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hey guys what’s up I’m gonna be showingyou this new game I’ve been playing recently called Viking’s war of clansnow I started playing it on my mobile phone and unfortunately since the screenis a bit smaller I decided to search for it on the Internet the first thing thatpopped up was a facebook game room so I started playing it on the Facebook gameroom I got really far and invested a lot into it and then I decided to search forthe website Plarium website and it turns out that they have theirown launcher so I downloaded that and I connected my Facebook and my Google justlike I have on my main account my main Vikings account is connected to Facebookand Google and I went to start it up on here and it wants me to start a newaccount and I tried to write support I’ve gotten a nothing back I went to thethe forums I wrote about it and I’ve seen people complaining that you can’tlink the two so I don’t really think that’s fair so I’m starting over we got a lot of gold spammers in thechat but um I decided to just go ahead and do a quick little video I’m going to turn down the game volume again okay so this is basically the tutorialand we’re just gonna go through it real quick so you can see what the game isabout. Jarl your warriors await your ordersthe time has come to show who is worthy of being the lord of northern lands their fate is in your hands your warriors will fight much better if theyhave enough food build a farm with the supplies so um basically starting offour farm and as you can see there’s a couple of little choices here they wantsto do a farm and you’re gonna find out once you start playing this that you’regoing to need a lot of farms to feed your warriors if you’re gonna have a hugearmy then you’re gonna need a lot of farms okay so they do have a questsection and it’s right here and they want you to go through all these and dothem one by one as you get them done you are able to claim the reward which isbasically like resources and experience you can see the resources are right uphere so this is gonna be the really superboring part I’m trying to just speed past this real quick they want us tobuild one of everything just to get it started anything under five minutes youcan always speed up for free otherwise you’ll have to get buffs our earn buffsthe time timing buffs to actually get past that I’m gonna block these gold spammershere they are horrible and there’s no way to really report them they just spam okay so the right side of your town willbe um basically all the resources that you’re gonna earn for building everything for you’re buildings and warriors and that’s all on the right side is basically everything all theresources you’re gonna need so the barrr barracks let’s say uh I think is theother side now is right up here okay so here’s where we can build that and thisis where your warriors are going to Train and you can train so many at thesame time once you get upgrading the higher level it is the more worriers youcould train so right now this is all we have we justhave the tier one Warriors so we’re going to start with the mercenaries as I’ve learned in this game that I justmade us use a one minute thing to boost up the timing but anyways up just workon tier one where is at first because if you start doing two and threes and foursand when you go out to attack people or they attack youyou’re gonna lose tons you’re going to lose so much that it’s gonna actuallymake you very angry so just start with Tier one Warriors hundreds of thousandsof them if possible and boost all their skills up in the knowledge section whichI will show you in the minute okay so now basically we just hit the world mapor just the middle down here and it’s taking us to the yeah well I believethis is just the starters areas we’ll find out what Kingdom were in a minuteand moved to my main Kingdom you only have three days to move to the kingdomyou want and when you start playing the game so I believe my kingdoms calledStampbberg I’ll have to take a look so this is like a resource area right here it’s alevel one tile it goes all the way up to level six tiles the higher tilesthe faster you can gather your resources from and like I said resources you’llneed tons of them to build your town up and your warriors

play online games strategy gamesand your warriors okay so now basically it’s just gonnalet us take over and do it we want to do. get my mail oh and um after you attacksomething or gather resources or somebody attacks you it’s always gonnabe in your mail so if you over to the reports click it you’ll see exactly whatyou gathered or if you lost any of your army and we just basically got 80 foodhere so not much but it’s just something to start off with so now we can pick our picture that wewant all the players to see which isn’t a great amount of things here so we’llleave it with her and you could change your name if youwant to otherwise and I think it names you something I think it names youwhatever not really sure since I already have a Plarium account umm it linked to my accountI wish it would have link to my facebook game room account because I have likelevel 49 hero with tons of resources and a clan and unfortunately it won’t oh haha ha it’s taken by me yeah ok stars night uh so weird it won’t let me do it okay so for some odd reason it’s notletting me type absolutely nothing which is weird huhokay so how I got past that okay whateversays it was taken by somebody else but okay so this is the VIP which allows youto