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(Dan’s laughter) Arin: TAkE me fOr a RidE. Dan: Yeah, I be- I bet you’d keep driving Dan: Attah’s Seven (I dunno?) Arin: He- Arin: I aM gOin- Arin: o- Dan: Jechedhehe Arin: Ooh noo Arin: Hehee- (Wheeze) Arin: Where d- Arin: Where did he go 🙁 Dan: Fuck dat guy Arin: aheehehe yeah Dan: Probably some dirty Armenian Arin: heHAhahe A chorus of laughter Dan: Once again Arin: BIG Dan: NOthing WronG with Armenians This so much work 🙁 Even for 26 seconds. VRO Don’t worry, they’re just laughing now. I give up. BACKto auto genrerated for now Big the cat the judge is big it clearly has a problem with that group of people Target eliminated Don’t know why I didn’t do this before [I] killed for Sport Yeah, geez what are what is up with her legs in every scene. Oh, man. That looks terribly painful Yeah, it just gets up and like falls back down off wofully oh geez I forgot it broke her legs [ten] years ago I’ve just been running a broken leg Man, I just yeah you you know what you’re totally right about this dialogue. [oh], yeah, it’s very weird I’m only it’s extremely stilted. Did the camera just push him back The camera, just pushed him [back]. Yeah [no] insufficient Data commencing jerking off. Oh He’s learning to love whoa What am I? am I love am I Beep oh Man, she really looks like she meant that finally a flying Target Target [walking] away from my feelings Get out of here bird Love is making me feel vulnerable must shut down emotionally must remove penis guard Go get giant shillings feels weird that I have penis guard weird that I have penis position Goodbye And go before I blow you away, just get the fuck out of here aiming Hole ain’t [trigger] so Far [gotta] Joey Be getting trigger pulling finger action now Halfway through pulling Trigger We’re Gonna do it Go before I realize how I am programmed to kill. I just love everything about this game. It is cool. It really just It just turns me back and do a kid again I wish you’d give like slow motion select parts of this game like that. How whoa? Okay, oh My God, I can’t

sonic dx adventure dxMy God, I can’t I’m gonna break yeah, I’m about to break It’s really funny to [watch] here. He goes there. He goes got him yeah I just had to wait for like three hours, [okay] great job. [you] did it next time on game grumps Fuckin Smarmy pose He’s like huh? Yeah, [that’d] do anything were you like it. I like it. Good game right great job [Friday] baby, [all] [right] see you tomorrow. Oh Well, there’s a cutscene. You can’t miss it and we’re back [ba]. So what if you won this time? Really like really? Yeah, whatever. It doesn’t mean anything. He’s just gonna be like a schoolyard bully about it Still doesn’t face me here [kick] y’all here. I know something fight. Oh yeah this phaser He’s like so gay. Yeah. He pooped his pants He likes dude hedgehogs. [I] mean not that there’s anything wrong with it, but you’re clearly phased right? Are you upset I can tell you’re upset your face is spazzing out. Oh, boy Well, no, I guess no here. I come. Oh my God fucking [scene] like are you? What the fuck was that? [oh] my God is this some kind of Brilliant Avant-Garde? film I feel like that was like right out of a pretentious like Black-And-white French film from the 1950s that Jesus oh Yeah, oh The son of a bitch okay, we weren’t prepared to be back, but here. We are okay. The time has come at last This new plant will he’s saying it, so I [feel] like I don’t need yet. Probably you probably read it Alright. He’s done with a tornado – The one that can transform into like a super jet oh sick. Yeah, but he doesn’t use [that] until like it’s fucking needed Yeah its tail steamed Tails fix a plane, but we don’t want to show it there. Yeah, just imagine you dude ran out [of] budget Joey tails Damn good seeds Yay [I] was like the singing backing vocals were just like fucked up shit that are really masked by the action like Satan is the truth [dude] We’re good, jesus teachings. Which is appear it. Just fits really raise it shit Here you are dead ahead Is that supposed to be like a fire or a jewel in my montand super unclear on a lot of ass? [this] [is] like [Sonic] Tell your parents to perk up we gotta get eggman. Why did sonic need to jump off? always gets me seems like an unnecessary risk [uh] What do you say we nail those guys? Up to [usAna] geez I’m just gonna get the Chaos emerald