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(ominous organ music) (typing, rock beat) Greetings and welcome to Lazy Game Reviews. LGR has been going on for six years now, and I can’t believe it. I also can’t believe that I’vebeen putting off this exact video for that length of time as well But now we’re gonna do something about it because an anniversary is the time to do something special, like take a look at a couple thousand PC games. Big box PC games! The best kind. I’ve got a lot of them, as you might have seen from that intro shot, Which is a new place that I have. I mostly have been filming in this exact set, room, office, spare area for the whole six years, but recently I was able to expand. And now I’m able to show all the stuff. So, what we’re going to do for this video is show some stuff! First, what I want to do is just sort ofgive an overview of everything and then we’re gonna go into somenitty gritty details after that. But, yeah, story time first. If you would like skip that, then just hit that little thingy right there, annotation, or there’s gonna be a link in the description as well where you can skip all the rambling and go to more rambling, but detailed rambling. This is a ramble as well,just in case you weren’t aware so if you want to skip thiskinda stuff, it’s a good idea. Anyway, let’s get right to it! So this right here is the office space in my home that I’ve use to record LGR since the beginning. It’s a really small little area, only 10 by 10 room. And it really hasn’t changed a whole lot in all these years. But yeah, this is the place where the famous “ugly chair” is, my ’70s chair. This thing’s awesome, as well as this neat LGR doily that somebody made for me. (laughs) And, yeah, some really awesomeartwork here on the walls as well and a couple of arcade flyers. I don’t mind collecting these, although I don’t really ever run across them very often. “Out of This World” poster ’cause great game. And, of course, the editing station where I do all of the work, and capturing and just everything for LGR. Although, I’d really like to redo this a little because it’s getting old. Yeah, just a quick overview of up above where all my games start to be stored. And, yeah, we’re gonna look atthis in much more detail here.

pc games 2015And, yeah, we’re gonna look atthis in much more detail here. But this is pretty much whatyou’ve seen in the background of the majority of my videos over the past six years. Everything is just kindastacked in here precariously and I haven’t bothered to organize it very much because I would like to move some point in the nearish future, so I just, you know. I’ll pack it up when I have to. But yeah, here is the other room! The other room is more than twice the size of my little room that I’ve been recording in for years. And, yeah, it’s full of way more stuff here that I’ve mostly just had in storage up to this point and now here we go. I’ve got it stored but now I know that I’m not exactly a paragon of tidiness, but I’m also not a hoarder. And obsessive hoarding is a very different thing. In fact, I find it offensive when people will just say, “Oh, you’re such a hoarder!” Not because it’s offensive to me, but it’s offensive to other peoplethat actually have it, you know? It’s a clinically diagnosed psychological condition and it’s not something to be made light of. I know a person that was a hoarder. You couldn’t even walk inside because of just trash and stuff stacked up. It was REALLY sad and this is just not like that. This is something that I care about to a great degree, but I’m also particular about what I want in here. I focus mainly on things thatI remember from childhood or growing up, or just seeing inmagazines, or that friends had that I always found really intriguing but also things that are noteworthy fora historical milestone or something, or just is so absolutely obscure that, you know, I just say, “Wow, this could be reallyneat to cover on LGR sometime.” I don’t care about going for sealed stuff. I don’t care about duplicates. I don’t really even like boxes in terrible condition. I pass up way more stuff than I come across. And usually I find these things at thrift stores, but also eBay and Amazon on occasion, as well as lots of donations in recent years. In fact, a whole lot of this stuff has been donated because I’ve been doing LGR andpeople just wanna see it covered, or they want it to go to somewherewhere it’s gonna be taken care of. And I’ve been happy to take in a lot of stuff. Although, I’ve probably taken in too much. Yeah, if you see anything you’ve sent me, then thank you very much once again. A lot of people ask how long have I been collecting, because this looks like a long time. Really, it’s only been about eight years. I started collecting in 2006 Frick, it’s almost nine years now. I was in college and I was perusing local thrift stores because… college student, low on cash, whatever. And I just needed some clothes and stuff. But I happened to run across a copy

