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Well easy forward by two, all right

More gold is required

Ready to work

But easy

Wha-wha-what easy ready to work? What is it? Right. Oh

Yes, my lord

Ready to work

Off I go then jobs done ready to roll

What writers

All right, if I go there you need to work try to

This below

Job's done

Ready for action

Job's done

Renting forever. All right

This below


Well easy

Pop I go then jobs done won't work writer Dobbs done

Yes me law ready for action all gold is required

This be Lord

What right Oh

More work off I go then yes me Lord

Alright ready for action or lumber is required. Yes me law Shana way

Job done to offend

For my people ready for action

What do you need

What is it try to

Research complete or lumber is required. Yes. Milord. I

Am here mortal

Jobs done

Of course

I'm in order

On my way

I'm in Lord of

Course, right?

Ready for action. This prattle bores me. Can I help you? Do you see something?

Err smiling take your time look around

You Sherrod oh they shall burn

Big shelter

Do you see something can I help you?

Evo is near ready for a child's play undue falah for my people

Say the word

What if I go then yes my lord

What easy right Oh what

Nestea lord

Do you see something the child's play and oof aha

That child's play

Research allow

for my people

Borders, of course

You Sherrod oh, do you see something

For now

Undo falah


Big Show burn

And fell ha say the word

Ready for action

Work complete all right

Pop I go then what easy right Oh what?

Do you need Shane a word horses are under attack?

For my people, ah child's play

Assessable on ah for now

Evo is near dad child's play

Jobs done

More work I

Go then

Miss me Lord

Off I go then yes, my leash this prattle borders me

Orders jobs done you share until I am ready. Say the word

What is your with this prattle boy come the cleansed s I am ready

What hails right away I am your search complete

Operate as you wish

Job's done Evo is near

What is your wish

a smiley

Yeah, oh yes

Say the words good

Is near

Assessable on our undue Falah


Dad child's play

Assessable on are you Sherrod Oh

for now

Is my aim required

Yes, my friend job done

Yes, my lord

Research complete

Right Oh

Papa go then this below

Is someone injured of course Evo is near for my people

Yes, my friend

I am your servant I am here immortal research complete

What yes my lord

Whoa, whoa what

Yes, my lord jobs one word

research company lumber is

Research company

Yes my lord, all right this prattle bores me is someone injured

Right away


Ready to work

Or work

Well you Sherrod. Oh, yes, my friend jobs done. This prattle bores me

Yes my lord

Ready to work

Well easy, yes my lord, alright I

Am here mortal I am ready. I'll do my best. Yes, dear. What ails you

Yes, my friend whoa word job's done what

Do I do

Yes below or work

Off I go then. Yes, my lord. I

Am vigilant as I think you need what ails you

There's trust in my command

You share a door

For my people. What is your wish I?

am honored I

am here immortal

Do you see something we are poised to strike this prattle bores me

My command

Spraddle bores me I

am vigilant

Say the word gars might you need us. What do you need? I am ready for

Laura what is your wish someone only is

On my way. We are poised to strike. You share a dog a

Setter Balan our trust in my command

Jobs done. Well easy. All right. What right? Oh, I

Am here morally must act

Leading the way as I thought


Well easy Jared Oh

Trust in my command this prattle Bors made

For now, I'm ready for aha. Yes my liege. I'm a lord

Research complete

We have craze to strike take your time around jobs done

We must act hello

Trust in my command. Do you see something the child's play?

Already we are poised to suck don't they I say aye

Fuck you Mike matter

Leading the way


a Seth about an hour

For my people

Child's play a Seth about Anna. Yes, my friend I am

Paul has a runner Akaka

Do you see something

Chili already

Spraddle what alt

Michel atoll unique. Yes, Mike

Take the word

Is somewhat injured do I wrap

Hey smiley, will it be hotshot ready for action?

Whoa, whoa

This militate a word this better be good ready to work all gold I card to cleanse this land

Help me help you

Yes, my friend ready to work kick down sparking once again, it's up to the elves

What a good what is your wish I

Am ready cleanse this do you require a

Onward a spider

Ready for action this better be good

Trust in my command school or

The goddess agree, do you require aid

Ready for action

We are poised to strike

Well easy

What ride all done this below? I?


Off I go then Lord

this below

What do you need

Oh goals reply well easy

Jobs done

Ready for action orders

Right - my leash

Trust in my command burning is someone injured and a faggot death. What is your wish I


Ready for a job done

It's my age require jobs done do you need yes my lord

Hope I go then

All right

Yes, my friend is my aid required I am here mortal

How may I serve I am vigilant job done

This prattle bores me we are poised to strike

Nerado st. A word I

Am ready

Is someone in

Well easy, right

Our poses are under attack

Yes, buddy


My baby boy, I'm ready

The might match

Big Shelburne what tales?

Hi, I'm ready, what is your wish, how may I sir?

Do you acquire a yes Mike

Moonstruck is someone in

Yes, my lord

All right

What means

As fast as I can show me the path there's no time

What is your wish Wow

Show me I am vigilant

Leading the way

However, I say trust the mic man in the package

Leading the way

What is your wish

Next I

Trust in Mike, Matt

Make for the original

There's no, what is your whistle fuck you Mike man

As I can

Right, how may I sir? I am ready

What is your wish hope you need

Well, our forces are under attack, which way do you see something

Great I hear more voices

Are under attack

I like the goddess onward

Prepare to be moon stretch -

Didn't you Sherrod Oh

Undo Falah for now, trust in my man

Research complete

What easy

Or lumber is required

Yes, my friend

what ails you I

Am your servant what means I am here mortal which way we must act. There's no time to rest. I am ready

What is your wish orders

We are poised to strike show me the path

Let's run

Glory to the blood get there on time. What do you need?

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