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And ride on it, like jay-z, let’s look at jay-z on Jeff Well, that’s what I will do I swear if tonight we find $200,000 I will buy a jet ski I’m hungry too. I got some bubble tea tonight. Um Look forward to working with the security community. No, I swear I’ll buy a jet ski, all right Okay, so Where I would kind of look for vulnerabilities here, oh by the way, please subscribe to my shit I’m not gonna make $200,000. I need your money from twitch Please please give me money. Oh poor I need any rice Fans off the fan off See like my feet are cold My arms are warm No, my arms are cold too. But I want the fan. All right Let’s say do we have sound to sound work good sound or excited good Let’s feel we can find What we are dealing to find is a place where I market isn’t validated They do like they label it like shady market generally Looking for bugs for a bit. I don’t really think I’m gonna find anything Yeah, we use sublime to read code and I use them to write code pimple my arm I Live in the same house will come AI guess who would live at work just savage Alright guys, what do I want over eats? Ooh North Beach pizza. Oh, yeah a homemade flatbread breadstick. Is that what I want? Cheese pizza. Is that what I want to see P? Mmm Oh Sasha’s Pakistani restaurant. Whoo that seems kind of good food chicken tikka masala. That’s what I want Yeah Get that chicken tikka masala And that’s what we’re talking about. All right Is that healthy guys? Please order. All right. We got some Pakistani food coming too AM Is he jumping off a yacht this is real shit or is this meme shit? This rollercoaster Yeah All right, all right guys I know we got work to do tonight So we’re gonna make $200,000 and then we’re gonna buy a jet ski, yeah Wait, we should put jet ski in the title. Maybe we’ll get more likes and clicks and views and shit We’ll buy jet ski if win All right, cool All right. So what we have to find oh Man, I wish it with syntax highlight here. That’s kind of shitty So you see this market is legit call Like this is not this is I would say poorly rigged like they’re very careful. Some of them have market as legit calls There’s no reason you can’t have a market as legit call here But they don’t do it for some reason. So that’s generally like not the best practice. I guess you don’t wanna waste gas So, okay, let’s let’s look into this only whitelisted call this thing Let’s see if there’s ever a way we’re gonna be able to bust that Know these things are just whitelisted by the control wire. That’s all order has this contract called it can scatter. What auger is it’s a Decentralized prediction market platform built on a theory. Oh, that’s right Well, my friends works there and I told them look at security, but it’s actually extremely good So there’s all this like forking crap I’m not sure like how useful it is like I Worry that there aren’t shallow bugs that there’s just like extremely deep bugs That would take weeks to find and we don’t have weeks. The Karger is launching soon No, but we got to stop with the pessimism we got to start believing in myself and you know, what else I wish I had some damn chapstick Stick Weed pen check it a crazy dream today guys took a nap Chapstick no chapstick Come on relaxation supports learning ability. Here’s my theory are they allowed to say that shit that seems it legal? Delicious vitamin alright So these are the libraries

macintosh game archiveSo these are the libraries Is this like its own contract that gets deployed should read the deployment code I Think it’s mostly just gonna be a reading code. You can zoom in. Whoa. Let’s see you guys can see better Universe create yes, no more. This is how markets get created and just look at the universe I cashed a nomination to Market factory create market value So this stuff always makes me excited because like It looks like I can create a market. They’re calling it I cash but it looks like I can create a market with anything So remember that if you don’t actually check it I can pass in any contract here that doesn’t actually have to behave like any RC 2000 Use ‘fl that is though The market Yeah, okay so see it’s useless the idea of like passing in something weird here is useless because it doesn’t look up with the controller The great thing is though since we’re attacker is we only need to find one bad thing Contribute That for create dispute crowdsource, er If there’s any way – like shoving something here that isn’t actually a Disavow crowdsources see okay. So it’s this kind of bullshit I wonder if there were bugs like deeper in the etherium platform that we can think about There’s little you could do to a contract The whole order would fall apart if we could get one Malicious contract in like the trusted stuff, right? Does the whole a theory of security model is is weird to think about? By the way I’m telling you 24 are you’re watching? If people