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Wow that’s cool oh jeez he smells moneyah the zoo smack dab in the middle of wonderful New York City look how happyeveryone is who wouldn’t love this place well to be honest me look food theballoons the animals that’s all well and good if you’re a little kid but I’m justnot sure if this is where I belong I mean I’m Tony King is all todaythere’s gotta be something more out there than this and you know maybe todayI’ll bite select three power cards hey cool power cards bet if I collect enoughof them I can pick up new abilities now hey Alex just the line I wanted to seecome on Marnie I remembered it’s your birthday okay you don’t have to butterme up I was being sincere man it’s good to see youokay you caught me I got you something but with all I rehearsing I haven’t hadtime to wrap it yet boss shows the day the fuck time that’lltake its toll sure yeah for a day and with all due respect for what you do inyour whole treadmill shtick it’s not the easiest thing in the world remakingmyself from scratch after each performance but seriously managed youhit the big one all you want me to run the everythingactually a living audience does kind of help me focus my Chi just stand stillright there perfect Marty perfectly stationary Thankspress the jump button – I think by now we’re up to speed on jumping there evilKnievel okay then get jumping find your three power cards so we can move on seeing your smiling faces makes it allworthwhile it’s so nice to interact with the fans just press that freaky jump button againto sublet the fireplace now let’s see you jump to the rainbowring people dig well here it’s that overly pampered lion let’s show him whothe real kings of New York you can’t till you act with thosepigeons raining on your parade use your attack button to run scam off now kid get on your pedestal and do theRegal pose bitch looks like my work here is done maybe Iought to swing by glorious you look like you need a little pick-me-upnobody cheers up a zebra like a hippo right I’ll see it tonight it’s thebirthday thing now if you’ll excuse me maybe Melman can cheer me up no matterhow bad I think things are they always somehow worse for him Marty what’s wrongis it contagious what’s wrong well I’ve just been feeling a littleOh things are going okay with me except of course for the germs oh and thenthere’s the microbes and then it’s the fact that I’ve been waiting for mymedication for the last 38 minutes Oh Marty this is the end how can you standit I’ll see you later oh man that sounds promisingI love this game stupid game happy birthday Marty thanks globe looksister you’re gonna race or just get in touch with our inner egg storm day theywant to race you I know do they know about nope so they’re full to the beaksyou heard the zebra it’s time to put your money where your mouth is a boy afact we have neither money nor mouths but if you’re really up for a race weaccept your challenge Marty would you immediateon your mark get set can I say move yet I don’t think so it’s sickforget it the raises camps it may not be very late but I can use my tumble attackby pressing the attack button a little point is you still beat thosebird brains rings in awesome go looks like my work here is doneguess I kick it on back to the curb Oh Martydon’t be blue stripes chin up it is your birthday after all dan hup-two-three-four what you guys upto that’s classified classified boom it’s more like you’rejust hanging around by a hole in the wall absolutely notwe’re in the midst of a covert training operation trying to bring the privatehere up to speed in the ancient military art of fishing now that I think about itthe operation really isn’t so convert would you care to observe sure beatsanything else I got going all right private it’s done to prove yourself inthe field move your pole left and right

for pc game free downloadprivate it’s done to prove yourself inthe field move your pole left and right once you’re ready to drop that lure holddown the action button and when you want to reel the fish in just release theaction button look up and down to control how far you throw the luresimple right well let’s see you catch some fish keep fishing soldier double-timenot quick enough son the fish will grab the bait right off the hook if reflexesaren’t tip-top try it again techniques and now let’s see you land that dream standing now go for only red arrow gotsome chops as a fisherman son the war sometimes requires creativity snare astuffed lion decoy may come in handy later do not give up son no quitters in my soldiers fishing you’ve completed yourtraining those penguins are cooking something month hmmwonder if melons cooled off enough to top almost enough sup Melman hey Marty I forgot to wishyou happy birthday earlier sometimes I get wrapped up in my own problemsmy basic hygienic needs are going unmet I don’t do medical speak my biohazarddisinfecting team is late again you just can’t get good help and they’reunionized so just try to complain did you ever think about cleaning the cageyourself I don’t even think you have a bio has a disinfectant team yes I do yesI do but I guess I could try to clean things up around here I’m not afraid ofa little dirt yeah I’ll never doubt you again Melmandon’t cut me Annette de I’m more concerned with how the chaos affected myimmune system I’m sure we’ll recover is your mental state you should be moreworried about the zoo is driving us crazy I just have to get out to the wirethanks Melman time to get back to my place need some of that fine Kentuckybluegrass for lunch and dinner and design Marty speaking I’ve heard some rumorsabout your supposed disposition to the confines of your brig Laden cell onemore time different you want out yeah I dowelcome aboard the Freedom