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In the Westworld Season 3 finale, Caleb takesDolores’ brain, cause last episode, Dolores was fried by an EMP. The EMP now says “RESERVE POWER ON” – sopresumably all these ‘outlier’ people are still safely frozen in stasis. Which could be important – humanity nowfaces “apocalypse”, and possibly “extinction” , so they might need these hundreds of preservedhumans. Dolores’ voice assistant guides Caleb toa backup Dolores body at an Itaidoshin Distillery – we previously saw the Singapore Itaishoshin– the name means many bodies, one mind – so Caleb plugs Dolores’ mind into a new body. Caleb demands some answers , so Dolores revealsthat she met Caleb years ago . When Caleb joined the military, he was trained at a specialDelos park, where soldiers use hosts as “live targets” – we see Dolores, Hanaryo, andCraddock playing roles in this “Park 5”. In the real world, militaries do use simulationsand games as training – so it’s believable they’d use Westworld’s robots. The Westworld website always showed six parks,and now we’ve seen them all – there’s Westworld, Shogunworld, Warworld, medievalworld, The Raj, and this military training world. In the park, there are sensors in Caleb’shelmet. Cause last season, we learned that the hatsin Westworld have brain scanners built in, to record data on peoples’ minds. That data is stored in the Forge , where Doloresread books of peoples’ programming. Dolores must have read Caleb’s book abouthis mind – and that helped her predict and control him this season . Like, it probablywasn’t a coincidence that Dolores just happened to fall into Caleb’s arms. She took him on this whole journey of rememberinghis past to manipulate him into fighting her revolution . To some extent, Dolores was controllingCaleb from the start. But at the same time, Dolores chose Calebfor his free will . In Park 5, some soldiers wanted to use thehosts for sex , but Caleb took a stand and stopped them . So Dolores saw that Caleb couldlead humans to be better – to end the cycle of violence and abuse that Dolores knew fromWestworld. And this is why Dolores chose Caleb to leadthe revolution to free humanity. Of course, ‘not being a rapst’ is a pretty..low standard to make Caleb the hope for all humanity. But the point is that Caleb represents humanfree will – the ability to change, and choose . Last season said that humans can’t change,have no free will, can only follow our code – like how William is trapped in a cycleof self-destruction. Caleb is the opposite – he was trained tobe a killer, destined for suicide, and yet he chooses empathy freedom and life. Dolores says “Free will does exist” – “It’sjust fcuking hard” . The world breaks into “chaos” . Earlier,Dolores leaked everyone’s Incite profiles, revealing how they’re controlled by Rehoboam’salgorithms – so in Los Angeles, protests and riots break out – it’s a wild rebellionfor freedom, but it’s also controlled by Dolores . She uses the Rico app to “Move”the riots to certain places, she pays performance bonuses to protesters . So ironically, sheuses tools of control to fight against a system of control . Just like Dolores controls Calebto give him freedom. And like Ford controlled Dolores and Maeveto help free them. Freedom and control are opposites, but controlcan lead you to freedom – like, having to go to school can get you opportunities later. And freedom can lead you to control – likehow free market healthcare can put you in crippling debt , and legal drugs can leadto addiction. We see protesters using the Maze symbol. In Season 1, the Maze represented the hosts’journeys to consciousness and freedom . Now, it represents humans becoming conscious andfree. The show’s creators have said that Doloresdeliberately planted this Maze symbol to be part of these protests .Armed men on the street follow Caleb and call him “sir” . The same thing happens inthe movie Fight Club , when the protagonist finds himself leading a rebellion againstthe system. Fight Club ends with skyscrapers exploding,while a rock song plays and a couple watch – and this episode ends the same way . Sothere’s a lotta Fight Club references here. Dolores is attacked by Maeve.

