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[jazz-Infused unboxing music] Greetings and welcome to your bi-annual LGR mailunboxing video [chuckles]. It’s been a while sinceI’ve done one of these, like eight or nine months at this point, but this is not absolutely everything, I have been unboxing certainthings here and there, you know as I’m about to coverin my video for instance, but yeah, these are a lot of things, you very generously sent my way, so thank you very much in advance. Let’s go ahead and gothrough them one by one, and see what kind ofexcellence lies within. All right let’s get this kicked off, there’s a lot of stuff to go through. This first one comes from Germany from a Doctor Fehrenbach it looks like. Pleasant. I didn’t appear to be a note in there, but we have some floppies. Yeah, check this out, gotsome 3M floptical diskettes, 21 megabyte, still hoping to get, I don’t know, some otherthings together to do a video on floptical diskettes,anyway, thank you very much. Okay, get a box wrappedin Skittles packaging here from Michael, actually,that is Skittles duct tape. Yeah, check it out, this isan official Monorail mouse to go with the Monorail computerthat I covered awhile back. This is very hard to find, thank you for sending this in. Got one here from Muig? Moge? Dude, yes. This is special, we got aletter here from the company. Anyway, this is PKWare, thelike full version, I guess, in a package, I’ve never seen this before, PKzip, PKunzip, PKSFX. Usually you just saw these included with other programs, sharewareespecially, distributed, but yeah, the full retail, not retail, but I guess it’s justlike a registered thing you could send off for, it’seven got like a business card from PKWare, this isextremely interesting to me as a collector of filedecompression utilities, again like registered Winzip, and Winrar, thank you very much for this. Okay, got a littlepackage here from Aaron. Here those 32 meg 72-pinSIMMs for the woodgrain 486. Ooh yes, it is now a Pentium but perfect, I will be putting these in there as we’re gonna try and seeif these work any better in terms of faster ram. I might actually beredoing the whole thing with another motherboard, but anyway. I’ll put this RAM to use, thank you. Okay, got this one herefrom another Michael. Couple of stickers here from Media Rerun, but yeah, check this out [laughs]. “Hackerz Kronicklez, theGuide to the Underground” for windows 95, 32-bit hacking tools, all sorts of different things,

macintosh game 90sall sorts of different things, these are endlessly fascinating to me, I remember having like pirated copies, maybe not these in particular, but very similar selectionsfor research purposes only. I’ll have fun with these [chuckles]. Thank you very much. If you hear like a lownoisiness in the background, or something, it is raining, so maybe it’ll be peaceful. Okay, right here I’ve got, well there’s a fewpackages that are gonna be all from the same personor company, Vapor95. Look at all these things,”Thank you for your order.” I didn’t order this, but theyoffered to send some things my way, vaporwave-y kind of things, just some cool stickers,they got some pins here, a MacOS Mac guy there, alittle Sony PlayStation. Game Boy, got a “done” button, instead of a Windows 95 start button. Got another one here fromthem, I hope it hasn’t melted. Shouldn’t have, kept itin a very cool location. It’s a candle, like a head,and this last one from them. Oh my goodness. According to the packing slip, we have two blankets, it’sgonna be hard to get this in the frame, but “Backto the Future’ DeLorean, and somewhat Christmassy lookingpixel computer art thing. Yeah, these are quite nice feeling. Don’t know where I’m gonna putthose yet though [chuckles]. Take ’em home home and use their blankets. Thanks for the vaporwave. Okay, I’ve got what lookslike a CD rom package here from Jay. We’ve got a copy of “Skunny Cart”, and yeah, that is a 3,5″Floppy in a jewel case. I’ve never seen one of these type inserts, normally they were a littlemore professionally molded than this, this is interesting. Now, it’s from Josh. Hopes this random sharewarecopy of “Skunny Cart” can find a good home, it certainly will. Looking inside, it lookslike it might actually be a full version. I don’t know this just looks like a shareware-distributed thing to me, but either way thanks for this. Okay, got one here from Ireland, from Hello Void. Oh yeah, it’s a early version of WinAmp as a very nice quality pin. I like that a lot, go well with some of those vaporwave ones. Got a little note in here too from Mary. “Been a loyal WinAmp user since 2002, and just had to make this pin.” I do very much like it,I’m happy to hear my work has been an inspiration for yours. I need to cover WinAmp, dang it.

