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hey PC fans going on with PC world and Ihave a special treat for you today one of the premier experts in power suppliesnone other than John Jareau of course you probably know him as the personbehind Johnny guru.com he is at Coursera now making some of thecoolest power supplies on earth but what I want to talk to him about are all thethings we are wrong about on power spots especially me first thing I hate modularpower converter changed my mind well obviously the the elevator pitchfor modular cables is that you only have to use what you need right cleans up thelooks inside the the computer okay but one of the things I really likeespecially now with so many people making custom cables you can buy moddedcables you’re at the bottom alright you got me there you got me thereand then you know just taking this power supply right here for example it’s madefor SFX builds so the cables have come with their own like 250 millimeters youknow long not very long but surprisingly a lot of people a lot of people takethese and they put them in ATX bills so they need that following 550 millimetercables they just switch them out okay you got me I I’m not gonna say why Idon’t like them I am in John’s house here as you can see we are of coursehere is gaming lounge so I am NOT gonna dispute him let’s get into actually moreof the nuts and bolts of power supply so because he has the brain on all this oneof my first questions is should I chase efficiency of course we have 80 plusbronze we have 80 plus gold platinum titanium uranium whatever unobtainiumunobtainium well from from a green perspective obviously you know you’renot gonna feel as guilty you know using a higher efficiency power supply butyour own personal ROI you’re not gonna see if you buy a moreefficient power supply even if you run that thing 24/7 you’re not going to itcosts more money to make that PSU but what we like to do a Corsair is when wewhen we make a more efficient power supply we also like to put in a littlebit of value add to each of those models make them better in some wayagain referencing the SFX power supplies here in front of us we have the 607 50the 750 is a platinum and the six hundreds of gold but what we do to makethis a little more worth the extra cost rather than just efficiency is weinclude the individually sleeve cables with it and includes a bracket to adaptit to an ATX case right because those you know in the grand scheme of thingsare minor cost adders but at least you’re getting something out of itbecause if I was just to say this is gold missus platinum and this is gonnasave you like 2 cents a month on your electric bill you know is that reallygonna be incentive for you to pay more money for the Platinum power supply sureand then let’s make sure for people who don’t know what efficiency means itbasically means if I’m making if it’s a 600 watt power supply if I’m at ahundred percent efficiency I would use 600 Watts to make it right so as you getthe bigger more efficiency you just use right yeah so it’s whatever AC is notconverted to DC is turns into heat okay right which is another aspect too ofcourse is that the you know if the PSU is producing less heat the fan doesn’tgo to spin as much it’s not as loud but again we’re talking about one percenttwo percent differences so it’s very minor so like I said you know it’s justnice to get a whole nicely rounded better power supply overall okay what welike to give people but definitely if you care about the planet you want tosave it for future generations oh yeah look at California they want systembuilders to use at least gold I’ll show you once system builders to use at leastsilver right so they’re they’re forcing these efficiency requirements on it surewhich is fine because that’s you know there’s a whole part of the planetinitiative you know what does it take to go from say a plus to a goldI mean is it better hark quality caps oh gosh it’s a it’s a lot of stuff so thethe core of it’s gonna be the design right because you know you’re gonna needmore caps to filter out more ripple if the designs not as good and then thosecaps add some resistance that will reduce your efficiency and then you haveall the magnetics so many things come into play with the magnetics you knowyour coil your transformer because all the power has to gothat you have you know number of windings the gauge of the wire right soif you have a lot of windings with a thinner gauge wire obviously is gonna beless efficient than something with less