polar bear hunter brain teaserDolores is attacked by Maeve. Maeve is helping Serac get the encryptionkey from Dolores, so that Maeve can go to the Sublime with her daughter. But we later learn that Dolores doesn’thave key – Bernard does. And Dolores would probably be happy for Maeveto reunite with her daughter. But instead of Dolores just explaining thisto Maeve, they have a fight. Dolores blocks Maeve’s sword with her arm. She says “They built us to last. Before they made us … weak” . In Season1, we learned that the hosts were originally more mechanical, with these metal skeletons. But now, they’re made of synthetic “Fleshand bone”, more like humans . This backup body Dolores got is one of the old mechanicalmodels, so it’s strong enough to stop Maeve’s sword. The hosts were create to be like humans – butwhat makes the hosts strong is how they’re different to humans. Dolores says that all hosts are “copies”of her, because she was the first working host, and all other hosts are based on herdesign . It’s like she’s the mother or the common ancestor who the host species evolvedfrom – in a way, all hosts have her ‘DNA’. It’s similar with Charlotte-lores – shestarted as a copy of Dolores, but she evolved and grew into her own identity, like a childdoes. Arnold and Ford were like Dolores’ parents. Even the Rehoboam AIs are like the childrenof Serac and Jean Mi. Westworld showrunners Jonathan Nolan and LisaJoy had two kids together while they were creating Westworld – so it’s no surprisethat the series explores parenthood. Ford talked about hosts as a new people replacinghumanity, just like humanity succeeded the Neanderthals . Maybe technology and artificiallife is the next step in our evolution – a continuation of the billions-year lineagethat began with these first dividing cells. Dolores defeats Maeve, but then Dolores isparalysed by Charlotte-lores – Charlotte appears via hologram, and Dolores sees herwith the contact lenses she’s wearing – apparently Charlotte installed some backdoor controlin Dolores, so she can disable her . Charlotte wants revenge on Dolores for how Dolores usedCharlotte in her plans . Charlotte says she no longer cares about her human family Jakeand Nathan, cause that love made her weak – which is similar to what Dolores oncesaid about loved ones . Charlotte has her own plans now , and doesn’t want Doloresin the way , so Charlotte gets Dolores captured by Serac. So Charlotte defeats Dolores with the samecold logic that Dolores once used – using and discarding her loved ones, taking revengeon her enemies. Charlotte is Dolores’ brutal past comingback to haunt her [a ghost in hologram form!]. Or, she’s like Frankenstein’s monster– a creation who turns on her creator, just like the hosts turned on the humans. Caleb heads for the Incite office so he canplug in Solomon’s “strategy” for “Revolution” . He gets help from Ash, and from Giggles– Giggles catches a smoke canister, and charges through a police line – cause Gigglesis played by real-world football player Marshawn Lynch. Caleb’s attacked by security, so he shootsthem down with of these automatic self-aiming guns. These security dudes should probably use aimbotstoo, cause these goons have been shooting and hitting nothing all season. Caleb lets one guy go free – an act of mercy,again showing that Caleb can choose good over evil. [A non-rapist and a non-murder, wowee!] Of course, Caleb himself was once a hiredgun for Serac, so maybe Caleb sympathises with these guys. Caleb swipes a keycard [double meaning eey]to get inside Incite. You’d think that the place with the computerthat controls the world, during a riot against it, would have better security – Dempsey’sbank required biomarkers in blood, and even the Itaidoshin had two passwords, but Calebgets into Super Google HQ’s with an anonymous piece of plastic. Caleb has a weird fight with Serac’s assistant(?),then Caleb gets captured.

