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– [Voiceover] From SugarHousein Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this is Poker Night in America. (upbeat music) – Welcome to Poker Night inAmerica. I’m your host, Chris Hanson. In this episode, we willcontinue our Ladies Night cash game in thepoker room at SugarHouse inPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania while the $100,000 guaranteed Poker Show Down tournament is raging on behind us. Now, everyone there wasintrigued by our Ladies Night event because it’s just not somethingyou see a whole lot of in the poker world. Now, our producers likethis event a lot, too, because it’s the one where ourcamera guys will actually pay attention tothe table. So, let’s get down to the table and check out some oftheir awesome camera work. When we paused at day one, here is where we are at: Samantha Abernathy currently the biggest winner at the table with almost $5,000 in profit. Jessie Dawley playing wellon another Ladies Night. As is Jamie Kerstetter, makingher second appearance on Poker Nightin America’s Ladies Night. Blinds are 25 and 50, as we continue from SugarHouse here in Philadelphia. Poker Night in America broughtto you by Draft Kings and 888 Poker. (women chatting) An 888 pro, Jessica Dawley opens up for $150 with a suitedace. Samantha Abernathy with suitedconnectors. Gonna be the only person whocalls Jessica Dawley, so here comesthe flop. – Alright, I’m going to turnthis one. – Yeah just this once. – [Jessica] It’s supposed to bemy turn. I don’t know if it will be. – [Chris] Dawley continuingwith the pressure. $325 is the bet. Samantha calls as shepicks up the straight draw. She misses on the river. If she wants to try to win thishand, she’s going to have betto get Jessica to fold. Jessica has nothingbut ace high right now. So, any bet will get her tofold. – I have ace six, so debating oncalling. Ace is good, your kicker mayplay. I feel like you have like acenine? Alright. – [Chris] Dawley says no to thehero call, which would have been exactlythat. She would have won, but instead it’s SamanthaAbernathy who’s now got over $5,000in profit in her stack.

download free game poker onlinewho’s now got over $5,000in profit in her stack. – I just didn’t want to callwith ace six. – [Natasha] And she hasace seven. – Ace seven, I’m like what the(bleep)? (laughter) Oh, that was exactly where Ilived. – Oh really? – Yeah, so like, the high rises. I’m at Bonyton Beach. I was at Boynton Beach Boulevardand US 1, and Woolbright, like, I meanthey could live on the west side, but most likely they live on theeast side closer to the water. They live close– – [Christina] Yeah, closer tothe water? – Yeah, that’s where I lived,yeah. We were literally one streetaway. – [Chris] So Beth Shak raised to$150. – [Christina] After he WorldPoker Tour, you know? And I was grinding at theIsle every single day. ‘Cause I didn’t even knowabout the Kennel Club. It doesn’t show up on Bravo, so I didn’t know about it, yeah. – [Jamie] Do they still havethe 5/10 with the $300 buy-in? – [Jessica] The mini 5/10? – [Jamie] That’s the most fungame ever. – [Christina] $300 buy-in? – [Jamie] $300 is like whatyou have to buy in for. – [Christina] Is it just all-inpre flop every hand? – [Jamie] No, you’d think that, but there are people who arelike, “I’m going to hit a set.” You should play it. I swear, it’s like the best gameever. – [Jessica] They buy in for like$200. They call 50 with pocket fours. – [Jamie] Yes, promise, I waslike, this game is so profitable, it’sinsane. – It is, but like– – But you can’t buy in for morethan $300? – [Jamie] You won’t want to. – [Jessica] It’s profitable forgood players when you can build a stack. – It’s like playing atournament. – It’s not profitable whenyou go through six buy-ins like I usually do trying tobuild a stack. (laughter) – I can’t beat at the game, Ican’t. – That’s like what happenswhen I play two five, I just- disaster. – I tried to play atwo five the other day. – [Christina] Whereyou live is 500, right? – Yeah, it’s a 500 cap. – So, we’re opening up a 5-10game, I’m playing two-five,waiting for the 5-10. Literally, I’m under– the guy’s like, “Hey, the game’sopening,” I’m like, “Ok, I’m racking up,

download free game poker onlineI’m like, “Ok, I’m racking up, I peel an ace-king under thegun, open, four ways to the flop, ace, six, seven, two spades, no spade obviously. – [Chris] Raised to $1,000 fromShak. – [Jessica] C-bet like 50. – You have a queen? – [Chris] And she wasscared of that queen, so that’s why she just called, but in the end, LadiesNight has just become Samantha Abernathy night onPoker Night. More Ladies Night when we comeback on Poker Night in America. Poker Night in America is beingbrought to you by Where the world plays online. – Thanks for coming backto Poker Night in America. Let’s get back to Ladies Night. – [Todd] Does anybody have aproblem if Phil sat down for a bit? – No.- No. – No.- Of course not. – We welcome all fish. – [Chris] As we come back toLadies Night, Samantha Abernathy really doingit here, over $7,000 in profit. – [Todd] Hey Phil. – [Chris] Poker Night inAmerica, and we’re switching out seat four. Don’t adjust yourscreen, here he comes, he is the Poker Brat, not alady, playing on Poker Night inAmerica. – Wow, it’s the most beautifultable I’ve ever been at. – This is before he sits down. – Goody. – This is the most beautifultable ever. – What’re you buying in for? – $5,000? – That’s all we wanna know.(laughs) – They’re like, “Phil, howmuch money do you have?” (Laughter) – You’re only allowed toplay Phil if you play bad. That’s it. – Oh, no, I plan on playinggreat. But I just busted out of atournament, I might be on tilt. – How much did you win? – So, we want an open-faceaction afterwards. (Laughing)- Ok. I’ll give open-face, you canplay on my app. – The pineapple app?The blue one? I play on that.With the sunglasses? – Yes.- It’s good, I challengeyou there. – Everybody’s on that app,so it’s my $50, right? – [Dealer] $75. – Ok, that was $75, so it’s onyou, Beth. – [Chris] Hellmuth, as heusually does on Poker Night in America whenhe plays. Buys in for the minimum. – [Phil] We have all the pros.