pc games supplythinner gauge wire obviously is gonna beless efficient than something with less windings and a thicker gauge wire rightso a lot of stuff comes into play to make a power supply more efficient okayso it’s not just a better sticker now you know I know I have a question arethe single rail or multi rail is that even a thing anymoreit is it so the SF series is single 12 volt rail all of our power supplies aresingle 12 volt rail except for HX has a mechanical switch onit you can choose between single and multiple and anything that’s supportslink or IQ you can change it in software oh holy source but is it so is there anyreal reason to go with the multi rail anymore that was sort of a yes a well so99% of the time no because it is a safety thing because what it is is ifthe power supply is sending too much current down one particular connectorset of connectors then you run the risk of all that current creating heat andpossibly melting something right now most of the time are probably only thetime that nobody likes to say hundred percent so let’s say 99.9 percent of thetime that’s only gonna happen if there’s a short right assuming you’re using thepower supply the way it’s intended and not running like a cryptocurrency miningmachine where you’ve got 10 graphics cards running off the single SATA so ifthere’s a short short circuit protection is supposed to kick in but the wiresthat run to that short could act as a resistor and then the short circuitprotection doesn’t necessarily kick in so the power supply just keeps feedingpower down the line right and that’s when you end up with melted connectorsor burnt components or whatever when that does happenso what shorts what over current protection does RCP which is what yourmultiple 12 volt rail is is just one 12 volt rail broken up into separatecircuits each with their own OCP is when it sees that there’s too much currentgoing down that cable then it shuts off the PSU so that’s really the only thingit’s it’s for but like I said 99% of time short circuit protection kicks inbut there is that one percent at the time where does happen where somebodyhas a single 12 volt rail power supply they pinch a wire in the side panelthe SATA connector cracks and the pins crossover like 12 volt to ground orsomething or even something like they’re dry fries and it shorts inside the driveand the power supply just keeps sending power to the short right and that’s whenyou start seeing you know melted stuff but that’s generally if there’s we justsay that’s only gonna happen in a par spot that isn’t properly being it’s outof spec or maybe in permanent circuit protection can’t cover everything I meanso yeah the impedance of the short has to be less than less than point 1 ohmbut if it’s if it’s more than that it’ll just keep setting power down until itgets too hot ok no so I’m gonna ask you now one of the things the tricks thatIowa’s do I mean I I really believe is you’re gonna build a good system that’sgonna last a long time with quality components and you’re not gonna cheapout you spend money on a good power supply sure but if push comes to shoveand it comes between a better CPU bin or one step higher graphics card powersupply goes overboard it’s typically that seems to be the case is that isthat wrong well it depends on the power supply I mean you’re selling powersupply searching you know pretty well for Corsair power supplies I mean we wehave a certain stand that we set you know we have a whole engineering teamthat makes sure that that each power supply meets certain requirements thatwe put forward but you know some of the lower end power supplies they used likeour BS series these an older topology it’s not as efficient it has thatefficiency curve that you keep seeing people use where it looks like an archwhereas the the the more modern power supplies like our MX and stuff they usea topology called LLC resonant where the efficiency is pretty much a flat lineright they produce less heat they have more features like zero rpm fan mode andthen you got this stuff where you can monitor it with link or like they are MIand the HX I and a X I so you know if if you don’t have the budget for it I canunderstand using something like a CX CX series is a great bronze power supplyand vs is great for a lot of the builds where like if you’re using the on CPUgraphics or you have a lower-end graphics card the problem with the oldertopologies and I’ll say this for any of

pc games supplygraphics card the problem with the oldertopologies and I’ll say this for any of the power supplies that are out therethat are still using ten-year-old typologies is the moderngraphics cards they have such high loads so fast we call mule transit loads rightthat the older topologies can’t keep up and they they just crash or make loudnoises when they’re in games or benchmarks and stuff because it can’thandle it so from my perspective you know if you’re using a newer topologyPSU you know like an AR MX or even the CX you’re just gonna have a better olbetter overall experience you know okay so I mean it clearly at the high endthough you’re not gonna have problems those folks who well so that’s it thoseyou know people are in the high end they spent all their money on a 20 80 TI theyonly have 40 bucks left for power supply right yes and I’m like well you know youprobably should’ve waited a little longer before you bought that 20 80 TIright so ya know I mean that’s the tough thing right because people they don’twant to match the power supply to go with the high-end hardware so that’swhere it gets really dangerous what about at the very low end you’re justkind of using super cheap like when you’re saying