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indiana jones 2 the adventure continues lego, indiana, jones, adventure, continues, lego

*Music that I just found out isn’t original* What’s going on everybody BatChickenGaming here!welcome my friends to a brand new series on my channel! Sorry if I sound a bit weirdI’m feeling pretty sick *Gross cough that no-one wants to hear* Sorry if I cough and stuff…but uh welcome to a new series on Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure ContinuesI’ve played pretty much every single Lego game except for Avengers, City Undercoverand Star Wars 3 which I also have which we will be playing after we complete thisone I played this,like, when I was really little and I don’t remember it at all Iplayed the first one recently, But i do Norman to this one so we’re going to goand you get multiple game selections okay we’ll go game one look and we willconfirm the save and we will play the first level or to say when I use gameonce that’s fine oh okayinteresting so it looks like you go that we can go to different boxes but wehaven’t unlocked those ones yet so we only have Kingdom of the Crystal Skullpart 1 okay so oh okay this is really weird okay so it gets fixed in this topstory I love the Indiana Jones music I lovethe movies I really hope they make a part 5 soon I would really love thatwith Harrison bored like if he just reclaims his role as Indiana Jones forone last movie I I will I would be a happy nerd yeah okay okay so I guesswe’re just footprints moving around I remember you I remember the first threemovies crystal Estelle is the one that probably seemed the least I do notremember a lot of that I remember it was about aliens and but all of the others Ipretty much know everything about that so playing through the levels will be apiece of cake but it’s just with Crystal Skull I have a fear idea of what’s goingon okay so I think in this one someone smashed a pot and we need to find a newpot and then he gave us tickets to thisplace ohyeah I remember the starting of the movie when we’re not going onholiday okay okay so here we are so that’s attack that iswait wait if I pull out my whip oh my goshoh okay so we can we can like whip stuff as well that’s pretty cool okay and thenwe can like to protect the tech chairs and stuff because one I don’t think wecan break it under I want to put that awaywhat no I’m I’m soaking wet crispy to switch between characters okay there wego so Oh experiencing widow lag as we change to Mac that’s not good that’s notgood okay still yeah so we just gotta like okay so we can’t break anythingwhich is a bit weird for like Holy Ghost oh look look what’s this what’s thisit’s a banana hold down eat and throw off and throw itat the monkey to gain to get the banana okay so if we just throw it at themonkey will he give us the switch yep you get a switch okay I remember reallygoing to get me jump to being a very different Lego game experience like sothat that’s pretty much it I remember being a very different Lego gameexperience so hopefully the levels are still funand stuff hopefully this will be an awesome playthrough so on a train nowokay snakes on a train Indiana Jones I hate the head okay so with using the mapwe’re traveling by map up we’re at a dig site now okay so there’s all of thoseclay pots and stuff what why is he blowing a hornoh oh oh ye I remember the stock

indiana jones 2 the adventure continues legoblowing a hornoh oh oh ye I remember the stock something’s bad I remember the motherbecause I’ve seen it the most I’ve tried I’ve watched movie through maybe twomaybe two times all the way through I’ve seen like the siding I see that there’sat least five times that I just wanted an ice cream and the ghost is wantedsome 200 there aren’t okay I’ll get the Gophers are on the house trying to buyan ice cream look they’ll tell the army you nice cream oh my gosh oh the deck Iwant the ice a mojito the ice cream the ghosts are stole the ice cream now theyask you a little grumpy oh and the up dead guy fell off did you guys see thenhe literally fell off oh my gosh okay leggo oh there’s Indian Mac soldiers badguy army right oh yes I remember the burger at Moscone she’s the bad guy inthis one oh no no it’s legging we’re going to miss the cutscene no we betternot miss the cutscene come on reload reload faster reload fasterwhat okay okay so the gate just hold it okaythat’s pretty much what happened the gate just oh he was in the bathroom he’sgot a run now okay now we got to go in okay so we’re looking for a crate butthis whole place is full of crates okay you can find a cry to place it onthe ground okay so guys if you didn’t know I adore this I love the game somuch there just have fun and be just recreating favorite movies or charactersand stuff like I just absolutely oh okay so this is a crate we can go put it downthe screen stuff I know the basic stuff like for illegal game so we will bedoing one one level clear perfect so I don’t know how fast will get this gamedone but after this we will be playing Lego Star Wars three so let’s just getover there I guess if it’s good then it would be hot I love the music in thebackground well oh wait there’s stuff over herelove the Indiana Jones they’re one of my favorite soundtracks of all time right Ithink my favorite soundtrack of the whole time would have to be a tiebetween I know it would have to be I don’t know what a triple tie is calledlike it’s a cool bike but like a three-way tie between Indiana JonesJurassic Park and Pirates of Caribbean love them love them oh okayoh wait yes we got to grab onto that weight and then we can climb upwait can we continue this way I don’t know if we can or not okay we’re gonnatry okay oh oh did you guys see that oh my gosh I didn’t even know you could dothis I don’t even know you could do that oh my gosh guys remember this is myfirst time playing this in a long time I already love it I love lega IndianaJones so much okay so we’ve got a proceed target our whip then we gottamove it across to there oh and then we’ve got to go up here we could wecould do all of that but then we could go down here and smash all this you canstick it all the money with that think would be a better option to do fitbecause we want to get this little suds we can buy all the characters stuff okaylet’s get over here let’s smash these doctors remember we are looking for a Ithink we look we’re looking for a crate oh yeah yeah so unless like insist thatwe’re looking for the crate that contains the Crystal Skull we’re lookingfor the crate that has the crystal stone so we’ve got to use that we’ve got towhip our way over to their dad wait okay now we got a swing boo boo boo we’lljump okay nice this is okay then we oh we hammering them okaywe don’t see much building in this in

