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The Legend of White Snake Episode 6 Ms. Bai, your hands are so cold. I am OK. I just felt a little dizzy. Maybe I caught a cold when I was running in the rain. Caught a cold? Let me take your pulse. I also have medical skills. I can treat her. We don’t want to bother you. Ok, thank you. Suzhen is very close to me. You don’t need to thank me for her. Snacks are coming. Here. Big Claw has strabismus. He isn’t able to walk in a straight line. Yes, I’ve walked in this way since I was little. I may be able to treat you with acupuncture. I can examine him later. -No! -No! He was born this way. He won’t be used to it if he is cured. Right, Big Claw? Yes, I… I’m used to seeing the world from different angles. Your house is full of various people. I’m impressed. Suzhen is very kind and she likes to take people like them in. Ms. Bai, you may stay. I’ll see you tomorrow. See you. Don’t worry, we will be there on time. Suzhen has seldom come out. If her parents were still alive, she wouldn’t have to do this. My uncle and aunt entrusted Suzhen to me before they passed away. I must be with her at all times. Would you welcome me to your house? Of course! It’s my honor to have you in my house. Besides, Ms. Bai and you are like siblings. Of course, I’ll receive you properly! Jing Song is like my elder brother. He always treats me as a kid. He is much older than us! The old always think they know more. Physician Xu, it’s raining again. Let me see you off. Wait. Suzhen, you are weak. You can’t catch another cold. Physician Xu, the girls are here.

mahjong freePhysician Xu, the girls are here. It’s not convenient for you to stay, take care. Ms. Bai, take care. I shall take my leave. Wait! Qing, go get an umbrella. It’s still cold in early spring. You need an umbrella. Sister. Here. Thank you so much. Miss, shall we leave now? Let’s go. Wait! Today is an important day. I should prepare something. How about some gift money? Bad idea. So cliché. Right! There is a thousand-year-old reishi in my dad’s room. That’s a gift matching my status. Bring it to me. But that reishi is precious. Will master be willing to give it to Physician Xu? I have an idea, come. Qing, pick a dress for me. You are asking the right person! In terms of entertainment and dressing, I’m better at those than everyone else. Ms. Bai, you should pick it yourself. Don’t let Boss choose. Shut up! Come, over here. What are you laughing at? So glamorous! Sister, look. I want it. It’s simple. The dress is full of flowers. So old-fashioned! It’s not pretty, either. Wait for it. I can do it, too. Alright, alright. I know what I should wear. Hurry up. My lady, look. That girl’s dress is the same as yours. That naive bumpkin again! Come. Wait a moment. What do you want, Miss? Who are you? What are you doing here? Who are you? Leave us alone. Miss, we are here to see Physician Xu. You can come another day.

mahjong freeYou can come another day. Today, we’re having a family banquet. It’s not convenient to receive outsiders. Who are you? What do you mean outsiders? As far as I know, Xu Xian only has one sister. Are you his elderly aunt? How dare you say that! Not the elderly one. Then are you his younger auntie? Or are you his mother? Yinxiang. Miss Jin and Mr. Xu grew up together. They are close to each other! Really? Have a look at this. Mr. Xu, your close friend, came to our house repeatedly to bring us the invitation. He didn’t take no for an answer. That’s why we accept his invitation. What? Don’t you recognize his handwriting? Let’s go. I knew you would wait for me. Ruyi, have a seat. I will come to you later. No, no. Mr. and Mrs. Li can receive the guests. Stay and have a chat with me. There are too many guests today. My sister can’t handle it alone. I’m going to help her. Here is the soup! Sister. Mrs. Li. Ruyi, here you are! Yinxiang, hurry! No, thanks. Let me do it. It’s very hot. Let Yinxiang do it. Ms. Bai. Here, let me. Thank you, Ms. Bai. Thank you so much. Hanwen. Take care of our guests. I’m going to cook. Ms. Bai, are you hurt? I’m OK. Luckily, I caught the bowl and spilled no soup. I thought you are a well-educated lady, it turns out that you are a boor who loves to fight. Our lady is the daughter of the Commander of Mid-Sichuan. She is no inferior to men. She is not like some delicate girls who are too weak to hold a bowl.

mahjong free to hold a bowl.

