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NW7587 (Me): Well, we got some questions to be answered!

Please note that I'm not always able to get everyone's questions in (Just for the caution).

So anyways


Vivid Louie Animates: When did you start YouTube?

NW7587 2017: Well, I originally created this channel back in late 2016 as you could tell by this screenshot & on my about page on my channel

& originally, I started Vyond & started uploading videos onto my channel on August 2017!

After the original VoiceForge voices on Vyond were patched though.. -_-

But the good thing is, I still happen to have my old unreleased videos screen-recorded on my old deleted Vyond account from 2017.

& the reason why I said deleted on the part, is because..

APPARENTLY, Vyond is deleting accounts that are inactive over 18 months or more!

& Apparently my old Vyond account from 2017 has been deleted from existence!

WOW! Way to go Vyond for doing this complete ****!

Okay, talk is over! Let's move on!

Vivid Louie Animates: What's your favorite color?

NW7587 (Me): Well, my favorite color was going to be blue, (which it kinda is still).

But what the heck though! It is actually green!


Vivid Louie Animates: How would you feel if you have the same subscribers PewDiePie has?


NW7587 (Me): You literally just asked the same question so I'm skipping it. I just told you on the first question you asked me, so I'm skipping it as well.

TigerBoy9566: What is your opinion on Samster5677?

NW7587 (Me): Well, I used to be a big fan of him back in 2017, back when I started my Vyond career (which is what I still am now).

After that though, I became one on ThatBluePandaGuy (which is now TBPG Studios). Of course, I'm still a big fan of him too.

Well, Idk though but yeah.

Anyways, I say that Samster5677 is a good guy & such. & I still watch his videos as of today too.

Okay, enough said. Let's move on!

When did you started to make Caillou Gets Grounded?

NW7587 (Me): Well, I started at the same time I started my beyond career along with Dora gets grounded! Okay!

Leon The GoAnimate Guy: What's your favorite show?

NW7587 (Me): Futurama! This is one of my favorite shows of course!

Leon The GoAnimate Guy: What's your least favorite show?

NW7587 (Me): Family Guy... This is my least favorite show

Because this show is the very worst to watch in my opinion (I Smash the Family Guy logo XD)

I do like it's animation though like future llamas, but still though, please respect my opinion on it


Did I just hear you say that Family Guy is the worst show you start liking Family Guy right now

No, I will never like your show. Never never. What do you enjoy the most?

I am not sure what to say on this one. So let's go to the next question. Who's your favorite user?

I have a couple of favorite users though, which are shown here

I'm not confident enough to tell you their names, but I'm sure you guys know these people. Okay enough said

What's your opinion on Sam craft tent well?

I think Sam craft 10 is a cool person like us he does nearly the same content of series like some of us do

Some truff 10 if you were seeing this right now, you are one of the lucky ones out there in this community

Well enough said what's your opinion on me? Well, even though you don't really have any videos up on your channel

I say you are a fine user in my opinion. What's your opinion on Noah? That's a good one

I find know it to be charming and such in my opinion

let me tell you think a few years ago when I discovered much of nowhere from

2017 from the blue panda guy for some reason I kind of find him being left out as I never seen much of no from

Him lately, I really liked his Noah characters and such and therefore I felt like wanting to use them in my videos, too

And so I did I am still using them right now too as I still like em

Man, I miss seeing Noah from the blue panda guy and I wish I could see more videos of him

Well, that's all I want to say for right now. So let's get onto the next one. Shall we?

That is kind of a personal question in my opinion. So I'm sorry that I'm gonna have to skip that one

However, I'll answer it quickly

Burgers fruits and possibly some Chinese food too. Do you like spaghetti? I don't think so

Wait, what Noah's joining us? What do you think? What kind of a question is that?

Nathan can I be in your video, please?

I'm sorry Noah, but this is supposed to be a Q&A video not just a video about you

Plus I am busy with this Q & A video right now. Please come back later when you can. Okay? Oh

Okay, then Nathan. Well, I am going to meet up with my friends anyways for right now

So I'll see you. Well, okay, I don't know what happened there, but let's get back to the Q&A

Shall we so where were we? Oh, yeah, what's your opinion on me?

Although I never really watched your videos before I say you are a fine one

what's your opinion on Caillou gets grounded while this fighting the fact it's getting old and

Repetitive even though I still want to make them I say it is one of the best grounded serices

I've seen in my opinion. All right enough said let's move on. Do you like UFOs?

