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This is Canada! Here comes the train. Amazing. (The marvelous view of the Maple Road) Ta-da! This was all formed naturally. It’s Niagara Falls. Here we go, here we go. Is this extreme enough for you? I feel… – Excited. / – Do you feel better? I knew you’d like it. (Which team will win?) (Numerous great tips on trips) (Seo Hyorim, Lee Honggi of FTISLAND) (Wendy and Seulgi of Red Velvet) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hwijae, special guest, Lee Teuk) Travel is war. Battle Trip! Continuing on from last week, we’re with the trip planners who planned trips to countries we’d want to live in. – It’s nice to see you again. / – Hello. We have our 100 impartial judges who will vote on today’s trips. – Welcome. / – Welcome. Please be good to us. – Please vote for us. / – Please remember Niagara Falls. So, today’s theme is the countries we’d want to live in. Sook, if you have a chance to live in another country for a month. – For a month? / – Where would you live? – The U.K. / – I agree. – I want to live in the U.K. / – For a month? Yes. I want to live in Northern Europe. Sikyung, what about you? – Hawaii. / – Hawaii. Yes. Hawaii is so good. You seem to love Hawaii so much. I went there once. I went for the first time in my life and I loved it. Everyone says that. I’m sorry. – But I lived in Hawaii for a month. / – What? Really? – I lived there for a month… / – Why? How was it? People who live there say Hawaii is right under paradise. Everyone in Hawaii smiles all the time. – No one ever frowned. / – It sounds scary. It will be scary if everyone is smiling. They just say hi to everyone passing on the street. – Nonstop? / – They smiled all the time. I want to live in Southern Italy. – Southern Italy? / – It’s so good. I want to stay only in the southern region. – That sounds nice. / – Wendy? I think Korea is a good country to live in.

download free european roulette gameI think Korea is a good country to live in. – She’s right. / – I was thinking the same thing. A prominent monthly travel magazine released a list. They selected the 10 best countries to live in for foreigners. – And Canada was ranked 3rd. / – Right. We went to Canada last week. The Maple Road and Niagara Falls were magnificent. It was so nice. You must be nervous, Seulgi. – No, I feel at ease now. / – How come? – It’s just… / – You just gave up? Yes, we’ve let go. I’ll just focus on showing our trip to you. How was it? The movie, “The Sound of Music” was filmed… – In Salzburg, Austria. / – Salzburg? In Salzburg, they even have tour packages for the places where the movie was filmed. I love that movie. I may sound like an old man but it’s been less than a year since I watched it again. I just love it. – “The Sound of Music?” / – The music is so great. – Right. The music is amazing. / – ??Do, re, mi ?? – Austria is really… / – What… ??Do, re, mi ?? It starts like this. – True. / – ??Do, re, mi ?? Austria has a lot of famous musicians. Haydn, Schubert and Mozart. They’re from Austria. In Salzburg, there’s… – Mozart’s birthplace. / – That’s right. – You should promote Canada. / – Okay. I’m sorry. You just helped us. Thank you. – That’s so cool. / – Hyorim. And we have to… – Talk about art. / – I love art. – I like Egon Schiele and Klimt. / – Klimt. When you visit Vienna… – You just… / – She’s right. – This isn’t right. / – Please zoom in on her face. To be honest with you, you have to be a bit mature to enjoy… – Vienna and Austria properly. / – She’s right. Austria is good for people of my age. You should visit Austria when you’re young. It’s in the center of Europe. Once you unpack there… – You can go anywhere. / – That’s right. – Really? / – Sure. Let’s take a look at the map first. Let’s see where it is. It’s here. It’s right here. There’s Switzerland and Italy near Austria. – There’s Italy. / – It’s so close. – There’s the Czech Republic also. / – Yeah. What about the size of the country? Is it bigger than Korea?

