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purplish aimers her pleasure I can’tstand children they’re the only ones silly enough to believe in Santait’s boys that met Christmas but not Santa well they certainly won’t believein Santa they never reached the north wall and they won’t reach the north wallif they don’t have tickets for the bow or expressed yeah and they’ll never findthese tickets before the conductor throws him off the train this is that wonderful I want all thosehelpless I miss POI I’m gonna ask Santa for all of them tickets tickets pleaseI’ll be coming back to check your tickets shortly make sure you have themready I got my ticket right here I can’t find my ticket I never lose my ticket Ialways keep it here safe in my pocket my ticket is gone if we don’t find ourtickets we’re all gonna get kicked off the trainit’s standard procedure you know everybody calm down now why don’t you goand search for your tickets and the other train cars and if the conductorcomes by we’ll cover for you while you’re gone okay they may not be able tofind their tickets by themselves maybe one of us should go and help them okayyou stay here and keep an eye out for the conductor I’ll go and help findtheir tickets you did you find your ticket I’m afraid togo in there it’s dark and spooky a jack-in-the-box sells my ticket and itwon’t give it back don’t be afraid if we go in there together it won’t be soscary do you know what jack-in-the-box has your ticket I don’t know who is sofrightened I nearly dropped my flashlight when I was looking around inthere okay here’s the plan you hold theflashlight and I’ll check jack-in-the-boxes try to be brave Idon’t like the dark much either oh I’ll try is a benign you found it you found my ticket no wefound it together I couldn’t have done it without your help but hurry backbefore the conductor starts looking for us Oh now suddenly good shot let’s get that key hey what are you doing here well I cameto help you look for your ticket obviously I know where my ticket isthere’s getting a nasty puppet in there and they’ve refused to give it back I’mnot afraid of some old puppets all go in there and get your ticket back for you I’ve come to get my friends to get backif you want to stop me you better do it now get up get up you’ll have to get past my puppets ifyou want that ticket get up what happened in here don’t you knowit’s against railway regulations to throw objects inside the train cars wellthey started it it was the only way to get your ticket by the way here it iswell thanks for helping me get my ticket back if I were you I’d be getting out ofhere now before the crook points out what you did with all that food goodidea I’m gonna go find the others and see if they’ve found their tickets are you sure the only way we can stopthe train is the emergency brake I saw one in our car the emergency brakebut if you pull on the train or worse we all we haven’t got any time I’m afraid he’s going to be left behindall alone on Christmas Eve you’re going to have to get past me if you want topull this emergency brake and I don’t believe that you can do it do you you still gotta find the rest of thetickets you keep looking for the tickets and I’ll distract the conductor allright you’ve got a deal I wonder where the other tickets are hey you look like a good sport thetickets you’re looking for is on the

pc games 2004hey you look like a good sport thetickets you’re looking for is on the other side of this train car if you canget the ball past me then you can pass let’s play Oh be very quietthe cook is very angry and he won’t let anyone enter the kitchen but I have toget inside because someone has hidden my ticket in there um why is the cook angrysomeone messed up all the food he made now he’s got to make more yeah that wasme but it wasn’t really my fault those puppets started it don’t worrythough I’m gonna sneak in there and get your ticket back okay just be carefulthe cook is not in a good mood at all somebody there somebody there somebody there back to cooking so much to dosomebody there phew that was close he sure is in a badmood here’s your ticket thank you you’re so brave what a racket we’ll never hear you ifyou go through now I’ll rejoin the others hi have you found your ticket yet I’m soglad to see you here I can’t get past this train car the door at the other endof the pantry is locked did you look for a key I searched and I found it butpromise me won’t laugh I won’t laugh some horrible little mice ran off withit I’m really scared of mice hey you said you wouldn’t laugh come sorrywell how about I catch those mice for you and then we can search the nexttrain car for your ticket ok but I’ll only come in once you’ve got the tea stay there stay there there’s the king Hey you’llnever believe it but those mice were only windup toys you shouldn’t be scaredof toys toys Oh still I’m glad you’ve found the keybecause now we can go and look for my ticket maybe it’s in the next room okayyou’d better hurry let’s go wait a minute I think I see my ticket it’sthey’re frozen in a block of ice we’ll need something to break the ice apartuse that ice masher thing and the ice Smasher that sounds cool I want to trythat oh okay we’ll just be careful the floor is veryslippery and those blocks of ice look dangerous are you okay did you find my ticket Isure did here you go thank you there’s one more boy up ahead he must still belooking for his ticket don’t worry you head back with the others I’ll help himfind his ticket and the conductor will never suspect a thing how to find those tickets hi what are you doing all the way uphere I came up here to help you find your ticket my fuck puppets Dutch toysmash ice-blocks trap mice and even hit from an angrycook whoa no that’s impressive I hope you can helpme my ticket is locked in a suitcase in the next car I found a key hanging bythe door but I can’t get to the suitcase because there are these mean toys whoolet me guess those toys in there they won’t give you your ticket that’s rightthey jump up and threaten me whenever I entered the room you’ll need these ifyou’re going in there leave it to me we are all going to the North Pole and weneed those tickets thanks for finding my ticket I don’tthink we’ll be having any more trouble from those toys they’ll stay up for along time we should go back and join the others yepyou better get back before the conductor throws us off the train blasted boymessing up my plans who does he think is pushing those toys around like thatbut I’ve still got a trick up my sleeve let’s see what happens to that girl whenshe realizes she’s lost her ticket they’ll never find it here somethingyou’d like to say to you 1 2 3 that’s okay it was nothing reallyokay well if the West nothing but you