Yes, I do

How do you like our new looks for October and Halloween has seen on my icon and banner I say

Have you and your girl and

Myself and some such did you get these custom poses?

Basically, all you need to do is create body parts of yourself your characters or such and then one two

And three here you go. This section is an example. Okay enough said, I hope your channel will get

100k subs soon, although that might not be a question, but I honestly hope so to

Someone else obviously ask that question first. So let's skip it to the next one

Do you hate fun boys or fangirls due to the fact they act immature over a video? Yes, of course

I hate them period would you make a Caillou and Zach crossover video special?

Well, I don't know about that considering that I lost interest on doing Zach videos and such therefore though

I didn't really feel like making those videos anymore at this point. However, though I might think about it at some point

Can I be in your videos? But my avatar is Boris with the red hoodie? I don't know about that

I don't really put any random users in my videos as much as I do often anymore or such

Can I give you a plot of the aerial series?

Absolutely not. I can reap lot this here as myself

Idiot, do you play ball at his basics? Of course I do

I like that game no matter what happens during this time

Which reminds me I happen to have unfinished

Baldy video in which I haven't worked on in a while which I am thinking of getting back into working on it

Whenever I find myself a chance to do so though, but still yeah, what's your opinion on Caillou?

Caillou is stupid and annoying the end. What's your favorite horror movie?

Well what I did

Warren wins we saw so ever. Okay the end. Are you inspiring the blue panda guy Studios?

I honestly wish I could but he's obviously better than me period if Lily the sock puppet gets terminated

Will you be happy?

What no this can't be my channel has been suddenly terminated

What's your favorite game? Well, I have a couple favorite games in which the gameplays of them are shown on the screen

Grand theft auto 5 grand theft auto san andreas

roblox world of warcraft my craft spore and

Terraria, although I only play them often since I am making videos. Ok. Let's move on

Why is your animation futuristic because it can be as I like it like this to me

Someone else just asked that one. So I'm skipping it. Do you play fortnight?


What is your favorite movie Independence Day?

1996 and possibly a few others too. What is your favorite video you made on this cello?

Why are panda avatars extinct, why did you even ask that question?

They should be extinct because they are cringe and hey you future me. Did you seriously?

Call my avatar grungy. Yes

I did you'll past South in your congee Panda avatar and you need to get the heck out because that includes you too

That is it. I am going to fight you until you get what you deserve for calling me creamy

Can I have just a second, please? Bring it on

Sorry about that guys the guy I just fourth Don just apologized to me

So let's get into more Q and a questions. Shall we what's your opinion on me?


Although you copy some of us

Sometimes in which you should really come up with your own style instead of taking ours at the same time, though

You are a good and a fine one. What video are you gonna make next?

It depends on my choice on which video I want to make next dummy

What do you think of the retirement of the legacy video maker and how do you feel about it?

it would probably be a good thing because obviously I can't wait to see beyond in there staff going bankrupt and

Business because all or most of the customers will abandon it once the legacy video maker retires on their site

Shut up you piece of crap buying CEO it at the same time though

I find it kind of depressing and devastating because once it retires

The older retired films like comedy world and such will be permanently unusable I do

Wish there could be a way to get the legacy video maker back after December though

We'll just have to wait and see though once it retires though

I did say I was going to move on to business friendly

But the other thing I want to do though is to do comedy world

Experiments on Veon studio - just like Kevin but blue panda guy and possibly others. Okay enough talk

Let's move on. Do you like paper luigi 99?

Of course, I do why wouldn't I - me I'm pretty sure someone else asked a question like this

So I'm skipping it, which is better

Fortnight or grand theft auto 5 grand

theft auto 5

Can you do a giveaway for 50k sorry, but I don't do giveaways so you might as well deal with it

I'm sure I just mentioned the future of my channel on someone else's question plus on one of my video is about it

So just gonna skip it

Skipping this one too, cause I already answered it on someone's question like this in one word to describe yourself. Oh


What do you do in your spare time if you guys don't mind I'm going to do the voice reveal in this one

So, um, basically I sometimes just watch some stuff on YouTube or such but I find it cheerful to watch him such

Sometimes I just play some of my favorite games like graphic dunno five Santa's or blocks World of Warcraft or such

Sometimes I just feel like making some cool stuff for wallbox to do or such

Sometimes such as play around and fianc to do Justin practices, just so I can use it once for let see video Baker's

retires this December and

Sometimes I just got something for to do off of thembut. Give me some other work than making videos or such and

That should be about it for now. Let's move on to the next question Joey

I'm pretty sure I answer the question similar to this one

So sorry if I had to skip this one dude, I only answer certain questions once not more than that

Okay enough said do you like minecraft or roblox better?

