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Good mornin-afternoo-vening dear viewers, and welcome to Haque - this is gonna be very

quick, well not necessarily quick, but this is gonna be another exclusively gameplay

video because the game is released today just now well not necessarily just now

but it's gonna be released today and yeah, I didn't have a lot of time to

actually play play it yet I played it a bit and it's pretty god damn cool you

might have noticed it has a bit of a pixel are sort of slant that and it goes

into even more detail sort of once we play the game you can

probably hopefully already hit the music which is really nice really cool it's

gonna be get even better once we're in the game it is a quick tutorial but I'm

not gonna take accusatorial I'm just gonna jump into the game proper but

first I want to show you some of the options this music and sound the UI have

several options here and it's cool that you have you can play you can enable the

CRT mode see I obviously like the CRT mode and you also have like it's like

the further layer of Filth which is funny and also the crispness of the

lines so I like it somewhere actually the the basic settings are pretty good

and then you can work with a glow bit yeah there is pretty cool stuff but we

have further ado is just stop the game so you can I am gonna talk about it and

can see it in action so heck is roguelike adventure RPG

set in a fantasy in a fantasy sorta world but it has the it has one of the

extra things that actually these design and B classes is that you will get every

every time or maybe they are because I remember Russian and well but they they

were situated differently anyway no these are the the main classes but

everything is procedurally generated and whatnot and in my initial playthrough I

played played yeah my Asian try to play I played with a werewolf and it was

really fun and now let's see the sorceress sounds pretty cool this is

where you can see your your inventory and all the stats or basically every

technically everyone stares this is their equipment and general so this is

life mana attack physical damage with standard melee attack influenced by your

main weapon this is important to read through so you have an idea what each of

these things mean your accuracy your evasion your attack speed your move

speed to standard eleventh fire affinity ice affinity necrophilia Medical Corps

stuff so let's take the sorcerer

so just wanted to you guys to hear the music there it's really nice I think I

think they were going for sort of a light Bastian tribute when it comes to

the music it's it's very nice the guitar it's like some like an acoustic guitar

recorded in a closet which not too mean it sounds better and enjoyed that it has

a particular type of tone as you can hear first attack Wilson died just

bandits attack this is the band dead and we have a bunch of options - cut the

evil eye the kick we reanimate well that's really interesting deal necro

damage to it distant enemy alone television fun - - or throw an enemy and

deal physical damage turns a corpse on the ground into a loyalism opinion this

might be very well by coming very soon because some of the enemies will leave

the corpses which what is the werewolf could eat them but apparently the

sorcerer can reanimate them which is kinda cool weight health potion

embalming fluid

fuck suitable interesting and no scholar yeah

so combat is turn-based as as you've seen and just everything is procedurally

I don't have it procedurally but it's randomly generated for sure

and you have a minion never bet who fights for you a familiar face this

guy's name is Zhang Jia to school and yeah you can see that if they went for a

very particular type of Arts that which is surprisingly it's really cool

the more you play it the more you will actually get used to it and if I manage

to reach a bit of a higher level you'll get to see some nice splashy effect I

managed to get to I think level 7 with my my werewolf class let's get some this

is Turkey it's a doggy treat for us Angie

up for just a teacher because I'm HP I previously played it boots and over


receive the kick words

I played it with I also played it my first paid trip it would be with my

recently acquired or natural acquire but received from a good friend an Xbox

controller finally so I can actually play games that require the controller

much better from now on crota classes gives us a bit more

accuracy sure I have nothing there so when what

not actually had iron spectacles was 20% 0.25 actually is what is that better

yes actually oh yeah and in the left here when you scroll over them it

actually shows you the changes oh oh always nice but we saved those because

the game also features crafting in a couple of levels I got I found some

crafting forges where you combine items and you get new items because that's why

that's what happens when you combine it

get some food let's use the embalming fluid it's okay

let's see if we get the corpse

oi I was create he died without living as a corpse to have a potion it's

actually not because right here

because an iron mace each weapon has their own special attack I have an iron

broadsword has less attack speed but more damage huh I'm gonna I'm gonna

continue going with current sword I have

and these poor souls actually are the end of the level and at the end of each

level you can choose one of three upgrades I guess so in this one - the

speed is up which I might want to learn how to use stoic caster attacks that

till one damage won't cause you to stop casting it's good to know caster dance

evasion up while casting spells so apparently when you're casting spells

you're very vulnerable okay

I'm gonna take this one that one seems to be the most important

soyah here's a second level getting more color more things are moving a bit more

to enemies in bomb Bowl football see if we can get some stuff here - cut the -

cut is does some nice damage this guy tough cookie none of them have left us

corpses yet

the werewolf at least had one of the perks that increased the chance of

something believing living corpse crystal residue crunches the health

portion regeneration it was health over time okay some other occasion not now

now I actually need

bring the crystals see that's why the one on the reason why the familiars are

really cool is that there's an extra target they need to be healed as well so

right now I could just go into the portal but I know there's more of the

level to explore so why not explore it in this this I'll just find out come on

now what it is for lab courier armor cake which apparently gives us more

defence but less whatever that or less evasion so maybe not maybe not but also

more movespeed I'm gonna try wearing it for a while

let's see how we do with it and was another line I have also found mimics in

the game and they are kinda like what you'd expect

what's this I run seven okay headgear on him

so this increases our defense and our low speed but reduces our accuracy yeah

let's try it we're very armed armored up sorcerer

patent so what the next level have is for us power heal up slightly you

restore polish we between levels that's nice

mega bonus the character gains even more one hour moving okay Mickey's on some