actually showed up here then this would have to go away because no people can’t have nice things Like this is what I’ve learned about the world the people used to be able to have nice things But like now people can’t or nice things anymore Maybe the default Maybe if they default to call if you’re in function what you mean by that so like there’s this kind of crap here Anything the checks deep Oh Get his address or 0 address shady reporting What is the zero contract what happens if you try to call the zero contract Not useful I Can get that to return anyone but All right, so this good morning this function here can actually be anything I want Like it’s not really useful You’re not gonna get past this check You’re searching only on the source so you don’t get all the testing crap Now the functions that define them I Wish take highlighted this There’s a container for a few went down Get few window ID return shady few endo equals legit few window So this isn’t gonna work is container for feet Unfortunately these these is container calls. They’re really what I want to attack but they all seem good If we could attack any of these is container for their things now, I think we might have some lock Start time shady feeling go get start time. Okay, so we can actually do anything We want there Like that, that’s the weird stuff to think about Start time That’s already determined Like it has to have the address in this feet windows thing Yeah, and if you assume that checks cry for this checks, correct Its container for share token is this one bad Get market, if not is container for more. Okay. Oh Man, I wish I could get through. This is a container for market check. It’s the best one

macintosh game archiveMan, I wish I could get through. This is a container for market check. It’s the best one Legit market Alright I’ll see Come back to universe in a minute. Oh man. I’ve really opened a lot of these Show your 14 participant presents I don’t wanna share this Participants against as part of the market so we checked with the shittier boy, which is actually a part of the market as Well as a crowd sorcerer See look if we can break this container for market we could like mess with the open interest That’s what I really want to do. So we win two hundred thousand dollars and we get a jetski Dude I don’t know man, that was all bullshit man Did that sound I talk that was that was during the smoke weed erryday phase man Does bullshit like you can’t really do that like it good – why if you care I Get it. Well, I like neuro-link. I don’t think really works. I Don’t know anyone might be smarter than that. At least when I talked to him early on about the software having car stuff I don’t think he exactly understood Like what machine learning was? I think he might now Really it’s not a bandwidth issue and the simple argument to be made about why it’s not a bandwidth issue is Your eyes have so much bandwidth, right? Why can’t you read faster? You’d have to pre-process it So no, it’s not. It’s a stupid idea you know like Yeah, I probably used to talk with it like more confidence I probably used to like, you know, I would be able to oh, yeah. Yeah, we’ll talk like I know what I’m saying That’s bullshit man. And none anyone else knows that the talking about, you know, a lot of people are real idiots. But oh No you Can’t you can’t stick a high-bandwidth pipe into the brain that makes no sense Life advice on the Switch. Oh God, I don’t know are there even like good bugs in this this probably bugs are the probably really deep. I want shallow bugs don’t want jet ski now I Will buy a jet ski guys, I will buy a jet ski Excitable or if it’s migrated out function and you could burn and you could pass in any amount that you want to burn something like whatever All right, so here’s like a nice great one-off check written does that check wrong You can’t be geo hot 2.0 this is dumb idea You can’t be 2.0 of somebody else. You gotta just be 0 to 1 You know We’re gonna press next economy eyebrows Where my karma shirt Disgusting. No bike. I’m sure shelter come another. I know this twitch and I don’t have to shell The only reason I stream is so I look less stupid when I talk to myself Where’s my chicken? You Oh my mouse works, oh nice did everything working sweet everything’s working Look I have a pink iPad. It’s pink All right Let’s see I’ve been bored tonight. I did the triple bite quiz to get a job. Maybe someone will hire me Yo we go put Ian on a jetski, that’s right, no not here talking with coma guy Okay, so the only thing I was seeing was that I could create another Genesis universe Like it’s again still not really help If you don’t get any control of anything when you create a Genesis universe Your look I can call create Genesis universe but like it’s like useless I Could control some of these things might be useful What does parent invalid mean some log Good child universe

