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ODESSA FILM STUDIO Alexander KAIDANOVSKYas Philip Lombard Tatiana DRUBICHas Vera Claythorne Ludmila MAKSAKOVAas Emily Brent Anatoly ROMASHINas Doctor Armstrong Vladimir ZELDINas Judge Lawrence Wargrave Mikhail GLUZSKYas General Macarthur Alexei ZHARKOVas William Blore Alexander ABDULOVas Anthony Marston Good day, gentelmen. Youíre for Indian Island, maybe?Take me with you. Irina TERESHCHENKOas Ethel Rogers Alexei ZOLOTNITSKYas Thomas Rogers in TEN LITTLE INDIANS Based on the novelby Agatha Christie Directed byStanislav GOVORUKHIN Director of PhotographyGennady ENGSTREM Production DesignerValentin GIDULYANOV Music by Nikolai KORNDORF English subtitles byBoris BULGAKOV and Zora K. Must be difficult to land here in dirty weather. Canít land on Island whenthereís a southeasterly. Sometimes this cut offfor a week or more. My name is Lombard, Philip Lombard.You may call me Captain Lombard. – Vera Claythorne. – Do you knowthis part of the world well? No, never before. I havenít everseen my employer yet. – Your employer?- Yes, Iím Mrs. Owenís secretary. – Isnít that rather unusual?- Oh, no. I donít think so. Her own secretarywas suddenly taken ill and she wired to an agencyfor substitute and they sent me. – And suppose you donít like it?- So what? Itís only temporary -a holiday post. Iíve got a permanent jobat a girls’ school. At a matter of fact frightfully thrilledat the prospect of seeing Indian Island. Thereís been sucha lot about it in the papers. At first, they were saying that somekind of American movie star bought it. After that – millionaire Owen. What are they like?Tell me, please. Good evening, gentlemen. Mr. Owen unfortunatelydelayed unable to get here till tomorrow.- Good start. Instruction – everythingthey wanted – if they would like to goto their rooms? – Dinner would be at 8 oíclock.- Itís late. The house with insects.Itís true. Really. – Itís impossible, Miss Brent.- Everybody says that and then nothingcan be done. Let me help you. Sorry sir, your room upstairs. This way, please. I hope youíve goteverything you want, Miss? Iím Mrs. Owenís new secretary.I expect you know that. No, Miss. I donít know anything. Just a list of the ladiesand gentlemen and what roomsthey were to have. Mrs. Owen didnít mention me?

english riddles with answers pdfMrs. Owen didnít mention me? I havenít seen Mrs. Owen not yet.We only came 2 days ago. May I go? Ten little Indian boys went out to dine… Ten little Indian boys went out to dine; One choked his little selfand then there were nine. Nine little Indian boys sat up very late; …sat up very late; One overslept himselfand then there were eight. Eight little Indian boystravelling in Devon; One said he’d stay thereand then there were seven. 10 minutes ago I regrettedthat I came here. – Quaint these things, arenít they?- Yes, they are. – How many are there?- Ten there are. One, two, threeÖ Possibly they are in order.This one is a chief. Theyíre 10 little Indian boysof the nursery rhyme. In my bedroom the rhymeis hung up over mantelpiece. – In mine.- In mine too. – In mine.- In my room too. I think the owner must be goingthrough his second childhood. Doctor, díyou knowConstance Culmington? Iím afraid, I donít. Itís of no consequence.Very vague woman – and practicallyunreadable handwriting. I was just wondering if Iíd cometo the wrong place. I had the same thought. Mrs. Oliver has been luckyto get this servant. Oliver? Did you say Oliver? – Yes.- Mrs. Owen. – Iíve never met any one called Owen.- Ladies and gentlemen! Silence, please! You are chargedwith the following indictments. Doctor Armstrong,that you did upon the 14th day of March, ’29,cause the death of Mary Clees. Emily Brent, that uponthe 5th of November, ’31, you were responsible for the deathof Beatrice Taylor. William Blore, that you broughtabout the death, of James Landoron October 5th, ’28. Vera Elizabeth Claythorne, that on the 11th day of August, ’35, killed Cyril Hamilton. Captain Lombard, that upona date in February, ’32, you were guilty of the death of 20 men,members of an East African tribe. General Macarthur,you deliberately sent your wife’s lover, Arthur Richmond,to his death. Anthony Marston, were guiltyof the murder of John and Lucy Combes! Ethel and Thomas Rogers,you brought about the death of Jennifer Brady. Lawrence Wargrave, that uponthe 10th day of June, ’30, you were guilty of the murderof Edward Seton. Prisoners, have you anything to sayin your defence? Doctor, quick! Itís nothing. Sheís fainted,thatís all. Rogers, water! Help, please! Put her here. Whatís happened to me? Just one sip,

english riddles with answers pdfJust one sip, youíll feel better. What a horrible voice. Where have I heard that voice? Whatís going on here? What kind of practicaljoke was that? Ah, here we are. What? Ladies and gentlemen!Silence, please! Turn it off!Turn it off! Thatís just nerves. Now Mrs. Rogers will be better.Sheís fainted, thatís all. Because of the voice.What a horrible voice. It sounded like a sentence. I have to make a statement,gentlemen, itís a heinous lie from start to end. – A disgraceful and heartless practical joke.- So you think itís a joke, do you? Thereís one thingyouíve forgotten. – Who the devil turned the thingon and set it going? – Rogers? Yes, Sir? Who put the record on the gramophone?Wasnít you, Rogers? I didnít know what it was.Before God, I didnít know, sir. That is probably true. But I thinkyouíd better explain. – I was just obeying orders, sir.- Whose orders? Mr. Owenís. I wasto start the gramophone, after Iíd gonewith the coffee tray. – A very remarkable story.- I didnít know what it was. I swear to God, it hada name on it, I thought it wasjust a piece of music. Was there a title on it? Quite right, Sir.It was titled ìSwan Songî. The whole thing is preposterous! Slinging accusation about like this! – This fellow Owen whoever he isÖ- Thatís just it, who is he? Now then we must getto the bottom of this. Rogers! Yes, Sir? – Who is this Mr. Owen?- He owns this place, Sir. We are aware of the fact,Rogers. What do you yourselfknow about the man? I canít say, Sir. You see,Iíve never seen him. Youíve never seen him?What díyer mean? My wife and I were engagedby letter through an agency. The ìReginaî Agency. Old established firm. We are to arrive on a certain day. Everything was in order.Just needed dusting and that. And then yesterday I gotanother letter from Mr. Owen. It said he was detainedand to do the best we couldÖ – To do the best!- And gave the instruction about dinner and gramophone plate. – Surely youíve got that letter?- Yes, sir. Here you are. Headed Ritz Hotel and typewritten.- If youíll just let me have a look. ìCoronationî machine. Quite new – no defects. Ensign paper.