polar bear hunter brain teaserCaleb has a weird fight with Serac’s assistant(?),then Caleb gets captured. Maeve realises that Serac is a “puppet”of Rehoboam . Rehoboam’s voice whispers in Serac’s ear, and Serac says and doeswhatever the computer tells him . He willingly gave up his freedom to help the system savethe world from “chaos” – which you could see as a noble self-sacrifice. But Maeve says he’s not even a “man”anymore . This explains why last episode, Serac said the “man” he was “no longerexists” – he’s given up his identity to the system – he built a “god” tobe its slave. In Season 1, Arnold programmed the hosts tohear their own programming as an inner monologue, to guide the hosts to consciousness . ButSerac has done the opposite – he was conscious and free, but then he created a voice to takehis freedom away. That’s the danger of technology and bigdata – humans are letting computers make our choices for us, giving up our freedomto a machine God in return for.. retweets and.. neopoints [TikToks] [sweet Vines] [Facebooklikes] [Reddit karma] [meow meow beans] [nuggets of neo-plasmin]. So Serac captures Caleb and Dolores. He wants the encryption key from Dolores’brain so he can access the Forge – the human data from Westworld. He wants to use this data to reprogram theseoutliers, to bring back his beloved brother, and bring order to the world . So Serac plugsDolores into Rehoboam, lookin like Ghost in the Shell. And as he searches Dolores’ brain for thekey, he deletes her memories one by one . Memory is what gave Dolores consciousness in thefirst place . That’s why Caleb gets his memories back this season – memory gives us freewill and identity. So it’s incredibly cruel for Dolores tolose what made her free . Serac says that Dolores is lying and manipulatingCaleb . He reveals that Solomon’s “strategy” for “Revolution that Dolores told Calebto use – would actually lead to mass death and the “End of human civilization” . Soit looks like Bernard was right, that Dolores is using Caleb to wipe out humanity [likethe Judas steer] – but it’s not that simple. Maeve connects with Dolores’ brain and entersher memory of this field with a tree – this is where Dolores used to talk with Teddy. In Season 1, Dolores was programmed to “seethe beauty” in the world . Then she realised the beauty was a lie – she was trapped inWestworld, blinded to its ugliness . Now that she’s escaped this garden of Eden, she seesthe evil of humanity , but also remembers moments of “kindness” . So Dolores comesfull circle, and again she says she sees the beauty . This time, she’s not blind andinnocent – she considers destroying humanity for its evil . But the truly free and consciouschoice is forgiveness and hope – a hidden message online says Parce Dolores – playingon a Catholic saying about mercy . Dolores makes a Christlike self-sacrifice to forgivehumanity and give them the chance to choose the beauty too . So Dolores’ plan is forhuman civilisation to collapse. But she doesn’t want humans extinct – shewants humans to rebuild a better freer world . Westworld was destroyed so the hosts couldbe free, now the real world is destroyed so humans can be free. To lead this revolution, Dolores chose Caleband Maeve . So Maeve finally turns against Serac – breakingfrom his control, and wounding him, which she probably should have done in the firstplace. Dolores’ “last memory” has an “access”code [from Solomon], which gives Caleb control of Rehoboam . So “The future of humanity”is “in his hands” , and Caleb chooses to “Erase” Rehoboam – to destroy thesystem that controls the world . Apparently, this causes the same result as the Solomonstrategy – Bernard says this is “The end of the world” , it’s “the apocalypse”that Serac tried to prevent . So Caleb’s choice may end civilisation, and kill billions. It’ll certainly make it harder for vulnerable people like Caleb’s mom to get medical treatment. But the idea is that this chaos will freehumanity, and give us a chance to rebuild a better world . Last season, Dolores said“death” is “the only way” humans can “renew” and evolve . Ford thought thesame way, making the hosts suffer and die to make them free . Ford sacrificed himselffor the hosts’ freedom – and now Dolores sacrifices herself for the humans’. Caleb and Maeve watch the old world burn.

polar bear hunter brain teaser Caleb and Maeve watch the old world burn.