pc games 2015But I happened to run across a copy of Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Edition for MS-DOS. It was complete in the box. It was a dollar. It’s the first time I’d seen 5¼-inch floppy disks in… a long time. And I missed that. These were the kind of gamesthat were on my very first computer. So I just started thrifting a little bit more and finding an occasional game here and there. Pretty soon, I had five games, 10 games, 20 games after about a year. And then I went through a really crappy breakup, and then my job position was eliminated. And so, uh… because I had less money, I started collecting more. (laughs) If that makes any sense. No, I ended up getting another position and ended up collecting as a true hobby for a few reasons. The thing turned into a hobby because the more I was looking into some of these games, the more I started realizing there were so many stories behind all this stuff, and I’d never really researched the making of all of these games, and so the collecting turned into a historical aspect. I started getting a lot of booksand reading all sorts of things and watching “Computer Chronicles”on the Internet Archive. And then I started archiving myself. I started scanning all of my manuals and backing up all of the floppy disks, and I ended up getting involved in a group online that was archiving just all sorts of classic PC games and stuff. And then I started LGR shortly after, just to sort of do something with all that knowledge. I never really planned for it to be a job. It was just… a hobby. And so the hobby continued and, well, now it is my job, so this really is my business assets that you’re looking at here. That’s a lot of why I do collect. But other than that, it really is for nostalgia. I remember so much of this stuff, or at least reading about this stuff as a kid. There were a lot of things I was not able to own back then because mostly I just had shareware and the occasional new game or something that I copied from friends or something. And also absolving myself of piracy guilt of years past. (laughs) All those years browsing Home of the Underdogs and abandonware sites and just taking everything, it’s just like, “ah, whatever!” Now I can finally own all the boxes and it’s nice. And also kind of think about itas like owning pieces of art. Like, this is all artwork to me. Each one of these things is significant not only because of the industry itself, and how big it’s become andwhat it means to modern society now, but it’s also just like, I want to own these little things that I respect so much

pc games 2015 these little things that I respect so much

pc games 2015these little things that I respect so much by the artisans, really, that designed all these. Everything from the boxes, the covers that are amazing, the manuals, the feelies, the floppy disks, the stickers. The software itself, of course. If there’s a game with a fantasticsoundtrack, I just wanna own the game so I can feel like I own that too. And it’s a bit personal. Hard to explain, but hopefully you’re getting some of that idea. You know, honestly, I would like to start a museum with this at some point, someday. Probably far in the future but if not a museum, then I don’t know, maybe like a traveling circus of LGR with, like, computers and games and stuff. Just go around and be like a book fair, except it’s a computer game fair. I don’t know, I have these cool ideasthat I just wanna spread this stuff and make sure that people can appreciate it other than me. I love having people over into this little area here. Personal friends, of course.Can’t just let anybody in because that’s a little weird. Yeah, it’s neat to share this and these videos are definitely one very big way of letting me do that. Alright, so let’s start taking a lookat some of these shelves in detail here. Everything is organized by genre and then alphabetically but also sometimes by publisher. Yeah, I’ll sort of explain as we go along. The first section here is my area of applications, productivity software, utilities, operating systems. Anything like that, really. I’ve got everything from old school MS-DOS to more modern Windows operating systems, OS/2, and a lot of print programs. Even really stupid utilities like First Aid 95 or the Y2K bug things. Paint programs, encyclopedias, Microsoft Entertainment Packs and screensavers. Lots of screensavers, I love those. And these weird little desktop utility kind of things that… you know, whatever, man. I had a lot of fun with these kind of things back as a kid I also have some collector’s editions in here that don’t really fit anywhere else, and a few other design programs. Right up on the next shelf here,I have my board game adaptations. Classic tabletop stuff, chess games and things like that. Right below here, I have the Humungous Entertainment selection Backyard games, Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, A little bit of Battle Chess here.I love the Battle Chess series. And you can actually see here behind I actually have more gamesbehind a lot of these others just alternate versions or things that I want to cover and keeping around for LGR or something. Down below, I have a bunch of edutainment stuff by Davidson,

