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if you enjoy the old SimCity games you may really get a kick out of New Cities if you enjoy my content and my videos please do click the bell icon below to make sure that they make it over to your feed and as far as this guy goes, don’t worry about him he’s fine [Music] hey everybody Weem here welcome to New Cities! This is a game I thought I would bring it to your radar because it’s crossed mine recently & looked really fun! I picked it up yesterday via indiegogo of which I’ll have links down in the description if you’re interested in picking it up. So here we are I thought I’d show a little bit off we’re gonna jump right into the action now as I kind of get to filling you in on this thing so the developer describes New Cities as a city builder that celebrates the simulation titles of yesteryear with a classic gameplay a fresh coat of paint and so if you’re familiar with the older versions of SimCity for example this is going to be familiar to you in that way and if you enjoyed those games from then I think you’ll get a kick out of this one I actually just picked it up and and I really couldn’t put it down last night so I want to show you one of the really cool features of this you can build top down like this but you have a lot of control over the camera and it really changes the perspective what I mean by that as you can see we’ve got these square grids but if we kind of bring the camera down here I’ll zoom in here a bit you can see that there’s actually height to this right we’ve got mountains and everything and it really changes the perspective once we get some buildings in and everything you will really get an idea of what I’m talking about there but let’s do that we’re gonna first things first we’re gonna bring this guy up and go to value we’ve got higher property value along the beaches and in some other areas as well so this is just gonna help me kind of determine where I’m gonna get started as I gonna show you some of the features of New Cities so the point of me playing at this point right now is just to kind of show you some of these things give you an idea for what New Cities is about I’m still quite new to it so I can’t teach you a whole lot but let’s go ahead and start getting down some roads I’m gonna start with a larger Street here with the

strategy games 2020with a larger Street here with the Avenue and I want to run this kind of along here now one of the things I’ve seen a number of videos and screenshots from New Cities and it’s very easy to fall into for good reason to fall into the trap of doing everything really Square and rigid like on grids if i zoom in here really close you see we have some thick lines here they’ve got a grid down you can only snap roads to these points and you know along these lines obviously which kind of lends itself you kind of almost naturally just want to build in a grid I actually like things to be a bit more fluid so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put an Avenue down and I’m gonna run it kind of a long this Beach area but I don’t want it to be super straight so let’s do that first we’re gonna go kind of at this angle so you can see we’ve jumped about three spaces in this direction in over one and then I’m gonna do maybe one here I could do another one that’s like you know two down and one up and that’s you know we kind of create a curve in this way I’m gonna actually you do a straight shot here for a little bit let’s get a better angle over here okay I think we’ll go like this to here here as you can see I’m just kind of making a variation in how I’m angling this in order to get this kind of bend that I want. Now what I love for this game today for you to be actually be able to freehand draw roads and everything sure that’d be awesome and maybe that’s planned (it is!) I haven’t dug too deep into the future features or potential features of New Cities so who knows that may already be on the agenda but let’s keep going with this Avenue and get this laid out again largely just to show you how the grid works and how snapping roads down work roads down works so anyway there I’ve got this kind of road here that’s not really adhering to the grid if I pan back down again we got the mountains in the back got a little bit of a lake here so that’s pretty cool now let’s zoom in here we’ve got the road you can actually see we get a street name on here we have this is Arizona I think the streets are largely named after cities when I’ve paid attention to that that seems to be the case cities or states or things like that so you know yeah that’s a cool

strategy games 2020that so you know yeah that’s a cool start let’s go ahead and grab some normal roads Here I am paused although we don’t need to be let me just play it kind of the regular speed here so before I start putting down the smaller roads let’s talk about this one of the things they suggest in New Cities is that you build I’m gonna jump over here to these zones when you’re doing farms they say they occupy a lot of space so consider that the bigger lines and not filling in roads in the middle when it comes to residential you know there you’ll want to get down to the nitty-gritty and putting streets along those grids that’s kind of their suggestion you don’t have to follow that but anyway so we’re going to adhere to that I’m gonna go ahead and flush this out a bit and we’ll continue so before I get too far I thought I would just kind of bring you back here and give you the general idea you can see them this almost looks like ribs but I really like things to not be super uniform especially in the early areas and then I think when it comes to farmlands we may get kind of more grid like and then and maybe some what ends up being more dense areas I may also adhere to a stronger grid but anyway I like to kind of get this curved out to show you how these intersections work we can actually we’ve got a number different points we can click on and then we can snap to some different points of the road over here so we can for example connect those up and connect this up and it’s really forgiving as far as traffic goes at least for now you don’t have to you can have long roads and if I come out here for example and this not caused too much of a problem with traffic I’ve noticed perhaps over time if I’ve played long enough I would start to run into issues but I’ve noticed that you don’t end up for example with cars piled up at a dead-end and with nowhere to go so you don’t have to always concern yourself with looping things back but anyway yeah we’ve got this kind of started now again talking about some of those older games like the earlier versions of SimCity and I kind of touched on this before we have the residential we have a retail I haven’t said commercial agricultural and then we have industrial and there’s even

