match the words and the

match the words and the, match, words

we’ve been here before don’t you think what are you going to teach me about prayers that’s all Yes, like Christmas trees and pine trees and the glades looks like we are all going the right way as Mitya did not say the water which is rare today in the morning again without us driving circles here is the news roads got lost what if over there-then straight into the swamp and over there is the village big gluhovka but there’s no Fritz there there’s herring in the jar if you want it there at that place Malaya gluhovka there are no fritters to eat kilometers 8 Yes we have already been walking in the forest for three days and closed it mouth and Ivan who are you I’m the favela we are with the men here the guerrillas Puma Lech overcome the front is clogged you are the doctor we are from the village of Hulda the Germans looted the village and even took away their livestock the course was taken away there is nothing to eat at least with starvation die and now everyone is gathered and in the forest let’s go we’ve been searching for partisans for three days we’ve been walking in the woods Mitya he didn’t say where the partisans were I said you’re talking and I’ll show you you’re older than I am let’s go again [music] so you think this is all the work of a skating rink that’s right wait for niral according to our information in the fourteenth square is still active one group is headed by Leonid Katkov his nickname is kad po read more Leonid Evans Katkov was born in 1895 just before the war he escaped from Rostov alcohol of the zone killed an officer and two escorts in August 41 crossed the front line and surrendered Germans he was trained in a sabotage school the iron wolves are now engaged recruitment to the jagtkommando skating rinks we need alive it can become a valuable source get information about the iron wolves here that their sufferers form a group you send it to Belarus and then delay it there is one nuance comrade General we don’t know what it looks like Katkov that’s all that’s left of him private affair the archive was burned down but someone lives knows in the face of Kotkov is such a person Vladimir Samartsev who was he head of the Rostov special zone where Katkov has been in prison for four years now for Samartsev an infantry captain so I suggest that we withdraw it from select and connect to the operation act like a good guy right in front of your eyes you are knocked out by equities 3 are lazy moskala na let’s see what you’re up to capable of missing on Novell asset rather early

match the words and therather early you can mess up the skin but I know I’m not without these toys, I can give someone a skin mess it up yeah I get it become I’m not kidding they’ve just started putting it back in place again the theme is SKAT lucky glue we are the same train not only on the sacrificial level we have been seriously training ourselves into order you’re a fool to say your prayers here training does not need you and no Korneev calls us to March at a walk I’m Rob we’ll fill it up very much and what a fool but man carry it if you want the same size urgently Akimov enlightening from the right flank enters his you’re going through traffic here see before go to the area of Pichugin’s villages and soldering in the line you escaped from the penitentiary. your task is to infiltrate a gang in which subspecies of partisans are operating around it consists of criminals who have come krauts’ there is a man in the gang who has passed German training intelligence school he’s recruiting in accomandi special forces to combat terrorism partisans your job is to get him here and they must be alive all right exactly you have three days to prepare wish citizen chief it’s great and I’m mute the hotel and pass-pass my friend here now you are at his disposal he is now your mentor and consultant is clear clear explained the moment I now started clarified here is so for uncle Vasili where are we going now Pichugin you che homeland and Churkin and then where are the stories and then in the bathhouse [music] what can I do but don’t give it back there is we need to go there he doesn’t want to go where

match the words and thewe need to go there he doesn’t want to go where the chief will say let’s go don’t delay that I’ll turn on genes that are stories let the pit thinks [music] [music] let’s go after all all like these [music] numbers although he threw some but after the shower he’s not a man such a kid vintar put it down send it away by accident don’t receive a prize . aussi on the road lost Castel abandoned care and what is the pit of all Alys let’s get out of here huh then the partisans will descend [music] no [music] what happened to us [music] they have deceived us as if we are not enough children my dear there was no need for wine comrade commander metelina it’s a matter of letting go when you’re still young later mother how many bandits were there Yes Razi I thought you were their homeland they got hurt and who’s where and how are they they looked like citizens don’t you remember her looking like you hands feet and two eyes [music] who knows maybe you’re worse at listening to them miss call do not confuse our detachment this is an integral part of the monolith. in the army we operate according to the Stavka plan and Central headquarters they were bandits we wanted to catch them but we couldn’t mitya is not a person who finds what you have found snowstorms were found by a simple guy [music] you’re very good at pulling NATO there is no dispute but how do you do it Amed Chisinau Svans scrapers for years training well made us laugh but will outshine Chisinau give the font can be extinguished with it you can still not taken for not an eye in the head eyes in the door in the cell if you are an ios inside you will smear the stranger on bread there mud what a meadow vertuha did not look into this will be a goal no ferstein but a well placed one font pheasant so on the hair dryer do not botch very much it gives the fish sounds poetic here are the ones thugs and groves Qty it will be very poetic very poetic and now I’m ready

match the words and the and now I’m ready

match the words and theand now I’m ready shoot about them turn off the burner java right now though I was taught to consume chifir pounds I didn’t trample on it for three years Bunny arbok removes understood and learn Lech walk father learn to wave in kind the hillock my own mother did not distinguish you will start it won’t burn out and you bro troechka each decided to shoot the Professor you are strict to my ear Lech I care about your benefit and fear who is the idiot things we have to learn to learn and learn as the great one has bequeathed us all from rings to a citizen you pull Achilles everything is ready now surfing will be fine fish and then we’ll drink it quickly understood come on [music] who is it passersby raise your hands why are we here we are looking out for comrade Irakli tweet tweet still wanted to hear from him as you do not immediately study I will lower my hands why that you didn’t worry about the documents I’ll show you explained the documents Oh exactly fish explained and namely, I myself and my mother the poker our the citizens began dibs on the side of the teapot come in Vladimir Petrovich from the Rostov special zone such people are not even needed protections I didn’t think or wonder what would happen again I’ll have to see you again. you’re on the lookout why were you burying yourself behind the fence captain Samartsev and I wanted to do it again first see what I looked up to oddball man say thank you for being alive why do they usually not stand on ceremony? they should have report me Oh that’s why you’re here you stand there, they lie there, but actually you have to think a thousand going to teach me a jerk someone is a certain person called to take the Samaritans children let’s go to business I am Klim Pavlovsky major commander of the group captain suszkiewicz senior tennant te the lowest level operation to capture which now I suggest sending a group they may be young but they are no longer Pavlovsky’s the newcomers have performed well in Finnish company Pavlovsky Klin Petrovich he’s the son of an enemy of the people with something I was guided by it I propose to appoint it the commander of the group comrade Stalin said the son is not responsible for the father even the General is not responsible for this Sushkevich was guided

match the words and theSushkevich was guided Mikhail Vasilyevich Yes a country boy from Belarus I think to my native places they go to not on vacation the same right not on vacation but the group needs such a guy it will believe your hopes and complement this pair you decide as a young intellectual you’re pulling, Alexey Vladimirovich somehow very which already three courses of the University and in addition intelligence schools experience of operations in the combat conditions Alexey Telesh has a perfect command fighting techniques and cold weapons the group is perfectly prepared is better . I’d rather and they’ve already started if the trampoline doesn’t make it to the training area look out Korneev [music] [music] who else is there before my own what are the differences between them [music] [applause] [music] but but don’t be a fool crutch . I started hitting like that there higher and not the same as last time I was nervous scared and I hid for you I noticed it right away and immediately recognized the night so yell here we managed to light up the crutch I’m done I’m done you know your own from sat then moved here I’ve got a couple of relatives here in the village years before the war here is quiet peaceful please why are you here go go go better the market I have to you is, do you of course I may have given up on it mass our pit he thinks differently about make a fuss so my you and all your kin will be identified so think think al and so let’s make the payment the year is not so ich bin with in india I am not satisfied with you first of all grain