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– [Announcer] From Sugar House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this is Poker Night in America. (upbeat swing music) – [Chris] Hello, and welcometo Poker Night in America. I’m Chris Hansen,alongside Joe Stapleton. We are back at SugarHouse in Philadelphia for the conclusion of day one. – Did you know thatwe’re technically in a town calledFishtown, Pennsylvania? – Really? Why don’t you give us alittle history of Fishtown. – Well, people used tofish in the Delaware River, but now they don’t as much. – You’re like a living,breathing encyclopedia. Look at you. (upbeat swing music) We resume day onehere at Sugar House. Couple new players sittingdown including, oh boy, Shaun Deeb sits downin the one seat. – [Joe] Things about toget a little interesting whenever Shaun sits down. Hey Wang, it’s a private club, so don’t tell ’em you’re Jewish! – [Chris] Poker Night inAmerica brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal. – [Todd] We played all ten? – [Shaun] Uh… – [Todd] Nine, right? – [Shaun] Nine-ish. – [Todd] Nine, all right. – [Shaun] Well, whatelse you have to do? – [Greg] It’s about right. – [Shaun] Why didn’t youbring your wife with you? – [Todd] She’s inRussia, for one thing. – That makes ita little tougher. – [Chris] JoeMcKeehan, World Series of Poker Champion, raising. Fun fact about him, he stilllives in North Wales, PA. Population: 3,200. – [Joe] You know that’s the World Series MainEvent champ, right? (Chris laughs) – [Chris] Joe’s listed on theirlist of notable residents. – [Joe] As well as John Oates. – [Chris] Really?That John Oates? – [Joe] No, not thatone. The other one. – [Chris] Oh. – Nice hand, man. – [Joe] You got a5k in there, right? No you don’t? (mumbles) – [Chris] Wangmakes it a thousand. Glantz calls withsuited jack 10, now McKeehen callswith suited king 10. – [Joe] And we are three waysto our first bloated pot. – [Chris] You know what, thereshould be a name for this. Glantz’s patented PokerNight in America’s spot. Cold call a free bet withboth cards dominated, and flop a draw wheneveryone else bricks.

download game poker online freeand flop a draw wheneveryone else bricks. – [Shaun] Spilling adrink on yourself already? You never do that? – [Chris] 16 hundredis the bet from Wang. – [Todd] I do it all the time, I just didn’t do it this time. – [Chris] And nowto Matt Glantz. – [Matt] 42. – [Joe] Well, that’squite the raise, now up to 4200 from Matt Glantz. – [Chris] Wellexecuted semi-bluff, wins the pot withthe worst hand. – [Todd] I like howyou just invite people to come play, and then you just freaking three-bet on the raise. – [Matt] I didn’t invitehim, I never met him before. He just happened to be here. – [Joe] He’s probablybegging for a stakeout in the hallway atthe World Series. (laughs) Not yet. JRB’s got your back every time now. -Who? -Jean Robert – [Todd] Did you seethat thing on Twitter, the guy getting all mad? Three hundred? – You play every hand. – Mhm. – [Shaun] I mean,it’s ridiculous. He hasn’t played one well, but he’s played every hand. (laughing) – [Matt] Linda loves it. – I love it, I’mhaving a great time. – [Shaun] Lindaplayed more hands when I wasn’t at thetable to entertain her. She kept having Markjust gift her chips. – [Linda] I’d play more now,but I don’t have any hands. Just hanging around,enjoying the scenery. – [Shaun] That’s what I’m doing, I’m just folding every hand. – [Matt] That’s your usual M.O.? – [Shaun] You know,win the first all-in, like, first orbit,and then I just coast. – God, Hold’em is hard. You can’t ever makepairs and stuff. – [Shaun] Yeah, like you’regood at any other game. – [Matt] Doesn’t it seemeasier to make pairs limit Hold’em than itis in no limit Hold’em? – [Todd] Yeah. No, cause acehigh is good all the time if you can get there. – [Shaun] You see morecards. It’s reasonable. – [Joe] I like taking astab with a semi-bluff here. You know, you’reprobably not gonna win at showdown with queen high, so there’s a chanceyou’re gonna fold, and maybe there’s achance you win big. It’s like startingoff with hitting on