english riddles with answers pdf Ensign paper.

english riddles with answers pdfEnsign paper. ìU.N. Owenî. Got some fancy Christiannames, hasnít he? Ulick Norman Owen. Quite a mouthful. Thereís something verypeculiar about of this. I received a letter with a signaturethat was not easy to read. It purported to befrom Mrs. Oliver I had met at a summerresort 2 years ago. She invited me to this Island where, supposedly, opened a pensionwith a good cuisine and without the newfangled fashions: half-nakedyouth and music until morning. – You have that letter, Miss Brent.- Yes, I will fetch it for you. Please, stay here. Marston? What? Got a wire.From a pal of mine, because I had an ideahe had gone to Norway. Told me to roll up here.Thatís all. General? Got a letter fromthis fellow Owen mentioned some old pals of minewho were to be here. Letter? Havenít kept the letter.Iím afraid. I was invited as a doctor. From the letter I understood thatthe husband was worried about his wife. He wants to find out her health condition,but so as not to disturb her. She refuses to see a doctor.Nerves, you know. – There was a check in the letter.- I see. You had no previousacquaintanceship with the family? No. A colleague of minewas mentioned in the letter. To give verisimilitudeÖ And that colleague, I presume,was momentarily out of touch with you. Yes. At the moment I am interestedin a minor point. Amongst the names recited was thatof William Blore. But there is no onenamed Blore amongst us. The name of Davis was not mentioned. What have you to sayabout that, Mr. Davis? Mister Davis? What? Catís out of the bag,it seems. Iíd better admit thatmy name isnít Davis. – You are William Blore?- Thatís right. Not only are you hereunder a false name but in addition youírea first-class liar. You claim to have come from Natal, South Africa. Iím prepared to swearyouíve never been there. – Now then, any expectation?- You gentlemen have got me wrong. Iíve got my credentials. Iím ex- C.I.D. manof Scotland Yard. – I was put on this job.- By whome? This man Owen. Encloseda handsome money order. I was posing as a guestand keep weather eye open. I was given all your names. – Any reason given?- Of course!

english riddles with answers pdf– Any reason given?- Of course! Mrs. Owenís jewels – plague take ëem! Sweet company!There is nothing to say. And I, an old bird wascaught with chaff! To my mind, Mrs.Owendoes not exist at all! Your conclusions are,I think, justified. The letters we got were bearingthe signature “U.N.Owen” – “Unowen”, that’s to say -anonym. – But this is fantastic-mad!- Oh, yes. You are right. Iíve no doubt in my own mindthat we have been invited here by a madman – probablya dangerous homicidal lunatic. Whoever it was whoenticed us here, that person has takenthe trouble to find out a good deal about us all. – A pack of damn lie!- Itís iniquitous! A lieÖ a wicked lieÖWe never did – neither of us. Our unknown friend accusesme of the murder of one Edward Seton. He was charged with the murderof an eldery woman. He made a good impressionon the jury. Somebody thought thatnot doubt of the verdict and acquittalpractically certain. Nevertheless, on the evidence,he was certainly guilty. I summed up accordingly, and the jury brought ina verdict of guilty. I wish to say that my consciencein perfectly clear on the matter. I did my duty and nothing more. Did you know Seton at all?I mean previous to the case. I knewÖÖnothing of SetonÖ Öprevious to the case. Iíd like to tell youabout that boy. I was nursery governessfor him. We lived by the sea. He was forbidden to swim out far. One day, when my attentionwas distracted, he started off. I swam after himÖI couldnít get there in timeÖ It was awfulÖ But it wasnít my fault. At the inquest theinvestigator exonerated me. And his mother -she was so kind. I donít know, why should thisawful thing he said? – Itís not fair.- Don’t worry, my dear. Of course itís not true.Itís lieÖ Fellowís a madman.A madman! Got a bee in his bonnet! Best really to leave this sortof thing unanswered. However, feel I ought to say – no truth whatever in what he saidabout young Arthur Richmond. Richmond was one of my officers.I sent him on a reconnaissance. He was killed. Natural courseof events in war time. Wish to say resent very much ñslur on my wife. Best woman in the world. – About those nativesÖ- Yes, what about them? Storyís quite true!I left ëem! Matter of self-preservation. I and a couple of fellows whatfood there was and cleared out. Shame on you! You are an officer. You abandoned your men -left them to starve? Not quite the act of a pukkasahib, Iím afraid. But self-preservationa manís first duty. And natives donít mind dying,you know, as Europeans do. – Oh my God!- You left them to die? Yes, indeed. Why are you lookingat me like that? I donít understand anything at all. I killed John and Lucy Combes!I killed!.. Absurd! Delusion! I killed… That’s right… Must have been a coupleof kids I ran over near Cambridge. – Beastly bad luck.- For them, or for you? It was a pure accident. By the way, I had my licenseendorsed for a year. This speedingís all wrong! Young men like youare a danger to the community. Speedís come to stay. I’m sorry. Are you waiting for meto say something? – I have nothing to say.- Nothing, Miss Brent? Nothing. You reserve your defence? There is no questionsof defence. I have always acted in accordancewith my dictates of my conscience. I have nothing with whichto reproach myself. What about yourself,Mr. Bloor? What about me? Your name was includedin the list. Ah! Landor, you mean? I rememberÖ Landor was convictedon your evidence. He got penal servitude for life and died in Dartmoor a year later. – He was a delicate man.