build fasters it gives you certain benefits as well and here is the crownthat shows you the VIP on the top you can see what the benefits of being a VIPit does free boosts of the action so anything under six minutesyou can free click free and it hurry up builds it food production Four percentas you can see lumber stone iron silver all getting four percent extraadditional premium tasks to talk about in a minute the VIP icon so the premiumtasks or are right here and basically you get personal tasks and if you’re notin a clan you’re not going to get any clan tasks but the premium tasks are ugh give you a lot of things and if you click on them you’ll see the heroesexperience shamen experience you’ll get a exlire and some resources so we canstart that you cannot boost these for free unfortunately the premium onesyou’ll always have to wait the clan ones eventually as you get higher level youcould just push on them and it will all just automatically go but right nowsince we are on a new account we have to actually wait for these to go so we’llstart the this one a rare one cuz you get more for the rare ones then youwould the silver one and this is our chest we get every sooften 140k food and check your mail claim so if you don’t know what todo you can always just come right over here and it will tell you the quests andit wants me to build a forage so we’ll just start constructing that real quick now this side on the left side is whereall of the basically things you’re gonna need for your warriors and constructionsForge so they’ll forge real quick speed it up right here we’ll build um Ican’t recall if I have a manor but was just do it anyway and then we’ll do theinfirmary so I already have that and a workshop is for the jewels whichwill eventually we’ll get to don’t worry about it right nowcan’t do it there so we’ll do it here the workshop you can fuse gems and you’llget the gems as you attack creatures and the other thing so this game is notalways about fighting other players or players fighting you first of all looklet’s get to my um okay so here we are in this land right here you can see ourcoordinates we got a lot of the newer players here shield it and we’re gonnahead out to the kingdoms which is right here and I’m gonna go ahead and start lookingfor my kingdom that I started off with this is a where my friend is right nowand we’re going to be looking for here it is Stampbberg so this is our kingdom and ifyou ever want to come join me or be in my clan or whatever you only have a fewdays once you start this game to claim to go to another Kingdom for freeotherwise you have to wait 12 weeks to change to another server slash Kingdomso heading to stamp burg, Don’t pick any spots right here go southbecause the south is where the the lower levels are these are all be the mainclans are the place of powers in the

play online games strategy gameslevels are these are all be the mainclans are the place of powers in the middle of the Millennium forest which isright here and it has a lot of uber monsters anda lot of high level characters players people like to build their strongholdaround that a stronghold just basically looks like that okay so let’s go to where my main account is Ihave a clan my clan is called Starbright wasn’t always mine it was actuallypassed down to me that was made and two weeks later the leader decided she youknow didn’t have time for this game anymore and she’s seen that I was youknow caring for the the people inside of the clan and she took a Vote for whoeverwanted to vote to ask who the next leader should be and they all voted forme so let’s just type in my coordinates cuz I’m pretty sure I know what they are I could just open up the Facebook gameroom and find out this is my main count on the Facebook game room I really wishI could have connected it to the Plarium Play launcher but unfortunatelythat’s not how it works so this is my clan the clan is called Star Bright andthe tag is [Newly] so it’s one three five seven sixty so we’ll put my little town right downhere you get one free one and this is it so I just use this for now okay a lot welost connection or I have to restart not a problemand that happens a lot and it’s one of the main reasons of why switched over tothe Plarium play application launcher is because my facebook game room crashes meconstantly and I’m getting really sick of it so I thought well maybe if I wentto their official website and tried their launcher you know maybe I wouldn’tget as you know crashed as much but unfortunately I can’t connect my accountsthat drives me mad because I invested so much in my other account just not fairso um right here is the clan menu and list of clans you’ll see the top oneright now is like scars this little button right here this little thingright here means they have a stronghold and you can see okay click it you cansee everybody all their allies we are number two we are basically I havestaked allies with all the top except except for these guys well and theseguys ha okay so most of them I I got allies would have allies with these guys we’re a third one down and here we arestart bright Newly we’re opened clan you can just join the clan when peoplejoin I get a letter and I send out a letter saying you know who our allies ourinformation and stuff welcoming just basically welcoming them into the clan wedon’t have one with darkness rises but we have one more Phoenix we have one aswith Mad Hatter and Scars and you know Back venom as well we’re just basicallyI have I am allied with the top