we’re talking about CXseries to me that’s like fancy like some of these I will do the free power supplyright now are built oh yeah the ones that come in the case isn’t stuff yeahyou know cuz you know hopefully it’s gonna hold together I know it’s not thebest well I mean if it wasn’t for the cheaper power supplies I wouldn’t have ajob yeah right because the whole reason I got into this business was because Iwork in tech support and we would see a lot of customers bring back motherboardsthat were just swollen caps fried VRMs and and what we found was that eitherthe voltage regulation was so bad in the power supply that the motherboard had tocompensate a lot and often you know the part the voltages were in range for theyou know for the voltage regulators but you know it can only handle it floppingback and forth so much or the ripple was so high the cap side to filter mount andthe caps are swelling because they were an overworked capacitor is the same asan overheated capacitor even if you’re within the temperature range it has thesame impact on the capacitor so so I just you know got into it for that whenI found out what the problem was through a lot of troubleshooting I latched on tothat because I was like well shoot nobody else is doing this you knoweverybody’s is building cheap power supplies and shipping them right nobodyknows what they’re getting it’s a box of mystery magic well theclassic story was you if you were buying cases in bulkyeah with the power supply they would say do you want it with a 5 draw partspart or do you want it with the 3 under watt power supply sticker right read asticker write this together and it’s all always the same 200 250 watt powersupply you know kind of so that’s like one of the sketchy things with powersupplies yes especially low-end once is the temperature that they are right yeahis that still a thing yeah and unfortunately it is and some of themwill try to trick people they’ll put a operating temperature or operating rangeright that’s the range in which the power supply can operate that doesn’tmean it can do its full load at the high end of that temperature so they’ll sayoperating temperature 0 to 50 degrees Celsius ok but there’s probably a D ratebetween 25 and 50 or 40 and 50 or 35 and 50 or whatever and they never give youthat information you know so all of our power suppliesare operating temperatures 0 to 50 I think any power supply out there’soperating temperature zero to 50 but you know is that is this gonna do 750 wattsat 50 C right this will do 750 watts at 40 C alright and we tell you that itdoes it a 40 C but not everybody will do that they’ll say yeah operatingtemperature zero to 50 C right and they’re the whole reason there is therationale is that they they’ll tell you it’s D rated it’s X yep as it getshotter power spots put out less power and then BAM yeah you blow things upright right exactly huh okay or in some cases everythingjust goes out of spec like the ripple shoots up through the roof and you knowvoltages go down and you know and you don’t know it right because you’re justusing your computer you don’t have the equipment to check for that stuff rightno that is a hard thing as a consumer

pc games supply equipment to check for that stuff rightno that is a hard thing as a consumer

pc games supplyequipment to check for that stuff rightno that is a hard thing as a consumer what do you how do you how do you findout it’s parsed by is good ripple if it has that modern topology with thatlinear efficiency what what yeah you got it you gotta count on the professionalreviews and while the professional reviewscan’t weed out things like well they can tweet out things like longevity becauseyou know there’s so much that goes into the design the power supply that may ormay not allow it to last two years verse 10 years right but they can at least putout there that you know we measured all we have to fullload at this temperature the ripple is this the voltage regulation was this andso you’ve got that trust there sure and then beyond that I mean like I said youcan’t really test the longevity of a PSU in a test that only takes us like twohours to do right so then you might want to look at the warranty right you knowwell it’s got 10-year warranty they must have some faith in it right and if itdies in eight years I know I can get a replacementhere’s another old-school thing I’m gonna ask you guys so obviously if youdidn’t have a really good review to rely on or if the manufacturer wasn’tforthcoming in specs obviously five-year warranty means hey they’re gonna bedifferent five years that thing was weight used to be like ohit’s heavier so probably is that not so much anymore because you know like forexample this I mean this is dense but it’s not heavy right for a 750 watt it’sdense because it’s small obviously but yeah that’s not so much the case anymoreyou used to be when power suppliers were relatively simple and they didn’t haveto me tree fishin C requirements but then when that that that suggestion gotout there they would do tricks like they would like screw a concrete block to theside of the