- He was a crook. You were complimented,I think, on your able hanging of the case. I got my promotion. I was only doing my duty. What a duty-loving, law-abiding lot we all seem to be! Myself excepted, of course. What about you, doctor – and your littleprofessional mistake? Illegal operation, was it? Iím at a loss to understandthe matter. The name meant nothingto me when it was spoken. What was it – Clees? Close? I really canít remember havinga patient of that name. It might possibly be one of myoperation cases in hospital. Yes, they come too late, so many of these people. Then, when the patient dies, theyalways consider itís the surgeonís fault. I, too, used to find myselfin such situations. If I might just say a word, gentlemen. – Go ahead, Rogers.- There was a mention of me and Mrs. Rogers. And of Miss Brady… We started working for Ms. Bradywhen she had already been ill. There was a storm,sir, that night she was taken bad. The telephonewas out of order. We couldnít getthe doctor for her. I went for him on foot.But he get there too late. Weíd done everythingpossible for her. Devoted to her, we were.Any one will tell you the same. Come into a little somethingat her death, though? Eh? Miss Brady left us a legacyin recognition of our faithful services. And why not,Iíd like to know? Our inquiry rest there. – Now, Rogers,..- Yes, Sir? Öwho else is there on this islandbesides you and your wife? Nobody at all, Sir. – Are you sure of that?- Quite sure, Sir. I suggest that weleave tonight. – But thereís no boat on the island.- No boat at all? – No, sir. – How do youcommunicate with the mainland? The boat comes overevery morning, sir. It brings the breadand the milk and the post. Well, Iíll leave tomorrow morning. – Yes, you are right. – Ought to ferretout the mystery before we go. The whole thing’slike a detective story. We have to figure it out. A stranger challenged us. I am ready to take it up. Heís dead. Díyou mean the fellow just choked and died? In the midst of lifewe are in death. Poison? Yes. Everything points to oneof the Cyanides. Probably Potassium Cyanide.It acts instantaneously. It was not in the whiskey. It was in his glass? Seems like it. You mean – he must have putthe stuff in his glass himself? Suicide, eh?Thatís a queer go. Marston was notthe kind of a guy to commit suicide like that. I want to swim outto the rock, Miss Claythorne. – But please.- No Cyril, I can’t. – Please…- It’s too far. Miss Vera, but please,let me swim to that rock. I love you, Vera. I canít ask you to marry me. Iíve not got a penny. Although, just recentlyI considered myself rich until a baby boy was born. If a girl was born instead, I would haveinherited the title and the fortune. You know, everything in lifeis a matter of luck. My Cyril is a sweet boy. I grew so fond of him. ìTen little Indian boys went out to dine;One choked his little selfÖî One choked his little selfÖ – Who is it?- Doctor. – What is it?- Itís the wife, doctor. I canít get her to wake. – Dressing-gown.- Yes, yes. Here, here it is. Yes, sheís gone. Is sheÖ SheÖ Did she take things before,Rogers? To make her sleep? She didnít have nothinglast night, sir, except what you gave her, DoctorÖ What is it with him today?He forgot to give me coffee. You must excuse anyshortcomings this morning. Rogers had to preparethe breakfast himself for Mrs. Rogerscould not help him. She died in her sleep. Very remarkableÖ How awful! Two death on this island. It might have been heartfailure, I suppose? Her heart certainly failed to beat -but what caused it to fail is the question. – Conscience!- What do you mean by that? You all heard, she was accused,together with her husband, of having deliberately murderedher former employer. You all sawher last night. She broke down completelyand fainted. The shock of havingher wickedness brought home to her was too much for her. Thatís carrying thingsa bit far, Mrs. Brent. You regard it asimpossible that a sinner should be struck down by the wrathof God! I do not! Mrs. Brent, Providence leavesthe work of conviction and chastisement to us mortals. Allow for the moment that Rogers and his missuspolished of that old lady. Well, where does that get you? Theyíve been feeling quite safe and happy about it. No, I donít think Mrs. Rogers ever felt safe. Thatís as may be. Anyway thereís no active dangerto them as far as they know. Then, last night, some unknownlunatic spills the beans. The woman cracks -she goes to pieces. Notice how her husbandhung over her? Not all husbandly solicitude! He was like a cat on hot bricks. Scared out of his lifeas to what she might say, if the whole thingís goingto be racked up. Ten to one, the womanwill give the show away. She hasnít got the nerveto stand up and brazen it out. Sheís a living dangerto her husband thatís what she is. So he slips somethinginto a cup of tea. There was no emptycup by her bedside. Of course there wouldnít be! First thing heíd do would beto take that cup and saucer awayÖ – But I should hardly thinkÖ- Öand wash it up carefully. But I should hardly think it possiblethat a man would do that – to his wife. When a manís neckís in danger, he doesnít stop tothink about sentiment. Is there anything moreI can get you? Iím sorry but weíveright run out of bread. The boat never came,and the food was not brought. What time does the motorboat usually come over? Between seven and eight, sir. Sorry to hear aboutyour wife, Rogers. Doctorís just been telling us. – Thank you, sir.- Accept my condolences. – We are all sorry.- So am I. Thank you. Excuse me. Itís not an accident ñ thatíswhat I say, Mister Lombard. Itís part and parcel of the wholebusiness. Itís all bound up together. The motor boat wonít come,you think? Of course it wonít come. You think not too, General? Weíre counting on the motor boatto take us off the island. Weíre not goingto leave the island. Itís the end, you see -the end of everything. Thatís peace – real peace. It’s meaningless to undertake anything. Meaningless…useless. There goes another one whoís balmy. Looks as though itíll endwith the whole lot going that way. I donít fancy you will, Blore. It wouldnít take me off my head. And I donít think youíll begoing that way, Mr. Lombard. Please, sir, if I could have word with you. – Whatís the matter, man?