cars we are waiting for you to report your location the guerrilla group, whether it is in both this is your main task pink but time is running out information from you is not “and the partisans in the meantime commit and other versions after another it looks like Yama that your unit just holed up in the woods butts says their going to eat tonight partisan Devotchenko for this they will throw them first and then they’ll soak you faster at the sight of him for this is not quite so Mr. Lieutenant we have conducted several successful operations why are there so many of them Abdul Caudle says we have a lot of how it all cormorants there take a crutch Asiago or teeth they experience and the rest where to get and video Hansel these people are fleeing from conclusions on yakut are good it is common to take into account to cool off in the forest you you won’t I am waiting for your radiograms of the week deadline Dima I here is I about than Bazaar something weeks deadline so the job is to be done not to survive here’s the bit of a high Oh Bieber for disbat and I hope to see you soon do you know that your Samaritan does not she had a criminal record in her forties that’s for sure then he was released and sent to prison let’s put them on trial there you want to give him a criminal record a crust if I’m in Siberia here at night the train at the station car enters three well and what’s next but nothing strange history I don’t understand anything right now removed stages of the week rights weapons at the railway station somewhere spoons and sent to the front to ordinary soldiers, however, Samartsev before the captain I had time to grow up I had time to be a Colonel is better a captain on the front line than a Colonel in the area to guard these more the guard liked the learned pig and the if it turns on the tower, it turns on understood-understood on that not modicum what you have the legend for which I was in jail and I was on 158 I worked on a collective farm called sensual blade horses Ki uper the image disappeared I took one reel and gave it away troyak so I’ve been through this the authorities are very offended in what I still have don’t check it 150 the eighth for non payment of alimony is given the hay 162 from Yasha the guard as I don’t know all right captain don’t get mad at me we have such in General, Klim is a knuckleduster thief-a repeat offender I’m Mikhas that’s my name without a driver nothing we don’t have much to talk about Alejo do we to tell a beginner pheasants first trip well let’s go let’s go let’s go to not let’s fish or served here what’s not the boss it looks like a Paz but that’s what I’m saying the operation was not well thought out in the center there this well what kind of pheasant is it this I apologize for the expression of an intellectual but there can be a cigar or a pinch Yes don’t pinch any fish woodchip score has to be songs of the future to teach in the pockets of the scarf so you should not have a pheasant is a pheasant now is not the time to overdo it and I’m not going to do it again get used to it so stop mumbling fish everything thought out well here’s pinching the impulse gives captain chatter we’re right behind you now breath hours through two at night you will be behind the front lines of a partisan you are waiting for a connection we will keep it through Pichugin’s village you’ll find some food there and you won’t tell him memorize will there be shag for sale not people whispered a bottle if there is he will answer you there was shag but it all worked out understand understand all the head my friend, Yes and you’re taking me somewhere back to Moscow. fish so and now 2 factory I have been working for 2 years on the part of cleaning the caretaker is not yet trusted here their bosses are not looking for a good place I also want to serve them in a restaurant cheeks try to me at least in the kitchen wash dishes and what it is also possible for ensigns ti1 to stop driving arrived comrades come on good luck to the captain give me the pheasant and the fish and the red one lay the car’s path so they give you tea fish come on come on the chief citizen well Yes sbog we’ll meet again if only to enter [music] [applause] off [applause] you’re crushing it and it’s all broken up without any owners for you not the Metropol hotel it’s nothing to worry about need to forge [music] to you war to completion thank you [music] no harm thanks for having us for lunch beautiful Kash comrade Commissar how usually porridge each is also good when well cooked [music] I understood [music] the captain Samartsev Vladimir Petrovich your orders have arrived o great commander squad karmashkov Yegor Kuzmich to call well this is not necessary we are here on a simple basis well if you’re interested Lieutenant Colonel that’s it this is chief of staff Petr vari nervy terrace our Commissar Alexey Pinevich is over there ostapovich hid I’m not hiding behind the door I he rolled a cigarette version well that’s the view commander of our intelligence Yes you sit down Volos thank you we received the radio message I ask you to work quietly place you we provide up to the tent you will find a place for our guest so there is methionine’s place was well in places you won’t be able to settle the captain down when you settle in come on in thanks for the food of course suspicious this Samartsev but [music] what hands up where the way is kept who else then and flash drives I was going for you Yes I was going for you so I’m sorry about that I’m very sorry what are you doing where am I going find along the ravine of the matter not such as you say your name is me Muromtsev well where are your friends then Alyosha Popovich and Dobrynya Nikitich do not have my friends with him from all sides were killed he has a t shirt with his father on it take it away everyone [music] wife children do you have any children yet wishing Yes their war to the engineer was going before business with the engineer is bad but here’s what you are we’ll put you on your own allowance now well then we’ll see how it goes down to comrade Commissar I don’t know it’s not that simple here you still need to understand why you are not in the army and I didn’t get to the front because our village was once occupied by the Germans in Germany they wanted to steal it because I was in debt and I was wandering through the woods the partisan stabbed you well okay you’re on kitchen go Svetlana pussy to fed Yes tell me the commander ordered here Ah and in order themselves lead from and not a fighter astra some kind of power let me go go well what do you say Alexey I don’t like it like Alexey’s points like it huh [music] when I was a kid I was in our village on the on the edge of the same small house stood people they used to say that the place was ruined they were clean and what if there is a Kikimora and evil comes in here I am with the boys clogged that the house let’s climb up for tea kikimor this came to me it didn’t come and I spent the whole day sitting by the window and looked if it appears immediately run but you’re like moved to 40 messages in the village carry out the answer mechanics of Marat is yours it’s not scary at all and and you were afraid childish fears but you don’t know they can break a man’s life but Lech can’t break mine it has been a long time since I was afraid of my childhood here when you have your little sister in your arms I was starving and then I was scared and it’s scary to look at her and I’m afraid to tell my moms too [music] you now Stepan when will you go on patrol get up there hold on tight won’t you he said take on liqui moly and when I woke up it wasn’t on the radar much if you say laugh I’ll look at you when he’s gone I’ll meet the Scarecrow in the woods and we’ll see and I’ll look at the penalty you have offended our friend’s mail he said retake is a drawback he has comrades there is [laughter] [music] [music] I fully what do you accept well done he’s a tough guy and he doesn’t look like our guys offend them bad on not fused I and I’m not offended I was afraid I’d just go crazy someone accidentally on business and you from where Glukhovsky I am a voice far away as got lesom Shaw and I’m from maslovke it wasn’t my mother who told me to go into the woods for sin far away but when the Germans have something to do with it in squad to do Fedot would have killed us at what in winter on and in General 1 [music] Hello there there are people for sale wee said cube shag is always on the Gong it was all there what will the world say to me man earth spinning and spinning all the time theory on such as what is the reason what is the use and spin and Yes not you don’t say I’ll do it myself I’ll tell you but I want you to do it all the time different sides of the sun turn you here valenki when kill them you dry them you turn them over for what and so that don’t burn it down right exactly so you see that there’s no mystery here it’s all clear as day what the hell is wrong with Nole’s class Serena thank you he said take the bread there’s still a problem tell me what kind of motor is needed to drive the car spin this one well how do you still need it so that this person can take a shower twist serve cada dia cube said physics is I myself know that physics is not quite he is careful now but no one is here Rey’s gamepad is spinning and well here’s your own everywhere pokes it needs to know about but itself to can you imagine I’ll tell you what that means then she’s like a tank with a figure then I managed to do it only she’s not such a big woman Yes, for me the earth will Spiridon x is not she said that no visitors had come to the village and what about strangers who are strangers who are not you can use an inhibitor the closest you are to her is washing and going over I’ll tell you straight out three people well then the children’s houses are good there is if it’s running around all the time it’s alive the body is up to such a parasite as it is worth about them and dispose and on the earth to live and can not I’ll go if I don’t object Pikachu object