notched stick 3d wooden puzzle brain teaser

notched stick 3d wooden puzzle brain teaser, notched, stick, 3d, wooden, puzzle, brain, teaser

We had the lattice come out not toolong ago. So this was hard, super hard, super hard. I don’t know ifanybody’s actually solved it yet. Um, they took it apart. He was, uh,he was playing around with it, pulled the one piece out. Itwas like food, put that back in. And uh, it never went back together.He just handed me the businesses. It was like, I’ll figure this out. Hey guys, I worked on thisfor three hours. Uh, it’sin pieces. Uh, here you go. Yeah. Thanks. That was my display. I’m not good at this. So you’re lucky.We have another one in the box. Wow. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] welcome episode 13, one, three, 13, 13. Uh, we have, uh, some newstuff for you actually today. We have talked about havingthis top Mount camera. Hello. You can see it there. It’ll show you a little bit ofdetail of puzzles we’re working on. So say we’re working on this remote. You can like see the remote intight and close. It’s a good focus. So that’s kind of fun. But, uh, yeah, give you a little more detailon what we’re doing today. So today we’re talking about some newstuff we got in and we’ve got this one, it’s called locked in andit’s from Brian Turner now. It’s not something we actually havein stock yet. This is just a sample. But um, yeah, it’s calledlocked in. It’s um, made by a guy named Brian Turner. I checked her website and we don’t haveanything else by Brian on our website. So, uh, yeah, he uh, thispuzzle, it looks cool. It’s a lock and you can kindof see there’s like two pieces. So the back piece connects to this, um, part that’s holding in the shackleand then there’s the front piece that connects to the shackle body or partthere and there’s something inside that’s like rough rock rattling around and youcan kind of feel some play in there. So what I suspect this is, is that this,this’ll twist, they will twist apart. I don’t know if it’s there,I’m sorry. Of puzzle. So there’s definitely at least one thinginside there that is a rattling around. Yeah. Looks cool. Apparently weshould have it in like October. So a really neat lock. Um,yeah, the locked in hustle, different styles. Yes. Yeah,it’s doing brass and aluminum. I think this is the aluminum one, Ibelieve. So it’ll be brass and aluminum. And then there’s also forsoldiers try solve. Okay, well I’m going to talkabout the B lock and um, this is [inaudible] twoand a, yeah, another one. B lock one. Yeah. This is just asample and it comes with, yeah, just one key. So be locked to, um, what’s the spike again? 100 where theV-Loc sword down something or is it, there’s a card here. Boaz Feldman. Right. So as fallible as Feldman.So that’s the a, yeah, be locked to and for anybody wholikes that stuff that I, we’re, we haven’t ordered it, I don’t believeyet. So this is just a sample of one. We’re going to be orderinghere right away. So yeah. You like to hang likeon that? No. Nope. Okay. Not second. It might be somethinglike the Titan where there’s like a, like the thing andyou’re going [inaudible] see I was thinking of spin, I was sitting down like that and maybeit pulls a piece the outside but no idea. So yeah, that’s the newstuff that we is not in yet, but we’ll be coming in like I saidthat uh, what’s it called? Locked in.

