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I want to feel between myfingers the warm wood of a plough. The prickly ears of grain, the silky soft hair of my woman. But I can’t… ’causeI’ve got to kill. I want to look into people’s eyes and see them smiling… to clasp the hand of every manand feel mine clasped by him. But I can’t… ’causeI’ve got to kill. The southern hillsare waiting for me. The branches of the trees are weak and spring is coming back again. I don’t have time to die. In all these thingsthere’s the truth of life and when I speak ofthem my voice fails me. if everything goes well thistime Duke, I’m taking off. Where to? Some place where I can finda good piece of land to buy. With Susan? I want to have a family…a home… a life of my own. That’s impossible, Steve. A life like ours is tied to a pistol. Grab one in your fist once and you’vegot to keep on using it forever. Killing so as not to be killed. And then sooner or later some youngpistolero will come along and then flush you out from whereveryou go to bury your past. And he’ll be able to boast that he was the one who gunneddown the famous Steve Blane. I want to chance it. Like I chanced it? On that single bullet that killedmy wife no one bothered to write, “meant for Duke Mc Cannon”. I hope I’ll be luckier. And I hope you will, too. But don’t figure on includingmy daughter in your plans. I don’t hanker for herbeing that pistolero who has to hunt her down andplace an ounce and a half of lead right between your eyes. What are you doing?Why have you tied us up?! Take the money. Take whatever you wantbut please don’t hurt us. We are taking the money in advance in case we manage to freethem from the bandit Ramirez. On the other hand, if we fail andend up by fertilizing your land, tied up like you are now you can tellthem that we came in and robbed you and that way you might beable to save your hides. The bandits! The bandits! Better put gags on, Steve.They are here, all of them. Hey! Is there anyone around here?! Everyone of you people are dead?! What the devil is going on?! Is everyone in the wholevillage taking a siesta?! Come out somebodyand bring the rewards for the man who protectsyou from the bandits. Count up to twenty, Steve. Hey, you, don’t standthere. Come closer. Hurry up!And hold your hands a little higher. They are all taken care of. They weren’t all taken care of. Next time you’ve got toget them between the eyes. Get a doctor. Quick!

free european roulette game downloadGet a doctor. Quick! We don’t have any doctor here.I look after the sick animals. What’s the difference?! We are all animals to be slaughtered. It’s in a bad spot. I’m going to have to try to cut itout. Let’s get him inside the house. Bring some hot water, Consuelo. Get my instruments, Paco. Hurry! I want to feel all the pain, Doc In that way at least I’ll beable to know I’m still alive. You mustn’t speak. -I have to speak!You go ahead and do your work. Steve…-Yeah, Duke? This is where we split up. Take this and give my part of it to Susanwithout telling her about what happened. And I’d like to see Fabienne. Yes, Duke. Steve… keep inmind what I told you. Get on there! Whatare you waiting for?! My daughter is not for you, Steve. So leave her alone! If I find you so much as touched her, I’ll come back and huntyou down… even dead. I have to find you…and plant… A bullet between my eyes. I know. As you can see I’ve come back again. Want to spin the wheel? No, I want you. What price are you offering? Whatever price you name. Hm. In that case youmust be very rich. All I need is my colt. I’ve already got a man with a colt andwhat he offers me is more than enough. And I’ll kill that man of yours. So it’s your ambition to end upwith a bullet between your eyes. Tell me who he is?! What’s his name?! That’s enough now. Howdy, Steve? You look fineall dressed up like a cowboy. I’ve got to talk to you.-First tell me where’s Duke. Are you hard of hearing?!I want to talk to the lady. Duke got himself woundedover at Casas Grandes. Is it serious?! He’ll have a rough time…if he pulls through. He wants to see you. What are you going to do? I’m going to find a piece of land,settle down on it and live in peace. Oh, please take me with you.I want to get away from here. You are Duke’s woman. But you know I love you, Steve. I’m sorry but where I’m goingthere’s no place for two women. You are going to take Susan? Don’t do it. Duke would kill you. He’d kill me anyhow if I took you. At least this way I’ll be riskingmy life for something worthwhile. Duke gave me this to give to Susan but from now on I’m goingto be looking after her. That’s him. He’s my man. Hey! You are a thiefand a grand coward! Did you hear me?!

