puzzle mag


The hose was scre-screaming

Dude listen

*screeching noise*

It's like please NOOOO


*softer screeching noise*

What a sad hose.

The hose is like I don't want to be a hose anymose.


*Intro Music*

What's going on guys welcome to 10 strange items, we found

at Target. I haven't taken a look at any of these items yet.

Bryan went to Target and bought us 10 items that he thinks are super strange.

And today I'm gonna let you know whether you should cash it or trash it. Yes that's right I will be voting on

which ones you should buy and which ones you shouldn't, which ones you should BUY

I'm slowly transforming into my final form as goat. *baaaaah*(I hate my life)

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*elevator music*

*smack* What the heck.

It's a pikachu sweater, you got a pikachu sweater.

Was it like this, like, just all crumpled up.

(Bryan) It was in a hanger.

So why didn't you deliver it to me in a "hanger", dude.

What is this garb?

It's just all crumpled up, dude. These like stains on it right here.

(Bryan) Ok, that wasn't there.

If it wasn't there when you bought it that means you did it *chuckle*

(Brian) That was there!

I could just--I could just imagine Brian

just like putting on this hoodie when everyone goes home

and he's like eating like Popsicles and stuff and he just wipes it all over it.

Brian's got a sad life you know

(Brian) I think I ratted myself out on that one... That wasn't there!

That wasn't there before! *Chuckles*

*exhale *

(Brian) Yeaaaaa dude.

Why do the ears stick up so perfectly

*Matthias Bang*

I never got into Pokémon GO, I'm sorry guys. /Fo'real?/

Everyone was SUPER into Pokémon GO

for like...

half a minute!

Everyone's like, yo play Pokémon GO

You don't play Pokémon GO?

N'then the next week came and everyone's like

What's Pokémon GO? *Chuckles*

(Brian) Yea it completely died.

It died within an instant!

(Brian) Now wait, before you look at the price.

The PRICE? *Matthias's eyes looking deep into your soul.*

(Brian) How much do you think the sweater--- duh no before you look at it I said!

I'm worried dude.

I'ma be real dude (who captioned this?)

this better not be more then like ten bucks. ($10 (USD))

I say it was $8.99

$12.49, ah!

(Brian) On clearance!

On clearance it was $12.49, what was the original price?

That's what I want to know

$24.99 dude!

To look like a Pokémon

I don't know guys (same)

PIKACHU (omg that scared me)

haha, AY YAE YA (wtf)

I don't know what he-(Bryanne) Tha-That's the Yo-kai

(Offscreen) Jibanyan! (Matt) JIBANYAN!

I'm gonna shake alotta people by saying

"What's the difference?"

I'm just messing I know the difference (Bryian booes)

I know the difference (Brian whalecalling)

I'm just messing guys *chuckle*

*crazy laughing* (like srsly wtf)

*high pitch* I CHOOSE YOU (what is he on?)


That's what stupid about Pokémon (>n<)

*angry explosion and Byann gasps*

They only say their own name

*chuckles with "trash it" sfx*

(Brian) Dank 'n Ram? (idk)

I'm looking to get people SHOOK, dude

That's how I instigate comment wars and get more comments for my video *chuckle* (smart man)

*elevator music*

*smack* UGH

So loud! (imagine editing this)

Blasts up to 70 feet (~21.336 meters)

Come on

Nerf barely can make to 70 feet (#roasted)

you think this makes it to 70 feet, I doubt it-

oh look those look a lot like Nerf's

The-uh Nerf size

Ulteema Mycaro Crossbow


Is that even an English word? Ultima.