- Inside, sir, come in here. Thereís things going on that I donítunderstand. Youíll think Iím crazy. Donít go on talkingin riddles, Rogers. Itís those little china figures.Ten of them, there are. Iíll swear to that, ten of them. Yes, ten. We counted themlast night at dinner. Thatís just it, sir. Last night,when I was cleaning up, there wasnít but nine. I noticed it and thought it queer.But thatís all I thought. But now see for yourself, thereís only eight! Only eight. Do you really think what yousaid at breakfast, Miss Brent? What do you mean? Do you really think that Rogersand his wife did away with that old lady? It’s not my business. But, Miss Brent, if it trueÖ Well, there is that Mr. Lombard.He admits to having abandoned20 men to their death. – They were only nativesÖ- Black or white, they are our brothers.My own caseÖ Well, I was not goingto say anything last night. It was not a fit subjectto discuss before gentlemen. Beatrice Taylor was in service with me.She was very clean and willing. It was some time beforeI found out that she was what they call “in trouble”. Naturally I did not keep heran hour under my roof. Her parents were decent folk.They did not condone her sin. What happened to her? The abandoned creaturecommitted a still graver sin. She killed herself? Yes, she threw herselfinto the river. What did you feel like whenyou knew sheíd done that? Weren’t you sorry? Didnít you blame yourself? I had nothing with whichto reproach myself. Her own action, her own sin that was what drove her to it. Remember: life is whatyou make of it. And the past concerns meonly as much as I want it. Go ahead and don’t look back! I asked Rogers this morning whatthis Miss Brady had suffered from. You know, his answerwas enlightening. I don’t need to gointo medical details, but in a certain formof cardiac trouble, amylnitrite is used. When an attack comeson an ampoule of amylnitrite is broken and it is inhaled.If amyl nitrite were withheld well, the consequences mighteasily be fatal. – It must have been rather tempting.- No arsenic, no positive action just negation! And, even if any one knew,nothing could ever be proved. There are crimes that cannot bebrought home to their perpetrators. Instance, the Rogersesí.Another instance, old Wargrave, who committed his murderstrictly within the law. Everyone knew that Setonwas innocent. Who doesn’t remember that trial? Clearly, the judgesimply got even with him. Wargrave murdered Edward as ifheíd stuck a stiletto through him. I could continue with examples, doctor. I am listening Murder on the Operating Table.Safe as houses! All right, all right, there issome truth in this accusation. I was very hungover whenI was operating then. You know, hands shaking,nerves all to pieces. Now weíre getting down to it. Whatísthe real purpose of getting us all here? What do you think? If you tell me thatAnthony Marston, a young bull with no nervesand precious little brains, got the wind up over havingmoved down a couple of kids and deliberately put himselfout of the way ñ well, the ideaís laughable! – Anthony Marston was murdered,of course. – And Mrs. Rogers? I could believe in Mrs. Rogersí deathif it werenít for Anthony Marston. Two murdered. And two figurines have disappeared? The man must be a raving maniac! Thereís one thingMr. Owen didnít realize. We shall make short workof searching it. – What do you mean? In no time. Heíll be dangerous. Iíll be dangerous whenI get hold of him! Climbs like a cat, doesn’t he? But I wouldn’t trust him a yard. Why? Did you happen to bring a gunalong with you, doctor? Me? Why should I? Why did Mr. Lombard? It’s under his belt. I suppose – habit. Itís only in books peoplecarry guns around as a matter of course. Ah! Itís you! Do you like sitting herelooking out to sea? Yes, itís pleasant. – Itís a good place to wait.- To wait? What are you waiting for? The end. But I think you knowthat, donít you? Weíre all waiting for the end. What do you mean? None of us are goingto leave the island. Thatís the Mr. Owenís plan. You know it, of course, perfectly. What, perhaps, you canítÖ Öunderstand is theÖ Örelief! The relief? You see, I loved Leslie. I loved her very much. – Was Leslie your wife?- I loved her and I was proud of her. Thatís why… I did it. You meanÖ Itís not much good denying it nownot when weíre all going to die. I sent Richmond to his death.It was murder. I had no regrets. – But afterwardsÖ- Well, afterwards? AfterwardsÖ I donít know if Leslie ever guessedÖ But sheíd gone far away where I couldnít reach her. And then she diedand I was alone. Youíll be glad, too, when the end comes. I donít know what you mean! I know, my child, I know. Let’s search the house, and thenthe island once more thoroughly. But this time you will bethe one to go down. Quiet – listen. – Is this Rogers’ bedroom?- But that’s where Mrs. Rogers’ body is. Of course! Best hiding placehe could have chosen! Iím sorry, gentlemen. I wasjust moving my things. I take it there will be no objection… if I take one of the vacantguest chambers on the floor below? The smallest room. – Of course… Of course…- Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. Sorry. Iíd like to know what drug it was. Letís get finished. I feel it in my bones weíre notgoing to find anything. Doctor, you did give her some dope,you know. Dope? You said yourself youíd give hersomething to make her sleep. I gave her a mild dose of trional. A harmless sedative. – A perfectly harmless preparation.