come in so that’s what you are come in then and later well Yes there are different ones here people walk with their tongues like to grind at the door we go to bed early Karachi well not much will be a lot of pressure you too fold your feet to and I’ll Wake you up here’s your find the costume is waiting when the only thoughts in my head are about on us returned but returned the situation in the villages are quiet I know that without you friend with your name tell me what was done by a specific task has one suspicious before Mikhail a man like a man about 45 years old lives alone doesn’t he the locals say someone goes to see him alien how it was taken and what actions were taken actions found out the identity delivered to pore what do you mean what they found a Nazi henchman and calmly returning the RUB and what do they do what were they supposed to do execute on the spot according to the law of the military time is an order to issue or shoot without a trial if you it would be a simple matter to shoot a bullet use it to start with comrade me HIV you are in a partisan unit and not on the at the front it is at the front straightforwardness it is necessary here you know how much faster it is necessary be careful or you may even be on at the front the days were my own front and here our sockets are some kind of task to install swiss new as tomatoes no one [music] [applause] [music] these are walkers rod 31 kitty if anyone tries to get in I’ll send them where Makar calves are not chased [music] comrade captain there’s nothing for it I can’t sleep in my new place I can’t sleep [music] stop naughty phases [music] faith my God on luck [music] [music] [music] what drew a conversation is there but the cormorant can invite you to the house che I don’t want to invite MAZ into my house call me then we’ll talk comrade commander but I’m explaining this one to you Samartsev is not so simple in the first place he I’ve already left the UN unit twice in these countries how many days are there in the second place my conscience is not clear I watch him he walks at night smokes what I go out at night smoked and ice I don’t say anything to the wind about you Tom thank you and third allow me to enter good afternoon Ivan Kuzmich from the cliff lot please don’t send me a radio message it didn’t come until it didn’t fall off comrade to mars tell me to leave before the war they were convicted and sent to places of deprivation of liberty freedom isn’t that what you are what he is when I am I served and you don’t interrogate me in the police station there are no dark spots in my biography but about you not everything is so clear why here they are there where they should be, Volodya, you can crop with your head you Volodya don’t hold a grudge against me Ah such Ah what can I do here is from such idiots who change the country full of energy and you hurt the music and I’m already he was afraid to tell his own plan but he didn’t tell the others no need well here we are those who are healthy or strange a accept fool around with the hero it’s not good muzhik since the guests are coming like this I’ll give you a basin of water and now the devil take Olya the wind brought the Council’s departure and why do you care about empty I’m empty and how runaway Ticino you’re my grandfather I’m calling me names before there is also a poltychka no come on boy come on I’m being kind to you I came from good people what kind of people good people all of you where will you be from from the war grandfather to your dax war you say the Shtrafbat was pulled this is the pheasant that is in the the penal battalion was a pheasant who Alex Nikolai keep your breath down here’s what pigeons come on start singing and so you will go to market with your roosters in the hut anikey be referred to understand here better and why hide here? look there’s a low place for you you’re shooting at us comrade the commander of the detachment is also a commodity of the Samaritans there will be a military-grade version of this 1 this and I will keep silent you’re ignoring me anyway but the seam isn’t either listen to combat officer Alex and who will be responsible if the operation will fail if people are killed don’t treat the Samaritans I said in my opinion, he didn’t say anything offensive comrade g9 I am responsible for all my words if the commander only if he allows it I would very much like to accept it parts in one pirate download [music] but you know she’s seen house of bad 3 r [music] guys Lalayan and leave us here for now it will be calmer [laughter] well, that’s better [music] [applause] villa they came this afternoon but one guy went straight in three at a time they still had their automatic weapons but why what a man he looks like than in advance I want to ask who is the first came up with this stuff and this stuff but the machine these are there these but bully are different you at the beginning like some monk invented it monk what are you you’ll probably know if you’ve cut your hair the man sucks it like a movie theater monk he’s still an angel somewhere in between. he won’t do that won’t he he’s a fascist that’s all hung with crosses from head to toe and on the buckles that is not described God knows us and it was such a bitch to Luke about what kind of a guy how did he look so I called him have not seen those who saw him to Spiridon ha why does she have such a sharp eye you know God has deprived me of my mind but I have a tenacious eye sharp this is how the icon is arranged onomu God something like this does not give to the other mound with a slide planets would change we created people then you don’t have enough of that and I’ll just give you one pour both Viper 2 moreover and you me too do dal Mahadev how many 0 and I spent in the house for a long time will accept and Ah long know the same to the other sneeze for a long time and for me so there’s an online bounce back it stretches as long as it goes about I live here just a little bit for the sake of I run for half an hour-an hour more less Yes no probably two hours all the children will go home I will go I’ll definitely come back if anything you know to whom what to say I know-I know I know that Oh how many things are there in the world what I don’t know then the faithful will never know keep up [music] [music] so here’s the deal brought [music] flown the fellowship of the goiter in General the harvest is cut off by his grace I ask you to go to our hut and they say partisans of the poor and so the Kingdom is like this I say Yes and at the front they said that we were in the Shtrafbat a window for us then threw on poor housing from the street Okolitsa the power when you’re hit in the head the goal is taken away in the back is the suburb of the team Peru d use weapons woad to give up I wasn’t told to do that you know rubbish look wives joke and cut can and the longer you don’t have a pirate don’t be afraid of her I’ll wind my guts up on a shelf no hard feelings chums [music] I’m not sorry please don’t just go in sit down tea Yes you can Yes the mug has been gone for a long time they disappeared again. don’t push the commander around in any way got on the trail and the act of novel g [applause] [applause] [music] now that’s a case for us but when I get the map while far away they have arranged 100 to not far away kilometers 20 fall this as something to them it’s difficult to see from our side there’s a swamp here if only to go around and walk with out of the blue sentinels can’t they think so and also flogged okay without a fight there and and take and did not expect but here the villagers would have to be protected she’s not Sasha’s big brother friendship go-pay you for the night headquarters and for you don’t have to call me much yourself according to Samartsev the group went into the forest with a person xii from the team different well done what do you think ripper in which for they won’t be able to cope for a week it’s hard to say Alexey you must have an ecstasy check to become their own centuries. it will take time how long I don’t know maybe may be week 2 may be month month not I’m ordering you to speed up the operation no but comrade Colonel veteran speeches will come up with something let your guys believe as much as possible earlier [music] smoothly cormorant our boys then on the zone there were then a penalty box labs then strong such people could get into the tank for something like that do you think Vassily is going well struggles how to check us out in the Ivanovo zone? no like gray they don’t need anyone there then in business check it out so there’s no case at all there are no partisans around but those who have served who if you don’t get it I’ll tell you what to believe in your paws will they put us down you want to put down the goods against the collective farmers he won’t be able to stand up to them these collective farmers have been fighting for two years these collective farmers have been in the woods for two years just like us the tone is to drift toyama who are you putting your mouth on che us on the partisans before us the Germans so well fed in short crutch in to our own cormorants this one tooth to the Smoking room let me ask you to take a step through the village and then we’ll go we’ll make a trip with our buddies and check it out the Cup is all right in these places where he doesn’t cook puddles shoes with a hole in the head that one that 2 we won’t leave anything out on the syllables will explain true kospi [music] and for such a kind of dear God does not put out his daughter’s name was za zvan here’s what it was the case of the telegram half an hour ago to it says that you change your whole plan but I know that Yes wait you’re in shock right here read the test [music] seriously come in don’t go he’ll be sniffing around for an hour hunters at home sit partisans in the forest burying a German in the city did you smoke by the way you didn’t put the bottle in your pocket this time the wine didn’t come out and the grandmother was better than hers I mean a disguise I’d say observe the glow