polar bear hunter brain teaserCaleb and Maeve watch the old world burn. In Season 1, Maeve was programmed to say thatin “the new world”, “you can be whoever the fcuk you want” . Back then, that wasa lie – Maeve was trapped and controlled. But like Dolores, Maeve now repeats her oldcatchphrase , because now it’s finally true – in this new world, humans and hosts havea real chance at freedom. Caleb and Maeve look like Adam and Eve, ahost and a human, as the hope for the new world. On the new Rico website, it says “all onhim now. better not fcuk it up”. It seems that the fate of humanity rests onCaleb, like John Connor in Terminator. Meanwhile, Maeve still hopes to reunite withher daughter in the Sublime . Meanwhile, Dolores dies – her memories alldeleted. She sacrifices herself for humanity, likea robot Jesus. Or maybe she’s the antichrist – causeshe does bring the “apocalypse” . She killed a lot of people.. and she manipulatedCaleb, even if she was giving him freedom. Dolores was controlling and liberating, shewas brutal and compassionate. In Season 1, Ford asked if Dolores would becomea “hero” or a “villain” , and the answer is complicated – there’s good andbad in her. So we can choose to see the beauty or theugliness. The showrunners say that this “version”of Dolores is dead and “gone” . But there are other versions of Dolores out there, likeMartin-lores and Musashi-lores. Their brains could get back in an Evan RachelWood body and be about the same. Or maybe Bernard could recreate Dolores, likeDolores remade Bernard. So one way or another, Evan Rachel Wood couldreturn to Westworld. So the twist this season is that Dolores didn’twanna kill humanity and take over the world – she wanted to help humanity. But a lot of her plan is still either unclearor makes no sense. Like, what was the point of getting the Solomonstrategy if she didn’t need it to erase Rehoboam? Did Dolores plan to get captured so her “lastmemory” would give Caleb access? Why didn’t they just destroy Rehoboam withan EMP or a bomb on the several other times they were here? Why didn’t Dolores ever explain her planto Caleb? When did Dolores decide this plan, and changeher mind about humanity? What was her plan with that host goo and hostmaking data, and talk of a “new species”? A lot of Dolores’ plotline and motivationsaren’t explained. While Dolores and Caleb fight for freedomand apocalypse, Bernard, Stubbs and William have a punch-up at a gas station. William said his new “purpose” is to destroyall hosts . So he shoots Stubbs, and gets bitch-slapped by Bernard, then William runsaway when the police come. These dystopian cyberpunk lookin riot copsare led by Dolawrence – a copy of Dolores’ mind inside a Lawrence body . He is the fifthpearl, who’s apparently been working for Dolores in Berlin . Now he’s infiltratedthe SF police, and sets up these explosives to blow up LA . Dolawrence also gives Bernardthe briefcase that Musashilores sent last episode. It contains the ‘halo’ device that Bernardwill use to enter the Sublime – so this is all part of Dolores’ plan for Bernard. But first, Dolawrence sends Bernard to Lauren. Lauren was the wife of Arnold. Thirty years ago, Arnold and Ford createdWestworld – then Arnold committed suicide, and Bernard was created in Arnold’s image. Bernard was implanted with memories of Arnold’sfamily – of his son Charlie, and his wife Lauren. Bernard now knows that those aren’t hismemories, he never met Lauren or Charlie, but his feelings for them are still cornerstonesof his identity . So Bernard meets his.. ‘wife’ for the first time. And they talk about their grief for the deathof Charlie – the memories hurt, but they’re precious, cause they’re all they have leftof their son . Charlie isn’t really Bernard’s son.