indiana jones 2 the adventure continues legookay then we oh we hammering them okaywe don’t see much building in this in this level yet so I don’t know you canpush objects that have a smooth chicken floor beneath that’s pretty muchbasically lega lega stuff but now we’ve got to switch characters oh here we gonow we introduced into it and nice it’s always a good thing about Lego games isdoing the build oh wait note we want to grab that loop good thing that I’vealways loved that little game is doing the building I love it okay the springback so many memories of the first game and like the first time I ever playedthis five if I seem lost in some levels that’s because I have not played thisgame it is like years and years I’ve not played this game so yeah I’m a littlerusty then ah I’m sorry if I’m a little rustyokay what do you do I don’t know what you do there okay we can smash this youcan pretty smug so we can pretty much smash anything that’s leave it to thebucket yeah oh okay so I guess we can ah look at that we can fly on up it oh ohthere’s a purple yeah boy got that purple nice smash this grab all thecoins from inside I don’t think I’ll be doing a 100% playthrough and wish youguys are like guys comment if you’re super lucky decided for the series andtell me if you want me to do watch some pretty simple right because then wewould do a 100% let you afterwards like once we have all the all of thecharacters unlocked in some but it’s just gravel with that okay there we goand then we’re looking we’re still looking for another crate okay switch toman to use his gun oh okay so in Dee’s gone a whip Mac has a gun so let’s seeoh I remember these from like the first one okayokay wait none of them know ah there’s something that we’ve got to do there butwe don’t have one yet so if we put it there no we want if we want to make itgo down but we can’t because we’ve got to build something oh I understandokay okay oh no no no no Clank don’t you startwhat was the legs going I love dr. pepper so that’s what I did I just drunksome dr. pepper I love it because it’s so yummy okayOh indeed didn’t mean to hit your buddy okay let’s grab this and then let’s gothis this kingdom in the Crystal Skull this was drawn with Shia LaBeouf honestI’m pretty sure it was shadowed up but uh it was an okay movie oh I don’t evenknow you could destroy this box oh come onokay let’s do this okay so we’ve got this weird statue thing now okay andthen we’ve got a build test as well I love the music it’s bringing back somany good memories okay use the stuff Iraq to carry light between stuff okaynow we’ve got a switch grab another stuff let’s just grab the stuff and thenwe can wrap around here okay oh no that doesn’t seem goodthen does nothing good oh maybe innocent yes you busted up that so that’s goodokay I want to switch back into in deep because you know this is India’s gamewe got a pay our respect to the Vienna Jones I don’t really know what to say isit okay but we go there find some water bottles to get rid of the flames whichare right here very very nice okay now what we do is I think we throwthem yeah we throw them okay so we’ve got to throw all of these water bottlesto get rid of the fire okay there we go so there we go that’s just do nice okayso that’s gear let’s smash what it okay so we can smash that oh wait but it’sgot a gum thing so we might be able to

indiana jones 2 the adventure continues lego so we can smash that oh wait but it’sgot a gum thing so we might be able to