in it and remove the top and Boca man where can I develop here and I would like the sun above I don’t have how can it who else’s who else’s maybe and I only ask him is there you chalk village you are now strangers people you he didn’t like it he went around here alone and kept asking about it then they caught him and beat him and they put you in the barn tough guys what that they are also guest on the guest in the throat is a bone bandit I ended up in prison and escaped tell me about it what kind of bandit and where will you be from from far away? grandma from afar well go your way and I’ll go mine and grandma wait somewhere we’ll drive 3 of them he will tell you everything he told you the disguise let’s get to that Stalinist one we trust our sidekick which is me [music] [applause] [music] God help the hosts who are they greetings to you from the crutch and our excuse let’s take a step people have come he’s all around us I’ll tell you they asked me to drink some water on diodes I would have come to you myself Samba came to you so it was calmer so you’re going to be fucked up there’s no case waiting for you so interesting he was quoted you don’t report him for this we can punish your right hand who was caught means know what by knowing know don’t poke you know I had not had time not immediately they have it to run well Yes Colin older they have a pit maybe that’s what he is it looks like the amv specials are behind them the main one but I’m not sure it’s a cat huh who is the crutch then you are too easy with it managed I think all of you can Vasil SIM like im we are advised not to guess let’s take a closer look we want a friend’s Bazaar here we’re wondering who killed you and those che she Schmeisser argued let’s play the slot machine come on Amos we’ve got a hole he is in the law about I said there is no Bazaar your machine gun wait for it bro the machine gun was taken away from you after all or no but we’re going to go to the machine shop right now will be but the College you lost your slot machine it is not known when with red pies we will we’ll have to see the villagers bullshit but you’re a tramp now I’d give it to you I’ll give it to you if you don’t want to go to our codla to get show me what you can do otherwise you know everything empty bullshit not bullshit yet the speech of them is this and if you don’t want to W then they came here and we got our claws together tear and here you are where and I advise you roads a lot of the right one should be chosen our barely hold on the war will end in Berlin will you live and before that I walked under it myself didn’t I what’s the difference now under it then under it to eat Yes belly full of schnapps we’re like beavers here live ruddies consider us partisans a free cd player Jagd-team them about the tile is good to market to us here point [applause] [music] they will be very difficult to deal with there are a lot of their own put here if only in the in an open place what do you suggest luring them out azil s is reasonable but only it remains to figure out how and the shower is not in the canal everyone has sniffed out the cormorant what Chu was sniffing out on the street without the right all day without eating without buying a belly reduces the theme later later let’s go here and what do you have in General so I’m a magician our collective farmers built a shed locked our and such a urku with Ivanovskaya ringing and he doesn’t know anything else. Pichugina where we brought down Krasnoperov is not lick the partisans the men want it publish it can burn down that fucking village Pareiko and long for a start, and decided to pull out and guests our ford you want your own goes about this business [music] what are you doing I’ll fix the cart like this need lads carnation curves so you’re a hammer I took here is a team of troubles not clear but they weighed what comrade commander I want to beat the Germans but we here we sit idle I’m sorry of course there will be Germans for you ilusha you won’t be able to sit down long enough here do you want to eat the masks you need to check when will we cut up the collective farmers cormorant with mazom these bastards these and Nitsche both of them have encroached. you Teal mouth closed her mouth and you rock too mouth shut is the gate Yes I do not understand and I speak like a risk . volvo is not the root right now cotton [music] and not giving at home you done but tear away but there’s no bug and I’m not not a simple lad and three arrows have passed eh maybe cut all three of them with our own and the case is over no I’m not lying so they’re telling us they will come in handy Tula put down her whiteness calls [music] America Canada great you’re my brother’s lot even though life taught you to fight like that fooling around about fu-you well-you think you’re the only one here so I think Gavroche Kuril finger Delany Dan this is such things have done on 3 they pulled up the towers and said did you hear that chick you would teach me to fight and I would teach you to fight I’ll put in a few words for you if kodla takes you for your buddies she won’t I’ll answer for you until I thought you were yours the word Smoking-room you don’t say and ionic this I do not know and you’ll have to check it out in the morning you are not told to speak you keep thinking I’ll break it and you keep thinking I’ll pick it up listen here these are like my brother I’ll tell you collective farmers from Pichugin your friend caught from the Ivanovo zone Oyama sent crutch and three of us so they can get your buddy out well Kuzmich here you go everything you are definitely ready for the shaft up to his hand you love but look we are our own we’ve done the job and now I don’t like your well I’m just fine I’ll be fine there is no slide here your optimism should be taken by this one we still need it without risk nothing never come out [music] many and [music] weight [music] how long are we going to hang around here now they will bring K Ivanovsky what we will do it and the claws go ball you’re making a captain why I twist them and we leave with them and for weapons we twist their weapons we’ll take it and maybe we won’t get a pit there is no need for anything here, the main thing is that someone is standing we need him behind his back. means to fail the task seconds of the beast we check it out Rumyantseva whether my or not Smoking room in the bushes lay and that it switcher does not dry out it will not dry out any more we soaked it in the process with two bazaars removed their ears all clear ponies check to dump the Yama Guild meet guests 1 to be allure we are all acting according to the situation we have arranged it mother’s not bad my K worm people land of the villainous manor on that I have the freedom for such I like bonfires and bars our mountain and well-let’s go fish went to the Council well what did you get living touching let’s hope more there won’t be any of them no they were sure they believed me they’ve got their minds on there’s a quiet Miha I say to believe you believed Rhea let’s fish let’s fish listen here you’re trying to find your way served my time so Yes to their own and their own our mass said to bring you here and I owe my life to you and yours jac smear even before the scumbag you can tell your friends with everyone there will be those who stand up to our codes Oh well leaving him to the NIT redfin if the rain dies Grisha where are we going to dance in short I am this caretaker of my collective farm released naturally until the blood drops so here’s the boss your Korneev summons me to his office and he says that it is necessary to speed up even so joining a gang handing it over you say Rybin here I am helping you out eh why such a rush to find a plan of operation Mikhail has changed . and so I’ll tell you everything in detail now you mind let’s bring it up [applause] Panas you che not sleep until the wind these days since the morning call that’s what it is send a reliable man to see you tomorrow. to this enemy this is but to the messenger I teams call it some kind of small what but it can all be slapped decided photoshop Galina’s volume so that it doesn’t suddenly appear who needs it under the ice now but we do to outwit him this is easy then listen and search what do you think the correct spines are for they won’t do for us I’ll give you a look because we’re not mean Jagd-team the environment we will make will be both rewards from this and living a coin with partisans in this forest and everyone will put it go on candy okay come on now I’m torn so until then don’t NAK the neighbors in the woods and I saw them in the street and ran up to them all the men the sound so as soon as I found out about it I’ll come straight to you here and escape all right root you’ve done your job Saviour mil-man would I let you go Yes too much you know Rudd the Ripper will start us off as a chicken right even so. remove it the knuckle-duster does not know, who cares . learn fish well th in General so buddies work there are three two days ago a German was shot down by a Soviet plane we don’t know the plane we just didn’t know it that the pilot from this plane was spas jumped out area C on it was picked up hides nursed and us a parable about Verochka will be the last for you green in the lair I will eat and so it is time such and brass knuckles vague in short tomorrow will you go to the village with him?” cut the pilot to pieces so that I can see him and because you can handle it with pens and I can handle it conduct business photo good well what is there news I think by the evening the results will be available did you find out anything about the Samaritans? that’s right I noticed another one detail the biography of Samartsev which is to become the po the density of the skipped Samartsev was the chief of the camp where my father was serving a sentence for some time Klima Pavlovsky if you want to but you’re burned we’ll get there and you until they do not fry than here [applause] transfer Kramskoy well, the falcons show itself, well, that’s great as a