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Episode 3

Why did you come only now?

I was working.

It's for three months. ¥5,000.

Count it.

To be honest, I'm really not willing to rent the house to people like you.

- Yes.\N- Look at how you've ruined it.

We're really sorry.

So uncouth.

Then let me go inside to see first.

That many people?

Let's line up quickly.

Let's split up and get in line.

Do you know what our company is about?

Of course I know.

You are the largest electronics retail company on China's internet.

You've always upheld the ideal that customers come first.

You guarantee low prices every day.

Verified imported products

adhere to the three aspects

of low pricing, high quality, and convenience, providing customers the most reliable

internet shopping environment.

You are the 108th person today,

who has memorized the mission statement word for word.

There's no creativity, no personality.

What do you think of working overtime?

Working overtime is very normal.

Newbies should work harder, do more things.

I am single, so I have no burden.

If the company asks I do overtime, I'll work overtime.

Can you do what you say and keep your word?

I can.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths are being focused, hardworking, and highly efficient.

My weaknesses are being impatient and unable to see imperfection.

It sounds like you are already a successful person.

Four Wan.

Did you guys know?

In the payroll last month, there were two subsidies

that grew wings and flew away.

I won't settle for that.

I called the company immediately.

They said that from now on, those two subsidies were cancelled.

This is obviously taking advantage of employees who are relaxing at home.

The company has its own difficulties.

Xiao Liu, don't you think so?

If you want to say who considers the greater good, it's our Ai Lian Jie.

I say, Baldy.

You should learn from Ai Lian Jie in this respect.

Three circles.

I win.

Full house. Three, six circles.

It was obvious he was waiting for the full house.

You play this now?

Aren't you doing that on purpose?

What's with you?

I'm the one who played the winning tile. I'm the one paying.

What are you rambling about?

It can only prove that Xiao Liu is lucky today.

You always feed him the tiles he needs.

With the way you feed him tiles,

how many games has he won today?

You have to be in a better mood playing Mahjong.

Winning and losing is a very normal thing.

That's right.

Alright, Xiao Liu.

Here, let me give you all of it.

I'm completely broke now.

Thank you, Ai Lian Jie.

Xiao Liu, the favor I asked you to do...

how is that going?

I was focused on winning games

I almost forgot about your issue.


I'll definitely treat you to a meal some other day.

Did you hear?

Recruitment this year is especially cruel.

All the graduating students are out looking for jobs every day.

They're almost going crazy.

What can we do?

Will it be even harder when it comes to us?

Right? We'll see.

Forget it. Let's go.

Let's go.

We Need You!\NHiring - If you are suited, come!

Inviting all sorts of talents and skills

What's losing a little money playing Mahjong?

Information is priceless.


Ge Ge,

do you have someone next to you?

I do. Song Nuan is here. What's up?

How about this?

Listen to Mom.

Just listen. Don't say anything.

Let me tell you.

Our Feng Hua Corporation is hiring.

You can't let the information slip.

You have to keep it a secret, got it?

Don't tell anyone around you, including Song Nuan.

Do you remember?

What's there to keep a secret about?

They are publicly hiring.

Wouldn't everyone go?


What Mom wants to tell you is

that it's an internal hiring this time.

If it's internal hiring, your classmates wouldn't know at all.

So you definitely have to keep it a secret, okay?

You can't let it slip.

One more person who knows is one more competitor.

Do you understand?

Is it that secretive?

It's extremely complex.

Administer the disinfection first.

Teacher Xiao Chen,

in situations like this,

from how I see it, make a cut through here,

then shift there and fix it a bit.

Yes, yes.

Ge Ge, don't be afraid, okay?

Don't be afraid.

Oppa doctor said just now.

He said that as long as your eyelids are cut a little, and the forehead padded a little,

trim the cheeks a little, make the chin a little pointier,

it'll be perfect.

You'll look like Jun Ji Hyun.

Chen Ai Lian, are you okay?

Didn't say we were only here to remove a couple of moles?

- I'm not doing this.\N- Ge Ge, what are you doing?

Korean oppa,

let me clarify with you. I was tricked into coming here.