housing inside the PSU to make it heavier rightgiant yeah iron yeah a giant iron core but you know with the higher efficiencyyour heat sinks are getting smaller that’s lighter your magnetics aregetting smaller that’s lighter right so if anythingpower suppliers are going to get lighter not heavier so it’s definitely notsomething you want to look at so that old method doesn’t work anymore no theother one I read though is some people say like oh well cuz I’ve always saidone of the other ways is you buy a good brand with a good warranty that you knowI’d be there in three years right some people said well bran is not some meatcan rely on which I don’t I understand yeah it’s I mean there’s so many so manybrands have so many different markets that they cater to right that you knowlike India has got a very low price point right for example just not tothrow into you know the bus picture sample so they will try to cater tomultiple price ranges and they’ll do some things like rate the PSU is onlygood for full power 25 C or so inside of our it only works like youknow 240 240 volt input which means they can take the components on the primaryside and literally cut them in half because at higher voltage half thecurrent so you can use cheaper parts right so it’s really you know a lot ofpeople just hit to the forums and and you know it’s funny is you know there’salways somebody out there that’s taken one of these things apart guy might be aChina guy might be in Russia Poland whatever but you can find those internalpictures and then throw them up on a website and say hey guys are ready youknow and say hey guys what do you think of this right okay so yeah that’s a goodways you go post a photo of it – yeah our splice I’m ready yeah because let’slook in there know if it’s garbage or not are these fans or no one’s gonnaprogram if that’s not deserve rpm mode okay that’s interesting because now alot of people do some companies push the fan list design yes which I was a littlepuzzled by because if you have a pretty good-sized power spike like my partsparty I don’t the fan is spun up in four years yeah so aren’t they essentiallyfanless anyway yes yes I mean more than anything it’s a liability for for thefact that you are selling an 850 watt power supply and a 850 watt for exampleit probably does need active cooling so you don’t want to just send it out therewithout a fan then again there are fanless power supplies on the marketthat are a 50 watt power supply is that they sell as 700 watt for example noright because they know it can operate

pc games supplythey sell as 700 watt for example noright because they know it can operate from 0 to 7 without a fan you knowthere’s an account for high temperatures though I mean how do you do um 100degrees yeah really high actually it’s surprising though I’ve had reviewerspush back and and say you know I hit this with a FLIR and this looks reallyhot here or hot here and I’m like you know here’s the spec sheet look at theyou know do the thermal the math you know the life life math on it and you’llsee that it’s gonna last the 10 years that we say it’s gonna last and theycome back and we’re all right you’re rightso you don’t have to worry about the fans never turning on huh so the otherthing I want to ask you about is again I’m old school I believe in theover-provisioning very right of course back in my day was 1500 watts 1600 Wattsthese days in 850 is almost like an overpriced by that and for people don’tknow that is basically you don’t know how much hardware you’re gonna run soyou run a bigger power supply right just a for insurance rightis that a good idea or bad idea it’s not a bad idea but it’s not necessarily aneconomical idea I mean it’s not a bad idea because you know you’ll always havepower right just like I said you’re over-provisioning you’re gonna keep thatpower supply for ten years and who knows what many are 80s or AMD he’s gonna comeout with you know five years from now right it could be the next 295×2 sheknows that thing was a hog right x4 yeah never never never got that daring but weactually use we actually use two of them today still in the PSU lab to doreal-world stress testing we’ll just took two of them in there just to seewhat kind of noises you can get out of Parisit was an awesome yeah yeah it was an awesome video card in the respectivepower system yeah so but anyway but you know if you know what your wattage isgonna be there’s no real reason to do the over-provisioning because like Isaid the modern power supplies you know or you could say the more expensive onesdo have that linear efficiency right so all your components are running wellwithin spec right you’re not getting that efficiency peak you know at 50percent load which is a big thing everybody always points out oh you gotto get a power supply that’s twice what you need because your highestefficiencies at 50% which isn’t true anymore if you’re using a modern powersupply or just cost more by the way – well what you’re saying like causethey’re coming down because more and more people are using that technologyfor their power supplies it used