pc games 2004okay it was nothing reallyokay well if the West nothing but you probably all sit down and stop blockingthe car wherever a regulation 74 forbids passengers from so I can fire exits youknow you’re such a know-it-all he’s right about one thing though we shouldget back to our seats I can hear the conductor comingyou I can do this just gotta be careful tomake sure nothing knocks me off this trainthat girl is depending on I’m not going to let a bit shows us to get to the conductorit’s too late oops I think they just up ahead I think it’s just up ahead just a peg the conductor before it’s too late wellthere’s someone there you know it’s pretty dangerous up herebut I’m impressed that you managed to get this far you’re a regular herotrying to give that girl or ticket back let me tell you the doc ending up herewas then you better prepare yourself for ashock that was nothing as Frank there’s no way you’re gonna make it if you stayon the roof so it’s hopeless that there’s one way toget that ticket back to the girl do you want to hear it yes we gotta jump offthis here train and take a shortcut now look me in the eye do you believe thatyou can do this I guess I can do it I can do it okaytake my hand broad deep breath on the count of three we’re gonna ski down thehill you’re gonna need to shift your weight to steer us clear in the rocksone two three like I was saying this here is the fast work the front of theTrain we got no time don’t worry son we’ll catch that friendin no time like I was saying this here is the fastroute to the front of the Train like I was saying this here is where thefront of the Train but I was saying this here is whatbashed his world the front of the Train try you got it ready what’s happening shouldn’t you dosomething I am doing something this is what they told me to do are you sure Idon’t know whatever the case the train is slowing down its back the train has been stopped always havebeen blowed the pressures build she’s gonna explode I got opening valves Igotta lock this he can’t answer this trains gonna meltyou there boy think you can help what you want me to do get sparks as they gowatch out for the coal what you put on those gloves and we’re ready to roll allright Rick let’s go we don’t need that much we don’t you did well there we couldn’t have doneit without your help we’re not done yet though we need to fix the light so wecan see our way forward you did a great job back there yeah you did tooI’m just worried about what the conductor will do when you realize isthat I’ve stopped the train again don’t worry about that we can work it out ifwe stick together now that the track is clear we need toget this train back on schedule it’s five minutes to midnight we’re cuttingit awfully fine okay we need to build up the steam pressure again and get thistrain moving young man you seem to have some skill at resolving these situationsdo you believe you have what it takes to get this train going again he’s chosenwe know that he stepped just gotta believe I’m gonna do it let’s get thistrain moving you no time flat step it’s all of our they keep the beatand shovel that home