download game poker online freeIt’s like startingoff with hitting on the hottest girl at the bar. Maybe you get lucky, or maybe you just creep herout and she leaves. – [Chris] And oneof our camera men not getting the memoabout black pants, long sleeves, and black gloves, but that’s okay. – [Joe] Come on, Tad! – [Chris] No, that’s not Tad. That’s Ricky. It’s the new guy. – [Joe] Oh, new guy. – [-Chris] Six ofhearts on the river, and so McKeehen’s still ahead. Just five thousanddollars in this pot. – [Greg] Thirty-eight hundred. – [Joe] Now, this betI am not a huge fan of. This story doesn’tmake a ton of sense, but it works! – [Shaun] Come on,show the bluff. Queen ten in his face. – [Joe] I couldn’t bebluffing. (mumbles) – Rough start to the evening for the WSOP Champ ashe folds the winner there to Fishberg. – You know, it’salways a rough evening when you live in NorthWhales, Pennsylvania! Haha, just kidding,but seriously, what are you doing? We’ll be right back. (western style guitar music) – Hello it’s PhilHellmuth, I’m here with Tom Schneider the “DonkeyBomber”, we’re in the Kimo Sabe Mezcal area,the trusted friends area. And I was really wondering,I think it’s fascinating how people find poker. How did you find the game? – I found the game byplaying with my mom, believe it or not. And unfortunately, Iplay a lot like her. She used to thinkshe could ESP cards. And I feel the same way. SoI think I got that from her. – You’re like, the ten iscoming, I’m gonna call? – Yeah, exactly! And I gotta call, causeI know it’s coming, yeah. It doesn’t matterwhat the odds are. That’s what my mom taught me. – So you started with your mom? Like, how old were you? – Yeah, I was aboutnine years old. My family played a lot of cards, but my mom loved playingpoker with my friends and me. And she would alwayslose and I think it was her way to give us alittle bit of extra money. – Oh, I love that.And yeah, by the way, I kind of, same thing forme, playing games with family was important for me. So hey, alright, let’s havea toast, to trusted friends. – Very nice.

download game poker online free – Very nice.

download game poker online free– Very nice. – Great story, Tom. – Cheers. Thank you. (western-style harmonica music) – She sent a textto him, so he eloped in Vegas and she’s like,just so you don’t hear from someone else, meand Shaun got married. And his response was, “Iknew it was a bad idea to hang out with Shaun Deeb.” – Poker night inAmerica, brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal. – [Matt] We don’t havethat problem like we used to have, when like Philused to yell at everyone for talking over each other. – [Shaun] We’vehad that. It’s bad. – [Matt] It’s notlike it used to be. Nine people, it’sjust so much worse. – [Linda] It’s too muchtalking over, you can’t get a clean conversation. – [Chris] Up to 400with queen four. Action pulling aroundto Linda Kenney Baden, she will call from the smallblind with ace three of hearts, and this is faster toofaster game. Whats that? Faster game also.Yeah. – [Joe] Four speculative hands. Let’s speculate, y’all! – [Chris] Welcome to Pokernight in speculating. – [Joe] It’s notas entertaining. It’s like everyonehas got a pair or a draw back door at least. – [Chris] They allcheck the flop, a three comes on the turn. – [Joe] And McKeehen isnow gonna bet his top pair. – [Chris] 12 hundred,the bet from McKeehen. – [Joe] I do not reallylove a call here with a straight draw, you’redrawing a bad straight, it’s a fair amount. – [Chris] Ace on the river,so McKeehen has the best hand, let’s see if he can win ina showdown versus Fishberg. – [Greg] 42. – [Chris] It’s gonna costhim 4200 dollars to do it. – [Joe] So I guess I likethe call to turn more now knowing that Fishberg’sgot this move in him, but I don’t knowif it’s gonna work. – Alright. – [Joe] And McKeehen calls! Snaps it off, man. – [Chris] Wow, 12,400 goingthe way of Joe McKeehen? Sniffin’ out of the bluff. Well, I made the right call Joe. – [Joe] I did do onething right today. – [Linda] It’s un-Shaun-liketo be so quiet, right? – I did a lot of talkingthe last four hours, in the booth. – Yeah, he did fourhours of commentary. – As opposed to the otherfour hours in your life, you’re so quiet, right? – I am.