notched stick 3d wooden puzzle brain teaserbut we’ll be coming in like I saidthat uh, what’s it called? Locked in. I should be in October.Here’s some time. So, uh, Tony was on a trip recently to Vancouver. Yeah, we went to Vancouver.It was pretty cool. Uh, stayed in the worst part of Vancouver.Turns out, uh, East Hastings, not that nice. So Ooh, um, puzzle master. We don’t get you a niceplace to stay when you go to the show. It was across the streetfrom the convention center, so it worked for what we want.Uh, want it to go on a run. One of the nights though. And a wentto gravitas run into your duty. Yeah. I went to the gas station to pickup snacks for me and Leon and uh, I looked at the people in the gasstation decided maybe this is us, stay in your hotel kind of vacation. Um, what’d you guys do there? Uh,yeah, we’re doing a wholesale show. So we went out to Vancouver,set up a booth and met, uh, people who just own stores want tosell our stuff. As was really cool, cool. Met some really impressive people. There was a brother, it was at the auntie who wasbuying or something like that. And then they brought a couple of theirnephews and nieces along and they spent like three, four hours or boothjust playing with different things. We had the lattice commode not too longago, so this was the hard, super hard, super hard. I don’t know ifanybody’s actually solved it yet. Um, they took it apart. He was a,he was playing around with it, pulled the one piece out. Iwas like, ah, put that back in. And uh, I ain’t never went back together.He just handed me the, it was like, y’all figure this. So that I show is,Hey, I worked on this for three hours. Uh, it’s in pieces. Uh, hereyou go. Yeah. Thanks. I am not good at this. So you’relucky we have another one in the box. Wow. Uh, speaking of that,actually lattice and, uh, so we had the Kickstarter campaignwith Ladis slide ways and dirty dozen. We have that same stuff on IndyGoGo. Soif you missed the Kickstarter campaign, the puzzles are discountedon Indiegogo too. Same as they were on a Kickstarterand all three of them are on there. Plus actually there’s stuff on theIndiegogo that was not on the Kickstarter campaign. So if you guys want their sets and therewas some pretty darn good discounts on the puzzles. Um, and there’s a wholebunch of our aluminum metal stuff. So it’s like some of these ones wehave back here. So the try a triad, a victory, quad L, uh, Phantom, you can get them all in ’em. Yeah. Inthese packs there. So it’s like I said, discounted stock checkout indygogo.comand I get it, get in there on that man. It’s, it’s going to be good. And uh, lots of stuff availablethat you won’t like for it. It’s for a discounted pricefrom the parcel master siteso you can get a cheaper there, which is really cool. Um, youjust kinda gotta buy them as a set, but you get a set of the really awesomealuminum stuff from puzzle master and uh, yeah. And then alsowe want to talk about it. So we want to try it each week. We want to try to kinda update you onwhat’s going on with some of the YouTubers and guys that like shoot videofor us on different puzzles. Um, one of our favorites, ChrisRamsey had some stuff. You checked it out. Yeah. You did the uh, the medallion and the Delta and theyhave been selling like [inaudible] and those, those are Hani Yammer to castlecath. No. And medallions, just medallion. Yeah, we’re like a cool producer on that orsomething that some special deal with that one. Right, right. And then,yeah, cast Delta Delta. Yeah. Uh, both really cool puzzles.

notched stick 3d wooden puzzle brain teaserboth really cool puzzles. The medallions like a doublesided maze with it slides apart. Like I played with thatone for a really long time. 27 reviews of all these so that will putsome of the reviews that Tony does up in the corners here. You can kind ofwatch them as we’re going here. But uh, Tony has some [inaudible] reviews of their not as good ascriticism but I will check his out too. Oh yeah, absolutely. Chris.Chris has a lot of fun. We always Marvel at his B-rollstuff man. Right at the start. He always say it has like super coolshots of the puzzles that, that uh, yeah, we were watching some of that today.Thanks. What was the other one too? There’s something else with thedragon balls, right? Oh yeah, you can just as a reactionvideo to different videoson the internet and a hand juggling thing. It’s super cool. Yeah. Cause Chris isn’t originally a magicianand then he got like hooked into puzzle master stuff and the puzzles and yeah. So I’ve been going through thisbeginner card history stuff, trying to learn some thingsand trying to impress yet any new stuff recentlyfrom you? The whole man. I’ve been traveling and busy I guessVancouver and try not to get stabbed. Uh, yeah, it is locked back to the hotel.Yeah. And then I also watch ’em. There’s another guy called puzzleguy. He does some awesome stuff, man. Like he’s kinda more more like mrpuzzle I’d say in how he does his stuff. But a puzzle guy has somereally awesome videos. I watched one recently on again, another Hani ammo and it was the Casperrope and I watched that, you know? Okay. I’ve played with the CasperOak a bit and I didn’t really, I didn’t really like it awhole lot of, I played it, I watched his solution though.I think the solution to it, it’s stinking awesome. Thatis a well-designed puzzle. I don’t even remember who designed itmight be a scenario Yamamoto or one of those guys. I don’t rememberthis, but it is super good. That Baroque is fantastic. If youhaven’t seen his puzzler guys videos, check them out. Really good. I love thatcath broke. He also has a new one. Um, it’s called the ISO crate or ISOcrate. Um, it’s another video. We tried it and watch the video,but it looked really cool. It’s a metal like squarething that comes apart. That’s he shot us [inaudible]yeah, it is. Yeah. Yeah. So it looked really awesome. So you guysshould definitely check that out too. And I’m testing covers. Yeah, I think that’s the YouTube exactIndiegogo a onto our Pelican puzzle. Pelicans stuff is what we’re doingnow. If you haven’t heard of Pelican, they have some great stuff.Um, yeah, well maidens, bird puzzles right now. I looked up the definition of a birdand a sense a bird puzzle. Essentially. It’s like a frame with um, like uh, okay. Hold on, let me lookit up here. I looked up the, what is a verb puzzle fordefinition man flow. Uh, this is the party. A Mito. Oh man. Hold on. I took it apart. All right, well it’s made of these man. Just go back. Okay, here it is. A bird puzzle is an interlocking puzzle. Consistently have notch sticks combinedto make one, three dimensional, usually symmetrical unit. So, so this is usually symmetrical. Uh, three sticks inside of thisframe here. Uh, really cool. And these are ones that are easier totake apart and way harder to put back together. Yeah. That’s generally whatI find stuff is. Yeah. I love that.