macintosh game archive Good child universe

macintosh game archiveGood child universe See this can only be called from a market It’s only whitelisted caller things makes things useless and that’s just all logging Which won’t actually mess with anything. I mean, it might be broken, but there were actually break auger get me $200,000 Let me tell you something if we find a high-priority bug we only get $5,000 and that’s a shitty jetski compared. Good jetski Huh What is only in bad times man I can pass anything that I want here from market See how like this has this market as the JIT modifier and then trading ask a patch this one doesn’t No, no, no, we don’t look for exploits anymore. I’m doing this for a friend What can I do with this Calls this It doesn’t matter cuz this doesn’t modify anything notice how they like this isn’t good Jeff Rossen share value your market, so this can be I can pass anything one. There’s anything actually call this contract interfaces No, no, that’s a view I mean they should call it a view because it is a view as far as I can tell Home get frozen share value Ooh, but it’s not a view because it looks like it does this Nemo eyes frozen shares value. Oh, this is interesting So what if you can break it lets me my last Known outcomes Yeah, oh this is interesting Well, so what is the key that it uses to mean a lot uses a market key it might not be useful Yeah, okay it looks like it uses a market key so it isn’t useful I Think yeah, I mean there’s no way to spoof that No just be zero for my fake market, okay, that’s not that useful Market outcome frozen share value Yeah, I’ll be cool theta and I should have the market there Yeah, I know. They’re offering a good bounty, right? We’re gonna get back to streaming twitch slam Some day tomorrow maybe extreme Trish slam tomorrow I Went to Vegas last weekend, it’s pretty awesome What that I’m streaming who cares Don’t pay me. I don’t care about any money except I need money from twitch people on twitch s yeah, we could go back to church says I saw your contribution to twitch s We should try we should do more Trish maybe but no what I want what I want to add to twitch slam Is no I didn’t win this. No jetski But I wanted you for Twitter slams. I want to make a virtual world to test it I don’t want to test on real videos thing where I want to build a goal of rendering little environment Okay Alright let’s look at all of these ones that take in markets and see if any of them don’t enforce that markets are legit I’m sure that’s all right. Just test markets legit Private this one doesn’t Divide up winnings doesn’t check if markets legit. I’ll just calculate proceeds Lots of you so it’s not useful That’s not useful right there Let just divide up winnings I Mean it’s not a view Why isn’t this one of you Oh Wow responsible disclosure, here’s my middle fingers. No, it’s not live yet. I wouldn’t do this for live Their launch date is uh I’ll say I wanna scare Ya July nice so they have two days But this is also my feelings about responsible disclosure, I think you might feelings about responsible anything Oh, wait, is it at the top of hm, really? See my nature God like dude They should ban. I would love to see a ban of

macintosh game archiveThey should ban. I would love to see a ban of all like news Like no no the Guardian no, New York Times no Wall Street Journal. No Chicago Tribune, no Reuters. Hell no Hacker news without any links to mainstream news. Oh So Java zero, I love them people job zero des man Did the worldly Love me. It’s more Anarchy nothing everything in balance, but more Anarchy would uh Kind of be nice. Okay, so why is this not a view? Get more cash reporting fee divisor. So It’s only universe So check that the deaths under their cash before you device Good current he wouldn’t know get her create previous even know Cut our create timestamp. Oh no I don’t actually know What um, I mean hacker news is fine as an aggregator, I just I just yeah, I’m just disgusted by like the headlines The rise of sudo AI how tech firms Quietly use humans to do BOTS work like I actually this is the one that really disgusts me Like let’s look at the use of the word quietly Right, like that’s not a factual word. That’s an agenda pushing word Oh Using what one it’s just disgusting Quietly Like this is ways to write things in a much more neutral tone I Mean that and that’s what like I just don’t like to see it triggers me, you know. Oh South Korea has limited no see I’m just disgusted reading this. Never mind. Okay. I can’t I can’t no Like I would like for one site to be different I would like for one community of people to be like Smart enough to recognize that stuff and then not have and then also to have the UM What’s the word the? Responsible Ness to avoid being triggered by it Oh Read it’s destroyed all I it’s a god I I want to one read it I go on one subreddit I go on our machine learning. I like our fashion learning, okay Let’s