to be that you know it’s kind of an outliertechnology that nobody used but now everybody start music more and more soyou of course they’re publicly states that it’s the efficiency is yeah yeahactually I mean and it’s not just take our word for you look at the 80 plusreport and also cybernetics no no cybernetics test like a milliondifferent points of loads and and calculates efficiency if I’m a consumerand I’m going out and cruising PC puppeteers you’re away from me to see ifI were would I find that data yeah you know that’s a good question because theydon’t list that you know and and honestly it’s not it kind of gets sotechnical that we don’t even put on our park our power supply pages which triesto be you know concise again the best thing to do is reviewsbecause they’re gonna they’re gonna point it out right away because as soonas they see the switching I see on the power supply they’re gonna go I knowwhat that apology is and like I said for us it’s everythingthat’s CX and up uses it’s called LLC resident vs and CX m used the oldertopology okay so these are SFX yeah smaller than you know your standard ATXpower supply this is 750 watts though right yeah and it’s a golden already noplatinum Oh pleasantly we could only do 750 if we were doing platinum if we didin gold it would run too hot oh okay is where I’m because I think is 750 wattsfor a single GPU single induct – yeah well when we launched this product 750watt was our sweet sweet spot for power supplies it’s gone down to 650 watt butit’s still you know for as cool as it runs because it’s platinum and the fanhardly ever spins you know it’s still a great great power supply and a goodvalue – like I said we include the individually sleeve cables and theadapter bracket if you want to put in a regular case do you think there’s anyreason to even go with the power supply then these days I mean why not just usethis it comes the bracket you save some space in the case I’m yeah well thepower density cost more yeah I mean so we had to use different parts it’s notlike it’s not like the but the PSU in the full-size ATX case is mostly emptyspace yeah right so you are paying a premiumfor the high density okay well you could you you could just do it absolutelyshould as an industry think people are not needing the yeah pass CDs anymoreabsolutely I mean yeah you could you could say this is the new standard butlike I said that would that would make it that you know the whole coststructure go up right and people though we as we know nobody wants to pay morefor our socializing if you know it is a good idea last question I want to askyou because I I have had many power supplies blow up I know that I’ve everblown up any hardware with it though good so but is that is it just becauseI’m lucky or do you find it more common in your lifetime experience to see thosecheap a spar supply yeah take hardware with it well I mean mostly the cheapones can and will because they lack certain protections right that preventanything from exploding that if it explodes on the primary side it doesn’tgo over to the secondary side which is your DC and screw things up there ifthere’s an explosion on the DC side even a good power supply may not be able toprotect it you know because I have seen some casesit’s rare but it can’t happen open happen you know voltages shoot upout of spec because a MOSFET decided to you know crash and burn then you knowthere’s only so much you can do I mean over voltage protection should catch itbut it’s not an instantaneous catch you know huhI’m just I’m just I’m trying to think of why I’ve always been so lucky maybethese power supplies just so cheap they don’t make enough power in the firstplace to blow anything well I would have to say most of the time when a psu blowsup it is on the primary side okay and they are isolated from the secondaryside mostly about a main transformer which is up gonna absorb most of the youknow most of any kind of surge or anything that goes through so if it doespop and spark or whatever that’s why I said most of the time you’re not gonnahave any damage okay yeah so generally not but Murphy’s Law is if it can happenit can happen at xx going back to the multiple 12 volt rail thing right like Isaid only one one percent or not even one percent but you know one percent ofpotential failures right which is within itself less than one percent would needOCP to protect their hardware but that’s such a small percentage it’s like whychase it yeah it’s it’s not worth it hmm cool I know I feel like I’m updatedpower supply guy move from my 1990s roots anyway I just want to thank JohnGiroux again I got a right now once again I want to thank you Johnguru John Giroux why is it so hard John Giroux Terrell once again I want tothank John’s Andrew forger oh ok ok ok once again I want to thank Johnduro for joining us once again I want to thank John zero for god damnit ok herewe go one more time once again I want to thank once again I want to thank John Jofor joining us come back to PC worldcom and our youtube channel to see moreinformation from true experts like this thank you thank you