply

After 3 medics, keep producing marines

And scan the opponent.. And see, its mutalisks.

If its mutalisks, you build turrets

Turret as much as you can afford Turret turret

How do you build turrets you may ask?

That is location where it is closest to mutalisk’s path.

Put down many turrets on the main mutalisk route.

TIP* Build turrets that match mutalisk’s path. You build 1 turret by barracks and 2 at main mineral line.

If its here, (1 o'clock), you need to put a lot of turret here (main)

Since its 7o’clock, you need to make a lot of turrets at the natural.

You must make many turret at this location.

And at main… At barracks, you can just do with 1 turret.

And send 3 medics and 12 marines forward.

And at main, put around 2 turrets.

And you guys might have trouble making medics.

For me, I use numbers 4,5,6,7,8 to produce as I am used to it

For people who may have trouble doing this, its perfectly fine to set screen hotkey with f4 to produce.

Like this. (clicks at rax)

And put up factory around at 68 supply

and keep building supply depos. Constantly.

Just for you guys, I wont be using the 4,5,6,7,8 method.

I won’t be using 4,5,6,7,8 production method.

And as you put down factory, you need to take the 2nd gas at natural.

And you may have noticed that I have skipped making scv at times.

But from when you put down factory, you need to start constant scv production

See, the mutalisks are chasing me

If mutalisks are chasing, what am I scared of the most?

Its that this army will be surrounded and be lost in Terran’s point of view.

Should I be scared of harass when mutalisks are chasing my forward group? No I shouldn't.

Then this additional group combine into forward group as well. Into mutalisks attack path

TIP* It is extremely important to avoid getting your forward marine medic army surrounded.

Now take a look at this situation. This situation is the situation I fear the most.

At this situation, activate your stim pack on your 2nd gruop and send them down immediately.

You must get your medic out alive at the very least.

Being able to get your medic out alive is huge.

Now, you put up 2 starports. 2 starports.

Build * After factory is finished, put down 2 starports and put up science facility as you put on add ons.

What? My voice is being muddled up? Maybe the sound is too high.

You can’t hear my voice?

Just now, the marine medic were combined right?

Even though I lost all the marines, I was able to get medics out alive.

and like that you can put 2 starports up.

At the 5o’clock expansion…. There are hydras there

In this situation, I need to take the map control.

Anyone could see that I have the initiation right now.

Now, scan right there (at zerg natural)

Like this. You see a lurker right.

You confirmed lurkers are out

Then go to 5 o'clock.

Why do you go to 5 o’clock base you ask?

If you go to 5’oclock base, zerg is unable to drone up at the 5 o’clock positon due to pressure.

They must make additional hydras out of the 3rd hatchery to get lurkers.

There are many ways to produce out of production.

f4 (Screen hotkey) is good too

You can also press the assigned rax number twice to move the screen.

combine m&m again

And from now on, you pressure the zerg.

You must pressure the zerg so that the zerg is scared and is forced to guess

“Woa...when will the he come? When? When? When will he attack?”

so zerg will be pressured by scary thought like that

Keep pressuring the zerg. Scan the ramp.

The zerg must be scared and feeling the pressure.

The zerg now tried to backstab my empty main. If the zerg is trying to backstab me,

you must break the lurker here if there is only two lurkers.

But since I am just teaching you guys the method

So I will just take it sloooowly. Sloowly

If it was me normally, I would have just broken through and gotten in

but I need to be able to show you guys more detailed longer game so.

Take the 3rd expansion. Make a cc

If you have so much complaint over a newbie tutorial guide, you don’t need to watch.

You can leave and it won’t matter.

There is no need to complain. You don’t need to watch.

Its not like I am selling this to you guys for money or anything like that so its ok

And as you get the vessels up, get the irradiate upgrade

You get Irradiate upgrade around when vessel is halfway done Build* After science facilities are up, make science vessels while getting irradiate upgrade.

And then, get the mine upgrade and then get vulture production

After 1/1 upgrade, lift the ebay.

In this stage, if you look at the big picture, the important part is

The important thing is that you must see the hive.

I am not asking you guys to do everything here perfectly.

In 5 rax build, the most important part of the build is to just not get your forward marine medic group surrounded.

In 5 rax build, the most important part of the build is to just not get your forward marine medic group surrounded. TIP* In TvZ, its imperative that your Marine medic army avoids being surrounded.