see what’s here Under the great pin post, what are you reading? How big of a generalist are you like this is this is just good She like this is awesome Sorry, I’m getting distract it is hard to read this code We have a great data set for us at Como One day two separate areas Me That’s it like there’s nothing offensive this subreddit there’s nothing offensive about it Yeah, probably I wish I just wish hacker news was more like that and there is still some good content on there And to keep triggered seeing the bad content I Mean it’s it’s just it’s what’s scaring the Internet apart. I googled something. I googled something I was looking for I googled like It was an old concept. It was like when sports stars burn outs. I remember reading something about it years ago So, oh, yeah. I was googling private search engines. So I googled like sports star burn out and it’s just shit Like legally late like Want to be a sports star don’t specialize the young star when athletes decide the thrill is gone like oh my god. I would love to see What this used to be I would love to see what Google looked like in in 2012 and then sorry, you know I went to doctor go and I was like, okay these people any better. Um, No, and it’s it’s the same shit Look, they even have news like come on DuckDuckGo. Like I don’t care about your privacy shit. I just wish they would give me like I mean, I would rather eat Oh see like this is interesting I love archive Interesting, but this is fascinating right like like like like wow This is something nice And I mean, this is something yeah, this is something I probably would have would have thought beforehand in the NBA All the talent is of the Golden State Warriors of LeBron and baseball and hockey are pretty random That’s why they have to play so many games. Oh My foods almost here sweet um But yeah, I mean look this is like interesting. Alright, I wish yeah But I wish I wish the internet was more like this. I wish was the content more people wanted To get my chicken tikka masala with my grown on With ubers here who’s running out of here. Yeah. I hate when they do this. They’re like, oh we’re gonna go downstairs We know how long it takes you there that the algorithm you have fuck your algorithms And then we’re gonna go back to auditing order What is that oh Nice oh, this is this is good old good old good old finding them whereas FTPS because the internet used to be cool Ah food No, yo, bro, yeah when you go home do it a thousand dollars, so I’m going to a femoral necks tweaked my elbow Ha ha yeah got that garlic naan Back to auditing order Tentative winning. Oh, yeah, we’re ready for press of course Who lose all spicy hmm I read this universe one a lot. Like this is where I’d be really excited to find the exploit because it would be good. I Can’t buy Jeff D for a $5,000 How I don’t you secure it anymore slop bullshit fathers like breathing You might not even be about No marketable Gent where cash I mean on stuff that doesn’t even have a name Points look a batter far Yeah, lift up the auger bug bounty program we’re looking for anything worth $200,000 What’s an I mailbox What’s a delegation target, let’s figure this out I’m telling target is controlled Yeah just means they have this control arm and I’m also excited about complete sets. This does seem like way too much logic to handle complete sets No, if I get a hundred CAD reports that to five K’s on ones were blaring Allen to $5,000 bounty programs lose five acres It’s not hack this hacker one, uh Make probably big thing. I wanna Know did they not give me a fork Hey, don’t give me a fork. I don’t know why they give me a fork. Ah Fork I was like a sporky thing So What’s a delegator Do these factories have any special permissions I would doubt We have linked to the Universe in some way because otherwise, how are they doing universe? I Have to pass in the universe. Okay, it looks like they don’t have any special permissions at all What other report Not rip this apart This report is extremely good It’s also not that many lines of code Let’s really commit history No Oh fix some issues now A minor can manipulate the gas reporting bond They only got $5,000 that’s not enough Like I said, we have to be able to buy a jet ski My Tesla’s down and so I’ll talk about Wow, you should pull Logic removed Let’s go up on Tesla, we’re all oh You know, let’s listen to push a tease album even though we’re getting copyrights I haven’t listened to it yet. It was my release radar I don’t know man. Mrs. Drake had a kid Drake named named one of his songs after the day his kid was conceived I Just like I have listened to this Broken new dick time body The copper please a mess with my computer What someone hacking my spot Nevermind they don’t want me to play the copyright police came after me. Oh my god I don’t know. What would Classic classic guile online, you know, I ain’t saw him and use that against I Was not doing Alright