macintosh game 90sI need to cover WinAmp, dang it. Alrighty, got one here fromanother YouTuber, Christian, AKA Perifractic.[cardboard tearing] Got some nice looking little PCBs here, ready to be populated with some chips. Look at all that [chuckles]. All right, so peri Christmas indeed. We’ll definitely enjoy the new product. Yeah, PAL/NTSC switch fordifferent Commodore 64s. Very useful things ’cause Ido keep a PAL and NTSC machine on hand, this’ll be aninteresting project, thank you very much. All right, got herefrom Simon in Australia. [cardboard tearing] Bunch of wires and some rubber things. Oh yes, now I do you recall this. This is an intriguing little thing. It’s one of those drive bay devices, this is a Coolermaster Aerogate II, it’s a fan controller, so this, yeah, I was actually wantingto put like a fan controller in the Windows 98 MegalumnumMonster build that I did, and it’s a nice and silverone that would go quite nice in that case I think, sothanks for sending this over. I don’t know what some of these other, I guess they’re like little bits that can go behind fan or two. Well these cables, certainly useful. Okay and a rather shiny onehere from Studio Cult Co. [package rumbling] It’s the day for pins,man, enamel pins indeed. So look at this, you get the mouse trail. I really like that one [chuckles]. And MS Paint, I think isthe one they initially got in touch with, ’cause I did that videoon Paint a while back. Paint is cool, that’s a very nice one too, like man, enamel pins, they’re so cool. I don’t even know what to do with ’em. Okay got one here from David. [blade slicing] Okay, yeah, I remember himtelling me about this now. Man, this is a really cool project. So this is his 5.25″ inch floppy drive, floppy disk emulator. Has been making an aesthetically-pleasing, retro-styled emulator, basically like those things that you see that are for, dang it, whatare those things called? Those like like 3.5″ drive ones. Yeah, that’s what it’s called, the HxC. I think it’s actually one of those that’s been stuck inthere, with like a case, that’s made to look like a 5.25″ drive. I like this idea a lot. Oh, that’s convenience,Card Edge to IDC conversion. Check that out. This doesn’t move, you knowit’s just an aesthetic choice, but yeah, you’ve got likethe the floppy disk emulator,

macintosh game 90s but yeah, you’ve got likethe the floppy disk emulator,

macintosh game 90sbut yeah, you’ve got likethe the floppy disk emulator, like you normally see in a3.5″ inch drive bay form, but it’s made to looklike a 5.25″ [laughs], and you know it works thesame way as the others, but that is really neat. It’s effectively a casethat goes outside of it. Awesome project, thankyou for sending this in. Okay got one here from Christopher. Nice little envelope there,that’s a nice envelope. Nice stationery too, nice and typed out. Man, this is nice. “Hope you had a wonderfulwoodgrain filled Christmas.” I don’t know if there’s much woodgrain, but it was pretty good. [grunts] Okay. Thanks in advance, Christopher [chuckles]. I’m excited for this. This right here is a woodgrain Zippo. Yeah, need some fuel. [Clint blowing][Zippo clanking] Yeah, it’s all dry, but that’s okay, got some fuel at home,but it is a legit Zippo. It’s basically like one ofthe classic chrome ones, but it’s just got like awoodgrain laminate on there. I like Zippos, and this one’s pretty cool. Definitely gonna put some fuel in there. Thank you very much for sending this in. [gentle fuelling] [Zippo clanking][Zippo flicking] Hey! [Zippo closes]Nice! Alrighty, got one here from Robert. All right, got a card. Yeah, yeah, yeah, look atthis, this is really neat. I don’t know if theproject has a name exactly, I did see this onAdrian’s Digital Basement, he’s actually credited among other people. This is a fantastic little thing for upgrading a Tandy1000 EX and HX model, so that has a compact flash, RS232 serial, and of course a bunch of RAM, so it takes up to 640K,96K of upper memory blocks, and yeah, you could justhave like a compact flash, hard disk kind of solution right there. And yeah, look at that plugsright into the expansion area in the EX or HX, that’s awesome. Okay, well I’ve got this onehere with no return address, so hopefully there’s a note. Oh look at this, “Enjoy the thrift.” I will, could never reallygo wrong with a copy of “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.” This is version three, stillsealed, mostly [chuckles]. Awesome, thank you for this, I did not have this version of the game. All right, got one here from Chris. [packaging crackling] All right, got somedifferent 486-era type things. I got some little, there’slike memory modules that you can plug in inplace of an IDE card disk. Couple of DX4-100 CPUs,that’s awesome, some RAM.