You just need to avoid getting your marine medic surrounded. TIP* In TvZ, its imperative that your Marine medic army avoids being surrounded

Just remember these point

IF Mutalisks are chasing marines: Combine your forces

IF Mutalisks are not chasing after your marines: Defend your base from backstab.

Just memorize this while having your control group of marine medic forward.


And then, now that vessels are out

with the vulture (and vessel) , where do we go now?

We go to the 5 o’clock natural. With the vulture.

Why go to 5 o’clock natural?

Its very good to plant mines there.

For vultures, you always get the mine upgrade first.

And now you have lots of marines left over.

In this situation, distribute them to common droplord paths like 9 o'clock position

Now with 4 vessels. Now this is the important part.

After 4 vessels, you need to have 3 factories up.

In other words, you need to build 2 more factories for total of 3 at 4 vessels count.

You stop at 4 vessels if you are going late mechanic.

About marine count: You need to have number where you think it is good enough.

After the 3 factories are up, now what do you do?

Take these marine medic here and send them to 1 o’clock base.

Ok plant the mines over here and …

The vessel irradiate ability is best used on mutalisks.

But its not like you must put it on mutalisks. Its also pressuring when you use it on lurkers as well.

You can let vessel blow up like that to be honest

Well, to be honest, you cant have your vessles caught like that, but its fine.

Thats the advantage of late mechanic. To be perfectly fine to have just 1 vessel blow up.

Well, its huge disadvantage if you have all of them blow up but just 1 is fine

Now you can start increasing your factory count.

See, zerg is in recieving end of huge amount of pressure now. Zerg isn’t able to do anything right now.

Now, terran takes expansions and zerg takes expansions as well. From now on, its macro fight.

Everyone always seems to ask me this in the comments section.

Why do I put on scans as late as possible?

Its to produce even a little bit more scvs.

Why do i do this? Because I already have 2 scans available.

Now, put down up to 7 factories total.

From now on, you just have to produce factory whenever possible up to total of 7.

Then you are at a perfect spot.

Even if you are unable to put down total of 7 at once, you can just make 2 at a time.

It doesn’t make much of a difference in the end.

If you are able to put down 7 factories at once, it is great, but you don’t need to.

There are times when even I cannot put down 7 at once but being able to is a proof that the game has been progressing well.

Now take the 1 o’clock base, and this zerg isn’t a bad player at all so…

Now remember the vultures you have made?

Now you need to be active using these vultures

Oh right, I didn’t tell you guys about rax placement visions. Now

Here, here here, here and there TIP* with 5 lifted rax, focus on the central halfway position from all 4 directions. (reveal the drop locations and with the remaining marine medic groups, place it at expansion locations to defend drops)

It may have just seemed like I have put them anywhere as I pleased but I am saying this in detail.

Purpose of this is to give vision to possible droplord paths.

And now, marine medic moves to defensive positions.

You must prevent drops coming in with vision and marine vessels from now on.

And rally your workers to 1 o’clock base since its just about to be done.

And I told you guys to build 7 factories right?

Now, put all the rallies forward like this.

There is a method to rally in this situation.

Put F4 as your production and F3 as your rally point right?

You just need to right click after clicking on your production and pressing f3.

When this base is finished, gas is the main priority

Gas is most important

And now that 1o’clock is done, take the 1 o’clock natural

And what defines mechanic?

The answer is it's upgrades.

2/1 upgrade is the most important breakpoint. TIP* upgrade is extremely important for mech, so pay particular attention to 2/1 upgrade.

And like this, marine medics all go to defensive positions and

establish forward position relying sorely on your vulture mines.

After your 7 factories are done, get your goliath range upgrade.

This is bit too much detail but just watch me and keep memorizing what I do.

Thats all

Just keep watching and memorize my actions.

Now I will teach you guys about unit movements.

About late mechanic…

Well, Its not like I am expecting a whole lot from you guys.

But from now on, what is important about movement is that…

This is F-level but even then

you must not be careless, since zerg has taken a lot of expansions as well.

When these 5 tanks come out,

When these 5 tanks come out,

just send them all to 1 o’clock position up the ramp TIP* If the opposite starting expansion has 5 tanks up the ramp, it gives incredible defensive return.

If you just put 5 tanks up the ramp, just 5 of them, most attacks can be defended.