I didn't know anything.

If you have any issues, blame it all on her.

Her, it's her. Chen Ai Lian.

If you have anything, find her. It has nothing to do with me.

Ge Ge, Ge!

Sorry, sorry.

Ge Ge, let Mom tell you.

No matter whether you want to or not, you're going to get plastic surgery today.

I'm looking for a job. I'm not entering the beauty pageant.

Ge Ge! Then tell Mom.

When you look for a job, what's your greatest strength?

- Tell me.\N- I know.

- I'm pretty.\N- But Mom wants you to be perfect.

Mom wants you to be even more impressive\Nin this strength.

You have to push back other girls many streets over.

When you sit in the waiting room,

when the interviewer sees you,

you have to let him focus his eyes on you,\Nnever wanting to leave.

Mom wants this kind of effect.

Ge Ge!

Mom is doing this for you!

Isn't that right?

For your internship,

for you looking for your job, for your future, for you to get into Feng Hua Corporation.

Mom is also from Feng Hua Corporation.

Mom knows how hard it is to get into Feng Hua Corporation,

so Mom is telling you.

Feng Hua, Feng Hua, Feng Hua. Aren't you tired of it?

Even if it is to get into Feng Hua,

you don't have to let your daughter's face be cut up!

Ge Ge!

This is motherly love.

Do you understand?

Chen Ai Lian,

- Ge Ge, you know...\N- I'm leaving.

Ge Ge! This child.

Ge Ge, where are we going?

Just come with me. You'll know when you get there.

You're like this every time.

You're not going to send dolphins again, are you?

You're usually always off beat. You're quite alert today.

I won't hurt you. Let's go.


Ge Ge, where are you?

We're at the school entrance.

What do you mean "we"? Who are you with?

I'm with Song Nuan. I'm with her. We're going together.

What exactly is wrong with you?

Didn't I tell you to go alone?

You're... you're always together with her. What's with that?

Are you two physically attached?

I'm telling you. You have to go alone.

I won't allow you to bring Song Nuan.

Chen Ai Lian, isn't this too ridiculous?

This isn't that important anyway.

Are you going to listen to me?

I'm telling you. If you're going together today,

from now on, we won't be mother and daughter anymore. Do you hear me?

What's wrong?

Nothing. Let's go.

Song Nuan,

my mom called me just now. She said it's something urgent and wants me to go home.

What is it? Do you need my help?


I don't have anything in the afternoon anyway. Let me go and help you.

It's really not necessary.

I want to have hot pot in the dorms tonight.

How about you go prepare

and buy some herbs and corn and stuff.

Buy some hot sauce, too.

No problem. Leave it to me.

Ge Ge!

Ba La?

- I'm here to interview.\N- Me too.

We Need You!\NHiring

Isn't this our school's professional court?

Why is it just us two?

That's right. Why didn't Song Nuan come?

She has something to do.

Only you two came?

That can't be. We hung posters at your school.

Our Feng Hua is one of the top 500 corporations.

It couldn't be so unimpressive at your school, could it?

Actually, we think it's really strange too,

because classmates have always been anticipating the company's announcement before.

That's right.

Do you two know each other?

We do. We are classmates. We live in the same dorm.

You're called Ning Ba La.


Zhou Ge Ge, Chinese Literature major.

Tell me, what position are you interviewing for?

I want to apply for human resources department.

Even though we are Chinese Literature majors,

I'm personally more interested in recruiting talents.

Many people think that human resources is an annoying department.

But I don't think so.

I think that work in human resources covers a wide array of interests.

It's the core department of a company's daily function.

I'm not afraid of working hard. I'm willing to improve myself in this position.

What about you?

I... actually, I haven't seen the hiring poster yet,

so I'm not very sure what kinds of positions are available.

Manager Wang, may I have a word?

Manager Wang, I called Wan Li University.

The professor at the career center said that the posters on the bulletin board disappeared.

But they obviously hung them up yesterday.

Then that's weird. Could they have taken down the posters?

Would they really? Do the kids now know any boundaries?

Then how do you explain that?