pc games 2004 it’s all of our they keep the beatand shovel that home

pc games 2004it’s all of our they keep the beatand shovel that home you’re doing great one more round and our work is all good we’re moving looks like we’re gonna makeit we should be able to make up time if we keep working at it thanks for yourhelp young fella we couldn’t have done it without you young lady there’s stillone matter outstanding as you have failed to produce a valid ticket railwayregulations specify that you must leave the Train thank you this ticket appearsto be valid uh-huh well in that case all right thentime for us to head back thank you for finding my ticket I reallythought the conductor was gonna throw me on the train there was nothing just gladI got to blow that whistle I always wanted to do that okay let’s head back Ishould warn you though there’s a nasty toys on the street I’ve got a sneakingsuspicion that there may be trouble ahead look at all these crates what was thatdon’t worry it sounds like we have some company just keep your head down I’lltake care of these toys what’s the closest clear follow me across a traincar okay be careful it’s so cold in here that icy floorreally looks slippery first time so I put the one I should be able to walksafely and make a path for you okay if you push the boxes around I’ll be ableto slide across and use the boxes to spending myselfcall me when you’re a come over here come over here it’s all a haze right this way come over here don’t worry there are only toy mice butit looks like they stolen the key to the door again I’m quite good at catchingthem you wait here and I’ll go get our key stay there now stay there there’s the key I don’t know but it sounds pretty angrywhat could it be toilet still or tickets it wants to stopus from getting to the North Pole well I’m not gonna let it to stop me fromeating Santa Claus how about you no way we’ve come so far it’s time to put thistoy away for good so you want to go and I don’t believe youdo it you’re just a bitter old toy Christmas isn’t aboutit’s about giving and sharing there’s no Christmas without towards Christmascannot happen without me he takes the floor the capital watch out No would you children care to join us inthe dining car it’s time we had some refreshments attention pleasewould there be any Polar Express passengers requiring refreshment yesthat’s what I thought I’m going to need your assistance young man as you can seewe have a lot of thirsty passengers but we’re short one waiter I need you tohelp out and make sure that everyone gets a cup of hot chocolate do you thinkyou can do that for us to me I think you’ll be a natural you I say this for you thank you extramarshmallows to my favorite excuse me sir yes young lady what can Ido for you I was wondering if I could take a cut to the boy who’s all alone inthe other train car you mean the boy in the observation car yes certainly butwe’ll have to be quick five minutes to midnight we’re almost atthe North Pole what are we going to do so I was realcrescent than anything we should be alrightI bet you use that wheel to steer the train car Lornaokay we have to be careful you don’t

pc games 2004train car Lornaokay we have to be careful you don’t need too far but at least we can avoidthings on the track got one more thing though where are we goingI’ll tell you when we get there here we watch out we had to be going underground hold ontight everyone I think we’ve arrived yeah we RI wereached the end of the track we need to catch up with those else youcan steer and I’ll navigate we need to hit those switching stations if we’reever gonna get through this I’ll tell you wanna see them okay I’ll follow yourlead the next switches brain we we both agree Oh the next which is green yeah I feel so good just keep on top of ituntil we reach the end where did he go I don’t know but he’s following thatpresent if we follow these belts we’ll be able to catch up with him he may Ishould pull this lever that conveyor belt has changed directions wonder what this lever do oh no we’ll never catch it now maybe I should pull this lever that’s more like it wonder what this lover we should all this blood what this lever serious how are we gonna get out of here hmmit’s important we don’t panic there must be a way out why don’t we use thepresent sense as a ladder and put them to the top of the pile that’s anexcellent idea I’m not sure that will work it soundspretty dangerous this is a big pile of presents well then you follow us andthen we’ll take the lead and work out a safe way ahead I don’t mindI’m happy to go with you sure I’ll meet you guys at the top shut down if you seeany dangerous spots all right you throw waste parties oh hibut I I just followed them don’t worry about it look we knew you were in therethe entire time it’s great to have you on board we have a slight problem andone thing sure of course I’ll try if I help this I mean I’ll be the first tomeet Santa now there’s one of you good with him and vehicles because I needsomeone the state assembly I think I could help you captain fantastic I needyou to control the movement of a Zeppelin do you think you could do itgot there help the elves living alone I’ll do whatever I can to help what doyou need me to do oh one more thing try to keep the Zeppelin from crashinginto things and make sure that says the sack of presentisn’t that I’ll give it my best alright good luck young man he’s flying upon you understand he isrelying upon gotta be more carefulwe were careful I was there here we go here we go we’re coming down here we go gotta be more careful oops ah oh I knew that would happen here we go this is harder than it looks I was there sorry heeey oopsthis is harder than it looks this is harder than it looks we’ll makeit oops gotta be more careful the projectshave to be more careful the presents have to be more careful well done young man I salute you thanksfor not quite there yet don’t you worry I’ll take it from herethe disaster has been averted huh thank you you should go enjoy your friendsdown we’re almost there hey welcome back you made it you savedthe day could you have made the ride any more bumpy look we’re almost there