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Hello Dear friends, this is our new episode of Octagon Live and we are happy to have Zabit Magomedsharipov as a guest today Zabit, tell us please when is your next fight Most likely the next fight will be after Ramadan You know, we’re having Ramadan in May and maybe in the end of august or beginning of September I’d like to get back You know, we’re having Ramadan in May Any understanding where can in happen – US or Russia ? US most likely I heard there’s gonna be event in Abu Dhabi in September, right? Yes, September 7th Well, I’d love to fight there but we don’t have particular dates or particular opponent for now They will tell us after Ramadan, I guess I heard you’ve talked to Ortega. Is he interesting for you? I’m interested in all the guys from TOP-5. Except Frankie Edgar Because of your friendship? Yeah, we’re helping each other So if they would offer him to you, you would say no? Of course, I am 100% sure I would say no Max is still a champ in your division Yes, he came back as he lost his last fight. I actually knew he was gonna lose Too small? For sure. He is not strong enough to fight in 155 To fight in 155 you have to be heavier Well he probably has enough weight, about 185, but I believe he is not strong enough. He is not that big What are your advantages over Max? In case you’ll have a fight Techniques, distance. He is a good boxer He loves exchanges I would not say that, he doesn’t go forward that much to call him a tank or something. He is technical. Throws a lot of punches, good stamina. I believe my wrestling is much better than his And my stand-up game is not worse than his Why did he fight with Poirier? To get Khabib next? What do you mean? If he wins he would probably face Khabib next, right? Khabib won’t let him stand up for sure He probably wanted to get two belts. I don’t know what was he thinking about To get some hype maybe Well, yes They could have a fight once, right He defended his title a few times already, so he was just interested. Any man is interested in testing himself I would also try to move to another weight. He defeated Aldo twice, so why would he fight him a third time Aldo is still in the top He is considered as number 1 I’d love to fight #1, doesn’t matter who would it be – Volkanovski, Aldo or Ortega. No difference for me Are you okay with a fact that Volkanovski is not that popular in mass media? Yes, he has started not so long ago. But he shows good spectacular fights, he goes forward throws heavy punches But Aldo is a legend And you have something in common with him, you both love to work from the cage, throw superman punches Aldo is a basic thai fighter. I came from Ushu-sanda

ru match tvAldo is a basic thai fighter. I came from Ushu-sanda I would feel more comfortable with Aldo But being honest they all are comfortable for me, they all love to fight in stand-up position All of them are not opponents for you. right? No, no, they are all good. Each of them has his style. You gotta prepare to each of them Your teammates say there are no opponents for you, if you are in a good shape and feel well you can destroy anyone in your weight class Of course no. You have to work hard. That’s why we train and prepare. I believe you have to be serious about any fighter from top-5 or top-10, really serious fighters Do you feel bad that they don’t give you a chance to fight in Russia? I’d love to fight at home, I have a lot of fans that care about me I’d love to fight in front of my people. But I got used to the present situation I had two fights in the US and I already feel the support So your fanbase is growing up Yes, it is getting bigger after every fight And you speak better English after every fight Yeah, a couple of words Farukh, is he teaching you? Farukh loves to show off a little when I have time I study via facetime You have a teacher in Russia? Yes It goes well? I studied for two months before the fight. But I get tired, I have to keep my schedule. No too much time So now I’m having a little rest. I’ll start again soon So now I’m having a little rest. I’ll start again soon Of course, I know simple things. But when it gets to speaking in front of the camera… I can talk when nobody’s around So you can speak to your friends? It’s easier to talk to those who know you. You know who speaks better, you’re getting a little shy And when you know there’s someone who doesn’t speak well you feel relaxed, can make mistakes In the US you can make mistakes, people are okay about it. They try to understand you. Here in Russia if you make mistakes they’ll treat you like like you don’t wanna speak again Is it important to speak English? Of course. For me and for any other fighter it is extremely important When do you want to become UFC champion? Do you have any terms? Terms? End of this year Ah, so if you win one more fight Yeah, I believe if I win another fight they would give me title shot But I have to work hard for that, train a lot. There are really serious fighters in front of me Now you probably gotta turn red. Do you feel yourself a star? No, I don’t So you don’t feel popular? Well, I feel like, I don’t know Zabit is just a shy person No, I’m just… Modesty is good for a man I feel something after every fight, more recognition But I don’t fell like a star. I haven’t done anything to call myself a star. Yet. Do you have some kinda sports anger towards someone from your weight class? Someone you’d love to smash with? No, never felt like that. Interest – yes. But no anger. So you are a kind person Well, when you enter the cage you have to get in a right mood in a different way

