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Kevin: Hi I’m Kevin and this is Randy. Randy: That I am. Kevin: And we’re here today to talk about Windows 8. You’ve probably heard or seen Windows 8, and found out that it looks a lotdifferent than previous versions of Windows. So we thought we’d create a video to kindof demystify the new Windows 8 experience to help you get up and running on it quickerand so that you can enjoy working with your computer instead of trying to figure out how it works. Randy: Yeah, well it is different, it looksdifferent. There’s a lot of differences in how you open up your software andget to things, but it’s still based on Windows 7. So it was created from Windows 7, and so allof that stuff, for the most part, most of that stuff is kind of sitting in the background. But we have an HP TouchSmart that comeswith Windows 8 right here, pretty much brand new. Let’s use it. Kevin: Just get started with it? Okay, soright here I see a picture. What am I doing? Randy: Well this is actually the sign in screen.This is where you start. When you first fire up your PC after you’ve initially set it up.You know, you go in there and you create your account. You have to create an account. Youuse that account to sign in, similarly as what you would have done in Windows 7. Kevin: All right so how do I sign in here? Randy: Well Windows 8 has been designed withtouch in mind, so touch the screen. What happens when you touch it? Kevin: Oh hey, it’s moving. So I just liftit up. Randy: You roll the curtain up. Now here’sthe sign in screen. Kevin: Hey look, you’re smiling at us! Randy: If you were to have created a MicrosoftLive account, a Live ID, you can use that Live ID to log into your computer and to kindof tie in all your social media stuff right in there with the operating system. That’sa new feature that’s actually really, really cool. Kevin: Cool, so you can use your Hotmail oryour Live account and it pulls in, and you just sign in using, like, what you would foryour email or something else. Randy: Yep. Kevin: Cool. Randy: And Windows 8 will use that. It’lluse it to display information from your friends and things like that. Kevin: Kind of personalizes it for you? Randy: It does, it’s pretty neat. Kevin: Like that right there. Look there youare. You’re smiling at us on the desktop. Randy: There I am. My lovely mug availableat all times. Kevin: So, where do we start from here? Isee a start screen. Randy: So in Windows XP what would you havedone? Kevin: You’d go to the Start button, you’dclick it and then select an application from there. Randy: Right but when you clicked the Startbutton in Windows XP a start menu opens up. Kevin: Right, it pops up and… Randy: This is it. This is the Start menu.It’s called a Start screen. All of your software applications are readily available right from here. Kevin: Okay, so you don’t have to click theStart anymore. They took away that click. Randy: Yeah, at first you’re going to be like,”Oh man this is weird. I have to have that start button.” But you gotta get off of thatdependence and start using this because this actually is one of the neatest features of Windows8, and once you start using it and getting familiar with it, it works really well.Kevin: Well it seems quicker anyway, I mean, you don’t have to click the Start button.Randy: So let’s say you want to do something, because a computer’s all about doing something,right? Well, let’s do some simple little task like, I don’t know, check the weather. Kevin: Okay so, what are these things on here?Are these all applications? This is my menu so… Randy: They are applications. And there’stwo different things, right? You’re probably familiar with Windows, like XP’s software programs,right? Those are called desktop apps for Windows 8. Now you can still have them. You can installsoftware like you would from a disc, put a disc in and go through the installationscreens, etcetera, and you can still access them from here. But there’s this new thingcalled an app like on a cellphone that’s

mahjong free solitairethem from here. But there’s this new thingcalled an app like on a cellphone that’s designed to open full screen, they’re designednot to take up a lot of memory, they’re designed to stay open so that you can really quicklyflip through different functions like checking the weather. Kevin: So it’s more like the phone and youjust open the apps. Okay. Randy: Okay, so this is all about openingyour computer right? So why don’t you go ahead and check the weather? That’s a good startingpoint. Kevin: All right, I see a blue tile down here.Looks like weather, let’s go with that. Randy: Yeah the icon with the little sun shining.There you go. Kevin: All right so here’s the weather. Randy: Now you are in an app. Kevin: Okay so we’re in the weather app. Randy: See how it’s in full screen? Lots ofbig things you can touch. Kevin: Looks really cool. I like the pictures. Randy: So what’s the weather for Boise? Kevin: Looks like it’s cloudy today. Randy: It is. Mostly cloudy. So, well, touchit. Kevin: Hey, you can slide side-to-side. Ohthere’s maps. Randy: You can scroll side to side. Most