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So, right off the bat, my opponent is an F-ranked Terran player.

I usually use hotkeys 1, 2 and 3 for hatcheries.

Sorry, I use 1, 2 and 3 for units.

I then use hotkeys 4, 5, 6 and 7 for hatcheries.

I don't use 8, 9 and 0 at all.

Don't ask me why I don't use them.

There's no real reason. I just never used them from the beginning.

It's not that I have small hands.

I just didn't feel like using them from the start.

Once again, my opponent is a Terran. The map is 투혼 aka Fighting Spirit.

I spawn an Overlord at 9 supply.

I think you'll all recognize the basic builds.

A hatchery at the natural expansion at 12 supply.

Bring a drone out at 200 minerals.

This way, you'll have 300 minerals when the drone reaches the natural.

At the same time, bring another drone to scout.

This is what I call 12-scout.

Expand & search both at 12 supply.

Gather your larva, and make a spawning pool.

Even if I have a lot of units late-game, I don't use 4, 5 and 6 for units.

I just drag & attack.

I keep making drones after my spawning pool.

I see my opponent went straight double CC.

I use hotkey 2 for my 1st Overlord, and 3 for the 2nd.

It's important to always keep track of them.

At the same time, keep your scout alive as long as possible.

So that you can see what the opponent is doing.

Observe when & where he builds his Barracks.

Send your Overlords near the opponent's base right when you find his location.

I then make a 3rd hatchery, though I was a bit late.

Make an extractor after the 3rd hatchery. These are the basic builds.

The extractor is built at 12 supply.

Keep making drones thereafter.

Although the opponent went straight double CC without Barracks,

there's nothing that Zergs can do particularly at this moment.

So just keep making drones.

The key is to be as rich as possible while matching your opponent.

Drones, drones, drones !

Place 3 drones right after the extractor is done.

It is key not to make drones until you hit max supply,

But to make an Overlord beforehand.

You can spawn one at either 16 or 17 supply,

yet many F-ranked players make this mistake.

2 Zerglings are used to catch the SCV.

The rest of the larva is used on drones.

I'll also send 1 Zergling to scout.

Upgrade Zergling speed at 100 gas,

and build another extractor at the same time.

Wow, even F players come out to kill Overlords.

I didn't think of this. I'll make another Overlord in advance.

Since the marines are aggressive, I'll build a colony in advance.

Though I did upgrade Zergling speed, the colony is just for safety -

as the opponent is a bit aggressive with his marines.

Keep making drones in the meantime - 4sd, 5sd, 6sd

Then make a spire.

Notice I'm a bit poor.

This is because I built a colony.

I'll just morph my colony into a sunken.

There are lots of players who make sunkens & Zerglings at the same time.

This is a mistake - if you make sunkens, build drones and not Zerglings.

If you make sunkens as well as Zerglings, you will become too poor.

I'll match my larva to make exactly 1 control group of Zerglings.

Then make 3 Overlords.

The key is to increase your max supply from 35 to 59.

I'll make units until 33 supply, then go out with my Zerglings.

If the opponent pushes at this time, I build another colony.

I don't see him pushing, so I'll make a colony then cancel it.

I cancelled it.

I apologize, what I just did was a mistake.

There are aggressive players like me, but that play was a mistake.

It seems this F player knows his builds.

I'm spawning exactly 9 Mutalisks.

As I have another 200 gas, I'll make another 2 Mutas.

I then make a Hydra Den right after - at 50 supply.

I was a bit late, but this is supposed to happen quickly.

Mutalisks have spawn, and I make another group of Zerglings.

They are used to widen your vision for the Mutas.

Upgrade Lurker capability as soon as the Den is done,

so that Lurkers are available ASAP.

You all can micro the Mutas just like I just did.

As I begin the Lurker upgrade, I make 3 Hydras.

With the rest of the larva, I make drones.

The reason why I make 3 Hydras is to place them above the ramp on my expansion.

I make additional Hydras for my natural.

As my opponent went 5 Barracks, I build more sunkens for safety.

It is difficult to manage 5 Barracks marines solely with Mutas & Lings.

Upgraded marines are threatening.

Thus, you have to win with Muta control.