pc games 2015by Davidson, Spinnaker. Just random little things in here that, you know, don’t really fit anywhere else. Some Maxis things, Interplay, a lot of stuff by Brøderbund, other random little… MECC, of course.You gotta have MECC games. And, of course, The Learning Company. All of the Super Solvers series. Well, most of them anyway. And, yeah, just some miscellaneous ones down in here. Red Shift 2, I remember that, and Wrath of the Gods were both distributed by Maxis, not exactly Maxis games. And some sort of oddballs. A couple of wooden Oregon Trail editions down here. And there’s one or two kids games and things with weird peripherals, like Clue Jr. and N*Sync, that have some strange things! They’re sort of Oddware, actually. Let’s see, up here… Another shelf, we have a bit ofcasino games, gambling games, card games, any of that kind of stuff. And then right after that isthe section for puzzle games. Or puzzlers of any particular type. Also have the Extreme series right here by Head Games, and some stuff by Avalon Hill. in with these other puzzle games just because they don’t haveanywhere else to go at the moment. Yeah. And then right below, we have all of the platformers. All sorts of various types. There’s some puzzle platformers in here, some cinematic type platformers,side-scrollers, and whatever else. These are pretty much just platform games. A lot of my favorites are actually right in here. Some of these I just had so many friggin’ memories with. Jazz Jackrabbit, Jill of the Jungle, Zargon, augh! Out of This World, of course, being one ofmy favorite games of all time, whatsoever Still looking for the original French “Another World” release. Some more odds and ends here. Some things from the Cosmi Corporation. Couple of other games that don’t exactly fit in anywhere else! And then my pinballs. Mmm, my pinballs. My pinball games! I like pinball games. I got a lot more than this,but these are just the ones I have boxed. Epic Pinball, for instance, is probably my favorite one, but it never had a box, so it’s just not pictured here. Right up above is my SSI collection. Of course, we’ve got the Gold Box games and their other role-playing sort of stuff. This just sort of leads into the role-play section. Before that, though, we have these LP-style boxes. These are all sorts of genres of games, but they’re all the same type of box,so they just sort of fit together, in my mind. But yeah, role-playing. There’s a lot of valuable titles in here. I don’t really care. I just wanted the games. (laughs) And I waited until I got a good pricefor them, so that’s typically what I do These Fallout games, for instance,I got them all for free. So, I don’t really tend to look up the prices on those until somebody tells me that it’s worth a whole crapload and then I’m like, dang, well, alright. But yeah, Epyx. Epyx Games are very neat. Not all role-playing but it kind of leads into more role-playinghere with the Wasteland series, including Wasteland 2 and all the Ultima games up through Ultima VIII. I’m missing Underworld 2 and a coupleof the spinoffs, but yeah, the main series. Down below, we’ve got some sports games. Sports-type games. I’m not a big fan of sports games in general, but these are just the onesthat I have either come across from my childhood or have been donated. I’m seeing a lot of these that were actually donations So thank you very much to those of you that did. And as you saw earlier, the Extreme sports games. Yeah, they were over in the other sectionwith the other Head Games trash– I mean, awesomeness. Alright, moving on to the first-person games. These are actually more of first-person shooters, first-person action games. Little bit of role-playing here. The first-person adventure games, that’s in another section entirely. So you got things like Half-Life and Descent and Far Cry. Deus Ex is even in here because it’s more that, it’s more “role-play-y” but it’s on that edge. So these are all first-person action games,for the most part. A lot of really good games in here. A lot of my favorites, actually. Duke Nukem and stuff is not in here.All the Apogee games are somewhere else. Although, I also have Microsoft Adventure in here because it’s just sorta stuck in here right now. It’s the first PC game ever made. You know, it’s just in a corner at the moment. (laughs) Whole lotta games in here that I would say most of you are going to look at one or two of these and be like, “holy crap!” Yes. That sums up the entirety of the ’90s right there. And then you got games likeTrespasser