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Your turn. How many months have your wife been pregnant? Eight months. The baby is coming. I heard the police is after gambling lately. Don’t be afraid. Right. Dad, I need your comment. Wait, wait. Do your homework. West wind. East wind. Flower. Freeze! Freeze! Freeze! You’ve been reported, take them. Don’t be afraid son. Study hard. Take care of your mom. What’re you doing? Move! Dad! Don’t be afraid, son. I’ll come back soon. Don’t be afraid. Let’s go. It’s okay. Dad [Thirty years later] I’ve confirmed. It’s lymph cancer. It is caused by your long days of labor, And eating disorders. Does your family know you’re sick? How is the chances of survival? I would advise you to be hospitalized soon. Thank you doctor. [Life is like gambling.] [You can lose, but you must leave yourself a chance to win it back.] The Gambler Hi, Lee Sorry, sorry, I’m late. You’re late. I’ll punish you. No problem. Awesome, Lee. Cheers Cheers Lee Yes. It’s so hard to see you. Why you came out today? Life is too short. Must seize the day. It’s not like you, you okay? I’m fine, let’s drink. Tonight, we’ll drink as much as we want. Okay, let’s drink. Bottom up. I found an app lately. Called rich-talk.

how to play poker mahjongCalled rich-talk. There’re all young girls. Very chatty. Very open. You don’t even have enough time to add everyone Hey, hey, bro. Come off it. You? An old poor guy. What kind of girls will like you? Listen to me. In the rich chat app Man like me are very popular. Have histories, have money. Just buy some electric gifts for those girls. I’ll beat those young men in a second. Move over. How is that? Download one? No, no. Let me see. Really? Is that real? That’s my type. Gimme your phone, I’ll download one for you. No, no, Not for me. Gimme, gimme, I’ll download it for you. Cut it out I don’t need it. Hurry, give me. Let me download it for you. Fine, fine. Here, here. Your call. Sorry, I have to take this. Here, we go on drinking. Come on, cheers. Hey I met a man on rich chat APP yesterday. A rich bachelor! We talked till midnight. I got up late this morning. Look, those dark circles. I can’t cover it. Why did you talk with him? Anything interesting? To kill some time, can earn some money. And to get to know his life. So I’ll have more experience. Look, I got 100 score. Really? Baby you’re the best. Dad’ll buy you a gift! As your reward. Okay? Where’s mom? She is here. I’ve bought her a gift. How is everything in company? Just got a big case.

how to play poker mahjongJust got a big case. I’m with the clients now. Take care of yourself. Call us when you’re not busy. Okay. On that rich-talk app It’s charged by per messages. Men need to pay girls to talk to them. So the girls on that app. Knows how to steal the business. They charge them for talking? Who would use that? Actually, they don’t need to pay. That app always send rewards for those guys. So think about it. Men don’t need to pay to talk with girls. And girls can earn It’s smart. You should download one too. Really? I will try it too. Two Ten Double five. No, go on. – Double ten – Quick Double J, you. I’pass. What do you want? To sell my car. In such a cold day? Brother, it’s nice car. Bro, you got quite skills. Bro, nice try. But I suggest you return it back. The car is missing. The owner must be very worried. The owner is worried. Bro. If you can guess my cards. I’ll take this car. You know if the car isn’t clean. It won’t be just compensation. Spade A? Brother, he is the owner. Bother, you should tell us first. I didn’t tell you I’m not the owner. How much do you want? Brother, I admire you for this. Tell us your price. As long as it’s not too much. We’ll pay. Brother. I know what I said. But your car… Seems you’ve used it for a while. Fifty thousand. Deal. Why’re you still standing here? Get the money. Brother.

how to play poker mahjong Brother.

how to play poker mahjongBrother. You don’t like a bankrupt man Life has ups and downs. You’re right. Bother, I like you. Come back when you want to chat. And teach me Some skills of this? I’m kind of a leader of this area. Call me if you need anything. Okay. Brother, money. Give him. Count it. No need. Brother, welcome back. He is a master. Secretary Come here. President, you’ve given us the salary of this month. It’s okay. Divide up the money. Thank you guys. For working with me for six years. I don’t want to lie to you. Our company can’t last any longer. Boss. Our company is over? No more annual bonus? President Lee. I… It’s okay. Pack your things. You can go now. [Doctor Liu] Promise me one thing. Anything. I can give up my life for you. Promise me. Give a sweet home in one year. Dad, I don’t want you to leave. Dad will make lots of money. And buy you lots of dolls. Be a good girl Okay? Good girl. Get in the car. I regret it. Now I only wish you can live a peaceful life together. Matilde It’s good to be young. [Following Her] [Hello, boss. How are you?] [I’m not well.] [Chat with me, you’ll feel better.] [I’m broke.] [I bet, you’ll become rich again.] I want to rent a car. It’s midnight. Are you trying to kill me?