free european roulette game downloadDid you hear me?! Look at me in the faceif you’ve got the guts! I’m going to countup to three, you dog. Then I’ll fire. He’s good, that gringo. Yes, but… he’s got a lot of money. Are you tired, Susan? A little. We can spend the night here then. Can you tell me where I can findthe gringo who was wounded here? Yes, come along with me. I’m the one who adopted him.He’s feeling a lot better now. Why don’t you try toget some sleep, Susan. Because I can’t for the same reasonthat you can’t. It’s my father. Tell me, when he comes homeand doesn’t find me there… How do you think he’ll take it? Bad. You know, in this life every man, sooner or later, has to takea daughter away from a father. And then when thatman becomes a father he doesn’t want the same thingto happen to his daughter. And what’s going tohappen to us then? Nothing. ‘Cause for the time Duke findsus we’ll already be married and maybe we will beable to cool him off by putting a little grandchildin front of his eyes. Who’s up there?!-Three poor Mexicans, senor. What do you want from me?!-Just some of your money, senor. And if you’ll give us a littlebit we’ll leave you in peace. Forget it. -Without any money wepoor Mexicans won’t make justice. My advice to you senor isto toss us that bag of money. Come down and get it. Oh, you’ll get hurtsenor talking like that. We are very sorry foryour lovely young lady but our rifles arecovering both of you and your horses tooso you cannot escape. It’s my horse. Steve! … I had to kill him Susan. He had a broken leg. Ah, and just like that. He runsoff with my daughter and my money! And he’ll use that money as adowry. What a fool I was to… No, don’t upset yourself too much.You might open up your wound that way. Steve has already madesure of opening it. And it will heal only whenI’ll hunt him down and kill him! They love each other, Duke.They are only children. A pistolero is an oldman when he is twenty because he’s always gotone foot in the grave. And that’ll go for you too? Yeah, and I have both practically init. Susan can shed a few tears now. She can still manageto start a new life. Look for him, Fabienne. Find him! And when you trackhim down, send me word then go and buy him a finecasket with brass handles. I’ll give him a handsome funeral, that’ll be worthy for the firstand last tears of my daughter. Good shot. Good shot… Thank you. Thank You. You can go now. I won’t beneeding you boys any longer.

free european roulette game download You can go now. I won’t beneeding you boys any longer.

free european roulette game downloadYou can go now. I won’t beneeding you boys any longer. The white one is sure groggy, eh? Cut him to pieces.-Come on, Red. Come on. Get him!-Finish him off! Anybody wants to cover ten dollarsthat the red one gets killed? Hey, cowboy. You’re on! I accept that bet. You loose, my fat friend. How did you figure that out?-He’s dead. -Look at old Red there. If he’s not stone cold deadI’ll give you back your money. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! My friend is right. Shhh.Don’t get him mad. Understand?! Now, beat it. Whoa there.-Buenos dias, senores. Try and find us a nice room,Susan. I’ll be back soon. Soon means how long? As long as it takes me to seeif there’s a farm for sale. The land is good. Now you go and get some rest. All right, Steve. Excuse me, Sheriff. I don’t understand.Is this town called Jackson and Burns? The name of the town is Probbles butyou can call it whatever you like. It won’t change a thing.-Is this bank safe? As safe as death. I assure you, Mister Stone that thissilver mine is a good buy for that price. I’m interested only incattle and livestock. Before you turn it down take alook at it’s location on the map. The Jackson and Burns bank is at yourservice, mister. What can I do for you? The owners of this bank must betwo mighty important men, I guess. We take care of ourselves. Are you Mister Jackson? Burns. My name is Blane… Steve Blane. I want to depositthis money with you. You take care of Mister Stoneand I’ll attend to Mister Blane. Will you be staying along time here in Probbles? If I’ll find me a good pieceof land to buy I’ll stay here. You might have some difficulty. All thegood land in these parts belong to us. You see, we bought it all up becausethe farmers couldn’t take care of it. And we would like to see Probblesdevelop into a rich and important city. Oh, I see you have its interestat heart. -Exactly! However, if you want to make agood investment with your money… I may be able to geta silver mine for you. No, thanks. I don’t happento have any trust in… In me? In the mine. If there’s silverin it, why is it for sale? In this case youare making a mistake. I’ve made a lot of mistakes.What’s one more or less? There’s six thousand dollars here. Jim, make out areceipt for this money. Mister Steve Blane, for deposit… six thousand dollars. You write well with your left hand. I’d say you noticed toomuch for your own good. In my business I’ve learnedto notice all kind of things. And is your business, may I ask…that of farming? Mister Blane? If I find the right land… Yeah. I’d like to get myhorse’s shoes changed. There’s probably morework than I can handle.