and just like, eww. (laughs) And we’re starting to move alongto the adventure games in here and these are a whole amalgamationof different types of adventures. You have the first-person sort of adventures like Myst that are kinda slideshows, and you have point-and-clicksand graphical adventures, I also have some text adventures in here as well. Other types of interactive fiction and things like that. So, yeah, also just some of these gamesthat I call “first-person weirdness,” or like FMV kind of games, or games that make use of that that are just… They don’t really fit anywhere else.Maybe they need a different section. I kinda need to organize this a little bit more but… It’s another bit of a free-for-all, that’s for sure. Kind of vague in the definition. But, man, there are somegood, good games in here too. Especially Man Enough, the interactive social adventure… No, I’m just kidding, that game is… (laughs) That’s something else. Riana Rouge, too. That one’s actually signed by the actress. Anyway, you’ll notice that there area lot of really seminal titles missing, especially those by Sierra, by LucasArts and such, and that’s because I have an entire dedicated section to just LucasArts and Sierra. So if you’re seeing games and are like, “What the heck? You don’t have Monkey Island?” Well, it’s in here, trust me. We’re getting to that. But that’s somewhere else in another room, because they are special and they deserve it. Now some of these in here in this next section could be considered adventure-y, but they’re also… not. I call this my “third-person” sort of games. Again, some of them are not. (laughs) I mean, they’re all third-person,but some of them are just… Like, I could put them somewhere else, but I figure I’ll put them here, because why not? A lot of action type of games. Some top-down ones and some others that, you know, they don’t exactly fit third-person shooter sort of genre, but they are what they are.Some of them are exploration games, some of them are pure action,like MDK and whatnot, but… Yeah, a lot of other favorites in here too. Some really underrated classics like Outcast. Messiah. Messiah is a sort of flawed classic, but Slave Zero, mmm, love that! All the Resident Evil games,including the Japanese version, Biohazard. Even the first Postal with the bullet holes in it and stuff. Pirates is in here just becauseI don’t know where else to put it. And then, yeah, somewhere down here, I have a few sound devices just filling space on the shelf right now. And then Worms! Worms just stands alone ’cause it’s Worms, so… I’ve got a Worms section. And then down below, I’ve got an area just for shooters. Top-down shooters, side-scrolling shooters, shooters of all sorts of things that are more of the classic style of shmup shooters. Not like third-person or first-person shooters. These are like… I don’t know. They make sense in my mind. Sorry if they don’t in yours. I guess I’m open to organizationsuggestions, I don’t know. Moving right on over to the next shelf, and this is my shelf of strategy games. You got real-time strategy, turn-based, some stuff in here that’s like 4X. Even some squad-based kind of tactical strategy things Anything that’s not really… where you’re directly controlling the character. It’s stuff, things where you give commands, but also not like pure war games. That’s another section entirely. These, obviously you can just sort of look at these things that I have placed in this areato kind of see what’s going on. A lot of really classic games. Everything from Age of Empires to Civilization. And Sacrifice. Ooh, Sacrifice is a good one. And crappy games like Outpost. Although, I don’t know why that’sover here and not in my Sierra section. I guess that’s just… (laughs) I want to pretend it’s not a Sierra game! Some space games in here, but I have a lot of the space games in another section entirely. That’s why you’re not seeing certain titles here. You’ll see them in my space games area. And that’s something else. And down below, we’ve got arcade conversions or just arcade-y type of gamesbased on an arcade property, even some of the reboots and stuff,like Asteroids and Q*bert and whatever. These are like the ’90s ones that were sort of remade. But moving right along to the flight simulators and flight games in general. Combat while flying aircraft, or UFOs or just whatever. Oh, man, these are some my absolute all-time favorites. I grew up with these kind of games being sort of my first experiencewith open worlds and whatnot. LHX being one of the very first. But then I got into the Falcon series and then Flight SImulator and everything like that. I grew to highly enjoy their complexity. (laughs) And that sort of moved on to the Jane’s games later on, and then more, like, tank simulators and submarine sims and such, which you’ll see down below here in a minute. But not before we get to the flight simulator area. Train Simulator’s in