strategy games 2020 then we have industrial and there’s even

strategy games 2020then we have industrial and there’s even going to be some new ones that pop up over time as we progress so anyway one of the interesting things about this you do not have to worry about water you don’t have to worry about electricity and you can see that it basically wants to just put these plots down and they will start building automatically we have a need for residential so we can actually I could actually just hold my mouse and just drag and you can see it starts popping these in there really quick and easy so one of the cool features in New Cities is it’s really it’s easy to rapidly set up cities it can get expensive if you’re throwing tons or roads down but otherwise if you’re kind of watching your budget and everything a lot of this stuff really starts coming in pretty quickly we can speed this up a little bit more and we’ll get more of these coming in but let’s kind of back out here because farmland is very important that and the residential seem to always be needed so I want to plan for that and if we’re talking about this size grid for the farm areas I don’t want to occupy all of this like highly valuable area because they tend to be kind of polluting and everything they lower the value of the land so if I were to look at it or consider from that perspective maybe somewhere over here is good it’s a bit far I could do it out here let’s let’s actually pan this down because I want to see how much it Hill there is no Hill really it’s pretty flat there that definitely plays a role on kind of some complications as far as roads go and everything so let’s go ahead and get that going now we have this cool Avenue going here I’m trying to think if I want to shoot an avenue back into this area I think I will it does tend to be a bit more expensive but let’s just let’s take a look at what this would cost we’re at 255 K we have seven point six million which you can see in the upper left so I think I’m okay with that and yeah I think we’ll stick with that let’s grab some streets and we’ll run this kind of along this line what’s that 180 K so we can get some of these going [Music] there okay let me go back here and look at value so this would start to creep into some of this area that actually has

