puzzles for adults

Hello everybody~ My name is Markiplier and welcome back… to *me*. I am officially out of exile Which means that *I* can play games once again and return to the world of YouTube, and ruin it with my presence and my stupidity (no Mark we love you :c) BUT that doesn’t mean that you guys aren’t happy to see some… HORRIFIC horror games, the likes of which you’ve probably never seen NOW, a few things before we get started and this is very important, so pay attention to me very very very closely (will do) Number 1: Australia, we’re coming to you. November. We’re going on tour right to your front door. So check the link in the description for ticket information about our tour And Amsterdam! If you didn’t know, we’re coming back to you baby ;3 We may have cancelled the first show, but we are coming back in full force in July. So check the link in the description below to see when we’re gonna be coming to you and how you can see us. So this is Insomnis. Uhh… is that blood on the wall? …. think it’s blood on the wall- This is INSOMNIS (you already said that) a scawey game that cowmpares itself to Amno-Ooh- Use headphones and a controller- WHAT ABOUT THESE HANDS?? D: *wigglewiggle* What about these- these fingies? *more wigglies* I got a keyboard, I’m gonna try that and I’m gonna- Game Character: “I’ve been looking for you, for a long time.” *spoopy piano notes* Game Character: “Nobody can separate us, not even the time.” Okay. …Ooh… …Okay. I like the swinging light! That’s real nice. Oh, yeah, the slight moisture on the floor don’t seem too good! Ah… Oh, a key! I got it, okay. Lucky me on the- good drawer. is there any other drawer that I can use here, or was that one highlighted just for that particular reeeason? Okay! Um… To interact with mAOuwse What about this one though? *door click* oh. . .shet …Kay, what about this one? *door click* Ah, okay. Bad choices all over the place! Well, let’s see what’s down this one first, I opened it first and I did it? I dunno– *more spoopy music* Changed my mind. I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go to the other one! I’m gonna go down here! No, no. Oh- OOH, no!! Oh, oh! What a “holesome” family! (now is not the time for puns) Oh…! Oh, okay! Ah.

Default puzzles for adultsAh. *nervous laughter* *creepy baby music* All riiiight… This is cooool…! I love it! I love the decorations. Is that mine? Can I pick that up? Are you gonna be my lamp? *spoopy music intensifies* …Ooookay… To use the flashlight. Oohh.. I don’t- I don’t like this flashlight. I don’t like it at all… *door click* Okay. I’m just gonna c-close that! Come on! CLOSE DAMN YOU!! Okay. Alright, we’re gonna forget that exists. Okay. Alright. Great. *quiet door click* Ooh… alright. What if I don’t want to go down the stairs?! What if I don’t want to do that? *ominous noise* WHY DOES IT MAKE AN OMINOUS NOISE WHEN I APPROACH THE STAIRS?! Alright, screw you, I’m going down it. *Mark braces himself for death* Oh good, it’s just a door. *door click* Probably- Ohhh~… Woah… …I was gonna say I was going into the happy room, but this room don’t seem so happy! And this is no good, whatever this is. Oh look, it’s my bed. Is it nap time alread- *spooky noises* Okay. OKAY, OKAY! NOBODY BETTER BE STANDING UP! NOBODY BETTER BE STANDING UP IN THEIR BED!! Okay. Disaster at orphanage. A carbon dioxide leak has claimed its victims this evening at 11:39 PM. At the New England Hospice Orphanage in the nearby town of Sahaa…lem… Five adults, and eight children have died. Ten of the under ages have been sent to the hospital with serious respiratory problems Veterans Day. Get the official hood for your domestic Eagle! 50% off of all patriotic items. That’s- that’s real nice… That’s what I call real nice. Okay, what then- nope.*drawer click**drawer click* That’s so jiggly, that’s a jiggly drawer there. Hey, anybody… know how to open the jiggly drawer? Anybody know that? *spoopy music notes and ominous noises* *jiggly drawer click* You keep trying to open it and it ain’t open.. Hey guys, he-hey- a goochie goochie gooo- A-A GOOCHIE-GOOCHIE-GOO! Oh, okay. All right. You’re really asleep then. Oh-… Ah it’s a POOZLE! Oh, it’s a puzz-zzuzle. A GOOCHIE-GOOCHIE-GOO! oh… there’s blood on you. okay, alright well. Okay, so every other clock…

