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Hi everyone and welcome to Northgard A strategy game where you lead a clan of vikings It’s currently in early access And I’ve heard good things about it from quite a few people So I deceided to check it out Let’s check it out together There’s no campaign in the game right now, but judging from this, there is going to be one in the future So, let’s play a game I think we will go with normal difficulty, even though I don’t know much about the game yet! At least it’s going to be entertaining, right? Map size, small, medium, large AI players up to three And we got five different victory conditions Alright, let’s get started And we can pick our clan Let’s have a look then Clan of the wolf Clan of the stag Clan of the goat Clan of the raven And clan of the bear Alright And they got different starting bonuses Clan of the bear: Food production loss during winter is reduced by 20% You can summon an armoured bear at your training camp. That sounds awesome! Instead of having reduced power, your military units gain 10% resistance bonus during winter.Alright. And fame bonuses Kindred spirit: Having an armoured bear or a shield maiden in an area increases local production by 15% Okay The bear awakens: You gain +5 fame per enemy unit killed in an area with the shield maiden Alright Let’s just go with clan of the bear.Why the heck not Having an armoured bear sounds awesome Sounds good to me Alright. Like I said this is basically the first time I am playing. So, I don’t know just how far this will go We will find out Click the build button to construct a building.Right. Obviously.Or we can press “B”. What is actually available in here?We can build a house. These are our resources, we got food, wood, crowns, stone, iron. We got four out of five population And our current warband size is zero Lore And we also go happiness Alright Let’s build a house That will cost us 50 wood and 10 crowns We can also build a scout camp And a wood cutters lodge Doesn’t look like there is a way to pause the game? So let’s move quickly. We can’t spend too much time randomly looking around when there’s no way to pause or slow down. Alright.What else can we do? Civilians.We can cycle through our civilians Alright. We can also select all of them. Like so. Alright. Wood cutters lodge We are going to need more resources, that is kind of obvious.Let’s get started on wood cutters lodge There’s the house

pc games strategy gamesThere’s the house Which means our population cap increased to ten Alright I assume new villagers will just come and join us? Or something?We got five now Alright.Fair enough. And next up we will grab the scout camp To explore the map I assume “Your building is ready. Click to select a villager, clicking twice will select all units”. Alright. Oh yeah.Now we can turn our villagers into wood cutters. Okay And I assume they will just go do their thing And we can turn one into scout Alright.Fair enough. Go forth and explore!We can tell him where to go Oh wait hold on.We need to wait? Yeah, looks like we need to wait Alright.That’s interesting Yeah, very interesting exploration system.I’ve not seen that done before. So, how do we unlock new things? Let’s see.Oh, next villager progress.Alright. “Spawns new villagers when you have enough happiness” And there we go Stones.We can build a mine here.Can we actually build a mine?Yes we can. We got a healers hut “Allows you to recruit healers who will heal your wounded or sick clan members” Also a training camp. “Increases your war band size, and recruits military units” A defence tower We can’t build a mine, can we? Where is the mine on this list? I’m not seeing it.Oh right here. “Requires stone/iron deposit”.But we got one here. I guess we need to expand our borders somehow? “Protects this area from enemies by shooting at them” Okay How about we grab a training camp.Because I assume we have to defend ourselves at some point in the future Probably not too distant future Develop area: “Increases the number of possible buildings in this area, only once”. And that requires 100 crowns.Alright. Improve tools… “Beware: Our territoriy is under attack”. What already? What’s attacking it? Can we rotate the map?I don’t think so Actually, maybe we can?Let’s check keybindings real quick Looks like the game is paused now So, build, lore, pause.Oh, so there is a pause? Right.Okay. Good to know.There was no pause on the actual interface At least not an obvious one Right Victiory conditions, go to notifications, show world infos, flip building… Okay, map ping, go back to town hall, single unit order… Right, so we can’t rotate the map.That’s fine. Victory conditions.Right here. And world information.I actually like that, that’s useful Alright, I’ll keep that on Probably won’t need it in the future, but for now we’ll keep it on. Right, we got a few villagers with no jobs, they should probably get some.