I’ll say what I’ve acted Melissa Ling Joe She calls me Harder than the government Bro If I had some Alvin you believe, you know a good day chicky chicky saw in honor There’s this thing called the back It’s actually like this song doesn’t lie if I had the Carter five I’ve you and you’re organized that guy if Joe Rogan would have me while I go on You better have a rule if I going any shows it’s no politics Politics is the mind come And talk about Louis the 15th during the French Revolution Oh No, I really want the girl shallow bugs in this I’m gonna kick myself when someone finds one now And why am I auditing I Wanna say this is dumped and I really planted $200,000 I should audit some aetherium code that’s like never been audited that has just two hundred thousand dollars of eats sitting in it There’s so much money to be made doing this shit pros Don’t actually want a jet ski Guys, if I actually got a jet ski, I really want you to think about what a hassle that would be. Okay, so I’m not sure you can park the jet ski on land Like I probably to be honest need a trailer for my jet ski now and now we’re gonna leave my trailer with a jet ski somewhere I Could take it up. Am I just allowed to take a jet? Ski and go? to the beach We’ve really you stood it up ugly chest. That’s awesome that is Nope, it’s not. I made a lot of money. It’s that I Don’t spend money on anything. I mean like okay, I spend like 30 bucks a day on food But Okay, you can actually wait let’s let’s go delete s and let’s play trick stuff I’m copying and pasting Can I play it it only loses I Can watch it I can look at its games Might play against it There with the machine, come on, wait, how do I challenge someone li chess? Can I challenge the bot just sign up Hate that Oh This is too hard Alright fine real email at We need to don’t tell me I need like to farm at This is the worst oh Sweet oh god, I don’t get confirmed shit. Okay, I can I challenge it Challenge to again, let’s go Real-time And outside Challenge declined Let’s bounce back Enter your email. Oh Wait, how come twitch chests declines my challenge? No, I want to play twitch chess challenge to a game maybe it’s because I set like stuff Unlimited Size It’s gonna make me want to improve twitch chess. Yeah. I really don’t think I’m gonna find anything casually reading me clothes like this When I find something I don’t gotta do shit man because I’m real This is America a huge American flag over there. I love America and I love freedom and I didn’t got to do shit And that’s the true fact about everything anybody who tells you that you God you shit they’re lying, this is America It doesn’t work I Hate this Has experience on shrews or acid don’t talk about that here guys Maybe it only wants to play rated Damn and we have rooms mass in America. They’re like legal here. Now. That’s a lie But you know, it’s America we have freedom Superleague, oh, man Everything is legal like no the thing about America is like everything’s illegal But like it doesn’t matter because who respects the law nobody Because they made all these stupid laws against like drugs and shit and made nobody respectful law They’re watering to have the cannabis I have experienced this You so good. Yeah. Yeah, I think the legal shit’s a little bit worse than the medical shit I used to get You know leach s works fine, but can I challenge twitch s to a game Okay, if someone wants to challenge me blahblah 121 and you want to play it you want to play fast I’ll play it I’ll play a five-minute game against um So I want to challenge you right now you’ll probably beat me I’m blahblah 121 This is check correct required token The universe get beyond universe I’m the child universe Yeah, that checks good put this one Long doesn’t reach parameter Someone challenged me Mumbai shower copies. Oh Yeah, let go We go with the King’s pawn opening follow it up with the Denied – right here. Oh That’s the ready attack. Oh, we’re in a real Oh pens. Oh, I love the we Lopez. Oh Yeah, I know that that’s the morphe defense. We’ll take the night Yeah, thank you for your pawn good sir Oh, he’s attacking me retreat Let’s see, they should exchange No, bishop exchange council King Schneider cleans that and I looks like the actually only Kingston will go there Good castle sir good castle. All right There yeah, I can’t tell you guys my strategy because whoever this is might be watching this this chess Oh, yeah, look at that freak on love it. Ah The old retweet retreat the Queen but now this pawn is free to I believe Yeah, ah The old Knight attacks the Queen problem Mmm, yeah, we might not be able to come home Mmm there just go there There Oh, okay. Well now that’s being uh, yeah They’re playing defensive play defensive guys. Oh Let me check it make this throw bros, I didn’t think this through oh I thought you were gonna attack that. Okay, we’re gonna take that. I just gave you ideas queen Ah The old retreat the