free european roulette game downloadThere’s probably morework than I can handle. ‘II try to get around to it by night. Tomorrow is all right for me. Take care of this horse, Charlie. Excuse me, a minute. Is there anybody around theseparts who wants to sell a ranch? I don’t know, I don’t think there is. Give me another drink. Show me the face of thepresident or a piece of silver. I’ll pay you tomorrow. You pay tomorrow andyou drink tomorrow. Give him his drink and draw me a beer. Hey, didn’t you hear the man?!He told you to give me my drink! Wait! The one that pays drinks first. It doesn’t matter, let himhave it. I can wait. Say, do you know anyone whowants to get rid of a farm? No, I don’t. I’m not the oneyou can ask for that information. Wait. I know who…-Hey… Hm, nothing. I just wanted tothank you for the drink, that’s all. You must come from far away, mister. Not very. Why? Well, I wouldn’t advise anybody toconsider buying a farm in these parts. The animals are too thin, they die. All the animals… And you? What do you mean by that? I mean, don’t you people of the towndo anything to stop all that dying? I work for Jackson and Burns. I already figured that. Well, for my bosses the animals grow fat and thedrought doesn’t bother them at all. They can make up grain likethat, whatever they want. Is that right? I thought I saw somefine pastures and cattle around. How much do you want for this horse? I sure wish I wasable to sell it to you. Well, doesn’t it belong to you? Yeah, but I can’t manage to come upwith the one hundred fifty dollars to pay back what I owe to the bank. Now I have to auction off thesethree horses worth four times what I can get for them. Hey! What are you waiting for?!Get this thing going, will you? Good morning, Mister Jackson. Gentlemen, the bidding can begin now. We will start with this magnificentanimal here. Lowest bid accepted is $40. Gentlemen let’s hear your offer. Don’tbe bashful, gentlemen, make me an offer. Forty five dollars. I bid forty five dollars. Thank you, Mister Jackson. I have a forty five dollarbid from Mister Jackson. Hey, wait a minute. I’ve bid forty fivedollars and it’s going! Forty five dollars and it’s going…-Fifty dollars! Forty five dollars. I said fifty! He’ll pay a high price forthis little joke of his. We could do it… No, we won’t do it here. I preferto wait for the right moment. I bid seventy five dollars! I say ninety! A hundred! A hundred twenty! One hundred fifty! Keep going! What do you say, mister? Haveyou finished with your bidding? I give up. I can’t beat his bid. You made a good buy. Congratulations. Hey, hey you. Stranger… come here. If you are really on the level, I meanabout looking for a good ranch to buy, you ought to go andsee old man Williams. He has one of the best pieces of groundof the whole territory. Believe me. And out on that propertyof his is located the dam that irrigates the whole valley. What makes you thinkthat he wants to sell? Williams is a stubborn old coot and he’d kill himself beforehe’d ever sell out at a low price offer to him by Jackson. But I think if you make hima reasonable proposition, he’ll jump at it quickerthan a hound on a rabbit. What made you decideto tell me all this? Because you were kindenough to stand me a drink. And also because I wastrail boss for Williams, that was before they killedoff his cattle, one by one. Then… so as not to end up likethe cattle, I lit out of there. I see… Where’s the farm? Six miles north of here.He’s just beyond the river. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it. Well, I wish you a lotof good luck young fellow. You are sure going to be needing it. Are you sure you haven’t hadtoo much to drink, old timer? How’s that? I’d drinkmore if I can pay for it. Whisky helps me forget a lot ofthings, a lot of ugly things I did. Look, and forget allabout me too, will you? Take this. Here’s your piece of silverwith the president’s face. Now give me something quick! Cut it out! What did you have to do,pop, to earn this dollar? You answer Oliver when he talks toyou, understand?! Go onT old man. Give me my drink.