As well as utilizing your tech, Lurkers, efficiently.

Morph Lurkers as soon as the upgrade is done.

Morph 2 Lurkers above the ramp, and 1 on the ramp to block enemy units.

I then make a Queen's Nest, though I'm a bit late.

For safety, I'll make enough Mutas for 1 control group.

As the Lurkers are completed, it is difficult for the opponent to push.

As he can't push, my Mutas should begin to harass his base.

You can bring the Mutas out since there aren't enough M&M's to push.

At this time, you can keep making drones.

This is because I'm using a Hive-based build for mid-late game scenarios.

Mutas are used to catch SCV's

Control your Mutas as much as possible, and target only the SCV's.

Then upgrade the Lair to a Hive.

Match your Muta quantity to a full control group.

It is best to make as least Lurkers as possible to defend against M&M's in a fast Hive build.

One sec..

First, let's go over what went wrong here.

First off, these aren't the skills of an F-ranked Terran player.

I tried to play as slowly as possible for the sake of teaching.

Though there wasn't anything particular, the opponent wasn't really an F-rank.

I wasn't supposed to lose these Lings here.

You should always have 1 group of Lings at hand, while spawning 9 Mutas.

Mutas are used to scout, as well as cut off additional M&M reinforcements.

You see that the Terran added a Factory at this time.

This is a build used to push Zergs using M&Ms and seige-upgraded tanks.

This is usually used against defensive, fast Hive builds.

Mutas should be used to find these kinds of pushes.

While the Lings play in front, Mutas should discover the Terran's reinforcements.

In this case, I wasn't able to see this tank while harassing.

Once you discover tanks, your key reliance is your Muta micro, while adding more sunkens.

Terrans don't have infinite scan.

I should have removed the Lurkers from my expansion and utilized them.

I could have burrowed them here and cut off reinforcements.

In this build, Mutas are key. They decide win or loss.

Once the tanks are caught, Terrans cannot do anything to push really.

If you aren't confident with your Muta control, it is safer to use a Lurker build.

Mutas can bring a lot of change; they can bring either a win or loss.

In concept, it is better to win with a Lurker build.

I advise against Lurkers against a Terran Mech build.

The majority of your units should be Hydras.

Whilst the majority are Hydras, you can use Queens or Mutas as reinforcements.

The only reason why your Hydras die against Goliaths is simply because you lack skill.

Mass units should be used against the Terran Mech.

If you match Zerg & Terran units in a 1:1 ratio, you will lose since Mech units are strong.

You win using more units, and the strategy of surrounding the opponent.

I'll use the same build - hatchery at 12 supply.

Once again, send a drone out at 200 minerals.

And another to scout the opponent's base.

I'll proceed using the same build as last time.

I'll make an additional drone before my spawning pool, since Terrans make lots of SCV's.

Even if I make these many drones, I won't have too much issues blocking an 8-supply Barrack build.

Thus, it doesn't really matter if I make this additional drone or not.

I'll use the additional drone to make a spawning pool.

I don't see my opponent at the 11 o' clock position even though I saw his SCV here.

That means he must be at the 7 o' clock position.

In this case, my opponent sent a scout earlier than normal.

Make the 3rd hatchery when minerals are available.

Then make an extractor at 12 supply.

Remove your scout as soon as you see a marine.

Keep making drones since our positions are in a diagonal format.

You can make yourself more rich in this case.

Make 4 Lings before the maxed 18 supply against a 1 CC, double Barracks build.

However, it's also important to know when to make these Lings.

As late as possible.

I'm at 15 supply, yet I haven't spawned a single Ling.

At 16 supply, I'll make Lings.

I'll also make an Overlord at 16 supply.

Making another Ling puts me at 17 supply, and another drone puts me at 18.

I'm trying to make myself as rich as possible.

I'll chase the SCV with 1 ling.

Since my Overlord was caught before, I'll try to maintain it this time.

As soon as I have 100 gas, I upgrade the hatchery opposite of the SCV into a Lair.

It is a must that you always upgrade the hatchery opposite of the SCV.

I'll keep making drones.

I've now caught the SCV.

