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Coraline’s adventure began when theJones family moved into the Pink Palace which wasn’t that much of a palace atall mr. bubinski lived on the top floor hewas the Russian ringmaster of a secret Mouse circus everyone knew about missSpink and miss forcible lived in the basement flat allegedly they were famousactresses in their day the Jones family were from Pontiac Michigan Charlie andMail wrote gardening catalogues for a living they didn’t have much time forCoraline hey momCaroline I am really really busy right now I need to finish this catalog ASAPbut you’re always busy yes Coraline I am and right now I wishyou were busy as well have you finished unpacking you can alsohelp by getting some of these boxes out of the way I almost tripped over onethis morning okay Coraline when you approach a boxyou can interact with a button prompt will appear on the top left corner ofthe screen and pressing the triangle button will allow you to grab the box atthis point you can use the left analog stick to move the box to let go of thebox press the triangle button again why don’t you try to move that box overthere good now you can also climb on top ofthe box by pressing the X button why don’t you give it a try now moving boxesis boring can I go outside now no it’s raining outside rain creates mud and mudmeans cleaning I don’t have time for either if you’re not going to finishunpacking then why do you go and explore the house go see your father but pleasestop bothering me right now hey Dad what you doin Coraline I’m kindof busy right now talk to me dad I’m so boredalright if you’re that bored Coraline why don’t you go and explore our newhome here take this pen and paper and try to find seven blue objects in thehouse all right here’s one hello here’s one oh there’s one here’s one Coraline I’m really really busy I don’thave time for you right now oh there’s one I should put these in alphabetical order hey Dad I found seven blue objects listis done geesh you’re already done Coraline maybe you should finish yourunpacking nap but I am tired of unpacked and I’m still bored if you aren’t goingto unpack then why don’t you help me out by stacking those two piles ofnewspapers for me pick up the pile of newspapers by pressing the trianglebutton use the left analog stick to move them over to the boxes there and pressthe triangle button again to stack the pile on top of the boxes well donecan I go outside now did you ask your mother if you could go outside mm-hmmand what did she say don’t even think about going outside Coraline Jones wellthere’s your answer Coraline tell you what I haven’t had time to look for thewater heater in the house why don’t you search the house for the hot water tankand see if it’s on it come back here after you’ve checked the hot water tankfine my work my work I can’t believe all mywork is gone Oh rain stopped can I go out now I’d like to meet our newneighbors fine fine fine you can go see our blue neighbor in the Attic I heardhe’s a very interesting man but before you go out water the plants in thehallway okay Coraline make sure you water the plants first I will that doesn’t anyone clean around here hmm the watering can is empty I betterfill it up hmm the watering can is empty I betterfill it out WowI should water the plant regularly finally I can get out of this boringhouse maybe I’ll go upstairs to meet ourneighbor helloCarol I I found this ring shoot the other day and since no one explaining itI’d like you to happy

pc games 2009other day and since no one explaining itI’d like you to happy whoa I switch I give it a try nowpress to equip and unequipped swing shoot rotate left analog stick to a itis easy see see doorbell there give it a ring with your swing shoes God shoot caroli if ever you need mr.Bies attention shoot doorbell this swing shoot mr. Bwill always be around to Train Oscars ok mr. Reed I’m going to go see Miss pinkymiss forcible now oh you should collect baskets full of apple from the treedownstairs to take to the ladies in the basement I’m sure they would like nicered apples not as good as bitch but will do goodbye little girl all rightgoodbye mr. bubinski okay let’s seeaccording to mr. bubinski the apples on the tree will change color from green tored to purple I have to shoot the apples when they’re bright red the ladieswouldn’t want a basket full of rotten apples yes I got it off this will be a nicegift for the ladies in the basement ah much better too slow for the amazing and greatCoraline thank you for the absolute steer that’s so lovely of you come sitdown and play go fish with us Karen Coraline oh but I don’t know how to playgo fish it’s easy dear first we’ll deal out the cards then you select one ofyour cards to see if we have the one that matches with yours if the card youpicked does not match with any of our cards then you would go fish the winnerwill be the one with the most pairs when all the cards are playing well it’s aseasy as that sweetie sure I’ll give it a try one more pair Ohanother pair this one no match I know you are hiding a six girl fish no match I bet you have three in thereGo Fish no match for another pair I bet you have three in thereGo Fish no match tween girl fish yes they’re no match one more pair dreamgirl fish this one no match how about a – I bet you havethree in there Go Fish No No Go Fish this one this