Isn't that Spanish? (For last)

(Bryen) No? (yea it is boi)


(Machine) Ultimo

Ultimo (remember your n/adj agreement kids)

(B) Yeah (Matt) *offended noise*

(B) You already just asked me (Matt) eu-What

'Cuz I literally just asked you and you were like "I dunno"

(B) No, you said is that Spanish?-

(M) And you were like (B)NO (M) "IDUNNO"

(B) No, i said "No" (Matt)*laughs*

*smack, shuffle*

(B) JIBANYAN (oh no)


Pokémon GO (away)

(Bry) NO

alright- (Bryan) I don't know why I fell for that *chuckles*

*snap* What a sucker dude


That was my Pokémon GO attack


'cuz- (Brean) You're gonna stab your fing-

*snap* YEOW, hohohoh

heu, HOHOH

(Bryanna) Exactly what I said you were gonna do

Dude I went like this, Bro, I went like this, WOAH

Almost stabbed my finger dude

K guys, be more careful (._.)

*snaps slower* OHUEWH

These look like Nerf darts

But they look a little stranger

*rustles* a little more strange

ok so we put this puppy in here like that (

oh, I can hold extras right here

'Cuz that's needed

*shoots off*


*Nerf thing, but slower*


What just happened, isn't it supposed to lock?

Or do I just *slingshot noise*

Is that it?

So, this doesn't lock in place...

That's really disappointing

There's no trigger, you just literally-*slingshot*


Because, you see my hand when I let go? (not rlly)

It moves

I'm gonna be entirely inaccurate, watch

Giddy-up Bryan, you know what to do ;)


(Both) Oh (Matt) Geez

dude, I wasn't even aiming for your face(sure Matt)

(Brian) I'm sure you were

It's like it's a single shot

It looks like it goes pretty fast though *shot*

(I didn't know there was funky music)

K now i'm aiming for your face *shot*

*impact* (Brian) OH

(Brian)That stings (oh no sweatie ): )

(Brian)That's a stinger

(Matt) sweet *evil plans*

This thing has no effect on it whatsoever though

You see that?

You see like, what?

Like I don't understand this is really annoying

(Brian) That's how a bow and arrow is, you don't cock it

Why'dyou, why'dyou, come back

*incoherent baby noises*

You know what's up dude >:) *shot*

(Brain) OH, that might go 70 feet

*Evil Matthias laugh*

Let's look at my accuracy (guys, duck)

Alright Lens *Shoots* WOAH

*fire happy Matt*

I say this is good *ca-ching*

This is a good product, it actually fires fast

It's very rare that we actually see products that aren't Nerf that actually

fire the way they say they would fire

I would've- I wish that there was

cocking mechanism, so I could like

Leave it primed

Like, and ready to go, but..

I guess it'll work

*More elevator music*

oh jeez, what in the name

oh man, she looks like she's having fun

5 FUN... cardio dance hoop workouts included

Oh it's in the DVD I just saw that

Stream online, workout guide

It's like a breakdown hula-hoop?

So this were those people that just love hula-hooping SO MUCH

that they gotta take it everywhere

if you need a hula-hoop that

you can store in your bag, then you have a hula-hooping problem

5 minutes, 5 times a day

burns more calories than running

and it's a whole lot more FUN

Doesn't make any sense

More calories than running how long, for

what distance?

HULA-HOOP once or twice

Is more calories than running

Like what are you talking about dude

I just don't understand what this move is

she's just holding it over here

she's just like mmm (Brian) not even hooping

Let me see if I can do those moves dude

*opens box*

Oh my Gosh, it's like in straight up pieces

I thought it was gonna like, have like a string

throughout it, so all the pieces never got lost

I mean, that's how I would've design it (#savage)

but HEY, it's not like I test product

every single day of my life ever (r u ok?)

OH SWEET look at this

it's a circular Frisbee, right? (pls don't throw it)

well let's catch with the Frisbee dude (stop)



It didn't come back (that's not what Frisbees do)

So you just snap it in place like that

("Burn Up Those Calories. The American Council on Exercise sponsored a study on the calorie expenditure of hula hoop as exercise. The study found that it burned 210 calories in a 30-minute workout, or 7 calories per minute." Thanks Google)

Ok dude time to do my daily workout

It burns more calories than running

(offscreen) When was the last time you hula-hooped?