clans on this server because this clan is newlythe tag is newly and so I don’t want them coming around and picking on my newlittle players I think they should be able to come into this game and have funand learn and you know either they stay once they get high level or they can youknow move on to one of the the more bigger guilds or clans that have youknow actual strategies and stuff right now mine is just teaching people how toplay the game and helping them with resources it we have a discord so peoplecan chat and type and just you know give information and opinions and strategiesand stuff through there but yeah so this is my new game and we’re gonna actuallyjoin my clan so here we are a star Brite we click aninfo and it says my the chiefest star tonight it’s me and and here’s all ofour alliances Viking black matte has had a Reaper guard Phoenix one and two scarswanted to join and now we are part of that clan as you can see if they haveelders these are my main elders these names are kind of a little laterbecause they are in another Kingdom right now we are doing a kingdom firstKingdom war global war and we were matched up with another Kingdom and weare barely coming in on top here oh no no no looks like they’ve taken a lead wewon the first phase but it looks like they’re they’re doing a good job ofkeeping up now passing us a little bit but anyways the against if you scrolldown you can see what they want you to do to earn points so kill tier 1 to tier1 enemies two three four five six seven in home or enemy kingdom and then here’s the other thing

play online games strategy games two three four five six seven in home or enemy kingdom and then here’s the other thing

play online games strategy gamestwo three four five six seven in home or enemy kingdom and then here’s the other thing yield resources at camps and then there isone more aspect of the game that I haven’t mentioned there are creaturescalled ghosts and invaders so basically as you’re just starting out you’re onlygonna be able to attack the level one invaders until you start leveling it upin the knowledge section which is right here and you can see the now section hasa lot too for you to learn I’m I’m like I probably touched 10% I’ve been playinglike a month and a half but let’s see invader is right here so we’regonna unlock the invader so that we can hit them upgrade free and now we canattack at least the level one invaders and then as you can see level twoinvaders of locks or invaders you just work your way down some of these aregonna get really expensive like if you see the cost of things right here if yougo to upgrade it they want a silver you know lumber iron and food and you cansee how much you have right here up in the the left corner it will show youeverything or right on top the menu itself it shows you eventually you aregoing to get a shaman I think at level twelve castle or thirteen castleand then you’ll start doing these okay level twelve level twelve Oracle that’snot bad once you hit level twelve Oracle you can come unlock the ghosts and youcan start attacking level one ghosts work your way down for higher levels sowe’re just gonna go ahead and smack one of these level ones so you can see whathappens I voted for these two the last couple of days they had the Saracen andthe Gascon they’re like what do you want to see on the world map and they havelike make dozens of creatures to pick and I picked these two and they won andI was so happy that both of them won at the same time because it’s really rare we don’tsee them we always see like serpents and stuff like that it’s just like it’s kindof nice to see something different so speaking of serpent here’s one Saracen and we’regoing to go ahead and if you do a normal attack you’re going to get a bonus ofattacking it but if you go and headed to do an enhance attack you’re not gonnaget that bonus so much if you kill it right away she’s gonna be killed unlessthere’s like it only hits it so much and then you come back and you just keepcoming back it every time you come back you’ll see the bonus right here gohigher and higher up your offense of the damage that you can you can do to thecreature okay so over here you push the UP buttonyou can see what our tasks of what we’re doing right now we’re marching troopsit’s gonna take down one minute just to get here and of course right here marches youclick that and it shows you so you can click the picture and then you can evengo to the coordinates and this is my hero and I will show you that rightafter we attack this monster will go back into town and we will go ahead andsort that hero out and get his point spent there’s so much to this game to learnand I’m not obviously going to be able to explain it all right here right nowand I am gonna be ending this video in a minute here but we’ll just go rightafter this and look at the hero of stats and I’ll show you how to do that beforewe at the video if you’re in a clan don’t be afraid to ask for resourcesbecause the leader usually has billions and lots of spare or there’s just niceplayers and if you ask people will actually be like yeah sure andsend them then you’ve got maybe one or two of them mean people that will belike oh well just do resource farms well unfortunately when you’re doing ata low level on the low lvl tiles it takes you know 10 20 30 minutes to farm thesejust to sit there and farm them so that’s not cool like I said the higherlevel tiles like the 5-6 the they go a lot faster when you farm them you sentlike if you say you see how it says capture right there they look level forfor attacking that guy that’s cool and it gives us two skill points some influenceand some gold so influence is basically just like achievement points so for thegame or whatever but anyways you can see it says it has 500k iron and if youcapture it unfortunately I already have the max number of marches out but if youcapture it it will let you send how many warriors you want to send to itnow don’t send high level warriors to a resource because if some player comesaround and attacks you while you’re on