you can do whatever you want Please rescue me rescue me please Ted you foul better give amy to me Who’s Amy to me? I [don’t] know what to me is but I’m not trying to give it to her Here we go sonic versus the robot Amy listen are we dating or not because [I’m] [gonna] risk my life I’m gonna need like weekly promises. You know what I’m saying [but] maybe they love not not yeah, I’m not doing this [for] an it’s complicated status on Facebook I want some ground rules. [oh] wait She’s like ah shit Shit, I lost her again. [I] can’t believe she keeps getting away when I do literally nothing to stop it [I] can’t believe she keeps getting away [on] this low textured Spaceship oh yeah, and that spaceship looks like shit Did did did do um so I guess I’m going in here? [oh] God no she’s dead, and [I] never got to tell her I loved her [she] [did] Interesting yeah, and now you’re smarter than you were so a pyrrhic victory is intrinsically ironic wait a minute is this tail singing? No, no Maybe he like let out the sound and then now the rest of the song is it echoing among them [happen]. Yeah? He’s just like We back [Miss] Lee Was at the end of [tales] is game. Yeah, dude. He’s he wants to fly high. Oh boy Hello, I guess gotta get to that part. Do you think it’s just a steady stream of farts that keeps his tails doing that yes? Yeah, why is he fucking always talking wait here comes here comes the chorus, okay? I’m ready

sonic dx adventure dxYeah, why is he fucking always talking wait here comes here comes the chorus, okay? I’m ready Come on. What the fuck here comes, I would What is he what does she want to do the pig is with an ass it could be anything I? Want it fired? That’s just the end of the song I [wanna] filleted walruses oh Man, oh, it’s playing it again. [oh], God the road with the credits head Whoa, [I] didn’t know there was [like] wicked religious shit. Go that is ridiculous So I can meet my lord and savior Jesus Christ Sounds like um it’s one of those melody lines. That sounds like someone’s making it up a totally hot dog can go oh My God, it was default lyrics ever that is I want to go far so I can see [what’s] like to achieve my destiny or whatever I? [could] be farther from the ground Clearly it’s not a place. I would be [anymore]. Oh this seems [wanna] [blow] [home] this seems like a good place for us to do a competing [song] Never you Because you’re beautiful did Almost got it almost got it There it is yeah, oh Stop [you]. Can’t see me. I’m in the barrel. Are you sure about that? He can’t see me. I’m in the barrel. [oh] Wow, I can’t see me. Yeah in the barrel. He’s sure he should have been cool games like a please [I] mean, why did they bother to code this? And I guess you could answer they didn’t delay. You can’t see me up in there It’s not even barrels like a guard like it. It’s like an oil drum [mmM] They could will the game call it a barrel so hang on to that balloon. [oh] boy You’ll fucking lose it Wow, they really like here we go Later bitches, it’s like triangulating lasers yeah much easier [-] Yes on your anyway. Yeah, you come on Wait a second. Oh jeez what the holy hack cheez whiz oh, what a luck okay? Oh All right. Yeah, you guys just chill there for a second yeah, hey sonic yep are his feet twitching. Yeah, they’re definitely What the fuck what is happening right now? Take in everything. It looks like he’s trying to you know Get a little d action and that woman in the background is like. I’ll just let this play [out] Yes, like slow zoom in her face She’s been the [one] pulling the strings the whole time All right, I gotta go talk to my mother fucking. No, you know what what? Probably the thing over here. Oh you might be right Nope, the one time I remembered oh boy Which I guess would be also one time. I forgot was the last time whoa He’s just fucking hanging out. He’s just like room 403. Thank you. Good wings Can I get room [service] don’t bother me knuckles? I just want to play some slots Wait, wait. He’s got no bass He’s gone. He’s gone like oh, I can follow him. He took 14 steps basically in place, and then just vanished Yeah, [that’d] [be] blue Yeah, I don’t know look. Oh now. Look up the walker, okay? There’s such a defeated tone to everything you’re saying Level two ice cap this level as many of you fucking got it’s not the page Sorry, I’m going not porno. Just looking at my tabs. Just all the other Cabinet porno. [oh] That’s nothing It is oh Sub stopping I’m holding up traffic fucking iphone [oh], no Jesus Christ [God’s] on [Facebook] oh