download free game poker online – [Phil] We have all the pros.

download free game poker online– [Phil] We have all the pros. All the pros are playing on thatapp. – [Jessica] Which ones?- [Phil] Which is great. – Oh, he went all in blind yousaid? – [Karina] You haven’tbeen here 10 seconds, and you’re already advertisingsomething. (laughs) – [Phil] She brought it up. – [Jennifer] No, we did bringit up. But I’m gonna prove it. – [Chris] $225, bet fromBarbour. – [Phil] So I owe $75, right? – [Dealer] Yup. Thank you, sir. – [Chris] And now aces forAbernathy. We’re up to $625. – Fold. – [Chris] Phil will get himselfsituated as we continue back to Barbour. – [Phil] Internetbillionaire, right, and he’s– – [Chris] A call from Barbour. – [Phil] No.- Oh, ok. – [Phil] Now he owns a women’sshoes online or something. – [Jennifer] Oh, the guy, theVegas guy? – [Phil] I’d better notsay his name, he might– – [Jennifer] I think I know who you’re talking about, though. ‘Cause I heard that, like,collision, Shopworks– – [Phil] ShoeMint. Ithink he owns ShoeMint. – [Jennifer] Oh, ok. Shoemint? Zappos? – [Phil] No, no. That’sTony Hsieh. Zappos. – [Jennifer] You didn’tquite say that- ok. – Hi, Tom. – [Chris] $625 was the bet. We got a call. – [Phil] The hold card camerasare on? – [Beth] They’re on. – [Phil] Ok. – [Beth] Right here. – [Phil] Thank you. I guessI’ve never played one before. – [Beth] Yeah. – [Chris] Turn bet is $1,300from Samantha Abernathy. Barbour has already bluffedoff one stack at this table. And she’s trying to get a bunchof it back with yet another big bluff. And this pot is getting big. A call from Abernathy of the$3,100. A deuce on the river. And it’s check, check on theriver. Barbour quickly mucks her cards. – You scared me, I thoughtyou just turned set. – [Chris] And how aboutSamantha Abernathy? (Samantha laughs) – The 1972 collection. – [Chris] If I was SamanthaAbernathy, at this point, there wouldn’t be a hand Iwouldn’t play. Everything is going your wayhere tonight. – [Natasha] Donating to Sam. – Sorry. – [Chris] She will take oneoff while she stacks chips.