1 puzzles for adultsOkay, so every other clock… Is kind of doing a thi-ooo… Okay, that’s nothing- that’s just a random- random ambiance. Kay, so that clock is doing that. Okay, so it’s either I gotta set it to the one that everybody else, and conform to the bourgeois of this room! Or I gotta- *jiggly drawer click* or I gotta try something else.. Okay, let’s try. *clock sounds* …ding ding dong…? *jiggly drawer opens* *weird “shff” noise* Oh! Oh NO! But how will I play goochie-goochie-goo? How will I play this little piggy runs away…? Oh. Y’know what, Yeah, you just close- you just close- no-no-no… I’m just gonna nope, I’m just gonna{???} HOW ABOUT WE DO A BIG OLD NOPE!? Alright, you wanna fight?! HUH!?? I’ll fight you! I’ll fight you!! come on! AAagh!! Oh no, no, no… Oh- Ah… You scared? Did I scare you?? Did my… manly screams of delight scare you? You shouldn’t be afraid of little ol’ me. Oh good, up! I like up! Up is good!! The movie Up was great!! We’re going up… ’til the beginning. Well, never mind that we’re not going quite up then. M’kay Alright. I don’t like that… baby. Uhh… Okay, I have a light now can I look a-ooo~… Ahoho. Ahohohohee. Haha-hey, I got a key! What does the key do? Is the key for the up?? This is good for me? Or is this bad for me? I mean, nothing in a game like this is gonna be good for me. It’s all gonna surmount to something bad for me. A-ooo… Hey, it’s good!! It’s a party room! Break up the non-alcoholic booze! I can’t drink. Alright, let’s have a good time with some sody pop. The New England Hospital finish is investigated for possible sexual abuse. Well, that’s not good. New York. Please shoot dead black man. Holding a metal pipe. That’s not good The man was shot 10 times by four officers. That’s also not good. Okay. Alright am I supposed? Am I supposed to glean some important information out of this for – *radio noises* *more radio noises* New face of ‘Mwaarver?’ That’s what I’m hearing from that Don’t know if it’s what I should be hearing. But it’s what I’m hearing. So I’m gonna move on. Hello? *door clicking* Okay party room the green is no go. How about party room pink? Ooh party room pink leads to party room red. Okay. All right Hello These doors don’t work So I’m guessing I just got to walk down the ominous hallway filled with religious paraphernalia and creepy ugly doors What’s behind me? Oh wait one’s upside down

puzzles for adults one’s upside down

2 puzzles for adultsone’s upside down Okay, I’ll take that Yeah, I’ll take what’s mine. No, one can stop me. You bourgeois Bastards can’t even control me Too good for you. Did I need this for some reason I? Do I need to go down here? Alright, whatever You bourgeois bastards can’t even stop me. Nobody can Or something Stranger danger stranger danger excuse you excuse you That’s what I thought That’s what I thought. I don’t like that dude. That’s what I though I don’t like that that Klu-Klux-Klan-looking dude. All right Oooh No, you know what? No, I that doesn’t make sense I was really gonna make a snarky comment about the decoration, but no. Just no I don’t like Modern Art It doesn’t work for me hanging a door covered in blood over a big old stairway. It’s stupid I don’t get the meaning of it, whatever fine Oh, we got here missing girl police desperate to find missing girl eight who vanished on Easter Sunday? Seven most contaminated fish you should avoid eating. Buy Underwood the first blue typewriter “The future is now,” said Edward Hipster Okaay Alright Ooh, why is there blood all over the couches? Hello, oh this looks nice actually oh Oh, I thought those were heads. Oh Okay Call six three – eeight Three five two – six three *eight* – three five two Why is that highlighted? Six three eight. Oh There’s only four that I can – Okay Call maybe it’s just eight three five two eight three, five, two? Damn it. Okay. I don’t know what that is. Maybe I’ve got some incomplete information here Maybe there’s something else the picture kind of showed that the whole place was topsy-turvy So then maybe there’s something to that or maybe it’s in another room and I gotta come back here Anybody else here Eight one Eight and One Eight and One I guess Is this three? That’s two so eight one. Is it the order it goes in? It’s the only thing I can guess right? 8 1 9 8 1 9 Hello? Okay nevermind then This place gives me the heebie-jeebies Okay 8 1 9 Wait, no Aah the picture is pertaining to the… this one that one pertained to this one so 8 1 9 But maybe it’s not that 8 1 9 7 that was on the second floor So it’s 8 1 9 7 but the sevens on the second so maybe the 7 is a second number

