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Mark: I got an RPG FUCK YOU! Oh, shit *laughs* Jack: I got it Mark: Okay. (Jack: I can do this) Where am I? Why do I seem- Why do I seem so short right here? Wade: I don’t know… Mark: Is it just my normal existence and I’m just not used to it- Wade: That’s the way I’ve always known ya. I mean it- It was just- Like the way that this patio is built, I thought it was like- Wade: Where you going? Thought I was just very short… Jack: Nowhere… Bob: (Repeats) Nowhere? Bob: No bottles going nowhere, sir. Mark: BOTTLES?! Wade: Did you hide in the snow? Jack: No, Wade: You were running around… Jack: No I kept running- Mark: Oh shit! There’s a downstair- There’s a sewer! Jack: Yeah. Wade: And there’s a bottle down here somewhere… Mark: (Put’s on a accent like a stranded survivor) Well we better go in this sewer, and inspect! Come on Wade! Jack: -Sewer loops around, you can get back out the other side, Wade Wade: I know… (Bob gasps) Wade: And you’re right there. Mark: Oooh! Wade: (Not amused whatsoever) Jack… Bob: Oh hey. Mark: Uh oh, uh oh Bob: I got one. Wade: It’s a BOTTLE! Mark: It’s a bottle on the run! Jack: (screaming) Jack: Ah! Stop shooting me you dicks! Mark: Yeah! We got him. Wade: Mark got to ya before I fired Mark: That was a good one (2x) Good job Wade (2x) Job well done. (Wade: Yeah, you too.) Jack: Using grenades… Is not faaaaaair! Mark: (Speaks deeply) We’ll go get donuts later Wade We got one more… Jack: Oh, nice Bob! Mark: Criminal on the loose… Jack: NICE BOB! Bob: Right? Wade: Bob are you the garbage can in just of the other side of the fence? Bob: Yeah I´m the garbage can that´s running around, that´s your clue. Mark: Oh… okay.. (Jack: I’m the maps) Bob: I´m a running around garbage can, not the other one Jack: I´m the map, I´m everything map… Mark: (Singing) I´m the map, I´m the map (Bob: *laughs* thought we were doing a spoken word version) *Continues singing* I’m the map, I’m the map. Bob: I thought that we were doing a spoken word version. Mark: I’m not

free download european roulette gameMark: I’m not Wade: Mark there’s a…. Bob: I am. *Mark laughs* Mark: *repeats Bob* I am. Jack: The map. Jack: Bob you like (2x) like your having a cracker time Mark: whoa hey whoa what the hell man. Bob: Can’t say words like that Wade: Im offended by that. Mark: WHOA HI! Jack: I’M A CHRISTMAS CRACKER! Wade: Bob is this you? Mark: This you Bob? Mark: Bob?! Mark: Your looking uh….. Mark: Fit. (That’s one word you can use) Bob: And wiggly right? Mark: Ya. Mark: Nice Mark: Alright. Wade: Is that what you were talking about Bob? Bob: I could not actually see you I just assumed you were looking at the little…. *Mark Interrupts* Mark: Sure ya ya sure don’t cover *Mark stutters* Don’t even try to cover now, we are on your trail. Bob: Oh you got me I was the present next to him *Dog barks in background* Bob: Oh Lexi, I think Mandy is home Lexi start barking. Either i’m about to get swatted or robbed or Mandy’s home Wade: Man I love that guessing game every day. *Only Mark laughs* (RIP) Jack: Haha Lexi is barking hmm wonder what fresh hell this is. Bob: So your really all given up on that area already? Mark: Hang on there is another roomBob: I obviously what you were talking about. Mark: (Smart Mark in thinking mode) Wait a minute Jack: And then one of you stays in the other area any. Mark: What the hell is that, What the fuck? Wade: I don’t trust Bob as long as I can throw it. Jack: Trust me though Bob: You can throw me pretty far, you can throw me pretty, pretty far you know? Wade: Throw you pretty far (Intense thinking) Wade: Are you a wiener in a bun? (Thinking stops) Bob: If you were strong enough. (smart move) You have to be pretty strong. Mark: Uh oh, Wade we are being made a fool of. EMERGENCY (2x) (call the amberlamps) Mark: We’re being played. Jack: Lets say Bob is very PRESENT in his current scenario. Wade: Oh god there is so many presents.Mark: Oh god wait a minute wait, wait. Mark: Did we not even think about this wait. Bob: You know what I’m going to talk to Mandy i’m so confident about this i’m just going to leave it and i’ll be back (Cocky bobby) you guys have a minute to find me. Mark: Oh God (2x) OH No Jack: Um he is not a present. HAHA *Mark and Wade Groans* Wade: JACK! Mark: Wait I found another easter eggapparently….. Get away i’m trying to.