ofthe apps you can scroll side to side to learn more. If you’re curious about something, touchit. So within an app you can change your settings, you can manipulate things more by using someof the tools available. And one of those tools is the Charms bar. It’s always available foreverything. Apps, classic apps, your Windows desktop. And you get there on a Touchscreenby just sliding your finger in from the right. Pretty neat, huh? Kevin: So what if I didn’t have a touch? Randy: You can just slide your mouse pointerup in the upper right, and then drag it down or can press the Win key plus C. If you justwant to use the keyboard, that’s a shortcut. But, anyway, you have Search, Share, Start,Devices and Settings. Those are things that are always available for any applicationor from within the Start screen, etcetera. And so you can go into the Settings and youcan see what settings are available for, in this case, the weather app, and they’re rightthere. Kevin: So it’s got options. Okay. Randy: And then other things that you cando is you can click from the top down. You see now you have more options. Some apps havethat. Go ahead and start moving around so that you can use this app. Kevin: So what if I didn’t want to look atBoise’s weather. How would I change things? Randy: There’s one called Places. Kevin: So you can come in and probably juststart adding something in? Randy: Mmhmm. Kevin: Okay. Randy: Let’s go to Paris. Kevin: All right, let’s try that. I’ll justtype in here. Oh it starts to load. Let’s go to France. Paris, France. Randy: And there it is. So depending on whatapp you’re in there’s going to be different settings available, but the thing that I found most usefulis that Charms. Kevin: This thing over here? Randy: Yeah, so if you slide that in, hitsearch, and you can probably do the Paris thing right from there. Kevin: Let’s try that. Randy: Search for a City. Kevin: Let’s try Paris. Right there at thetop again. I like that it autofills. Randy: See, and then there’s more optionsavailable down below. Kevin: Oh and you can Pin this in and changeit. Randy: So let’s say you’re done. You’re donechecking the weather from here. Kevin: How do I close this app? Randy: Exactly. How in the world do you closethings. Well, click the Close button. Kevin: There’s not. They used to have X’sup in the corner, but they don’t have one now. Randy: That’s exactly right. I was kindatricking you there. So first off, you don’t need to close these things. They’re designedto be readily available at all times. Windows

mahjong free solitaireneed to close these things. They’re designedto be readily available at all times. Windows 8 sort of manages that in the background,so that if you haven’t been using something for a long time and you need more resourcesit’ll go ahead and close it for you, and to switch back to the Start menu or the Startscreen, just press the Win key. The Windows key becomes much more important in Windows 8. Kevin: Okay, so like in the past your Startmenu would pop if you pushed the Windows key so then we’re just going back to… Randy: Look there. Press it again. Kevin: Takes you back to the previous appyou were in? That’s pretty cool. Randy: That is pretty cool. Kevin: But what if I really want to closeit? I need closure. How can I get that? Randy: Okay, well one way you can do is dragfrom the top, remember, just like how you opened up that Settings. Keep going untilyou’re down below half of the screen. Throw it away at the bottom. Kevin: That’s fun actually. Let’s open somemore things and just keep throwing them away. [laughs] Randy: And you can also use Alt F4 if you’reused to using Alt F4. Kevin: Oh, the same keyboard functions that,you know, all the other operating systems… Randy: Exactly, so if you’re used to somethinglike that, closing out, using Alt F4 to close them, that works too. Kevin: Cool, so what if I wanted more thanone app though. I mean, that’s really easy for one… Randy: This is where Windows 8 actually shines.I mean, when you’re working with your computer you typically don’t do one thing at a time,right? You’re browsing the internet, you’ve probably got music going in the background,or you’ve got stocks or something that you’re checking. So let’s go ahead and do that. Whatdo you want to do? Browse the internet and do stocks? Kevin: Well, definitely open the internet. Randy: Okay, so there’s the internet. Kevin: Okay. Oh yeah, and then Windows keytakes me back. Randy: If you press the Windows key it flipsback and forth. Kevin: Oh yeah, so it’ll just keep going backto the app that you were in? Randy: Yeah. Kevin: Okay, so you want me to open some morehere? Randy: Okay, so let’s open up your stocks. Kevin: All right, so I’ll open the stocks. Randy: So now you have Internet Explorer open,and you also have the Stocks application open. So see how they’re full screen? Windows 8let’s you work with both of them at the same time. Kevin: Okay, yeah ’cause the old ones youcould minimize, the little minus buttons and stuff, or you could shrink the screens. Whatdo I do here to move between the apps? Randy: Okay, well if you’re used to Alt Tabyou can do that. You can just