macintosh game 90sCouple of DX4-100 CPUs,that’s awesome, some RAM. Oh, look at that. That’s really cool. So what we got here is a 486 presumably, SBC, basically the plugsinto like an ISA backplane, and you get an entire computerpretty much right here, I mean it’s got everything on there, you know CPU, it’s gotram, it’s got a hard disk, and floppy controllers, video, serial, Ps2 ports. this is really cool, anda socketed Dallas Clock. Dude, that is fancy, thankyou very much for this. Yeah, I mean you could. The computer’s right here,I just need a backplane. All right, got one from Andy, looks like from somewhere in the UK, looks like Scotland. Okay, it’s an NES cart [chuckles]. It’s a very alpha versionhere of NES “Doom”. Yeah, I mean it’s “Doom”, the full version of “Ultimate Doom.” It’s tested, the NES can easily cope with the extra power required by the card, but wouldn’t go leavingit on overnight [laughs]. Check out the YouTube channelhere therasteri, Raster I. That is really cool. Looking forward to trying that out, next time I have the NES going. Thank you very much. Another one here from Studio Cult. Wow, wow. Look at that, “Minesweeper” one, a fuzzy Windows folder. We got the color palette fromPaint, or really Windows 95, the color palette selector thing. Display properties, look atit, you got 32 bit color, 640 by 480. .JPEG file extension. WordArt [laughs]. The fuzzy computer icon there. Another MS Paint one, andyeah, this is a selection, looks like Photoshop tools anda Recycle Bin, dude [laughs]. Again, I don’t know whatI’m gonna do with these, but make a cool displayor something, thank you. Okay, got one here from Joseph. Here we go, a classic computer game, Tegel’s Mercenaries, Iguess it’s said “Teggles?” I’ve never said it outloud, sounds kind of silly, but dang it, look at that art, man. These Mindcraft releasesare pretty darned awesome, stick ’em up there with”Magic Candle” one and two, and all that stuff. They made some interesting games, and they have some really cool cover art. Check it out, got some floppy disks. There’s no manual unfortunately,but at least we have ads. Thank you for this, really cool box. Okay, I got one here fromthe UK in a record mailer, there’s no address orsender name on there, but enjoy these recordsmade on an Amiga 1200. from Pete Cannon. Amiga music on vinyl? Yes, please, oh yeah. One on black vinyl and this clear one. That’s awesome, can’twait to listen to these, thank you, Pete. Got one here from Kael. Well this is a thing. All right, it’s a game or program made as a batch program, all right. I approve a physical read mes. Wrapped with string. That is one hefty USB stick. All right. I’m intrigue, thank youfor sending this in. I did end up giving this ashot in a virtual machine, by the way, so far I haven’t had any luck. [computer speaking] I do appreciate the whole ASCII aesthetic, and the dedication to creatingthis sort of virtual world to explore, but I just can’t get into it. Looks like you’re supposed toenter an administrative key, but every time I do. [Mac startup tone] It does that but then it just goes away. It looks like it’ll bepretty fascinating though, there’s a lot of files on here, way more than I was anticipating, anyway, thanks for sending this along as. If nothing else, this’llbe fun to play around with, obviously a tone of work went into this. Okay, got one here from Will. [carton tearing][wrapping crackling] All right, got a mixtape here? Guess so. Here’s one that’s beenmissing from the collection for far too long, “JediKnight Dark Forces II”. Look at that awesome box. That is appreciated, as is the mixtape. I don’t think I’ve evergotten one of these. All right, thank you. They are getting larger,got one here from Neil. [carton tearing][wrapping crackling] Hey, hey, sealed copy of IBM PC DOS 7, or really 7 with “Enhanced Year 2000 and Eurocurrency Support.” That’s just, I don’t know, I don’t have any lateversions of DOS like this. I’ve never used, thisbut I look forward to. Thank you. Okay, got one here, a sleeve from Dustin. This is awesome, I rememberhim telling me about this, I’d never heard of it. N.E. Thing Enterprises Stare-EO Workshop. software for your PC. Basically, you’re makingmagic eye generated imagery on a PC. Label’s come off the floppy there, must see if I can get that backed up. I guess this is a way togenerate those kind of images. Wow, how niche, thank you very much. All right, got one herefrom Stefan in Germany. Now, this is special man. So after I did the PC Action Replay video. I got a couple different offers for people that had come into one. And well look at this, we have another ProAction Replay for the PC. Get the ultimate game master again, man. Looks like it’s basically the same thing, different packaging, of course, so thank you so much for sending this in, ’cause yeah, I really likedusing that thing when I had it. It looks unused. Look at that installation disk. Different manual, well, I don’t know, actually pretty similar. No, that is definitely aslightly different version of the software and everything. This could be an intriguing follow up, perhaps over on the LGRBlerbs channel, or something. Anyway, thank you sir for sending this in. Got a package