I burned so many calories dude

You don't even know man

(Offscreen) Stop it

I just feel fat melting off!

Hoop it dude, come on

What do you think I'm doing dude?

(Offscreen) No, Hula, you're just hooping, you gotta hula-hoop

(offscreen) Oh it goes fast heh


This does not burn more calories than running

There's no way bro (Someone) You gotta add dance moves to it

*Matthias dancing noises*


Ok so this is what she was doing, she was like





Watch this, from the arm

Double arm

In-Out *Crash* OWMA

Double arm it





(Brian?) You can do it



*Angry grunts*



*ded* OI

Ok so I say that was a "Trash It"

because (Brian) On what grounds? (Matt) a hula-hoop

you can get at the Dollar Store for like 99 cents

that was like ten times too heavy (yeah, it's for working out)

(Brian) That makes it easier to hula-hoop, if it's too light it's almost impossible to hula

You don't know anything- (Brian) YES (Matt) about hula-hooping

Where's your degree?

(Brian) I have three girls

Brian seems to think that hula-hoop's a good idea

I don't, I say it's a "Trash It"

So what I'm gonna do right now is put up a Twitter poll

Literally right now go to my Twitter

@MATTHIASIAM and I'ma have you guys vote whether you think

it's a "Cash It" or " Trash It"

you guys will be the deciding factor

click that link the Description below to vote

*even more elevator music*


I've been waiting for this one dude

I'm gonna be honest with you man when I was walking by your

office i saw these poking out of the

bin *gasp* and I was like

*creepy face* Dad is excited (>w<)

but that is the only thing that was poking out of the bin

(Brian) So you infringed on my office privacy?

I did, I infringed on your office privacy

but I'm being honest to the viewers that I have seen this before (thx boo)

it was so bright green in your office window, man

I was tempted to just go in and grab it

And be like, "I dunno where it went"

(Brian) I would've gone crazy "WHERE IS IT?"


Thin mints, flavored with other natural flavors


Whole grain corn, sugar, corn meal, dextrose, palm oil..

Oh, I mean these ingredients aren't horrible

They aren't great, they're not horrible though

Look at this stuff though guys

This looks like little POOP pellets

Mint cereal though?

(Brian) You know it's going to taste good


Egh, I don't thinks so bro

Mint with milk? We're gonna test it out

Mint with milk (>~<)

I don't know man

Ok let's go try it with milk, see if mint ah-

* crunch crunch crunch*

-oats it's groun (idk?)

(Brian) You can't knock it if you're eating it multiple times

It's not bad, but it's not, I-I'm saying

*crunch* The purpose of it is cereal

If those are just simple little cookies

Yeah, sure, but it says you have to eat it with milk

*Kitchen Matthias hard at work*

*milk pour*

(B)That looks good

(M) Wait what is this? What kind of milk is this Brian?

2% ?!?! BOOO


It wasn't me!


*Lots of crunching*

(Brian) That's is super crunchy

Very crunchy

Not bad, it's definitely not breakfast

And it feels SICK eating this for breakfast, but

for desert? You know? As a little reward

*crunch slurp combo* 0.o

It's a "Cash It"

*Elevator music*

What is this? iFun- i iFun

Play with personality, What if I want to play with

no personality (sassy) what if I just wanna play like this

*deadpan with fun music in the background*

Light up wands, OH look

for some reason I'm able to pull out th-the tab

Before even I even buy it, which is a little weird

Oh jeez, chill dude

Six modes of light-up action

I'm just tryna figure out what the purpose it

(Brian) They do a thing-They're lightsabers

*tear* Ok...

Yeah, but they're too small to actually like

*smack smack smack smack*

(Brian) Yeah, but (Matt) Have some battles

As a kid I'd be like this is disappointing, Mother

(Brian) Ungrateful child >:(

Why does it go from blue to red?

Aw...no light sabers do that

(Brian) I knew this would shake ya(what?)