one this one I bet youhave three in there Go Fish here’s a pair this one nice winCaroline that was fun Caroline well I must begoing now Oh Caroline have you heard about the old world close by oh well Idon’t know anything about all well Oh Miriam your sense of drama sometimes Ithink that London theater critic citation has forever bloated your senseof importance be very careful dear it’s a very deepwell and you must stay away oh don’t you worry miss Spink hmm sounds interesting the dogs look like they’re out of order ah much better it would be so cool if Iwas in the theater like miss Spink and Miss forcible in order to find the mysterious well inthe orchard Coraline figured she would need adowsing rod she was unaware she was being watched it wasn’t long after thatshe made the acquaintance of YB Lovat although Coraline found YB quiteannoying he did show her the location of the will the day would have been acomplete success had Coraline avoided using a piece of poison ogres a dowsingrod hey mom Coraline I am really really busyright now and it’s time for you to go to bed go up there now fine – mom would like some milk with hercookies I saw an empty pot in the parlor where I can plant these seeds ah much better aren’t you supposed to be in bed Coraline I’m really really busy I don’thave time for you right now hey isn’t that mr. babinski’s mouse heylittle guy where you going I better get you back to mr. B here youare don’t you dare run gotcha you little rascal Hey look Coraline walked into the kitchen shethought she saw her mother cooking in

pc games 2009Coraline walked into the kitchen shethought she saw her mother cooking in the middle of the night Coraline soondiscovered that this wasn’t her mother at all the womantapped a button eye with her fingernail and asked Coraline if she’d like themshe introduced herself as Cora lines other mother and opened the oven doorCoraline was overwhelmed with the aroma the other mother asked her to helpprepare the supper hmmm I think I can use my slingshot toring these bells I wonder what painting will come up thistime yes Coraline dear come and help me make someyummy pancakes here’s a list of six ingredients can you help me get themokay but but oh go on the sooner you get the ingredients on the list for me thesooner we’ll have some yummy pancakes Oh berries Oh Baroness good job my dearest now help me beat theeggs make sure you follow the direction on the screen but once the icon changesyou’ll need to change the direction you need to get it done quickly before timeruns out aha hope the air time is running out youhave to speed it up darling you did great sweetheart now go tellyour other father that Supper’s almost ready go he’s in his study uh sure hey there Coraline ready to createbeautiful music but I don’t know how to play don’t you worry follow the buttondisplay on the screen when the vertical bar Scrolls across the button the buttonlights up press the corresponding button and voila you’re playing the piano it’seasy give it a try that was a lot of fun Coraline hey didyour other mother tell you that your friend is coming over my friend ah much better I wonder if this is for the origami bird Harlen why don’t you play a game ofhide-and-seek with your friend he is very good at hiding herestart counting go on okay that sounds funten nine eight seven five four three two one ready or nothere I come aha here you are let’s play againgo hide that was fun let’s have a game oftreasure hunting I’m good at this here’s a list of items let’s see who can getthe most ready go better hurry and hurry and where is the next item Carl I’m pancakesalready come to the kitchen Here I am hmm he’s not great I have a funchallenge for you Coraline can you catch the pancakes when I flip them up in theair move left and right using the left hand long stick to position yourselfunderneath the pancakes catch at least 15 pancakes before time runs out I’ll becareful though don’t catch any of those nasty bugs and worms Wowlook at all this delicious food I wish I could have food like this back in myreal home my real dad tries to cook but it always ends up tasting gross after the pancakesKoral I realized that she should go to bed she told the woman with the buttoneyes that she should go home to her other mother the button ID woman repliedthat she was Coraline’s other mother confused coralline politelyexplained that she really should be going to bed the other mother toldCoraline that her bed was waiting for her and herded Coraline upstairs why be what’s wrongare you okay i YB where are you come here you little munchkin wait wait wait to keep your Firefly jar glowing you canreplenish the jar with fresh fireflies when you see the spotlight of firefliespress the square button to equip your Firefly jar when your Firefly jar isequipped press the triangle button to collect the fireflies the coralline iconon the bottom right hand corner of the screen is your health leader be sure tokeep an eye on it

pc games 2009 screen is your health leader be sure tokeep an eye on it

