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[Music][Laughter] [Music] inspector Logar congratulations on yourinspector of the Year award Oh quite an honor yes I can’t think of a thing thatcould possibly spoil it so this is the exclusive inspectors Club yesconsider yourself privileged as rookie panic be careful not to put any dempseymatter and clean yourself up men don’t want your mud all over my interior seats[Music] it was very thoughtful of thecommissioner to leave these tickets fellows on his desk[Music] it’s wearing a tuxedohe told waste makes me thirsty best boy here best boy you again get out of myway listen till you give me my water [Music] keep it let’s believe me my good fellowthis will be reflected in your tip you [Applause] certainly handle bathtub well inspectorimagine what he would have done if I’d asked him for a cocktail we now for somereason Commissioner harried has not shown up so in his absence inspector Ireally don’t need a role right now but you are a growing rookie please allow me[Music] [Music][Applause] [Music][Applause] this comes as no surprise I am flatteredand I encourage all of you to do better next yearwhat you can’t accept the award I’m the best inspector it’s minethen why did you yourself just give it to me myself Monsieur you are animbecile a complete fraud I’m a fraud you are a lousy valid busboy ha ha butdisgrace to all inspectors Monsieur you have cut me to the quickprove it give me a mystery well here man talentsprepares any case and when I crack it only then will I accept the inspector ofthe year oh the inspector might I suggest and if you fail then I willresign from the club and return to my beloved France distress it very well Ichallenge you to find the lost continent of Atlantis except you don’t stand achance and I’ll make sure of it [Music]according to Matthews super-secret MEP we are right herekanthamma coordinates rookie famiiy snorkel bird in the lost city ofAtlantis and don’t Liz it Tim a proof of purchase seals and I get the officialsquid master decoder ring first the life raft can be dangerous to your life if byaccident you ever do this [Music] these mechanical arms we don’t even haveto go out and get wit of Zell [Music] [Music] inspector there’s a mountain up aheadyou obviously don’t know how to read radarthere’s nothing but adventurer squiggly lands in front of us [Music][Laughter] [Music][Applause] [Music] to inspected you found the lostcontinent of Atlantis impossible I mean yes of course I did talk about dumb luckbut he’ll need more than that a win our little wager now no one can deny that I am the trueinspector inspector ah it’s the eval a busboy here to admitdefeat and beg forgiveness no doubt he’s a bigger man than I thought Oh evenbrought a gift I have too many as it is [Music] [Applause][Music] this is the greatest archaeological findever who cares if the idiot found Atlantis I’ll just bury it again and himworthless man little peak rookie friend an ancientrubbish can there’s a top Peter stuck in it too bad it would have looked nasty myrumpus room hmm whoever left it here was an incompetentit’s not even properly almond

izle adventure timewhoever left it here was an incompetentit’s not even properly almond [Music] inspector you’ve not only discovered thelost continent you’ve brought it back what oh of coursewas there ever any doubt once again hey thank you how thee much deserve headinspector of the Year award and now if you don’t close your eyes I’d like tosing a traditional family sir [Music] [Music][Applause] [Music][Music] give me a cactus on rye you’re kiddingme the WIMP special real Aussie man needrocks no once lived for ten days on nothing but rocks and I moved my tentonto the grass where I was attacked by a herd of lick less weasels each oneholding under the other’s tail but I was saved by the rare pygmy plaid kangaroo so you’re a top boy are youI know they are back like the back of my hand no memes jack arute Johnny he’sdingo we’d like to hire you to take us good watching city slickers are the mostdangerous thing in the outback but I’ll have a go[Music] jackarooyour tugs are as cockeyed as a square wheel kicky is techie SPECT in a lot ofemergencies never been into the outback have you called us here we areright this way mates these cheap snot transportation it’s torture this iswhere the rare Cucuy bird likes to do lunch Oh everyone here before you cansay Bob’s your uncle cool more snaps getting sunburned just like a birdwatcher I’ll keep on thelook for the pygmy plant kangaroo catch that little bugger and we snap awayfellas Oh give it some creature yeah [Music]he’s gonna be a network logo he’s a beast that’s not a big red ant that’sthe big red head nothing like a meal with a boost of flavor [Music]look sharp now swamps full of nasty Crocs look a glovetailed fanny who pay dirt who use hiding now nothing slips past Hickory Johnny[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]look a South Sydney sapsucker bingo well Oh Bo wall-eyed coot pygmy flatkangaroo for real beg pardon mate to take its photo for the kangarooprotection booster right you are [Music] whoo-hoo nice move careful with thatJaps Kimmy I just want to be friends sigh cheese all the Bobby get used tothese balls you toss in vomit you’re going to tour every Galleria Mall in theworld and all thanks to your might the great Bush guide no worries[Music] [Laughter][Music] [Music]warthog sweet-talk never came in handy [Music] now that cats that lying mama [Music][Applause] [Music][Applause] [Music] [Music]ding Cowboys we’re a ploy to Easy Street oh well till we get there with yourmoist Larry down I’m getting bugs enmity [Music] [Applause] [Music]grab the kind and let’s get out of here [Music] I’ll handle this croc[Music] silly mugs Crocs don’t play basketballthey can’t dribble not in a swamp anyway this sorta Chavous koala to tease wethealth you kangaroo Nappers [Music]