download free european roulette gameIs it bigger than Korea? It’s the size of Korea without Gangwon-do. – Exactly. / – The population is 8.7 million. It’s smaller in population than Seoul. Seoul has 10 million people. And the food is important. But I don’t know anything about Austrian food. – They only have sausages / – Potatoes and sausages. Gangwon-do is famous for good potatoes. Germany is famous for good sausages. – Should eat sausages in Germany. / – Tell us… About the history. – Let me put it simply. / – Okay. Someone from Frankfurt set up a butcher shop in Vienna. The sausages he made were really delicious. They became famous worldwide. – That’s why. / – Yes. That’s why people add Vienna in front of sausages. Yes, the sausages in Vienna became famous, so the term, “Vienna sausage” turned into a kind of pronoun for sausages. – Did you have Vienna coffee? / – Vienna coffee. People call it Vienna coffee in Korea. – But it doesn’t exist over there. / – That’s true. – It’s called Einspanner. / – The called differently. – Einspanner. / – Einspanner. – Einspanner. / – I see. – Wendy. / – Yes? What was your favorite dish there? Is there a dish people must try? – A must try dish. / – Everything was delicious there. – I’ll share an interesting dish. / – Okay. We found short-rib soup in Austria. – That’s a lie. / – It’s true. – There’s no short-rib soup there. / – There is. – In Austria? / – Yes. – They have short-rib soup? / – Yes. I’m looking forward to it already. What’s the name of your team? Wendy, Seulgi, Digidigidip. (Digidigidip Tour) – They came up with a good one. / – What was that? – Digidigidip Tour? / – Okay. – Wendy. / – Seulgi. Digidigidip. The audience is loving it. (A city where people want to live in at least once) (Austria) (The cultural hub of European culture) (Vienna, where history and modernity coexist) (You can admire masterpieces in person) Gosh, it’s huge. When you look at the world with beauty in your heart, from wherever your eyes lie, you’ll find beauty. You’re right. This is good. It would still be tasty.

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download free european roulette gameIt would still be tasty. It’s like our time together is just ours. (Romantic Vienna trip begins now!) – 2, 3. Happiness. / – Happiness. Hello. I’m Seulgi from Red Velvet. And I’m Wendy. (Wendy, the main vocalist of Red Velvet) (Wendy is fluent in English) Language is important. She speaks German too? Seriously? (Overflowing excitement and swag) Let’s go. She’s full of excitement. She’s already bubbly. (Off-the-wall and cheerful Wendy) (Seulgi, the main dancer of Red Velvet) Seulgi is quite charismatic. (Off the stage, she’s full of cute charm) Let’s go. No, no, please don’t do that. (She eats and eats and it still tastes so good) – I don’t normally eat olives. / – You have to eat well. – You need to eat well. / – Exactly. – Pig out when you can. / – You have to eat to win. The best countries to live in around the world. The best countries to live in around the world. I’m not sure. Let’s try the best cities to live in around the world. On here, it says Vienna is the best city to live in. – It’s the best? / – Yes. – Oh, no. / – Seriously? Vienna is ranked 1st? That’s the case when they are ranked by cities. – I see. / – Since it has the most students in Europe… The atmosphere is energetic and lively. Polices about housing, economy and environment are evenly developed in the city. I’ve been wanting to visit Austria. – And this city is ranked 1st. / – Okay. – Austria is amazing. / – Doesn’t it suit the theme? Isn’t that the movie you always go on about? “Before Sunrise” was shot there. That’s the city where the movie was set in. – That was there? / – Yes. The country I really want to visit is Austria. What do you think? Anywhere in Europe is fine. It’s fine? I’ll be happy to go anywhere in Europe. – Really? / – Yes. – But we’ll be tourists. / – Right. Let’s come up with a regular tourist’s itinerary. Have you two traveled together? – We’ve never traveled together. / – Not once. – This was your first time. / – Yes. There are Schonbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace. It says that Belvedere Palace displays an artwork by Klimt.