PHP up well I haven't gotten any zombie yet gonna go the powerup for relevant

important I think and once you're in the world you can actually smash if they

exist that one is a Smash Ball path I think that's a skeleton yep name is

Kelly and the export in the skeletons explore

later is funny come on scooby-doo and they pack yes I think now it's time for

the eating that crystal

without throwing it or anything like that because if I do that I just dropped

it which isn't what I was going for my caucus nope

like I said I played it actually since I played with the controller the controls

are slightly different

can I do this No

so I guess this throws it away which makes sense now this go under how do I

eat this let me get my controller

with the controller I can just do this and I wait

I don't know so I just used the controller for that and the transition

as you saw between the keyboard and the controller is it is modest I didn't cut

anything just that not Jia it's a cool name

I agree with that name Krakow thing is I know it's a lizard sorry about that

yes corpse good let's reanimate the corpse

sangeun No


nice rifle is a person zombie who else has like is a person is on me I don't

know I do ouch come on is a person saw be attack

good lizard pose problem

oh shit son damn okay portion for that and I should mention there is also

especially in the tutorial there is a narrative that shows up here and talks

things he especially in the DNA code directly this alone

also this is already think yeah so he does that fit and once I go below a

certain level of HP things start to get glitchy

one of the reasons why I guess the game is called hack Oh

this is an editor yeah then odd typo narrator this is important

interesting thing is there is no currency as far as I can tell and

scholar odd anything is me and so basically you're trading what I'm get

short of there is like actual equivalence between things and other

things so good but regardless I want to sell the carotid goggles and ever gives

you mana this gives you that gives you slice a cake just removal it's pretty

good necrotize okay hmm so apparently this is the type of weapon that I think

I should be using 712 86 okay so I'm gonna say to you

I know if I should buy anything jelly doughnut I'm gonna buy a jet d'eau here

is the number of jelly doughnuts and the trade button is green yellow sorry what

the let's see if I can buy one of these as well he's not running running a

charity here okay still doesn't soak those things are

worth on you okay so I just bought something and now let's just so this is

interesting I'm helpless no not this this let's get

out of here see what happens so if I

should happen here deputize decomposed distant enemies okay

test that out how distant Oh

that's nice let's get something nice the gear animations they fit the sounds all

fun how do I eat this ah shift what happening what the hell is dead

how that is

I guess turnover or something

yes oh I still don't know how to be dead with the keyboard

going back to the controller

obviously if I didn't have the controller I would have looked into how

to do that but no what the hell are you do come on zombie go Oh

see getting glitching because I'm running out of life

I can actually as a source that I can let my familiars fight for me and I can

still cast all of these rage spells yes that's our supposed to go to the source

story interesting and you're familiar will usually do sometimes cast this

can I

still we will

holy Christ they should have saved a thing you

should've eaten internship at that lava

which somehow made me move this

fast but the oh that's what I'm gonna wear

those this is one of the forges I was talking about can't find anything

so this is what you can combine

weapon with something and get something different so let's see if I can shop

with the Oaks Colorado and I know for that I get something fresh

I got an iron Morningstar dokie why not be the best choice for sorcerer


yeah we'll see we'll see how things work I don't know if the crafting is also

random together it would make sense for it not to be so or at least have some

semblance of laws rules but oh yes found another one of these this is a brass rod

fire that cool fur doesn't fool

barbecue distant enemies nice can I move this no can also move more if you if you

just maintain click I mean you know mouse clicks it will actually go I have

to say movement yeah movement a smoother with the controller jelly belt yes

something that's definitely better than what I have so let's admission over to

playing with it playing with the controller for the next level

shift around over on some cables a mouse no no no one need for your mouse still

dead so quick draw attack speed up slightly equip you in hand and often

that lasts a lifetime yep Porter guys train we can create

animated weapons I'm very interested evil eye effect

duration up I'm gonna use this just because I haven't found any

not nearly enough corpses to use the to use my reanimation skill but I like

doing fly and I also love the effect of okay I'm Shiva hail sorry

hail them Shiva before my trusty wrap I think this is the boss

freeze you cretins any further and I shall have to put you and I I think I

should to read this as unfortunate girl mr. freeze

I love it to break the night I bought it

perfect storm of power a blizzard of wizardry as a fun reference

hold like like your magic

ah he went to the frozen coast the ice to it okay

shit let's wait what no hell no firemen okay fire that is cool and people I

polite school also Oh apparently the fire that has

chance to miss okay whoa damn dude

okay my guys having fun under now

damn gems of my pay

the camper the spell-casting so cool

I actually mean something

I don't have anything just for my mana dammit

wasn't that wasn't a lot

freezing yep just froze the whole area Jilla ice ping me

well that's

I think I lost mine Zambia because my familiar

yes true it is kind of kicking my ass

and I'm kinda out double ouch find out of - ooh

ah so those are temporary


good thing I just increased my evil eye oh damn that was a lot of damage


merely personal attack isn't and if they write home about

come on just a little bit more asshat

yay well don't travel the sound is so funny so I think that's enough to

convince anyone that was on the fence about the game by now can I take the

potion any potion this is hack despite the spelling it's

actually pronounced hack cuz I asked the developer and it should be available on

the the steam store today starting today I will obviously post a link to the to

the game in my in my video description and it's yeah you can see how cool how

awesome the and how particular the aesthetic is and the the sound is nice

and the the combat isn't it's simplistic but it's fun and the animations as well

so yeah definitely this is this is definitely a a clear suggestion as far

as I'm concerned thanks for watching in case you found this interesting or you

know at least slightly entertaining don't forget to give it a like maybe

subscribe just help me help me grow my channel so I can spread the gospel of

nonces to others have a nice day

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