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Welcome to the history of the Puyo Puyo series also known as Puyo Pop in the west until the most recent game came here where the name was changed back to the original title Puyo Puyo. It’s kind of a Robotnik Eggman scenario. Hmmm Puyo Puyo doesn’t really roll off the tongue like Puyo Pop does but oh well, let’s Sega for you. Anywho in this series We’ll take a look at the major outings and glanced over every spin-off during the life of the series to this date. I must make note of the following though. This series has a history of sight series one such example being the module monogatari or story of sorcery RPG s dungeon crawler series that doesn’t focus the gameplay formula of the traditional mainline series. This series history will focus only on those that apply the Puyo Puyo puzzle format The first Puyo Puyo title was developed by compile for the Famicom disk system and MSX computer system in 1991. It was later ported to the arcades, Mega Drive, Game Gear, Gameboy, Super Famicom and PC engine CD. The game follows protagonist Arle Naga, a 16 year old with magical powers. She carries around with her her friend Carbuncle, originally a pet of Satan who was stuck with Arle since the second madou monogatari entry, being the RPG series that acts as a prequel to the events of this game in puyo puyo ever Arle has discovered a spell known as a wah mono, Which creates pure energy out of four or more coils of the same color. She decides to use this power against Satan who appears not to be the same Satan from Christian philosophy, but known as a Dark Prince. Visually appearing to be a humanoid Arle and Satan have had a rivalry since long ago in the madou monogatari series, especially after carbuncle left him for. Satan is actually infatuated with Arle and wishes to marry her. The storyline of puyo puyo isn’t made abundantly clear, but points in the direction of satan using his dark magical powers to attack kingdoms worlds and galaxies to dominate and take control over them. Arle powers through the game by defeating twelve opponents before she confronts Satan all through the power of the magical puyo puyo. Puyo Puyo was a puzzle game that expanded on the familiar tetris formula having instead of rows four or more of a corresponding color to combine this could result in killer combos which made the formula negotiable more intense than the inspiration. The Sega Game Gear port of the game actually had a second variation known as PuzlowKids Which would boot up upon putting a Japanese puyo puyo cart and an American or European Sega Game Gear This was a roughly translated version of the game, which is seen more as an easter egg as it was not legitimately sold in the Western market. Perhaps it was pending a Western release, but this information is unknown. After establishing the multiple ports of poyo poyo came the first portable iteration of poyo poyo known as not so poyo for the Sega Game Gear in 1993 it sold as a console packin for Sega’s Game Gear without the existence of a standard retail packaging It was basically poyo poyo on a smaller scale with a familiar but varied gameplay Approach while the basic formula was the same This iteration was not competitive as the original was instead the player would undergo a series of single-player quests There was no opponent just you and your ability to fend off the descending Pole The same mode existed in the Sega Game Gear port of poyo poyo making not so poyo a sort of dedicated expansion pack as per usual I won’t be covering more than the basics for the spin-off and side series titles the same year spin-off came in the form of a Sonic the Hedgehog knockoff this was called. Dr. Robotnik’s mean bean machine Developed by compiled in 1993 for the Sega Genesis and later for the Sega Game Gear and Sega Master System The game is essentially a reskin of poyo poyo for the western market Which was then a reskin of the poyo poyo port to the Sega Game Gear and Master System with characters replaced with those from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon television show the same year after success of the first installment another Sega Game Gear title came in the form of a sequel to not suppose called Nats Apoyo – the same year as its first entry in 1993 It featured a hundred new puzzles and a brand-new battery safe system The following year came the third game in the not suppose side series called not suppose aural no grew in 1994 It had a new adventure hub world with some elements scattered in from the module monogatari RPG series above all however It was still a poyo poyo game by Nature three years after the first entry of poyo poyo came, its official sequel poyo poyo Sue released in 1994 What a smash hit this turned out to be it was first released in the arcades where it took Japan by storm