I say roblox is better because it is fun than minecraft

In my opinion enough said are you obsessed with aliens?

Do you hate uttp users? Of course I do because they are absolute chills out there enough said

How did you make your channel logo?

Don't need to know the secret reasons period okay, I'm going to start speeding things up a bit

So certain questions will be answered quickly in the question screen only

So let's keep on going in this Q&A video. Shall we?

I'm sure I mentioned this earlier on someone's question and one of my videos so it will be skipped

Do you have a least favorite movie? I don't know what to say there. So next question. Do you watch my videos?

No, not really. What's your opinion on me? Although I never saw your channel. I say you were quite fine to me

Do you watch TV not really but sometimes?

What's your opinion on Futurama? Once again, I like and it's my favorite

Hey, why are you not showing the show screen show the screen right now or?

FRA what the heck are you doing? This is QN a video not a raid video. Get up. Do you like fast food?

I do like it but I don't always eat it though. I mostly eat the food at home. Okay said enough

Let's go on what's your opinion on the duplication of the legacy video maker and the character creator in the new website?

aka the only solution to saving the non business cream since Veon will ignore us no matter what well

Although I do agree with what you said. I would definitely find that idea to be reasonable for saving the old themes or such


Though we need to be careful doing that though or else beyond could sue us for that because it is kind of considered copyright

Infringement and just saying okay said enough will you do a voice reveal?

I will in the next couple questions that may ask something like that. Okay, do you like carousel organs?

Sorta, yeah, I like them. Alright

Also good to hear that. You're a fan of them

When did you first discover the V owned community about early?

2017 of course, what inspired you to make the aerial character?


there are various people that made rector's of their own and more often use them in their videos as much as such and

Therefore now I think it was my turn

to make myself a character of my own and I think an unique girly character with its unique style and such and I think

Arielle is suitable

just like anyone else is okay enough said

Let's move on

If you were to live on a planet what planet will you live in this planet where the water is mystical and magical?

And we're a couple alien cities lie around the planet

It would be cool living near one and where its materials lies which are used to make cool stuff with alien technology

And such and that is why I'd like to live on this planet. Of course. Do you listen to music while making a video?

Sometimes I do what is your favorite spider-man film? Sorry, but I don't watch spider-man films

I do watch a few films with spider-man in it though, but still though, okay, sorry

But someone else asked two of those questions already, so I'll be skipping them. Are you still making car you get grounded?

Yes, I still AM now. Stop making Caillou gets grounded. I don't care what you say about it. It is child

Can you subscribe to my channel? Although that question is overused though. I don't know about them

However, I'll think about it. What's one thing you hate about the V ond community

I do have multiple things though

But I'll say one of them drama the end if grounded and grounded videos didn't exist. What will you do?

I would do much fun main filled and original content as I could better than those repetitive videos

Haha, do you watch mr. Beast? No, not really, but I may have heard of him though

What do you feel it people rip off your videos with no inspiration and credit I wouldn't be triggered


Maybe ver not really but I would be angry about it though

Period what's your opinion on cherry blossom for nine zero? Well, I never really heard much about the doozer though

I say she's fine and such the end if comedy world didn't exist

What theme will you use I would use the themes that I never gotten to use yet like Star Trek

Street Fighter lil peeps cartoon classics, etc

Could you redraw some assets after the retirement of the legacy video maker, of course for you anything?

I'm currently working on it right now. Well on my spare time though speaking of reboot

Can you a boot some other series than Ariel while I don't know about that, but I'll think about it

Okay, would you do invoice reveal? Hello. That's all purple boys would feel the end there. That's my real voice

Alright now, let's move on. Can you please make live streams behind the scenes? Sorry, but I don't do live streams

Not to mention bat hangouts and air is discontinued

But I don't I don't do behind the scenes that much but however, I do post the thing about in my community post

Ok, let's move on. How did you come up with the name Dayton? 175 87

Well, I had had and sparse, you know people's names therefore. I decided to craft one on my own for my youtube channel

Okay, let's move on. What is your future career? Well, I am thinking of either doing gaming videos

Mostly world blogs or do business friendly and dimensions or or any other?

