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The Love Lasts Two Minds Episode 4 My lady, look, it’s starting to rain. How about we go inside and out of the rain? Let’s go. Yes. It’s kinda spooky in here. Are there ghosts? Stop worrying. Ghosts don’t come out during the day. My… My lady, this place is freaking me out. Can we go somewhere else? You think this is a hotel and you can pick any room you want? What are you screaming at? Gho… Ghosts. Where? My lady, you feel that? Something is behind us. My lady, don’t leave me. So you’re the one causing all this trouble. You scared me to death! You scared me to death. Be careful my lady. That’s strange, I think I’ve seen this eagle before. Impossible. You were pecked by a bird when you were young, and have avoided birds ever since, not to mention an eagle. You are so naughty, stealing food from us. I’ll have to name you Mischief. You’re with us now, alright? Xue Cai, read it. The emperor commands, Jing Ci, son of a noble family, is prudent and diligent, well-read and insightful, honest and noble, and is whom I appreciate. Hereby, I confer him the title of Marquis Duan, grant him the purple goldfish pouch, and an enfeoffment of six thousand. That is all. The marquis is feeling unwell, and needs rest in his residence and cannot go to court. His absence shall be excused. Halt your visits, unless something is urgent. Brother, you ever heard of this Marquis Duan before? Not really. No achievements,

english brain teasersNo achievements, no background, why him? You think he and father…? Stop guessing. Father must do things as he sees fit. Welcome. Please come in. Excuse me, could we get some warm tea, and some snacks? Right away. Move it, move. Is that him? Yeah, he’s the one. My lord, those men, they must have seen the warrant, and come to catch us. Get them! You’re welcome. Thank you. We are of the same mind. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. My lady can do anything. Those few thugs, she can handle them. My lady? No no, I mean, my lord. I used to serve ladies instead of lords. Old habits, my mistake. Oh come on, she should at least put some effort in it. You think I’m blind? What did you say? Oh nothing. I’m saying your lord is very handsome. Quite amazing! He is, isn’t he? Li Fei, you just wait. This isn’t over. Let’s go. Yes let’s go. Go. Run. Just you wait. So they were after you? Ding Cao, constable of Qinhe County, thank you for helping me. That’s right, these people were after His Lordship. Constable? Lord? My lord enforces laws impartially, which offended some people. His Lordship is… Where is he? I’m Li Fei, the Governor of Qinhe County. So you are Lord Li. I’m…

english brain teasersI’m… Yuan. Greetings to you my lord. Governor? Is that a seventh or eighth rank? Shut up. Qinhe is a small town, but it belongs to the capital. Governor is a sixth rank post. Six… Our bag! Where’s our bag? Candied haws. Yuan, since you lost your luggage and can’t go any further, how about you stay here? This way, you can help me maintain the peace at Qinhe, and in the meantime find the thief who stole your bag. What do you think? So Lord Li, you are saying you want my lord to catch thieves for you for a living? No no… I’m sincerely asking Yuan, Lord Yuan, to take the position as constable to maintain the peace at Qinhe. Constable, maintain peace. That sounds interesting. It sounds like the stories in the books, written about brave warriors. My lord, does this job really suit you? Certainly. Without a doubt. I saw clearly back there, Lord Yuan is a kung fu master, and a powerful one. Whether you are a constable or a warrior, you’re fully qualified. Perhaps, I am suited for this. No doubt, Ding Cao. Yeah. Send word to Jing Yi now to meet the new constable, named… Yuan, what’s your full name? It’s… I don’t have a name. My last name is Yuan, so everyone calls me that. Then we’ll name you after Qinhe. Your name is Yuan Qinhe. Now, tell everyone

english brain teasers tell everyone

english brain teaserstell everyone to meet our new constable. Yes sir. Fantastic. Finally we have a capable constable. I no longer have to worry about those surprise attacks anymore. My lord, the court sent a letter. He has calluses on his hands. He must know kung fu. My lord, it’s an assassin. Already committed suicide. Who are you? I’m a Shadow Guardian, Fu Xiaohan. Lord Zuo sent me as your bodyguard. Yanxi? Stand up. Lord, I know this stone. It’s the Lotus Stone, a specialty from the Qinhe County. The locals collect from the mountains and use them to make accessories to protect them from evil. Qinhe, he’s from Qinhe? Probably. Qinhe is not far. Make arrangements for me. In a few days, I’ll go to Qinhe myself. -Umbrella. -Take a look. Good wine. Stop. Watch it! Are you alright ma’am? You’re Constable Yuan. He went that way. Thank you. Thank you. I’ve finally caught you. Keep running! When I return to county office, I’ll break all your bones and feed it to Mischief. Yuan. Thank you. I just knew, as long as we have Constable Yuan no thief can escape. You’re finally here. You are the new Constable Yuan who’s really good? You flatter me. Just call me Yuan. Move!

