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these will see what we have in the third seasonwhat new are waiting for us what heroes medical record path well let’s go I think thatthis team must bear you oh some new ones to me so let’sfigure out what kind of glitch is presented runestones make up andrunestones to apply effect status to your hero runic stonescannot be moved so carefully plan your moves enemies get enemies get something there stonerunic effects enemies get reduced defenseironic effect allies all enemies regain health pointsall enemies take poisoning damage Allies take damage from a burngenerate mana faster take damage from burns generates manait means we have blue purple red and green yellow alliesokay I can’t move them, so I’m trying not to how do we get through so let’s collectthis stone and so on our enemies there was a status effect receiving 104units of damage from poison in one turn for two stroke well so green we shouldthe idea is to be treated so we look recovery of 100 health points okay so blue blast blue is the effect on enemies lies -20 todefense on listen interesting at all interesting it’s a brand new onethe concept is very interesting to be honest i I didn’t even expect them to come up with somethingyet so new and here we have a defensedefense went up or is it from and herasomething I did not understand the little red and tagira it or not because of my buffs I don’t seebuff runes and so on so so so so destined originally originally in general theycome up i like it creepy like considering that this is only the firstgave it the first stage what will be there further actually probably some more surprises usexpect exactly what bull bull moose and this moose this moose is not a bull some golemand but they are so strong strong very weak teams will be difficultpass benefit I have pumped look appearedappeared in purple aruna straight to me can’t wait to blow it upthat will probably let’s geraniums apply now so we don’t have buffsshut up so poisoning again poisoning and hereyellow appeared as if we would not die move them can not look to usmove like this now we we’ll see what effect it has likehe acts as he acts so it us28 percent increase mana generation listen this is very cool at all I’m inthrilled very cool and interesting so so uwaiting for us further Valhalla coin give us typing 100coins we can make a call go ahead go ahead the second level at me too room with knives poison calldid to me now everything is filled up here now we will gobble up someone redcan eat alenka shake jeannie didn’t fall apparentlyI have to download Lena and well, let’s squeeze the green choir of goals evenimagine you have to download the goal choir Lord I thought it wouldn’t touch menever for me to swing the galanite choir have come, I have always come, andneighing over everyone who shakes the goal choir and in

puzzle ru puzzleshave come, I have always come, andneighing over everyone who shakes the goal choir and in the result is ironically shaking iteverything itself is wonderful so let’s still we also feed this mine tothe backpack didn’t actually take a place it seems I have to expand to buyslot and because playing becomes not as comfortable as we would like and let’s gosecond level direct anticipation I like it, we are treated evengreen runes fall without hilo walk everything is fine dimkaprobably need some 32 team pick up otherwise long will be with a rainbow wellalthough these are the strongest heroes of me in defense stand so red it appearedwe do that oh 2 burns they don’t summarized as we see thereforeblowing two runes at once does not work it’s profitable for us to detonate two runes like this, but I want to blow this runelike a muzzle straight arm reaches out she does not moves don’t blow what interestinga monster yes you know or brownie I don’t know so we went further boarsboars await poisoned boars let’s set the match on firewonderful and we have poison but no its meaningthat is, they look like an effect only two moves are valid therefore inprinciple already it is already possible to poison again although this is inthis moment was no longer needed okay let’s blow it all up blow it allglade flies good heroes cope thank god with the new season it’s interesting herelook at the difficult I think we let’s go see how it all looks ondifficult level doesn’t move everywhere I want moveinstead of moving I want to get used to us in this mechanics game is very interesting to the new mechanics of the game I’m already out of excitementstarting to stammer let’s die boarand go ahead we can’t wait see what happens next of coursewell done well done though the americans took dauphine right anyway well i boughtI mean, they’re very interesting anyway make and support game brogan againstsupport us game supports interest in the game characters in appealswallhalls are generally very non-standard with with some new thingsabsolutely not like what it was and this great it’s great because ifher 1 season would have done several like the first season it would benot very natural to me already atlantis I’m tired of this farm especially you knowwhen you have a lot of cans and time to gosomewhere atlantis from these three days what given on its passage she bothers terribly of course therebegins to stupidly farm energy a little spent on passing beginsdumb just farm recruits and and and reg.ru so lost the thoughts of whomwe still farm style materials for true and of course ticket production is not veryenough to have it all on the auto attack pass more precisely not on an auto attack sheauto walkthrough so we quickly got tothe completion is very cool very everything quickly heal

puzzle ru puzzlesheal new chips remove dirt zinkaall for now whoever you are some trollso coins Well, what should be the same levelhere’s one with wings level he will probably be interestinginteresting something must be new there II don’t know yet how these will come out but the season can be heldactually at least every day, but probably the callsjust like atlantic few days in a month will not last long can notit probably says when they run out 5 don’t move this pebblerune wild boar and blind we need somehow redcatch pebbles so that they start to burn so that we activate the rune here they are to uswritten think how you move move you need to think about me now understandauto attack wife just can not pass I am not moving, it starts to get in the wayneed a difficult level will be there probably in general there will really need 32take and hill and forward only on the road so of are missed xxx such an epic moose I like very muchbeautiful moose I would like such heroes defense team left aput on let’s try to get through why is it difficult for me to pass difficulty level is not available toopen a high level of difficulty for this step, go through all the previousstages at a high level of difficulty and this I’ve forgotten the normal stage.about this topic she was in Atlantis skirtsenergy ended and so I cut a little video is an elite stageelite level first prize Valhallas and here we already haveas we see such direct who are they not harpy how they all forgot what they callthen Valkyries inValkyrie and so they are already elite mean monsters who startcharge mana and ultimately nonsense and prevent us from winning, that is, hereeverything is already much more complicated and what will happen on difficult level still wanted to say thatAmericans well done sold yes some part of Finns to Americanspart of the game part of the rights to the game and they support interest supportinterest in the game is very exciting calculated game for such enoughadult is already a conscious age that is it is a solvent public whichthey donate very well very well supported and well donewell done such a plan, the game is what directly delayedI have not met Well, some were but they were not veryso-called so that lot heartstone but again heartstone we have it fromLizardov and Lizardov they became famous still on warcraft there on otherschips but these themselves rose and their othermaybe they still have something like that their games maybe they have some morethere are games but I didn’t hear about them heard about the empire of puzzles and soyou meet a stranger in what you play puzzles so I also playedmean

