reporting from empires of herthis one is much more serious than his academicians which was before you yourself can believescary enemy I looked at these goals for a long time to be honestI don’t even know who to choose for me like that sieve I do not know can only be doneif you will be fucked six times clearing to do nothing to fightleader leader allowed me taking whole goals says my teamsfit well let’s hope he doesn’t made a mistake and I’m not disgraced here so butlet’s reason who we can take and who can we attackfor some reason I was reviewing this radius why well because Juneidea cardboard comp yes all for some reason she wanted him to go yellow that’s whyI don’t know why I want yellow and then I have another goal here is this sashawho beat me desperately on the first day here let’s probably radius yellow herewhen pulls me it is necessary to go there we’ll see all the sameeyes are afraid hands do so they certainly uncovered us in a terrible way but to methey said that before that they had about 5 5 winsso rival serious well i see sense to rake under fiona at least hertear down stones because there are no stones By the way, in this war everyone complains about it inthe alliance almost no chance how long will we live so can weat least someone to kill the frail war I am without sickly everything is wonderful to me no delivered on time yes feeling after this war they will putit’s a nightmare we will be on the same several timesno luck let’s go ahead let’s see what we can share seeI don’t think this is necessary. go green on him green earthlings before now all protection against greens is worthwonderful so but minus one it’s straight fuf just do what to do ashe is good at surviving since there are almost no heroes it’s already gone, and so everything is fine everythingby so two and now bent and mariana stillget infected Well, my charge we will not have time so now we run stones at it and andtreat they die well, in principle, you can up to 16 points still seems so little yes heregenerally give for goals not so much so well in general werecaptured just two slippers already do not want to gonowhere else

Default puzzlesjust two slippers already do not want to gonowhere else who else we have here let’s takeJohn probably targets on this and the hero the shadows I want to con hee nachit also remainedthe edges are only green blue my purple blue and I mean onthey have shoulders You can of course blue with a blue radius andgo again and blue on radius to I still have magnesium I want to take for the first time in the war I take magnesium so rearlogging in oh under the grave digger well use ohcrystal so now dig a little bit maybe there will be more pebbles here you arewell the city doesn’t charge anyone and they will finish the stones, but if they fly awayinto the void and and will not be possible it’s even smarter on the other handslap a grave digger to 1 you will finish stones let’s not take risks we’ll try to kill the grave digger with stonesmust believe everything, all buff and already drank quietly to the fund here hereokay straight in infinitely distinguish it is necessary that while we are a divisionmagnet crashed on us here glade updated wonderfully damn here is very important than the first blowswhen bad then with that mood you go to the next battle you need to configure yourself so that nothingall is okay it’s not necessary that you merge it allslippers but in fact it is here of course a lot of things depend on randomI don’t have such fame let’smagne finish oh how i like magnesium my mine is generally straight, I was not in vain waiting for himso then we have the next purple strong enough but they areslow so I’m thinking maybe gopurple on the grandmother along with justice justice with us strong on her slowly and we canhave time to charge plus thats still slowly i’m an evil grandmother and uEat me regard to remove dirtjustice azzaro Proty to slow down the grandmother, let’stry it so I think maybe a regar and yesprotea dilute that Frida immediately I do not killed key characters even though theyfours but fours are strong according to my abilities, I’m talking about regar andabout about t

1 puzzlesabout t dachshund dachshund dachshund no stones to me no whatdo what to do where to dig where to look for stones not but underprobably a safer freeda on the dazzle frame of fiona uiiiii nowdangerous it became very dangerous if not now will fall out to me then we will be veryand it’s a shame just not a record just not regar until they beg you onlyribber until fly ska do you want never touch me and it’s justthey ate straight live oh and about you survived so on let’s cover the wave nowneed to demolish I don’t like the folderI like it and I hope that it’s not looking for mana then protea will work yes yes excellent come on come on stone appear that’s a tributegrandmas she shot was abakan so you need to somehow finish the freedand already approach evil ru and urgently Frida is left with a little treatmentjust a little bit left and we a little bit left if we don’t settle now just don’t lie proud just don’t lie proudfu live live guys live freed will demolish andvarieties no freedom azzaro will not blow we will probably still have to freedlet go let it hit a good target so generallythen oh oh oh well right straight lucky straight lucky let fion block it againneed to finish off seeks not directly they don’t know that I’ll forget the pebblesit seems right when you need the right one right moment appears I shouldn’t have thisfight to win I have not won yet but I I think that we will figure it out too, but I don’thad to win it I was lucky stupidly we still didn’t give a bearto me, but now I didn’t have to throw the bear all relaxed began to domistakes live about and live against such craphe would have been even more tenacious can he pump his emblems at allwho are we in class it is not written who time is running out it was painful everything can be exhaledthere were two slippers red and weak since we need to choose a good goal suchred oh lord for suitable for reds but no I don’t want to go about you you have two green ones God himself commanded onlet’s attack you marianok colin Kolenka and Gormak take it like thisGoal