They are so urgently looking for jobs right now.

Even if our poster was only hung for one hour,

it shouldn't be only the two of them that came to the hiring session.

Manager Wang, your deduction is quite right.

Then could the person who tore down the posters

be one of them?

Okay, I got it.

Come on. Take all these down.

These two classmates, we will now be conducting independent examinations now.

Ning Ba La, come with me first.

There are only the two of us now.

Tell me the truth. Did you tear down the posters?

Posters? What posters?

The hiring posters that Feng Hua Corporation hung in your school.

I have indeed seen many posters at school,

but I really haven't seen Feng Hua's.

Then how did you get here? Where did you get the information?

It wasn't me. How could I tear down the posters? I haven't even seen them before.

Let's put it this way. I think you're an honest girl and want to give you a helping hand.

But this doesn't mean I'm going to hire into Feng Hua someone who has bad character, do you understand?

I don't even dare to think of doing something like that.

Moreover, I'm in the martial art studio whenever I have time,

hoping I can earn some more money.

I don't have the time to consider other things at all.

Manager Wang, if you still don't believe me,

I have nothing else to say either.

My mom is an employee at Feng Hua. She's the one who told me information and the time of the hiring.

Then why do you have to tear down the posters? Did you want to decrease the number of competitors you have?

Tear down posters?

Why would I tear down posters?

Teacher, let me say something. I hope you won't take offense.

For someone as outstanding as myself, I'm not worried at all.

Even if the line of people interviewing extends all the way to Huang Pu River,

I have the courage to come forward and take the challenge.

Since you said it wasn't you,

then help me analyze who it could be. Could it be Zhou Ge Ge?

She won't. She's my classmate. I know her.

Even though she normally seems a little arrogant,

she would never do something like that.

But you two are the most suspicious.

Ning Ba La?

Average grades in all subjects, and has a boyish personality.

In all four years of college, I haven't interacted much with her.

Could she be the one who tore down the posters?

I didn't see anything, so I'm not in a position to say.

This issue really is quite strange.

What both of them said seems to be fine.

But who would admit to something like that, unless they were caught them red-handed.

Wan Li University is quite a famous school.

Look at how this turned out.

How about this?

Tell both of them that the exam is cancelled today and to go back.

Ge Ge, what do you want to eat? Hurry up and put them in.

I want to eat noodles. Put noodles in for me later.

Eat these noodles?

Ge Ge, what are you going to eat?

We're not of one heart anymore. Why should we eat?

Ge Ge, what's this about?

What's wrong with you two now?

Song Nuan, have you seen Feng Hua's hiring poster?

I haven't.

I'm telling you. Feng Hua's people said

that someone tore down the posters at our school.

So that's why for today's interview,

there were only the two of us.

Ba La, what are you saying? I don't understand.

Why still don't you get it?

She asked you to prepare the hot pot in the dorm.

She obviously wants to get rid of you and apply to Feng Hua alone.

You think she really wants to have hot pot with you?

You knew about the information,\Nbut didn't you not say anything either?

I'd like to ask you. What did you tell the interviewers today that made them cancel the session?

I didn't say anything.

It was you who is feeling guilty about doing something sneaky.

Alright, Song Nuan. I didn't tell you about this today. I'm sorry to you.

I apologize to you. I'm sorry.

Ning Ba La, then what do you mean?

You hid this from the entire school. Isn't that going overboard?

I'm telling you. I didn't do anything. Don't go about blaming everyone else.

I feel that someone who can do such a thing

actually seems like you.

This is nothing like what I, Zhou Ge Ge, would do.

I wouldn't be able to do something that low.

Ge Ge.

I also have the citizenship at Shanghai.

I'm not worried either. I don't need it.

Then, Ge Ge. Is what Ba La said really true?

Didn't I already apologize to you?

What else do you want me to do? Regret it my entire life? Cry my eyes out?

You claim that Song Nuan is your best friend.

At the most critical moment, you really do give it all for your best friend.

Gao Wen Ruo Han, don't instigate this even more.

Enough. Each of you stop talking.

If something's wrong...