very fish but don’t be silent and as I was a C student and so it remained it’s not your line of business cafe Nevada [music] And here [music] [applause] well have we started now I will make up my mind residents [applause] [applause] nothing will be tolerated it’s a pity I’ve been ordered to deliver you to Moscow alive pridnaya Yes fuck with him look you how I came up look with your head you answer eat by water let. come in Viktor Andreich I’m glad to see you well done your guys did a good job we have tried our best our General we will reward you tell him so but you’ll have to go downhill wait and see your whole gang was in the village, or someone else in the forest remained answer don’t drift boss your people are heart and soul Caudle tied someone not tied to the fact they’ve got you drenched walk the rags while the Germans are waiting for you they’ll pin him down on the ship Petrovna I can’t look at that bastard you started serving the fascists didn’t you [music] come on Volodya come Kuzmich here now see you with the language removed enough I wish you good health captain Samartsev come to your senses well your as if will be on so anything will be fine by the way the weight 8 me Katkova but very stabbed and thank you for helping us take it Kline great nation you look like and you know all your locks by sight don’t you not all of them your father here’s the left eye and Sirin’s time myopia if you didn’t want to wear glasses you couldn’t go there clients understand I didn’t put him there myself don’t ask for a job Yes I understand tell me about TSE [music] so what was your assignment all of you I am ready to decide as soon as possible only we are too late let’s start Vasil correctly said hurry up I should have known better if you’d been lying there right now minion pen to buy custom would so you tell me about Vasil in more detail huh Vasil is not our friend he is a stray the entire code zone was blown up here oklemalsya on villages poke around began mtu you know chief I live with the Germans make contact and I’ll be damned if I can the German is still regional no one serve us on our own from and at you ask people will tell you and you won’t worry we’ll ask you and I won’t I’m worried chief I’ve been on my way ADG got along interestingly and podiatrist himself he’s everywhere right now Efron knows he’s not beggar in the study at the roots of the Moscow town what will this crown be over he began the Serbian then Arbat ruby that [music] [laughter] blink at you come out here either eggs or else in which contain missing you immensely in this wild world a barbarous godforsaken country our restless nights I dream of our house near Bavaria the river Bank is our favorite place you are my home too there must be war and the duty of the true one the Aryan makes me stay away from you. you and here in Russia the court for any period smart assigned to an important mission how’s it going troops 5 days here let’s bite someone else’s teeth and drop it. I gave Rusi a hand not miss I can do it for work it’s the normal view not the one on the right [music] need comrade Stalin and comrade Stalin they left this one here. refurbish like that Claudius p. long and just sit there then it will almost be available rest for now there is a possibility how will they take us away commander already and you didn’t come here to have fun the war around Kornev we are not idle leave understood intelligent Mihas x Mihas fighters aroh is better great that’s the job for us I see that I am not completely empty handed we lost two of them who is Vasily Mikhailovich called Rafe and valuable assets food or something Yes there at Peter’s I didn’t understand Chet’s question the chief of staff says that we should hold on George guesses like this Peter padat parables to play and between not hero took it I just can’t believe it I can but Yegor Kuzmich and this is even it’s impossible to imagine [music] and in Europe it means [music] . what is it for such a wriggle what the men brought it what a lot of trophies they’ve got while we’re here with them you were sitting somewhere take the daughter of a partisan we were engaged in really important business before interesting turn I think we’ll have to stay here for a while here comrade Lenin we are looking for it inventory of arts and crafts items the arts Yes were not harmed in the least when they weren’t taken away much was simple smashed my vandals the barbarians and this is the Germans a great nation that gave world year and Heine, Schiller dürer, Beethoven oil those dance after all no thank you not need go to see [music] [music] comrade chief of staff why do you have your documents here in their language but when when not [music] [applause] let’s go to the Germans Ah Yes well done all counted all brought in the list is accurate so comrade there were no prices on these things are the price of the fan priceless 16th century 17th century I must say let the commander give a radio message specialists are needed here and exactly and what’s this here my tricks Firsova took away says the face of this grandfather smart I will be with him chess is a hell of a game that no one loses knows and the sculpture means that it can almost price changing one mailbox is no longer necessary open it and go with your head you answer poverty Ilya Muromets is not a grandmother to himself open the woman but the figure of the fireplace what are you ohreneli 1 somewhere else Babu find muromtsu and Tobago I don’t know you’re with him yourself figure it out okay we’ll figure it out [music] that’s wad [music] here’s another carnation polushko are you all right beautiful woman but do you know if I am return on investment [music] why does she have to take you to the hospital? my wife it seems on volyushka but your valushka will find out about this one and you will have a hyena of fire Yes no it is still before the war from me to the engineer needed some kind of help. well what can I tell you or Venus that is your marble valushka your trophy of course but I’ll have to give it to you I’m from the Museum [music] I’ve been like this for a long time [music] but here is Alanya give me the map now listen to the calculation of the story with the situation took an unexpected turn partisans recaptured a truck from the Germans somewhere around here they opened the drawers and there were vases paintings sculpture recaptured one truck 2 left and this is half nothing is lost for us we will return the taiga I am sure is our task Colonel return what else you can say the Pavlovsky group is still in a partisan unit so definitely not yet back that’s good we’ll be back tomorrow we ship it there if it’s nailed down the exhibits are first those that turned out to be from the partisan and then out of the 2 trucks that are yours guys they will fight it off on their own [music] the task is clear . keep eating [music] about the meeting [music] comrade for lenses let’s go aerial the alarm can’t you hear no, no, I still to work let’s go 50 pass to stay and children the worst thing has already happened but us instruction go I told you Klavdia Petrovna to the green device [music] Yes no I haven’t finished the series yet exhibits as discovered by who where at such a beauty porridge is probably sweeter than honey but I see you see you live about what sad section no thanks I’m between other other things here it pulls me by this name sheep perlovku KLUB a can I ask you a question but why can’t we have a good time at our camp for how long will it take to complete the tasks back and your assignment is secret very secret this [music] these are probably the paintings that are our own I can figure out if this is possible or not another [music] Nazar returns to catch the car the new girl is wrapped up in a prius picking around but our Milan jump and you Maximka whether babble you’ll tell everyone everything for apple’s sake chatterbox is a godsend for a spy and what so not spies are the same as our own we can also leave for we have not taken what will be the ul and you’re not strong enough he said his mouth is open and no one is here gives you Maksimka better Pro themselves would I said I said then no one would swear okay and the car is really Fritz’s confiscated in the team cursed and of course at home Jannat and if there is a pursuit come on Greenwich should have been bleached for us any fascists will not fly here I had to lower the car of this enemy throw branches at them comrade Commissar misbehaving Svetlana rating unconsciously what does that have to do with anything and I know what will happen if I dream that earth does not crash mutual love he didn’t tease the plan you’ll get into trouble and what’s not HIV was romantically involved with Svetlana and what is it especially his and we have no one she loves him but why should she love him [music] , watch out for r gold and what’s amazing about it wonderfully 17th century gear gold man was lubinje what lines Davtyan and after the war she decorated one from German museums perhaps even Berlinsky on 5 certainly shado saints it is a pity that half of the collections are his lost it in a bad way Yes it is an irreparable loss dancing under the V rank and partisans some kind of balance Andy it’s all very wet out here listen to the design and organ will give them Yes perhaps mansita you think dampness can damage Rudenko’s exhibit not for a few days habit I can’t tell you you’re going and we don’t have to take any chances until we find a place by a decent movie very much tomorrow morning I this will deal with the bug’s arrows layout you we need to figure out which channels we have with you managed to keep Gershman and I asleep just a former art teacher from Putin here is a portico paws and here I was in his case that he wanted to become a sculptor quiet that’s right you have a beautiful apartment memory however I didn’t do much work for them start tomorrow morning what time is it you will need it will take me two days maybe even three for a stupid match and me I give you a day and a step to the SPI tire yet we’ll have to sort