pc games strategy gamesRight, we got a few villagers with no jobs, they should probably get some. One more scout perhaps And some people should join the military.You will be a warrior When they don’t have any jobs, they are gathering food from the looks of it? Alright.We are going to need more houses We are already at seven out of ten Right.What else can we build? What’s this?Lore, building… So this area can support up to four buildings.And this area can support up to three buildings. Ruins.”Treasure is waiting to be found here, but only scouts will have the courage to venture here”. Okay And there is a wolf over here What’s this?A draugr It won’t attack the scout? Doesn’t look like it will Draugr thombs.”Colonize this area to gain 50″. 50 what?Crowns? That looks like crowns to me Organize feast: “A feast give +2 and +20% bonus to all production and happiness for one month” Okay And it will cost 100 food, I assume. So, how exactly do we expand then? “To expand your territory you need to colonize the new area using food” “Click on the area and spend some food to colonize it”.Oh yeah, right here, for 20 food. Right, we can’t check things out if we pause Let’s maybe expand to the area that will support the most buildings.So, this way? Up to four On the other hand, this is a dead end basically There may be more interesting stuff beyond here Let’s wait for the scout to finish exploring the next part of the map We’ll see if there is anything interesting over there Although, he is taking his sweet time I think it takes longer the futher away from our territory it is It feels like this is taking longer than the first one did Okay. That’s fine So, here’s our warrior He is just going to chill around here We could tell him to maybe kill a wolf or something Let’s see, 8 attack power 25 resistance.What are the stats of our warrior These are better Let’s grab one more warrior And new area Quite a few animals in here Fish, stone.Well since there is stone over here, lets expand in this direction. It doesn’t take that much food anyway.We’ll be fine. Lore.”Lore discovered in Northgard will allow you to improve your clans knowledge” Okay.So that’s basically a tech tree Alright. “Gain +2 crowns production, enables trading routes with trading posts” “Your wood cutters will produce 15% more wood”.I think we should start from that. “Reduces the amout of food necessary to colonize an area” I guess we can grab that next, maybe And I think winter is starting already.Well that was quick “Select your warrior and right click on the area occupied by foes to attack them” “Recruiting several warriors will increase your chances of victory, but reduce your food and wood production” Right. So, we can select all of them And send them wherever

pc games strategy games And send them wherever

pc games strategy gamesAnd send them wherever I don’t want them to die.So, I’m a little bit weary about actually attacking anything. Which area has the fewest enemies? Looks like this one.Two wolves. Alright. Let’s go and attack them, why not? And build something A new house perhaps?We are at population cap. So, here you go There. “The colonized areas will allow you to construct new buildings, make sure to store enough food and wood to survive Northgards harsh winters” “Our scout was hurt while exploring a new area”.Alright Right here.Something attacked him Probably these guys Whats this?Fertile land? That sounds promising Also iron over here Okay So, it’s not quite obvious where to expand. We need to take all these resources into consideration. That looks new “The world tree is threatened by evil forces” Valkyrie.15 attack power and 75 resistance And our territory is under attack Let’s grab our warriors Yeah, wolves are attacking us. Apparently Not so fast! One of these guys might die. We can back up slightly Yeah, that worked We pretty much saved him by backing up there Will killing wolves give us food or something like that. You know, meat? Doesn’t look like it.Alright. Fair enough. Oh yeah, fame “Increase your fame and be proclaimed king of Northgard” Alright Next title: Thane, requires 200 fame Alright So, we got a few unused villagers I don’t think we need more scouts.We should build something new Let’s see, healers hut.That would be useful, we got a heavily wounded warrior Would be better to heal him, rather than just let him die “Congratulations, our clan has made it to a new year” We didn’t die in the first year, I guess we can call that a success Now, can we still check these buildings while paused?Yep we can.How about we do that. We got some fish over here and stone So, we can grab a mine to get some stone Sounds good And then a fishermans hut To get some fish Right here Oh, hold on.Three out of three buildings in this area The healers hut needs to go elsewhere. Or we could develop area, but that will cost us a lot of crowns Let’s cancel the healers hut And we’ll build a fishermans hut in here We can build healers hut anywhere, but we need a fishermans hut in this area.To get the fish Okay, we are getting attacked again. I thought these wolves would stay over there.But apparently not