Once again, upgrade Ling speed as soon as you have another 100 gas,

and make another extractor at the same time.

As my hatcheries are on hotkeys 4, 5 and 6, I'll keep making drones - 4sd, 5sd, 6sd

A Ling is used to discover any marine movement.

I see a lot of marines, but I'll still keep 1 Ling to keep the marines in check.

When keep marines in check, Lings react faster when they are always on the move,

and are slower to react if they start moving from a static position.

I'll build a spire for now.

The Ling that is scouting should always be moving in & out.

I'll build enough Lings to form 1 full group.

2 larva at my main, and 2 at my natural.

It is better to keep your Lings moving, rather than in a static position when keeping marines in check.

I notice him not making any SCV's. He could be attaching a scan station to his CC.

I successfully breached my opponent with my Ling.

I take point of when and how many Barracks the opponent has built.

Once again, I make 3 Overlords to increase my max supply to 59.

I now have 1 control group of Zerglings.

I'm in a very comfortable position right now.

I rally my Overlords to the corner of my base, so that I can stack-group them with my Mutas.

I'll make another 3 drones to put my supply at 35.

It is important not to lose these 11 Zerglings.

Once again, I have 1 group of Lings. And I've made 3 drones to put my supply at 35.

I then spawn 9 Mutas with all my larva.

I'll make a Hydra Den immediately after.

It is crucial to upgrade Lurker capability as soon as the Hydra Den is completed.

Use the group of Lings to discover the quantity of marines.

I'll make a Queen's Nest around the same time as the Hydra Den.

With the rest of the larva, I'll make drones.

Actually, in this game, I'll make Mutas with the additional larva.

Send a drone out as well ( to expand )

Put the drones to mine right as they spawn.

Spawn Hydras immmediately after the Lurker upgrade is done.

I've made 3 Hydras.

You can see the M&M's pushing out.

Instead of attacking head-on with your units, your Mutas should be on the opposite side of where the M&M's are headed.

The Mutas should be cutting off additional reinforcements.

Make sunkens for safety as well.

I'll also upgrade my Lair to a Hive.

You must send the 3 Hydras towards the place of expansion.

I'll expand by making a hatchery now.

While your units are running toward the expansion, you must also make Hydras at your natural to make Lurkers.

Your Lings should be opposite of your Mutas.

The Lings & Mutas should always be moving within the M&M's vision.

This is a move to buy some time.

As my Lurker upgrade is complete, I'll make 2 Lurkers above the ramp and 1 on the ramp.

I'll use the remaining larva to make drones, and 2 Hydras at my natural.

I didn't make a lot of Mutas deliberately because Muta micro is -

I'll make another sunken since I see marines close to my base.

There is a lot of change that can happen with Muta microing.

Make a Nydus Canal as soon as the Hive is done.

This is how you stack Lurkers.

Right-click next to a Lurker, then quickly click again on top of a burrowed Lurker.

This is a move that the Terran should not have made.

Connect the Nydus Canal from your natural to your expansion.

In this case, the Terran overreached.

I'm at an advantage.

What should you do when at an advantage ?

What is the Terran going to do at this time ? There is nothing he can do right now.

He lost all his M&M's, and I can build defilers at this time.

You should focus on your upgrades now. Upgrades, and morphing drones.

Also, focus on your defenses.

Upgrades, drones, and defense.

Make Scourges to block drops, morph Evolution Chambers, and put drones to work.

I'll upgrade the Adrenaline Glands for my Lings now.

Mine gas at your expansion, and bring additional drones through the Nydus Canal.

I've also spread my Lings out.

There are lots of players who don't know what to do when at an advantage.

If you have your plans mapped out correctly, Zergs can win easily.

I see vultures coming at my expansion.

I've put the Lurker on the ramp on hold, so that the vultures cannot intrude.

Keep putting the morphed drones to work.

I'll have a total of 4 hatcheries at my main base.

To prevent my bases from getting breached, prepare for any drops.

The Defiler upgrade is completed at this time.

Defilers should always be at your natural and expansion(s).

One at natural and one at the expansion. This is a given.

Always have 1 larva at each hatchery morphing a Defiler.

It is important to do so because in case the Defiler dies, you will have the 1 that is morphing at hand.