polar bear hunter brain teaserson. And Bernard isn’t really Lauren’s husband– she’s just so old and senile so she thinks Bernard is her long dead husband. So these relationships aren’t real. But the emotions are real , so Bernard andLauren get closure. Showrunner Lisa Joy says Lauren gives Bernard“the freedom to move on from the past”. It seems that Dolores sent Bernard here togive him that closure, before her plans take him into the future . sBernard realises that the encryption key everyone wanted this season isn’t in Dolores’ mind– it was in his mind all along. That’s what Dolores planted in Bernard’scode . That’s why Bernard was the one irreplaceable person in Dolores’ plan . Dolores givesthe real world to the humans, but the hosts have the Sublime, the digital paradise wheresome hosts went last season . Dolores entrusts the key to this world with Bernard .Bernard puts the wounded Stubbs on ice, and leaves him to “rot” . Stubbs obeys becauseBernard reprogrammed him earlier . In a show about how it’s wrong to control and usepeople, it’s pretty horrible that Bernard treats Stubbs. Bernard plugs into the Sublime – and hesees.. something . A bunch of hosts, including Teddy and Akecheta, have been living in thisvirtual world for months now. Bernard said this is a place where hosts canbe “free”, and they make whatever they want , as though heaven is giant Minecraftworld. So what have they built? A host city? A utopian Futureworld? A working Gameboy Color ? Serac’s Warworldsimulation ran at a faster rate than the real world . Maybe the Sublime is the same, anda few months in the real world has been years in the Sublime – the hosts could have awhole history here. But why did Dolores send Bernard there? Does she want Bernard to be a leader in theSublime? Bernard says he’ll learn “what comes afterthe end of the world” – so he’ll learn how the Sublime builds a free world so hecan teach humans what to build in the real world. Maybe hosts could return to the real worldfrom the Sublime, maybe humans could go to the Sublime. Or maybe Dolores just wants Bernard to goto robot heaven. There are lots of possibilities. But Bernard stays in the Sublime for a.. reallylong time. When he wakes up, he’s covered in dust,the room is ruined, the pot plant has disintegrated, and Stubbs in the bathtub must be reducedto chunky soup. Bernard was plugged in to his Oculus Riftfor months at least – maybe years, or decades. This could be a post-apocalyptic future, afterthe collapse that Solomon predicted. All this ruin and dust looks like the post-creditsscene last season – when a version of William was in a dusty ruin. Showrunner Lisa Joy said this is “In thefar, far future” when the world is “Quite destroyed” . Maybe all of Season 4 willbe set hundreds of years after Season 3, with Bernard and Maeve and Charlotte in a post-apocalypticfuture where people struggle to rebuild. Or maybe Bernard was only here a month, andthere was a dust storm, and housekeeping never came – it’s ambiguous. Either way, Season 4 will take place in dramaticallychanged worlds – both the real world, and the Sublime. William sits soaking in blood and whiskey. He wants to fly to Delos facilities roundthe world , so he can wipe out all the hosts. So he goes to a Delos office in Dubai. Dubai seems weirdly unaffected by the ‘endof the world’ – but the apocalypse should get there eventually – this apocalypticpromo shot seems to be based on Dubai’s real skyline . William rolls in like a crazyold man , ranting at the receptionist about robots . William thinks he’s the hero ofthis story, like Sir Rowan in his book. He thinks that that he’s gonna save theworld – but the truth is, William’s a side-character. He’s so irrelevant that this scene onlyhappens after the credits. William represents the delusional narcissisticarrogance of man. William finds Charlotte-lores. She’s [somehow] reprinted her body, butshe keeps the burn on her arm, from when Serac killed her family – to remind herself ofhow brutal humans are . Charlotte says Dolores was wrong to help humanity, and Charlottewants the world for the hosts – it sounds like she wants to take over the world, andwipe out humanity. So while Dolores chose to see the beauty,Charlotte sees the ugliness in humanity. Dolores said that she was “torn betweentwo impulses” – helping humanity, or destroying them . So when she split into Dolores andCharlotte-lores, it’s like Dolores became the heroic side, and Charlotte the destructiveside – the Wyatt side. In Season 1, Wyatt was an “evil” destructivepersonality programmed into Dolores. Wyatt says the land doesn’t belong to the“old settlers” , it belongs to “a new god” who walks on sand made of human bones. Dolores played that genocideal role in Season 2. But now Charlotte