how to play poker mahjongAre you trying to kill me? Hey, I’m talking to you. How dare you to drive when you’re drunk? Don’t you afraid of death? Take your dad out of here. He is totally drunk. My dad? I don’t know him! Why would you open his door? Take him out of here. People will need this parking space. Want a room? Yes, hurry. Your ID card. Can you be quick? These girls. Don’t know what is shame. His age is old enough to be my dad. Seriously? Man? Why you’re so heavy? It’s here. Stand here, we’re arrived. Wake up. [Diagnosis] It’s for the hotel and the ride. I didn’t charge you much. It’s my rich-talk ringing. Oh You’re Lion. Bye. [Where do you work? Let me buy you dinner to thank you.] [Okay, Ha-ha] Is there something on my face? No, no. So, you’re a waitress here? Right. Sorry about last night. You know it was not right. Then don’t make it hard for the strangers, uncle. Although you got that cancer. But you can learn from Xiong Dun. Besides, you’re a man. You must be stronger than a woman, right? How did you… I know lots of things. Now we’re even. No, it’s not right. Actually. You owe me your life. It’s not that big. Fine, I’ll pay it back to you. I’m kidding. You should give it someone you should. Hey. How do you think of that hot guy? What? I’m asking you How do you think of that hot guy? It’s hard to say. You can’t judge people by appearance. You think too much. Enough talking. See you next time, bye. You have less than ten thousand. Mom I won’t gamble when I grow up.Mom I won’t gamble when I grow up. I’ll become a successful businessman. And earn lots of money for you. Don’t leave. Shuffle. Today is my lucky day. You call. One hundred. One thousand. You? All in. You gave up? Bro. Seems it’s not your day. I’ll show my cards. Hey, hey, don’t go. Don’t leave. You came. That app I told you. Do you like it? It’s quite good. This month I earned more than the salary they pay me. Thank you. If you have any problems just call me. Okay. What do you want to drink? It’s on the house. I came today Is not for the drink. Be my girlfriend. What’s your answer? That? Okay, then. It’s for you. Thank you. Nine bamboo. I win! Here’s the money. [Hi, what’re you doing?] [Play Mahjong] [Wow, so cool! Like Fat Chow?] [The King of gambler, teach me!] [No, I’m just a gambler.] [You’re just like a father to me.] [- What’s your plan today? -You’ll know-You’re so mysterious.] How is that? Want more? No. You? No.You? No. I want one. Sorry, guys. I’ll call it a day. You fucking cheat? Do you want to get yourself killed? Wait. He is too young, Let him go, I’ll pay you. Is that enough? You bastard got luck today. Get up. You’re Matilde’s boyfriend? She is just a money making tool On my rich-chat. What did you say? A tool? That money, I’ll pay you back. No need. But I’m warning you. Don’t see Matilde anymore. Or you’ll regret it. Hi, I want a Tuna sandwich. [- I won, dinner tomorrow? – Okay- See you] You? What do you want? I want this, Tiramisu. Who are you chatting with? A friend. Here, thank you for that day. You’re welcome. And that’s because you’re not a bad man. Okay. Excuse me. [Wife: I got that hundred thousand you sent.] [Our daughter has piano competition next month, you want you to be there.] Who is that? Your wife? Mistress? Naughty girl. Cheers. Cheers. Right. I have something to tell you. What’s that, tell me. Last time that cute man at the coffee shop. Excuse me, I need to answer this. Hello? That serious? Okay, okay. I’ll go home and get it. What happened? It’s urgent, I’ll leave first. I’ll buy you dinner next time. I’ve found him. He is the man. Well done. You go and meet him first. Go. Sorry, guys. Let’s continue the game another day. Stop. Answer my question, You’ll walk out unscathed Did you cheat? Our boss is asking you. Hurry. Although we’re not some big shots. But we also have rules. Loyalty and faithful. As long as our bro asked. We’ll do anything for him. Let’s just say That I got some gift Got lucky. Well said. I apologize. Years ago, there’s a gambler in the south. But his friend betrayed him And got in jail. Then he committed suicide. You did research about me. I didn’t know you also gamble. Just for fun. Okay. How about next time play some rounds with me? Anytime. Step away. [Missed calls] [Matilde] It’s getting worse. You must have treatment immediately. But I have something urgent to do. Something urgent? Is there anything more urgent than your life? I know. Thank you, doctor. Hey. Honey. I’ve been busy lately. But I’ll do my best to attend her competition. Right. I just transferred 200 thousand to you. I know it’s your