- Not to mince matters ñ you didnít give heran overdose, did you? Itís possible, isnít it, that youmay have made a mistake? Doctors canít afford to makemistakes of that kind, It wouldnít be the first youíve made ifthat gramophone record is to be believed! What’s the sense of makingyourself offensive? We’re all in the same boat.We’ve got to pull together. What about your ownpretty little spot of perjury? Perjury be damned!Thatís a foul lie! You may try and shut me up,Mr. Lombard, but there are thingsI need to know and one of them is about you!- About me? Yes. I want to knowwhy you brought a gun down here on a pleasantsocial visit? – Youíre not nearly such a fool as you look.- Thatís as may be. What about that gun? I brought it because I expectedto run into a spot of trouble. You didnít tell us that last night. You were holding out on us? – In a way, yes.- Well, come on, out with it. I was approached by a littleJewboy – Morris his name was. He said Iíd gota reputation for being a good man in a tight place. He offered me a hundred guineasto come down here and keep my eyes open.I was hard up. I took it. Why didnít you tell us allthis last night? How was I to know that last night wasnít exactly the eventualityI was here to cope with? – But now – you think differently?- Yes. I believe now that Iím in the sameboat as the rest of you. That hundred guineas was justMr. Owenís little bit of cheese to get me into the trap. – Quiet.- This is a trap. I’ll take my oath on that. Quiet. Someone is screaming. Gentlemen! Come here! Hurry! Gentlemen, gentlemen.General Macarthur… – What? He’s murdered?- He’s dead. One, two, three, four, fiveÖ Oh, Miss, IÖ I just came to seeÖ Youíre quite right, Rogers… There are only seven. Agatha Christie TEN LITTLE INDIANS Part Two Macarthur was hit with a lifepreserver or some such thing on the back of the head. – Did you find the actualweapon used? – No. This morning I wassitting on the terrace and observing your activities. You were searching the island for the unknown murderer? Quite right, sir. You had come, doubtless,to the same conclusion that I had. Now you understandwhy Mr. Owen enticed us to this island? He’s a madman! A loony!- There’s no one on the island, – I tell you. No one!- In the sense you mean, but no. I came to the same conclusion. Nevertheless, Mr. Owen, to give him the namehe himself has adopted, is on the island. His goal is the execution of justiceupon certain individuals for crimes which the law cannot touch. There is only one way in whichthis goal could be accomplished. Mr. Owen… among the guests. Consequently, Mr. Owen… is one of us. No, no, no. My dear young lady, thisis no time for refusing to look facts in the face. We are all in grave danger. One of us is U.N.Owen. I agree that one of usis possessed by a devil. I suppose you’ll leavethe women out of it. Do I understand you to assert that women are not subjectto homicidal mania? Of course not. But all the same…I think… Doctor, a woman would havebeen physically capable of striking the blowthat killed poor Macarthur? Perfectly capable… given a suitable instrumentsuch as a cosh. The other two death have resultedfrom the administration of drugs. I think that, no one will disputeis easily compassed by a person of the smallestphysical strength. – You’re mad!- My dear young lady, do try and restrain your feelings, I am not accusing you. I hope, Miss Brent, that you are notoffended by my insistence that all of us areequally under suspicion. Now you’re talking, sir! Let’s go into it. As regards Marston I don’t thinkthere’s anything to be done. A person actually in the room couldhave done that even more easily. Now take Mrs. Rogers. The people who stand outthere are her husband and the doctor. Either of them could have doneit as easy as winking. I protest! This is absolutely uncalled for! I swear that the doze I gavewas perfectly. Dr. Armstrong, your indignationis very natural. Nevertheless you must admit thatthe facts have got to be faced. Either you or Rogerscould have administered a fatal dozewith the greatest ease. We come now to the deathof General Macarthur. I myself will state at oncethat I have no valid alibi. I spent the morningsitting on the terrace. There were severalperiods during which it would have beenpossible for me to kill the General,and return to my chair. I was with Lombard andArmstrong all the morning. They’ll bear me out. – You went to the house for a rope.- Of course, I did. Went straight thereand straight back. You were a long time. What the helldo you mean by that? I only said you werea long time. During Mr. Blore’s absence,were you two together? Certainly. That is, Lombardwent off for a few minutes. I was only absent a minute or two. Did either of you twoglance at your watches? No. A minute or twois a vague expression. – Miss Brent?- I took a walk with Miss Claythorne. – Afterwards I sat on the terrace.- I don’t think I noticed you there. I was round the corner of the house.It was out of the wind there. As you can see, even our superficialinquiry into the circumstances shows that we cannot say definitelythat any one person can be considered as clearedof all complicity. All we can do at present junctureis to consider what measures we must adoptto ensure our safety. So far the murdererhas had an easy task since his victimshave been unsuspicious. From now on it is our task to suspecteach and every one amongst us. Forewarned is forearmed. We won’t let it happen again. That’s all. Thou shalt not be afraidof the terror by night; nor for the arrowthat flieth by day. Thou shalt not be afraidof the terror by night. Shalt not be afraid…Shalt not be afraid… Miss Brent, let me in.Miss Brent. – It’s me, Beatrice Taylor.- Ah, so it’s you. Haven’t I told youthat you are fired. – I am cold. Let me in.