european roulette free game downloadWhat a smash hit this turned out to be it was first released in the arcades where it took Japan by storm it was such an explosive time for the series that it managed to be the next biggest arcade release in Japan since the release of Street Fighter 2 it went onto platforms such as the Sega Mega Drive Sega Game Gear Sega Saturn and Eventually a long-overdue Super Famicom release the story of poyo poyo Su follows are Olajuwon Segen now find your opponents in a tower that selects opponents in game via roulette Satan has set up a tower in an attempt to win over our land in the process capture Carbuncle to return to him as his pet aural comes to settle the score with no intentions of fulfilling Satan’s desire three months after the Super Famicom released came a remixed variation of the original This was an improved version of the game called super poyo. Poyo 2 remix which allowed up to 4 players to play without the need of multi-tap peripheral as Computer players would fill up the extra slots It also featured two new extended training and special modes to explore This version was then ported over to the pc engine called poyo poyo CD 2 from there came ports to the PlayStation Windows PCs Gameboy Even the PlayStation 2 of all things under the name Sega ages 2500 series vol 12 poyo poyo sooo Perfect set a port of the generally considered best version of the game being its port to the Sega Saturn With better graphics and higher-quality sound this game went everywhere everywhere, except the us. Hold on. It actually did in some form It came as a Neo Geo pocket color port. Yeah, this game went everywhere The next year came a knockoff in the form of a Kirby spin-off This was called Kirby’s Avalanche developed by compiled in 1995 for the Super Nintendo. The game was like Robotnik’s mean bean machine Essentially a reskin of poyo poyo for the western market with characters replaced with those from the Kirby franchise Meanwhile, the not-so coil side series was developing another entry in 1995 The Super Famicom was home to the first home console not so poem super not Sapporo No, Roo It consisted of two modes arles Roo and rules Roo Karlsruhe serves as a remake of the third not so coils game mode Rules Ruis entually acts as an expansion to the prior mode. Another knockoff came in the same year This was called quirks developed by Big Bang software incorporated in 1995 for the DOS computer system Licensed for production by poyo poyo series creator compile the game is seen as a PC adaptation of poyo poyo It features fully animated monsters in the middle of the screen as the player’s opponents Two years after sue came the third entry in the mainline series This was popoyo son developed by compiled and released in the arcades for 1996 arriving shortly after for the Sega Saturn Nintendo 64 Sony Playstation Windows PC and gameboy color It featured a short cinematic introduction a first for its series being on the next generation of system consoles he utilized sprite work as a basis for the cinematography for their anime styled cutscenes the story begins when satan checks out a magazine that emphasizes the desire for tan skin granting female attention Satan then uses his magic to expand the size of the Sun to create a tropical environment in which to tan his skin our protagonist Aural finds the Sun to be far too hot and sees Satan’s castle as the source of this outstanding heat from there the game plays Out as the rest have in the series prior history While Sun wasn’t the massive success that sue was it has reigned as one of the great classics The same year came the second entry in the super not suppose series known as Super not suppose. Sue Lulu No, Tetsu enhan jukey developed by compiled for the Super Famicom in 1996 It was the last game in the not so pale series The gameplay is similar those absent of aural as a playable character raloo is the only playable character in this sequel three years after Sun came the fourth entry in the main line series known as Puyo Puyo n Developed by compiled for the Sega Dreamcast in 1999 Which later came to the Nintendo 64 Sony Playstation and Game Boy Color Premiering on the comparatively powerful Dreamcast console compiled saw the opportunity to expand with the added file space this introduced full cinematics to the game Animated in the typical style of Japanese anime in poyo poyo and a poyo poyo circus had been created where our will goes to visit And enjoy the surrounding events She enters one of the tents, which is shortly after revealed to be led by satan as the ringmaster Satan asks for a volunteer arles pet aka Satan’s old friend carbuncle goes forward in what is soon to be revealed as a