Express my monochromatic friend I’m here to springit all you gotta do is stay close to me at all timesand do not panic I just have one question if we’re trying to sneak out ofhere without the guards knowing why are you yelling that is an excellentquestion stripes let me get back to you on that here’s the situation the entirezoo is buttoned up tight by a series of locked gates each key opens the gatewith the matching animal-like use the keys at the terminals to openthe gate the first gate we need to open is gate oestrogen the zone ostrich keyis located in the janitor’s shed the only way in there’s a small crawlspaceyou don’t know how to crawl you but we can fix that three of our operativeshave smuggled in power cards each operative and sequence will give youtheir cards collect all three and you’ll be able to crawl into that shed and getthat key follow me to Darnell our first operative for me to do my special trackDarnell here has been stirring a power-cut safely in his belly for thelast several days now the plan is to have him spit it out you’ll need it andtwo more to gain your next ability you sure you gonna spit it out of his mouthall right Marty we better hope so good work now get the remaining powercards from the other two operatives um hey Nick skipper says you might havea little something for me he’s right I got what you need good kick get thestripes careful come on hey I’m looking for are you okayyeah man I’m great fantastic it’s just like I’ve got this horn you know and Ijust have to keep charging but I’m not really charging anything there’s reallyno purpose to this action it’s just instinctI don’t have a choice in the matter this is all a little deep for me right now ohno problem I know what you’re here for you want apower card well here you go hey now that you have the Crawl abilityyou should probably go meet up with your penguin friend again outstanding now that you’ve got the keyfollow me to the yellow gate welcome to

for pc game free downloadoutstanding now that you’ve got the keyfollow me to the yellow gate welcome to Zone ostrich my monochromatic friendhere’s against his own monkey over there at three o’clock you go talk to thoseoversized birds and we’ll reconnoiter at the drop zone who’s messing with the sound poles thatare not be those kids again that’s a sound pole making noise alright they get rid of these stupid sound polesI should probably get back to my poster know how to stay around here a littlelonger Marty look out using your crawl ability you can duckbehind those hedges up there and the guards won’t even be able to see youI’ll be on the opposite side of this bird careful stripes careful watch itkid don’t say it don’t say it I’ve heard it all before heard what all before veryfunny yes my nose is slightly gargantuan andyes I’m very uncomfortable with that it’s a serious medical condition thataffects my entire species to varying degrees yes I am getting a nose job thenI’ll make sure to point out all your shortcomingssettle down pal I’m not making fun of your nose I’m just trying to get out ofhere without any of these guards seeing me well since you’re not here to destroywhat little self-image I have left I suppose I should tell you that if youkick those poles you will activate those Safari noises the guards will have toleave their posts and investigate no idea how to shut this off what dothey think I am I should probably get back to my postnow now to stay around here a little longer down here we capwe’re in zone monkey look out Marty come over here quietly feels good careful strange I love this game all right watch it kid careful stripescareful Heyhey you you’re headed directly into the path of danger my friend what are youtalking about it’s the zoo hunter noth-nothing hired to run nighttimesecurity when everyone’s gone home he makes like a fortress thingy out of haybales in front of the main gate and watch out for his heavy-dutytranquilizers you’ll need to keep your head down unless you want to quitnighty-night right on thanks man I should probably get back to my post notime to stay around here a little longer idea how to shut this off what do theythink I am a rocket scientist or something that’s a sound pole makingnoise alright who’s messing with the sound poles better not be those kidsagain that’s a sound Pole making noise alright that’s a sound Pole making noise offgood look out careful stripes you’ll not makeit out of this Zoo if you allow the guards to see you keep your head up andyour eyes open watch it kid look out what about me I can’t just blow it awayyour balloons ain’t big enough this is where we part ways amigo it saddens meto leave you like this but these are harsh realities of war can’t you atleast tell me how to get out of here the janitor over there but the main gateprobably has the key go through the main gate over there ah freedom so sweet youcan taste it see you on the other side Wow how’d you get loose boy to tightensecurity around that Zoo but no they had a budget get in formation man you’reglue zebra I don’t know how you got this far but you’re not gonna sue oh please I know let you get away thistime you this has gotta be the right way you smells like zebra could be any zebrathough come on guys Marty can’t be far ahead we gotta get toGrand Central Station before he gets on that train what’s your back what if theytry to pick me relax guys you’re with

for pc game free download that train what’s your back what if theytry to pick me relax guys you’re with