download free game poker online– [Chris] She will take oneoff while she stacks chips. Christina Lindley issitting to her left, raises. Phil Hellmuth calls. So let’s see how Phil actsamongst ladies here tonight. Lindley flops the straight. She bets $250. Phil calls. Dawley has a gutshot straightdraw that means absolutely nothingright now. Turns a king. So Hellmuth has a pair of kings. $900 is the bet from Lindley. Phil calls, so not only he hastop pair, he’s also got a gutterball. – [Phil] This could getexpensive, this game. – It’s pretty pricey. Pricey. – What would Jaime do, is thequestion. – [Chris] And he makes trips onthe river, but he’s still a loser toLindley and the straight. – [Jennifer] Yeah, I really missJaime. – [Chris] The only way thatChristina Lindley will lose here is if she folds. – Jaime, you said? – [Jennifer] Yeah, I like her. – I know, I wish she didn’t haveto leave. – [Jennifer] I’m just trying toneedle Phil. But he’s in a hand so I probablyshouldn’t do that. – Oh, oh, oh, oh. – [Jennifer] I should probablywait until after he’s not. – And I’m serious. I’m like, “I know, I miss you,too.” – [Jennifer] (laughs) Yeah. – Boy, oh, boy, I feel likeI can only beat king jack. – [Jessica] Oh, cooler. Wow. Nice hand. – Welcome to the game, Phil. (players laugh) Told ya I can’t beat girls inpoker. – [Chris] Took the words rightout my mouth, Mr. Hellmuth. – It was a lot of justicefor the ladies, I think. In his mind, he’s thinking, “Oh, I could just run over thesewomen,” but it’s not that easy. – [Chris] More Poker Nightin America when we return. – [Voiceover] Draft Kings, theofficial fantasy sports site of Poker Night in America. – Welcome back to Poker Night inAmerica. It’s Ladies Night at SugarHouse. – They have a great gym. – They do. – They problem is, everytime I go to the gym, I feel like a lard (bleep). ‘Cause all the girlsthere are so hot and fit. – Where? In Vegas? – No, in Panorama. – A lot of strippers live there. – Oh, ok, that’s why. – I didn’t want to say anything. – Yeah. – They all have sick bodies. – They really do, I’m justlike– – I’m working out, I’m justlike, “Uh.” – I’m just, I’m gonna go to,what’s it called? Jenny Craig. I’ll be back. (women laugh) – I gotta lose weight before Ican come work out at the gym. – [Christina] It’s funny’cause the other day, a girl pulled up in like aseafoam green Bentley coup, which I swear to God lookedjust like Barbie’s whatever. Do you remember Malibu Barbie’sdream car, I was like– – [Jessica] I couldn’t affordthe dream car, and now the Barbie dream car. – I was so mad, I was like socute. (women laugh) – [Christina] I was like, I usedto play with that when I was akid. (Laughter) – I couldn’t even afford thefake version. Meanwhile, she’s got the realversion. – Yeah, right? Obviously she grew up to justbuy it. (women laugh) – Well, I’ll be awfullyclose, I’ll be at Vdara. – [Chris] And here’s the flop, brought to you by Draft Kings. Flop is seven high. Both these players are in lovewith their hands right now, I guarantee you that. – [Jessica] It was all guys,and I was just by myself. – Yeah. I do a lot of fun things, too. – [Beth] That is a profession,ya know? – No, for sure, yeah. It takes a lot of work.I can imagine. – [Beth] It’s hard. – [Christina] Yeah, I canimagine. – It’s hard to dance on a pole. – [Christina] I couldn’t dothat. – It’s really hard. – [Natasha] To dance on a pole? – To dance on a stripper pole,it’s hard. – No, we were saying thatat Panorama there’s a lot of stripperswho are in really good shape. – She was jealous ofthe Malibu Barbie car. – [Christina] Yeah, I was like,”She earned it.” – They’re like so fit. Look at her, puttingher way through college. – [Chris] $575 is the beton the flop from Abernathy, and just absolutely crushes theturn. You’ve got to be kidding me. – It’s really hard. (laughs) – I see it on TV, I’m like– – Ya know, I though itwould be entertaining. – Yeah. – For like boyfriends, and it’shard. – Yeah.(Beth laughs) – It’s a lot of arm strength. – It’s beyond arm strength. I give these girls credit, yaknow? I really do. – I love drinking, but I lovea lot of other things, too. You don’t have to drink to bemy friend. (laughs) I mean, it’s not a prerequisite. – I mean, I don’t give themcredit when they go in the backroomand close the curtains, I give them credit whenthey’re on the stage. – [Christina] Yeah, yeah.(laughs) – [Chris] Does Abernathymake the move now, or does she wait until theriver? – [Beth] Thank God it’s notme in the hand with you. – I’m all in. – [Chris] She just shoves it in. – But I played with those cards,too. – You said all in, right? – [Dealer] She’s all in, yes. – There’s no button now.(laughs) – [Dealer] You didn’twant that button, right? – I call. – [Chris] And a call, you’ve-uh! Unbelievable! – Wow. – [Chris] Only an ace willsave Shahade on the river. – [Jessica] Wow. I’m telling you, the oneseat’s crushing. (laughs) (rhythmic flute music) – [Chris] And just like that, Samantha Abernathy continuesto build the chip stack. – [Natasha] More money for Sam.