use Alt Tab to flip between multiple apps. Kevin: Oh yeah, so you can switch betweenlike that. Okay, so that’s one way, but What else? Randy: Correct, that’s one way. So let’s goback to your browser. Let’s say you want to put the stock price up there on the side.There’s this new feature called Snap. What you can do is move your mouse pointer to theupper left hand corner of the screen and then drag down. Can you see all these? These areall the apps that you have open. It’s kinda nice because you can also flip between yourapps this way. You just click on them and it cycles through, just like your Alt Tab,but you can also do what’s called Snap. So here’s Internet Explorer. Let’s switch toInternet Explorer and if you move it back there and drag down, let’s go ahead and Snapyour Finance by right-clicking, and it gives you a menu. You can close this, you can closeapps from here, or you can say Snap Left or Snap Right. What that’s gonna do is…let’ssay Snap Left. Now it’s gonna place your app to the left. But look, it’s in a differentview. Kevin: So as my stock goes up I can see ithere, and over here I can go buy something with that money. [laughs] Randy: That’s perfect. And then to get ridof it, why don’t you just touch that little

mahjong free solitaire Randy: That’s perfect. And then to get ridof it, why don’t you just touch that little

mahjong free solitaireRandy: That’s perfect. And then to get ridof it, why don’t you just touch that little bar there and drag it off to the side andthat unsnaps it. Kevin: Okay. What if I want to go the otherdirection? Randy: Go ahead and see what happens. Ta da.Now your stock is in the median. Kevin: It shifts side and now I’ve got thestock to move over here. And then do I just keep moving to get rid of it? Randy: All the way to the edge. You have toget the bar. Kevin: So how do I get that bar back? Oh wait.Something’s moving in here. Randy: This is another way you can flip throughand cycle through the apps that are open. Swipe in from the left hand side. Kevin: Okay, so I don’t have to use themouse to do it? Randy: Yep. Swipe in from the left hand side,and then hold it there for a little bit and then you might get a little snap thing. Kevin: Oh so now to snap you’re saying holdit. Randy: Yep, hold it until the screen changes,then release. Kevin: Okay, so it just turned into a Snap.That’s easy. Randy: Yeah it’s pretty easy on a touch. Kevin: That’s kinda fun actually. The touchis a lot of fun. Randy: It is. Let’s go back to the Start menu.So press your Win key. There you go. So this new menu interface is very powerful. One ofthe neat new features of this is that you can…like remember before in your start menu?Most people really didn’t mess with it. You installed something, it appeared in the Startmenu, and then you’d open things up by clicking Start and then going in there. Well here it’sright out in front of you, and there’s these nice colorful tiles. You can arrange thesethings however you want. So you can actually create a group of tiles. Let’s say you useeBay a lot, so you can take that, drag it over here, this other line will appear, youdrag it off to the right, and then you have a new group of tiles. Let’s put video overthere so we actually have a group. Let’s put games over there. Just like that. Now whenyou’re dragging these things, go ahead and touch one, go ahead and drag one over, youhave to pull up or down. What I see a lot of people doing is they’ll touch and then they’llstart dragging to the left or the right, and that’s gonna scroll, so go ahead and touch anddrag to the left or the right. See how it starts the scrolling? So you have to initiallymove up or move down. You can actually name your groups, so go ahead and take two fingersand touch the screen and then move your fingers close together. Kevin: Oh okay. I’m used to that from thephone, like zooming them in and out or something? Randy: Yeah like on a phone. Kevin: Hey, cool. Randy: Okay so now what you can do here is youcan select groups just like you would select those tiles, so if you click on one or tap on oneand then drag down a little bit. Kevin: And there’s that little check. Whatdoes that mean? Randy: That means it’s selected. Kevin: That means it’s selected? Okay. Randy: And now there you go. You’ve got thelittle check mark and now you have some options. And what does it say down there? Kevin: Name group. Randy: Yeah, that’s how you name it. Callit whatever you want. fun stuff or whatever. Kevin: Fun. Okay, and now it’s named fun. Randy: You can also add tiles. There’s allkinds of things you can do with a start menu. Kevin: Then you just span it back out. Randy: Yep, now you’re back at your Start.So now that you’ve created groups, and you’re an official “groupie”, you know how to workwith all these tiles and groups, what was one of the things that you said you like todo earlier? Kevin: Well, I like to go on the Facebookand my social accounts and all that. Randy: Social Media. Yeah, well you’ll notice there’s severaltiles here. There’s Mail, there’s People, there’s messaging. Those are all social thingsthat you do, right? Kevin: Right. Yep. Randy: So those are tiles that work well togetherto kinda bring all your social stuff together. Whether it’s your Facebooking or your Twittering,tweeting, whatever it is. Kevin: Right so you mentioned earlier whenyou set up the Live account that is pulls