Queen I love that one. Oh, yeah marks with the pause push push push push Push push Yeah every pawn Bro that was a bad movie this gave me a rock. I Think oh, well, I’m actually to throw I was eating Hmm what that goes Right, we gotta play a little faster half Goes no one knows when the Batcave closed ah The attack of that, I don’t care you take that No, oops Hello and welcome back Why’d you do that bro, I Mean take that it’s fine. I didn’t want it to begin with That’s what I wanted to do Yeah, well Yeah, resign o’clock good game bro The nine-year-old you’re losing jiwan’s is one minutes back. Yeah I’m embarrassing the bad Chester G Let’s play the bye No Oh Who’s this unlimited now alright pot doesn’t work broken Are we giving up are we giving up on auger guys I Don’t have any ideas about where to look let’s just go through every contract and take a look at those bugs there Can’t call initialize twice Those are gonna have any special authority Let’s see who gets let’s check the contract employer and see who gets whitelisted Weightless trading contractors I’ll do a five minute challenge. Okay, last one. I’ll try Cuz I did create the account which was a lot of effort Time control. Oh, yeah Oh Don’t work let that keep going and maybe it’ll work I Said trading. Oh Yeah, let’s go twitch chess All right, you’re white you go first Please be nice on the chess I’ve ever met the Internet. What a stupid move. Well his pot sauce Wow, this pot really sucks. I Lost my second clean. Oh, no good thing was my second Queen Will it take my queen. Oh, no, it took my queen. Oh, that was a good move, but this bot is so bad Wow it knew how to put me in shit. Well that was actually pretty good move. Oh, never mind, you know Unbelievably dumb Yeah checkmate bitch Oh chicken tikka masala kind of nasty Nope Yeah, b201 that was how well it played chess All right things to do improve twitch chess Did alphago complete my asset go I’m pretty bad at go I bet even the old the old non neural things could be my asset gal Alright so everything that’s called trading apparently. Oh These these are all trusted These are white listed contracts Well Well, I may be sure that means Okay, so what if I mess with that I don’t really think that’s like useful like Hmm Okay, alright, so here’s what I’m thinking guys this is a whitelisted contract This would record are some interesting shit for it to work for like okay for example, like take a look at this one here, right? Well, no, okay, we have to look out let’s understand how the message sender works Like eat all that not pass out any that monster it looked one serving Now movies foods nasty then add that a pizza that I ate disgusting food Sender of the message so Can change for every External function call okay, so this doesn’t actually have to be a market That can actually be a So I can call contracts that say like whitelisted only From there assuming that this is a Yeah, like dot get universal this is actually done with a hash There might just be no collisions here, but you see what I’m saying I Don’t know if anyone knows anything about aetherium. Correct me if I’m wrong But like I passed something else in here. It’s a contract that like it’s like the like which contract like every other contract You know, where’s the one that like lets you is that a market contract There’s one unless you just manipulate open interest if you’re a market Or if you’re white list Only white list of callers Controller a searches whitelisted message center. Okay, so this is probably Trusted No sir, it is white listed Yeah, it’s fine So it’d be added to the white list so now if we’re on the white list of their cool things we can do I Think more than white list. We’re just entirely trusted Market you never See like I like this one because it’s not well does that even matter its marked as a view but Ah Okay So be fine if they were views, but like this one’s not a few. So this calculate reporting fee will actually let me call arbitrary things on a contract Assuming they have the same hash as get universe But unfortunately, whatever it returns will actually also have to be contract Oh So this, okay I can I can make this a contract I control this market contract then I can call Margaret get universe on it and I could pass in any address there. So I just need to find something that collides with Get or cash reporting fee divisor That’s white listed now enough to dig into the theory maybe I to figure out Who this shit works though, you see what I’m saying? Who understands the exploit? I don’t know man. That’s probably not an exploit This is so this can this can return any contract I want and the message dot sender Will be this claim trading proceeds Now we just need to find a collision, okay, so We would need to find a collision in the name space with a getter cache reporting fee divisor With something that’s only whitelisted callers Safari see if there’s anything cool you can do