No light sabers do that >:(

(Brian)Mission accomplished

Look at this, dude, you guys can't see

What? Did it just turn off?

You guys can't see as much as I can right now, but

but if I do that the bottom hilt is red and this is blue (I could see it)

this is getting me shook

Who's light saber flashes, it's not a light saber, it;s a wand

Ok? It's a wand, guys

Don't worry about it

So there's not one mode on her-



*three smacks*

(Bryyyan) They don't want you to battle with it

*Ultimo smack*

(B) It's a safety switch

What? They both turn off when you hit them



to disorient the person

Here's what's up, there's not one mode

setting on this

that just leaves it one color

It's always either flashing or switching between different colors

I know you're trying to be a light saber

Well, actually it's got a little pen clip too so if

you wanna like put it in your pocket

"Trash It"

*crash* *hit*

(Brian) You just cracked the window

You wish I did

*What did the stoner say to the elevator? I'm high*


What the heck is this? Washable roller sidewalk paint

Sidewalk paint?

What? This looks like chalk

Oh, so it's just chalk

You take this off like this

*I'm free*

And then what? You fill it up with water?

Oh you buy, YOOBI gives

I'm so-I love YOOBI

YOOBI, one for you, one for me

What- What are they even talking about on this?

This chalk donates one item to a US classroom in need

Could they be more vague?

They don't say anything make it

Sound like they're doing something good

Where's the follow up after this claim?

What classroom are you giving it to? (A US classroom, duh)

Who's in need? (A US classroom) Why are they in need? (bc they don't have YOOBI)

Do you deem what they have that's in need?

*Angry Matthias is Angry*

Fill line, ok so you do fill it up with water

Ok, let's go do this



(Brian) What was that?

The hose was screaming dude, listen


It's like please noo

Ok, so I gotta do it to the fill line here

Ok *more squealing*

What a sad hose

It's like, "I don't wanna be a hose anyMOSE"

(Bryan) WHaaa

So I'ma shake, AWGH


That was a bad idea, so I'm just gonna stir

don't shake this, this says "Shake well"

Fill line and shake well, but LOOK


(Bryan) What is it leaking out of?

The top!

(Brean) What?

*wind noises*


OH that works quite well

(Brian) I can tell you right now I know what you're going to write...

(Bryan) What? (It's going to be YOOBI)

(Brian) YOOBI (toldya)


(Bryan) YOOBI ya newbie (#preach)

You gotta go pro on the mobo pro, no?

You put a go-pro on that Mobo pro?

(Brian) Oh my God

I say this is "Trash It" 'cuz look how damaged it is

It's like after one use, like there's nothing left


(Brian) You're gonna make a mess on you-(Matt) Awh


(B) That's what you get

It's not paint it's just chalk

No, it's paint

*I've been captioning for hours*


Yummy Nummies: Mini Kitchen MAAGIC


K what are the other ones that we've had?

We've had the burger one, (Brian) Did we do Donuts?

We did donuts, yeah, it was like donuts and a burger (That's a weird meal)

So this one's fries

(B) Fantastic Fries

OH Fantastic Fries

Makes twenty mini fries

Amazing fries with cheese and ketchup flavors for dipping (ew)

That's cheese

I don't like that

(B) In-N-Out Animal style?

No, In-N-Out animal-style puts puke on their fries (#savage)

*Angry Explosion*

That's the "technical" term for it, it's puke

*bag rustling*

No, see this?

These little spots are all for fries (It said MINI fries)

So you have to cut up INDIVIDUAL fries


Yeah, so you paste it on that and then you have to cut up

individual fries, why not just give

yourself like a mini potato and then like slice it or something like that

ugh this is weird dude, let's go try it out

Alright, here we go


We have a willing participate

Bobby (Bobby) Oh no (RUN)

(Matt) Now let's take a look (Bobby) Oh God (Matt) at this first

Look at how that actually turned out here

*clears throat*

(Oh, that's adorable >u<)

We got the ketchup that looks like raspberry jam

*Bobby laughs nervously* We got the cheese

that looks like, maybe human body

fluids of some type, *Bobby groans* and we have

the *Bobby gags* potato fries which

were from a powder I'ma be honest with you

(Bobby) Oh powder ok..