mahjong free solitaireKevin: Right so you mentioned earlier whenyou set up the Live account that is pulls things in. So I’d have to set up these accountstoo? Randy: Yeah well go ahead. Go ahead and clickon People. That’s kinda where it all happens. Kevin: Okay, so we go in the People app. Heythere’s your face again. Randy: Yep, there I am! This is my wonderfulsocial life. At this point there’s none because we’re just setting this thing up. This isa new PC we’re just setting up. This takes time. So what would you want to do to setthis up? Kevin: So I’m trying to add things to thisright? Randy: Right. Kevin: Well we want to look in the menu areas,right? Start by this one. Randy: That’s right. That’s the Charms menu. Kevin: And I’m gonna look probably for Settings,I’m not really Searching. Randy: Yep, Settings for that application. Kevin: Right there. So I’ve got Accounts,so I would say that’s it. Randy: There it is. That’s where you add anaccount. Kevin: So I would come in here and click Addan account. Hey, and there’s Facebook, Twitter. Okay. Randy: And there they are. That’s where yougo to add your different accounts. Once you add these then those feeds from Facebook,… Kevin: Every time they update their statusor something. Randy: If somebody instant messages you, that’sgoing to get updated in that app. So let’s switch back to the main menu. Okay, but rightnow it just looks like the People app, right? It’s orange with the little picture there. Kevin: It’s not showing anything. So you’resaying this will show messages in it? Randy: Uh huh, and that’s called a Live tile.So when something…you see over here that mahjong keeps moving, right? That’s becauseit’s live. So to make a tile live, you select it. So go ahead and let’s use finance. That’llbe a good example. Kevin: So just select it. Randy: And drag it down a little bit. Kevin: Oh that’s right, drag and that littlecheck box comes. Randy: Just like you did in groups. Now it’sselected. Now you have options down there. One of those options is… Kevin: Turn live tile on. Randy: So just tap it. And now what’s goingto happen is those stock quotes are gonna go…it takes a little bit to get going, butthat’s going to be live, and you’ll see the stock quotes just like this mahjong. Kevin: So it’ll start rotating like that onceit connects? Randy: See there’s our finance. Kevin: Oh hey, it’s starting to pull thingsin now. Randy: You have a picture there and it’lltell you stuff. There’s the S&P price. So, also if you have notifications pending inthe lower right hand corner of that live tile will be like a little number or a check markor something like that, that tells you you have something waiting for you to go do, muchlike some of the apps on cellphones do. Kevin: So like one of these others would havesomething like a little number like you have an update or something? Randy: Yeah like if you have 5 messages waitingfor you or whatever. So that’s pretty neat isn’t it? Kevin: That is cool. I like that. Quicklycheck what all your social sites are. Randy: So what about your older stuff? Let’ssay you have some Windows 7 programs that you have bought and purchased. Well you cango ahead and install these in there. Kevin: So I take my favorite games or whateverand just… Randy: But how would you open those? Kevin: I don’t know. I would assume I’d just stickin the disc and install it? Randy: And you’d be OK. Kevin: Does it show up here on the screen?Do I get a tile here? Or do I have to go somewhere else to see these things? Randy: Well the easiest way, and this is thegreat thing about Windows 8, is just start typing. Kevin: What should I type? Randy: I don’t know, let’s do Solitaire. Everybodyknows Solitaire. Kevin: It’s already pulled up. Randy: Look at that. And then just tap it.How cool is that? Kevin: That’s pretty easy. So on that screen,like the Start menu before when you could search down here, now the whole thing is asearch. No matter what. You just start typing and it searches. Randy: And so no more having to click Start,going through the menu, accessories, whatever, and going through all that chain. You canjust start typing and boom, there it is. Kevin: That’s pretty cool. So we don’t wantthis one. There goes Solitaire. So what about this? I keep seeing this Desktop thing downhere. Is that the regular Windows desktop? Randy: That’s what your older applications,or other applications run in. So the Windows desktop applications. Kevin: So the non-“apps”. The Win 8 apps,not those but the regular applications. Randy: See these icons over here that are bluethat have kind of the traditional desktop icon look to them? Those are actually thedesktop apps. Kevin: So if I go to one is it gonna switchme to the desktop? Randy: See how it switched to the desktopenvironment? Kevin: It did. Yep. So this looks like theold Windows 7 desktop, except for I notice, it’s missing something too. It does not havethe Start button