izle adventure time[Music] [Applause] which guides work is never done [Music]Kookaburra recite [Applause] [Music] endangered species make wonderfulfriends [Music] see it now see it here a fiendishspecies straight from the Australian outback authentic Australian the citysol occurs [Applause][Music] [Music]hey cool shirt mr. Kyle this parrot is defective with no refundswatch Polly want a cracker out of my face lady hmm and what’s thatterrible perfume you’ve been sulking in [Music]skates [Music] you’ve been returned four times thisweek loudmouth you’re history Oh okay I’ll say it Polly want a crackersatisfied who’s back when you got a couple hundred Morty’s I’m out of heresee if I ever tell you where the treasure is buried did you say treasureoh yeah yeah big chests all shiny and fancy looking well then let’s ramble[Music] thank you for the rhodanese floor I’mnot getting any younger you know and if I made it so much lighter for you yeahby scarfing half our food hey eating that’s what I do now about that treasureafter dinner all that snappings made me hungry that’s why I lose about I knowIsland mine [Music] I’ll help you build a fire but I’mallergic to smoke I’m even allergic to feathers oh I can hardly live withmyself oh really mm-hmm that makes two of us ha ha funnyI don’t seem to have any food allergies [Music] [Music] really remove GABA cuz I love aromaMilan mine oh that must have forgot to tell you about voodoo man he owns thisisland no giant steps right then a baby stepleft hmm what was it put your left foot in and shake it all aboutoften it’s hard to remember on an empty stomach lose a little go up hey cheekybreath are you gonna leave us alone or what holla[Music] [Applause]little gosh that spunk uh-huh no sense of humor lots of spunk[Music] besides firing off lightning cutlery andfireballs anything else you forgot to tell me about that little guy sorry I’vejust about had it with all this voodoo hoodoo that you do I don’t know Mom bigguy hey chill mask man he’s the only one who knows where to find the treasure what about treasure talk about havingthat bloated feeling [Music] bird parent and you you at the beach[Music] [Music] Heywhoa my that’s it phoo where’s my bird nice one whoothanks for flushing me out pal I’m allergic to dust you know ha ha[Music] oops wrong setting game the set andmatch he’s a big man the treasure speaking ofcake let’s say we stop and get something kicking first wait wait maybe it was adifferent Island altogether I’ll just jog a few brain cells here nowyou’ve done it I’m probably got a concussion I’m seeing double here allright it’s the clock look I know I do pleasure mine mine mine mine mine minemine mine mine mine [Music] crackers only Piper mmm some treasurehuh

izle adventure time crackers only Piper mmm some treasurehuh

izle adventure timecrackers only Piper mmm some treasurehuh oh you guys want a crackeroh did I mention I know where there’s a lost diamond mine how about thecombination to the vault that for now [Music]a thousand years ago the Vikings looted countries all over the world there’smore than one way to lead a country within seven ears horns goats send mysunglasses boogie bars the Vikings pillaged everything in theirpath desperate to escape some people wentnorth some people went south and some people went on vacation hey ho my pinkamigo you know you look like you’d be losing there the red eyes special deluxevacation cruises maybe the Vegas huh if you have the cash of course[Music] you have a layaway plan I guess they hada flyaway plan quit fooling around you too Eric the Reds gonna be here anyminute he’s the meanest cruise Viking and he’s my herothat’s why I’m giving him free passage free passage do I hear soft oceanbreezes the sound of steel drums Don Ho [Music] where’s my ship nice horns where are youin the Moose Lodge right down don’t call me bread sure thingcarrot top right when you get the bow helloand now for my vacation cruise hey are you gonna hey are you gonna keep Ericthe Red standing here all day it’s him I’d knowthose golden horns anywhere Eric the Red I’m Eric’s a hammock de Saron legged andhe’s Eric Eric Oh Eric with a cape he’s snow Eric the Redhe’s pink yes but I get red when I hold my breath he’s even redder than Ithought uh-huh bring his luckygive him your bucks lick his boots Eric you have the run of my ship our bunksrun of the ship we’ll see about that yeah tell me bad news negative I canvibe free dangerous pink person I’ll sit for my head ah mother like high school zip the startoff of the congruence he’s already looking for a village to raidhe’s more vicious than I thought let’s see how vicious he is in the belly of ashark hello sharks I’m Eric I’ll be your waiter yoga Sean may for the hosting ison today we have a pinky gumbo pinky on a stick and pinky [Applause][Music] [Applause] [Music] will that be separate check I hopeeverything’s all right Eric well I do like to be rocked sing me a song do youknow in the Navy [Applause] [Applause][Music] a perfect can your hand ear with a spearthan I thought just what every cruise ship needs aerobics falling pain oh geezthe big stir take the I say he loots e plunders he plays hockeyhe’s more versatile than I ever imagined before he came we were Vikingsnow we’ll just folks yeah potato peasants KP clown restaurant Louisdefinitely a demotion cool that this could double as a hot tub yuckbouillabaisse uh-huh smells like low tide in here our honored guest will nowshow us how to sack pillage and plunder you do know how to sack don’t you sackyeah sure yeah paper or plastic [Music][Applause] I’d love to but I’m on vacation houseyeah mr. perfect Viking show us how oh very dangerous [Applause] [Music]I win souls you are not Eric the Red what can I say the man is quick well atleast things can’t get any worse right [Applause] [Music] for a villager face I want my goldenhorns back sure thing big guy where are you Palace Ike like a Barbaryscowl red guy over here [Music]here red guy here boy call me come back