-What drink? So you don’t want to answerme, do you? Well, in that case… Leave him alone, Oliver! Hey… you don’t have toget so excited, Sheriff. We were only kidding around. Isn’t thatso, Pop, weren’t we only kidding around? Here’s your beer, Sheriff. Hey, you made me spill my drink! He made me spill my drink,Sheriff. He made me spill my drink. What’s the idea, Oliver? It wasn’t my fault that hedropped it. It was his shaky hand. Look, Sheriff. Look how shaky it is. Give me another one. Isaid give me another one. You better not drink for one day. You can have it tomorrow, Pop. Did you hear that? The Sheriff just bought me aglass of whisky. Give me it! He said it’s for tomorrow. What difference does that make? That today I’m not giving it to you. I’ll buy it for you, okay? But in return you are going to have totell me what you said to that stranger. I told him about oldman William’s ranch! ‘m terribly afraid. Of who? Your father? I don’t know. What’s all thatshooting going on outside? It’s only the fair. You hear? It sounds like a fight. They’ve had too much to drink as usual.That’s all it is, and they are happy. I don’t like this place, Steve. Let’s go somewhere else. But why? One place is as good as another. Maybe here we’ll be ableto find ourselves a farm. I’ve heard talk of a piece ofland, the best place around. It sounds perfect for us. It even has the dam on it thatirrigates the whole valley. You’ll see. You’ll be happy there. I hope so, Steve. Are you still afraid? Don’t you mind the shooting. Onthe farm there won’t be any of this. And I’ll only come into town now andthen when I’ll have to pick up supplies. I’ve got a lot tolearn about farming. Farmers don’t carry pistols, Steve. Don’t worry. As soon as I finishedmy business here, that’ll be the firstthing I’ll get rid of. I promise you… forever, because I love you, Susan. Hey, don’t shoot! Don’t shoot, I want to talk to you. Tell them my answer isno! For the last time no! I’ll never sell one damn foot ofmy property to your lousy bosses. I don’t have any bosses.I’m a friend, mister. Pop sent me over here. Pop who? Do you mean that drunk? When I saw him hecouldn’t stand on his feet. All right, come closer. You can put up your rifle, mister. Not until I look you inthe eye, young fellow. Yeah, you seem all right. You don’t seem like one ofthem hired killers they have. I think I might take a chanceand trust you. What do you want? I want to buy your farm. I might have known it. At whatever price you say. You must be a stranger here and lookingfor a lot of trouble, it seems to me. I want six thousand dollars formy land and it’s worth every penny. I know, I’ve already looked over it. You are a right smart young man. I don’t like to waste time. One thousand dollars! One measly thousand dollars, theyoffered to pay me, those dirty bandits! They threatened me, and they tried to murder me and thenthey killed off almost all my cattle. Yes, they tried tomurder me two times. But for as long as this oldman Williams can still hold this good friend inhis hands and aim it… those thieving banditswill never get me to sell. You want my ranch? All right, I’ll sell it to you. But think it overcarefully before you buy it, because I’m right here to tellyou… I’m leaving this lousy town. But you have to stay here. Jackson and Burns don’t frighten me. Good for you, you area man up to my heart. I’m mighty proud to sellmy land to someone like you. What do you say? Is it a deal? I’ll be back tomorrowmorning with the money. Say, what kind ofagriculture do you call that? I never heard of planting pistols. I’m just hoping that I’llnever have any more use for it. If any little ones begin tosprout, turn them up by the roots. I’ll see you tomorrow. So long. Here’s our man, right on time. And he’s unarmed too. Damn mighty sight. I can see a man withouthis 45 from a mile away. Leave him to me. He’s mine. I’ll gethim with one bullet. Beautiful shooting, Joe. One shot was all you needed. Let me go down and putanother one into his… Mike, cool, he was deadway before I fired it. But this way we canbe even more sure. Let him go and have his fun, Joe. Go on. He was a volunteer member of one of thoseMexican firing squads for over 2 years. And these little touches givehim his biggest pleasures. Jack, look there! It’s impossible. Itmust be his spook. Take a look at this. Hisshoe has gotten into his hoof. That’s a big job. I’ll have to gointo the shop and get some tools. When will you be back? In a few minutes, mister. When you get through with this, will you leave him for metied up in front of the hotel? Yes, sir. Oh, by the way… Something else, mister? Can you tell me whereaboutsI can find a Justice of Peace? Oh, yeah… he’s justa little way out of town. Thank you. Good night, Mister Jolans. Sorry, the bank is closed for today. Since I’m inside, it’s open. The cashier has gone home. I’ve deposited my money here andI can take it out when I want it! It’s late! You shouldhave come in earlier. Go and get my money, quick! Jolans! What’s going on here?! Nothing! I just want to get my money. Is your business urgent?You can go now, Jolans. Something tells me thatyou’ve located the ranch you’ve been looking for. Am I right? That’s my business. Now give me back mysix thousand dollars! Why can’t you waituntil tomorrow morning? A lot can happen betweennow and tomorrow morning. By the way, I met three menwhen I was riding back into town, something tells me they… they need burying. You are knocking on the wrongdoor, this isn’t a funeral parlour. Too bad, you’d get rich quick. How much of your moneydo you want to take out? All of it. Here’s your six thousand. And here’s your receipt. Wait one moment! You have to sign first. Where?