sonic dx adventure dx Jesus Christ [God’s] on [Facebook] oh

sonic dx adventure dxJesus Christ [God’s] on [Facebook] oh Look it up. Oh big the cat. [oh] oh I found it. I found it digits over here for some reason okay? I found it. Okay. That’s good It’s always in the last place you look because you find it in the last place you [look], it’s too fucking stupid [you] [you’re] the one that said that All right, never mind. You’re doing great. Everything’s good Dan was one of the best human beings I’ve ever met in my life. Holy shit, Erin That’s really nice of you. Well. Why why it who said in such a terse tone? Expected [me] as nice as it was it was meant as an insult to the rest of humanity. Okay? Yeah, raise your game all others [yeah], that’s a little Holy shit. That’s the funniest thing. I’ve seen all day That’s funny other watching you drink that liquid pee. [oh], [God]. I’m [sonic] the time of the only [can] you suppose ah Thank God. You’re here dan Fuck happy she’s going crazy okay, so our buddy own is here. He does the most amit, Jesus Christ Everybody’s might be a bad time. Oh my God. They’re going [to] [say] Me make yourself comfortable. Yeah, okay, so we [just] need you to do your awesome robot voice. What do I say? Oh, just read what he says not Gonna get any closer. I don’t know if you remember the cheese pizza from a long time ago, but you must not be one of them, [huh] a Lot of robots not saying anything either. Go. [I] [need] your sexy [skin] [now] Yes, I see what you mean Yeah, I think Would you say it’s trey’s epic robot crits. [he’s] blue things, really oh, yeah Wait, can you say? Suck on [my] hot robot nut looking Second black look in my heart robot nuts. [oh] Okay, is there anything else. We should have birthdays before one more thing do it great [uh] uh uh [uh] I Am a cool guy, my name is Chris. I have a big dick. I am a cool guy. My name is Chris I have a big dick [bingo] problem that’s the most amazing voice. I’ve ever witnessed anyone make under any circumstance goodbye Chris I Know this party rocks [cuz] I’m runnin on his arm Africa Africa its left [rain] down in Africa Yeah, I take out my aggression because I am on love My father told me I was a robot oh Yeah, baby. Give me that sweet fucking head. My father was a gameboy my mother was a turner fish can they were Madly in love ah persuaded brace hog that Lash my nightmare is over. Hey suck it in my life where that’s wait service Hmm. I wonder if I should get a longer skirt bad idea oh Please with you. What if I said on yeah, the bird behind it her is like. Oh man. He’s almost made it You should probably pay closer attention. Oh Goodbye friends. Oh, they’re like where the fuck is he going I’m off to heaven like a shark just What oh? Yeah, he’s good. Okay. That was the funniest thing that a scam has thrown at us this entire time Well, I was again. Yeah like right into a pelicans mouth And does that like Gross swallow? It’s like This is what it looks like when I jerk off huge [dick] Still doing it. Yeah, this one’s a worker Oh, goodbye [birds]. [I] bet you are now you sure look happy. Yeah What yeah we have eyebrows that look like eyelashes good yes, maybe there’s all right all right flashes well Then I stand corrected oh Yes, [yeah], I’m sure first first trick to respect fucking straight up bad guys Christmas whoa, [it] looks [like] a diaper at this point. Yeah. Oh, that’s it. Yeah

sonic dx adventure dxChristmas whoa, [it] looks [like] a diaper at this point. Yeah. Oh, that’s it. Yeah Good job amy this fucking gym. Shoe here. Thank you Canary welcome back I post whoa tails um I can’t get out of here man [from] [your] frame [you] [did] it where am I now [oh]? We made it hooray. Yeah The cat shit man oh boy. [oh] Where do I go? Just you fucking on a ledge dean tickets dean today. [I] Guess yeah, I guess so holy crap I’m assuming that froggy is at the very top of this and all these are no you came down this way You remember this [oh]? But yeah, just look through the system of caves. I’ve been looking man. There’s no froggy froggy is nowhere to be found, bro Just a macguffin is this just what we’re dealing with now. Yeah, I pretty much completely The games just fucking with us Can you let me out? Please let me know there? Yeah, are you