download free european roulette gamean artwork by Klimt. It’s a genuine piece. – It’s genuine? / – Yes, it is. We’ll get to admire the piece with our bare eyes. What do you say? After visiting touristic places, we must become locals next. I’ll guide you through the city just like a local. Since you’ll prepare an itinerary for the famous places, I should find places where we can have a new experience. This is the place I really wanted to visit. (Seulgi personally plans the romantic trip in Vienna) What’s that? Goodness. This is amazing. I’m so happy right now. This is no joke. – Is it alright? / – Yes. – Is it good? / – Yes. I’d like to learn how to waltz. The dance? (Learning waltz in the city of music) This is my first time too. Since it was the first time for both of us, it was an introductory class. We just had a taste of what waltz is. This is the hidden spot I found. – Can’t miss the night view. / – Yes, night view. Cheers. The breeze makes the night perfect right now. You can look forward to it. Today is my day. (They leave to a small city for Wendy’s Day) – The colors are different. / – Europe is so nice. No way. – How beautiful. / – Small cities… Are charming in their own way. – Every alley is beautiful. / – It’s over. – It’s over. I’m telling you. / – It was really beautiful. – Game over. / – It’s game over already. (They penetrate deep into the city) Your outfits look good on you. They’ve transformed into Heidi. They’re adorable. Just like “The Sound of Music.” Everything is just perfect. (Everything is bound to be perfect in Salzburg) – Di. / – Gi. – Di. / – Gi. Dip! (Seulgi’s romantic Vienna, Wendy’s classic Salzburg) (They finally set out to Austria) – Yes is “ja.” / – Ja? – Ja. Nein. / – Nein. – What about me? / – Here’s what I found. “Beer, please.” (It’s an important sentence) I’ll entrust all the speaking to you on this trip. No, my head is starting to hurt. – I’ll be the guide in Vienna. / – Okay. We can listen to classical music there. Right. There’s a painting by Klimt there. (Direct flight to Vienne takes 11 hours and 20 minutes) (Can stay for 90 days without visa) We’ve arrived. Wow. – At last. / – At last, we’ve landed in Austria. – We’re in Austria but… / – Digidigidip. Since it’s late, let’s go to our hotel… And rest. – Wendy. / – Seulgi. Digidigidip! Let’s go. Let’s get going. – We are in Austria, right? / – We’re in Austria. (Their first morning in Europe) (A regular day for some can be a special day for others) – Let’s get going. / – Let’s go. (Tourist day in Vienna) (Belvedere Palace with Klimt) I know that you like Klimt. When there was a Klimt exhibit in Korea, we were supposed to go together but you went without me. – Do you remember? / – You didn’t join me. Do you remember? – I went to Klimt and… / – That’s not important. We were supposed to go together but you went without me. Remember? – I don’t remember. / – You do, don’t you? You didn’t come. No, I wanted to join you. I had no idea that you were going there. Gosh, it’s so pretty. Look. Can you take a photo? – The front gate looks magnificent. / – Right. – I can’t wait. / – Even from the start. The gate does look quite grand. It was so beautiful. It looks very inviting. – It has a face. / – I want to live in there, Seulgi. Me too. Let’s ask if we can rent a room. Yes, let’s do that. And if you go there in the morning, it’s not crowded. – You’re right. / – Right. Hey. Hey, this looks magnificent. I heard that this palace is a summer house… – Of the royal family. / – Really? You must visit this palace when you go to Vienna. Yes, it’s a must. (Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere) (Klimt and Egon Schiele paintings are displayed) Historically, kings did reside in the palace, right? – That’s right. / – Yes. There are more paintings than those. – Egon Schiele. / – Yes. Egon Schiele. (You can enjoy artworks from the 19th to 20th century) (Ticket for both Upper and Lower Belvedere, 25 EUR) (Photos are allowed without flash) (You need prior permission to use tripods) When you look at the world with beauty in your heart, from wherever your eyes lie, you’ll find beauty. – That’s true. / – It really is. (They walk while admiring the surrounding scenery) Let’s hurry inside. Gosh, look at the chandelier. Look at the ceiling. Look. This is splendid. Hey, hey, hey. – Doesn’t that look three-dimensional? / – Cute. – That’s a painting. / – Are you sure? It’s painted. For the first time visitors, they all make that face. – You’re right. / – It is, right? This is amazing. This place is amazing. It looks three-dimensional. I don’t know if you can see it on camera. But seriously. When you… Gosh… – They look like sculptures. / – Goodness. Gosh. You must visit. – They look three-dimensional. / – Right. They do look like sculptures. (They set out to see other artworks) No, we have so much to see here. – These are all genuine. / – Yes. This is incredible. – Hey. / – Amazing. – Hey, hey. This is it. / – This is the painting. – It’s the famous painting. / – Is this authentic? I read that during this era, Klimt used gold in a lot of his paintings. Isn’t she Klimt’s muse? – Yes, she is. / – That’s right. It’s so intriguing that the colors haven’t changed over time. This was painted a long time ago. – Gustav Klimt. / – This