-Here. Get him out of here! Quick! What do we do with him? You can do whatever you want to. At least we are not going tobe bothered with him any longer. And what did you say your name was? Fabienne. What a pretty name. Are you French? Yes, from Lyon. What a very fortunate city. And in what way can we beof service to you, my dear? Oh, but it is I who could be ofservice to you, Mister Jackson. I know all there is to know about thefine art of spinning roulette numbers. And the dice hold no secrets from me.And if you want me to, I can also sing. You are exactly thewoman I was looking for. And tell me, if you don’t mind… How did you happento pick up Probbles? It’s too much of a small town for a woman of your talentand beauty if I may say so. Oh, not as I am herefor a special reason. If that’s the case you couldn’thave found a better refuge. In this town I’m theone who makes the law. It’s not the question of the law. I must deal with a man. Asa matter of fact with two. – Don’t tell me you hate men.- Oh, no, on the contrary. I’m maybe here in order tolook for… for the right one. And could I be that right one? Who knows? Believe me, I would know howto be very good to you, my dear. And very generous, too. You don’t have to doa thing to prove it. Why didn’t you knock?! Why should I? Since when hasthere been any secrets between us? There never has been, you know that.We just happen to be talking business. Well, I’d say that…was entirely obvious. This is my associate, Burns. Fabienne. Oh, to offer one’s left hand isnot exactly a sign of friendship. Would you prefer this one? Please excuse me. It was just a pistol shot thatluckily for him didn’t hit the target. The young lady wouldlike to work for us here. Wonderful. We could use a young ladylike her if she is really interested. I was just telling her thatProbbles is a town too modest for a lady of her talent. And we can pay well ifyou can work hard for us. A few minutes ago I closed a deal that netted us a clear profitof six thousand dollars cash. Now tell me how isour brave young hero? In good shape, I’m sure. The boys are helping himpack his things for his trip. May I laugh at your joke, too? When we’ll become closer friendsI may tell you all about it. Steve! I was afraid that something happenedto you that you’d never come back. Williams is a stubborn old manbut I finally convinced him. And that means? That the farm will soon be ours. Oh, Steve… it makes me so happy! What is it? Nothing. I think I gota little too much sun. You’d better lie downthen. You must be tired. No! We’ve got to leave here at once! Pack your things andwait for me downstairs. Where are you going?! I have to go and get mymoney out of the bank. But at this hour, I’m sure the bankis closed. Everybody is sleeping. These bankers are not. Theyalways have their eyes wide open. Two hundred. Pass. Me, too. Five hundred. I’ll see your five hundred.I’ve got a straight. Full house. This is not my night. Very sorry, Jody. I’ll give youa chance to win it back next time. Is there anyone around here whowould like to take his place? I will! We play for high stakes! So do I. Have you got enough money to lose? Yeah, six thousand dollars. The moneyI took out of your bank this evening. Pass me. I open for a hundred. I’m in. Pass me. Make it five hundred. I’ll see you. First let me see someof your money, my friend. It’s right here. Stay where you are! I’d be breaking apromise if I’ll have to kill anybody. Put your hands on the table. All of you! And the other one too, Mister Burns. Now I know why you use only one hand. Count out my sixthousand dollars, Jackson. Go ahead! Six thousand dollarsand be quick about it. Otherwise you are going to have apartner who has two wooden hands. What are you waiting for, Jackson?!Give it to him! Give it to him! All of it! Give him all of it! Steve… And hurry up. You take it and hand it to me. My pistol is still pointingat your hand, Burns. And just remember if you wantto keep it for caressing women. You better tell your men to behave. Don’t make a move anyof you. Let him go! Where are you fools going? You are ail witnesses here. Thatthis man has robbed us of our money. And after all, the poorSheriff shouldn’t be prevented for earninga salary now, should he? Was the bank open, dear? No, Susan. But the bankersgave me the money anyway. Where are we going, Steve? We are going out to the farm. But first, we’ll