serious? Yeah, I am there you go there you go here. Yeah dude, damn, oh [alright]. [I] went up for this one. You have like four pairs of shoes on no, don’t Are you fucking insane? Dan I’m sorry. I shouldn’t abandon you in your time of need But wow dude not only did you fall off the save ledge B? Fell off it in exactly the same way because this game is fucking ridiculous dude when y’know When ya know whoa, oh, did you just beat the game no, okay now? There’s draw [a] God there’s so many more fucking parts of this game. [oh] Yeah [oh] Fuck yeah. Oh my God. I’m just leaving bye. Bye. [oh] yeah No, I won’t give in whoa [man] Is he sitting yes? He? Makes it so much better That this side, so fucking awesome. Oh, I don’t remember the lyrics [I’ve] got not wear my own way Hey [wait] here comes a [chorus] It doesn’t matter now. [what] happens. I will never give [up] the five hide [my] God You’ve never heard this song that what when would I have heard those this was top of the charts of no Yeah, fucking fucking New York hot 97 all the way to heaven we got a hot new fucking Sonic Jam In a world where nothing’s fucking [makes] sense and the laws of physics don’t apply this Echidna is Gonna walk real slow a sweeping camera Rick I can’t wear a camera now. Oh shit. Oh, whoa this is serious, duh [wow], you’re not making any progress this echidna there we go One way to go and have you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay? Any you burn hood bright? or smooth cruel oh Mac and chee yeah a Mac and Chief is yeah like okay. Good um Yeah, me too. It lasted from the ages of 12 to 23 it lasted from when I was born to right now yeah [-] Almost eight minutes ago who does not love a good Mac and cheese? everybody loves Mac and cheese chicken Alfredo Mac and cheese look in Lasagna Mac and cheese with some meat in it. It’s all Mac and cheese dude Rigatoni well that’s just a noodle, but if you put cheese on it, and it becomes Mac and cheese Do you see what I’m going with this shit billy? What was your favorite game gramps episode? Billy going in for your surgery today. Yeah Because well my brain ain’t so good right I did it Sweet good job sonic you sank to the bottom yeah He talked about rigatoni ver long. They were nominated for a streamy I Hope I can see color again Poor Billy wow oh billy. You are the best hang in there buddy. Yeah, he’ll be fun. [I] won’t be he’s good He’s got a he’s [got] a good brother. Yeah, it’s like three years older than him Billy We’re just gonna freeze you until they can figure out the cure for 58 Bosch wounds to the head Self-inflicted bedroom after watching episode [eight] of Sonic adventure. Where did we get? something better you And now starring Robotnik as recorded in a bathroom Yeah, having a seizure consistently do have like a cup in here that yeah, yeah, oh yeah, please do Your end is near sonic if only we’re Gonna form a couple of bits of soundproof foam In order to make this recording a little easier for us Fools Not only is my voice severely compressed yeah, but I’m talking into an echo chamber. Yeah, what tails? by flying a biplane oh My God it created an earthquake. Yeah, who would now that you’re dead? What am I gonna do with your corpse oh? Geez whoa, hey bae girl. What’s up? [she] see my friend. Just died. I’m going through some hard [times] I could probably look you know to me. What did she just Weirdly shrink. [I] don’t know. What are you oh little? She is a little boy. Yeah Okay, whoa okay? Yeah, what if I was? Just like I was just like they were like no running running around the pool [oh] look she sure looks like she’s having a great time is it [a] [say] you you enjoying yourself. You’re gonna blast God, do you even know how hard it is to get keys out [of] [your] rectum? Dr.. Fred My very good at keeping secrets doctor Probably [not] a real doctor. [we’re] not in a hospital In an alleyway behind the CVS Whoa? Oh my God, it’s uh these games. It’s how many of these were there. Oh tons that I? Really don’t I don’t know what just [happened], but it did don’t mind if everything goes blue and you die. I mean whatever right? It’s just a video [game]. We could only work so hard on this How are you again? Were you falling? I’m not fall. I’m just running into the wall, and then suddenly I fucking Can you slow it down there and see if there’s anything that actually you’re running into it’s just like when you hit