ru match tvWell, when you enter the cage you have to get in a right mood in a different way How do you get into the right mood? You get mad or what? Everyman has his attitude. I imagine I’m at training or sparring, then I go into the cage and do the same things as in a gym. Normal sparring Many people said your fight with Stephens was even, pretty dangerous. How do you feel? Were you nervous about the decision? Not about the result. I was nervous about not getting knocked down You felt his punches? I knew he was a tough guy, he goes forward, has heavy punches Being honest, there are just a few fighters that like him Usually when a man gets tired he loses speed and power. But Jeremy is another kind of fighter. He can knock his opponent down in a third round I saw him knocking people down in last rounds So I had to avoid risks with him. I had to fight in a different way But you did risk No, I did not. I think I did it all right. If I fight in a different way, I would have an 80% chance of falling down. I believe I showed better performance than the others Max and other top-fighters fought him. He gave tough fights to all of them I did it in accordance to my gameplan. I did just what my coach told me to do I trained for 3 months for this particular fighter so I could not just come to the cage and go for exchanges or something It is extremely dangerous to go for exchanges with him, he has hammer in his hand Yes, they told me to move, to feel the opponent. But being honest I love to go for exchanges Actually when I miss the punches I work better Even in a gym You got your anger mode on? No, I just get confidence And when I miss a punch I work better Zabit, does beard soften the punches? I don’t think so So it doesn’t really matter You are frequently asked why you train mostly in the US, and not in Dagestan Actually I train more in Dagestan, in Dagestan Fight club I have my fights in the US so I gotta go there I spend maybe 2 months there. There I have a schedule and when I’m home I get distracted Everyone wants to talk, it’s hard to concentrate Well this is popularity Of course, but that’s home – friends, relatives And dinner at night Yes, family and all the others, you know. And there, in the States, nobody distracts you You live and train in accordance to your schedule You sleep, you wake up, you go to gym and back. You just think about training, that’s it You’re a kind man, does it make your life harder? Is it hard for you to say no? I say No to journalists all the time Hard? No, I’m good. So it doesn’t affect your life In some cases, when people try to sit on my neck, I try to avoid them I know who to get close to Concerning my kind attitude towards people, it’s okay Did you have any visa issues? Do they give you an American visa? I applied two times, both times successfully In May I have to apply again for a working visa First time they gave me visa for 3 years, tourist visa, then I got work visa for 1 year and now I have to apply for a work visa again You can’t fight in the States without work visa. And it is a short term visa. The current visa is about to end so I have to apply again

ru match tv The current visa is about to end so I have to apply again

ru match tvThe current visa is about to end so I have to apply again How do you think, which Russian fighters will be signed for UFC soon ? There are plenty of good fighters. From Dagestan, Chechen Republic Let’s name: Magomed Magomedov Timur Valiev. I don’t wanna go into details, but even from my gym there’s a lot of good guys. A lot. I don’t know why it so hard to sign our fighters. They sign a lot of guys from Brazil. But for some reason they hardly sign fighters from Dagestan. Maybe because there’s too much of them already Too much of Dagestan fighters in UFC maybe Yeah, they will fight each other soon Are you ready to do it just in case? There are people to fight with. For now. People ask you about a potential fight with Habib, right? Did I get this question Yes No, I’m not gonna fight Khabib, of course not Because it doesn’t make sense? No, not like that. I respect this man a lot as a brother So just easy sparring in a gym, right? In gym for sure Do you feel comfortable in sparring with him? What is the difference? Well, two different things – to prove something in front of an audience or in a gym In a gym you help your partners. I didn’t train with him yet Who’s better in wrestling? Me or Khabib? Me! Khabib of course But you show such things on the ground, people haven’t seen it before. Where did you get this leg submission? How does it come to your mind? Automatically? For this particular fight, we trained for it. And I saw him giving his back And we have a great coach in the US, Ricardo Almeida, he showed me this submission Another guy did it before and they said I copied them But we trained it before the fight actually So it was not a sudden thing? No Can you answer the question why are you so amazing in stand-up and on the ground? C’mon, I’m not amazing I try to show different things, people love it. I do it for them So you can keep calm and even if you feel you can knock him down, you can spend another couple of rounds just to work Well, I don’t have knock out power Ushu-Sanda includes punches, kicks, takedowns, wide range of techniques, wrestling and many other things I know how to wrestle because I did it when I was a child As everyone in Dagestan Yes, and it’s easier for me now. If you never trained wrestling it’s hard for you to get the thing So it’s hard to learn if you never trained it And if you have some kinda base, it is much easier for you

ru match tv Dana White recently named you and Petr Yan as the most promising fighters. Do you feel good about it, that they look after you? Of course. Feels good, yes… Why to hide it? Dana White doesn’t miss the fights. He keeps an eye on everyone Dana White doesn’t miss the fights. He keeps an eye on everyone He works hard, attends even small tournaments, not even UFC, some small organizations, and he picks up fighters there He works hard, attends even small tournaments, not even UFC, some small organizations, and he picks up fighters there He works hard, attends even small tournaments, not even UFC, some small organizations, and he picks up fighters there Personally? Yes, by himself, he watches, he is really serious about it Did you talk to him personally. How is he? Nice guy Usual man? Yeah. All the people in the States are like that Did you play UFC on PlayStation? Being honest, not a single time Really? I saw your post: Guys, I’m in a game, be careful with statistics They just sent it to me and I posted Have you seen my last post with two belts? Champ! Only champ in a game for now Is it your dream to become UFC champion? It’s more like my goal, not a dream I’m in the sports for a long time, since childhood I fought a lot in amateur and I am happy I went through this path, I won a lot I was European champion, World champion, I won Russian cup 4 or 5 times I went through it and I’m happy about it. Now I’m at professional level And if I get the Belt I’ll be happy You can chill then Maybe, I can leave it behind and that’s it If I set up a goal I go for it Do you think you can participate in Pro Wrestling? Never watched it It’s fun and so on When they jump? No, it’s just not my thing Look at me, bro, what are you talking about! They have different weight classes I gotta pump my neck a little first Like Brock Lesnar It’s a popular sports in the States, really popular How do you think, who is the best pound for pound fighter in MMA or UFC now? Khabib. Jon Jones. Who else? That’s it I guess Do you think doping is an issue now? For the fighters I am really happy they are so serious about it. For us, Russians, the way they do it now is better We are in favor of clean sports All cheaters must be caught, right Of course. It’s all good That’s it. Thank you so much Zabit