if you’re a while s good call Oh wow It looks like you can do anything, okay, Eddie I hash No, that’s too much effort Wow Just going online thing for this city I – online cake Oh Useless If I recall correctly, yeah, that’s not right. Is it the other Okay Webster here sweet Sweet Making my life easy. Ah So the function I can call from is here It’s a few so fucking a work I can certainly call this Alright What JavaScript Yeah That’s a lot to collide No, no either for you fuck off Yeah, so there was something colliding with that So way for me to get control over that but like It’s not really an exploit We would have to make it seem like it came from this contract Message that sender will be this contract. So this is an external call Market don’t get universe. Well, actually we can let’s see what that actually is Directions a tie universe Checking my universe it has this crap So some functions are each other you inch that doesn’t matter those returns really matters. I don’t know You don’t want to read the actual assembly that it outputs Sioux City nice out of that guy’s been a while stuck down this Alright so I was attacking this clam trading proceeds like This one didn’t know Well isn’t gonna compile This there’s no definition of highmarket Let’s get I mortgage. Oh You get universe function and charge our universe no, you’re not universe – So I type tell me just like check something No, this is stupid get type name function, that’s great Hi What expected pragma import or contrast what Was the problem Remember div visible all because I’m not using out, okay Alright already call them. That’s fine Okay, cool Unused function parameter I had something called a mount. I don’t know After this compiles, can I see the assembly? I’ll go here Oscar VM Oh my god, I Don’t need that No, they’re gonna Twitter kay, I have it on good authority P.m. Error vert Debug the transaction to get more information. Well good. There’s what I wanted to begin with. Okay This is total crap Okay So that’s the call to market to get universe we can confirm that About three years well Yeah universe Yeah, so notice how this number here matches Those off-screen number down here this number here They do match that’s good. So exciting Shorty em low. Oh-oh-oh size zero Alright, so there’s a call to physic call see the stack That’s your shall we I can’t use Ida for this call data What’s horseshit I Have an idea guys, I don’t know if any of this works doesn’t work. I probably shouldn’t tell you all about it. I Mean where’s the retard You’d have to very carefully corrupt the stack I’m not really sure you can do it We require diving deep into the etherium vienna But it’s a cute idea We’re way over tax code size Of the coded address a Interesting It’s the address where let’s go back to where we did they call The clothes the coolest thing we did Okay, cool gasp call You can’t believe you know, what bro You Are banned that’s right That’s right a Little bit just ignored no, no, no, but like We want to ban this user. Oh, there we go. Mod user Timeout user yeah, everything bad for that. Oh, no, not moderator No, that’s not what I want. What why the hell I do that timeout user Yeah the same get banned Now he’s not a moderate but don’t worry You had the words moderator ever for like seconds good vibes only gross vibes only Actually, no if this works Point doesn’t know so that’s the cause is that to call to get universe? I Think it is I think this is it actually It’s this She’s actually very interesting Um, I Think uh very call. Yeah I get universes this It’s that so It’s here Call eBay Okay Call up go has gas to value. You know, I’ve set out offset outsides That’s gasps address transaction value Gasps to value In offset in size out offset out size that makes sense because we’re only sending four Yeah That’s really gonna work because An offset out size Know what doing block stream shit fuck block stream um, I mean, I think it up to get extremely I Don’t know I don’t think this works I think you have to get extremely lucky Debtor cash Important fee divisor Now we’re not hacking anything actually I cut it I can’t I kind of regret doing any hacking I Don’t know bros never looting twitch s tomorrow, it’s not fun. This is fun. Fuck this I don’t need money I Think this might work so we should look into it. You see what I’m saying? You understand kind of what the game is Boys I don’t actually need money dis regardless in the next twitch Street when I’m begging you all for money Because I want my food twitch, okay money See look guys look look at all the money. I got I got I got a dollar. I got two dollars. I got $2 dollars Rich But no, no the jet ski will be at nightmare. No Somebody else you know, what? How about this take this idea? I think it works like you see the idea, right? You’ll get message sender to be yours Center is set – uh-huh. This was the Evie my paper No, no the one that like goes into like this shit