free download european roulette gameGet away i’m trying to. Jack: I just say a burger fly across the screen. Mark: GODDAMNIT WADE THAT WAS MINE I WAS TRYING TO PICK IT UP YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE (enrage Mark is enrage) Wade: I didn’t get it. Mark: You picked it up, I didn’t get it you got it! (more rageiplier) You son of a bitch. Wade: I didn’t touch it.Mark: You stole it from me. (2x) Jack: Oh find Bob and SHUT UP. Mark: Okay where is he what, he’s a present right? Jack: No.Wade Jack said he was not a present. I think you’re the one who got it. Mark: No I didn’t get nothing. You stole it from me, you took it from me. Wade: No I didn’t get it! Mark: *Germaniplier comes out* NEEEEEIIN Robbed me of it. Mark: Alright.Wade: I didn’t get it. Mark: Nah (4x) You robbed me. *Jack laughing* Jack: COME ON DUDES! Mark: Where, whats going on?Jack: He is in the area you’re in Mark. OH! *Mark laughs like a mad man*Jack: No *Jack says disappointingly* Jack: He was a washer, dryer thingy. Mark: What?Jack: There is a chair on top of him. Mark: Whaaaattt? *Jacks turn to stutter* Jack: Wade drop the chair on top of him. * Mark still confused*Wade’s realization* AH COME ON! Jack: He is like a washer. Jack: A washer, dryer thingyMark: Oh My God Oh my gosh. Mark: Is Bob still gone? Jack: Ya Wade: Ya Bob is definitely still gone. Jack: He would of been cheering if he knew he won. Mark: Good thing he….Jack: Pretty good spot. *Bob Returns for his prize* Bob: So we won ya? *everyone laughs* Bob: I literally just walked off camera and just came back. *Mark giggles* Jack: Mark was in the same area, I told him he was in the area, he fired a grenade and died. (cool story bruh) *Bob giggles at his genius* Mark: It was a desperate move, we were on our last seconds And we could not do nothing. You will never find me though. Bob: I was an extra washing machine. Mark: I’m the ghost of christmas past. Jack: HE IS A GHOST! FIND THE GHOST! Mark: Don’t mind me I’m just lost to my memories. I’m wallowing in my sorrow. Jack: I heard a door open. Jack: This door just opened Bob. Bob; Oh my god there’s a basement holy crap. Jack: Ah god i’m stuck in a fucking box. Jack: Bob did yo open this door? Bob: Nah I have not opened any doors.

free download european roulette game Bob: Nah I have not opened any doors.