- Get out of here. I want to sleep. To sleep. I know the murdererís name. Her name isÖ Beatrice Taylor. Good morning,ladies and gentlemen. What time is it? Thirty to ten. Wouldn’t have believedI could have slept like that. Well, shows you’ve gotan easy conscience. What happened? Why is thereno breakfast yet? Rogers is missing. He isn’t in his room.And there’s no kettle on and the kitchen fire isn’t lit. What if it’s he? Whereís Miss Brent got to – that’s another mystery? Good morning, gentlemen.The sea is as high as ever. I shouldnít think any boatcould put out today. Have you been wanderingabout the island alone? Donít you realize that thatísan exceedingly foolish thing to do? I assure you that I keptan extremely sharp lookout. – Seen anything of Rogers?- No. Why? Look! The Indians! Look! There are six. Even if there had been any fingerprints,the rain washed them off. Miss Claythorne, we should makebreakfast for the men. Breakfast will be readyin half an hour or so. Would it have neededgreat force, doctor? A woman could have done itif that’s what you mean. Any one who’s mentally unhinged hasa good deal of unsuspected strength. Do they keep bees on this island? Tell me that. Where do wego for honey? Miss Claythorne. You thought I was mad. Havenít you read thatidiotic rhyme, have you? You have not? Itís up in all your bedroomsput there for you to study! ìSeven little Indianboys chopping up sticks. One chapped himself in halvesÖ And then there were six.î We might have come herestraightaway if weíd had sense. And the next verse. ìSix little Indian boys playing with a hive.A bumblebee stung oneÖ Öand then there were five.î Iím asking. Where is that bumblebee? Thank youÖ Iím all right now. You have such self-control,Miss Brent. I lived in India for a long time. My father was a Colonel. Thank you, Miss Claythorne. Anything the matter, Miss Brent? I… I wanted to help Miss Claythorne, but I feel so giddy. – Giddy, eh?- Yes. Must be a delayed shock. – I can give you some medicine.- No! I’ll just sit here quietly tillthe giddiness passes off. Take a seat in this armchair, Miss Brent.You’ll be more comfortable here. What a job we’ve got. No one will envy.- Except for them. Everything is relative, Blore.To them we are the lucky ones. That’s enough. Let everyonestay where he is. Pretty soon there will be a corpsein every room anyway. It is she. She’s gone mad. Old spinsters go that way. In the morning I went to the kitchenand saw her there. Calm, neat, didn’t even forgetto put the apron on. And the apron is probably Mrs. Rogers’. And says: ” Breakfast will be readyin half an hour or so.” Sheís mad.Religious mania – thinks sheís Godís instrument. You know, she sits in her roomand reads her Bible. Thatís hardly proof positiveof an unbalanced mentality. When Rogers was killed, sheíd beendown to look at the sea. The murderer of Rogers would take jollygood care to be rolled up in bed snoring. Youíre missing the point, Mr. Lombard. Sheíd only do that if she knew that she had nothing to fear.Thatís to say if she herself is the criminal. Thatís a good point…Yes, I hadnít thought of that. Glad you donít stillsuspect me, Blore. I did start by thinking of you that gun andthe queer story you told. But Iíve realized now thatwas really a bit too obvious. Hope you feelthe same about me. All I can say is, if youíre the criminal,youíre a damned fine actor and I take my hat off to you. Weíll probably both be a coupleof stiffs before another day is out, you did indulge in thatspot of perjury, I suppose? Oh, here is goes. Landor was innocentright enough. The gang had got me squared andwe got him put away for a stretch. Mind you, I wouldnít admit this. If there were any witnesses.Itís just between you and me. Well, I hope you madea tidy bit out of it. Didnít make whatI should have done. And he got penalservitude and died in prison. – I couldn’t know that he would die.- Sure, you couldnít know. – That was your bad luck.- Mine? His, you mean. Yours, too. Because, as a result of it, yourown life is going to be cut short. My? Not me! Anybody, but not me. Iím watching out for myselfpretty carefully, I can tell you. Well, Iím not a betting man. And anyway if you weredead I wouldnít get paid. Listen, how true this is: “And nations will fall into the pit,which they digged for themselves. And they will get caught up in the nets,which they set up themselves.” Yes. I think, it’s timeto stop searching. The murderer is sittingin the dining-room. I bet, the murdereris this old spinster. And the motive? The motive? Come. Here she is. Miss Brent? Miss Brent? Damn it! Sheís dead! One more of us poisoned – too late! Look – a bumblebee. It wasnít that bee that stung her! A human hand held the syringe. Thatís the markof a hypodermic syringe. The bumblebee is dead. ìA bumblebee stung oneand then there were fiveî Heís a playful beast. Likesto stick to his damnable nursery jingle asclosely as possible! Itís mad. We have still, I hope,our reasoning powers. Did any one bringa syringe to this house? I did. Always travel with one. Most doctors do.- Quite so. – Where that syringe is now?- In the suitcase in my room. We might, perhaps,verify that fact. Please. Somebody must have taken it! I tell you someonemust have taken it. There are five of ushere in this room. One of us… …is a murderer. The position is fraughtwith grave danger. We must do something! You, Mr. Lombard, have inyour possession a gun. Iím damned if Iíllgive up my gun! Mr. Lombard, you area very strongly built man, but ex-Inspector is alsoa man of powerful physique. Dr. Armstrong and wewill on Bloreís side, and assist him to the bestof our ability. Oh, very well then.Iíll fetch it. I think it would be desirableif we went with you. Oh, very well then. Please. What? Of course! The engineísnot been run today since Rogers hasnítbeen there to see to it. We could go out andget it going, I suppose. There are packetsof candles in the larder, I saw them, better use those. Doctor, help me please. And just where is the gun? It’s here, in the house. Only the owner of the guncan answer this question. You are an idiot, Blore. How many timesdo I have to say that it was stolen. I’ve got a terrible headache.I’ll go, lie down. Of course, of course. We will guard your sleep. – Would you like us to follow you?