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these are dark times our world has facedno greater threat than it does today there have been disappearances murdersbut I say this your ministry remains strong we will keep the people safe I believe you know our guest misscharity Burbage lover of muggles and all their way enough Ragini but news the order has learned that we haveinfiltrated the ministry they are moving him tonight there have been too manymistakes where Harry Potter is concern tonight I will kill Harry Potter inperson everybody ready once we get to the baroh you’ll be safe and if anyone attacked us on the way it’s all just guys toshoot no worries Oh Titan Harry now shit fuck Oh this time you won’t get me Oh Wow fucking drinks on his name here we go again the eyes still alive fuck Oh fuck at right

pc games 2010at right there’s more of a – fuck Oh ah Oh hurry hurry ah Oh ah – fuck all right whatah what is it alright are you alright alright it’s it’s I should you ah to the fuck Oh Oh run quickly he’s coming aroundhurry hurry you’re right what where am I where’s Hagrid whatabout Voldemort it’s all right Harry Hagrid’s fine and the orders putprotective charms on the Burrow we’re safe for now shouldn’t be yeah puttingeveryone in danger careful you can’t rush after what you’ve been throughbesides I can’t go anywhere two after the weddingwhat wedding Ben and Fleur we would have told you but you’ve been sort ofunconscious you’d better get ready mate you can’t expect him to go to thewedding like this just take your time Harry make sure you’re all right onceright if I can’t go to a wedding how am I supposed to find the other HorcruxDumbledore’s gone we have to finish what

pc games 2010I supposed to find the other HorcruxDumbledore’s gone we have to finish what he started we have to destroy Valda meI’ve been wandering Baltimore you know who hid his soul in war consoles rightand to have been destroyed right do you think he knows that part of him is deadI don’t care let’s just find the other four and destroy what remains can wetalk about this later please we shouldn’t spoil Berlin flowers bigday blimeyseems loony runs in the genes who is that Yunus father Senna Phileas weshould say hello he supported by all through the summerwhen the profits being nor of the truth besides it might be the last chance weget to speak to Luna it’s strange thinking everyone we’re back at Hogwartswithout us hello mr. Lovegood ah I trust you knowmr. Potter that we attend Quibbler fully supported Dumbledore during his lifetimeand in his death support you just as fully a thanks his Luna witty shelingered in that charming little garden such a glorious infestation of gnomes orto give them their correct name that your humble garden see you might want tocongratulate mr. Weasley on them he was looking for you just now Thanks yeah Iwill mr. Weasley must be up there where do we would start to look the hall wedon’t even know what they look like well Dumbledore managed to find – hedestroyed the ring and found the locket yeah but that was a fake wasn’t it butit looked like the real one somewhere there’s the real locket the real Horcrux brendham I went to do battle with her mr. Weasley did you want to speak to usah yes yes I did you see it turns out the Dumbledore left you things in hiswill all of us yes to you Ron he left his deluminator to Hermione hiscopy of the tales of Beedle the bard and to you Harryhe left the snitch you caught in your

pc games 2010 to you Harryhe left the snitch you caught in your

pc games 2010to you Harryhe left the snitch you caught in your first Quidditch match he also left youthe sword of Godric Gryffindor but the ministry is insisting the sword wasn’tDumbledore’s to give away not that it matters because no one can find thesword anyway did he say what these were for I’m afraid he didn’t now why don’tyou pop those up to your rooms and come down to the party we have a wedding tocelebrate don’t we my mom used to read me the tales of Beedle The Bard how achildren’s story supposed to help us find the Horcruxes to know everyDumbledore just wanted to cheer us up do you think all these things are a clue ahthis has to be fireworks the ministry has sworn the Minister ofMagic is dead yeah stupefied yeah give a fuck right behind you that must be in the tent Chewbacca mr. strong Harry you should go mate hurrywe need to need where are wewe’re in London shastri avenues we need to change here I pack somethings in case of emergency you reckon any of the people here couldbe do things how are the death to know we know wherewe were every other time the manga news is full of natural disasters we knowwhat that really means though death is I brought your visibility cloak Harry Ithought it would be useful

pc games 2010I brought your visibility cloak Harry Ithought it would be useful you think everyone’s alright the weddingmost of the order was there they’ll look after everyonedo you really think there could be dead leases here sure I just want to get itall over and done with then we can go back to how things were if they have themoney to do all the things they do he’s so thanks of me pretends he doesfree tokens for a cinema with your issue only a powernow only a pound you’re he’sshown he’s not a Death Eater you think we could get away with doingit where’s the closest one I was reading that in the paper jinns are pits hi oh well I’m so sorrynext time why don’t you pack your own jeans I think know we were coming did Inever was any good at divination it doesn’t take divination it’s aboutplanning will needs a plan if we’re to get through this the newspaper salesmanis a muckle yeah well we can’t be too careful what about that woman over theredid you check her out have you seen it maybe you could comeround tomorrow have a loo three she’s not a dead dick Harry still got tracing him maybethat’s how the Death Eaters keep finding us the trace breaks when you turn 17 andHarry’s not been nearing death it is for them to try and put it back onsomething’s giving away where we are the woman with the sign is a Michael – lookslike we’ve lost those Death Eaters then do you think we’re safe here don’t Iright let’s get off the street decide where to go do you think we’re safe heredon’t I ray let’s get off the street decide where to go sorrywhere’d we go from here the Nikki cauldron too dangerousif folded what’s taken over the ministry none of the old places are safe let’ssit over there we can work out what to do next what do you think Harryari we’ll just come up like that mother anymore how do I keep finally uswe need to operate away from here yeah where can we go