stop and wakeup the Justice of the Peace that lives on the way and seeif we can get him to marry us. What are you doing here, Sheriff?! Waiting for you. What’s your business with him? There was a robbery at the saloon. They told it to him all wrong, Susan. There was no one thatwas robbed there, Sheriff. I only took back my own money that Mister Burns stole from me after his men knocked me out whenI came to the bank to withdraw it. I deposited six thousanddollars in just yesterday. That’s the truth, Sheriff! And you know it. I don’t, but it couldhave happened like you say. So? So you are going to have to prove it. Meanwhile they have enough witnesses for their story to puta rope round your neck. No! Put away that pistol! I won’t be the one that will hangyou. I only came here to get the money. That money is mine! Ineed it to buy that farm. it’s not going to doyou any good at all. A while ago Mister Conleyfinished burying old Williams. Oh! I tell you that hedidn’t do anything wrong! I know. This pistol belongs to Oliver. Since I was going to be a farmer, Ithought I wouldn’t be needing mine. Old Williams knew that sooneror later they’d have him killed. And so that it shouldn’t fallinto the hands of those two… he transferred all hisproperty over to me. It’s all yours, Blane. But give me the six thousand dollars. I don’t understand you. Why do you want to play their game? I was elected Sheriff of Providencebefore Jackson and Burns got here. Then the running of the townwas taken out of my hands. I’m an old man, Blane, and I’veseen many people born in this town. And I’ve seen just as many die. They let me stay on the job onlyin order to save their own faces and I’m saving whatever I can. It’ll be much worse if I went away. I hope you’ll be able to work yourlittle piece of land without any trouble. And whenever you find itnecessary to come into town, remember to have the good senseto leave your pistol at home. So long and good luck to you both. Oh, and by the way, I forgot to thank you for getting ridof those three no-good-murderers for me. Do you always do business inthis manner with your clients? Not all of them. Only those whohappen to give me trouble, that’s all. You mean like SteveBlane, for example. Do you know that man? I know the man who canget rid of him for you. ‘ve already taken care of that by arranging with the Sheriffto get rid of him for me. Now give me a kiss, Fabtenne. It wouldn’t be a badidea if you knocked. I’m very sorry, Jackson. Excuse me. I’m here to return yourmoney to you, Mister Jackson. Good work, Sheriff. And the thief? You’ve got nothing on him. I myself happened to see the youngman deposit the money in your bank. What are you trying to insinuate? You’ve been paid by us to doyour duty and nothing else. Do you mean to tell me then that I have to arrest you for themurder of old man Williams? You better watch outwhat you say, Sheriff! And you better watch out what you do! One more of your business andI’m going to call the Federals! Do you dare to threaten me?! I’ve stood for all your crimesjust to prevent even bigger ones! But now it’s going to stop!! It’ll stop in Providence when I say so! Not anymore, Jackson. Now advise your men to keepaway from the Williams farm. That old pest Williams is dead andhis property is practically mine! You are mistaken, Jackson. Itbelongs to Steve… Steve Blane. Williams has left it all to him. Get out! And shut thedoor after you. Idiot! That polecat, that dirty polecat. He’s cheated me out of the bestpiece of land in the whole valley. There’s always Duke, Mister Jackson. Fabienne, make him come here to me. All of this money will be for you ifyou can get him here as soon as possible. He’s got to gun that Blanedown for me like a dog! In front of everybody in town!! Good morning, what can I dofor you today, Mrs. Cooper? Hey, good morning, Mister Blane. Good morning, Pop. Do you want me to give you a hand? Thanks, that’s right kind of you. Here. It’s heavy. You be careful. You said a mouthful it’s heavy.What have you got in here, lead? It’s only cement. I never thought that drycement could ever weigh so much. I haven’t seen you in townmuch lately, Mister Blane. It’s a lot of work to do on the farm andSusan and I never seem to get through. By the way, do you know of anyonewho could come out and help me? Well, in these parts most of the peoplearen’t that brave and foolish to risk getting themselves killed forgoing against Jackson and Burns. Are you that brave or foolish? Oh, it’s not those twothat stand in my way. It’s the thought of hardwork that frightens me. I didn’t know that, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have scared youby having you carry that bag. Come along, old timer. You needa drink