on it. Randy: Yep, because there is no Start button.You have a Start menu. Kevin: So we would hit this to go back toit. And we’re back. Randy: Hey! You’re getting to be proficientat this. Kevin: I’m starting to understand this a littlebit. It’s kinda actually making sense now. Randy: You’re like a Windows 8 groupie. Kevin: Well, once you realize that it’s kindalike your phone, and you can interact with a lot of it, it’s pretty cool. What if I wantedmore apps? I know like on my phone you can get apps really easy. We had talked aboutusing the desktop and installing by a disc but how do I get more of these Windows apps?These are pretty cool. Randy: Right, where do you get those? There’san app called a Store. Kevin: All right, so this store right there? Randy: Yep. Let’s go there. And inside, allthese wonderful things that you can buy or get. Some are free. Kevin: Should I just move some of these overhere? Randy: So it’s just like all the other apps,right? And there’s various options. You can search using your charming Charms menu. Kevin: Entertainment, photos. That’s prettycool. So there’s a lot of apps in here. I bet I could search for em too, huh? Randy: Yep. It’s like a cell phone. Kevin: Can I just type in here? Same thing? Randy: Yeah. Kevin: So I could just type Games, somethinglike that. Yeah, and then it just starts popping up and telling me which games or apps arethere for games. Randy: “Recommended Games Apps” Yeah, so.. Kevin: Cool. All right so you go back… Randy: There you go. That’s right, the Win key. You’re getting used to the Win key. Kevin: I like the Win key. Randy: Okay, so there’s one thing that I knowthat you’re gonna probably struggle with. I know I did, and that’s how do you shut down yourPC? Kevin: Well in previous versions of Windowsyou’d go to the Start button and select Shutdown or Power or whichever one. Randy: That’s right, and there’s no Startbutton. So where’s the place that you go for those settings that’s always available? Kevin: Not in here because I remember lookingfrom the top before. Kevin: So it’s gotta be back over in here.It’s gotta be one of these. Randy: So I’ll just tell ya. It’s not as intuitiveas it used to be, but to do a Start shutdown is in Settings. The easiest way is just topress the Start button on your computer. Kevin: And that just turns it on and off andyou don’t have to worry about it doing something to your computer if you shut it off that way? Randy: Normal day to day operation. HP’s computersare mapped to this power button so it just shuts it down, how it’s supposed to be shutdown. Safely. You don’t have to worry about getting that error message that says Windowshas found an error when you reboot. That’s gone. But through here… Kevin: So from the Settings you said. Randy: Yep. Settings. Kevin: Oh OK. There’s the power button. Randy: There’s the Power button and it’s thesame. Power shutdown. If you’re going to replace hardware or something like that you want todo a full shutdown… Kevin: So that the whole things off and nopowers going through it. Randy: Correct, because Microsoft now hasthis new…the way it works now is they have this new file system that works really goodin what’s called a hybrid sleep mode, and you can think of it kinda like hibernation.It’s so that it can start quicker. Kevin: So it doesn’t fully take the poweroff but it is off. Randy: And you’ll like that about Windows 8.You’ll notice it’ll shut down and start up a lot quicker. But if you want to shut itall the way down hold your shift key down when you select Shut down. Kevin: So I push over here, and then I’m holdingdown shift here, and then selecting Shut down. Randy: That’s right. Kevin: And that’ll shut it all the way downin case I wanted to upgrade memory or add a hard drive or something. Randy: Well what do you think? What do youthink of Windows 8? Kevin: I like it. I mean, now that I’ve seenhow to use it. I was a little intimidated before with it. You look, you see no Startbutton…what are you supposed to do here? There’s just like boxes on the screen. So now that I understand it, you just touchit and new menus pop out, it’s actually pretty cool. I really like being able to throw thingsaway with my finger. That’s a lot of fun. Randy: So yeah, when using a touchscreen, rememberthe edges. Swipe in from the edges. That’s where everything gets done on the screen ifyou’re touching. And then on your mouse, remember the four corners of the screen and how themenus work and the Charms are very important, and then on a keyboard, if you’re a keyboardkinda person, remember that Win key. That Win key is your new best friend. And then youcan just start typing whenever that Start menu’s open to bring it up. Kevin: Yeah I like that. That’s cool. Just being able totype and then suddenly I’m in Paris, France, and then I switch back, just push the Windowskey, so it moves around really fast. I really like that. So, I know that I’ve learned a lot by sittinghere going through this. I’m now liking Windows 8 and I kinda want to put it on all my computers.I hope that you too have learned and are able to enjoy your Windows 8 computer. Thanks! Randy: Yeah, thanks.