out your carousels of numbers iz in that case I’d better start straight now Gordon Yes Yes no Chapter tomorrow today you are tired and the work will require you to you will get a lot of attention you can you need to get something wrong relax all listening ran [applause] it’s not a big deal I developed your parachute myself so jump and boldly are you Timothy knows his stuff it’s a place we know [music] [music] [applause] [music] Yes help me thank you very much for me Mikola my name is and this is Stepan Lyalin Anatoly Konstantinovich Brody exhibits up to not far here is your go half an hour before you see only your parachute we need to hide it let’s go [music] what’s amazing about us isn’t it I can’t wait to see Yegor Kuzmich don’t worry you’re a tour guide your images won’t go anywhere tomorrow check everything in the morning according to the inventory the reliable protection of the head be careful [music] or one of these dear Elza nots finally the war leaves me so little time to write those mouse videos like I would like to hold you now my gentle one the angel was fished out of shun but our victory is already over close reboot for bravery shown in the fight against the guerrillas the command gave it to me in South Africa a beautiful picture of their power in I know how do you like to paint this master is here a masterpiece will decorate our house about the accident which continues to dream to me every night night [music] and there is what is love yogas after all I never do all steps sold their dispute not afraid go zolochiv everything to azoga and elephant I’m sorry about that and MIDI gold area there is peace image afraid of the soul this from it eurotour and again retargeting go I recommend row but I [music] Soviet Roth and [music] but [music] comrade Klimova what’s not to love about songs why do I love you too and which ones do you love but Fyodor has sung a good song nice but sad I like funny ones quickly uncle Vitya will become more cheerful in advance feel more fun tag more fun before [music] just such a thing to do he says at once [music] Stepan you promised to chop wood for me promised what mikhalyuk here at last we will talk. I have a couple of seconds left for tomorrow Ukhtas [music] you don’t play the game because don’t be more cheerful Foma let’s go [music] they are much more expensive translations [music] the lion icon says the cook has decided the old man it’s in front of you and this way and that you look at it he’s an attack of the fool you’re fooling around there expert arrived where is he now at the pocket you know all right let him rest tomorrow with a cover tonight you think dancer go for it firewood Yes well let’s still dance and so where are you all safe and sound I’ve checked your safety [applause] who gave you permission to open the exhibit box they can’t stay outdoors for long air this needs to be Packed up again for Perry give let’s see where the other boxes are.” don’t worry it’s all right Brusnitsyn let’s go get it there is something in place I hope nothing my God how can you not you see also the world’s treasures [applause] rays please don’t smoke at the end after all you can not write everything off to the war well you can see his hands you would have eaten the shot he would have received it or glued it together comrade Lenin was not in the circus before the war no I didn’t do any work but you jump around and get creased on Paris Lyalin to watch Pavlovsky not the same I asked you not to smoke here the cream goes health year Kuzmich explain this case here it is necessary to take the language will you help me?” rabble, go and fetch Panas let’s discuss this one [music] I’m sorry for whom I’m sorry that Bregovich doesn’t see us allowed me to waste bullets then I don’t have to be angry with you RUB it that way you always hit it not always 9 and 10 well almost always let’s go to the lobby Grigoriev said he was going on a mission tomorrow huh for now rest, I’ll rest wirkola just just when I shoot nothing no more just me and the goal you know me I forget everything even if there is no war the war will end when the ifrits come to an end the war will be over and we’ll get married before who said that to you you said you she told me this herself Sanka is not a raw material Remember [applause] [music] 1 skip the officer’s touch go [applause] at my place apa [music] IER us and one year and though you don’t eat you Antwerpseason is good ferstein we are in vain we’re wasting time we should shoot you little one soshka he doesn’t know anything you understand what I told you too understand a little Russian so I wasn’t joking you can’t do that I’m fine prisoner thousands of Soviet prisoners of war were taken executed in your camps your life is nothing not worth it all in expense it’s just good the night no don’t tell me your last name and the title heart is only a street for a long time we were going to go dream about the city don’t make the commandant’s office drag you out every word of why did you go there we did they were supposed to accept the cargo and then escort him to the standing l’eau du das war exhibits from Russian smoothies loan them they are located in the commandant’s office draw the planks of nature so the plan by the commandant’s office I can draw these trees all the way to the forest ex Raikov try not to make mistakes as you understand it you have someone here check mark the room where the data is stored show items and use crosses to indicate them security location date of shipment of you I don’t know for sure hop is in charge sending data under Schmidt will give a datum no hardships in three days well that’s it Yegor Kuzmich you can continue without me he said understand everything give me back what I’m waiting for this is what it is Alexey I’ll explain later that Herr Fritz let’s continue our meeting let’s I’ll do it myself on a photo in German form video and on the back was written in German you know about the spy pot that’s what the knife is does he need this photo from do you want to know them there were scouts snitching on karmashkov if you do you allow that Fax machine Soviet officer maybe in a photo in German I can’t allow that to happen I create a rapport and send it to the center amount write a light like boil Klim took a fancy to the needle didn’t hear your voice is afraid from the Germans the car was recaptured by the guys on us ostapovich a ruffians I have intelligence I need to sho top a couple of goals are not without this College thing too but as I went through the photo it’s German in it’s useless in our business no they just want to know where it was far from us they hang close there the forest and hid it but the same car is needed really need fruit, and the kings of the supports fighters when the place is brought and get help what other help is needed Yes no yet like everything but be careful there hang on to it the Germans can come across a car that is a fool with Ney but set yourself on fire great uh and please don’t touch it all the works in this collection comrades absolutely priceless priceless and this one here is a small one too even she the cost of an exhibit does not depend on its size sizes of three cups of HIV and you know here’s the main thing art of the master you knoweat Lyalin and tell me for me please why are you even here I’m just kidding myself we can’t do it without you can we I wasn’t sent here to do this you were helped by your task to accept exhibits make a signature and accompany them to Moscow anything that’s not enough well for people like you probably fine I think Mikhas won’t do it for you it is worth questioning the feasibility of a stay here comrade of the allele I do not raise the question do not I understand why you need me here at all for example I willnot be able to distinguish the exhibit from the fakes you can do why but what if Nimitz will decide to exchange the exhibits for copies you will not have time to change it there is one particularly valuable exhibit here what kind of caravan one picture if you haven’t already Germany if you can return it with what appreciate cabbarov varakuta, and Hara as his on the bottom it is more difficult well how would you like it to explain it simply it is a priceless masterpiece allow me to interrupt your lecture by version expert if of course for the todo sabe case Russia just go to the city and and I-that Micha will help in the a crevice andso [music] here [music] gutten tag there will be times Yes he is such a good day officer what do you want me to do for you Magenta usually you get hot to speak Russian. understand the meaning of shaving before going to bed ISNO please sir officer [music] go here I’m just this floor 5 of the 10 [music] [music] das in this area is beautiful the weather and I wind up feeling great and out of it the main thing I think is whatabout this master become a Jew they saw them alt and the opposite side but about his nationality you are wrong retired Slavic device is possible reviews of the quartermaster part of risen there you’re very perceptive missis thank you mine were exposed remember it’s so obvious of course I have a sharp eye and everything is ready Mr. officer please excuse me where is the officer don’t open your mouth for a while which one is good let’s take it easy I rubbed the partisans I am very sick to me it is necessary to get out of herewithout their characters I had enough pants I had a seizure I need medical help and what are you yelling at please shut your mouth I’m already tired of you I rubbed the partisan you have to me release the wire call your commander please the commander I need a doctor Jones otherwise mne end that Kapu to whom kaput looping war kaput that’s who for Omsk’s otherwise I’m finished Scott is not far away reigned in this solutio were that is she listen to me my friends first in my opinion, you need to address to to the partisans for help the second according tothe inventory of the missing valuables boxes there must be at least five exhibits so we need a truck and soldiers they will also not be superfluous we will