for pc game free downloadthat train what’s your back what if theytry to pick me relax guys you’re with the king of New York they love me hereeverything’s gonna work out right let’s lit up guys we’ll cover more ground thatway meet you up ahead send me the deal this has gotta be the right wing you seethat ladies hat was it a lampshade the Mets must be in town where is everyone you have to get to Grand Central Stationbefore Marty leaves for this wild place the Mets must be in town where iseveryone Marty can’t be too far ahead every wehurry we might be able to catch him arcade games surprise Marty’s not here that arcade shirt reminds me of Martyhow mad I am at it just gotta be the right way ah finally New York’s finest what tookyou guys so long spot any zebras looks like he’s hostileboys set your tasers to Zam Papa sit down quick sending backup you see that ladies hat it wasn’t alampshade did you see that ladies hat you see that ladies hatto the lynching nobody any luck me neither my woman’s intuitiontells me that Grand Central Station is this way I’ll meet you up aheadwhatever you say flow just hurry Grand Central Station here we come this doesn’t look too tough it’s just alittle congested nobody does this to me here we go Gloria Alex I think I see Marty’s tagsyou must have dropped them really we’re just over there great lead the wayyou sure okay I’ll be in real trouble if I don’t stay above the street it’sreally dangerous down there I don’t know what the streets is madewith you freak what is that in the city knocking this Marty what are you doing what were youthinking where exactly do that you’re going yesstart talking zebra really do you have any idea what running through this citydid to my sinuses do you hey who are those guysrelax they just cops with helmetand trick I mean of course get the lion first don’t make me come over there guys hey I hope those needles have beensterilized you you well Marnie I hope you’re happy nowmaybe I am happy maybe this is the good kind of capture when they take it toexciting places and shower you with gifts same songs I always have to be sonegative Alex oh right the good kind of capturing yeah this is the most palatialcrate I think I’ve ever been stuffed into sure feel sorry for those poor sapsin coach look I’ll never twist anybody’s on to come with me on this quest couldyou guys please cut it out this is not helping my sciatica would you guys quitbelly again let’s just try to stay positive and proactive here I know I spywith my little eye something dark oh that’s just greatShh but I Shh what was that well it definitely wasn’t me all right men now that we’re out ofthose cells let’s proceed to our next objective and what is our next objectiveskipper here’s step ahead of me soldier hijacking this boat Antarctica’s lookinglike the plan anyone else have an idea I personally would consider overthrowingthe ship’s captain and crew as well yeah that’s kind of what I meant by hijackingyou boys stay here and hold the fort while i scout ahead I’ll let you knowwhen it’s okay to move up you Scouts I had to find a rendezvous point then callus up all right I’ve just got to remember myhand-to-hand combat training first I’ll

for pc game free downloadall right I’ve just got to remember myhand-to-hand combat training first I’ll need to slide into the Sailor bypressing the attack button then once he’s down pressing the attack buttonagain will knock him out with a karate chop do any of these crates containmedication nice so far so good I’ve reached the firstcaller point and they’d open that cage door then I can use my circle button tocall up the troops okay boys looks like they’re going through thepipe come on what’s going on back home better stay down below this will be safe this crane gives me an ideaI might be able to use it to take out the guards oh this is gonna be sweet mechanicthey’re not paying me enough to deal with this No okay and I paid me enough to deal with this I’m afraid of heights let’s rolldouble time but night cut cut cut cut cut cut cut let’s roll double time hut hut we needto get up to their shop stay down below just to be safe huh what was that noise it’s happeningagain something’s wrong with our plumbing wellI’m not cleaning this up someone shut this thing off we’re gonna take your radio room or dietrying right nice cut hut-hut-hut hut-hut-hut hut-hut-hut hut-hut-huthut-hut-hut hut-hut-hut hut-hut-hut hut-hut-hut a crate full of bold fortuitous andthose guards over there are stuck in the black is rotten and birth carries a retro let’s roll double time hut hut hut hut comrades give me a hand with this ladderwill you oh this is gonna be sweet this is so bad forget itand I paid me enough to deal with this let me down I’m afraid of life all right boys all clear move up there were three gates in stand betweenus in the upper – juice – phase we bustedand we’ll get the gate open I better get the rest of the troops uphere before I open this my Judy tells me some bad stuff thisplace is getting pretty crowded I might want to use that cardboard box to sneakby those sales unstable the sea is rough carry if Icould just get to that tranquilizer I could sure turn the tables on these guns eat mine done these guys break down maytake more than one shot dice now we’re gonna storm s4take-no-prisoners hut hut hut hut comrades give me a hand with this ladderwill you next stop is a bridge let’s go there’s the door to the bridge this is it boys what we’ve been workingfor let’s take it now hold on there this is the end of the line for you ducksdid he call us ducks get him get the tranquilizer is our only treat my dimes to the victors go the spoilskudos all around especially you Rico what next get grow over the hump now allwe have to do is simply master the ship’s controls and guide us safely toAntarctica you you you where am I anybody there this has got to be our new zoo it seemsa little understaffed though you know I bet it’s the San Diego Zooeverybody’s probably surfing or in yoga hey wait a minute that’s Marty’s greathe must be nearby or lost at sea forever let’s go with option one I