after all your hard work. Hey, bartender, bartender, I’m back! Two whiskies!! One! I want a beer. Why, okay, it was two for me. How’s my daughter, Steve? Do you mean my wife?She’s fine, Duke. Ah. And do you really think Steve thatthis is going to change things for me? For me things have changed. Why don’t you packyour pistol anymore? Because you can’t tillthe land by shooting at it. You are right, Steve. You can’t. But you are going tohave to shoot anyway. You are going to haveto shoot one more time. And what if I don’t want to? Then you’ll force me to shootyou down in front of Susan. You are going to lose her anyway. I already lost her whenyou took her away from me. And you’ll be losing her too. If she’s going to hate theone who killed her husband, she’ll also hate the onewho killed her father. Is that what you want, Duke? It’s exactly what you wanted too. No! I wanted a home…a wife… some children. I had a daughter once. No, you still have one. That is, if you give up that idea ofyours to plant a bullet between my eyes. I have to do it, Steve. Youknow it, you know I have to. A pistolero is the kind of man whonever hesitates to kill when he has to. It’s our strength andit’s our honour too. I happen to be a pistolero and Ipromised I’d gun down Steve Blane! Duke! Did you bring her alongto watch your daughter cry? Do you believe that? No, she sent for you. That’s not true- I didn’t, Steve. Tell me something now. isthis the place where you work? What difference doesthat make, Steve? Nothing. It’s better I getmyself killed for Susan. Are you trying to say that you hada choice between Susan and Fabienne? We pistoleros haveour honour, you said. Isn’t that a matter of my six thousanddollars for your honour to consider? You mean she didn’t give it to you? Don’t believe him,Duke. Don’t believe him! Whether I believe him or not,you’ll find out when I settle… Wait a minute, Duke. Listen to me! There isn’t a thingyou have to tell me. I know very well which oneof you is doing the lying. Tomorrow at sunrise I’ll expect youhere… and don’t forget your pistol. It’ll be unpleasant for everyone ifI have to come to the farm to get you. What does it look like to you? I’ll be able to tell youmore all about it tomorrow. Now get going, Oliver. And make sure a couple ofyour men leave right away for the north country witha hundred heads of cattle. The old sheriffsuffers from insomnia. He won’t mind following alongbehind them the whole night. Harold! Oh, excuse me. You don’t have to be bashful, my dearFabienne. Burns knows all about us. You are going to have to helpme if you love me, Harold. I want to stay here with you. Who’s stopping you from it? Duke! Tomorrow morning,after he killed Steve he is going to forceme to go away with him. Why are you laughing? Because where your Duke is going to, there’s no place for apretty woman like you. I think we can go back now.-What for, Sheriff? Because nobody would dare rob somecattle belonging to Jackson and Burns. And it just came to me that ifthey wanted to get me out of town, there must be somethinggoing on there. Let’s ride, hurry! Who are you?! -I’m a friend ofyours. -But I don’t know you. What I mean, is that I’ma friend of your husband. He’s not here.-I know. I waited for him to go away sothat I might be able to talk to you. Don’t you dare come near. Oh, I’m too old to do you any harm,Mrs. Blane and much too tired, too. I came all the way out here by foot. What do you want? I’m here to tell you thatyour father is in town. -No! Yes. And he and Steve havean appointment at sunrise. Oh, I see. That’s why Steve… You are the only one who canstop them from killing each other. What can I do? What can I do? In a few minutes thesun will be up high and I don’t think youhave too much time to lose. Then hurry! Saddle upthe horses, quickly! All right. All the men are ready at their post. That’s good. Tell them to shoot assoon as the first pistol is fired. They already knoweverything they have to do. Beat it! Get the horses anddon’t waste time. Hurry up now! Stupid idiot! What the devilis this thing turning into?! I’ll show them. Let me go. What areyou trying to do?! Get out of the way! Stay where you are, Burns! I’m using her as a shield. Let me through, let methrough, do you hear?! You wouldn’t want to shoot down aninnocent woman, would you, Sheriff? Let me go through, do you hear?!I swear I’m going to kill her! My hand! You shot me in myhand! What will I do?! It’ll hurt you for thenext couple of days, Burns. It’s the noose for you after that. Steve! Oh, Steve! It’s me, get up, Steve.Please, answer me. I want to feel between myfingers the warm wood of a plough. The prickly ears of grain, the silky soft hair of my woman. But I can’t… ’causeI’ve got to kill.