the wall What? Jesus Christ man this is unacceptable How do people defend this game? This is [a] retroactive outrage? Oh my God What are you towards? Oh? oh Jesus I’m up here now Whoa? [oh] next to my game rooms. This [is] [Gonna] be good ah oh Aaron’s right But it’s in Avoid. It’s unavoidable. It has to happen okay. It’s just the story [wow], did you see the inside of his ship that looks drawn on with crayons? [he’s] like a light bright my ship no. He’s just like yeah He’s like saying like the sounds like beeping beep Yes ship computer. Yeah turn turn on would you let me to turn on the lights? Captain yes, thank you for asking Today oh computer. Thank you. [I] Didn’t know I programmed you for flattery. It’s just Looking at your handsome face. Oh That’s nice Whoa, this is a tote. I think this is the first totally tail specific theme. Well, my name’s chance Really [Sad] wow? You stopped me in my tracks when I met you Sonic Fuck [that] guy Seriously [though] I can’t stand his bullshit Wait tails that’s a funny like chest first run doesn’t he oh yeah like his arms are just flopping around No, don’t breathe through your mouth tails. You’ll dehydrate that way He’s like It also get like several insects. Yeah We fight fucking told you requiem forgery yeah Just keep fucking froggy, please where the fuck is he? fucking frog He’s right that just grabbed them. Huh, just fucking grab them What’s wrong with you big good cast my line the hell’s it fuck is the matter with you dude right here, [oh] God Good. God man. This is ridiculous Where is he [you] [see] him? Uh no now? There is a tease in the distance. Okay boom come on froggy? You mother fire bam soggy froggy. Yeah okay, ah Fucker you fucking strong piece of shit Can’t even grab on to a fucking hunter your owner can pet you. Oh my God. Give me use a fucking slave, whoa That got real the hell is easy back there again cheese smother fucking frog. This is mind-numbing [qu3] fucking frog frog garbage [I] just like to imagine the band playing this music off to the side being like look at each other like wool Is there oh there’s we could be doing this already froggy froggy? What the fuck is going on here? Why can’t you catch this thing, right? Do you have [to] jump in there and like catch it with your bare hands net or something oh? My fucking God just catch him Just catch him dude [six] [five] [six] [five] all getting close [guys] fucking just get up three ah and good This is ag man, oh Boy, you know I thought the sonic levels will be It’s really fucking funny [jeez] ah come on oh, I’m not pressing a single button this camera is just [freakin] like all on its own Sometimes it’s got a water [effect] sometimes it doesn’t Comes in from the left [now]. I feel like a spiral thing what the fuck is this like requiem for a door Data Data Data Data better [ah] holy fucking shit froggy He just doesn’t give a goddamn now. He apps buggy this froggy froggy get what the fuck man Peggy I Think he’s on 400 oh please [oh], yeah Oh, yeah, just a nibble just a boy That was fuckin that was like straight-up Fuckin Algebra 3 2 get that shit as well God fucking damn it Fuckin froggy piece of shit froggy froggy froggy [oh] my God it’s agony It’s a way to fuck an hour to lure back in on you, please froggy. No, not that way no Froggy, I swear to fucking God froggy, holy shit. [oh] You motherfucker oh froggy. Oh froggy. Oh frog frog frog Dragon froggy froggy you fucking here fabious motherfucker Froggy froggy froggy froggy, [huh], oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh oh That we again again. Oh dude. Is there something you need [to] do Try doing nothing when when when he puts it in his mouth Okay, great. What are you fucking? Oh? What’s happened to the fish It’s been son. You just became the wall. It’s fine Jesus I’m not a religious man but [if] hell exists Thank you. Can’t imagine smutch different than this oh man Fuck froggy what what the fuck even oh? my God Please please let it happen, please let it happen let it happen Bring him in Bring that fucker in no you son of a bitch get away. Why is he fighting it [three-pound]? He’s my friend Then again, I guess you could make the argument Why’d you just hook your friend in the face because I wouldn’t let me catch him docile lead That’s right. He’s weird tail froggy Jesus Christ bring him in bring him in baby We’re gonna free at home. It’s 45 [minutes] later