better catchup to him and the others maybe I can find a directory somewhere I’m going nothing out here but a bunch of osius crabs are a little less freely than theones back home why our credits always so angry I generally like my zoos a little moreorganized than this hey these mangoes are the perfect sizeto throw maybe I can use them to bean one of those knuckleheads who keepstrying to hurt me finally someone I can talk to pardon me I was just ah how dareyou sneak up on me and try to take my precious pearls you monstrous kitty catokay first off I realized this is San Diego but where I come from it’s notgenerally considered sneaking up to approach someone from the front whiletalking in a pleasantly modulated tone that’s true yeah glad to see we’re onthe same page listen I really need to find my friends have you seen anynewcomers like me that giant yeah I saw him head down tothe beach and fetch me six shiny new pals from my collection then we’ll talkget those pearls yeah yellowness you people from San Diego honors laid-backas you cracked up to be go further that’s not much of a swimmer nice work now beat ithey what about our deal you’re gonna tell me where I can find my friends Imight have seen them over by the waterfallsnow scram a blue sure is hot here they’re air-conditionedhe must be down hey let’s not be able to hear me got to get up there I hope these are happy fish as opposedto fight well hello there gigantic these towerabout Joe he blasted hayfever some days you’re the windshield and some daysyou’re the bee how exactly does a bee get hayfeveroh it’s a shame isn’t it we’ve got a bounty of pollen but no flowers to makea with have you seen any flowers I’ve seen acres of them in this soup anychance you’ve seen a zebra hippo and giraffe who probably has hay fever – nodear but I’ll tell you what if you lead three of my swarms to flowers I’ll sendout some drones to look for mates sounds goodfinally a little cooperation in this place now the boys are a wee bitskittish with strangers so don’t be taking too long getting into theirpowers Forrest thank you so much sweetie pie one of mydrone seems to recall seeing your friends walking down that path overthere I bet if I ate that plant my roar would be super loud excuse me did you just see a cebra oneby here yes that’s the right guy yeah that’s him do you know where he went hecould not find something called the reception desk then he ran off into thejungle like he was in a real hurry I’ll never catch him at this rate wellif you are smaller I’d fly you near myself but I think I’m going to needsome help don’t you stay here and guard my mushrooms while I find some of myfriends sure because you see those cockroaches over there the moment Ileave those things will try to steal every mash through my head if you cansave me enough mushrooms I help you out where did Melman go it was right behind Marty Gloria it touched my head slowdown man what touched your head actually I don’tknow but it was dark and something touched my head you are kind of tall youknow oh do you hear that look over there you you you Caroline furry cockroaches maybe it wasjust their bedtime how do you run the band scream almost every nightwe know hello anybody out there no that was weirddo you think they’d believe me would it ever occur to you the saying you aren’there prove that you are here I don’t get it do you think they’re friendly I don’tmake me very happy if they were Oh would it yeah it would be like so happy whatwould you say if I told you I had a plan to find out if they were friendly thatwould be neat what’s the plan he’s kind of cute he’s a masochist I don’t thinkthat’s what he made hi what’s your name we’re gonna be here a whilewhat’s happening well they haven’t eaten him yet I think we’re in the clearsplendid we shall form a welcoming committee and we shall welcome them youare not going to leave me now why would anyone want to eat you a good questionand I will answer it for you wait why would anyone want to eat Mortbecause he’s really annoying you majesty because he’s really that’s not it it’ssomething else because we are lemurs and fuzes eat lemurs because we are forcesand forces eat lemurs fossa where no I wasn’t hmm anyway we would like towelcome your Giants are not going to eat more where do you hail from we’re fromNew York what Zoo is this Zoo I don’t believe I’mfamiliar that term is that a New York expression we call this island we liveon Madagascar Madagascar Marty do you know what thismeans you’ve actually made it to the wild yougot your wish Marty hey you’re right I mean up close the lastI can’t believe it so wait you guys again I am Julian king of our lemurs andthis is Maurice and we are the welcoming committee so welcome New York Giants umexcuse me uh I couldn’t help but notice some of your subjects screamed at themention of the word Musa is this something we too should be screamingabout versus well fuzes are the sworn enemy of us lemurs the main problembeing that versus like to eat us I don’t like the sound of that what are thesefuzes look like they look kind of like they do look kind of hungry dumb heytake all my friends again wait for me guys do not worry my new friend we willmeet up with him later for now we need to find a place to hide until the sameconvenience as fast inconvenience these puzzle expiry me followers that is thesecret passage under the veil Bob today follow us okay let’s never do that again so wheredo we go better things to do than splash aroundin the water like those don’t seem to mess around it’s a little windy up here too windyfor us smaller creatures yeah I noticed I’m afraid some of the other lemurs maybe stuck out there can you brave the wind and save them me that’s cold outthere yes but you’re just large enough to survive the powerful gusts of