If they are just there, most attacks are unable to break through that 1 o’clock position so

rather than protecting the main, just put them on the 1 o’clock up the ramp

And this is a critical point. See you don’t have supply left over.

You must start throwing away your marine medic groups.

Even if you are throwing them away, you need to throw them away efficiently. When there needs supply freed up.

And additional factories… since you have money saved up, put more down at 1 o’clock base.

If you are able to put them up that is…

Marine medics are thrown away now. Only when you hit 200 they are thrown away.

It may not be easy coming this way, but if you keep watching and memorizing you can become gosu easily.

Do you think I played well from the beginning?

I became this only because I worked hard for it and studied/watched the game and memorized it

Only after I played and studied, the game improved naturally rapidly.

StarCraft is a game where you need to study.

And in the droplord paths, put turrets up bit by bit like this

I am playing really slowly guys. I barely even broke 200.

Look everyone, don’t just complain and just think of it this way. Just think of it as studying and memorizing it TIP* after you secure multiple expansions, you put as much turrets at other starting expansion as possible.

since I am telling you guys the game knowledge

There is nothign to lose here really.

Its not like I am being paid to do this. I am just giving you guys knowledge just for you guys

Now then, defiler, irradiate


Now, I slacked on spending vessel mana since I was busy explaining but

to be honest, it would be extremely difficult for you guys to keep spending vessel energy since I didn't as well

But if you are able to, it is good to keep spending vessel energy throughout the game. Especially to lurker or mutalisks.

Keep producing army constantly without rest.

Now at center… now now now. Look at this drop

You must stop drops like this

And saturate the 1 o’clock natural now.

Saturate the 1 o’clock natural

And at this point, if you are able to produce tanks over here and do so.

And keep making turrets without being stingy about it

Turrets need to be made without any stinginess, whenever possible, as much as your hands allow

Turrets without rest

Now throw away your marine groups again

Keep throwing these guys away

hese guys are useless now

Their upgrades aren’t even good now. These guys are perfectly fine to be killed

from now on, I will be pressuring the zerg

Look at this. These 5 tanks here are permanent.

ust think of it this way: 4-5 tanks are just permanent fixture at the 1 o’clock base.

You must be safe about it at all times and keep them there.

Since it will be safe if you leave 4-5 of them there at all times

And now, if you really want to win games

well to be honest, recently between pros, queens are used a lot

But queens aren't used a lot (this level) so don't worry too much about it

Take the position here, and here.

See there is an ultralisk

This is the first line of defence. Here

First line of defence

This is the second line of defence. Understood?

Leave those 5 sieged tanks there alone and keep reinforcing your army

Produce like this, and this….

I need to lower my apm a little.

From now on, even vultures

From now, its good to throw away these speed vultures.

These vultures as well.

I am going to plant these mines and...

Why the vultures?

Because if there are too many vultures, it takes away supply from the tank count.

You must have a lot of tanks in the end. TIP* In TvZ, tanks are more important than any other unit

Vultures are, in the end, including mines and all cannot fight ultras

As soon as they try to fight ultralisks, you cannot even contest against 1 ultralisks with 1 full control group of vultures.

Vultures cannot deal with ultras at all

And throw them away as effectively as possible by harassing their mineral line

And while throwing away these vultures

These kind of game knowledge has been gained through countless games but I am showing these to everyone.

Just watch and learn

Now these are fighting an ultralisk and I will kill it then go up the ramp.

Now, even when these were just thrown away, they were able to be used as effectively like this...

There is nothing more could have ever hope for.

Now, you may ask why I did not attack yet.

You might have known if you watched but

there were lot of useless units such as marines and vultures

There were not much tanks at all.

But now that 200/200 was reached, it means that majority of it is tank-based.

Now its the time to attack. At this moment

After just defending for while

It may seem really easy when you just talk about it, but in reality, its extremely difficult to get to this point.

If you played games, you would know, but its extremely hard to get to this point.

Really, only way to get to this point is to keep playing and learning about the game.

You need to keep putting effort into the game to get to this point

Now, with vultures and tank-based army, see, now majority of the army is tank based

I almost have 3 control groups of tanks here

Now we will go attack.

I will be attacking now everyone

in this case, just send 1 tank over.

Just send 1 tank over and focus fire on the defiler

If you leave it focus firing on defiler, it will take care of it by itself.