notched stick 3d wooden puzzle brain teaser together. Yeah. That’s generally whatI find stuff is. Yeah. I love that.

notched stick 3d wooden puzzle brain teasertogether. Yeah. That’s generally whatI find stuff is. Yeah. I love that. I love the wood on these. Hey. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know even how they get thatpurple color. Like is there a purple tree? Is it purple? It’s calledpurple heart or something. I think it’s the Hazel literally. Ithink that’s the color of the wood. They don’t really, it, they, alltheir stuff is natural wood colors. Like I don’t think they die anyway. That’snothing. So there’s some super cool, there’s some cool stuff.Yeah. Super well-made. Yeah. Just as far as wood puzzlesgo. It’s not close. Yeah. How do ya, so this one was the partylevel seven and buy clothes, clothes made this one, clothes, clothes, Jan damn stra 16 moves totake it apart. 12, three, one level-set. Yeah. These aren’t especiallyhard as far as the Pelican stuff goes. I mean there’s no Excalibur, but, um, I mean the designs arenuts here. Just this thing. Try to take that a little bit. Idon’t want that to be a little bit, so you could slide this one and thenthese ones followed like right away. If that guy’s scary, man, IAllen’s not even here today. So we’re not putting thatback together. It comes up. Okay. And that’s called, what partis the party level seven level seven. Level seven. K I’m going totalk about the petite pack. Now this puzzle addresses somethingthat always kind of bugs me and sorry. And it’s the, um, they do it well.So I’ve talked about this before. When puzzles come salt pre-saltI hate it. This one does not see, you can see it’s outside the box. So the whole point of thispuzzle is to pack the, um, the pieces back into it. And soit comes not in the salt state, which is awesome. I love that. Now it is a level six andthis is all Sonora Yamamoto. The guy makes great stuff. I love hispuzzles. He does stuff for, for Pelican. He does stuff. So like youcan see comes out there. There’s one piece andsee you’re going to be, Oh man, this is scary. I can do itthough. I can do it. I believe in myself. Maybe not. Well there’s, there’s twomore pieces. Oh there you go there. And then the blog and the blog.Are you going that hard? All right. So this is a square to seeposition. So it goes in there. This one? Yup. Just like that mass. I know there’s some good there.There you go. Yep. Perfect. That’s it back. And it just [inaudible]you want to sit in there? I like, I like this one actually. This is cool. You got to just pack the stuffback into the frame. So, uh, yeah, that’s the petite pack byOSA Sonora Yamamoto. Yup. And those had been selling like crazytoo and they are limited stocks. So pick come up quick. And the coolthing about some of these, now, I don’t know if the puzzlemaster website has it, but some of their puzzlesdo come in different woods. So like I know on the pelicans site youcan pick different words for it, um, on the puzzle master site too. Sojust as a sorted. Yeah, yeah. Sort of. So sometimes it’s like a crap shoot asto what you get. But I know this one, the rattle Quist, which is whenyou’re, you can talk about it’s a, it comes in different colors. Oh yeah,it’s fun. Hey, that’s pretty cool. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s a, it’s calledthe rattle twist, rattle twist. All the adults with levelseven, level seven, uh, not such a really cool, so there’sa, yeah, there’s white frame here. There’s two blocks thatare on the inside here. You can kind of see thatlike balls down there, I don’t know which camera shot weshot there. Probably best there. It kinda like slides in there.