- No, thank you. If needed, I will call. I am listening. It seems to me you havesomething to say. The more I think about this matter,the more it seems to me… that all threads leadto one person. In the meantime, we’ll beall killed in our sleep. Well, I agree, but on one condition:that we keep all together Who is alone makes iteasier for the maniac. Look at that! Miss ClaythorneÖ What’s it with her? Miss Claythorne. Doctor! – What is that?- Head on the pillow, there. Wake up, Miss Claythorne. What was that? Seaweed?Why seaweed? Youíd better drink this,Miss Claythorne. – Drink it yourself.- I got it from downstairs. Good for you, Vera! Youívegot your wits about you. What is it? What? Don’t evendare say that I wanted to poison… Here…- Hereís one murder that hasnít gone according to plan! – You think – that was what was meant?- Expected you to pass out through fright! Some people would have,wouldnít they, doctor. Hmm, impossible to say. Miss Claythorne – young healthy subject no cardiac weakness. UnlikelyÖ- Whereís the judge? Incidentally, whereís the judge? – He, too, heard screaming.- So, where is he? – We were together.- Where’s he? Seems like we’ve beentricked again. – Mr. Wargrave, where are you?- Mr. Wargrave! Quiet! The judge is killed. Look, he has his wig on,and the mantle. Five little Indian boys goingin for law? One got in Chancery… and then there were four. That’s the end ofMr. Bloody Justice Wargrave. No more sending innocentmen to death. Here’s the last timeheíll ever sit in court. How Edward Seton wouldlaugh if he were here! Only four of us nowÖ Whoíll be the next? We must be very carefulÖ Youíre repeating the judgeís words.Thatís what he saidÖ And now heís dead! It worked just asit was intended to. The murderer was ableto frighten Miss Claythorne, and the rest wentaccording to his plan. – Why didnít any one hear the shot?- You was screaming, the wind was howling, we were calling out.No, it wouldnít be heard. But that trickís notgoing to work again. Heíll have to try somethingelse next time. Good night, Miss Claythorne.Don’t forget to lock. – If something – scream.- Yes, of course. – Good night, Miss Claythorne.- Good night. Who’s this? Cyrill, is it you? Ah, Cyrill… Just a second, baby.I will let you in right now. Just a moment, baby,just a little moment. Mr. Lombard. Mr. Lombard, Mr. Lombard,it’s me. Please, open. – What happened?- Don’t know. You need to drinksomething, Miss Claythorne I am scared. I am sofrightened, Mr. Lombard. – So frightened. – Have a drink.You’ ll feel better. Have this… Drink this,Miss Claythorne. The most important – we haveto make it through this night, and then this nightmarewill be over. Calm down. Oh, my Goodness, whatam I doing? Mr. Lombard… Mr. Lombard. Let everything goas it does. Mr. Lombard. Mr. Lombard, Mr. Lombard,I will scream! No! Go ahead, scream. At night,half-naked, visiting a man, and then to screamfor help – that’s ridiculous. Indeed, everythingis so ridiculous. Come on, Miss Claythorne,easy, calm down. If it is one of them -which do you think it is? I take it you are exceptingour two selves? Well, that’s all right. I know very well thatI’m not the murderer, and I don’t fancy that there’sanything insane about you. Thank you. Come now, Miss Claythorne, aren’tyou going to return the compliment? You’ve admitted that you don’thold human life sacred, but all the same I can’t seeyou as the man who dictated that gramophone record. Quite right.This mass clearance is not my line of country. Please, be so kind – pass matchesto me, there in the drawer. Doctor? Doctor, open.It’s Blore. Doctor? Don’t come close to me,don’t come close, I’ll scream. I, myself, am readyto scream with rage. I’m telling you,someone set me up. It’s as unexpected for me,as it is for you. – Whoís there?- Itís Blore. Get dressed, Lombard. Something happened?Put your flashlight away. Happened. Armstrong is notin his room. And Miss Claythorne isn’t in hers either.- Miss Claythorne is with me. She was scared to be alone. – Miss Claythorne,are you here? – Yes. Well, at least, it’s natural. Exactly, buddy. It happens sometimesbetween a man and a woman. Armstrong isn’t in his room.I heard screaming outside. After him, Blore.This time we’ll get him. Wait a minute. Vera, weíre hunting Armstrong. Donít open your door. If Armstrong comes along and says that I’ve been killed,or Bloreís been killed, pay no attention. Only open your door if both Bloreand I speak to you. Got that? Weíd better be careful. Heísgot a gun, remember. Thatís where youíre wrong.Iíve got that gun! Found it put backin my drawer tonight. And now – after him!The hunt’s up! Donít be a damned fool!Iím not going to shoot you! Go back, if youíre afraid! Even birds are leavingthis cursed place. Stormy. Again no boat will be able to land. There are only 3 figurines left.That means Armstrong is killed. Then why havenít youfound his dead body? Indeed, strange. We searchedthe entire house and the island. – It might have been thrown into the sea.- By whom? You? Me? I don’t know. – But I do know one thing.- Whatís that? – The gun is in your possession now,- My good blockhead, I swear to you that it was put backin my drawer. You ask us to believe a thing like that!Why the devil should Armstrong, or any one else for thatmatter, put it back? I havenít the least idea. There seems no point in it. No, there isnít. You might havethought of a better story. Rather proof that Iímtelling the truth, isnít it? – I donít look at it that way.- You wouldnít. Look here, Mr. Lombard, if youíre an honest man, as you pretend. – No, indeed, I never said that.