Don't always be relieved that you have a Defiler; make sure you always maintain 1 to 2 at each base.

My Defilers have spawned; I'll move them along with my units to my expansion.

I've blocked the dropships. I'm at a bigger advantage because of this.

Like I said, focus on your defenses as well as expanding.

I'll bring my Zerglings out to search for any mines.

I see vultures coming out now. This is a late-Mech build that many Terrans use.

It's good to build an extractor in advance. I have nothing to lose by doing so.

Against late Mech builds,

it's important to have more units than the opponent.

Notice how my Mutas are still alive.

I'll make additional Mutas. Since the Terran lost all his M&M's, Mutas can roam around freely.

Spread your Lings out across the map.

Since I have a lot of resources, I'll build an Ultralisk Den.

Meanwhile, I'll make more drones.

I'll make another Nydus Canal for the natural at my expansion.

It's good to have Nydus Canals, each at the expansion and the natural of the expansion.

There's to real reason I'm keeping my Defiler on the ramp.

I'm just keeping it there so that in case I am pushed, it will not be in sight.

You don't have to do this. You can keep it at the natural and place a swarm over the Lurkers in advance.

I'm deliberately not using all my resources, to match the level of an F-rank player.

I'll morph some larva into Zerglings.

Connect the Nydus Candal once again to the natural of your expansion.

Taking your drones to the Canal, then shift-clicking minerals will make them mine after they have moved.

My opponent saw my Mutas with a scan.

Because of this, there's no reason to wait in using the Mutas.

Try to use your advantage as much as possible.

Upgrade the Ultralisk armor.

I've also upgraded the Overlord speed capability.

You can practice your Muta control here.

As my opponent used scan on my Mutas, I pull them back.

I see that he also has a 9 o' clock expansion.

Target the SCV's.

Since I'm playing with a mindset of an F-ranked player, I'll have plenty of larva not in use.

I'll make some Ultralisks.

I'll also make some Overlords and Zerglings.

My supply is at 193, it's almost at 200.

If you look at the mini-map, you can see that the Terran has taken all the expansions. However,

there's no reason to match the number of expansions, because the Zerg is at such an advantage.

You don't have to feel pressured. I'll just simply expand once again.

Looking forward to the late-game, I'm insuring myself against other attacks. I'll bring Zerglings along with my drone.

This is because there are usually mines scattered. I'll also bring along some Mutas.

I'll also burrow some Lurkers above the ramp here.

I'm also upgrading the Ultralisk speed capability.

Spread your Overlords out over the map 1 by 1.

The most important thing against Terran late-Mech builds,

is to remove any scattered mines.

Removing mines takes a lot of effort for Zergs.

You can think of this as clearing up the pathway for your units.

Just like driving, you clear way for any oncoming cars.

I am now running towards the 11 o' clock position.

You can choose to attack either the expansion, or the main base.

Try to use your Dark Swarms effectively.

A lot of players become nervous at this state of the game.

What did I tell you to focus on in this situation ?


Players get nervous, and think they have won. They don't know what to do in this situation.

Focus on your upgrades.

Increase your defenses while building up your units.

This also includes taking additional expansions.

Also, against late-Mech builds, speed is key.

Show your opponent that you're faster than him.

Looking at the 11 o' clock position, you don't have to kill all of the units.

Try to distract the opponent and take his attention elsewhere.

Your opponent will bring reinforcements.

In this case, move your units farther away from them.

These units will die anyway, so you might as well use them to distract your opponent.

Show your opponent the will to maintain your units. In other words, stay within his vision and survive until the end.

Meanwhile, send the rest of your units towards the opposite position of where you attacked.

In this case, my second attack will be the Terran's main base.

Keep sending Zerglings. In this case, you can simply drag-attack them.

In this case, the Terran pulled his units back towards his main, as he saw incoming Lings.

Keep your opponent busy with multitasking.

Even if you have slow APM, you can still win if you know the key elements of your builds & strategies.

My opponent lost his M&M's in the beginning of the game.

Little aspects of the game like that contribute and add up to your win.

Use every advantage that you gain from early-game and add it up while moving towards late-game.