manage without them ourselves foreign cars we have hidden in the a kilometer from the city the Germans passed the river the warehouse is a former Church only a month old backthey converted it into a warehouse iwaniec and security the five five people well where did you get such precise information from prisoner Lisianthus street clearly but not for sure increased security when the exhibit was moved to the warehouse? they’re worse off but don’t worry we’ll figure it out mass temple listen Klimko race map time well more wait but never mind tonight we’ll go Lyalin at night [music] Hey Brusnitsyn are you sleeping with him I just sat down I look so sleepy you’ll sleep through the prisoner where will he go delete it altogether and the fact that the important night I myself heard how karmashkov with a stop than about him they said that it was still necessary to protect it a lot you can use it for real information pull it out and let it eat and then quite and colleagues before this Yes Yes fuck with him when he takes over from me you don’t know I don’t know about this there’s no order yet it was Hey guys allasleep let’s go scouts in the city is not a ball and how to get behind because the Germans still have you Maxim you know everything as if you knew them I heard them take it off for us they conferred and then they all went where that way they listened they didn’t leave I don’t care and Fritz Yes I don’t know what’s wrong with her coughed go to reel without stopping then I fell silent I thought my husband might be asleep or dead who knows maybe he’s dead too listen when he wakes up come on run to with you through here it’s covered let’s have a look at it Prince and we have Gregory smoke what is it a prisoner is seen and life is dead how do you feed it I don’t believe it was meant to be 2 tsp. litter what [applause] but [music] you didn’t leave him there alone did you there’s some guy keeping watch on you [music] hearth all this way you logo what if he sent me I will personally shoot you as a prisoner fool what he didn’t send I’myegal remember we have to eat the cover and go there with the sledge Brusnitsyn to sweep the ravine and him for me I see [music] stand stop and I’m Lieutenant Schultz and peppered I need to go to the commandant’s office immediately [applause] put down your weapons do we have to shoot them you can be introduced right here an unpleasant night we will torture for a long time to serverlimit volts and in the morning hang you’ll see them yourself Berg [music] watch out for gear goldman [music] sho can’t sleep comrade Lyalin just like that at home and waiting for them there I don’t know what about you think do you understand that there will be no more roles fool no toki mo pull out where you are not there left it clear but first it is necessary find out where they put him if he’s alive my on how many times truck huskies boats with dill come on I hope so too that everything will work out just logically I think and Nora logically well well don’t paint it’s all right the commandant’s office plan know the location of the time too, again we arrive enter and act on situation the plan is correct we never had to hope for the best can someone [music] Svetlana what did you listen to what do you say I sit down on the hill and Rozovka 1 like it the figures whose heart is it again спрашиваask Yu Partizan what’s your name lime I don’t remember the last name I have a very bad headache buy Zorkin lost his memory even with injuries I didn’t ask you to define the head your doctor’s consultation if you don’t speak up now shoot together insanely gear gold man buttons they are very personal there joking and 1 and 2 surprisingly patient gear gold man of tai character properties the effect is very grateful for it. parents paws damn it hula blah where Lieutenant Schultz I don’t know you yet this is only bad party zabarte izan and the stem 11 mine I was with you I was at the warehouse I was at the flag who was with they’ll shoot you in the warehouse you fool and in the warehouse what were they like I to my mouth lost my memory half mcguire gold man daf allow me to Express my opinion considerations a Museum exhibit is a Museum exhibit theNova should be moved here in the the commandant’s office is heavily guarded here volna 2 don’t have to do it again Russian on the warehouse doesn’t exactly say soromno finally, Lieutenant, look at this one the man and you saw him the partisans and comrade I think we have changed places [music] I took a gear GALKA you can pour it release the translator this and the person is excellent at managing it German Ah Ah so go for it you speak German, I don’t remember what it was in the warehouse I had this man interrogate me in my office a partisan camp and have them tell him ball I molchal gear goldman these people are all me tired and fan club or captive send in the cell those August 2 I will return to him memory he may not remember his name she told me it doesn’t matter but he has to take us to we will kill the partisans in our own camp and we will return thedata they stole the arts have moved away from risking viralku gear goldman gear Goblin please wait and tore it up their mom is quantum as something stays [music] here I conjure [music] [music] [music] [music] [applause] [music] [applause] [music] hold fly more well you where do you go but I’m sorry but you believe oppa let come on pocket come in and sit down this is it shock German leaflet guys from the group stay in the forest they found a lot of them there were far from we’re far away that’s good and they’re out there they wrote this way Lord and you go home the family is waiting at home the partisans are coming out all of them the partisans will be destroyed if you want to live go home well there’s no sign transferred and that we should strike a twin blow what Hans go home no but go now they find an ammunition dump you know its blow up all you can’t stand we wanted to undermine it today I talk to the menu frame they talk ammo is enough right now you’re in a hurry Alexey let’s start with Klima what does it have to do with rain strips withtheir own group they have their own business and we have to do our own business look I’m done I’ve calculated it so I’ll tell you about it in a minute let’s go to the warehouse with my glasses on that we take the car with us every month do you think the collection of accounts is sure why is gold so sure our foreign Ministry said what kind of German did yousay then he said he said the tab will help his son let everything stay in the warehouse what the Russians won’t go there again we’ll go there let’s get it started right now to us if we still have on the soldier’s scale of days grenades are available and I know I’ll hit you when I get back tell us the problem has been outlined it has been outlined here it is necessary to carry out we tear down the ammunition dump and leave and don’t try to give me something you don’t understand got it well that’s good I didn’t agree to help Glebovich we’ll still have timewill you regret it now the warehouse will Bang and the dining room next time I hate them all both somatization and for I’ve shot every last one of them and we’ll beat them Sanka soon our people are stealing everything fridge banish I am a soldier warden of earth and our world I orderedthe security detail to be tightened.” new sabotage partisan Aliera you are at my disposal [music] wench stop working any minute now here they may appear on mounted a just deploy the car extinguished botanik [music] [music] here is Hello Panzer pony 108 not that I myself thank you I asked you call me Alexey comrade these are my words two threads I do Provorov if those with this scout will see pinin and myself both I don’t have a mother to show me your litvin well here I put it comrade the chief of staff go we are your friends RK 2 groom if you clean your weapon you will die if you leaf through it the order to go there take care of business or the palette is fierce [music] Brusnitsyn ya standup in your seat only in it me your laziness is strong upsets the most important thing is that we are not far away you don’t know the score and you keep talking do you when I’m nervous they talk all the time he likes to calm me down scout you must have nerves to ride distal it’s just playing on me he’s a good man enough of that smart talk and although you know what to do to him when I don’t know order she 30 what are we going to do dear malyushin wait for visitors now but this is unthinkable when the devil knows what the partisans have become quite insolent not only that not the owner after a month they come directly here at the commandant’s office they will eliminate the guards we have an approximate youths of a gitlof ruged shame partisans it’s been a long time since the Viennese men have seen it his guard was down but you gave your books you’ve forgotten we’re at war that’s all duggar Holland silent just get enough today we will start the operation on the elimination of partisanansk the flash should be and stripped both gear gold and spin location of a partisan unit it remains unknown to us complicates it the situation but dancing we can not find the partisan has been too long all the deadlines are not met travail Lieutenant Schultz beigel artesian Plena veneer will tell us the way Herman when it was night I was walking at random but I was lucky and so I managed to confuse and throw me off the track I went out to road it’s a shame I can hardly find this place I weighing 2 and dreary know gde OS picked up from there we should start moving prepare people I am the pain that is this is the very thing the place was picked up by Schultz I think to look for we need it here bryoff rested maybe the first what are we hearing the cops will be there if there is an accident they are beaten directly to the camp Sanka what I’ve got in mind I’ll take the officer down while I’m at it this is the fugitive faces of the camp hint account if you missed my friend then Stepan we need to the Germans are not to be taken away we have no other way out no [music] the boom in us Dobri metal you’ll stay here as a sledge later you’ll get to us if you stay here it’s an order I understand and be careful take care your [music] where [music] [music] fish yes [music] a little about . at my place [music] [applause] [music] [applause] [music] what else is here and where is the summary for 16 not yet I’m ready to let you do this for her VHOdile there are hundreds of countries ready to go tomorrow tomorrow how’s your new band going Pavlovsky got in touch their exhibits are so precise. completed this is the report that’s what I understand clearly now here’s the thing a radio message was received from the center tomorrow our people will be bombed the city therefore ordered the city not to approaching Peter will bring you to everyone it will be made clear to the group commanders Yes and on us with their somewhere can be still where it’s stuck I think comrade ostapovich u from the violator discipline Yes wait a minute Alexey anything could happen comrade commander allow me to send some guys maybe ostapovich and help is needed give it to Peter send a couple of them and let me look for them well here is a photo of Alexey again in the sea and and I I don’t know what outsiders are doing here the fact that Ihave just noticed them I can go out I don’t mean you comrade Stalin that’s all are free will you be late comrade mini vich let my father said so eat someone’s food in moderation you know it’s good you sow it in moderation you know you love the girl the world has learned without this it is necessary to go nowhere in everything measure to know otherwise your life will go wrong and it will be hard for people to deal with you I do as I see fit and if someone doesn’t like it don’t like Alexey don’t like me don’t I like it and you don’t like it yourself bonov no matter who you poke Chuck you’re lyinglike a human spy after all you live on us on Klim in the center scribbled zacharski hurry up and buy it and I’ll get my forehead slapped and me to boot and the cream appears to be older than you by title they have a Lieutenant there just like we have a captain they couldn’t have been major Alexey by the way you know the service well the person is not bad lucky those some infection not a single Alexey honest Soviet and you love your homeland mi 1 let me go go about Hauptmann Schmitt black inaudible he began sitting in Schweik in both I don’t understand but I can’t hear the pencil case cheating Schmitt goldschmied at the phone I was forced to and it will work roundb he’s in Julie’s mind what’s to blame what I mean it’s Paget’s fault bright no I listen to you debate security so exactly give up Andron they are the basis’s fuse I can’t do anything the nobles were liquidated with their conscience and the partisans sestani’s letters I can find out from pen should be guilty gaggenau obeying and back to blame me me free I more lips over his obeying gear gruppenfuhrer I don’t understand I don’t understand but you are definitely you exactly everyone took everything that was in the warehouse well, where is she well, where she’s all Anatoly calculated correctly and maybe I lost my glue but whatcould I have missed Kara vajra can be a picture in the part of the collection that is already in Germany Yes no it’s on the list all this part of the collection is rewritten here with all the German precision and precision accuracy but then how can I not understand that’s not I understand German neatness is not yet complete it means the absolute loyalty of three people u well well what don’t you want to say Alexey what if someone from the Germans my painting will be appropriated and why are we galkinu Schmidt can’t do that blame it all on him partisan after all the list of exhibits too missing actually it’s very similar to the truth and what does it mean that the paintings are no longer available return it but why not return it try it like they were supposed to this road will be returned further into the forest go the meaning of her mouth we’re not going to find them for sure skip all the guns one hope is not ready for the ramparts you will be chosen by yourself I’ll be coming back how can you say that points’ [music] and certainly TASS type stepan [music] it’s time today our city will be bombed it’s a good time to listen to Skajand me honestly how long will we run the Germans there it wasn’t the last time my mother brought me down here whether but thousands of paintings burned down well you never know that war but people live die not have the painted ones ever praised us if we do something extra no we’ll make a profit the same trouble will not be avoided only to destroy our treasure giving you go I can’t do this one I’m not the only one who will find it easier to be with you here you stay climate and W because captain Sushkevich . for the site and your also women’s let’s already remember you said that if strawberries are 8 place mutual love will be will be Svetlana will definitely come true [music] this exact Petra [music] exactly all four were killed Panas Mikola [music] Stepanov syn to and looks like but the RAID ran into the Germans forest away from the squad enter the following skill number Adam so put ostapovich according imagine but you can’t bring the boys back it is military comrade commander and all the Soviet people listen to me HIV is not hot but now men Pedro you still have it don’t you then everythingis free [music] the girl you see I have another turn then later [music] [applause] [music] [music] [music] not sinner upstairs on gamer [music] I’m from Yes well who’s there even before the back it’s a Yak paws I have an urgent matter for you judge Hanse’s paws sorry gear Galton programs I don’t have an explanation of why I’m here yet time was yours too im eating a picture [music] where is she at night he couldn’t sit still where did he go Mijas don’t be a nuisance I’ll be a nuisance that’s where I was dragging my tongue with a loaf Lyalin wouldn’t have noticed there were eight of them boxes of this stuff here are weights knives fit in with your own logic is a human Muse put it under a bullet think you’restealing think of it as eating your own people Yes it is if you are back and why don’t you you sleep and I keep thinking how can you not do it at one o’clock well as soon as he left I came back all right shake not an inch of land not a Prince Svetlanka Mikhas know so he, too, every night on the face of the earth nick cameup with ay [music] what you dream about victory but if it wasn’t Schmitt who stole the loaf and the check either idiots will steal it away so what mixture home all quiet quiet really take it away broke up the mask debtor loaf clip clip clip thank you I personally personally, I will be grateful to you all my life for you can’t even imagine that height you can’t go into a ball you’re my what what’s that all right [music] [music] who did this to him Romans Gads and that he’s always so serious different all the commander from the commander what is it a little bit heavier what does it all mean to collect such a thing history in General on the man what you need we need to curlup and leave it’s a different place but we’ve done our job right like if comrade Lyalin’s all worked out then about the Museum exhibits on the there are no further questions on the page Yes I do it’s all right it’s all right now OK again thank you thank you andSlav but faggot means tonight and let’s go like this quieter at night the Germans will not go into the forest why the rush why here disliked the place where the group is ostapovich and our soldiers were killed? a German officer was found to have it on that map it is marked by the Germans where they are going they went on and on the right way they came to us she’s with her guys I took their side out of the way knocked them down you know when sorry for Tanas guys survived to you know I still don’t understand and I’d like to to find this out before we moved our new gOST to go along with moving to a new location is a decision and our command has no clear plans yet my opinion was higher too comrade you don’t want the sword to hide Pavlovsky did you know about our new location my hands and feet are perfect comrade Pavlovsky spent today but I think I can guess Halim’s appetite was getting better Kashi decided eat strawberries in a creepy world there must be a tattoo like that Peter doesn’t seem to be Mashkov brought it closer to his glasses to talk to you as the Commissar of the squad I I want him arrested in Moscow clarification of all circumstances well the fact that Alexey is completely mad with using this row I’m sorry I’m here I need to talk to comrade Commissar to discuss literally Hiking the narcos take no to us unless of course you don’t do not object Alexey Nikolaevich but certainly Razi OK we have now listen you have mastered I understand but how dare you measure me [music] what a night on in Moscow there are not so many stars in the sky you’ll see and there are always stars here I tej TA the very what the very one [muses ofka] so for makita you can [music] [applause] [music] as lessons go take it short [music] also like this this is Saint Sebastian according to legend he a Roman legionary was also a soldier captain of the archers [music] converted to Christianity because of this Emperor Diocletian ordered his execution even then his own archers had tied him to a tree the tree was shot that’s what it is it’s dark out there. but you see Kuzmichhas a picturesque manner caravan belly period founded on powerful contrasts of light and shadow and so Anatoly I believe you you say it’s good the picture means good and the guys mean good they didn’t give their lives for nothing not for nothing I savedyou for what do you believe Yegor Kuzmich everything is like now you haven’t come in the foreign Ministry Anatoly to again become Bucky La log eyes do not closed Jupiter it’s time to go they say have a nice flight when back toka we don’t know ordered wait so here you guys are doing great if you if you Pogodin what are you excuse me comrades let’s approach if here