free download european roulette gameBob: Nah I have not opened any doors. Mark: *Speaks in an creepy voice* You will never find me. Mark: I don’t know where Wade is but i’m assuming he is playing you all for saps Jack: AH THERE’S A WHOLE INTERIOR. Wade: Yes that’s where Mark and I were. Bob: Hey hotdog. Jack:Uh I hate that Uh that’s weird. Mark: YaBob: What’s up hotdog friend? Wade: Nothing Bob: How you doing? Jack: *in strange voice* Nuh nothing just checking around. Bob: Fuck I lost him. I was in the stairwell on the side and Wade was a tiny hotdog And he got away from me. Jack: Wade did I walk by you in the beginning?Mark: WADE GO (3x) Wade: Yes you did. Mark: Wade go!Jack: Damnit. Mark: I saw you Wade for a split second You pass right by me. Wade: Mark would you like a piece of my soggy buns? (giggity) Mark: No i’m just wallowing in desperation as I usually am. Just leave me to my own. I’ll be fine 🙁 Jack: What the fuck are you? Mark: Nothing And everything. *Jack and Mark repeatly saying the word Nuthin* Mark: I’m just over here nuthin (Phrasing?) Jack: Oh hello hotdog.Mark: Go Wade go (3x) Mark: Wade careful don’t die from gravity Jack: He is downstairsBob: Okay. Bob: So Mark saw you for a second. Bob: Where the fuck is MarkJack: He is here. Bob: Oh there he is.*Wade dies :(* Jack: I got an easter egg. Mark: You will never find me. Unless you have the guiding light (Wink). Wade: That is so creepy. Mark: I know right I know. Bob: So he is a T pose in a dark fucking corner somewhere. ( Nice guess) Mark: Well that would be a weird guess. Jack: OH JESUS CRIST Jack: Here look.Bob: Oh God. Bob: Dude with no flashlight that”s brilliant. Mark: Ya Mark: See?Jack: Ya all I can see is the glint in your eyes Mark: I know I was noticing that too. Jack: Okay wait (3x)Mark: Okay wait hang on wait (2x) I have an Idea. Mark: Wait don’t kill me yet (2x). Mark: Just *acts like criminal* Ok I’m cooperating. Mark: I got my hands up against the wall. Bob: Wait are we American (Murica) police or European police Mark: American (MURICA) Mark: I’m so scared Jack: You have guns don’t you? Bob: We have lots of guns over here in America I don’t know if you know? Wade: It got so political so fast. Bob: Pretty easy to get your hands….. Okay I made a mistake Bob: I realize the gravity of my mistake nowand I would like to undo it please

free download european roulette gameBob: I realize the gravity of my mistake nowand I would like to undo it please Wade: Gravity is a clue, he’s boobs *Everyone but Wade* Whaaaaat? Mark: That’s about jump to make fromgravity. Mark: Sandra BullockBob: You know what, absolutely NO the same mistake again Mark: Wow.Jack: Bob why? Jack: When do you guys try like ridiculous shit Bob: Whoa wait hang on , hang on, wait wait hang on. Wait (3x) I’m not going anywhere i’m a fucking huge bookshelf. But imagine if I was like up against the wall here right, right? like that would totally have workedright? Mark: Who’s better who’s behind that dumpsterhaha Who’s better who’s behind that dumpster.Jack: No one! Mark: Who’s better who’s behind that dumpster Bob: Really it’s just not gonna work?Wade: Ya its just not going to work. Jack: AH I getting ready to move! I was in the middle of moving fuck! *Everyone Laughing like idiots XD* Mark: That was a cliched round. Mark: See your mistake jack was being a green present anyone would have spotted at a mile away Jack: I HAD to be thematic! Bob: Oh Obviously. Jack: What was I going to be red? Mark: Well I mean if you wanted to be cool. Jack: Only crazy people would pick red and dye there hair that color.