This 3rd game is a ZvP game.

Protoss games are actually much easier than Terran ones.

My opponent is an F-ranked Protoss player.

I'll make up to 9 drones for now.

Spawn an Overlord after your 9th drone.

I see my opponent's scout coming toward my base.

Because I see a probe incoming, I'll make a spawning pool after my Overlord has spawned.

At 9 supply, make an Overlord.

This is the most common build that many progamers use against Protoss.

The common mistake that amateurs make is, trying to block the probe that is attempting to prevent you from expanding.

Especially early-game.

In a probe vs drone fight,

it is 50-50.

Zergs are definitely not at a disadvantage.

All you have to do is not try to block the probe.

One of Zerg players' biggest mistakes is this.

You see his probe building a pylon there ? Don't be alarmed.

The Protoss is also using his minerals to do so. And this isn't optimal for the opponent.

Whether my opponent will make the pylon or cancel it, is somewhat of a mind game.

He's cancelled the pylon.

I'll show you a fast gas, fast spire build.

Once again, at 15 supply, I make an Overlord.

You should make a habit of increasing your max supply ahead of time.

Don't depart right at the time of your appointment. Leave ahead of time.

My supply is at 17 now. I'll make another Ling.

I'll also upgrade my hatchery to a Lair at 100 gas.

The reason why I made another Ling at 17 supply, is because of the 1 Zealot timing.

I'll also upgrade Ling speed now.

You can remove your Overlord now, as its obvious what Protoss players usually do.

However, I'll hide an Overlord behind the opponent's base

All you have to do now, is make drones and put them to work.

I'll make another Ling from this hatchery.

You should have units both at your natural and main base.

This is because Zealots usually just make a run for it.

Make a spire immediately after your Lair is done.

Play with the mindset of " I'll build faster than my opponent "

It's important to build your Spire quickly.

Just target the Zealot; you don't have to try to micro your Lings really.

Just leave the Lings to work, and focus on other tasks.

I make my 4th hatchery after I've started my Spire.

This is a Spire, 5-hatchery build.

This is my 5th hatchery.

You can do whatever you want with the placement locations of your buildings.

I make Overlords at 35 supply.

It is important to make these Overlords after you've built your 5th hatchery.

I save up on my larvas.

The opponent has sent a corsair. This is a normal Protoss play.

As soon as my Spire is done, I make 4 Scourges.

I also upgrade Flyer Carapace, while making drones and sunkens.

Make sunkens right after you've made Scourges.

1 sunken is made at each natural.

I'll send a Zergling to see what my opponent is doing.

I'll then make a 6th hatchery whilst expanding.

This is the basic build against Protoss.

I'll add another sunken each at my naturals.

It is important to see what the opponent is doing with your Scourges.

As the saying goes, you'll win if you know yourself, as well as the opponent.

You can see that he went for 2 Gateways.

You can take note on when 2 Gateways are made, and also of the Zealot quantity.

I don't see many Zealots.

This is an attack & speed upgraded Zealot build.

I see a Templar Archive going up. This seems to be an attack & speed upgraded Zealot build.

You can block 2 Gateway, attack & speed upgraded Zealots with 2 sunkens.

Always remember, you can block 2 Gateway Zealots with 2 sunkens.

This is because of your " Sim City ". Block the Zealots with your buildings.

You have to make careful placements with your buildings, so that your base isn't breached.

Did you see how many Corsairs he had ?

In this case, you can just build a spore colony.

F-rank Protoss players are usually surprised by the spores when they bring their Corsairs.

Upgrade the Hydralisk speed movement capability.

You can stack-attack the Zealots with your drones.

You can see that the Zealots have fallen back.

Since some drones were killed, I'll make more of them.

Just keep in mind - drones, spores & sunkens at this time.

I'll upgrade Overlord speed.

I'll also upgrade Missile Attacks for my Hydras.

Moreover, increase your hatchery count.

How did I stack-attack with my drones before ?

Select the drones, and make them mine at their opposite position.

When they start moving, click-attack near the Zealots.

You can then pull them back to mine normally, and rinse & repeat.

You should be making Hydras at this time.