windprovided you get behind some of these barriers and use them as shelter untilthe wind passes zebras not meant to be out in the web let’s see the zebra od evil end we thank you from the bottomof our hearts some of these barriers aren’t high enough to protect me fromwind gusts I have to get low thank you thank you thank you body’s getting cold that I’m gonna getblown away out here crowd under subpoena lower barons good thing that windows and blow all thetime you’ve saved me excelsior you faint infer sure hope there are toomany more de Lima’s to say pretty soon I’ll need same see the zebra man is when is rough stranger approaches we thank you from the bottom of ourhearts looks like all those little guys aresafe now wonder where everyone else ended up separated againsheesh guess I’ll ask one of the locals for directions I’m sorry sirdo you speak English Oh guess not I better get out of here and see if I canhook back up with the others too bad though because it does seem like acharming seaside resort hotel treats guests like this one after it’s not much of a swimmer ah this is as far as I’m going but the complaints Department is aroundhere hey what’s the big ideaguess I better watch out for these guys seem to have a little bit of a rageproblem reported to the Better Business Bureau hey guys have you seen the rest of myfriends oh they must have gone up ahead to the alternate location for our partywhere exactly is that I’m not sure yet but we’re starting to look for them wemust consider many things first while it’s a perfectly safe looking straightpath let’s go uh guys I think we might want to be careful around here there aresome very dangerous I don’t want to hear the end of any sentences now let’s goit’s best just not to argue with him seriously guys there are some of thosetoothy Chloe things lurking around here what do you call them Pusa asking Iproclaim this a time of panic the King has spoken that’s it no more mr. nicelion fusa it’s on protect the lemurs this is simply no return hotel have you noticed that the foucha are upabove us now these are just rude these aren’t just rude they’re pure evil this is unbelievable I was almostcertain that we were all going to die yet here we are everyone accounted forit unless we did die this is some extremely vivid dream sir you’re notdreaming the mighty alex has saved us all yes youyou you welcome to your giant you come at anopportune time we are preparing a veritable feast carrots mushroomspineapple came onions and for dessert the melon torte but we have none ofthese things that is why we call on our industrious lemur minions the a problemwith preparing the feast is that happen when the fusa attacked our food supplieswe’re gonna bite them it’s always something well this should be quite asoiree who needs food you could help greatly with some basic foraging thatsounds dangerous then would you consider collecting fruit and vegetables insteadthat will do it settle in us the totems the switch between you and your threefriends you have each different abilities and can finish different tasksoh one more thing if you would like advice on where to look for the banquetitems you can return to me and I’ll try and help you out giant carrots love growing in thisgarden oh right but these nasty little moles like to uproot the plants beforethey’re right I need you to save the veggies by smashing the molds wheneverone surface is alright I can get with that coolshow them your bunch the boss and some of the fruits vegetables of your laborwill be yours can you dig hope so he can good luck glory alright meddling hippo you pay for this youhaven’t seen the last of me you showed that him all the way homehere’s your prize Gloria hey is that yellow good you doing oh I’mjust trying to get this fruit Oh be still my foolish heart excuse meI’m Wilbur you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen I must grabyou oh please you’ve got a much better chance of picking up the fruit andthat’s not looking too good well I you know I I just can’t lift thatmuch right now because I injured my knee earlier doingsomething really impressive say maybe you could help me smash these melons Ineed to make my famous melon torte and what’s in it for me well I could makeyou some to bring back for your brand Jubilee feast its own oh okay greatwe just have to smash these melons quick as they ripen otherwise they spoil fastand I only believe in using fresh fruit you’ve done it oh that was like poetryin motion we should get together on another date again soon another datewell Bert yes but now I have to start making that melon torte I promisecatch you later Hey you know it’s me baby oh hello there again my gigantic friendso nice to see you and unfortunately though tis not much else I can see as Iseem to have misplaced my glasses would you be a dear and guide me to the fruitplants that need my pollination help nice to see you again as Welland yes Iwould be more than happy of course you would such a nice boy you are now I dohave a strict order in which I must visit the various plants as theirflowers reach full bloom so pay close attention and be swift ensure with yourguidance first we must go to the crimson crimson e’en plant it’s very nearby the one nurse Lee rare Greenfield finally the dog is cold I better get it together in this grottothat gave onions right when I’ll miss them quickly or the spiders will getthem first spiders we will be needing many cave onions for the marveloussavory fried blossom spectacular that’s a lot of your dilly-dally the harvestseason doesn’t last that long on now we shall feast for days you seesweet juicy sweet Josie sweet Josie sweet they seem a bit too happy why does everything have to beridiculously oversized here in the wild everybody on this island eat fruitdoesn’t anyone I