from Black Mesa. From the Black Mesa researchfacility indeed, by way of Adam. I genuinely don’t know what’sin here, what in the world? You serious [chuckles]? Big box copy of “BlackMesa,” are you kidding me? It’s even got a gatefold, aw. What? Oh, so that’s what all these stuff is, it’s filled with foam. Adam from the Black Mesa team. He sent me a very niceemail awhile back actually, as this, the complete fullthing was about to come out, and just thank you forcovering it back in the day, when I did the early version of it. Don’t open the game box,there’s nothing in it. The foam we used isbasically compressed glitter. Yes, don’t think he didn’tconsider the packing peanuts, there’s photo evidence that he could have. Oh wow, what’s in here? An HEV suit. This is magnificent, so yeah, just like at the beginning of “Half Life”, the suit standing there, it’s an LGR one, and really cool 3D-printed thing, I mean these are both likeone off kind of things it looks like. This is phenomenal,thank you so much Adam, and thanks again forthe really nice email, it was really nice. Got one here from Kyle. This needs some Lovin’. It’s a 360CSE. And it needs a lot of work. That is such an interestingfix to the whole, like, weak hinges breaking plastic thing, look at it, glued together. It’d be crazy if I canget this thing working. Thank you for sending this in. Since we’re on the topic of IBM ThinkPads. I got three rather heavy boxes, that I’m pretty sure are all ThinkPads, all from one person, Stephen. All right, first ThinkPadhere is a ThinkPad 600, a Pentium 2 machine. It’s got an error or a few, it looks like. I think they all are gonna need some work. It’s a very slick-lookin’ machine, man. Keyboard feels nice. Yeah, hopefully, we canget all these working, but yeah, let’s get to the others. This one, honestly it’snot in the worst shape, it’s just you know these things, they have this likerubbery thing on top of it, just it starts coming offafter how many ever years. Starting to get all sticky. Another ThinkPad, Type 9547, yeah. Also in decent shape,all things considered. That is awesome, look at this. Keyboard raises up it, it hasa nice little LCD right here. Oh yeah 760EL, wanted oneof these for a long time, so again hopefully, we can get it working. Ooh, that’s a tank. Look at that, that’s a 770E,another Pentium 2 system, with that rubbery stuff. Man, look at it, it’s justattracting like all sorts of grime and gunk over the years. But that’s a beautiful machineif I can get it working. That’s so cool. [carton tearing][packaging crumbling] There we go, got one here without any of that rubbery coating. This is a 350C. Look at that.[keyboard keys clanking] That is awesome, shame abouthinges, but so it goes. 1993, I believe. Dang, that’s cool. And the last one here. It’s another 760EL, it’s even better shape than the other one, so yeah, between the two, you should be able to get a nice working,hopefully working example of this model anyway. That’s fantastic, thank you so much for sending all these in, that’s a lot IBM. Alrighty, got one here from Mark. Isn’t this neat? This right here is acopy of BeOS, B-E-O-S. Which way is it pronounced,I’m gonna say “BE-OSE.” Release for something, I’vegotten a striking amount of requests to cover, I’ve never used it. I don’t even if know this islike the best version to use, but going to, definitelygonna give a it shot. “For the Pentium and Power PC,” indeed. Thank you for sending this in, that’s, oh dude, boxed copy?Nuts. I got one here from… There’s no name, RetroSaved is on here though. [chuckles] This is a MasterPilot,Quick Shot Master Pilot turns your PC into avirtual cockpit indeed. I don’t even know what to say about this, except I got to try itat some point, 1996. a little overlay card that goes in there, gives you quick access toall your flight controls, a little throttle, this isjust silliness [chuckles], thank you for this. This one here marked heavythat’s not actually that heavy, it’s from Steven. Sorry it took so long to get to me. That’s okay, it tookme awhile to unbox it. Found this at a thrift store, and the wife would like tothank me for the many years of entertainment left. Well, thank you both. I am not making case batches, but self addressed stamped envelope, will I sign it and send it back? Sure, why not? And there you go. Here’s what he send in. Check that out, I got a3Com PalmPilot Professional, still sealed, quite a nice thrift find if I do say so myself. Look at that thing, man. I love these phone devices, and this is one that I neverused, just the PalmPilot Pro. Very cool, thanks so much. I got a long one here from another Steve. [metal clanking] Hey, I know what this is for. So a good long while ago I built a PC into an Altair 8800 Clone, and I kind of had tohacks some things in there to make it work, but thisis a replacement back plate for that clone, so perhaps,time to revisit that project at some point in some form. Look at that, that’s very well made, Sir. Thank you for sending this, and that’s really useful [chuckles]. Got one here from another steve. There are a lot of Stevesthat watch LGR, anyway. Steve from Scotland. Sony Cinescore professionalsoundtrack creation software. Kinda looks like