*Mark screeches* WHAT?! *Mark jitters in anger* Jack: Why are you being so weird right now? Mark: you’re so weird man you’re being soweird dude Wade: That’s not what I…… Well that’s not what I meant to do Mark: Ah crap Jack: Ok we go this Bob we got this. *Bob says sarcastically* Oh ya we are doing so good. Jack: Hey i’m doing fuckin… Bob: We’re going to win we are doing so good we are going to win (more sarcasm) Go team. Bob: And you know I got to say Jack Especially Especially to you. Good job Jack. Jack: Thank you Bob: Especially to you. Jack: Thank you. Bob: You know what i’m saying?Jack: Thanks Bob! Jack: Appreciate it! Bob: I just feel like we’re really gelling asa team unit Wade: Hey finally made it on the ramp nowyou’re in the house. Bob: I like how the doors jiggle like they might open butobviously no. Wade: Look at you guys both in the thing. Bob: Keep it up with the team work Jack We”re really nailing it. Jake: Yeah we got it dude. Mark: You guys are doing……WONDERFULLY. *Mark screams in terror/anger. AH WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED! Bob: We just have to hang out and wait for the them to kill themselves. Jack: We are just so good that gravity kills them. Mark: I didn’t fall that’s the thing! I just walked into something else and it killed me. Bob: Well Mark: What The Hell Happened! Jack: Alright I-I-I was suicidal , I was suicide. Bob: Lesson learned you know? Mark: What did I do? What did I do wrong?! Jack: Uh, Life? Mark: Aw Man. Jack: Bob you could just try picking them up, Or walking into them. Bob: Eh. *The Evil Laugh of Jack* Mark: Bam *Everyone laughs* Mark: EVERYONE LOSES. Bob: Oh well. Wade: Why did you come in and start randomly shooting. Mark: Its you being methodical.Bob: Cause I had just been in.. That room trying to hide before and I knew there were to many things. *Sad Wade* Ohh 🙁 Wade: I see.. Bob: FUCK are you serious! Nevermind. *Mark giggles* Jack: Oh Bob you had the same idea haha Bob: Changed my fucking mind. Wade: Is that a clue, are you twins? Bob: We are twins. We’re… You could say we are copies. Wade: *Thinks out loud* Copies I think Bob: That would be more accurate if you said we were copies. Wade: But there no sharks on this level. Mark: Copies… Bob: What does copies have to do with sharks? Mark: Ya Wade that was a bit of a leap of logic. Bob: You know, copy sharks. Jack: *laughs* copy cat sharks. Bob: Copy shark cats. Jack: Bob I lost ya. Bob: Uh I wasn’t really trying to stay near you sorry I sorta just wandered off. Jake: Oh fuck you. Mark: There’s some ransacking happening over here. Bob: I hear some stomping around in my basement What are you doing in my waters? Mark: If I had to do something.. Mark: Somethings..Jack: He is a shark! Mark: Somethings going on Somethings fucky here. Bob: I am the king of these waters You stay out of my waters. Wade: King of the waters, I think there *Wade loses track of thoughts* *Bob starts to hum In the jungle the mighty jungle* Wade: I don’t know are you guys hentai (._.) Jack: HENTAI! *XD* Mark: Hentai? Jack: The copy turns into sharks, Water turns into hentai. Mark: Ya Wade I appreciate you thinking outside of the box But for once in your goddamn life stay in your box. Bob: Jack are you that red present behind the dumbster? Is that you Jack?Jack: Me? Bob: Ya the red present I can see behind the dumpster moving around. Jack: Well if its moving around what do you think haha. Now i’m going to have to leave. Mark: Nah this is.. that’s that’s a trick a dirty trick There tricking us! Bob: There might be other props that are move around. Like uh.. that guy in the fish tank wiggly wiggles. Get out of my waters you asshole! Mark: There trickin us. There trickin us. There being tricky. Jack: Or maybe for once we are actually telling the truth *Jack Yells* Mark: NUNUNUNUNNUNUNNNUNUNU That never happens.Bob: I had a personal Revolution today Bob: I..Jack: Oh god (3x) Oh God. *Bob continues* Bob: I discovered who I really am. Jack: Oh God.Bob: I will for now on tell the truth. Mark: I find that EXTREMELY hard to believe. Wade: Jack is “Oh Goding” Mark which I think means either *Wade gets cut off* Mark: Wait Bob: Well one of you just walked past the dumpster