pc games 2009screen is your health leader be sure tokeep an eye on it are you okay I don’t know coralline woke up confused in her realbedroom the next morning her dreams had seemed so real she had a feeling that YBwas in grave danger and was compelled to find her mother and tell her mom I think why he is in trouble he wasin my dream and he looked terrible Coraline it was just a bad dreambut I have to head over to the well and make sure why he’s okay though well youare definitely not going to the well now let me finish my work and don’t let mekept you trying to sneak out of his house mom rhasta blunts big of a run Scudder mr. Bwhat are you doing that that little devil childit brings me me the great and amazing Babinskihe stole my beats you okay do you need my helpah if you could be so kind Caroline please help me untangle and getto sticky vinyl sure ouch be careful ouch be careful ouch be careful ouch be careful ouch thank you very muchfor your help Caroline that’s very sweet and nice ofyou you’re welcome mr. bean but by the way my name is Coraline not Carolinethat little devil just feign the amazing mr. B we’ll gethim did you see which way he went I’m looking for him here on tomorrow’stennis court you should not hang out with devil kidI can’t wait to catch him with hands oh I need to get back to practice seal :Caroline that’s Coraline great hmm how does this thing work again hey watch it hey don’t shoot I amserious what I am serious sorry Jonesy I think I hada mind of its own damn it Jonesy you should see the lookon your face you were so freaked you know I wasworried about but now why do I even bother I am going home and will neverspeak to you again ever oh I will so never forgive him see if Icare that jerk huhmom left me a sandwich and a note gone to the store here’s your lunch be backsoon are they seriously trying to poison me I knew it was real welcome back my dear Coraline yourtiming is perfect I made such a delicious meal for you come in handsomewow this looks delicious yummy oh there’s a grainy train does it move surewhy don’t you give it a try and serve gravy for everyone you can use the leftanalog stick to accelerate and decelerate pay close attention you needto watch out for obstacle yeah let’s do it this is fun good core line you are doing great Oh Thank You Coraline darling mr.bubinski invited you and your friend here to see his circus show is it the mycircus that sounds like a lot of fun should we head to mr. Bies now I wonderwhich painting will come up this time bingo hello mr. bubinski oh dear Carla we havebeen waiting for you to come and see and let’s have a little game show behindthese doors there are mice in different costumes twoof each mice are in same costume once you find and tear the mice wearing samecostume their door will stay open you have the whole limited amount of time tofind all matching nice okay I’ll try my bestready go okay okay okay good job you did right now take a closelook at this cute little moose girl named Val doe look closely at pattern onhis cloth and head did you take a close look your next mission is to find thevowel Faldo good at hiding are you ready to find a little moose calf Aldo okeydokey ready it’s it okay okay

pc games 2009okay sinus Caroline go ahead and take overthe conducting sure I’d love to oh hello what are you doing here I thinkI lost lost is a relative word you can talk I must be in a dream what makes youthink I can’t talk outside of a dream because in the normal world cats don’ttalk well I guess you were the expert on cats then wait okay maybe this isn’t adream all I know is that I’m lost can you please please help me well you canfind your way out of here by following the path and paying close attention tothe magical symbols on the ground putting weights on these symbols willallow the gates to open good luck wait wait hey mom hey dad I had the strangestdream they were a male circus and a talkingcat and figures once again nobody listensI’ll go see mr. bubinski I bet if I tell him he’ll listen to me hello line mr. B cannot find it it washere and now it is not here it is lost what are you looking for mr. Bcombination to new don’t walk I’ve write numbers down onto piece of paper and putinto pocket before I go do morning exercise now I look in pocket and paperit is gone do you have any idea where it might beI do morning exercises in front of time but then I hear some funny noise and goinside to look for noise I think paper must be in there somewhereI’ll help you find it mr. B Thank You Carol I as revolve I will click you todisplay of my amazing acrobatics you’re seriously something wrong withthat boy cool another one here it is very good Caroline cab no amazing Mousecircus today that will be amazing Babinski acrobatics insteadalmost as good come come come come come come stand over here on this spot nowyou will do amazing acrobatics with the amazing Babinski me I don’t know yousure you can let’s hit it ah much better that’s amazing mr. B this I knowgood work Caroline we make amazing team now let’s do juggling act together payattention when I throw beats to you you react quickly focus okay ready concentrate okay almost good jobCaroline you could be a good performer maybe even amazing like me one if youpractice more like my mishka’s you maybe join me for the almighty circus I coulduse someone like you can’t align and a good idea that now we’ll talk to micenice probably mice would probably be oh I should go home now my mom’s gonnakill me if she comes back and not find me home bye-bye mr. B hey there Coraline mother wanted me towait here for you here’s a ticket to miss Spink and miss for Sable’sperformance today she thinks you’ll really like it she really does know youbest wow that sounds great