Vegas,doesn’t it a little bit. Never had any experiencewith this whatsoever. It’s just such, again, just sort of a weirdlittle software suite, and look at this, yougot some different sound series theme packs. Incredible Vistas, for visualand emotional panoramas, and The Ideal Vacation,music for life, okay. Thanks for for sending this in. Okay, got one here from PC Doodle. “PC Doodle, computers,laptops, and service.” “Yo dude!”Ooh yeah, okay. Here’s your LGR Edition Voodoo2 cooler. So this you can stick on quite a number of different 3D effects Voodoo2 cards. Oh, this is awesome, I don’t need to say anymore than that, it is a woodgrain LGR editionVoodoo2 cooling system thing. It’s got a spot formounting a fan right there, and it goes on there andthese things run hot anyway, so this is just nice tohave, thank you for that. He might have some on eBay apparently, so search PC Doodle Voodoo2 cooler. Alrighty got one here from Mike from our RWS, that wouldbe Running With Scissors. “Postal 4: No Regerts”. Hey, that is neat. [Clint laughing] It’s a Krotchy mousepad. I mean of course though. Oh yes, I’ve also gota Running With Scissors purely decorative pipe. And a Running WithScissors sign, their logo, that has been fairly perforated [laughs]. Thank you for this. Okay, got one here from Jacob. Won’t you look at that. Got some Apogee manuals here. Do not see those very often. “Legacy: Realm of Terror” as well. A whole sermon of floppy disks here, got some sharewarethings, Flagg’s Floppies, Duke Nukem sharewarehere, Legacy of course, that goes with that. These are just shareware ones, but these, these are registered, so Igot a full registered version of “Mystic Towers” to gowith the manual there. “Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure,””Crystal Caves”, that is, “Blake Stone”episode one through six. You got “Wacky Wheels”the upgraded action, did not have that. I didn’t have any of these actually. Well, not in this form, “Super Bobbin'” so I do have some of these registered, but it’s interesting, Apogeehad so many different looks, and versions, and things, so these are different versions,and on different disks, and labels than the ones I had. Actually incredible howhard to find these can be, so thank you so much for sending these in, and I mean holy crap,it’s got the manuals. Can you believe I still haven’tplayed “Mystic Towers”. Got one here from Richard. That right there my friends, this is a Roland SCB-55 daughter board on top of a really cool sound card anyway, Creative Sound Blaster 16 SCSI, but this right here iseffectively a sound canvas like SC-55 mark II, I think, on a board. Dang, that is cool, wow. Thank you for sending that in, and the SCSI card, Idid not have an SB16 SCSI, but right there is the star of my dreams. Got one here from Brian. Look, look at it, this is OS/2Warp version three sealed, in the box issue. OS/2 is such a weird thing, Warp is a pretty darn good product. I have used it some,I need to use it more, and having a sealed copyto go through at some point on LGR is fantastic thank you very much. Okay got another onehere from another David. Typed in a Smith-Corona typewriter. Yes, did exchange emails. Yeah, he reached out tosee if I would like an item of woodworking that hecould produce, and yeah, that’s a cool design, thank you David. Got one here from and Justin in Canada. Special gift. Oh yeah. Check this out, this is aTexas Instruments laptop, one of their Extensa models. Yeah, Extensa 550CD,Windows 95, Pentium laptop. But yeah, it’s got a littleLCD thing going on here, teeny little trackpad. Cabling along with it for power, and the special gift. Hey, got an IndieBox, called “Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.” I actually do have this one, ’cause I was a subscriberto IndieBox for as long as they were around, but Iwill hand this off to someone who doesn’t have it, thank you very much. Alrighty, got one herefrom Axel in Germany. Let’s see, I have not responded to email. Oh no, sorry about that! “This is a gift for you andI don’t mean the sweets.” Well, thank you very much.Mm, Haribo. “Mars”, be the ultimatewarrior, stunning graphics, 3D, made in 1997 I guess. It seriously looks untouched though, it was just unsealed. Hey, future LGR here, and yeahI didn’t know what this was, I heard about it, and I actuallysubmitted my information, and sometime ago about this, and forgot, and apparentlythe reply email went to spam, so that’s what that was, but yeah, “Mars”, the lost shooter from the ’90s, also known as “Mars 3D.” Apparently this was kind ofa once lost game from Taiwan, and yeah, it’s a first personshooter from back then, and somebody found original. And anyway there’sinformation online about, and they did this physical re release, or first time full release physically, anyway, yeah, it is brand new, but it’s an old game, I’mintrigued, thank you Axel. Got one here from Matt. Sorry for getting this out to you so late, that is okay, I am opening it late. He watched my video, “Wheelof Fortune”, and the next day, walked in a local flea market,saw this sitting on a shelf. Hey, there we go, look at that, original IBM copy of “Wheel of Fortune”. 