wish to direct your attention to the mushroom you seegrowing here quite the delicacy in the dish simply to die for of course youknow they’re quite rare and grown under only the most specific conditions youmust repeat their colorful patterns exactly for the mushroom to grow repeatyou must repeat that gullible pattern for the mushy mushroom to grow that’snot what I meant I mean scheme seems familiar somehowboy are you sure you this is no game I uncultured friend this this is our finelet’s get going I’m afraid this job is only for yourAlex that’s simply our life works I apologize for not being more existencebut this is simply something you must do by yourself do keep going beats steadfast in yourvigilance would love to help but it’s just notdoable brilliantly executed now grab that mushroom and you will be in for areal treat indeed too bad this isn’t a su they’re beingable to close in before us here hi Melman hey Alex thank the great Peapod you’re here andyou can head back oh this is looking good I’m afraid to ask these cockroachesare trying to steal our stash of new key notes for the new key nut new keysmoothies I need to get rid of them but I’m too small all those roaches make meso mad please the really hard why can’t Alex do it well the other NewYork Giants scare them off only temporarily so then they come back butyou you can help see the cockroaches aren’t afraid of you because you’reafraid of them but if you gather what courage you have you can wait for themto come and then hit bash them yeah you said it though I’m scared of them thenyou can stand in the middle of the nuki nuts mound they’ll form a kind ofprotective barrier yeah that’s it huh that’s right and then bash the roacheswhen they come for the needy nuts oh that’s grosswell you do want nuki not noogies smoothies don’t you they’re reallyreally good all right I’ll do it no no no no okay nobody knows I know place is so unsanitary like it hasn’tbeen clean I’m up to my neck and airborne pathogen yeah just make sureyou lay off any strange berries you happen to see around here this is just so weird I’m not used toperforming without an audience I set him up do not come down Marty how come Inever get to set him up yeah so wish to challenge me to ajumping contest do you think you can jump father than me can yeah I didn’tsay anything about a jumping contest we never even met beforeOh though now that you mention it yes I guess I do think I can jump father thanyou ah well how’s about we make a littlecontest out of it huh huh if you can out-jump me I’ll give you some of myfrog fruit makes for a great gift it does and of course if I win and I’d saya few words designed and intended to humiliate you so like a good deal let’ssee what you got little frog so I might have underestimated you zebra you gotmoxie I’ll give you that I will but that was only the first jump it was let’s seeif you make the next one I’m gonna let you in on a little secret my friend youstill haven’t seen my best jump yet been going easy on your hand got a feelingthat’s about to change though Wow looks like I’ve misjudged youstranger you got some real legs on you probably deserve a bit of frog fruit foryour troubles and I’m here to give it to you Thank You New York Giants for helping usto find all the ingredients for all the wonderful wood we will be providing foryou and our super special and amazing banquet exchange for your health wewould like we don’t have a door to the jungle muchless a key very what can we give them den well it’s a banquet just give themfood look good one you know that gave to the jungle thing it gets swordwhat good would it do you anyway I’ve changed my mic you you hey Melmanhave you seen Alex lately he’s not looking so good oh dear I know it wasonly a matter of time until one of us contracted a disease indigenous to thesenew lands and pass it on to the rest our bodies aren’t designed to survive inthis environment do you understand Gloria our bodies justmelny you need to grab some downtown buddyI don’t think alex has any kind of disease I think he’s just getting reallyreally hungry did you notice he didn’t eat a single thing at the banquet ohthat well yes I noticed but that’s justbecause we couldn’t find a steak tree once we find one of those you’ll beeating like a sheep with enterotoxin eeeh except hopefully he won’t dieafterwards that’s all well and good except there’s no such thing as a steaktree now I’m back to being worried again andthat can lead to a coin put us all myelitis or evm for short no man you’renot getting edwin proto whatever we just need to figure out a way for Alex to getsome steak there’s Maurice over there why don’t you go ask him if he can help thank the Stars you’re here hey do youhave any steak trees in this jungle I am sorry my friend but I have not heard ofsuch a thing but if we did have this steak you speak of it would have to beon this grand bail Bob tree unfortunately though it is festeringwith bail Bob worms perhaps you could help us save the tree from the worms andmaybe find this thing you call steak good thing I’m not tall enough to seethese worms why didn’t you tell me they were so horribleI’m trying Melman you can save the tree and wipe out the worms and their nestsby gliding to these mushroom platforms around the tree our bad buddies havesupplied to a coconuts to fling at him but I heard that worms in the nest arepoisonous my body cannot tolerate toxins then make sure you don’t touch him glideto the platform over there as much as I want to complain there’ssomething about fleeing that’s I actually like I better watch out for those vulturesmaybe I can save the tree good news Melmanwe found the bail Bob worms primary Connie that’s good news well the goodnews is that we found them the bad news is that they’re breeding like crazy