It wasn't actually potato so I- (probably tater starch)

I want- I'm curious, what are your thoughts are

on this delicacy here (Bobby) Ok...

I...HOPE this is cheese

It's so hard (that's what he said)

*kill me now*

(Matt) What does it taste like? *Brian starts laughing*

It's like...

it's like...really old bread (ew)


Really old (YOOBI) chalky bread, ok

here, I'm going to try the ketchup (Matt) Do the... ketchup ketchup (lmao KETCHUP Matt)

I can't even get into it, It's too hard (That's what he said?)

Like jam

*grunts* (someone) I'm shy (someone else) Awh



This is not bad (rlly?) (Brian) Oh-Wha?

It tastes like ketchup, yeah (Matt) Does it really? (Bobby) It's like a


(Both) Gelatinous (Bobby) ketchup that's

it exactly


MM, I'll finish these (Matt) Alright man

(Bobby) I'll take them (Matt) Take it into edge space

enjoy *puzzled Matthias is puzzled*

I'd say... "Cash It"

(Everyone) Stop (Bobby) Yeah (Brian) Wooow (Matt) STOP

It's not that-maybe I'm just super hungry idunno(someone feed him)

*explosion of laughter*

*urgh the video isn't over yet?*


Oh.. Ok Ok, It's like a Rubic's Cube (RUBIKS CUBE, WHO SPELLED IT WRONG?)

But ten times more intense in the shape of a

ball (Bryan) See the age?

Oh age 9 to 99

So if you're 100 *smacking sound in mouth* no

(Brian then Matt) No (Matt) Too old

*falls* woa-Oh Noo

Did you see that? "nuh uh" I literally

picked it up and destroyed it *collaspe*



Wow that's delicate, dude

I literally picked it up and almost destroyed it

Wow...ok this is very

very interesting once i get it out of this

state though, you know I'm never

gonna get it out because it'll go this way

Wait.. can it- yeah it can go this way

and it can also go this way

Let's just do it opposite, ok?

you see what just happened?

like pieces got switched


Wait did I lose it? no it's right here- wha?

(Brian) No you did lose it (wtf) (Matt) What?

I have to go all the way back (Bryan) nonono... you're going the wrong way

No no I'm not, look

What? I lost it (Bryan) yeah you gotta go the other way

(B) other way watch this, give it two spins

I think this is im-

There we go, yeah you're right

Oh my word dude this is gonna give me

straight up anxiety if I move it out of this

Ok so here we go, I'm gonna put it this way

And now I'm gonna put it this way

and everyone's SHOOK

(Brian) You already forgot (Matt) Oh I-dude I already forgot

Oh my Gosh I already forgot, I can do this

I did it *Brian cheers*



(Bryan) Crazy, how would it be - If I mixed

it up, jumbled it up (Matt) There's no way and

for me, I'm sure many of you guys can do it (lolno)

but for me...

I don't think I can, I'm gonna do it though guys

I'm gonna do it



Oh my Gosh (Bryan) No way (Matt) there's no way now

It's done dude

(Bryan) Death (Matt) Game over :(

Like you'd have to like study how it even works

Look now there's only one blue piece

with purple and red (Brian) What?

Look look I got something together *GASP*

(Brian) Who's gonna-oh (Matt) What?

(Bryan) That's just pure luck waiwai wait

(Matt) Nonono (Brian) Here you're all jumbled up right there

dude, you know you're not even close

(Matt) Look there's yellow, but what? Now the

orange... and yellow mix

But I got green in the correct spot

Oh *gasp*


(Bryan) I know you think you're close,but you're not close

Bro, I'm soo close


You know I'm close, I GOT GREEN

"Yeah, but that not-

LOOK I got BLUE TOO, I like this, dude

I thought it would give me anxiety, but it's kinda

nice, it's kinda like taking my mind off of things (so... a toy?)