download game poker online free– I am. – Yeah right. – [Shaun] I’m morereserved at… – [Todd] When you’re sleeping. – [Shaun] No I talk in my sleep. – [Todd] Okay. (Shaun laughs) So you never shut up. – [Shaun] Basically. – [Chris] McKeehen bought inwith ace queen, makes it 400. Glantz calls. (poker chips clickingagainst each other) – So they want us to lose, so when we win they shut up. – [Joe] I don’t want youto lose, Todd Brunson. – [Matt] You guystalked Shaun into it. – [Todd] See now we’refree-rollin’, oneof em’s gonna lose. -we could chop. – That’s true. (poker chips clacking) – [Chris] Kenney Badencalls, and Glantz calls. – I didn’t mean for you to play, I just meant for you to talk. – [Todd] Wonder whoI’m rootin’ for. – Not me.(Todd laughs) – [Chris] Well a great flopfor a draw for Shaun Deeb. – [Joe] Yeah, post flop that’sShaun Deeb’s department. (poker chips clacking) – [Joe] Matt Glantz has a pair, which means he’s probably gonna Rick Astley this thing andnever gonna give you up. – [Chris] 2100,the bet from Deeb. – [Joe] We’ll have to see what Linda Kenney Baden’s up tofirst, she’s new to here. – [Chris] Well, she’sgonna desert it. – [Joe] See what I did there? The next line of the song,how much can we get away with before we get charged? (Chris laughs) (poker chips clacking) You’re gonna get your wish,Todd – No, I’m not gettin’ mywish no matter what now. – [Joe] Now thenine on the turn. So Deeb knows he has no chance of getting top pair to fold now. – [Chris] ‘Cause it’s trips! (poker chips clacking) – [Joe] It’s Matt Glantzwho’s gonna bet this turn. And Matt’s not gonna getmany better hands to fold, but he can maybe protecthis three by getting a hand with a lot of equity to fold. Deeb does call! (poker chips clacking) – [Chris] And whiffsharder than Pedro Serrano at the beginningof Major League 2. – [Joe] It’s only PGbut it’s just as funny, in my opinion. – [Chris] Yeah, that’s true. (poker chips clacking) – [Chris] Well, Idon’t think Joe boo is gonna win thishand for Shaun Deeb. Here it goes, check, check! (subtle, victorious music) – You sure? Okay, you win. – [Joe] This is awkward. – Great hand, so(censored) lucky. Good hand at least. – [Todd] We’re in a 40,his hand’s turned over. – His queens arejacks right now. – Just shut the(censored) up right now. – Show the queens are jacks. – You really win. – Show the queens are jacks. – You really win. Ten eight. – Show it. I know you win so just takethe pot, just push ‘im the pot. He’s gonna win. – You really win, Matt. – So I’ll show myhand once you fold. – [Joe] Am I the onlyone that can sense the sexual tensionbetween these two? – Is that really a ten eight? – Ace queen. – You got ace queen? – Yeah. – Well, I have a pair. – [Narrator] Poker Night inAmerica is brought to you by our trusted friend,Kimo Sabe Mezcal. Why settle for tequila? Step up to Kimo Sabe. – [Linda] straddle,straddle. – [Matt] You guysdid a very good job. – [Shaun] Hey Matt, a fewmore hands, double straddle. – [Chris] Back at Sugarhousehere in Philadelphia. – [Matt] I would never dothat, but since you insist. – [Shaun] I’m just gonnalose 8000 this hand, but had to make it worth it. – [Matt] Fish, don’t get,okay, that’s alright. That’s fair. That’s a fair price. – Uh, okay. – [Chris] Oh here’s the ShaunDeeb that we know and love. 1700 is his bet. – [Todd] How did this(censored) happen? I’m gonna lose all this money. – [Chris] After Fishbergraises it to 500 with 3s– – [Joe] This is exactly howI like my televised poker, straddle, re-straddle, raisea pocket threes, a three bet with seven five of diamonds, and Todd runs anddroppin’ F bombs. – [Chris] Yeaaah,now we’re livin’. – [Matt] It’s unbearable,someone got me to waste $200. – [Greg] What’s it, 1700? (poker chips clacking) – [Chris] Alright, so thethree’s barely hanging on here. – [Joe] It’s a pretty fun flop for five seven ofdiamonds though. Deebs gotta keep bettingit, he can get folds and he can build a hugepot when he doesn’t. – [Chris] 1600 thebet from Shaun Deeb. (poker chips clacking) Call from Fishberg. – [Joe] I mean, I admirethe call of the best hand but how are you