european roulette free game downloadarles pet aka Satan’s old friend carbuncle goes forward in what is soon to be revealed as a disappearing act after the show aural is unable to find where carbuncle disappeared – which leads her on a search for her lost pet as She continues on she comes across familiar antagonists that she must battle with poyo in. Hope of getting answers of carbuncles absence Poyo poyo box was the next release coming exclusively to the sony playstation in the year 2000 It was a compilation title of sorts consisting of modes from prior iterations of Koya Koya It’s also the last poem oil made before Sega purchase rights to the series making this the last poem oil game to ever be developed by the Unfortunately bankrupt compile The game has many modes to play from including ports of poyo poyo and poyo poyo sooo The player can choose between multiple different playing styles like that in the first two games along with Sun and n there were new four player battles and team battles to take place in even a special multiplayer mode known as treasure mode Minute apoyo poll was developed by a branch of Sega known as the Sonic Team Labeled as an effort to bring interest to the series when localizing it to the Western market it came to the Game Boy Advance in 2001 and was the last game in the series to Exclusively feature the madhu era cast of characters Sega went with an earlier Localization title being poil pop as it was called in the suport for the Neo Geo pocket color they would continue to use this name for the series in the Western market up until the release of poyo poyo Tetris in 2014 this side entry was named after the extended multiplayer mode from poyo poyo su But in the West was given the title of POI a pop as to reintroduce the series due to the obscurity the rather Forgotten Neo Geo pocket color game Sega’s first attempts of the series is considered not to be a part of the mainline series of poyo poyo games For a considerably long time after minute. Apoyo boil the madhu era cast would not be seen or used in the series of games seemingly abandoned for a new generation a character is conceptualized by Sonic Team Sega’s most noteworthy accomplishment in the poyo poyo series just might be its publishing a poyo poyo fever in 2003 Otherwise known as pol pop fever in the West it was introduced in the arcades with ports to almost every console platform in its time This main line entry was sent across the world to gather new and old fans alike with a brand new set of characters and story said story follows Amity the new hero of poyo poyo as she tends the primp town Magic School to learn about casting magical spells using Poyo her teacher accord has misplaced her flying cane and provides a reward for whoever finds it handy Then comes across new characters battling with poyo spells for information on the situation the next oil game may be the least important piece of poyo poyo history in 2004 came poyo poyo DX a mobile j2me game that has been entirely lost exception being to existing screenshots It bears a resemblance to minute apoyo But whether or not this would be considered a port of that game is up for debate Another j2me game was next in its history poyo. Poyo mobile in 2005 It exists in a single playing field like in Natsu Pole, but follows the formula is the original poyo poyo In fact actually start sorrel in the form of a few basic sprite background layers Perhaps this was simply due to their already being a sprite set for oral The game is endless with multiple modes of difficulty It exists as a basis for collecting high scores But has no depth beyond this the same year came a spin-off Cadoo Gehrke dawn horror, which is a horror No poyo poyo for the Game Boy Advance in 2005 developed by Bondi exclusively in Japan It featured a cast of characters from the Mobile Suit Gundam robot anime two years after the original poyo Poyo fever came its sequel poyo poyo fever 2 in 2005 being the next main entry in the series Unlike the first entry the game stayed exclusive to Japan Perhaps for the lackluster performance in the West it was developed by Sonic Team for the PlayStation 2 with PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS arriving the next month the first game add three courses its sequel stepped it up with nine courses divided by three for three of the Series at the time main characters a Madeira fauna and cig each course has a different story A MIDI spots a visitor wizard other school in her story arc known as lem hrus Raveena’s course has her stop a character known as Klug who has become possessed by one of his books six stories similar

european roulette free game download Raveena’s course has her stop a character known as Klug who has become possessed by one of his books six stories similar