3 puzzles for adultsSo it’s 8 1 9 7 but the sevens on the second so maybe the 7 is a second number Ok, I think I got it – that means 9 is the last number 8 1 9 7 So blank, so it’s either one seven eight nine or eight one seven nine One eight seven nine no one seven eight nine or eight one seven nine 1.. 7… 8… 9… OOOOKAY Oh Okay Great my ears are dead What does that do for me oh There’s another cross on the wall here. Okay, I got 2! look I could double fish crosses I can’t kill two vampires at the same time Man, I’m really min/max in my efficiency here Anybody? Oh All right, okay Well, I got two crosses So, what wait, okay, I’m Jana picking up a mental image There’s a cross on that door and there’s a cross on that door. So it’s gotta be this door. I Knew it. You can’t outsmart me. I ain’t got no brains for nothing. Don’t like it when I walk into a room and there’s a pipe filled with blood immediately adjacent. Oh you need boobs, okay? All right. I got to find some really flat boobs Put on here. I Understand I see what you’re getting at. I I see I see what you’re going for here Okay, so if I am reading the room correctly, I need to go her-Bunkle and then her-Strunkle. Oh Yeah. Oh, that is the good stuff. Oh, oh, no. That’s the good stuff. Okay. All right, just Sorry this priceless art that I just Yankee janked out of the way here. Oh I see I see what whoo. I Okay, who’s like the triple take that because that looked like a person I’m sorry, I’m stupid Okay, this is obviously pertaining to the paintings you’re telling it in order right, okay So the last one I was in a peaceful life Uhh, it obviously has something to do with these paintings so I was in a peaceful life, is that a peaceful life? I don’t know Calls them death, I guess that’s death. I don’t know. Yeah, sure. Okay. How about that? all thinking the world calls them blind in people are Green I want the people wrong Okay, maybe I don’t have the order because I don’t know which ones one, I don’t know Which ones do I don’t know which was three? this one could be death That’s not a peaceful life these these mostly are dead Peaceful life this brief piece. Well, that’s pretty peaceful Okay, alright, so it’s something to do with that let me check the other room Didn’t open you and I definitely didn’t put my radioactive Tootsie’s on that floor some going on. No Washee-washee Okay, all right, so I got to follow the map How the Frick freckle or you spot how am I supposed to memorize this How how the ding-dang dingle dong or am I supposed to do that Alright No, no, oh I see I get a check. Well, I goof this real hard didn’t I? Okay, there’s a checkpoint right there. So that’s easy enough. That’s easy enough. Okay, they give me checkpoints makes you easier on me Oh, that’s just stupid. It’s easy. Well, look at me look at me go. Oh look at me punch. Keep going on Oh, damn, go back. Oh Good thing I got such a bouquet that was quick. Alright, well fine Uh-huh. Okay. All right. I see. Oh look at me Okay coddle you well, that’s not gonna you know what I Got it okay, that made it a little too easy some people some babies with tiny brains probably complained about this this puzzle and it Wasn’t me because I’m too smart for it. But here we are easy breezy, beautiful Thank you got it. All right, I’m outtie no one haunting me on the way out cuz I’ll just Sprained probably like a little bitch, baby Alright, so then it’s just this one and I gotta figure out which one’s ruin ones. Well, which ones Well I was just flipping switches I was just flip-flopping switches I was just flipping Okay, wait a minute. Hang on. I got a not gonna psychoanalyze phase cuz this is a bunch of okay I thought this was the adverse in the envious one that seems like that that do that three three words in there I was like dude, that’s good. But What is this Cause I’m blind All they have death whatever whatever I’ll take it Okay, we’re moving on we’re moving on cuz we got everything that we need and we don’t need to be there anymore So let’s go put the boobs on the boob machine and we can get whatever good Mhmm Movie Time 🙂 “What happened, Daddy?” “You don’t like the singing?” “Do I have to say goodbye?” The bow Focus what the hell come bullshit. Okay. Uh, yeah stick that bad boy right in there to slam. Jam it right in the yam Okay. All right Well, that’s just too bad Well, I mean that was just really my stupidity for sticking my hand in a hole with a lot of blows Oh That that’s it. Why do I gotta throw that trouble just get my hand chopped off? But I didn’t even see what was in the up upstairs Or did I wait no, did I I did I did I did okay. All right. Well, I guess that’s Scary oh, I guess I guess I am Well, that was- I mean that was good. I was having a good time. But that ending. Is this just a demo? Is that the full game? I guess it’s a full game. I don’t understand it. I don’t get the meaning from it I don’t glean any extra information from it, but it was good. It was definitely good. It just needed a little extra You know what? I mean, but don’t you worry that is just the first game that we’re gonna be playing today Oh, we got more, huh? Okay, so this one might be silly. It might be scary But I know that I’m gonna do great at this one because this game is called Survival of the smartest and if you know one thing about me it’s that I’m a real smart. So it’s real slow So we’re in the most horrible place. You could possibly think of School, I know a lot of you have just gotten out