notched stick 3d wooden puzzle brain teaserIt kinda like slides in there. And then there’s like one on the toplayer and one on the bottom where you can kind of see them in there.You see you, I see. Yeah. So there’s pegs inside kind ofthat kind of limits your emotion. So I don’t know whether that, so thisis literally just a three piece puzzle. I don’t know. That was kindof cool. So yeah, I love that. I love Pelican style just becauseit’s so tight. Right. There’s mood, but all of a sudden you’ll do it.How did that move? A little blob. So kind of the square. So there’s one there and then there’sone on the bottom level there too. So it’s not like super complicated.No, this one looks like um, Saturn, we’ve seen a Saturn I think. Yes. This looks like the Saturn kind of in the, in terms like the designersare twists. So it does. Yeah. Cause if we went on the Pelican site andit said that they figured out like how many moves. Yeah we couldn’tfind the moves anywhere. But it does say there’s a twist involvedso can maybe it’s just not a lot of moves that can mean it’s only a levelseven. Right. So it’s not like crazy hard. But yeah it looks like this is Bobbroken into three pieces. This a, the dark wood here. Is it?What do you mean? Well, like cause you can you think thisor maybe two? I think it’s just two. I’m pretty sure it’s just to, yeah,let’s see. Yeah, I think I have two. So it’s a three piecepuzzle. Not like, okay, how is party, this isthe same level as that. This seems like significantlymore complicated assessmentespecially cause they can pull up. Oh absolutely. Getting it back together is going to bea the ordeal. Yeah. All right. I think, I don’t know how those, certainly atboth level sevens, because this seems, it seems pretty simple. Hey that doesnot seem complicated. It looks nice. Right? And then you move on whateveryou do it then. Yeah, no, that’s okay. I don’t want to take any puzzlespartner here right now. Yeah. So that’s some of the new Pelicanstuff and you’ve got to check it out. Pelican is awesome. And some amazing bird puzzles were reallywell made and just beautiful stuff. Like, I mean, you checked that out.Like that is a nice looking puzzle. It’s all natural wood, greenand well finished. Um, yeah. So you gotta, you gotta check out the Pelican stuffthat you’ve never done Pelican before. But that’s our episode. Um,yeah. Anything else to add? I think we hit everything. Yeah.Covers Indiegogo Vancouver show. Yeah, check us out. We’re always shootingnew stuff on uh, on YouTube, right? Yeah. Aaron did a, he’s doing live solves nowand I think we’re calling it, Aaron’s solves live oncamera, so I think it’s a new, it’s a new show we’re going to be doinghere on YouTube and Aaron just sits down. He solves thepuzzle, he eat the cake. He did the heavy hitterand like five minutes flat. That is a hard puzzleand a complicated puzzle. He did it in five minutesflat and a shoots it now thereally the really awesome thing. So Aaron’s pretty chill. Hey, like he usually is not like super likeexpressive and the funny thing is in the shot, so he does too. He kind of shoots it beforehand and talksabout the puzzle and then he does his solution and then afterwardshe shoots kind of like, he talks about how the solutionwhen he is jacked and that like, he just gets so excited. Like it’s likeAaron has, I’ve never seen him before. So I guess that’s what happenswhen he sells puzzles. Man. He gets like really excited aboutit. And uh, so he’s good. It’s good. He shows you the solution.It’s a, it’s a good one. I love the look of that Muslim and thatheavy hitter is by three monkeys today. That’s a good one. Two months tomonkeys because two months, right? Maybe something monkeys, but a, yeah,you gotta check out. Aaron’s solves, Aaron’s solves live on camera. Um,there’s more of them coming out. I think he shot like twoor three more this weekend. So there’s more of that coming and soyou’ve got to check those out. So yeah, you can also, yeah. So subscribeto her YouTube channel. Um, Facebook like us onFacebook and follow us. Um, Instagram, I always forget. Oh yeah, yeah. Instagram. Yeah. There’s lotsof stuff. We’re getting some, some cool new pictures up there too, where there’s this industrial place nextdoor that has a whole bunch of like old wood and metal sitting around, so we’re going to start shooting somepictures of just puzzles sitting inside this stuff. I literally, cool. We did some of that with ourIndiegogo campaign actually, and so I liked that for Instagram. Some really like poppingpictures that look good. Yeah. That’s the episode. Episode 13 thanks for watching andmake sure you tune in again next week. We’ll see you later. Cool. [inaudible].