5.25″ floppy right there, Ido have another one of these, well slightly, maybeslightly different version that also came in recently, but this is in a fantasticcondition, seriously. Usually this plastic it’sall brittle and broken, looks great so thank you to both of you, you and your fiance. Got a rather chewy packagehere from Jerason. Wow it has been so longsince I opened stuff, so this is an RG300 Game-Boy-ishkind a little thing, but it’s loaded up withsome awesome emulator,s particularly DOSBox, DOS games. So he actually came up to me at the Vintage Computer FestivalMidwest in 2019 last year, and showed me this thing and Iwas really impressed with it. He was playing Duke Nukemon there, like the first, the platformer, and he verykindly offered to send me one, and he did, and now I’mjust now opening it, forever later but thisis cool, Retrogame300, with OMRON shoulder buttons. They were nice and clicky, it’s just the whole thingfelt just impressive It still might have a charge or not, but has got a nice rechargeablelithium ion battery. Thing’s I was just impressed with this, I’m gonna go ahead, and getthis charging over there. All right, just gonna cut this in here, because I got it chargedup a bit, and look at it. [Clint chuckling] All these DOS games and other stuff. Hopefully it’s coming across on here, but it looks absolutelyexcellent in person. [console beeping] Bring up a little keyboard here. [console beeping][Clint chuckling] Hard to play through a cameraviewfinder, but anyway, this thing is mighty impressive. [Duke Nukem 3D plays] – [Clint] All right, got one here from DC. And it’s quite the message,”All the sound canvases!” Hope the Roland SC-155serves me well, thank you. I’m sure it will. Wow, this is basicallylike a sound canvas, I don’t know which modelexactly, one of the 55s, but it is. Yeah, it’s got all theseindividual mixers in here, and ways to turn on andoff individual parts, so this is pretty much thefront panel that you see on like a regular SC-55,but all these other things, this is really neat, and itseems like it’d be something that’ll be a lot of funto use in my synth setup, you know, and computers as well, but I do have a synthrack, table top or two. So this is awesome, thank you very much. All right, got a ratherhefty one here from Evan. Oh, look at this. What we have here is aolder Samsung tablet, computing things, is an NPQ1. It did make it justfine, thank you for that. It’s got its own keyboard,and connects there, and oh yeah, chargerhere, and what is this? Rechargeable lithium ion smart battery. All right, like an external battery pack, a very sleek lookingexternal DVD-RW drive. A pretty complete setup, thank you very much. Got one here from I don’t know. No name on it. It’s from Canada though. Wow, got some LGRstickers from @Incarta95. Hopes this package finds me well. I’m pretty well, theCymouse cassette tape, “Mainframe Games” volumeone, that’s awesome. This is the, I’ve gotten lot of messages about people hoping I wouldcover this thing at some point, this is the Maui InnovativePeripherals Cymouse, the ultimate controller for 3D games. Yeah you stick it on your head. Doesn’t that just look super great. I don’t know, maybe it will be, because it kind of reminds me of the, oh what was that other infrared thing with the head tracking? You could use it in ARMA2 and some flight sims, but anyway, there are somedifferent thing like this that use kind of headtracking with infrared, works with any PC game supposedly, this should make some primeoddware, thank you very much, and also for the stickers and the tape. We’ve got a rattler here. This one is from Anthony. Glad to finally be ableto give me something back to the channel in the formof a Goodwill find, awesome. There’s a couple of bucksin the attached disk case. Well, thank you Anthony. This is the Cybones CAD for kids set. Comes with all theseplastic parts, programs, it’s supposed to be a kind ofa CAD thing I guess for kids, learning how to design stuff, and then you put togetherphysically with the parts that it comes with. Kind of reminds me of KidCAD,but a lot more hands on, there’s a lot more parts, look at this, this is like an add on pack. This would be a reallycool entertainment video. Anyway, thank you very, very much. Got one here from Lawrence. All right, here is the Lytro camera, as well as some boxed software, wow. Creative Suite one through five, that brings back somememories, man, in college, and straight away there it is, that’s the one that I learned how to edit, and do Photoshop, and doeverything on CS2 in 2005. I had used some like pirated versions ofPhotoshop and whatnot before, but I had never gotten into video editing using anything otherthan like Movie Maker, and Ulead Video Studio before this. Now to get the originaliMac 2005, was a G4, no G5, it was a really cooliMac at the time, anyway. Okay so we also got a CS1 here, there’s also this copy of Office,Microsoft Office Mac 2008. Ooh, yes some in more traditional boxes. CS4, CS3 Design Premium editions, and CS5 Design Premium, this is actually still prettydarn useful to be honest. Neat, I’ve never actually owned any of the Creative Suites physically. I’ve just always gotten digital versions, or nowadays it’s a daggone subscription. Office Mac 2004, I reallylike