mahjong freeto hold a bowl. Qing! Ruyi, this is Ms. Bai. Ms. Bai’s helped me out many times. She is my guest today. Ms. Bai. This is my master’s daughter, Jin Ruyi. Nice to meet you, Miss Jin. Then I’ll forgive you for your impoliteness. Let’s go to have a look at my gift. Is it master’s most precious reishi? Why did you bring it here? You invited me to your house. I should bring you a gift. I’m not like someone who has no manners. I’m the heiress of the Jishi Clinic. I can afford a little gift like this. A gift is needed when I visit someone’s house. So that’s a rule in the mortal world. This is a little gift from my lady. Ms. Bai is so thoughtful. Your gift must be very special. Let me open it for you. Ruyi! What’s this? What is it? It’s… My family owns many medical books. I brought you some. Hope you’ll like it. Of course I like it! It’s the most precious gift I’ve received today. She’s willing to share her belongings with others. She’s indeed special. It’s almost time. Let’s go enjoy the meal. Please. Ms. Bai. Thank you so much for helping me. Are you hurt? No. I’m relieved. This is… Mrs. Li, I’m Suzhen’s cousin. Sorry I came without invitation. You are all my guests. The food… Hello, hello, hello. She…she is Ms. Bai. He is my husband, Li Gongfu. Hello, Mr. Li. Hello, welcome. I remember it! Do you remember what I told you that day? When I arrested Ms. Wu, a fairy helped me.

mahjong freea fairy helped me. Hanwen, look! Ms. Bai looks like that fairy. Oh, yes. Ms. Bai was in the mill that day. I went to the mill indeed. But I came too late. You must’ve mistaken me for someone else. No way. I’m a constable. I won’t make such mistakes. Right? Ms. Bai is so pretty and very kind to people. She is as lovely as a fairy. Am I right? Yes! Yes, yes. My sister is pretty as a fairy and beautiful as the flower. Other than Mr. Li, there are a few others who mistake her for a fairy. Yes, you are right. Alright, don’t stand here. Let’s go eat. The dishes are getting cold. Right, have a taste of the dishes I cooked. Come on, try the food I cooked. Please. Here, please, Ruyi. Hanwen, sit here. Sit by my side. Dig in. I cooked it all by myself. I’m surprised. A maid is sitting down while her lady is having her meal. Which house has such rules? Qing is like my sister. We always have dinner together. You regard a maid as your sister. Hanwen, take care of our guests. Ruyi, how about letting Yinxiang eat with us. There aren’t so many strict rules in my house. Yes, yes! Right, right! That’s your house. Our Jin family has strict rules. This is wired. Someone regards herself as a lady, but she has no manners at all. OK, alright. Let me propose a toast. So many things have happened in Lin’an. There are wind, fire and even demons. As the chief constable, I couldn’t help you live a peaceful life. I apologize! Here, let me toast you all. Cheers! cheers! Live life to its fullest. Drink the liquor while we still can. Mr. Li, let me toast you. Yes, yes, yes. What does she mean? Thanks for your hospitality and I want to toast you. Mrs. Li, a toast to you. Thanks! So flashy. You can’t be sober while others are drunk; drink together till you’re all drunk. Ms. Bai. Let me toast you on behalf of my sister and brother-in-law. Ms. Bai, the liquor is strong. Have some food before you drink again. The host is so hospitable that I feel like home. Miss Jin was born in Lin’an. I’m new here. Let me toast you. She sure can drink. Han…Hanwen. Let her have some food. Have some food. Dig in. Let’s eat. Help yourselves, have some food. Qing, during the banquet, how should I fit in? I know everything about the banquet manners. You must drink! The host prefers to be toasted. The more toasts you make, the happier the host will be. If you make all of them drunk, the host will be moved by your sincerity. Wait, Boss. That’s what you learnt in the restaurant. How could you teach Ms. Bai that? Am I right, Baoshan? Yes. What do you want to say? Shut up! Why did you hit me? If you are in an elegant place, you should recite some poems while you a toast. That will make you look knowledgeable. Recite poems? Yes, every time you toast, you should recite a line of a poem. That’s the way to show your talent. Reciting poems before drinking? Won’t it be strange? Not at all. That’s the manner. Ms. Bai, do you like the food I cooked? Let me tell you, timing is crucial for cooking. You can’t rush it. Be patient. Take the pork ribs as an example. Don’t you have an appointment to drink with your buddies later? Yeah, let me chat with them. Isn’t it the time? I