work. But you must take care of yourself. I’ve to hung up. Got a call coming in. Hello May I get you something to drink? Oh, no need, thanks. There’re two waitresses here Where’s the other one? You mean Marty? Yes She quit She quit? Uncle Come in. I brought you something. I’m hungry. What’s in it? Do you like it? Fried chicken and beer. How do you know I like that? You don’t want some? I’ll pass. It’s too boring to drink alone. Cheers. Tasty Right You called me days ago. I was busy, didn’t pick it up. It’s okay, I’m fine now. But I’m curious. That handsome man I mentioned to you before. You’ve seen him. I thought he might be the one. But he disappeared After I lent some money to him. How did you two meet? In a bar. Right He recommended that rich-chat app to me. Don’t mention him. What’s your plan next? Nothing much. Find a well paid job. I need to pay for the rent. Right Why did you come to see me today? I went to the coffee shop before. They said you quit the job. I’m worried about you. So I came to check on you. Oh. You aren’t gonna play poker today? No I want to take some rest. Why you didn’t go home with your wife and daughter? They are in my hometown. Take it easy. That’s not good. Separated in two places. That’s just bad as divorced. They went back to give me more space to do my business. So she is a great woman. Do you think I’m a selfish man? Yes. I think You should make up for them. Let’s change a subject. Wait, I’m not finished. Think about the thing which is most important to you. Got it? Pick one. Don’t move. Hand it to me. What? Not good? Someone will bring you fortune lately. Cut it out. Do you mean yourself? I have a chance to make some money. I want you in it. Make money? Of course I’m in. I’ll teach you the way to gamble. You’ll go instead of me. Gamble? Is that okay? I was gonna do it alone. But my condition… I’m afraid I will pass out while I’m gambling. Then why you have to gamble? You can’t wait no more. Like what you said. I must make up for them. I’ll try. You must remember. The key of winning isn’t your skill. It’s your fortune and confidence. As long as you believe you can win. That will come true. Welcome. We meet again. Your secretary? My disciple. Really? Disciple? Interesting. If you don’t mind. Let your beautiful disciple play two rounds with me? Okay. Please . Rolling dice? That’s too easy. Don’t underestimate him. The simpler it seems, the harder it might be. Miss, please I got thirty. Another round. Another round. God loves me today. Still thirty. Another round! Sorry. We want a break. OK Don’t be upset, Miss. Sorry. I lost a lot. It’s okay. Remember. Don’t panic. Think about the feeling when we practice. Once you find it. It will be all fine. No problem. I need to made a call Wait me here. Okay. Brother peach. Do you play rich-chat? There’re lots of pretty girls on the Rich-chat app. Brother peach Why you’re so silent? You’re not A gay right? Spade! Hey. Are you two cheating? He hasn’t called any cards yet. Sorry. This round you win. Get out! May I bother you… Okay. It’s quiet now. You got lucky today. How about we try another kind? Okay. You bastard! Let him go! Let him go! Let my brother go! Since you got luck today. Let’s see which one of us is luckier. It’s a simple game. If you win. Everything on the table will be yours. But if you lose. That man need to stay. Me first. What? Too big for you? Lady first. No more pokers. If you don’t release him. I’ll beat your men! Don’t move! Freeze! Where’s he? Hurry, release him! Release him! Three? Am I seeing it right? So I should be the winner tonight. Two? How is that possible? No way. No way! No, no way! Spade! Keep them in here. What’re you doing? Uncle! Uncle! Where were you just now? Brother, they come for him. Let him go. Let’s go in! let’s go! brother, are you okay? I’m fine. Let’s go, move! what’s this? This is yours now. Thank you! So you’re not only a gambler. Also a good actor. Thank you. You’re welcome, brother. Matilda You’ve known for a while. But I still don’t know your real name. Does it matter? No Right. How did you know they wouldn’t let us leave that easy? And you hired someone to help us? In fact I know that man since a long time ago. Back then His father and my father were all famous gamblers. But my mom hates my father doing that. So my mom called the police. So his dad and mine got in jail. He also knew who I was. I have to solve the personal contradiction between us. Forget it. It’s all over now. Right. I’m gonna go home after a few days. To attend my daughter’s piano competition. What’s your plan? I’ll stay here And wait for you.