Period I don't know what else to say. So let's move on

Finally, I don't know why I to finally but anyways, when you continue go animate what come on e world dies

yes, possibly but off TV brings business Brennan or do prop animations like a few people are doing once we

Do HD video of Megara chars? Ok. Let's move on. What's your opinion on me?

Well, I did mention about you and the previous questions and I'm sure

Someone else asked a question like this

I did say you're one of the lucky ones. Ok, the end. Let's move on. What is your favorite video made by me?

I liked the BART megaphone testing where he destroys most of a city

Honestly, I do like the beauty where cai-you reverses Boris's voice

Into it first boat. All right, let's move on. Do you have a switch? No, I don't. Sorry

Do you like Naruto? Not really? But yeah, I have part of it though

All right. Do you like Super Smash Brothers ultimate?

well, I never been playing that game though, but well, hey guy, I do like it because that

Hat and lets you play a stands from undertale. Oh my gosh, I love scenes. All right enough satellites

Let's move on. What waiting up into a forest bill. I already doing a boy's book

Vo plus I'm gonna be using my real voice for up the Q&A video. Hahaha. Nice. Try by rim

I'm doing it right now. Alright, let's move on. What watch you leave go animate central

Why do you have to know I've hurt you you are underage

I don't know but don't need to know, haha

Nice try there, but don't you know, do you play overwatch? No. No, I don't. I heard that boba. I don't play that

Hmmm. Well you ever share four character IDs. Nope appear trauma characters

New I created them backed currently first though

Not sure but if you wish to use them then maybe new your video has been feel free to do so

But make sure you credit me for them. Okay? Hmm. Are you gonna make more box videos? I've been thinking about that. I

feel like once do that after let you see video maker retires and

What along with me making this is Burnley or prop animations? So of course, I'll think about it though

Alright, what is your favorite Wii game? I liked Mario Kart and my party and such

All right enough said what's your opinion on party s door? No

BGC p author don't well, like first kind of groups better out there in this community right now

Although I do like his old looks from 2016 though, but I like the new one

And i'm talking about one who's here right now


How much do you enjoy making beyond videos? I used to adjoin much and past but not well that much anymore

consider i'm i'm starting to put much effort into my videos now and such and

I've been to put myself on making

Making good videos and professional ones and such. Okay and upset do you collect things as a hobby? If so,

What is it? I've been thinking of one to collect lost electronic sound fair and such but I'm not sure though. All right enough said

I'm not really

interested in carrot illumination videos and such

So, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna just give it what you ever spent the night at a haunted house on the dare

I don't know about that consider a might to get me not various if I'd did that

period did offer go in murders like Sam stir and burned upon a

Inspire you to start your own Caillou Joris go picking a citrus uses

Manson would be yes because I like to watch you been met. That's such careful. I feel like wanted to make them too

Sometimes I just used two different persons and sometimes use the same persons

Okay enough said Alice your career on go animate. It's going fine so far but it's all gonna go downhill

considering policy for you maker retiring for December but

Hopefully should go fine. What's that date passes by and such? All right. Let's move on

What makes you proud as a go animator?

What should I say? Oh, yeah

I've been wanting to put effort into my videos and want it to be creative and such

Mmm, that's all I want to save right now. So let's go on

What video editing software do you currently use I use biggest Pro period thanks for asking


But I'm gonna have to skip that one because I'm pretty sure

Someone asked something like that and I just censored I don't know on that one

So let's go on when you make a video where you make more Futurama characters

Are you going to ask them in more videos as well as by Leela?

Well, I'm not sure about making more videos about making feature on my futures though

But if you want I can post the pictures up of Futurama characters

I created in my community post and yes, I will share up more videos, too

Well guys this is it

This has been a very second Q&A video made on this channel and just to let you guys know

But my voice will sometimes be different from now on

Sometimes I want to use J by text-to-speech voice and sometimes it should just start using my own voice

But once so if you guys okay what the change is. Please comment below for your opinions on it

But if any of you didn't like the chinches well tough luck

So anyways, I would like to thank you guys for watching my very second Q&A video

Be sure to take care of yourselves eat awesome fetch oppose and live on



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