"Cash It", dude this is going back

to my house, I rarely say that

(Brian)I wanna see you Tweet a picture (Matt) That's like an

A+ +

from me, guys before the next couple of products

Make sure you're subscribed (whoops)

because these videos are gonna

get crazier pretty soon, so make sure you

SUBSCRIBE by clicking that big ol' SUBSCRIBE

button down below and we'll see ya very soon in another video

Actually we have a couple more products *chuckles* (And like 3 more minutes)

*3 minutes and like 14 seconds left*

Aw great another one of these things?

What is that? Is that an elephant?

Dude he's gotta short snout (#stopelephantshaming2k17)

Never seen an elephant with such a short snout

If you guys remember from a previous one we had this one

we tried this one and it was POWERFUL




*literally the same thing but slower*


Okay so here's what's crazy about this, you put this in here

And then you squeeze it, I'm not gonna squeeze it because

I remember that we were super shocked

with how well it worked

(Bryan) no


That one's not as good, did we get a dud?

Is the unicorn just better?


Yeah...Not as good as the unicorn, the unicorn

was WAY better, it like...

was just building that pressure and then it was like


This is like what I feel sometimes if I'm

not gonna have that that Rubic's Sphere

I feel like everything is just gonna blow up and then (watch out)

*shoots at behind camera*

(Brian) Yeah, it's not even accurate

Inaccurate... Oh


Nah it's pretty inaccurate



(Is he gonna curse?.. oh, no nvm)

(B) What?

It like pinched me

I don't like this dude, I hate it


(Bryan) So not as good as the unicorn?

Not as good as the unicorn by any means

Not as good, NOT AS GOOD GUYS

"Trash It" sorry Trash It *raspberry*

*Final elevator music, I'll miss you guys*

*table smack*

Oh, ok ok

so his is like a Zing knock-off

If you guys aren't familiar with Zing, they make some products

They're like the bow and arrow products and they're

pretty powerful, they're awesome

I love Zing products (#spons?)

Yeah, actually they also make another product

Which were the- the thumb-chucks

I think they're called, I was so funny because Zing

saw the video and they

E-mailed me afterwards and they were like

"Hey thanks for the shoutout, too bad it was a 'Trash It'" (lol yikes)

*Awkward laughter*

Made me feel real guilty

And they were like "Maybe you wanna watch some tutorials"

And then they sent me some tutorials of some like some

some guys doing like the crazy like things

with the thumbchucks and I was like "Mm-okay okay okay"

I get you, I get you, Wow this

is like a direct knock-off of Zing


Tale these iiFun people OUT bruh

(Bruiyon) Even this part

Yeah so this is like, oh-what?

What is this?

(Brian) What? Gives it more flick action?

Maybe, Alright Bryan you know what's up

So here's what I gotta do, I gotta put this hook

Right there, and then I fling it

like this, and then you pull the little tail

(Brian) K this is gonna hurt, so not- not too hard ;)

Oh I don't think so bro, this rubber band stinks


See? It didn't even- It didn't even fly right


It's not even flying right!

You think I'm doing it wrong?

(B) try the other way

Yeah, I'll try the other way, no look 'cuz

the fingers are like this, but what's this?

I was wrong

So it's this way

(B) You know what you're doing (M) No wasn't

(B) What were you doing? (M) The opposite way (B) oh



Not nearly as good as Zing (#spons?)

Although Zing, products

ooh, those will hurt you

These are really hard to load too


I can't even-I can't even aim right (how about you aim left? :D)

And if you see me in Team Edge videos

with Zing challenges

You know my aim is true bro (bragger .-.)

(Brian) *giggles* It's true

I win all those challenges SPOILER ALERT






com puzzle 
the puzzle tech