puzzles Kolenka and Gormak take it like thisGoal

2 puzzlesKolenka and Gormak take it like thisGoal not but look here no fields need notpleased us with a stone right here victories point must be gnawed out well good -1not so embarrassing not so embarrassing will belose if something well magni we will survive the winter of kifu toosome time must survive no need I have the power to killThat’s right they say the computer has become smartthey know who to beat heal live live guys so so so so soso think so think think do everything do here blow it dangerous letthey’ll talk a little bit, but the point is equal war heals them let’s purplewe’ll blow up hell with him, well, at least all this now everyone will die like that and he will not diewill die then we beat the lights well and alreadycalmly we will understand winters she alone doesn’t owe us anythingmake another power war fights can drag out but we basically have onebecause so it shouldn’t be all stretch out to tula all bye winters kif so here I amNow I think I have the last slippersoh and I have it incomprehensible let’s let’s see how much purple I havestill typed on the yellow center maybe he ride go purpletype hill sabine domitia not pumped Domination is not pumped, but she told us thisbetter than the other color seems to me because but if you take a different colorsuch another heal but healers and so over here but I mean phil hill here I haveone comes from purple but the cat little small damage does Cypriotpassive de boer here is also not so special Damages so go now onlywe’ll choose the whole goal for this they’re probably charging at all.all averages charge very long so it may make sense to goagain for some justice the dog will be able to remove from the hera points butshockers will shoot us let’s see who else we have posidonquick dalila is very dangerous very dangerous on the other hand it would be cool ifI could kill it and shit with a team This character of Denis, by the way, is ourthe leader is just this denis yesterday ruffled him to try to take revenge on him Well, what are we going to look for easy goals for ourselves?yes how many points do we have 30 place 170 points and on sneakers we win 3428 3428

3 puzzles3428 already write a trip to us Khan well, since we alreadylost almost let’s go to denis I think that here we will not spoilnothing to the alliance but we can try shit team scary iI hope no one will kill me for this may the glade and purple come with usstone let’s clean everything from green now from red to but I explode, I hope our leader does notwill watch my war what am i doing here just outrageous oh-oh-oh-oh-oh that’s itit was impossible to kill not crippled by a chil this is to finish off whom to finish offI’m not finished off let’s have a hera herehere not that well this ready poison normally beats at all80 tons stroke let’s be like a cat finish the finish of the grave diggerall super killed but not domination and domination Well, now everything with us so that you can do outrage heredo go out or not go out a let’s let the violet flow into itblink i could actually win i foolwhy will we go now because when the crystal was going to I do not needthere was no need to press it right away skip one sausage will charge andthen just click then I would win but hurry up andagain well, we’ll run away, we won’t give them everything to be treated Well, look at least a little bit.there are 200 but basically such an average result probably still pretty thanunhappy because here are the rest approximately also filled consideringthe rival was strong so look Well, yes, we have no one 6 shats I didI understand no one made jokes but the adversary was ultimately strong butit was interesting to actually fight it was interesting than to beat the little one we are poor herewhile we live, of course, if we win it will be just a miracle so we are waitinghope for the best over defeatunfortunately even here is her chest opened but at the same time before that we hadfive wins we will survive the alliance and then I was not therethat’s why, in principle, defeat is quite we foresaw this is how we triedSomeone we have sneakers have not repulsed here very interesting who of course would alreadyprobably wouldn’t fix anything but lesssorry sorry not to even boast here 6 too strange too okay like thatit is over with us let’s see who we have the bestthe best we have is everyone else we see only our enemies at firstplaces the whole top so yes indeed we were weakernext time we’ll fix everything write how your war wentinteresting to read


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