- If youíre speaking the truth – thereís only one thing to be done. Donít be an ass. That gunísmine and Iím going to keep it. – In that case Iím bound to comeÖ- Yes, Mr. Owen! Think what you damned wellplease. But if thatís so, why I didnít pot you withthe gun last night? I could have, about twentytimes over. – I donít know. You must have hadsome reason. I think youíre both behavinglike a pair of idiots. – Whatís this?- Youíve forgotten the nursery rhyme. Four little Indian boysgoing out to sea? A red herring swallowed oneand then there were three. A red herring!..Armstrongís not dead! He took away the china Indianto make you think he was. Maybe, this time our Mr. Xdecided to change his tune? But donít you see, heís mad? The whole thing of going by the rhyme is mad! At any rate thereísno Zoo on the island. – What Zoo?- The one the next verse talks about: “Three little Indian boyswalking in the Zoo; A big bear hugged oneand then there were two.” Donít you see? Weíre the ZooÖ We were hardly human anymore. We turned into beasts. Time to lunch. Iím not going back to the house. Oh, come now, Miss Claythorne. Got to keep your strength up. If I even see a tinnedham, I shall be sick! Well, as for me,I need my meals regular. What about you, Mr. Lombard? You know, Iíll stay herewith Miss Claythorne. Itís all right if you say so.But remember, we agreed we oughtnot to separate. Are you afraid? Iíll comewith you if you like? – No, you wonít,- So youíre still afraid of me? I could shoot you both thisvery minute if I liked. Yes, but that wouldnítbe according to plan. Itís one at a time, anditís got to be done in a certain way. Well, you seem to knowall about it. Of course, itís a bit jumpygoing up to the house alone. And therefore, will I tendyou my gun? – Answer, no!- As you please. – What if he is this Owen?- What do we know about the man? Less than nothing! All thisex-policeman story may be bunkum! He may be anybody -a mad millionaire, a crazy business man. He could have doneevery one of these crimes. And supposing he gets – us? Donít worry. Touching faith in me,havenít you, Vera? Quite sure I wouldnít shoot you? One has got to trust some one. I heard a sort of cry. – Weíd better go up and see.- No. Blore is dead! I don’t believe you!No… See for yourself! Whose is that window just above? Itís mine. – What is it?- The clockÖ Öfrom my mantelpiecemember now. “A big bear hugged oneand then there were two.” Clearly, it’s Armstrong. This time I won’t miss him. Careful! We are next! He wants us to look for him!Heís counting on it! Maybe, let’s go down to the sea?It’s not as windy over there. Look! Over there, in water! – But that’s Armstrong!- What do you say, Vera? Thereís no one on the island -no one at all except us two. No oneÖ You got it right on.Now we know what to do. Donít you feel that thereíssomeone watching and waiting? No, I donít believein the supernatural. This business is human enough. Thatís conscienceÖ Tell me, you did drown thatkid after all? No! No! No, I didnít! Youíve no right to say that! Oh, my good girl!I donít know why. There was a man in itprobably, was that it? Yes – there was a man in it. Poor Dr. Armstrong. Whatís this? Womanly pity? Why not? Havenít you any pity? Iíve no pity for you. We must move him. As far as Iím concernedhe can stay where he is. Help me! Go away! Satisfied? Quite. So thatís the reason for yourwomanly solicitude! Give that gun to me. Now look here,my dear girl, you just listen. Youíre behind the times,my dears. You can come with me. Weíve won, my dear! NoÖ NoÖ I donít want toÖ “One little Indian boyleft all alone. He went and hanged himselfand then there were none.” “Ten little Indian boyswent out to dineÖ” Never has Justice risen to such a brilliant height as it has done here. Without jestersí hats and mantles, without corrupt lawyers-liars. One-on-one – the judgeand the criminal. One-on-one – the criminaland the executioner. Execution… Thatís Alpha and Omega of Truth. And she understood that. Vera ClaythornÖ And she carried out the sentence herself. That means I am right. I am chosen. I have been preparingfor this for a long time. Hundreds of acquitted criminals, murderers, perverts, and as many of those, who wereinnocently brought to the scaffold, dispelled my doubts completely. I began to collect victims, who managed to escapefrom their punishment. To find them was not hard. I was able to acquire incognitoIndians Island. I sent an invitation to each guest, according to the informationI had gathered. They all arrived to the islandon the same day. After the third death the guests searchedthe island and realized that they were alone there. According to my plan I should shortly need an ally. I selected Dr. Armstrongfor that part. I asked him to feign my death. It would perhaps rattlethe murderer. That same eveningthe show was carried out. Nobody worried about me anymore. I had a rendezvous withArmstrong at 2 oíclock. They are not suspecting anything.Everything is going as planned. I found something. All day long I was watchingLombard out the window. Look. Down there. The entrance to a cave. – Where?- Over there. Now, when my duty is fulfilled, and Justice, cleansed of all filth,is triumphant, I will take the step that only the greatest judgecan take. Because the true greatnessof a judge lies in his ability to punish himself! Screenplay and directed byStanislav GOVORUKHIN Director of PhotographyGennady ENGSTREM Production DesignerValentin GIDULYANOV Music by Nikolai KORNDORF English subtitles byBoris BULGAKOV and Zora K. Starring Vladimir ZELDINas Judge Lawrence Wargrave Tatyana DRUBICHas Vera Claythorne Alexander KAIDANOVSKYas Philip Lombard Alexei ZHARKOVas William Blore Anatoly ROMASHINas Doctor Armstrong Ludmila MAKSAKOVAas Emily Brent Mikhail GLUZSKYas General Macarthur Alexei ZOLOTNITSKYas Thomas Rogers Irina TERESHCHENKOas Ethel Rogers Alexander ABDULOVas Anthony Marston The End