Now the tank count is over 3 control groups

Now, marine medic and vultures were all thrown away and replaced by tanks.

When it reaches this point, you slowly attack. You understand now right?

You can only attack when it reaches this point guys for Terrans

If you attack before this point, you can’t really win against zergs.

wow scan?

Woa he made queens?

Now, we are going

Now take care of ultralisks like this.

Normally, if they are under dark swarm, there is really no answer to them

When they are under a swarm, its really difficult normally.

These Ultralisks don't have speed upgrade yet but

under normal circumstances, when these are under a swarm, its not easy at all TIP* When trading, you must always avoid dark swarm to prevent from losing as much army as possible.

But in this case, the difference between army count was too big

and when you see swarm like this, you must always avoid it

You need to take them out like this

As a Terran, you must avoid these dark swarm at all times.

It is because zerg is a race that overwhelms with production speed

You cannot be careless just because you won a fight. TIP* Terran lags behind in production compared to other races, so incremental losses could be fatal in the end.

Its just like TvP TIP* Terran lags behind in production compared to other races, so incremental losses could be fatal in the end.

You cannot be careless just because you won a fight

You need to be careful with Terran units at all times

Why? Because Terran simply cannot match the production rates of other races,

so you must take care of your units carefully.

All this while fighting with siege mode.

If you fight as unsieged tanks, these tanks just turn into trash.

When fighting unsieged, tanks just become garbage units.

Now take care of this

and slowly, calmly play it out.

As late mechanic, if you have reached this point,

you cannot move out hastly

Don’t even think about unsieging these units TIP* When pressuring with tank line, you leapfrog forward with your reinforcements inch by inch while the back line of siege tanks hold the position. A (sieged tanks)-> B( Advance then siege) -> A( unsiege, advance, siege)

Just leapfrog forward using your reinforcements only TIP* When pressuring with tank line, you leapfrog forward with your reinforcements inch by inch while the back line of siege tanks hold the position. A (sieged tanks)-> B( Advance then siege) -> A( unsiege, advance, siege)


Just advance forward using your reinforcements only

Why? Because of dark swarm

like this, With the reinforcements only.

this zerg doesn't have ultralisk speed upgrade done yet, but

but if it did, its extremely difficult to advance

Look. Zerg can’t break this line since a control group of tank is left sieged at the back.

Just the front line is contesting the zerg directly

Don’t be hasty about your advancements

As Terran, its of the upmost importance to protect the existing units.

If you cannot protect your current units, think of it this way

As Terran, you can win just by protecting your units,

but it is just as easy to lose the game if you cannot protect your units

If these units die, you pretty much have lost

As soon as these units die, the other races are able to win

Look at that, theres a lot of queens.

When you see this, you need to start gathering vessels.

Check the defence upgrade on the queens.

If there is no defence upgrade, they are tech switching. It means ultralisks.

TIP* If opponent switches to queen based composition, it is very effective to contest it with valkaryies.

If there is no defence upgrade, get vessels.

wow he made a lot of queens

But what did I say from before? Put all your focus over here.

If you focus your units here, this tank line cannot be broken so easily.

This zerg seems to not be able to break this even witht his many queens

Now start massing valkyries.

Now we almost won right?

I left the back line sieged like this right rather uselessly but

Even with all these queen removing them, zerg was not able to break the line like this,

since my entire army was focused on this one area

and I kept supplementing the main army with reinforcements.

Now, calmly,

Now, Terran has banked up a lot of resources

As you can see, I never expanded since I took the opposite starting expansion and its natural


It was more than enough just to have taken this many expansions then

Only now, you start thinking of taking additional expansions.

You go into the game with mindset that you will win before the map split,

but now, you need to start thinking about split map situations

Now you begin to take the additional expansions.

Slowly. Only as much as you need

You need to suffocate the zerg

To extent that the zerg feels that “Wow, I really don’t ever wanna play with this person ever anymore”.

You need to give zerg this kind of feeling to win the match at all times, regardless of if you win or not.

To win, you need to constantly strangle the zerg like this.

And now everyone, you may have thought “what is this even? Isn’t this just another high level gosu guide, not a newbie guide?”

But just memorize it.

Just keep watching and learning.

If you keep doing this, someday, you will be able to an extent, to climb ladder.

I promise you guys this.

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