with the red.. *Jack little girl voice comes out* Mark: Wait no. Hang on. There’s something, something, there just fucking with us. I know that for certain Wade: Ya.Jake: How do you know? *laughs* Mark Cause.. Because it seems like Jack: You might be closer then you think. Mark: Aha. Wade: Are you the presents on top of this car? Bob: Uh.. Bob: We are not those ones but presents is a present. Kiss my ass. Wade and Mark: Wow. Mark: That’s really harsh man. You can be so much nicer. Wade: This is a friendly game.Bob: I was just quoting Kanya Bob: I thought he was cool Jack: I was jumping up and down and I thought somebody just saw me. Mark: WaaaaitBob: I will jump too but I don’t think it will do that much. Bob: No one has even gone inside very much this time. Jack: Oh your inside as well haha. Bob: Maybe. Mark: SHU SHU THERE LYING. That’s also a lieWade: I don’t trust them Not even a little bit. Mark There lying about EVERYTHING there talking about. It’s all a lie. Bob: Probably Mark: So think about like everything they said and Think the exact opposite of it Bob: Maybe i’m outside where the tables are. Bob: And i’m just….Jack: Wait maybe I AM the car. Wade: Who just threw a book at me? Bob: Maybe i’m a tiny thing hiding underneath the police car. Maybe I actually am in the water in the basement, And soda cans are shorter then the surface of that water Maybe i’m cheating Probably not cheating. Jack: Maybe i’m a cracker…..jack. Mark: Non of that is true. Everything you said is absolutely untrue. Bob: What if I told you one of those was exactly where I am? Mark: The only truth is that… Bob: Both of you have walked around me alot. Mark: Wade! (2x) We, Wade we are the props. Wade: We’re the props! Mark: We’re the props! Wade: Oh No! Jack: TAKE A SEAT! Mark: My God! *Mark to confused to comprehend* Jack: I given up all hope.Bob: I told you exactly where I am. Jack: And I just TAKE A SEAT. And your still outside. Bob: I said (2x) What if i’m uh up where the tables are. And i’m just a green bottle and i’m just standing there watching you assholes. What if i’m a tiny prop hiding underneath a police car? Or what if i’m a soda can and the soda cans are actually shorter then the surface of the water that’s in the basement? Mark: But there is not police car. There is not police car. Bob: Uh, i’m pretty sure this is a police car. Mark: Wait a minute, Oh you were under there. *Bob laughs* *Mark complains* Mark: THAT’S UNFAIR. THAT IS CHEATING X( THAT’S CHEATING. Jack: Was he underneath it? Marl: Ya he was underneath it! Are you up here? *BOOM* NO! Wade: I think Jack is inside the place. Mark: Oh ok 😀 WHOA! I got an RPG! FUCK YOU!!!! Oh shit 🙁 *Everyone laughs at Mark’s fail* Jack: Move your dead body. *Everyone ignores Jack and continues laughing* Jack: You’re a dead body. DEAD BODY. *Continues laughing* *Mark giggles* Mark: I don’t know how I got that (The Magic of an RPG) But I got it . *Mark giggles again*Bob: That’s why Mark Always gets the RPG. *More Laughter* Mark: I IMMEDIATELY just end EVERYTHING. *Mark Realizes what he just did* Mark: Well that’s not what I wanted to be. Well…. They won’t notice this! (Sure Mark) OBVIOUSLY! Wade: Wait til they get a load of..Yoooouuu Bob: Don’t worry. I’ve been there. Jack: Oh god I started inside boxes. Mark: No Come on. NO, COME ON No NO LET ME BEG FOR MY GODDAMN LIFE.