play online games strategy gamesresource because if some player comesaround and attacks you while you’re on your resource farm you’re gonna lose allthose high level warriors it’s gonna cost a lot to revive them so just T1warriors you know I would send what’s a good number (starting off 1000-5k)I don’t know I forgot I have to take a look let me go look on my main and I’llbe able to tell you right away okay the battle report for attackingthat guy shows me I got one three-minute timer so that’s kind of cool and also ifI go back down to him you’ll see the bonus right thereso I got fifty eight minutes left to attack him they only give you about anhour but your next attack bonus is going to give you a 15% and that goes up everytime you hit him by one it goes up like 15 25 35 stuff like that so it’s betterjust attack them one by one because in the end you’re spending less right lessof right here the energy and if you ever get too low you have to wait for like anhour to for it to build back up and unless you hit add and you actually have Hero’senergy which can be earned at game occasionally but mostly bought from thestore which is the bank right here if you scroll down you can see all the $4.99 deals and that’s just what they start you off with otherwise it will work it way up to $9.99 and $19.99 okay so let’s go back to the town real quick and I’llexplain the hero so here is our hero on the other side is the shaman but wewon’t get that shaman until our Oracle right here is level 12 so we click onthe hero you can see the name of it that’s just what they gave me his nameyou can name them whatever you want and the skin I’d like to pick my favorite one is likeI call her the Raven Queen there we go so unfortunately I only have one hero changeappearance so I’m just gonna go ahead do that but it won’t let me type any more maybe if I putit all together Stars night the second okay and then here’s the armor and stuffthat we can’t craft for it right now don’t worry about it right now since you’re a newer player newer levels don’t worry about crafting right now and it’s the hero skills so every time welevel up with our hero we get points main points and invader points so we’regonna start pushing them into I guess building and learning okay they’re it unlocked the other one so i’ma go for offense and a little bit of foodproduction because food production you’re gonna realize you’re gonna needthat a lot of you plan on making your hundreds of thousands of troops so I’mout of those points so we clicked the invaders weekend invaders so we’re justgo ahead and upgrade that I would just go all the way to ten before youstart coming down here to the other ones okay and um it’s nothing yet don’t worryabout it heroes energy my level four andmy experience they do have exp books that you can buy from the store or earnonce in a very great while is very rare but then you could just apply them orbuy them for gold and give your hero some experience okay see we have another chest okay sowe’re go ahead and upgrade the house – real quick well we’re just hit it andthen of course it shows you everything about it Palance is the main buildingand dwelling of Jarl you can see all the town stats here upgrading the palaceunlocks a possibility to upgrade other buildings so upgrade will get that forfree hit free and now in order to upgrade the palace and it wants us tolevel them all – – in order to level the wall to 2 – we got a level the forge to 2 in in order to lvl the forge we gotta lvl the mine So after all that craziness okay that’s 19 minutesso you if you’re in a clan the good thing about being in the clan is thatyou can hit help button and people that help you right here these are otherpeople asking for help you can help all and as they help you it takes down theminutes or hours or days even depending on what you’re upgrading so that you canupgrade it faster so it’s really nice being in a clan that people help you tocontribute to that help get your time down YAY level 5! and we just do this we just keepleveling up everything unfortunately I can only build one thing at a timeunless you buy certain things from a bank they’re called profits orsecondhand hiring and it allows you to build two things either with buildingsor with knowledge depending on like which one you buy so we’re gonnawait on that cuz I definitely don’t want to spend my goldokay and so that ends this video and um hopefully some of you start playing thisand come over in Stampbberg immediately and look for Star Bright and join my clanand let me know if you do send me a little message saying hey you know Iwatched your video and I’m here I’ll send you tons of resources tons so youcan start building and have fun and be with it I’ll do more videos about thisgame especially when it comes to going out and attacking other castles I’ll bedoing somewhere about that as well all right guys have fun if you have anyquestions write in the comment section below like and subscribe I’ll talk toyou later bye