Yeah This goes into the holy video Basically wanna know if the call off code sets message sender Async call Wow that looks like exploits waiting to happen DVM shellcode I Do I do on a way I don’t know I don’t care Maybe I’ll work for tomorrow privately. I Don’t like finding exploits in front of people No, but here’s what it is guys know what you know, why you know what you know, what’s really wrong The stuff don’t of this twitch channel is supposed to be utterly and completely useless And The problem is this verges on the edge of useful like this might actually be relevant because guys Look, do you really want to contribute to the world? Really? It’s overrated You want to have skill and talent and then not contribute because that’s funny That’s funny Think of the opposite of funny somebody who like is Passionately committed to causes. Oh, oh Passionately committed to causes. Oh, that’s not funny No hate money Yeah, I know I know you have to get the money in there now on it now, you know what Care what people think about a thought about me but now I like dough. I don’t care. I can’t do it. It’s too hard It’s impossible guys can’t do it. It’s too hard Core of the first function to be called inside the current contract scope Just the our contract that it just becomes the message center Yes, this does work in theory with the message senders, yeah, well maybe I figured it out everybody I’m gonna mm ah, so are you Wait, this fuckers back. No way Wait, how was he back? No, no he can’t be back ban user Perfect. Now he’s gone Come back No, he’s not a mod no, no, he’s not Yeah, dude, let’s see everyone’s doing with the Malaysian kids I heard about that base deal ah, bro Alright so who sees the exploit it’s right there just diplomat that. Oh, no, so what you have to Mmm, I Mean you get this nice call to set up the stack. However you want You have to somehow manipulate the stack such that that call probably goes to a different Set of bytes And I think my understanding Is is it would be out of bounds if you tried to call I mean, are there any good functions we can call in these? only whitelist callers with I Think it would seg fault line. I try to read that Oh But that’s just man this is beautiful Not a mod All right How’s exploit This whole whitelist things bad I think oh no, I Always be tired guys. I guess I guess I can’t do it. I guess I guess I’m auditing. I guess that’s impossible Oh, yeah, that’s right. It’s impossible a hacking auger is 100% completely impossible and Yes, try to implement this tomorrow. I would be very happy if somebody beat me to it And took the $200,000 for themselves But No, I haven’t done it I told you everything I know like I think this works I Think that you just have to be like particularly clever in the implementation of it 200 kgs chump change absolutely. She could really manipulate open interest No guys no nyet don’t learn Java guys technology sucks of technologies evil What’s body yachts? Almost like 200 yards. Yeah, exactly just by yawns bad Spy. Yeah Wow All right I’m gonna lie in bed and stare at this more But I don’t think it’s appropriate. I don’t think we have that kind of relationship where you can come into bed with me The world is a beautiful place. I’m so happy Active launch a no no, this is the only time I regret ever I’ve never had logic again. I’m putting this shit away I’m not looking at any more. It’s stupid. It’s stupid guys you could you could you could waste your life thinking you’re gonna make money and then you could have money and You know what? We’re gonna leave with Ya You do know that he was shot right and if he didn’t have money no one would shop I’m your host for the day mace Gumbel with this last Brodie I’ve never actually watch this video before Just cost shit to code in the closet someone’s got to pay my overeat spell though just steal credit cards Just kidding don’t steal credit cards kids. It’s illegal laws matter I Don’t know I’ve never seen Just kidding just kidding. This is my commitment that we’re done. We’re not hacking anymore shit. Oh, yeah, please I need donations, please Please please the fake money to me. I love you donate money Donate money for the prom banning of that guy who came in here talk shit Bolcom a happy word three commas. I don’t know shit about money. I’m sure yourself self-driving cars sounds kind of fun, right? Donate money stop with it. You’ll piss me off effective altruism Oh, Rationalists Oh , artists with the shitty peppers What you know the kind that like claims they’re artists but actually worship Starbucks of that kind of heart The kind who like like like barista or a latte artist. I’m that kind of artist, right? Say scream chest I did win both my chess games a Sandwich artist yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I’m that kind of artist All right, that’s the end of the song alright guys I will See you all tomorrow, maybe Christmas wicks-lim maybe bye-bye