of school and you don’t you don’t want to even think you don’t even think of This Oh No, which is the right way to go Well, if I go right then it’s probably thing like oh, it’s the right way to go But if I’m using my big brain, I know that it’s a trick question and you’re saying that the left is the right way Yeah, oh yeah, I know how this is Okay, how many red stripes are there on the United States flag oh Can you see by the dawn’s early Light. I’m trying to get myself back into school when we did the Pledge of Allegiance all day every day I stared at that big beautiful flag the dawwn break light at a Galilee’s trim 9 9 Terrifi-guy, is it getting darker? This is mean real Character foghorn Jay Leghorn. I’m not I’m not I’m not a chicken number Rooster I get it Okay right answer right? I mean, I know I’m right they’re not that Tasmanian, Deauville Mac How is an autonomous territory belonging to which country? I don’t know Mac cow. Oh my guru Gua a Guru Gua good you are gay. Let’s go this way Oh Easy there. This game will play a big scary screaming contest, huh? What is the favorite food of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Although hotdogs, you’re pretty I can barely see anything here, I think What you telling me that the TMNT favorite food is hot dogs I’m smart. I’m a smart cookie. I’m a good noodle Don’t take away my star All right, which Christian missionary is said to have banished all the snakes from Island? Isn’t that Saint Patrick? Isn’t that what that’s all about? He had a stick or a flute or something I don’t know. Ireland suffered from the great famine beginning in 1845 due to the collapse of what crop Taters wait no Was it just potatoes wouldn’t wasn’t it? It’s saying Beginning to do claps of crop, maybe no they don’t grow rice in Ireland potatoes Not getting darker here penicillin was discovered in 1928 by which scientist is that Fleming What’s that Fleming? Yeah Fleming. I’m going back to my high school days Fleming No death for me cause I’m smart. I’m smart cookie was he if there’s a language of Greenland? Greenlandic we speak Greenlandic air Yep. I’m going with Greenlandic Greenlandic that’s a language, you know, which is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. It’s I’m thinking it’s it gotta be iron. I mean I mean the earth has a big ol iron ball sack in the center of it I don’t know if that means there’s it’s in the crust Maybe the crust has more aluminum than it does have iron, but I would go with iron seems a little darker Also, I think I got that one. Oh Don’t do that regarding data storage, what does the acronym SSD stand for solid-state drive not storage state drive you dummy me I’m not dummy me. I’m smart. Oh, all right. What year? It was 2004 2008 I had it in senior high school and I graduated Oh seven this way Boom, I’m right you’re wrong in our solar system, which two planets rotate clockwise Venus and Uranus I always bet on Uranus I always bet on year What year was Facebook fat I thought I already did this one Mm. Ooh, who’s real? Dark? It’s real dark God’s real dark. What is the three-letter Airport code for the Los Angeles International Airport? I know that one You win Okay Great. I won. Good job me. I’m so happy. I was a little silly It’s usually like the middle one and these are just a little bit to the silly side of things, but that’s okay Sometimes the world needs a little bit of silly horror in their life to get them ready for the primal terror of darkness dwells Oh, yes This one, I believe this one is kind of like a five nights at Freddy’s style game but in a different mechanic You got to use your flashlights to keep the monsters from killing you So if you remember the snow based game this one is more like that one So after use flashlights eat interact with objects such as the radio are to wind your flashlights LMB to pull up your blanket flash your flashlight at the rocking horse when the rocking gets faster when the cupboard Opens shine your flashlight at the door is loud noises make them come faster keep the radio That’s not true that’s enough time go to sleep kiddo. I’ll check in on you soon. I promise Okay. Alright. Thanks for the crappy Skype call connection dad. Whoa my sheets were The monster pulling nose away from me one of the mouse sensitivities real high Oinky Oinky, don’t Mac you give me those uh-oh. Well, I guess my sheet churches. Yeah gone I guess. Oh Boy, is he on the radio? Okay. All right, Oh, give me my sheets. Don’t uncover my my Invisible body up. Okay. Hello He accidentally hands me as flashlight he’s like Check this out. Sorry. It’s just a little ballet dancer with the light on it’s all good. I swam All right, let’s do this Hank gun my gun my shoe chicken. Yeah, none of it. All right. Let’s see what you got All right, so I just