european roulette free game downloadRaveena’s course has her stop a character known as Klug who has become possessed by one of his books six stories similar Dama, DS and raffinose with him challenging classmates in battles of poyo It features a few twists one such involving a cross between Rafina story arc In 2006 it was the 15th anniversary for poyo poyo Which was celebrated with poyo poyo 15th anniversary for the Nintendo DS considered to be a side series entry It was later ported to the PlayStation 2 PlayStation Portable and Nintendo Wii It featured a return for various characters from the module era cast like Satan Andrew Liu which were unlockable in the story mode in tandem The game revisits gameplay rules of poyo poyo as well as Pocoyo. Sue making it a proper anniversary celebration for the series as a whole 2007 had just one pole game being a j2me mobile adaptation of poyo poyo fever called poyo poyo fever habanero it Focuses on the habanero pepper as a theme for the game in a similar reflection of the food focus of not-so coil on the Sega Game Gear of the previous decade There is very little known about this game as it has been considered lost media with just a few existing screenshots rumor Has it that it played like poyo poyo fever to indesign? 2008 spawn just one form of poyo madness being columns deluxe It had the same deluxe banner as Super Monkey Ball deluxe released years prior Columns deluxe was an iOS game that was ported to the j2me platforms It is actually the most recent individual columns game made the game was developed by Sega which featured a columns mode following the rule set Of columns three and a poem poem mode following the rule set of poyo poyo Sue the iOS release was removed form iTunes in 2015 The next year came poyo poyo fever touch for the android iOS and windows mobile platforms in 2009 developed by mobile content R&D It was not made available in western download services This game had a free alternative for players known as poet oil fever touch light It was a part of the Sega Collection app on the iTunes Store but has been removed post-2015 Possibly due to newer firmware and hardware and compatibilities without available patches. It has also been removed from other online services since 2009 was not devoid of a main line entry for the series coming four years after its last entry in 2005 This was the longest time span between mainline entries for the series which has since been beaten as of this game as there has not Been a mainline entry since poyo poyo 7 was this entry released on the Nintendo DS in 2009 followed by Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Portable Ports the first time playing through the story The only playable character will be on do ringo a new protagonist who is taught by original protagonist aural how to battle of poyo Many characters return from previous games such as Satan skeleton T lemmas and more from both Pre-existing eras of care ders the story follows Ringo who spots a bright light in the sky that suddenly floods the school of poyo aural Her teacher begins to catch some sort of mysterious headache who then runs off Now Ringo must find a way to stop the poyo from flooding the school poyo poyo 7 featured five modes being poyo poyo poyo poyo Su poyo poyo fever mission poyo in the newly introduced transformation mode This mode would change you to either your younger or older self which changes the gameplay field and size apoyo 2011 hatched the poyo poyo mobile minigames, which were made available through Sega’s poyo Sega subscription service It included games like poyo poyo na reveille poyo poyo fever rhythm and many other sega licensed games These are similar but not quite the same as the traditional gameplay formula the service cost at 300 yen. Pre-tax per month which translates roughly to three US dollars it was available for Android DoCoMo au Softbank and Y mobile phones in Japan, it serves as a replacement for Sega’s Sonic cafe Which provided games for j2me platforms before the widespread adoption of Android devices in? 2011 it was the 20th anniversary poyo poyo and like the 15th anniversary. It received a side series game to celebrate Appropriately called poyo poyo 20th anniversary for the Nintendo DS ported later the Nintendo 3ds PlayStation Portable and Nintendo Wii consoles It has many similarities of the 15th anniversary game with returning characters from the three Casting generations from madhu poyo fever And now including the cast of poi l7 It features some new modes as well such as palm oil Sun and mega poi rush new gimmicks include mini poi excavation cross spinner quartet and more in 2013 Another spin-off was made called poyo poyo quest arcade later being ported to the iOS and Android mobile platforms It featured a mix of puzzle and RPG elements the arcade machine was connected to a service that had the game in a database as with the nature of such a thing this meant