there too becauseit sort of goes with the others, sort of. But, yeah, I love the Flight Simulator series. I don’t have the first couple but I’ve got everything from like 3.0 onward. And, yeah, down below, I have submarine games. These are super geeky. I love this kind of stuff. Because when they go all out and just, “You gotta do this so precisely!”That’s really cool to me. And then continuing on to the war games section or as I sometimes like to call “grampa games,” because I knew grampas that would always play these, and they were so obtuse and heavily steeped in history, often. And they’re great, actually. I’m a huge fan of these. SSI did a ton of awesome ones. I don’t have nearly as many of those as I would like to, but I don’t run across them very often, so, you know. Moving on to the other room andthis is where we got the Sierra stuff. It’s special. All of these are… Well, they’re not all adventure games.Most of them are the adventure games, because some of the otherSierra ones I ended up sticking in the other room, as you might have noticed. But, yeah, these are the ones that are not only the most valuable, but probably the most well-remembered. Got everything like King’s Quest,the original PCjr version and whatnot. Some of their edutainment titles as well. And also moving on to the Apogeeand 3D Realms section here, a little bit of id Software, but… Oh, yeah. Some of my all-time favorites. I love Commander Keen! (moans) A little bit of the LucasArts stuff, that’s in the next section down below. But, yeah, continuing more of theApogee and Build engine games here. We have Redneck Rampage, Blood, all the Duke Nukem games for, you know, big box versions at least. These are just… Aw, Duke Nukem. And then the LucasArts section, including a couple of the LucasArts archives. and all of their point-and-click adventures… well, most of their point-and-click adventures and graphical adventures in order. as well as quite a few of the Star Wars games I think I have pretty much everything in their catalog, but a lot of them I just don’t have boxed. And over on another shelf here, we have some of my oddly shaped game boxes. Like some of the Eidos boxesthat were sort of trapezoid-shaped. Spectre VR, Gabriel Knight. I did a whole video on theseif you’re curious about them. I love odd-shaped boxes. And down below that, I’ve got my fighting games, which, man, there’s not enoughfighting games on the PC, but… I have amassed at least a decentlittle selection of them here. As well as interpretations of TV game shows and game show-like games or trivia games. And down below that, we have a special section just for stuff developed by Bullfrog. Augh, these games are so good. As well as things by Psygnosis over here, published by and developed by. Some of my Muse Software games Extremely valuable game there in Space Taxi. A Battletech game here which kind of give you a hint of the next section, which is my mech games. We got MechWarrior, Iron Assault, Mech Commander and Heavy Gear. Earth Siege. CyberStorm, Starsiege, all that kind of stuff. It all just goes right neatly together. I love mech games. They’re like tank games with legs. Ah, yes, and here is a section that you’re probably familiar with if you watched a lot of my channel. Maxis games! At least everything in the big box. I’ve got everything that they’ve ever made but not all of it is in the boxes. This is most of it though, and I have a whole lot of other versions as well, but that’s… Ah, man, SimCity 2000’s not quite in the right spot. There we go, that’s much better! (chuckles) Gotta line everything up on the shelf.It makes my head feel nice. But yeah, there’s a weird big box version of Sims 2: Nightlife. All the Sims 1 packs that came in big boxes. And some of my comic book games, at least the ones that were put out by Paragon Software. And now we’re moving on into my space games with X: Beyond the Frontier and lots of Star Trek games because Star Trek is freakin’ awesome! And they had some really good games, too. Some really crappy ones,but also some really good ones. More Wing Commander andmore space stuff in general. Some of it realistic and some of it just not all.Totally fantastical. Whatever, I like it. And then we got a section here for business simulators and Tycoon games of sorts. And also like pet games that are… They’re all just sort of in that weird little… It’s like it’s simulating stuff but they’re not pure simulations all the time. I don’t know. Again, I have a lot more of these, but just not in boxes. Especially all the Tycoon games. Most of those, they were just worthless at one point and nobody kept the boxes at all! Ah, one of my favorite sections,the racing game section over here. A few more random games stacked up there and also a Duke Nukem Foreverhat signed by Jon St. John. But yeah, that’s just extra stuff. Racing games, that’s what we’re looking at here. These were some of my absolute favorites as a