gotta stay alive right that’s the objective of every you know Okay, I can just hold down left mouse button do them both no Stop the rocks. Oh I didn’t expect there to be actually anybody here. All right. Oh I don’t like the face in that closet. I really don’t like the face it Oh check It back give me give me can I have I left mousing as oh there we go Not No poke. You know what? I’m gonna just experiment and see what it’s like to die to you cuz I don’t like your face. You look like ooh Oh, that’s horrible. Oh, that’s horrible. Okay bring I’m really losing these aren’t I? No, don’t not lightning. Okay, you know what? I’m just gonna let I’m gonna let you get Curious you got an ugly face, but I bet you’re not that scary up. Oh No, no, no no no no No, no, no. No. Oh, I hate you. Oh, you’re like everything from my oh you dog horrible. Oh, Oh Not dad not if I horrible mangled corpse, just don’t worry you remember you tall you gave me a flashlight decked myself That’s it. Let’s try to survive the night and like most children We get no sleep because we’re trying not to die What’s with the warbles why do I wear the warbles don’t warble at me Oh Doll warble no ha no, you know That’s what you get used to be scared I’m okay. There we go. That’s not okay. I can do this at the same time to pull it on my sheets very Ambidextrous I’m capable of doing multiple things. Oh whoa. Whoa, okay All right got that one. I guess it was a quick, okay So it’s all the pullin crank is what I was what I got a combo with I got a really really cranking Yank is the cranking. Yank. That’s what it is I got a crank my flashlight around and yank on my sheets taught outside No, not to okay. This is just unpleasant. Why would you do that? Don’t don’t that’s right Cranking. Yank cranking. Yank Brake. Oh, no, Greg could be good to it asleep interpreted as Masturbation okay. You are the worst I do not like you you remind me of like from the movie it did you for any of you saw it, you know? The painting lady that’s who that reminds me of like straight out of the painting lady Which is the most horrible monster anybody has ever made in any horror movie ever and I would stake my life on that I don’t know why I keep swine tell me To tell me to turn off the radio I kind of have a deeper understanding Whose fan than you think I do which is not great. But okay crushing loneliness Not today painting lady’s husband, you know this happens every night when you’re going to bed when you’re alone in your room There’s things peering at you from the closet. There’s things on your rocking horse There’s things trying to yank the blankets out from under you. Why do you think when you wake up every morning? The blankets are never tucked in as they used to be just because you’re fighting a battle with the demon It’s just like the game. I played a while back up there. Just pulling the Yankees off the limbs the really weird leaf laylee guy Mr This is a long night. Can I you know good daylight come I want to go home There’s no indication of time. I don’t know when times passing. How will I know? How will I know? My dog whoa, whoa. Whoa, that was a fast rocking horse. I didn’t intend for that. No Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention and therefore I almost died That’s the punishment All the little boys and girls around the world should take from this don’t pay attention the monsters are gonna getcha You okay? yeah dad I’m fine Communicate with your family communicate with your familyyy your dad is not okay It’s obviously not okay Why would you say who’s okay? It’s clearly not. All right That is darkness dwells. Thank you everybody so much for watching and thank your buddy for being patient while I sign 35,000 calendars during my exile almost everybody is going to get them very soon They’re all gonna ship out very soon But I have been told that one or two or maybe 20 people got mysterious calendars That weren’t signed. I signed every one that was in front of me but if you did Please send an email to Helloatmarkiplier.com Contact the people on the website and then we’ll get you one in short order, but it wasn’t my fault clearly Obviously this face can do no wrong. And if you’re in Australia remember, we’re going on tour in November And for those people in Amsterdam that missed our show because we were sick and had to cancel We’re coming back to you in July. All the information is available in the description below Thank you everybody so much for watching And if you want play these games for yourself, you can find the links in the description as well Thanks again everybody for watching get ready for more cool stuff Check out the other videos that I’ve done and as always I will see you in the next video BUBYEEEEEEEE


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