pc games strategy gamesI thought these wolves would stay over there.But apparently not Hey, get over here! Oh, our normal guys killed the wolf apparently.Alright. Only one left I think we can kill it just fine.Let’s go and kill it Just keep the wounded guys slightly in the back And then he can join in Doesn’t look like the wolf is smart enough to switch targets to the wounded guy Alright then. So, can you people build this stuff?That would be really aprectiated, thanks! Go do your thing And how about we expand here.Up to four buildings and we’ll grab that healers hut right away Sounds good to me I’m liking this so far Looking forward to seeing more “You have neutral relations with this faction” The house is almost done So, I assume we are going to need food.Which means it would be nice to get that fertile land We’ll work on that It’s probably a good idea to get iron as well, and we need to grab that on the way But first healers hut, let’s grab that Where’s the healers hut? Hold on, where was it? Oh yeah, right here Okay And we need to grab one guy manually Off you go And the fishermans hut We’ll grab… yeah that’s the fishermans hut. You can go there And get some stone And now we wait for more villagers Our scout died while exploring a new area.Alright. I assumed he is going to die sooner or later What are these? Okay, these look nasty 20 attack power, 350 resistance I think I’ll pass on fighting these guys So maybe do not expand in that general direction Sounds like a really bad life choice at this point in time Well, we are getting resources, but we are really low on food A little bit too low, I would say What can we build to get more food quickly Let’s see, other than fishermans hut Yeah, requires fertile land Food silo, yeah that won’t actually produce any food Although.”Improves food produced in this area by 10%” Trading post Market place Okay Well, this might be a problem Huh We can just move some of these guys to gather food This is what they are going to do.I assume. Not the fisherman obviously. One of the miners And let’s grab the scout maybe?We don’t really need him over there anymore. We’ll explore one more area and then send him back So, finish your thing Come on There. Alright, you can go back now I think we explored enough for now +4 food that’s better But winter time might be bit of a problem.(Marbozir laughing) Everyone is going to starve to death “An unknown clan has reached the fame title Thane” Yeah, alright Colonization, mining efficiency. Let’s go for colonization. Alright.Good enough We haven’t finished that healers hut Let’s grab someone Well, one of the villagers should be fine for the job The warriors are right here.They need some healing, like right now I suppose they don’t have to be warriors at all times Probably not We could just grab a regular villager and make him a warrior, right? “Hire an armoured bear 50 food” Yep, we need more food for that And you can be an healer And maybe heal these guys.Will he do it on his own? Okay, I cannot tell him what to do apparently “You’re not the boss of me!”Actually, yeah, I kind of am, I suppose? He doesn’t care about that, he is a strong independent viking Nobody is going to tell him what to do, apparently Yeah, wounded clan members have 20% reduced production And our territory is under attack Is that a wolf?Yeah that is a wolf He will be dead by the time our warriors get there So, is our healer actually doing something useful? Or is he just slacking? I don’t think he is actually doing anything “Healers gather medicinal herbs that your wounded will use to heal themselves” Okay Oh, do we need a special area for that? I have no idea I can’t tell if he is actually doing something useful right now And productive “Buildings with no workers”.Aren’t you supposed to be working here? Yes, I’m talking to you.Who did you think I was talking to? As it turns out, I am actually the boss of you Okay, now he will do his thing.Fair enough We need quite a bit of healing Zero happiness “Portals leading to Helheim have been opened, we need to take defensive action before the draugr arrive” Yeah sure.Our heavily wounded warrior will take defensive action That sounded bad “We have established contact with a new clan” Alright So, how long do we have to wait? And can we build something useful?Let’s pause for a moment. Something to defend ourselves with perhaps Yeah. Defence tower But I assume that takes….No, that does not take a slot in the area, alright Can we use our stone for anything? Let’s see what actually requires stone? Nothing? None of these seems to require stone “15, allows you to recruit a lore master who will produce lore” So, research basically That requires 15, we’ll wait to get 15 then Let’s build a defence tower, because it sounded like we’ll need one We are however losing some crowns at the moment +2 from town hall, -3 from building upkeep Might want to do something about that Trading post? Or market place We want to earn crowns, not spend them.Which means trading post Over here Alright Off you go then.Get to work.Chop-chop. Did this guy actually heal himself a little? I can’t tell, maybe? Oh, I can just tell them to go heal themselves.I think? Will he actually do that? Oh no, that will just turn him into a healer.Right, whoops! I mean, that’s okay! Yeah, now he is back at full health so they just heal themself standing around doing nothing apparently. Alright If you say so How’s the timer.New villager: Almost there We are at zero happiness We are gaining food But still loosing crowns, until we finish the trading post And almost 15 stone We can probably reassign our miner for now Once we are done with the stone And construction is complete.So, you will be a merchant, or a trader And winter time We are under attack.Okay, hold on. Our guy is over here.I hope one will be enough That’s a draugr. 10 attack and 50 resistance. I like that regular villagers are not completely defenceless But we lost one guy, from the looks of it Hey, that means fewer mouths to feed!Right? That’s my version No healers anymore We just need to grab one villager We are still gaining some food despite the fact it’s winter time Alright So, how about that defensive tower? It looks like we’ll need more than one So, defence tower Where do we want to build it first?Maybe somewhere over here? Yeah I don’t think we’ll be expanding in this direction, especially with these massive guys over there So let’s just build a defence tower, right here We’ll be expanding through here, towards the fertile land “Construction waiting for a builder”.Yeah, I know.But thanks for the update! Off you go “An unknown clan has reached the title of Thane”. Yeah, we’re not doing that great compared to them.(Marbozir laughing) But that’s okay! I don’t expect much from the first game.But this seems interesting so far. Anyone still in need of healing? I don’t think so Looks like they are all at full health.How about we reassign the healer then.To something else. We could turn him into a warrior and go kill things. Yeah, how about we expand into a new area and maybe grab that iron So, we’ll have to go through here What’s this again?Ruins. Right, up to three buildings Draugr thombs.”Colonize this area to gain 50 fame”. Alright Oh yeah, how about that armoured bear? Let’s grab one Yeah, that looks pretty awesome Stats are a little better.10 attack power and 187 + 19 resistance I like that What were the bonuses exactly? “Having an armoured bear or a shield maiden in an area increases local production by 15%” But it requires 200 fame “The bear awakens:” (let’s pause for a moment)”You gain +5 fame per enemy unit killed in an area with the shield maiden, requires 500 fame” Okay So, we need 200 fame asap Then we’ll get a 15% bonus So the best way to ge more fame would be colonizing the draugr thombs from the looks of it I mean, we need to colonize in this direction anyway if we want to grab the iron and eventually the fertile land Let’s just do it, we have enough food There’s no need to wait We’ve been waiting long enough, probably And we’ll move in with the bear, just in case they’ll attack us.Which they might. Anyway, we are around half hour so I’m going to make a cut here and continue in the next episode Thanks for watching!Let me know in the comments below what you think about Northgard so far And I’ll see you next time!Bye bye!