By going back & forth with your drones, the Zealots will start stuttering, and won't be able to attack your units.

This move can turn the tide when there are lots of Zealots.

My Hydras are being upgraded right now.

I'll send 1 Ling to each expansion on the mini-map to see what the opponent is doing.

I'll add another hatchery here.

I see my opponent is expanding.

I'll start to upgrade my Lair to a Hive.

You don't have to feel pressured just because your opponent is expanding.

Protoss games are usually much easier than Terran ones.

The Corsairs keep catching Overlords at my main; I should begin to suspect an attack here.

This is just an instinct; if there are Corsairs at my main, I should also expect Shuttles.

You can see at least 1 Overlord at each base. This is a must.

I'll upgrade the Lurker capability.

The Hydra's upgrade order is - speed, range, then the Lurker capability.

You can then keep making drones.

Keep track of your upgrades.

What did I tell you when you are at an advantage ?

In Protoss matches, it is a must that you keep upgrading your units.

When you are at an advantage, keep track of your upgrades, as well as making drones and putting them to work.

In Protoss matches, it is also important to build a lot of sunkens.

The opponent has a lot of units; all I have to do is add more sunkens.

Lurkers & sunkens.

Now I'll add my 3rd Evolution Chamber.

All you have to do is maintain your defense.

Sunkens & drones are all that's needed.

As you can see, the only units that are being morphed are drones.

All I'm building is drones & sunkens.

Also, make as least Hydras as possible to defend your base along with your sunkens.

Lurkers, as well.

As the opponent has started attacking my base, I begin to stack-attack my drones again.

I'll make Zerglings with my larva.

In this scenario, you should make Lings.

When you're in an emergency, you should make Zerglings.

In this case, I'll make sunkens while my Zerglings are spawning.

While I'm making sunkens, the hotkeys that I'm pressing are - 4sz, 5sz, 6sz, 7sz

Is there an observer ?

In the case that the enemy units have intruded your base,

focus on defending your base as much as possible.

While you're defending, you should think about how you're going to win the match.

I told you to focus on your defenses in this case, but as the opponent has lost all his units, I will attack him.

You must attack him at this point.

If you resist attacking, and allow your opponent to expand,

then you will be at an even greater disadvantage.

My hands are moving so fast right now, it's insane.

I keep making units. Upgrades & units.

If your defenses are broken, it might be helpful to build sunkens once again.

I've taken down the 9 o' clock expansion by rushing with my units.

What did I tell you to do at this time ?

It's crucial to balance your attacks and defenses.

Now is the time to defend.

In a Hive build,

you should make Hydras & Lings little by little.

As I told you before - sunken & drones.

This Nydus Canal is made to connect to my other expansion.

Also, look for other expansions made by your opponent.

Spread out your Overlords across the mini-map.

I see that the enemy doesn't have any other expansions.

He only has these 2 expansions because I destroyed his 3rd.

This means that he will attack me once again.

You can then make Defilers at this time.

This match is too easy.

Make your 3rd Evolution Chamber, as it was destroyed at the expansion.

I see the enemy secretly making cannons, while trying to expand.

This is why I told you to spread your Overlords out across the map.

It's important to cut off these kinds of plays.

Losing track of the enemy's expansions will allow them to earn a free ba

I've caught this Shuttle as well.

Keep making units.

And focus on your upgrades.

He's attacking because he has nothing else he can do.

He's sent all his units. He's all-in, per-say.

It's fine if he kills my drones, because all I have to do is kill these units to win.

There's an expansion here, but there's no resources left at his main & natural.

Because he only has that 1 expansion, there's no way that he can make these kinds of units again.

In Protoss matches, you can expect Shuttles when Corsairs are around.

It is a must that you should have Overlords at each base.

You should make more Overlords even as they morph as they can get caught.

The enemy will send a Dark Templar, as he kills the Overlords with Corsairs.

Pros don't usually get surprised by Dark Templars, as they're always prepared for them.

Thus, you should have these kinds of habits in Protoss matches.

In case you need to make lots of units, all you need to do is drag-select or control-click a larva.

When there are Corsairs, keep your Overlords as far away from them as possible.

And place them within the reach of nearby Hydras.

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