puzzle ru puzzles you play puzzles so I also playedmean

puzzle ru puzzlesyou play puzzles so I also playedmean even if people in the game do not lingerthey still know what kind of game it is have encountered it or someMay be I do not know acquaintances playing there usually sayalso plays a friend of mine here so that I don’t like it on mehanged while I’m chatting can’t get gain minus defense minus mana generationfinally for it is legal as fahrenheit before it is legal in general it is illegalbut we at least burned what I said about heartstone is interesting and removeslook at that dirt to their pineapple cured a good finger, I didn’t want hercatch I got it, I was so upset thatI didn’t fall Evelyn that January she was very fit girlvery useful strong thick i.e. so I would probably even have a second such andI pumped it somewhere lying around maybe hands will even reach herhere I praised how wise they all are created a game well done emotions sogreet you wanderers letting who are you and what is itdiagnosis is my brother bjorn good welcome to midgard my portal transferredyou here you really moved from another world through this portalAs for the portal, I have some remarks said richard hear youcolors and the head is spinning it will be in a couple of minutes thank godyou are here because the shadow of the threat extends throughout the world including ours explain2 centuries inserted its five cents in the universe is out of balanceyou are a sorceress yes you should be felt it yes I felt it Follow uswe will explain everything along the way, then you who is Ragnar or oh why is Ragnarit looks like our mountain but it’s clearly not ours gar he has something with his head this is the tailsticking out ok let’s go on soon very soon wewe’ll fight, but it’s probably the boss of the next stage and vague figure dissolved intoair like that vague figure okayokay, these are the things and after all about a difficult level a difficult level ipassed and in my opinion I do not recordedsuch a curve turned out well let’s write a difficult level herethe second stage I’m the daughter of the gods ruled blessed me with visions and what is itseen recently lately the gods are silent this strange young man is laughing aso he opened up and in my opinion we have there is a call you half do not knowfools servants kill these wimps so let’s go again it overflowed me andremembered let’s remove this family so that she didn’t bother me didn’t bother where mythe June whom I cannot finish no way but alice midgard went forward for peter just don’t kill me spartak fans so tick tick tick

puzzle ru puzzlesso tick tick tick remove the armor take the armor because Well here we have a brogan and I attackI remember the name of the deuce is already a diagnosis know the diagnosis called nerd so so so so so so so excellent next wave Runet let’s give us some damagered or purple to burn poison let’s let’s let’s not want to givethey want it all right, so it’s still necessary somehow blow this rune with purple andit doesn’t smell and I can’t move there and what if you blow it in the face and at leastso even so wonderful so but I think that we will go throughdifficult stage let’s see how it differs from the lungall who can pass it can someone may be myself nowI don’t know on it, I don’t know, we’ll go over look whatoutdoor stage princes me drink my little phialand plump and hit the road here we can’t move a damn thing but theyso strong strong and look ron appeared more beforeron appeared significantly no longer despite the fact that they help us in battleYes, but they also prevent us from moving pebbles a little worse the random morerun no like this here everything in life is a nerd depends on randomness I still remember thosetimes when we role or warcraft objects that fell it was still inthis is not a bull but already already I forgot what it’s called then therewhere is the location where is illidan we went to bt black temple raids were going onin my opinion 20 people if I don’t I’m mistaken, it means a bass giftthis clothes and role raid leader to whom it will fall to whom it will fall with bated breath everyone was waiting for whomwill fall is it terrible there even the players themselves couldsome kind of command register type roll and some points drop out who more to this means geargive and if the blade falls let’s say there on the hornit’s actually grass, and then the role of only ronnieif it falls on prist respectively only priests and of courseclothes of tanks usually in raid one two tank if the gear falls on the tank then itgoes to the tank so when I started on someI already started playing other servers play so that there is priest so you canhad to walk be the only heal theresupport then you are always needed and you always in raids and if you’re hornsof which there are 20 pieces then they’ll still think take you or not heelas any powerthey’ll only take what the hell you’ll find sometimesgood frail read about warcraft so this is nostalgia nostalgicand so we will be given sda a difficult level 5 coins of valhalla and still continues to usfall pouring pizza pit five coins wallhallsactually they are not much more complicated before level difficult in principle analogy withPlante, give about everything in strength as well here I wish you fucking callsif calls will be interesting send me the telegram indicated can be intelegram there is still vatsap on vatsap I do not pointed and we lost the war come onWell, I’ll post it today too, but my calls wallhalls you can seeI probably link to the previous video put everything here for now bye bye