forgot! Thanks for reminding me! Excuse me, Ms. Bai. -Hanwen, take care of them. -OK. Come again… Come again when you’re free. Take care. I’m leaving. I have forgotten that! Ruyi, sit here. Ms. Bai, are you free later? Do you need me? Here is the thing. Hanwen’s collected many books. Today is a sunny day. So I want to take out the books and have them dried. But I’m afraid that he can’t do it alone. Sister, Ms. Bai is our guest. It’s inappropriate… I know she is a guest. But there are too many books! And some of them are the only copies. I think Ms. Bai must be a person who cherishes books. So, I want to ask for your help. You are being too polite. It is an honor for me to see Physician Xu’s collection of books. That’s great! Hanwen, take care of Ms. Bai. Do the heavy work yourself! Don’t worry, sister. I’ll go with you. I often help my father with his medical books. Do you, my lady? Shut up! Ruyi, let’s go to the yard. But I… I prepared something for Master Jin. I can help you. Come on, let’s go. Since there are too many books, let me join you. Jing Song. This way please, Ms. Bai. I need to buy something for my lady. You always say that I’m not careful enough. Please go with me. Let me go. Are these books all needed to be moved out? Yes. We need to take the table and all these books out. It will be easier to look up once we put them in order. That is really a good idea. What…what’s the matter? I…I can see it clearly by standing here. I can see the books which are needed to be sorted out. Really? What is it? Nothing. Master Jin is good to Hanwen. I don’t have anything to give to him. So I want to make some silk quilts for you. See, these are the best silkworm cocoons. We have many silk quilts in my home. You have no idea. The quilts we made are much better than those bought from the stores. Your dad told me to teach you how to do housework when I am available. Breeding silkworms, making silk threads and flosses are the unique skills of women in the south. You can support your family and manage your house by this. Here, take it. I’ll teach you how to do it. Do I have to do it by myself? It’s very easy to learn. See, tear it apart little by little. Use some strength. Then, stretch it on the bamboo bow. It will become the best silk thread when it’s dried. The quilt made by silk is as soft and light as cloud. The quilts made of brocade and silk will be your dowry when you get married. Right? There are so many of them. My hands hurt. When could we finish? Soon, it can be done by next month. Yinxiang, come and help us. Yes, yes, Yinxiang can help us. Give us a hand. Lei Xue’s Review on Drugs and Pharmacy! I have been looking for it for a long time. Lei Xue’s Review on Drugs and Pharmacy. It took some efforts to win it in a competition with others. Since my sister cleaned up the room last time, I couldn’t find it. If you want to read this book, take it. A decent man doesn’t take others’ precious things. You should read it first. Or, we can read it together. My lady, what’s the matter? I…I have a stomachache. Madam, my lady has a stomachache again. Do you have a room for us to rest? Yes, yes. There is. Come with me. Help me. Come inside. Careful. Ruyi, have some hot water. Here. I can’t drink now. It hurts so much. What should we do now? Give it to me. Maybe we should get Hanwen here. No, that’s alright. Don’t… don’t bother Hanwen. Yinxiang can take care of me. I’ll be OK in a while. Sister. Don’t worry. Have a rest then. Ruyi, if you don’t get better later, you have to tell me. Okay. My lady, she is gone. My lady, what are you doing? I’m going to look for Hanwen. He is with Bai Suzhen. and they are furtive. I must find out what they are doing! What do you think? Beautiful! I…I mean the book. The book is great. Look at here… Is it a Ring Puzzle? You find it! You bring me luck. All the things I lost before show up when you came here. I don’t know you like this. I made it by myself. And there’s nowhere you can get this. The others are too easy for me. They’re nothing to me. I think nobody in Lin’an can unlock it except for me… What? I never thought that someone could unlock it. You solved my lantern riddle, didn’t you? I’m not surprised at all that you solved it. The lantern is over there. I thought that I would never find it. I looked around for you when the lantern show was over. I couldn’t find you. But I found this lantern landing on the corner of the street. It was broken when I brought it home. Then, I fixed it. The lantern is an usual lantern, but the riddle is not. You are unusual. The Lantern