- Nice hand. – I feel like she’s oftenflatting sixes and sevenspre-flop instead of three betting them, and that if she has nines,she might flat those, too. So really, I was actuallymost scared of 10-8 suited. – [Nolan] Pretty sweet call,huh? – I mean, I feel a little bad. – Do you know what thedifference between women andmen? We say we’re sorry. – I really mean it, too. – [Beth] I realized that yearsago, men don’t apologize. I’ve had so many men throwchairs at me, throw chips at me, womenapologize. No, we wanna talk about my shoeline. We wanna talk about my shoes that I’m bringing in from Paris. They’re gonna come into the U.S. That’s what we wanna talk about. No, this is the key to myboyfriend’s bedroom. (laughs) – [Chris] Karina Jett withan ace king raises to $150. – I feel like she’s serious.(laughs) – Yeah, I don’t think that was ajoke. (both laugh) – (Beth) How we gettin’ home? I’m leaving my car down hereif we’re both drinking. – [Man] We still have dinner.- [Beth] Ok. – [Man] I’ll be fine, I’mjust having one drink. – [Beth] I left my chip cover. Jason can I tell them what youhave? (Laughing) – [Man] What do you you mean,what do I have? – [Beth] Your tattoo.- [Man] Oh no no no no. – [Beth] I can’t? I used to travel with himwhen I was still playing poker, and people would thinkhe was my boyfriend. We slept in a king size bedtogether. Do you know how much he waslike, “I wouldn’t touch you for 10grand.” I’m like, “Thanks a lot.”(laughing) I came home from the WSOP Europe when it was still in London, and he had a dude in bed withhim. I was ready to kill him.(laughs) But I love you. – I love you too. – Yeah. – [Man] You’re blowing up myspot. – No one would have ever known.(laughs) Stylist, travels withyou. Not your boyfriend. – [Man] Does her makeup. – [Jessica] Yeah. – I was gonna bet you guyswere sleeping together. – [Beth] Sleeping together? – He’s watching you thewhole day. – [Beth] I love him. We’re bestfriends. – I was gonna bet thatoriginally, but now you toldme– – I would do anything for him. Yeah, I love him. But he doesn’t love me likethat. – Yeah. (laughs) That was the bet. – [Beth] That was the bet. – Could’ve won of freemoney. – [Phil] You were gonna losethat bet. – Thank you. – [Chris] I don’t even know whatto say about Samantha Abernathyanymore. I mean, she is just winning potafter pot. And it’s not like she’s doing it against inexperienced amateurs. These are world-class playersthat she is giving a lesson to tonight. – I can beat a four. (women laugh) Look at me, I don’t have acehigh. Or king high. (laughs) Alright, a pair, I was like,”Yes.” Everyone always saysit’s so hard to make a pair. – [Dealer] Raise. – [Phil] It is hard to make apair. – [Jessica] See? He’s probablythe one who started it. And people just repeat him. Apparently it’s not ’cause Icall down light all the time and they always have a pair. – I know.(players laugh) – [Jessica] I’m like, “You can’t have a pair hereevery time.” (players laugh) – [Phil] That’s funny. – It’s just so addictive,you know, calling, ’cause the one timeout of 10 you’re right, you just feel amazing.- [Jessica] Oh, I know. – [Jennifer] Wait, what did youcall it? – Hero calling.- Addictive. Yeah, hero calling. – I was like, “Oh, I haven’theard it called that waybefore.” (women laugh) – I have a reallyselective memory about it. – [Jessica] I thought I wasmaking the most epic hero call theother day. It was like a jack three sevenflop, and he just snap shoves almost3K, and I was like, I haveace king, I have ace high, I have literally no–noteven like a backdoor draw, but I don’t know, I just feltit. He had a set of threes. (both laugh) I turned to Tim and I was like, “One time, please, just let meget there.” I mean, he literally snap shoved3K. Who does that? – [Cate] Every time somebodydoes that, I’m like, “There’s no wayhe has a hand here, right?” And it’s just like some nervousguy who is desperate to get it allin. – I was literally just like, “Why would he ever shoveon a jack three seven?” Just open, after a fourbet pot, open shove. – You wanna see? – [Beth] I don’t wanna see. I know you have me. I don’t wanna see. – [Chris] All Abernathy had todo was just look at her chips. – I’m not losing another big potto you. – [Nolan] Anything you’regonna be embarrassed about when they see those hold cards? – Probably, yeah. Jack three, I remember that one. I ended up getting a boat. Remember that hand? Yeah. Poker Night in America is beingbrought to you by Where the world plays online. – Thanks for coming backto Poker Night in America. Alright, let’s see who’s got themoney. Well here’s what the playershave on Abernathy night here on Poker Night inAmerica, or Ladies Night. Samantha Abernathy up $15,000. The rest of the players prettymuch are all in red figures, and all of their money nowresides with Samantha Abernathy. For more from Poker Night,visit, or find us on,Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Where you can see completeepisodes and unedited live streams. For everyone here atPoker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson. – Playing in ladies game wasgreat, I mean, some beautifulwomen, a lot of fun, good banter, much more friendly, and they beat me for $3,500. I lost most of it on thesecond or third hand. Had I played with them for anhour or two, I wouldn’t have lost nearlyas much in that first hand. There are a lot of good playersin there, and playing with theladies was actually fun. – [Chris] Poker Night is broughtto you by 888Poker and by Draft Kings.