youneed to stop them fight oh that’s terrible it looks like there’s quite anarmy of those filthy little creatures down there right and that’s where youcome in this time instead of coconuts you’re going to have to fling thesedurian bombs down onto the worlds and their nests we are counting on youMelman let’s get a move on great shot Nanak now find the nextpileup durians and on the next economy oh it’s just one of the many possibleside effects of being up this high oh now you’ve got to get down to thefloor mop up the last few before they could escape better make sure and takeout all of these disgusting worms of this place is ever to be clean if justone of these worms survive time bomb of contamination here’s the situation all right I’ve beenbusting my hump to keep this garden productive and these walls could careless all right you think you can help me I’m gamewhat do you need me to do all right these bad boys come in three colors theblack ones are mild the gray ones are wild the Browns are somewhere in themiddle all right you show these pests you mean business and I’ll give you apoint for the plaque two for the brown and three for those gray menaces and ifyou can get enough point my troubles will be literally buried literally but maybe you can do even better alright have you seen your friend Alex latelyAlex oh yeah he’s down there I mean have you seen his condition it’s making mevery uncomfortable mm-hm you three look delicious tonightlike to come down for for dinner this isn’t goodI’m gonna go find Marty Melman we need to get across this valley to the caveover there if we want to catch up to the others Alex seems to have developed astrange unhealthy obsession with you Mort yeah you think your littlehelicopter spinning routine could come in handy if you can fly me from oneplatform to another we can avoid your crazed friend sounds doableI guess just make sure to stay elevated and don’t fall down to the ground levelor well let’s just say you don’t wanna know what could happen right I just lovehaving guests for dinner I’d like to discuss with you we did it sure if we hadn’t stayed abovethe ground I think I might have been a Conner yeah I’m getting worried aboutMarty and Gloria being down there less worried now it seems your friend alexhas finally understood his predatory nature what are you talking aboutwhat I mean is alex is a lion and lions eat other animalsthat’s where steak comes from still not getting it does this explain thingsMelman Alex just bit me on the butt see yep that is a bite on the bottle right unless we all want to be steakI suggest we beat it you you you quit scream Melman put a sock in it okay guys we gotta get off this islandbefore we all lose our minds we need to rebuild Alex rescue beacons so we canget out of here did I overhear something about a rescue beacon I can take care ofthat for you really Wilbur I could just kiss youand if I hadn’t already washed once today well I’ve got good news and badnews all right let’s get the bad news over with first the bad news is thatyour rescue beacon burned down we know we’ll never get off of cannibal islandpipe down Melman so tell us the good news well there are some materials youcould use for a new beacon scattered all over this Beach if you can find all ofthem I know some lemurs that can probably put it together so Gloria howabout that kiss how about we get this beacon together first Hey Baby I’ve gota little problema with these crabs oh joythey’re always pinching me and believe it or not I’m not quite as quick onthese cloven hooves as I used to be maybe you can squash some of them for meif it helps me find a piece for the beacon I’m asked washing machine well ifyou can squash enough of them in time there’s a piece of the rescue beacon init for you as well as some quality face time with yours truly nice work know what say we talk about us well hello again I think one of thepieces for the rescue beacon is hidden inside these crateswhat say we harness our natural chemistry and work together to smashopen the crates before the tide rolls in and takes them out to sea what teamwork I must say that wecomplement each other well teamwork but you didn’t open a single crate no Idefinitely took out a few at least I got another piece for the rescue beaconthanks I guess it’s up to you Melman knock them dead no man our scouts have located a crucialpiece for the rescue beacon it’s resting on that rock over there and I think youjust might have the savvy to help us retrieve it no Melvin pull yourselftogether savvy means talent or ability Oh OhFrench words like that usually means something terrible anyway the plan hereis to have you use that great long neck of yours to fling three lemurs onto thatrock once you get them up there they should be able to bring home the beacon yes hurry up Melman you still got twomore to go yes be careful with this last one you’vegot a long throw to make yes nice throw that should do the tricknow take your piece only a train be careful see you later Marty knock on wood Ohworry Mel hey zebra those tortoises are giving metrouble keep knocking the fruit out of my tree I tried asking them to stop butthat only seemed to excite them all the boy can you take them out for meno crowd those turtles won’t be bothering you or your fruit anymorelet’s just say I’m gonna make them an offer oh that’s great hey thanks amillion you do mean you’re gonna kick them right right those turtles never knew what hit themyou take this piece for the rescue beacon back while I sit here and eat alot okay you want to battle must be crazymy technique is the best your style is weak and undeveloped my pupils candefeat you no course not but you will still lose number onedefeat him what I have one of those wimpy nature videos number one sucked anyway number two takehim