is Wyatt. She wants to go full Terminator, reduce humanityto a sandy wasteland, and “claim this earth” for the hosts. And Charlotte uses William in her plan. She’s created a host version of William,who seems to be a perfect copy . Kind of like the James Delos copy last season – a humanmind in a host body. That James kept breaking down , so maybe thisWilliam is different, but whatever it is, it slashes human William’s throat – apparentlykilling him . William’s story was always about self-destruction . He destroyed hisown family, consumed himself with delusion – William was William’s worst enemy. This season, he tried to kill his past selves,but in the end, William is destroyed by William. Charlotte seems a little sad to watch himdie. This Charlotte is a copy of Dolores – andDolores and William had a long relationship – with moments of love, and years of abuse. This is revenge for Charlotte, but William’skinda pathetic in the end. For all his pride and brutality, William diesin Dubai basement, mourned by no one – most people think he was already dead . This isthe sad fate of humanity if we give in to our worst impulses. If we fail to change, if we keep hurting thosearound us, we self-destruct, with no one to mourn our passing. And William’s torment isn’t over – weknow from last season’s finale that a version of William ends up trapped in an endless loop. So William’s life may be over – but hispunishment is just beginning. Charlotte has hundreds of host printers – maybemaking an army to take over the world. Is she making hundreds of copies of William? The bad guy in the original Westworld movie was a host Man in Black attacking humans. Maybe we’ve come full circle, and the badguy in Season 4 will be a host Man in Black again . It’s said that Wyatt’s men wearthe flesh of Wyatt’s enemies – so maybe Charlotte’s army wears the flesh of herenemy William. Or maybe Charlotte’s making lots of copiesof herself , spreading like a virus, like Agent Smith in the Matrix – “If you wantsomething done right, do it yourself” . Or maybe Charlotte is making entirely new hosts. That was the point of the “host making data”that Charlotte got from Delos . So this could be the first generation of hosts created notby humans for Westworld, but by hosts for the real world. But what kind of creatures will these hostsbe, created by Charred-lores for the end of the world? So there’s a lotta cool possibilities forSeason 4. Caleb and Maeve and the outliers could leadhumanity in a free world, while the apocalyptic Charred-lores and her army of Ed Harrisesfight to wipe them out – and Clem and Hanaryo and Lawrence and Doglores might be around. Meanwhile, Bernard oversees a strange digitalworld in the Sublime, a paradise built by machines for machines, making whole new kindsof consciousness, in a seperate stream of time. At its best, Westworld sparks the imagination– gets you thinking about the future and technology and identity and meaning, and whetherit’s gay to spoon a robot copy of yourself – this is what science fiction should be. But Westworld tries so hard to be smart thatsometimes its plots and characters are a mess. Bernard did almost nothing this season, exceptfor giving vague exposition. Maeve spent another season having pointlesssword fights and being controlled by others, which even the actress Thandie Newton saidwas “frustrating” since Maeve was meant to win her freedom seasons ago . Serac wasan interesting chadacter, but despite his all-seeing all-powerful supercomputer, heand his goons were completely incompetent in stopping Dolores. Serac was only defeated because he chose toplug his enemy Dolores directly into the supercomputer that controls the world – which is aboutas smart as sending your credit card to a Nigerian prince. And once again, Dolores’ motivations werea total mystery until the end – and it’s really hard to root for a character when youdon’t know what they want and why. So there are a lot of problems with WestworldSeason 3. But it still explores important ideas withambition and depth, and great acting and production and music. So in the end, we can choose to see the uglinessin Westworld, or see the beauty. Alt Shift X is making more videos about theGame of Thrones books, and covering series like His Dark Materials and Dune. His Dark Materials is about polar bears, witches,and killing God, and Dune is about space politics, philosophy and sand worms. These are all awesome books, and you can getany of them on audiobook for free right now by signing up for a trial with Audible. Members get an audiobook each month, and ifyou cancel, you keep the audiobooks. Sign up at audible.com/asx. Thanks for watching this video, and this wholeWestworld series. 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