strategy games 2020into some of this area that actually has higher value so I could destroy the road I think instead what I will do is just well the farm is going to try and go all the way out it’s going to follow that I think what we’ll do is we’ll just kind of do this over here for now so we’re gonna go here here here and here so that’ll get some of that going but again the demand is usually pretty high for both that and residential so I don’t think even if I filled in this entire area out here it’s still in my for my previous experience wouldn’t satisfy that demand let’s get some more residential going in here let’s grab streets we want to connect these guys up again I kind of like to just do this not following the grid necessarily so you can do some other cool things too I like doing like this kind of stuff have these like cul-de-sac so we can do a small one here lots of opportunities to do these kinds of things like so and you can run into some problem running roads along the beach so I’m not gonna try and do anything there this is the end of our Avenue maybe what I’ll do is I’ll loop this a bit can we do that here I’m gonna try and just loop this back again not necessary at least at this stage of development in New Cities but anyway I think that’s cool I know I’ll do we’ll connect this here and you can always bring up for example the residential Mouse around and see how much space that’s quite a bit of empty space in there so I’m gonna kind of good there now let’s just go ahead and fill this in really quick just do this lazy William dragon I’m gonna kind of fill all of this in and see where that puts us I don’t expect it to make a huge dent and the residential demand but it’ll be something and then maybe we’ll get some kind of commercial out in this area but you get the idea as far as placing this stuff down is very easy to get the roads down you can actually adjust elevation and everything pretty easily if I went and took the Avenue you can see that Q and Z is kind of up down arrow so as I hit QQQ I could you know do a road that’s like raised up I could then lower it down right they make that pretty easy so anyway I’m gonna go ahead and flush this out even more and we’ll see where things are at as you can see I added a section for residential I thought this might be a good commercial spot I only put a few in because I’ve noticed in my previous runs at very short runs just testing things out that the retail demand drops very quickly so I only put these two in and it already dropped some so we’re gonna let that sit residential is still high of course I did add some more farmland out here so we’ve got that going and it does ask for industrial and I put a row out here but I haven’t dug deep enough into New Cities to understand what helps the industrial grow so for me it doesn’t do a whole lot just yet but anyway it’s something that I will figure out at some point you can see we get messages on the right side here village we you know a thousand people live here there are officially more human residents than bovine and then they’ll give you kind of a next achievement you know you can build a school when you hit 5,000 this gives a hint retail zones at important intersections and along major thoroughfares there will not be a lot of retail demand until the city grows larger so uses sparingly which we’ve done we got our first farm notification the first house let’s see hint for agricultural zone so he spreads along the grid lines that’s the big lines as I was mentioning before residential they basically say do it along the dots those are things we talked about zone so this is all kind of our intro stuff I can actually just kind of click through closed E’s now there are other elements to New Cities as well so far we can actually jump into here and look at different things I was looking at the value before that’s something that we looked at but we also have prosperities the thing we can look at density traffic and you could see that maybe we’ve got a little bit going on here I’ll zoom in here and take a peek so we may have had a little bit of a hang-up but mostly you can see the lights and that really stands out when you look at traffic mode you can see like well there’s a whole huge backup so right now it’s not too bad crime of course pollution and education eventually to put schools down you can put police departments down that fit that fixes crime and education and things like that and there’s various relationships of things too as far as like what kinds of workers the farm stuff is looking for I assume that goes for retail as well we can also dive in here and individually select things so this is a thing that’s already and I couldn’t remember you could do it on cars or not I’m not getting it to go but you can click houses for example no maybe that’s why I didn’t have one selected there we go so now we’re following this guy we could delete it it’s at an intersection it’s it’s loop Bailey going to the store or we can kind of pan down and click on a house it’s the gray household we can see their taxes and everything and and start to see what they’re looking to do I had somebody looking for a job for example so anyway these kinds of things are already in New Cities which is really cool music let me zoom in here so we have Pomona Street and Arbor as I mentioned kind of location names they use salt lake for the roads and everything’s pretty cool look at that view it was raining a second ago and now started snowing another thing about New Cities there is weather snow will eventually cover the ground which is pretty cool but anyway this is kind of what I was talking about at the opening as far as perspective goes you can get down here and really see the topography you can see the height to mountains in the distance and it’s just a really interesting perspective for a game like this very unique and very cool I like it quite a bit so yeah I’ve got I kind of flushed out even more residential area here if we kind of pan out hopefully don’t make you dizzy got all of this is kind of new residential area um I feel a little bit commercial in and I’m noticing now I just I threw this industrial and I was like let me just put some clothes to this and that seems to be doing good let me on a pan over because you could see I put rows of it over here or actually just just the one here and maybe it’s not near enough to like retail or residential and that’s what it needed but there we go we’ve actually got some popping in here we learned something new every day so I’m gonna actually click on one of these and we can see that it’s an industrial building this is got the street name I was kind of wondering if it’d tell us what the the business were was perhaps not I want to be good at this one it just says Industrial though they were just kind of general but that’s okay very cool so we also have money let me show you some of the budget stuff even though I don’t have a great handle on this yet you can drag the slider for property tax you know the line of credit and everything basically get your financials here the years you start to stack up over time you’ll get those as columns and everything so it’s pretty pretty cool that a lot of this stuff is in right now if I remember correctly New Cities started by the developer as a project for kind of just a traffic management thing and then he continued adding kind of features to it and it kind of you know before his eyes was turning into a city builder and so he kind of kept flushing it out that way so on IndieGoGo he had a goal of 10,000 which I know just they went over that yesterday I think but that is the place to get New Cities again all the links down in the description but I think actually before I say I’m gonna leave it at that there is one other feature I want to show you even though it’s still pretty new to me I haven’t played with it too much okay so here is that feature and it is the building designer which is pretty cool so when you actually lay down your zones these guys here you don’t really get to choose the buildings you can there are specific buildings you get to place for example the police department or the college but otherwise the buildings that pop in for these different types it kind of random and can grow over time but here you could actually jump in here and edit this so you can create you know your own new creations and then my assumption is that there’s just some small some you know percent chance that they show up in New Cities which i think is pretty cool so you can actually kind of move these things around you see you can grab these kind of things and drag them we can actually choose barrel and click in here and that adds a new one you can you know kind of increase these sizes and everything and you’ll see it changes the size of the the area that it needs to occupy that’s a pretty big building so we can actually kind of continue placing things in here there’s also trees and fences and things like that so you can get kind of detailed with this which i think is pretty cool adding that kind of level of customization there it’s pretty sweet okay one more feature before I leave that I definitely wanted to show you but forgot until I jump back onto this side of things there is a blueprint mode in New Cities already which is awesome a lot of games like this in the early stages it’s a feature they want to do or you kind of think man I’d love to have like blueprint stuff and gonna have to wait but this one’s actually in right from the beginning we can actually select new come into here and we can let’s see make sure I have that selected so you got the Blue Square and then we can drag and select an area and then actually I think it just click basically you don’t have to drag and then let go and you can see our cursor now is this area so we can kind of go place this anywhere you can even overlap things we could drop it right in the center here and it would really it connect up all the roads and you get you end up getting rid of some houses but they would likely pop back in or you can move them up into this area which is you know kind of how I would imagine you would be doing you select kind of area that you like and then just kind of pasting it down and everything is pretty pretty cool we can also raise and lower the elevation of it which I had not played with so I said let me let me click that here and see so you can kind of raise that up that’s pretty cool not that we would want to get too crazy with that and we’ve got a Save button here and I have not messed with this either so we’ve got these kind of saved up in here I guess is where they’re showing up that’s cool and I believe believe these carry through to your other saves as well but anyway I just thought I would kind of show you that really quick well that about wraps it up I as I mentioned at the top I just kind of wanted to bring you in here and show you New Cities because I think it’s pretty cool it’s pretty fun especially this early and may not have been on your radar so I thought let me like know about it let let me know what you think about this in the comments this looks interesting to you if you played the older SimCity games and enjoyed those you know does this look cool to you I think there’s so much potential for this it’s so early and you know we talk about potential a lot with with new games that aren’t finished yet but there’s a lot of cool features in here for it being so early so I have high hopes for what’s coming in the future but I do want to thank you guys for stopping by as always I really appreciate it do me a favor hit the bell icon down below if you’d like to see more things like this that’s the pretty much the only way to make sure you get my videos sent to you if that’s what you would like to have happen otherwise thanks again and I will catch you guys next time