out I am one of those nature videos I see you’ve defeated my pupils yourtechnique is not as weak as I suspected but now you must fight the ultimateenemy your technique is impressiveyou have defeated me now Gloria I believe we have the matterof a kiss to discuss oh yeah pucker up and close your eyes and you will get abig surprise now if you do it not a chancewho knows where that snout spin just picture him is a big giant peter plusI’ll make it up to you I shut my eyes but I still see me toowell it’s over there so we just wait here and Marty you okay I just I can’tlive with that Alex but Marty he tried to eat you wellI probably deserved it for getting us into this mess and besides I gladly takea thousand fights on the but if it means saving my friend it does three you canstay here and keep an eye out I’m going back for Alex you don’t even know wherehe is I’ll find some help see you more look man I can’t leave this islandwithout Alex and I don’t have much time can you tell me the fastest way to getto him no it’s actually a longer route and it’s full of toads lots and lots oftoads I’m looking by Alex my friend the lion Ineed you to focus Mart is there any faster route well if you want to getthere as quickly as possible I’m afraid your only chance is to take the nochance of survival trail over there now that sounds promising well the nameis misleading it’s really more of a pathway than a trail that’s not thepocket how do you be pleased to know that it’s an appleís toad freeenvironment I guess we’ll have to take our chances with the no chance ofsurvival trade let’s go we’re really going to have to keep atight schedule get to the checkpoints quickly or I might not be there to meetyou what do you mean you got big plans andaddisam know the other class jungler may have plans to eat small unintendedanimals that don’t keep moving along at a fast pace try to hurt hey Marty I found his cave entranceright here yeah I can see that maybe we should enter this cave in Chwow I just got exactly the same idea it’s a real synergy between us can youfeel it it’s downright spooky this looks like a dead end to me boy now what Icouldn’t help it over here you guys must need a path through this area well Ijust might be able to clear one for you but I’m gonna need vitamins so what doyou want us to do just go to the mall and pick up some b12 yeah what’s a b12I’m talking about food and this tree is just chock-full of it but that spider upthere keeps shaking it loose I tried bouncing on these mushrooms toget some air and catch the fruit before it falls and splatters which sees myrabbit ample frame has left me vertically challenged interesting sowhat you need is someone small enough to be able to bounce up and grab the fruitbefore it hits the ground anymore do you know anyone like that well I don’t seeoh you mean me right no I’m talking about the other disgustingly cute furryanimal right in front of me come on we’re running out of time oh and watchout for the durian fruit like most good-hearted people I hate that stuffonly pick up cherries limes oranges bananasooh maybe even an apple or two I did it okay what huh let’s see you doyour thing huh oh yeah yeah check this out man all you did was push over a rockthis ain’t no dead end I’m about to open a can of whoop up but on you what huh umwhat about your friend though huh don’t you add somewhere to beyeah I do you got lucky this time how’d you get all the way over there wewere literally just standing right next to each other the plot called for itdon’t come apart on me now Marty all you have to do is cross this treacherousspider cave area by yourself and we can move on to the next areawhatever happened to Senate I may have liked it here at first but Ijust want to blow this joint back away hey Marty I think I know where Alex’she’s just beyond these caves all you have to do ask what I need to find my big friend I don’tthink you want to mess with this again when last we met I try to fight to knowtheir this time newOh Mart in my mouth perhaps I cannot defeat you in combatbut I am Swift effete try to reach the bottom of this slide as soon as possibleand I will do the same first one down wins the right to eat Mort I hear hetastes like chicken begin I will keep my wordto consider Oh any ideas I don’t see how it can take me anywhereexcept for maybe the bottom area youyou you I can’t believe I bit Marty come on guyscan we all just get along I am seriously outnumbered penguins thisis Labor to fly my grandpa’s powered cars in your firepower be brief good luck we’re gonna secure theperimeter Wow Klaus check these babies out dearkitty just great I’ve been doing with all those duriansooh I can’t believe he’s actually the story ins tastes disgusting that’s gotta be take that greathere don’t fail me now you better get it together sooner I’llbe tough that’s gotta be quicker if I want tosurvive really I’m the king here that’s right I’m still the king takethat you mangy Moussa then I’ll show you to mess with thezebra Marty what are you doing here saving you what does it look like yeahnice work I’m so glad to see you Marty oh I’d say we tie this jump up and gethim to the pingers they’ll know how to keep out of trouble forget you that’swhat I said I’ve really grown to love you littleguys with the leader defeated our people are now free to ravage the bosom and theanything animals I hereby pronounce the party celebrating the preparations forthe party honoring or liberator to begin immediately following the free freeparties well it’s good to be back together get giant your friends Oh impressive back thereyeah thanks for your help with I thought you guys waterlogged AntarcticaAntarctica nothing but a bunch of icelike we arrived as a Milligan town great meeting you leaders lemurs waymore ease once again are you