indiana jones 2 the adventure continues legoso we can smash that oh wait but it’sgot a gum thing so we might be able to use next gunokay come shoot it oh it did and explode that find a spear find a spear and holdeat and target a wall socket ah okay okay very very nice very nice okay it’starget and the top will socket NYX and oh wait that didn’t throw okay there wego and then I want to hold down II know did we throw it to be draw it I don’tknow because the lag came apparently we didn’t throw it okaywe got it oh no oh no legs stop wailing at the point I think I don’t know ifwe’re near the end of the level or not okay there we go there we go we threwthat spear now we just got to throw this one okay and there we go okay so who cando that okay so 1000 we don’t even have to Ithought it was one we were to like to spin around or something because Iremember only some characters can do that another leg againso except to climb it oh oh yes yes I remember so the crate they were lookingfor because it’s got an alien inside it it’s magnetic so it’s going to the crateyeah this is yes I remember this cuz India like got out bullets and stuff andlet them loose and then it like and then I went towards the crate yes I rememberthis okay so it’s just very cool with that let’s break up that and that we gookay let’s see that’s cause does that do anything inside of this gift I’m givingthere will be something to build no there wasn’tokay that’s pretty surprising I want to get this blue stud come on please noapparently we apparently it doesn’t want to get the voice done okay oh but I do see some stuff to jumpacross up here okay we’re going to try to jump cross oh wait wait wait I forgotthere’s like there’s like these little blue stuff but I want to clip those okayOh a bike okay why is there a bike and like it in likea greatsword I get I guess I guess you could use it to like run around I guessit would be a long way to like run around in a crate storage facility no ohwe did get the blue okay no we were so closegood so we can’t go down there okay there we gookay now we want to swing across to here swing swing across to here swing swingacross to here nice there we go okay in Hindi how did you get up there that wasconfusing that was pretty confusing okay and then that middle go towards the boxand it will attach as well oh oh there we goKathleen oh the alien skeleton oh he was in on itthat’s not good oh no fellas got all magnetized thealien skeleton on it they caught Hindi sneaking away hit look says Billyrunning with the guns oh no now all the medals being sucked ordered oh that poorguy oh he’s got the keys oh yeah something music as wellah that was not solo oh did you guys see that that was Han Solo it’s not gonnazing what a cool Easter egg because in the first legal Indiana Jones you couldplay as hunt polar I remember that was such a cool little easter egg though Iloved it I loved it okay we just can we just whip them to death no apparently wecan’t oh wait risky to jump in the vehicle Oh from Brooke what what wecan’t why why can we not write on this oh we did okay there we go what doesthat do I don’t know what that did if did you do you do do do docome on other guy stand on the bus

indiana jones 2 the adventure continues legoif did you do you do do do docome on other guy stand on the bus yes okay nice sit on the button and I’mnot too thing and inside was attracted go that’s my favorite with him okay now we got to put it on this with thetricycle larysa motorbike no idea but either way I know that I love this gameso much it’s like it’s like one of my favorite leaders so far yeah because Ido not remember it that much but so far it has been amazing okay because it’sjust it brings back so much nostalgia oh we’ve got to get up there to fight himokay can we just find him like this oh we can wait does that count because Iknow he killed us but does that count as like an attack I don’t know game it’s aflag no it did not count oh he’s now up there yeah we gotta go cook okay there we gothere we go now we go to climb up these letters andgo and attack them jump jump attack what he ran awayWow oh oh we fell through that’s not goodoh he pushed oh oh oh I remember this I remember this so he sits off he sits offa nuclear bomb to go on he just set off a nuclear bomb to go off which isn’tvery good to be honest and now they’re goneoh no not good they look at the nuclear like warhead I think oh please get thatI apparently hit it he’s macho man now okay place we’ve got to break one ofthese boxes I know Oh we now start oh oh oh we just jump toget free okay I think it what was the point of like getting chest the wiresbecause I mean like that can’t really happenhe can’t see not with you with some wires he like trapped I meanI mean that doesn’t happen you know okay I’m just breaking this stuff looking foranything to build maybe over here oh no wait we got a we got to break foreach other nothing over there okay what about no okay well we can’t break thisthat did nothing oh ah oh wait his buttons up here so we don’t need to doany of that wait – with them oh I can’t I can’tokay okay stand on these buttons my good siryeah that’s how we do it that’s how we do it okay okay okay let them pull themover to here okay okay and then we stand on these okay no don’tbreak be done for every don’t break don’t break free because of the legdon’t break free my good sir will not my good sir because he’s a bad guydon’t break green dun dun dun dun dun yes okay okay now we go to with them nowokay okay I think we good okaybut stand on these then they’ll be at one last time okay nice wait how didokay today okay Oh exercising the sevens in the movie likenot even joking there might not be a nuclear warhead yeah it was just like atram okay and then I just wilderness now why not why notI’m actually thinking that that happens in the movie okay but now we’re in thistown oh we unlocked the janitor my favoritewait so the Raiders of the Lost Ark box nowunlocked in the warehouse so that was a level complete that was a level completereturn to the warehouse yes so that was level complete of the kingdom of thecrystal Scott we will play through the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull first andthen we will revisit the first three movies because the thing about this gameis it had Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in it that was there was a point of thisgame that it had Kingdom of the Crystal Skull so simply go back to the warehouseI will end it off but for now I hope you guys have enjoyed this first episode oflego indiana jones – the adventure continues and i hope you will stickaround for the next video on my channel no matter what is may be please rememberto leave a like please remember to comment cool it is you want to see me domy channel what did you learn that I’ll be very very heavy and anyway guys seeyou later sayonara and goodbye