kid. I loved cars. I loved anything to do with racing or vehicles. Or just exploration, really, and any kind of automobile or something resembling it. You know, futuristic stuff, old school. Modern things. I loved the Need for Speed series. Loved Pod and all its various iterations. And even Street Rod. I got those in here, too, even though they’re not exactly just pure racing games. But, you know, cars. There’s just a lot of reallyinteresting things that you can do with vehicles and cars and racing and whatever, so it all goes right in here. The Test Drive series.That’s one that I’m trying to complete, like, entirely, with all theexpansions and versions and stuff. Original releases of some of these are very hard to find. I’ve never actually found an originalbox of Test Drive Off-Road 2. And right down below, a couple of random PCjr games that I haven’t stuck anywhere else yet. And the last of the racing games, including the Wipeout games for PC. Yes, those happened. I also have another shelf that is dedicated to compilations and shovelware kind of packs. I don’t mean shovelware in a bad way,I just mean stuff shoveled into one box. And down below that, these arethe smaller box games that I have. Not all of them, but these are the ones that I just have stuck in a shelf. I haven’t been able to put all of them out yet because I don’t really care about them as much. I love the big boxes. They are my preference. They’re what I like to display. They’re what I think is the most impressive. But there an awful lot of just fantastic games, like just… phenomenally good games that it would feel weird not to have, so I get them in these boxes. I love getting modern, digital-only games, or what you would think of as digital-only games, like Braid, Super Meat Boy and things like that, and finding the physical versions of them. That’s kind of become one of my most recent passions, so to speak, is to seek those things out that you don’t think of as having a physical release. For the most part, I just buy things on Steam now or GOG, if they’re on the PC. And I don’t end up getting the boxesunless they’re really dirt cheap somewhere. Which happens. I find them on clearance all the time because people just don’t buy physical PC games for the most part anymore. So, hey, that makes for fun collecting. (chuckles) At least cheap collecting, that’s for sure. Now I just need a shelf to put them all on! Here’s another shelf that I’ve had forever now, like since the start of LGR,and it’s just getting sort of precarious. It’s behind a door normally,so I don’t even see it most of the time and I forget it’s even there,but it’s got all my Sims 3 games, a bunch of random console games, and a lot of loose PC games. At one point, I really just collectedthings without the boxes at all. I would just get them… just loose disks like this, and I’ve been trying to slowly get rid of these and replace them with the boxed versions. But these are a few of themthat I have that still aren’t boxed. And a few more DVD-sized more recent boxes along the bottom here as well. Another shelf here full ofcomplete and total knickknacks. And a bunch of Atari 2600 games. In fact, all of my Atari 2600 collection is in here. Mostly in alphabetical order, with some other stuff juststacked on top of there because I don’t play these very often. I got my Dreamcast collection in here, PS3 games, a few of my Xbox 360 games. And then these bins here are full of the excess. So, just stuff that isn’t yet organized. It’s catalogued, but it’s not organized. And my loose floppy disk collection. I’m super proud of these.A lot of these never had boxes at all. This is registered shareware and games that I had a kid thatwas mail order and things like that. Most of these are not backups at all. Like, they’re legit disks. And down below that,we’ve got more loose PC games. The id Anthology’s in there, too, somewhere.I haven’t unpacked that yet. And PS2 games. Because why not. Oh, and I got a Commodore PET. Love Commodore PETs. They’re sexy. And since we’re over here,may as well look at these shelves as well. These are looking kind of crappy actually. They’re sagging a bit and they’resupposed to hold 700 pounds each, but I don’t know about that. This is all, like, Oddware and some of my computers. I have a whole lot of computers in storage elsewhere that I just don’t have up anywhere, but… Yeah, these are like spares and stuff. Several Amigas, Atari ST. There’s my Packard Bell!That’s actually my first computer right there, at least the same model. I haven’t gotten that working yet.A lot of these are just projects and things that I have to work on that are either not working or they need some work to be in presentable order, so, you know. They are just what they are and so they’re here for me to access them, but I haven’t really put much thought into it. And then I’ve got a nice bin here full of LaserDiscs! Mmm, LaserDisc movies are the better movies. Not exactly in quality, but just in packaging. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I do have a setup for modern gaming, at least modern console gaming. Mostly I play on the PC, but in caseI ever want to play anything on one of the three main doodads, then I can do that on this handy little shelf made of wire. But most of the time, I just rent gamesfor them. I don’t even buy them. I just buy whatever’s cheap. I do indeed have a CRT set up to play mostly PS2 and original Xbox and Gamecube games. It’s a decent little Sony Trinitron with some really surprisingly awesome speakers, and of course to play LaserDiscs as well. Mmm, LaserDisc movies! Oh, in case you happened to see it earlier, yes, there is a Red Baron pizza box on my wall. That’s from my video. I bought that with a 17-year-old coupon. There’s a reason for that being there. There’s also a reason for these being here,and that’s because they’re cool! Old magazine ads are fantastic. And so is this print of the Garfield comic. actually from my birthday, and it’s signed and personalized by Jim Davis himself. This is so cool! (chuckles) Classic Kurt Cobain poster up therebecause it’s the music corner. Along with the “Back to the Future”cars just randomly hung up. Got some King Crimson going on the record player here. Ah, nice little Panasonic system Crappy speakers hooked up to it, but hey, it works! And these are my LPs.I don’t collect them all the time, but I pick them up whenever I find something good. And if I find it for a really good deal. I don’t like spending a ton on records. But I love collecting them when I can. Now right behind me here, we have a sagging table with a bunch of IBM PS/2’s underneath and an iMac and the three computers here from different eras, as well as bunch more. Magazine ads that have beenenlarged and printed as posters. These just make fantastic decor for a room like this, if you ask me. So that’s why I put them there! But yeah, each of these computers is set up and ready to go. I’ve got this HP Vector here, it’s like a Pentium 2. 386 NCR right here and a classic IBM XT. And yes, they are powered on…you can power them on and play whatever on here, and I do a lot of LGR work on these things whether it be Oddware or gameplayor footage for random DOS games. Here we have my red phone for DOS emergencies. I like rotary phones. (laughs)Got this not too long ago, cleaned it up. And I have these cassette tape holders here that are perfect for holding SegaGenesis cartridges that are loose. So, yeah, all of these are full of loose cartridges. I haven’t found anything for displaying NES cartridges or Turbo Grafx stuff yet,although I have hundreds of those. But, eh, I’ll find something for them eventually. And hey, look, the computer’s on! Yay, it works! See, I told you. This is really nice just to have these set up and you can just play DOS games at any time! And one last thing here is the closet that I pretty much never open, because really it’s just excess stuffthat I haven’t gotten rid of yet. Duplicates… Well, not really duplicates,but alternate versions of games that I have, and I don’t need these yet, I just haven’t gotten around to selling them. Well, that’s all that we’re going todo for this particular video today. I didn’t show a lot of the stuff that I have as far as for consoles and everything becuse like I kind of mentioned, most of that is packed up somewhere. It’s just in bins, and binsaren’t very interesting to look at. Either way, thank you very muchfor watching all this time and helping the show expand. And for donating all the stuffand supporting on Patreon which is what allowed me toget that place to store stuff and keep doing this in the first place I mean, this is my full-time job now! I never, ever would have thoughtthat I would be doing this as my job, but here I am. So I’m gonna keep doing it as long as I can. And maybe I’ll do some different kinds of collection and update videos in the future. But yeah, feel free to let me know inthe comments what you thought of this. Maybe some other things that you’d like to see, or if you saw a game in there and you’re like, “Oh, man, I forgot about it,” let me know because I’m always looking for things to review. Which is everything. I wanna review everything. But that’ll take a while, so yeah. (laughs) So if you enjoyed this video, then perhaps you would like some of my others. I have some here that talk about PC game boxes. That’s really my passion! So if you like that stuff, you’re in the right place. And of course, I have videos on all sorts of topics every Monday and Friday here on LGR. So subscribing is a thing if you would like to rememberthat those days of the week exist. And you can always interact with and follow me on LGR’s Twitter and Facebook feeds. And there’s always Patreon if you wouldlike to support the show even further and see episodes early. And as always, thank you very much for watching.