What are you doing? If something was wrong, can't we talk it out? Why do we have to argue?

Didn't we agree?

We won't hurt our relationship for work.

Have you forgotten?

This really is enough. There's no work yet.

Just interning is enough to reveal who you really are.

Hold on, don't go. Explain yourself.

If you didn't tear down the poster, how did you know about the information?

You want to know?

Alright. I'll tell you right now.

Do you see that? Did you see clearly? This information.

I got it in exchange for all these bruises on my body.

I'm telling you. Feng Hua's high ranking officer is one of my members.

And I, naturally am his accompanying trainer.

For work,

I'm taking punches every day.

Ge Ge. Ba La.

As someone who understands you guys the most,

I believe that you guys definitely won't do something like that.

I believe in you guys.

A girl with a good family background will have their parents to take care of them.

A pretty girl will have a boyfriend who secretly provides information.

Lucky girls naturally will have help from high places.

As for me, Ning Ba La. I have nothing. I can only rely on myself, working hard every step of the way!

I, Ning Ba La, have nothing!

Ba La!

For foreign students like you, your visa has an effective deadline.

Yours is almost expired.

At that time, if you still can't find work,

your visa can only take you back.

Okay, I know. Thank you, teacher.

You're finally here.

Come, come.

Everyone, let me introduce her to you. This is my new girlfriend, Ruo Han.

Isn't she pretty? Isn't she pretty?

Ruo Han, let me introduce them.

This one is Manager Li.

This one is Manager Liu.

This one is Manager Cheng. They're all my good friends.

Hello Manager Li, Manager Liu.

Manager Chen.

Is something up?

The issue regarding the three individuals who were promised positions while drunk needs a follow-up.

I've already sent the notifications for those properly hired.

The Sales Department won't nurture worthless people.

I want that boy and the one who looks pretty.

Which one? Zhou Ge Ge?

I don't remember. In any case, I don't want the one who's a little stupid with a ponytail.

But we've already promised them.

We Need You.\NHiring

Have you heard? They say that it's the second time Feng Hua is hiring.

Why? Did they not hire people the first time?

I know know. Maybe there was some sneaky dealings last time.

Finding work is already hard enough.

Anyone who does sneaky things should die an ugly death.

That's right.

Doing it two times? What's up with that?


Yes, this is she.


I got it! Okay, thank you! Thank you!

Bye bye.

Song Nuan. JM's official notification came.

They told me to prepare to report to work. Hurry up and check if your phone has one.


I don't have it.

It's okay. They must be notifying them one by one. I'll notify you very soon.

Ge Ge, does this mean we don't need to interview anymore?

Yes! High five!

Let's go. Let's go shopping.

Help me find something. Don't you think this looks cute?

It depends on the job.

This one, this one! Song Nuan.

I think this one is great!

It particularly suits me. It's especially professional and pretty.

The size is right too.

That one?

Let me see how much it costs.

RMB ¥1999

Is it worth this much? Look at the price.

Do you think it's worth this much?

Are you crazy? Do you have that much money in your wallet?

This one will take three months of our pay!

Can you quiet down? The attendant is watching us. Can't you pretend you're richer?

If you ladies like it, you can try it on. It's okay.

Sure. Let's take a look first. How much does this cost?


That won't do. It's too cheap.

When did Ge Ge wear something that cheap?

- That's right. It's a little low.\N- Let's go. It's too cheap.

Thank you, sorry.

Does this look pretty?

Song Nuan. Song Nuan!

It's fine.

Song Nuan! They're all very suitable. And did you know? This one's ¥200.

¥200, ¥100,

¥80! They're much cheaper that the other ones. Should I just buy them all?

If you think they're a bargain, then buy them all.

They still haven't notified you?

Don't wait anymore. Just call them.

- Hold them for me.\N- Don't call. They didn't even notify me.

Let me call and ask.

Hello? Is this JM?

I would like you to transfer me to human resources.

Hello. This is the Human Resources Department.

Hello. I'd like to check whether the list of interns being notified

includes Song Nuan.

Okay, I'll check for you. Please hold.

I'm sorry, there's no such name.

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