your little friend is already there waiting for youyou’re already late so go on ah much better ah much better Coraline hello Coraline why don’t youcome over and participate in our joyous musical follow the sequence and you’llbe a star tis a shame your charms only work when that big gob of yours is openjust the sight of a flipper Oh walk from those top Eddy fish women they’ll turntail and run for the shore when they hear the song from before you’ll benothing but a bad omen luck Upton’s can’t help but to listen and watch as myscales shine and listen when my song rings out after their song of the Seas performanceif that is what you could call it Spink enforceable appeared high above thestage each balancing precariously on aseemingly under sized diving board in a matter of momentsSpink enforceable transform their routine into something that was mucheasier on the eyes Coraline discovered that she wasactually the star of the show luckily there weren’t many moves to learn Coraline soon found herself receiving around of applause they did have some fun Coraline great job splendid work it was great fun missSpink miss forcible that was a splendid debut Coraline imagine the love of theaudience washing over you every night hard to resist a Coraline dear would yougive us a hand and setting up background prompts for the next performance thetheater never rests use your slingshot to get them down totheir right positions on the stage sure I would love to help good God brilliant one more Thank You CarolineI’m off to prepare for the next show now I hope you would come back and join usfor another performance the other YT LED Coraline to her other parents theylooked dashing in the moonlight Cora lines other parents rewarded her with aspecial present a shiny new pair of black button eyes Coraline couldn’tbelieve it she hoped that it was just some cruel jokeunfortunately for Coraline what came next was even worse why be Carolineis that you where do you think you’re goingcome with me whitey you cannot run away from me oh hi Bea I have to get out ofhere fast ah you cannot run away from me mom dad Coraline I’m really really busy I don’thave time for you right now mom dad mom dad keep still don’t shake Jonesy itbounce your body quit moving around so much you you in it what is your problemoh sorry Jonesy that didn’t mean to run you over like that so what were youlooking for I’m looking for my mom and dad I just ran away from my other motherand I’m worried she might have taken my real mom and dad either mother okay wellI really have to go you should get some help Jonesyif you know what I mean even with parents made of pillows Coraline went tobed lonely the combination of loneliness and the fact that pillows are a poorsubstitute for parents made Coraline realize how much she missed her motherand father then a friend showed up and led Coraline to the two people sheneeded most in the world her parents Cora lines parents would never be ableto return on their own she decided there was only one thing to do they went back through the little doorfor one last stand against the other mother Coraline proposed a game if shecould find her parents and the ghost children’s eyes then she would win andthey would all be set free if Coraline couldn’t find them then she would be theother mother’s daughter forever the other mother agreed to the game with amalicious smile ah the other father kept chasing Coralineagainst his will fortunately for Coraline the tractor smashed a hole inthe bridge and fell through it the other father managed to resist control for onefinal act he threw the ghost die to Coraline as he fell into the waterCoraline caught her breath and decided where to look for the other two ghosteyes whoa coraline reached deep into the taffycreature that bore little resemblance to young miss Spink and miss forcible thatso delighted the canine crowd just a day earliershe opened the hands and found the second ghost died unfortunately she wasgoing to have to fight for it Coraline didn’t have a problem with thatat all all she needed was a little help and a bit of timing the second ghost Iin hand Coraline had one more move to make hmm ah coralline was devastated she had let therat get away with the third ghost I once again a friend with a very strongdistaste for rats came to the rescue the third ghost I was soon in hand withthe world unraveling around them their final destination beckoned and a finalconfrontation with the beldam was at hand coralline entered the living room andsearched for a sign of her parents instead she found the other motherwaiting expectantly with a sickening grin the beldum reminded Coraline therewas still one condition of the game to be met Coraline realized where herparents were and in a moment of questionable judgmentCoraline made a bold and quite unexpected attack do you dare disobey me Coraline Charlie and Mel dusted the snow offthemselves and Coraline ran to them they soon had a terrific dinner to celebratetheir reunion later that night with her world back in order Cora limes realmother and father tucked her into bed Coraline apologized to her late nightvisitor for her rashness and lack of consideration for others though it didturn out to be the right thing to do then they decided it was time to releasethe ghost children Coraline put the eyes of the ghostchildren under her pillow and the two of them fell fast asleep you