the way that cover art looks, looks like it’s a pencil drawing. All right, I’m excited for this, so this is the the main thingthat Lawrence was telling me about thar he’s gonna send,this is the Lytro Illum. Supposed to be one of those like cameras of the future things thatjust kind of never happened, I’m not sure if I callit an abject failure, but yeah either way, theydidn’t last very long. I think this came out in 2015, and then it was like gone within a year, or two, or something. Whoa [laughs]. Yeah, other people got snappedup by Google, I believe, and anyway, okay just look at this thing. Half a decade old and thisstill looks futuristic as far as I’m concerned. Wow, look at that lens, giant screen. Hey it’s still a gorgeouslooking piece of hardware, and so the real like big thing about this light field camera technology, you could like refocus imagesafter they were taken with, again, so with this crazylens, I love this lens, just looking at it, you never used it, but yeah, the company onlylasted until 2018 though, and like I said all theirpeople got snatched up by other companies and I don’t know, I got to do so more researchand history of this either way, a lot more advanced than theother older digital cameras that I normally cover, but I’mhighly intrigued nonetheless because I’ve just neverused anything like it, and it looks amazing. Wow, it’s got all theperipherals, and whatnot here. Battery and such, hopefullythat still holds a charge, not terribly old, so I have hope, yeah bunch of cables, cool stuff in here, so thank you very much, Lawrence. Okay, another rattler here from Shafer. Shafer and Emily, “sorry Igot this in the mail late.” Yeah you know, knowing thefrequency of unboxing videos, I probably won’t notice, I got it today. Also included, an Applecassette, very cool, and that antique store puzzle,so that was the main thing. This is a bonus, what’s this? Macintosh Guided Tour of theMac, that is awesome, wow. Copyright 1983, Windham Hill Publishing. Wow, original Mac Walkthroughof sorts on cassette, that’s awesome. This is an Intel 286 CPU puzzle. The iAPX 286 is Intel’s mostpowerful microprocessor, the first microprocessorto offer memory management, and protection on chip,and now it’s a puzzle. Wow, this is just neat, thank you. Got one here from Andrew. How do I even open this. This looks like a hazardous device, this is an AIWA QIC 3020TRAVAN TR-3 compatible external tape drive for IBMcompatible PCs, TD-P3200. So yeah an external tape drive, 3.2 gig. That is a first for me,I’ve only ever had internal, so this was quite intriguing when he offered it, so thank you for this. There is a big one here, it is from Tyler. Here’s the stuff we talked about, and he’s included some extras. There is a lot in here. These feel like hard drives at least. Yeah, it’s a QuantumFireball of some kind, IBM Deskstar drive, Seagate Barracuda, Western Digital Spartan. Looks like much older one, Seagate ST177N, that is not IDE. Western Digital Caviar,another Quantum Fireball, got a whole selection of cards here. Let’s see, we got a couple ofS3 Trio 3D 2X graphics cards, an STB Systems graphics card of some kind. Looks like a budget sound card deal. I don’t know what it is, there’s Yamaha chip though, and another video card,Trident 3D Image 9850. Another classic one,ATI Rage Pro Turbo PCI, another ATI Rage 3D Pro Turbo,it’s the same one, basically. Catch-A-Call Max, never miss another call while online [chuckles]. All right, this onelabeled 5.25″ power supply for video cards, looks likean external power supply, almost like an arcade power supply, but just yeah I guess maybe,it goes in 5.25″ drive, and a boxed copy of a veryclassic DOS game here, “Comanche CD”. I didn’t actually have this box. And here we go, this isthe thing that I think he was getting touch with for to begin, it’s a Creative Sound Blaster Live, 5.25″ drive bay, nice beige model. And the card to go withit, and all the cables. This is a lovely card to havein a lot of Windows 98 builds, check it out Sound Blaster Live, I mean these are all gonna be quite useful in certain late ’90smid to late ’90s builds, thank you for all the stuff. definitely be putting someof those hard disks to use pretty soon I think. All right. Cannot fit this in the frame. This is from Catherina,Gustav, maybe both, in Germany. So yeah, I guess they sendthese along as like extras. so some different things in here. Something called “Diggles”,never heard of that, intriguing name. “The Patrician”, lovely art,”Realms of Arkania: Star Trail” that’s cool. Loose CD rom for “Magic SchoolBus Explores the Rainforest.” “Patrician III” in a DVD keep caseSome kind of a… “Shadows Over Riva”. And then just the classic”Realms of Arkania”, did not have this, that’s very cool. Nice, love me some Sir-tech, and here is the main thing theywere offering to send over, this is Piano Luxury Space Saving, your best choice to play pianoor drum in PC environment. I’ve never seen this particularpiano keyboard before, so check this out, it’s got a piano side, and a keyboard side. Ya got both. Double sided music keyboardis what it says in the manual that’s pretty much this,oh, this is so silly. So check it out, you got a little piano, and you