gonna hit acard that turned you down? Hey, oh my goodness, he does it! (laughs) – [Chris] There were alot of cards that would’ve made Deeb a winner, he stillhasn’t found one yet though. Fishberg checks. – [Joe] Somehow hemanaged to turn a card that can’t counterfeit him. – [Shaun] 35. – [Chris] 3500 is the bet. – [Joe] And Fishbergis calling again, he’s managing himself intothe hardest spots possible. It’s like he seeks outdifficult decisions. He definitely enjoys pain. – [Chris] And therecomes the straight that Shaun Deeb was lookin’ for. – [Joe] Deeb drillsFishberg with the gut shot like he’s Harry Houdini. – [Greg] I think thewinner of this pot should give me 200 back. Not only does Deebmake the straight, but it’s fairly disguised. He’s gonna be betting this moreoften than I check my phone. – [Chris] Deebs all in. – I dunno why I thinkI had ‘im but… – [Chris] Well, Fishberghad him until the river and now Deeb is tryin’to make him pay for it. – [Shaun] Straight. – [Joe] Oh my god. (shocked murmurs from the table) Woof. – I know my range and I thinkthat his line was actually the most profitable line,he just got very unlucky that I got there and onthe inconspicuous card. – [Greg] Woow… Ishoulda just folded. – [Shaun] I don’t thinkyou should fold there. – [Greg] Do youknow what you have? – [Shaun] No I’m saying,like, I know my bluffing. I was gonna blast offif I didn’t have it. But I think taking yourline was a good line. Just being honest. (poker chips clacking) – [Todd] Is this the last hand? – [Shaun] Yeah. – [Todd] The last hand… ifyou don’t get even right now it’s over. – [Shaun] ‘Til tomorrow,you get to play again. – [Chris] Well, you can’twin unless you’re playin’ and Fishberg’s raisin’with king four clubs. Brunson calls. – [Todd] You know,it’s a big advantage when I gotta pee so bad that… (Shaun laughs) If I don’t flop a monster I’mgonna run to the restroom. – [Shaun] It’s bad for TV,you’re not allowed to do it. – [Todd] I don’t care ifI’m allowed to or not, I’m doin’ it. – [Joe] If Todd Brunsoncared what was good for TV you think he’d dress likethat, or have that ponytail? C’mon. – [Greg] Only cause its thelast hand. – [Joe] I do not see anyof these guys folding, last chance to get unstuck,last chance to get stuck enough for the pain tomake you feel alive. – [Chris] Joe McKeehenmakes it 1800. – [Todd] That’s a five, right? – Yeah, like almost six behind. – The hell are you doing? – Dunno how much I have. – How much you gonna cap it? (Shaun laughs) – Man you’re worsethan Matt Glantz. – [Chris] Act or not, atTodd Brunson right now I’m sensing a leakin his game however. – [Todd] I can only lose… I don’t know what he’sdoin’, I’m scared. – There’s no wayI’m parting here. – [Chris] Shocker, JoeMcKeehan and Greg Fishberg, heads up. – [Joe] Well this handseems fairly standard. (poker chips clacking) – [Joe] 1500. – [Chris] McKeehan’sgonna bet 1500. – [Matt] You takeyour microphone off before we’re even done? – Yeah. – [Todd] He’s veryunprofessional. – [Greg] I fold. – [Joe] All in. – [Joe] Is Fishbergtryin’ to convince himself king high would be thebest hand some of the time? Or that he could possiblyget an ace to fold? This is pain! – [Chris] Oh my goodness. Save some for theride home, Fishberg. – [Joe] Well, nobodywants to walk all the way over to the cage andcash those in anyway. – [Chris] Yeah, good point. Good point. So a little bit of a comebackat the end of the night for Joe McKeehen. Here are the big winnersat Sugarhouse Day 1. Matt Glantz up $19,000, Linda Kenney Baden, Nothin’ to complain aboutwith an $11,000 profit. – [Joe] Look,everybody’s a winner! See, easy game! – [Chris] Ah, no, we haven’tshown this screen yet. – [Joe] Oh that’s bad. – [Chris] Yeah, JoeMcKeehen and Greg Fishberg, $18,000 and $35,000down, respectively. – [Joe] Smalllists, big numbers. – Speaking of Mr.Deeb, when we come back we are face up with Shaun Deeb. – I don’t, I play a lot ofgood hands I just play them badly.