english brain teasersMove! Yuan, let’s head back. I can’t leave yet, you go first. Tell Xiaolu to bring some money. Hold on. You’re actually making a contribution to the Cixin Nunnery? I am. I need to get my bag back so I can treat you guys to a drink at the Yufu restaurant. Sounds good. Well then, we’ll take him back now. Okay, let’s go. My lady. Quiet, Reverend Miaozhen is doing the ritual. Don’t shout. Excuse me, my patrons, my eyes are bad and I can’t see well. Did I frighten you? Not at all. Could you please show us inside? Alright. One more thing. Reverend Miaozhen is highly respected. Visitors shouldn’t bring in weapons. If you have a sword with you, please surrender it. Okay. Please. Reverend, Constable Yuan is here. Constable Yuan from the Qinhe County greets Reverend Miaozhen. I accidentally damaged the wooden door. I come to beg for forgiveness. Reverend, how may I amend my fault? Reverend, we don’t have much money. Very good indeed. In that case, how about collecting water for the nunnery for ten days? Yes, Reverend. My lady, this eagle really understands people. He follows you everywhere you go. Here. Xiaofeng? What’s that? Isn’t it Mischief? Yeah. Why did I call you Xiaofeng? Hey come back. Don’t hurt people. Xiaofeng. What is it my lady? Look at that man. That man? He sure is handsome. Why do I feel when I look at him, my heart would jump out of my chest? My lady, we are in the way. Watch out! Have we… met before? You’re mistaken. This is my first time in Qinhe. Then… maybe we met somewhere else? Let’s go. My lady, this man looks very weak yet so skillful. My lady, what are you looking at? He’s gone. Perhaps it’s because he’s so handsome. Yuan, is the problem resolved? What problem? Didn’t you smash the door at the Cixin Nunnery? Oh that. Yes I did. The Reverend was very kind. She asked for no money. I just need to collect water for ten days. Alright, alright. Look, you can work half days for the next ten days. Make sure you do everything you need to do at the nunnery. My lord your feet. You didn’t do it? Or rather, you did it but forgot. My lord, you are heavily injured. You shouldn’t be angry. It happened just now. I’m sure you didn’t forget that fast. You poisoned Jing Ci. After he lost consciousness, you broke his hamstrings, and left him for the wolves. You forgot all that? Feng Mianwan, if you did all this, then you deserve to die. What? As long as you deny it, I’ll believe you. Maybe it’s just my illusion. I did it. I broke your hamstrings, and left you for the wolves. I suffered for 18 years. I can’t do it any longer. How can you bully me and I have to just accept it? I… I hate you, even more than I hate Zhixia. I want my revenge on you, on Zhixia, so you can taste the bitterness of being insulted. As Zhixia says, I’m a narrow-minded and vengeful woman. You caused my pain, so you deserve to be punished. Take me as a sick and crazy woman. The girl struggling, and living in hatred for 18 years need to suffer no longer. Mianwan, let’s go back to where we belong. Drink this, and you will forget the past and start all over again. I can’t. I can’t forget the past. I don’t want to. What happened on that day couldn’t be hidden forever. Now she’s lost her memory, and went to the Yuan Mansion and became a lady. Who’d have thought that we would meet in Qinhe? My lord. You lost the assassin? The street is crowded, and she fled quickly, so I lost her. But I’ve memorized her figure, I will recognize her when I see her. The two who got in my way, who are they? The two who got in your way are not with the assassin. They are the new constable of Qinhe County and his maid. Constable? Right. But that constable looks like… He’s nobody. He’s just a constable. Yes sir. I understand. Go meet Zuo Yanxi and ask him to do me a favor. My lady, what are you thinking? You’re smiling and sighing. I’m thinking about the man I rescued… The man who rescued me. You were awesome back there, like one of those heroes rescuing princesses. I’ve never seen anyone so cool. I wanted to rescue him, but got rescued in the end. Hero? You ever meet one like me, almost falling flat on his face? You’re a beauty, a real beauty. No need to be a hero. With your looks and talent, just move a finger, and heroes from across the land will be under your spell. Including that man we met? He’s so handsome, would he fall for me too? My lady, do you have a crush on him? You’re talking nonsense. I just met him, how could I already have a crush on him? I’m not talking nonsense. It’s called love at first sight. So you haven’t changed, you just got sick and began to like weak and handsome men. Could it really be love at first sight? No wonder I can’t get him out of my mind ever since I saw him. Then that’s it! That’s how you should feel. Look my lady, you’ve got smarts and looks, right? As