got a keyboard [chuckles]. Those are actuallyreally nice clicky keys, what are they? That’s an awesome keyboard. Look at those switches. Those are fantastic. Well I got to say that’sthe last thing I expected from the keyboard side,that’s a nice board. The rest of it feels justlike absolutely cheap garbage, but that’s beside the point. This whole thing is hilarious, it all just plugs in like infive pin AT keyboard connector. What a weird thing, thankyou for sending all this in. All right, got a reallylarge one here From Will. Rather simple message onthis one, “Happy printing!” Thank you. Look at that, this righthere is a new unopened Apple ImageWriter II dot matrix printer, capable of printing in color, this thing is actually pretty awesome, I mentioned it brieflywhen I did a video or two on the Star Micronics color dot matrix as being like an earlierexample of a printer that did some similar thingsto that one, but yeah, this is it, all thetape seals there intact, this does not look like it’sbeen re-taped, resealed or anything. He found it like this,and said there were one, and I’m like, oh yeah. So I really wanna do a video on this, hopefully I can find some ribbons for it. Thank you very much,this is gonna be a treat. [Clint grunting] I can’t even get this… These are both from Parker. Really big, really heavy,I don’t take too many items this large in, but once you see it, you’ll see why I got rid ofsome stuff to make room for this this is special. [Clint laughing] Look at that.[tape slicing] [wrapping crackling][Clinting chuckling] Wow, all right, this is one of my most wantedcomputers in the TRS-80 range from Radio Shack. This is the Model IIMicrocomputer from them with the gloriously massive8″ floppy disk drive. [floppy thudding][Clint chuckling] Yep, this is the first system that I have that actually has an 8″ drive. A long time ago at Goodwill, before I was even doing thrifts, I ran across one of the systems, and I was gonna buy it. And they said no, becausethey had to recycle it due to their partnership with Dell, you know Dell takes all theircomputers that are older than like five or 10 years,and then just recycles them, and they wouldn’t let me buyit, and they took it away. I was so sad, absolutely gutted, but I did get a, they had a sealed box of 8″ Tandy floppy disks,and I bought those, I still have those, soI’ve always wanted to see if I can get the computer in. Well here is the computer as well as the 12 meg, yes massive12 meg disk system. Hopefully the keyboardsin here somewhere too, I don’t remember what allactually came with this, but either way this is exciting. An antler, I don’t know why. I got a message here from Parker. “Thanks for saving this from recycling,” thank YOU for saving it from recycling, I feel justified afterlosing out that one years ago in lieu of packing peanuts, enclosed 40-year-old crumbling foam. Yeah, that is some crumbly old foam, but check it out, there is the keyboard. [keyboard keys clanking]Oh wonderful. Got cracked unfortunately,it’s missing a key. Well. Oh man, TRS-80 software library in a very, very brown package. Wow, TRS-80, congratulationson your purchase of the TRS-80 hard disk system, yes. It looks like this isall just documentation for the hard disk. That’s a lot for just the hard disk. Yeah, “12-meg Hard Disk Owner’s Manual.” I found the key, doesn’tlook like it actually broke. Unfortunately there isstill, there’s other damage, but the key is at least intact, it just isn’t coming back up so hopefully that could befixed up without too much issue. Holy retro futurism. Now that is a hard disk drive, look at that. Power switch is literally akey, has a protect switch. This is outta “Star Wars” and I love it. And there we are, look at thisglorious machine [chuckles]. This whole assembly with a hard drive, that’s just fantastic. So hopefully I can get this thing working, I just have so little experience, I have zero experience with the Model II, but even III and IV,and some of the others that I have I honestly haven’tspent enough time with them yet to make it happen, but this one. Thank you so much for sending this in, this is pretty incredible. Quick addendum here, lookwhat else I found in the box, this little spring. That’s why the buttonwasn’t coming back up. There we go. I also noticed this blackplastic bit right here in the middle is missing and yep, also down at the bottom of the box. Yeah that’s where it will go, just get that glued back together, and this I think islooking pretty promising. All right that concludesanother LGR mail unboxing video, and I guess I’ll seeyou all again in 2021. Who knows I just don’tdo these very often, because I really do turndown like 99% of the things that get offered, only one ortwo of these showing up a week so anyway, thank you verymuch for making offers of donations even if youdidn’t send anything in, and then if you did send things in, thank you, thank you, thank you, I will do my best togive these a good home, and put these in LGRvideos as they fit in, and yeah, do stick around,we’ve got new videos coming out every week as usual, be backto the normal fare next Friday, but yeah, thank you verymuch for sending all this in, once again, and thanks for watching.