european roulette free game downloadthe arcade machine was connected to a service that had the game in a database as with the nature of such a thing this meant The status of the game was entirely at the hands of the developers of Sonic Team in March of 2017 The service was officially discontinued and cabinets were removed from arcades It is now impossible to play the original arcade game The portable iteration of the game uses a twist of digital and card play alongside the puzzle and RPG elements It is a noteworthy inclusion of the series as a reintroduce old characters and had brought in some new ones this edition of poyo poyo Quest still functions, but the game is only available to download in Japanese digital stores Hatsune Miku isn’t a part of the popo series But that didn’t stop her from joining forces with the poyo formula and poyo poyo 39 a minigame that took place in project – for the Nintendo 3ds in 2013 Project Mirai – is a dancing rhythm game puzzle based in nature, but far off for more traditional puzzle styles of gameplay It involves button mashing and quick thinking sounds like PO but a different beast altogether Still you have Sega to thank for letting these two worlds collide the gameplay in the mini game is seen as a stripped down version of poyo poyo based on the formula poyo poyo su Playing through the mini game will unlock aural and Satan costumes to be used in game The next year was the crazy crossover event that nobody expected poyo poyo versus tetris in 2014 This ambitious project was released first on the Nintendo 3ds Followed by the Wii U PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita with ports coming to the PlayStation 4 Xbox one Nintendo switch and PC further on it was the first Western release of a poyo poyo game for some time and is also the most recent Western release this side series game featured two conjoined Universes allowing and suggesting battles to be played between two players playing between two different games player one could be playing poyo poyo While player two could be playing tetris and the two would actually be competing for the same ultimate goal in 2015 came a new mobile iteration apoyo file called poyo poyo touch for the Android and iOS platforms It was a free-to-play game with a new mechanic called paint to clear which would have the player able to copy a pole color to adjacent ones when trying to make form or combine like with poyo poyo Quest Arcade the service was Discontinued it closed in September of 2016 making it now impossible to be played 2016 was the 25th anniversary for poyo poyo and as per usual with the last anniversaries He received a game to celebrate this occasion in 2016 came poyo poyo chronicles developed by Sonic Team for the Nintendo 3ds Unlike the 15th and 20th anniversary games this celebration used 3d characters opposed to the old 2d Ellis trations the series has been known for It also contains an RPG mode which has players play as aural trying to find her way back home there’s even a new mode called skill battle for players to familiarize themselves with Many other characters from past entries are here even a new character called Ally Characters can join your party as in traditional RPG norms with over 60 side quests to explore now Here’s what I consider to be a bonus mention compile. The original series creators went bankrupt after poyo poyo box on the sony playstation However, recently there had been an uprising compile has returned in April of 2016 developing a new game called gnocchi gnocchi today She headed for the Nintendo 3ds Japanese eShop it is a game that clearly takes many inspirations from the original concepts for There will be more gnocchi gnocchi games to come in the future, but that is a topic for someone else to explore So, what is the future hold for poyo poyo a 30th anniversary game Probably which would come out in 2021 if such a thing ever happens between now and then who knows the series has had many many Entries so for one to come out before then is anyone’s guess we can assume though that it won’t make it to the western market It is proven many times over that only the most unique variants will garner mainstream attention here Which is a shame for us poil fans now admittedly. I’m not a huge fan of the series I do love the traditional game play and I think the characters are adorable But I didn’t have much exposure to it before making this video. Dr Robotnik’s mean bean machine is one of my favorite games which introduced me to this wonderful series of games I did really enjoy my game sessions of pop fever back in the day as well. Sure I think there might be a few too many poipoi spin-offs and obscure mobile games, but that’s all a part of business and finances I suppose It is a shame that many of these are now considered lost media due to the lack of support from the developers There are many many pointed games that I didn’t mention in this video These were just the ones that focused on the traditional puzzle gameplay of the series There’s a large RPG side series random spin-offs and also cameos There’s one instance where they fell into the Sonic the Hedgehog universe canonically with the sonic runners collaboration event Genuinely feels like a fanfiction but in reality that’s how most adventures are made in the first place from originality to borderline Obscurity this has been the lengthy series history of the poyo poyo puzzle games as of this date Thanks for sticking around and have yourself a great week