izle adventure time[Music]here red guy here boy call me come back to the site are you a Vikingnobody calls me a pimp I mean wimp this is far ha ha I’m God [Music]sorry red guy gotta fuck I said don’t call me with die[Music] you’re red red red go go gored red red guy guy [Applause][Music] [Applause] at least we got rid of that pinkimposter you ring you prepare to meet Wotan Woden they won’t should wearsomething more formal just give me a minute knock you were pretty tricky agood night pinky [Applause] hey you can’t do that yeah jeeps a dirtyfighter all new world under construction to be completed 14 to[Applause] [Music][Applause] 1492 these guys could use some help andthat’s the way it was shut of them [Music]perfection [Music] [Music]five hundred campsites on this lake and I get stuck next to nature boy let’sliven this place up [Music]big ones gotta be mine [Music] sorry Nature Boy but elfish Oh supremobelongs to me [Music] yo Rocky let’s hit itwhat’s up my man today we catch the big one my soul I’m a little friend gee Iwonder who that could be [Music]once I look out coming through [Music] [Music]some men just aren’t made to finish others are just born into it I’ll showyou how real hairy-chested fishermen fish first you gotta find activatingfish seeking spot then you’re gonna catch them activating nets[Music] then you gotta fry real sportsman likethat’s no way to fish fake breath yes to is not mister it’s not[Music] pointed information mr. Engler the bigone just got away [Music] no one beats my flashy light master activating depth charge [Music]I have not yet begun to fish the trick to catching the big one is all in thebait yep no fish too big for the roxtor [Music] that’s no fishit’s a skyscraper with fins [Music] [Music] isn’t there anywhere in the world themonster can get a little pace yeah whoa I come all the way from Loch Ness to getaway from folks like you all I want is a nice quiet vacation look at the size ofthat fish point of information that is the rare and extremely valuable LochNess monster hey it should still be stuffed right the crazy fool is tryingto fry me stay calm ma’am I’ll take care of bait breath point of information mr.dangler you’re in a bit of a home tell your cousin she look greatstuffed and mounted on my mantel do you say stuffed don’t move a muscle Lonnie[Music] [Applause] [Music] sorry under flooding you can’t causestuff an old Missy she’s a national treasuremillions lover so she’s worth a bloody fortune if we bring her in aliveso you see boys Scotland’s no fun for me anymoreeveryone wants to bring me in alive Scotland where it takes a real man towear a skirt I’d love to visit day someday now who could that be newneighbors I don’t think so [Music]I’ve got you now monster [Music] [Music]okay Nessie girl you’re free to go pretty slick huh[Music] pretty stupid huh [Music] I’m tired of being such a good sportabout this what do you have to say now Panther hope he can swim this is gettinembarrassing [Music] feel they are muddy think they mate justleave me alone now I’d rather just see them leave and I know just how to do it[Music] breathe away one of them skirts thenthis to painting sorry Rocky you don’t have the legs for a skirt okay kidsGio time have a nice vacation rocky [Music]scoots my plot there’s missing now full speed aheadcousin dinner [Music]pasta she is getting away relax she can outswim us all the way back toScotland [Music]I’ll addy this is just the kind of pace in quiet I’ve been looking forit feels the gong cease I repent with song[Music] my singing bothering you lady no no yougo right ahead [Music] Perfection.