*Everyone laughs* Wade: Well that ended quickly. Mark: I fucked up (We know Mark) Bob: How did you become that chair stuck in the wall? Mark: I- I No I wasn’t suck in the wall But I got Stuck as the bookshelf and I only got…Wade: I’ve been expecting you. Mark: I only got… *Mark laughs at Wades prop* Bob: Is this the dinner meeting.. Is this the dinner meeting table?Wade: AHA! Wade: Oh I fit (Nope) Mark: I- I- I I was the bookshelf And I only became the chair As soon as you walked through the door So I was like “Ah fuck”. Bob: I thought you were the bookshelf I had that exact moment in my head earlier When I tried to become the bookshelf And I was just like… “Help” “Help” Wade: When I decided to become the ghost I kinda thought Mark would last more then three seconds (Actually he lasted eleven seconds) Mark: Nope *Mark Mocks Wade* I’ve been expecting you haha Wade: And then it was just too late. Mark: Ya. You lied about it being a cop car too *Speaks softly* It’s not what it was. Bob: I really thought it was a cop car That was an accidental lie. *Mark tisking at Bob* Bob: Sometimes its just a white car. Mark: With presents on it.Wade: Sometimes Its just a Sick Car Mark: I heard somethin! Heard somethin flip floppin What was that? WHAT WAS THAT?! *Jack laughs* Mark: Who changed there mind very quickly About this door here?!Bob: I knew you were out There, I opened the door on purpose *Mark not buying Bob’s story* Mark: Uh huh sure ya sure Ya ya ya ya ya Bob: Come play with me Mark: Uh huh Okay. Bob: Come play with me (Getting creepy Bob) Mark: Okay Bob: You’re both still running around outside, Your not going to fit in the window. Oh you figured it out You got to crouch That’s the ticket. Wade: Yes I figured it out! Bob: Ya you close that door Mark Now you go back out there Mark Ya you go back down that stairwell Mark. That’s where I am! *Mark stutters in confusion* Mark: I haven’t opened the door Wade: I THINK IS GONE! Mark: No no no no no *Bob continues to confuse them* Bob: You go back inside where that bookshelf is Mark. Ya you go look at that bookshelf Mark. Ya Alright Ya Now your, Oop now you look where that plant is Nope not that plant 😀 Bob: Oh nah ya that’s..Jack: What are you doing Bob?! *Bob Ignores Jack* Bob: Look at the other bookshelf Mark Ya, that’s the ticket Bob: Wade your doing stuff great we don’t need you here. Wade: oh wait you’re not.. You’re just a crate. What did I see move down there? Bob: Mark i’m definitely not in that room. Mark: Hmmmm Bob: I’m also definitely not in this stairwell.Mark: WHOA. What the hell wait*Jack laughs* Mark: What WHAT I saw you for a split second I GOT AN RPG MOTHERFUCKER (Not this again) YOU WANNA SHOW YOU FACE ONE MORE TIME?Jack: Oh Jesus (2x) Mark: YOU WANNA SHOW YOUR FACE AGAIN? HUH! *Jack laughs*Wade: Hey you bottle! *Jack continues laughing*Mark: HUH! ALRIGHT WHERE YOU AT BOB?! BOB YOUR SCARED NOW! Jack: I was just walking out the door And i just popped out and he didn’t see me at all. Mark: HUH!! YOU FOUND A RECIPE OF FUCKERY AND ITS TIME TO REAP THE REWARDS! Jack: Bob have you been there the entire time? Bob Yes, Wade literally just climbed in the window over me. *Jack chuckles* Mark: NUUUUUUUU Bob: Welp non of this is working outMark: BLEEEAAAKKK *Wade having hard time saying window* Bob: Yes, yes that’s that words. Wade: I climbed! Jack: You clumbed Wade: I- I Bob: You clumbed Mark and Jack: You clumbed (Not a real word) Wade: Clumbest Mark: You clumbed all over him.Bob: I’m still inside you dumb assholes. Wade: I’M INSIDE Bob: Ya i’m not in that part of the inside You dumb assholes. HEY! *Jack laughs**Mark screams* Wade: I’M NOT SO DUMBBUT I AM AN ASSHOLE! Mark: My rocket, I had it *Fierce groaning* I had him. Okay fine. Wade: Well clearly you did not Sir. Jack: Why is this map ten rounds long? Mark: They are all ten rounds long. Wade: We are all ten rounds long Bob: Sure they are. Sure they are. Jack: We’re on minus two points Bob. Bob: Eh that’s fine. They kill themselves most of the time anyway. Mark: Nu huh Nu uh. Nu uh man. Wade: By they you better mean us. Bob: Absolutely. Wade: Ya good. Show some respect. Mark: Ya respect its the thing that we deserve. Probably Jack: Sure. Why the fuck not. Bob: Like you’re inside already Jack and I was like “Ah I found one already” *Mark evilly laughs* Bob: I know where they are at. Wade: Alright Mark there already inside be careful. Mark: Okay Are you inside? Jack: You guys are bad liars.Bob: Their definitely inside. Mark: Are we inside? Or are you inside?Bob: They don’t lie real good like we do. Jack: Ya Bob: We lie goodly Mark: We are inside something. Well i’m inside something. I don’t know about Wade. Wade: Hey Uh Mark: Hey *Bob, Mark, and Wade laugh* Bob: Okay wait where are we going?Where are you taking me? Wade: Well okay well first I will give you a tour Of my new house. *Jack laughs* Wade: Here I will wait for you right here. Bob: Wait hang on i’m stuck on this box wait hang on. Okay, Ya good. Wade: So Um Check out my new crib There is something splashing around Oh hey Jack, Welcome (You’re boned) *Mark laughing* Bob: Jack you want to go on the tour? Wade: This is the door… Jack: I want the tour! Wade: Oh well Jack’s coming to go on the tour too. (So boned) Jack: I wanted to tour I wanted to go and see MTV Cribs Wade: Uh ya well welcome to my Crib. Uh don’t mind the boxes I didn’t know you guys were coming today. But uh This is the uh.. The plant and the shelf room Bob: Why are there numbers? Why are there numbers.Wade: Those are my secrets That you guys are taking. But that’s okay It’s Christmas, Easter around here. Umm Bob: Oh I love Christmas Easter Wade: This.. Is uhh We call him T.C.T He’s Tiny Crab Tim (Cool name bruh) Mark: Aww That’s awesome. Wade: We definitely copy Tiny box Tim to name him(Sure) Mark: Ya.Jack: Sure Sure.Bob: Well it’s way less clever so. Wade: Well that’s why we call him P.C.T (What Happened too T.C.T?) To keep it uh.. Uh Jack: Mark you getting a front row seat to all this? Mark: Ya i’m seeing it. I got EYES ON ( . ) ( . ) Bob: Sorry I was just cleaning up I was just moving that can over ( I see what you did there) *Jack laughs*Wade: Just feel free too Sweep over my apartment. Umm Here is the bookshelves where we actually keep books. But this is a stupid book shelf. Jack: Where do I keep my bullets?(Nice view Mark) Mark: Why would you waste bullets? Why would you waste bullets on Christmas? *Mark laughs*Jack: Do I keep them in here? Wade: Hang on You guys seem a little hostel I think you guys need snack so Bob: Oh do that Wade we would love a snack.Wade: Come on to the kitchen There’s a fresh burger and uh Jack: I do LOVE snacks. *Mark laughs*Jack: Okay. Wade: There’s uh Let’s see what else we got Jack: Do you have uh….Wade: I’M OUT OF HERE! Wade: WHOOOOOAAA *Boom* *Everyone laughs* Mark: Well.. Just you and me now Jack Just you and me. Wade: So you guys like my house? Bob: Nah it sucks. Jack: Sure. Mark: He didn’t mention that he has.. A ROOMMATE (Clever) *Hums a tone* Wade: Mark I actually saw you at one point as we were making our way to the apartment. Mark: I know, I KNOW. Jack: Wait What do I have? Mark: I was so worried That you were going to get me killed Like if they… Wade: I saw that and I was like “Well you know maybe we should change our game plan here” *Mark laughs crazily* Mark: If they would have used a grenade on you You would of got me too. (XD) Bob: I really don’t know where Mark might be.Jack: Uh god i’m stuck on everything. Mark: Ya Jack: You inside or outside. Bob: I give up Jack, kill yourself. Mark: Ya that’s a good move there. Bob: That’s how it works when I give up. Mark Ya Jack: You inside or outside? Mark: I’m inside It’s the merriest Christmas of all! Jack: Mmm Mark: “We wish you a Merry Christmas” (Please stop its only July) “We wish you a Merry Christmas” ( I’m begging you) “We wish you a Merry Christmas”(PLEASE JACK KILL HIM) “AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR” (END IT JACK!) What?! *Laughs (That’s not what I meant..) Jack: GREAT Climatic ending! Mark: You almost had me. Jack: DAMMIT*Mark laughs* Wade: There’s blood all over the back wall! Mark: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! And..Wade: MARKS THE CHRISTMAS DILDO! *Mark dies from gravity one last time*Mark: OH GOD DAMMIT WHAT THE FUCK DID I HIT! *Everyone laughs at Mark*