- He doesn’t play bad hands, he just plays good— Yeah good hands bad. (laughing) I gotta call my wife, tellher she can order that new car. You guys are playing all day,you and Shaun right? I’m going to call her now, she’sbeen bugging me for a new car. I’m going to text her now. Shaun you’re playing all dayright? – Unless I run out of moneysomehow. – Ok, well you’re playing pokerwith me so that’s possible. (western-style, harmonica music) – [Narrator] Poker Night atAmerica is brought to you by our trusted friend,Kimo Sabe Mezcal. Why settle for tequila? Step up to Kimo Sabe. – Welcome back toPoker Night in America. Stapes, I got a question for ya. How come you’ve nevergotten into a Twitter feud with Shaun Deeb? – Well, it’s like mydad always said… Never poke a sleeping buffalo, especially if that buffalolooks like it has diabetes. I’m kidding, I’m kidding,my dad never said that. #saveshaundeeb – I can actually feel myphone notifications going off in my pocket right now, we’lltake care of that in a second. But right now it’s time forpart one of our interview with Poker Night’sfavorite internet troll… We are Face Up with Shaun Deeb. – You see me, I’m atable captain at always. I’m always telling peopleto straddle, to not do this, to not do that, soI just always like, I think when I was six yearsold, my family was like, “What’re you gonnado when you grow up?” And I’m like, I’mgonna own a casino. Like, you know what I mean? I just love thecasino lifestyle, it was something I wasalways was in-tuned to, so I just always felt likeI had a gambling mentality. I loved playing cards, Ilike the psychological side of the game, and that’skinda how I ended up here. I kinda always playedcards with my grandmother, gin rummy, or(indistinct), trump games, like a lot ofcard games, I love cards. My cousin and a coupleof his friends were a couple years older than me, had like a tournament at theirhouse and like a pool table, and I was like, this is awesome. I was like, I wanna do this. So I like set out,this was when we had AIM Instant Messenger,so I put a message out on AIM like, anyone wants to playa tournament on Tuesday? ‘Cause that was the nightWorld Series of Poker was on. The first tournament Ihad 25 people turn out, which is amazing fornot knowing anyone. There was like, threedifferent schools, and like three different groupsthat all came to my game. I had my family, Ihad my high school, and I had people fromthis other high school, kids I’d never met, and theyall played poker regularly. They were alllike, the studiers, they all read super system,they were like, great at poker, and I was awful, Ijust went all in. Like that’s what I knew,I was like, all in. All in, all in, all in. And like, I just kept gettingthere and I always had a massive stack, andlike, it was really sick. The first time we ranthe game at my house, we actually caughtsomeone cheating. And the kid’s sitting therewith the deck and like, when he was dealing, he’dflip the deck up and like spread the flop and look atit, and make some absurd calls. So, we actually had to confrontsomeone the first time, and like, I had my dad withme, and like this other guy, and we’re like, weknow you’re cheating. And like, the kidleft the house crying, he never showed up again. I wanna run intothat kid and be like, just so you know, like, wordsgotten around to that crowd. Like, I’ve ran into afew of them who know I became professional andlike, they’ve been keeping an eye on my career. It’s crazy, like, that ofthose 30 guys I was the one who got hooked on online poker. I was the one whokept motivated poker and became professional. – [Narrator] For morefrom Poker Night, visit us at,or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, and Twitch for up to dateinformation, full episodes, and un-edited livestreams. – Anything but a(censored) turn nine. (laughing) – (censored) cards today. (laughing) – I hate ace queen. – You really didn’t see it? – That’s how good Glantz runs. He’s gonna win thaton like zero run outs. I thought about betting like,2000 on the river, but… – Yeah, I would’ve folded. – I know. (rumbling, then a crashof poker chips falling) (slow, bass thumping music) – [Narrator] Poker Night inAmerica is brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal. (swing music)