Festivals in the past were not so good as this one. Because I met the real competitor. I met the confidante. Hanwen. Ruyi, what are doing here? My lady feels sick. Can you… Can you please do us a favor, Ms. Bai? Me… Yes. I think you know medical skills. It’s a girl’s illness. Can you have a look at it? Of course I can. But Physician Xu is also here. It’s almost done. I can take care of Ruyi with you. I said it’s a girl’s illness. It’s not convenient for you. Ms. Bai can manage it. Would you mind, Ms. Bai? No. Thank you, Ms. Bai. Call me if you need help. There is no need. I’ll be nice to her. Chief, congratulations! Congratulations, Chief! Congratulations, fellows! Thanks to your efforts, we saved those children. On behalf of myself, a toast to all of you. Come on, cheers! Come on, cheers, cheers! Come on, here, be quick! Come on, have some food. There are so many people here. Chief, don’t you know? Miss Kexin is invited to perform here. Miss Kexin? What does she do for living? She is Hu Kexin, the best in Junxin House. She is really good at playing qin. As the poem goes, the music lasts for many days and never disperses. Well said! We are boors. Let me tell you. I really can’t appreciate the qin. I feel sleepy when I hear it. Let’s have a drink! Come on! Drink! Come on! Come on, cheers! Chief, you’re so ignorant. Nobody is here to watch the performance. They are here to see the beauty. Look! Look! Miss Kexin is on the stage! She’s on the stage! Your pulse is nothing wrong. You’ll be OK. My body is fine, actually. Maybe I’m in period now. So my stomach aches. Am I right? It’s a girl’s thing. I don’t want to bother Hanwen. Yinxiang, bring some tea for Ms. Bai. Don’t dawdle. Get it! That’s alright. I can do it by myself. Say it. My lady, don’t worry. You and Physician Xu will get married someday. What do you worry about? We haven’t got married yet. What are you talking about? Don’t say that! The teapot is empty. Let me fetch another one. Thank you. My lady, Ms. Bai knows that you’re engaged. But she is still getting close to him. Louder, louder! I feel sorry for you! Hanwen said, Ms. Bai lost her parents. Besides, she is alone. He’s sorry for her. So we should take care of her. I’m afraid that she thinks too much. My lady, you are so kind. I feel uncomfortable. Let’s go back home. Sister. Suzhen. Ms. Bai. You’re leaving so soon. I feel uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because I drank too much. Farewell then. Ms. Bai, I can make something to sober you up. I drank too much. I deserve it. I won’t bother you with it. Qing, Jing Song, let’s go. Ms. Bai. Why does she leave in such a hurry? Hanwen, what did you do to her? I don’t know. She was alright just then. Suzhen, what happened? I’m fine. I just want to take a walk. Don’t follow me. Suzhen. Stop. She said she wanted to be alone. Can’t you see she is unhappy? I have to check on her. I will go, too. I don’t want to embarrass you. But you are inexperienced and not good at magic. She will notice you if you come. What’s the big deal? I can do it, too! Show yourselves. I see you. I told you not to follow me. You are so upset. I’m worried about you. What’s wrong? Jing Song, are mortals all bad at memorizing? Why are you saying that all of a sudden? They will forget things, no matter how unforgettable they were. They will find another lover no matter how much they liked the former one. All the good memories will be gone with the transient days. Right? A man’s heart is unpredictable. We get thousand years to live after cultivation. But a man has experienced countless reincarnations. What we keep in our mind is just the past for them. So, humans and demons have different paths. If you don’t give up while you can, you’ll pay for it dearly. Is that the truth Guanyin want to tell me? I shouldn’t be obsessed with the world of mortals. You are right. The vanity of the world is just a passing fad. Go back to Mount Emei with me. We can be together for hundreds and thousands years. OK. Let’s go now! Right now? I flew to this place before. When we go back, I want to travel around and enjoy the scene. OK, I’ll make the plan. Come on, come on. Cheers! Miss Kexin. Miss Kexin, have a drink with me. Mr. Wang, please sober up first. Miss Kexin, if you please me today, I will give you a lot of money. Let me go. There are many other pretty girls in the brothel. Don’t refuse my kindness when I am in good mood! My patience is limited! You are just a prostitute. Do you think you are a princess? What are you doing? Stop. Let me go. Let her go. Who are you? It’s none of your business. Out of my way! Who? Chief constable of Qiantang County, Li Gongfu. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s a mistake. Thank you for helping me. Go have some dinner. Come on. Let’s drink. Come on. Go on. Miss, you are welcome. As an official, it’s my job. Officer, they prepared dinner in my room. Would you please come and have a drink with me? That… Miss, let me see you off, OK? Please. You eat first. OK. Will do. Your room is so exquisite. I’ll go back if you are OK. Sir, please stay and have a drink with me. Miss, my men are waiting for me in the yard. I have to go back to them. Sir, I’m so scared. Miss… Her perfume is so strong. If I have the smell on me, my wife would be mad about it. Miss, Miss, Miss. Don’t. You should go back early if there’s no further plans. What if that man comes back to humiliate me again? Humiliate you? You can sue him! Sir. Do your eyes hurt? Don’t worry. My brother-in-law is a physician. He works at the Jishi Clinic. Go to him. You’ll be fine soon. Tell him I said that. He will give you a discount. Sir… He is afraid of his wife! So boring! It’s dark. Hey, you! Why did you catch me? You used magic. Once the Cane senses the odor of demons, I will catch them. Monk! Do you want to fight? Come on! I’m not afraid! The Cane is here. I can’t move if it stands still. Monk! You are so annoying! Are you going to fight with me? I have no time for you. Monk! What do you want? It’s you, my love. I knew that you would come back to me. Come on. Come con. Cheers! Cheers! Thanks to the chief who has hosted us today! It’s getting late. Let’s go back home. Let’s go. We have work to do tomorrow. Chief, home and workplace is the only two places you would go. That’s why Mrs. Li isn’t worried about you. Right? My wife is not like us. She is well-educated. I’m just a chief constable. I can’t give her a better life. Besides, she worries about me every day. So I have to be good to her. Yes, yes. You are right. Someone died! Chief, over here. Be quick! Quickly! Is your poor Cane not working? Look, it moves. Will you let me go if we have a real fight? Didn’t you just say that you will have a fight with me if it moves? Where are you going? Are you crazy? Monk! Boss, this is Mr. Wang. Yes. What makes a living man become this? His body is dried. So strange. There is no wound on his chest. But his heart was taken out. Besides, there is no blood on him. Yes, it’s so strange. Would it be a ghost? Ghost! Chief! Chief! Take it easy. What happened? Chief, we have a trouble. The guests are raising an uproar! They think there are ghosts here and want to leave immediately. Holy crap! There is no ghost in this world! I think, the murderer must be in the Gaiety now. It’s still here. Close the gates! No one shall leave until we find the murderer. Yes. You two, come with me. No, Officer… It’s alright. Ms. Bai, what makes you feel so angry? Sister. What’s going on? What’s in your mind? Why don’t you go to bed? Your brother-in-law has not come home yet. I’m so worried. I want to wait for him. He might get drunk at the Gaiety. I’ll go have a look. OK. I’m going now. How can you hold us here? Move, move, move! You can’t do this! Yes! Who are you? We are from Junxin House and we are here to pick up Miss Kexin. Miss Kexin needs to go to Excellency Liang’s house and make a performance. Who will be responsible if we are late! Yes, yes, yes. But, ladies and gentlemen, if we don’t find out the murderer, then I’m sorry, no one leaves here. How could you do that? Right! Sir, I am just a woman. How can I kill a man? What? Li Gongfu rounded the Gaiety up? Yes. The family of Excellency Liu and Mr. Zhang are all having dinner there. It’s said that there is a ghost there. People are so frightened! But Li Gongfu won’t let people leave! God! A ghost! It’s so scary! My lord, Li Gongfu is so stubborn. My lord. You can’t let him offend you on your jurisdiction! Get my clothes! Where are you going, my lord? The Gaiety. I’ll tell him to release the people. Sorry. Excuse me. Officer, what happened? It’s you, Mr. Xu! Please tell Mrs. Li not to worry. Someone was murdered in Gaiety. Chief Li is working on it now. Did you find the murderer? Chief Li thinks the murderer is still in the Gaiety. So, we locked the gates to find him. He also said no one should leave until he finds the murderer. But… But the innocent people are not willing to stay here. Exactly. They have raised an uproar. I’m afraid that chief would get in trouble. If the murderer is a ghost… I have an idea! Officer, let me tell you.