I’m looking at the clock and [they’d] be so pissed if I don’t catch this motherfucker do it yeah Look then shut the fuck up. I you know what I maybe. I’ll do that. Maybe we’ll see how good your fucking precious Let’s play is huh God. [damn] it. That’s a true. Son of a bitch you fucking asshole They’ve been nibbling on my lure for fucking days now And you can’t even fucking have the decency to bite down on that hook [and] let me kill you cuz I’m late now Live it as I could ever be high now you are irate I can feel the heat coming off of here – I’m a straight irate gamer now [Hawks] Excellent. [oh] That was I meant to say excellent, and I’m ecstatic an excellent came out instead Froggy froggy where did you go? did you do a lot of casting where like the frog just never comes into the Spray, [and] I catch right in front of his face, and I never shoot as a camera is the worst you can’t control the camera while you’re Casting it’s so stupid The only time that you would ever need the camera. It’s fucking garbage It goes going the wrong way Where is it? It’s over here. Is there is there a froggy froggy froggy? He’s coming in he’s [coming] in yet, so oh no the fish is coming in first fish is coming. It was good. Oh Grab it I’m here doggy. [oh] you go on oh no Is there another lure of Grain you could have gotten? It’s just random dude. It’s just it’s oh Mmm, habitat when you’re just drifting off to sleep today. I would have come into your room and sing the music from this Huh second bite. He’s going in for a second. [oh] The best part about this is knowing that there’s gonna be a thousand comments Not of sympathy but telling you why your fucking bullshit screw up at this game? Oh? It is so unfortunate oh froggy frog The controller has been tossed away No one has the controller right now That this is [a] rudderless ship we are on Aaron is picking up [the] controller again up. I stopped respecting Something’s right there floppy foot Here we go. This [one’s] Fifteenth one’s a charm This brings back the good old memories of fishing with Paul like a detuned slide guitar Do you think they make people at Guantanamo Bay place? Oh? [all] right froggy Sure, buddy [okay], project rockit ra o cz. He’s gone for it. [oh] is he [I] think so. How do you know? Oh wow good job? oh My God is where this is where I am right now in life I’m gonna throw up everything that I’ve ever accomplished in life has led [to] this exact moment It has everything to do with all the accomplishments that have ever happened in my life [who] jesus is Dog Gone? Are you? fucking serious dude oh just a hit why this Is hard gently? It’s just hard to get this hit as like a top 40 radio hit my God Wait, just wait for [her] Good job It’s beautiful. Yeah, other why it speaks to my soul. Hey, I mean, it’s where I’m at – I’m You act like I’m not even here experience [put] this right next to you, please please Oh my God. Oh my god. Oh my God man bring him in [whoo] I hope you will hook him through his fucking eyeball [oh] my God he feels this Froggy a little son of a bitch [I] can’t breathe please please just just reel em in scream. Hey, [she] always put weight [froggy], why dude Ragi, [oh] my God among the top villains of video game history froggy [is] [on] [a] fucking like by a long chase in space, [ohh] [oh] My [God]. He is really fighting you he come on dude. You didn’t do anything differently to catch him then oh, okay? Nothing. It’s completely random mean to upset you. Oh You’re right there. [oh] oh My God. Oh my God. Thank you qo 9. I hope you had fun [aaron]. Yeah, did you have fun? No? Did you have fun though no? But fun, did you have it so you’re asking me the same question? No, I don’t think we’ve addressed fun now that yeah We did and my answer with that. No, I did not have any of that But the question about the fun was specifically did you have it? No the answer is no that okay? But of the things you had uh-huh was fun one of them I? You know I’m really racking my brain for For like a way that you could possibly be stupid enough to ask the same question over and over again. [oh] man Just not coming up with one. It’s it’s still no man fun hey Speaking of which [ha] [ha] did you? This walkthrough says and I are done with the main game But there’s really so much more to do ciao game gear and the Emblem Chase. How about those? [how] about a married? my fingers already on the power button