long as you move a finger, and give him the eyes, how could a man resist? It’s that simple? If that doesn’t work go on a walk with him check out the scenery, and smile more, talk more, then he’ll surely fall for you. It doesn’t sound very hard. It’s not hard at all. Since he just got here, it’s not hard at all to find out where he’s staying. My lady, you’re not actually thinking about doing it. Let’s do it! Watch how I get him tomorrow. My lady. If you ever pick someone up, you need a better opening line. What did I say? Have we met before? That’s what the perverts say when they try to pick up girls. But I really feel like I’ve met him before, like I’ve known him for a long time. What? Jing Ci was going to the Qinhe Government? It probably has to do with Yuan. His health condition doesn’t allow that. But he requested it. We have to let him go. What else can we do? Here are the pills I just made. Bring it to him, ask him to take it daily. It should be able to help his condition. Yes. Xiaolu says that man lives right here. But I don’t know which room. Excuse me, the gentleman who checked in, the good-looking one, which room does he live in? Here. I don’t know who you are referring to, but the best-looking one is in this room. Okay thanks. Thanks. I wonder whether he’s gotten up or not. My lady, as long as you move a finger, and give him the eyes, how could a man resist? I… I’m just doing my patrol in the hotel. Who’d have thought we’d meet again so soon? I guess, it’s fate. Move. My lord, may I introduce myself? I’m Yuan, a constable at Qinhe County. What should I call you my lord? Have you had your breakfast? I know a place, they make crispy pastries, want to try it out? Another place does fried bread sticks, what do you think? My lord, I bought apples and pears, which one do you want? Take a look at the umbrellas. Stop it. You have such fair skin. You should stay out of the sun. I came outside for the sun. You have beautiful features. A tan would also look good on you. Don’t follow me. Why is it different from what Xiaolu said? Did I not do the eyes right? I upset him by following him? Wait for me my lord. Chestnuts, chestnuts. Sugar-coated chestnuts. Hot and steamy. Come take a look. Smells good. Sir, I’ll take a bag. Alright. Here. You want some chestnuts? I’ll peel it for you. Here, try it. Stop following me or I’ll put you in jail and lock you up forever. Put me in jail? But I’m the one who puts other people in jail. My lady, what are you doing here? We need to go to the Cixin Nunnery. Oh, right, let’s go. Did you go to see that man again? Where is he? I don’t think he likes me. Perhaps, after I recovered, I’m just not as adorable as I was before. How come? You’ve got everything. I got it! You’re wearing a man’s clothes. Think about it, you look like a guy chasing after him, of course he doesn’t like it. You think so? It has to be. That’s right. Being chased by a man would seem very odd to him. But didn’t we lose our bag? I don’t have girls’ clothes. Don’t worry. You can put on girls’ clothes the next time you see him. Qinhe County is a small place. If I change into girls’ clothes, then everyone will find out I’m a girl. We just settled down here in the county government. We must think it over. My back. Sorry to put you through this. The Reverend wishes to talk with you. Okay, I’ll be right there. Please. Thanks Reverend. You have collected water for ten days. Your task is complete. You don’t need to come tomorrow. It’s just, I have something of a favor to ask. Of course, Reverend, anything you need. Have you heard of the North Base north to Qinhe? I do, the Governor spoke of it often. I cannot go outside the nunnery. There is a letter. I wish you could give it to an old friend in the North Base. Consider it done. You can trust me to deliver it. I am so grateful. Xiaolu, what are you looking at? On a normal day the lord would be back by now, but he’s still not here. Maybe something came up. I don’t think something’s right. No, I need to find him. Xiaolu, Xiaolu! Reverend. Reverend? Reverend? My lady, why are you still here? Isn’t that Reverend Miaozhen? What happened? I don’t know. I guess I’m in big trouble. Maybe I really have to go to jail. Emergency, my lord. My lord, there’s trouble! Remain calm and stay cool. You haven’t learned anything from the lessons I taught you. Sorry, my lord. Say it. What’s the emergency? My lord, there was a murder in the Cixin Nunnery, Reverend Miaozhen is dead. This is terrible! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Go, tell Constable Yuan to come to the scene with me. I’m afraid he can’t. Why’s that? Yuan was there when it happened. Besides, he seems to be involved with Reverend Miaozhen’s death. That’s bad. Hurry, let’s go. Reverend. Reverend. It’s getting late, you should go back.