is so cool. How did he… – How will I treasure this? / – This is magnificent. – The painting is keeping me here. / – Right. I don’t think Wendy and Seulgi are old enough to be impressed by such paintings. That’s what I thought too. But when you see those paintings in person. When you see them in person, you can see how the texture is expressed. – That’s right. / – That was fascinating. – It feels different in person. / – The layers. This is just… This is it. I’ll go and see it now. Gosh, this is so huge. I had no idea. – Gosh, seriously. / – It’s very big in person. – Seriously. / – Right, right. What painting is that? – It’s “The Kiss.” / – It’s Gustav Klimt’s… – “The Kiss.” / – It’s Klimt’s “The Kiss.” That painting has never left Belvedere Palace. (“The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt) (He used gold paints and real gold in this piece) (It conveys holiness, love and virtue) (They quietly take in the painting) I couldn’t stop staring. – Does it captivate you? / – Yes. The difference of seeing a painting in person is when you see a printed version of it, you can’t see the expressions. It looks flat. But when you see it up close here, the brightness even varies. I can see how many layers he applied in this painting. You can see the layers. – That’s true. / – Also, seeing it… Through the screen and in person feels very different. I understood why people go there to see it in person. – I could understand Seulgi. / – It looks so different. I’m really excited. This painting is pulling me in. – He used real gold for that. / – Right, right. I saw the piece in my early 30s. – The memory is still fresh in mind. / – Isn’t it? Right? I bet even in your 40s, the memory will be fresh. Definitely. There are many stories about the painting. Some people say that they’re not kissing. – He could be twisting her neck. / – Suffocating her. There are many stories about the painting. When you look closely, the woman’s feet are dangling from the cliff. (Her feet are dangling from the cliff) Next up is Egon Schiele. – He greatly admired Klimt. / – Right, I know. That’s why his early works are similar to Klimt. – Later on, he found his style. / – He found his style. His paintings are grimmer. He was quite fixated on death and sex. There was debate about whether it was art or obscenity. – This must be a completed artwork. / – Hi. – Hi. / – Are you Korean? (They are puzzled) – I see. / – Nice to meet you. Hi. – Nice to meet you. / – Hi, nice to meet you. (Did this stranger recognize Red Velvet?) How do you… Wait, so, you we’re Red Velvet? – How do you know us? / – Yes, of course. I saw your videos on YouTube. We really met by chance. I saw your concert in North Korea. It was amazing. – He saw us perform in North Korea. / – Right. Yes. – My gosh, you should… / – North Korea. We were a bit flustered. Because a handsome foreign guy started talking to us. Exactly. Let’s ask him to recommend a good restaurant. I thought you had a place in mind. I do. But something we must try from a local. If you’re from here, is there any place that you can suggest that we should go to eat? – Yes, absolutely. / – Like for a restaurant? – You asked for a good place. / – Albertina. Bitzinger. Where you get like Austrian sausages or Austrian bread. It’s one of the most amazing places. Everyone goes there. – Okay, okay. / – Have a nice time in Vienna. – And enjoy your stay, okay? / – Thank you. – Nice meeting you today. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Bye. – He’s handsome. / – Yes. He’s good-looking. – He’s hot. My heart pounded. / – He’s handsome. Is this like “Before Sunrise?” – No, no, no. / – “Before Sunrise” at the art gallery. (The landmark in the center of Vienna) (This place is known as Vienna’s soul) (Tourist day in Vienna) (St. Stephen’s Cathedral) How will we get there? – We’re going to get there by tram. / – Okay. When we get there, we just need the Vienna City Card. You can get the physical tickets. – Or the mobile pass? / – Yes. Just show the QR code and barcode. Vienna City Card? – Yes. / – We can use it anywhere. I didn’t have that when I was there. What is that? When you went there, were smart phones invented? I brought a huge cell phone as big as this with me. But they don’t check the ticket on trams. – Right. / – They don’t. – But on rare occasions… / – The fine is 50 times. – The Vienna City Card for 48 hours… / – Yes? Costs $28. And each tram ticket costs $2.80. That’s why tourists often carry around that card. – That’s a good tip. / – Right. They do. The streets are so pretty. Look at the trees. Here and there, I see newly-built buildings. – I see. / – There are some new buildings. And old buildings are mixed among them too. – But I really like it. / – I do too. The sun isn’t scorching. The sun is warmly embracing me. Now that you’re here, you’ve become sentimental. No. I’m becoming sentimental now. Being sentimental is good. (The very scenery makes them feel sentimental) (They try to treasure everything in their eyes) (Where have they arrived by tram?) All the tourist attractions are nearby. (Carinthian Street) – The city center was great there. / – Seriously. – It’s really good. / – It’s paradise for shoppers. – That’s right. / – Is it similar to Myeong-dong? – I did shop there. / – That’s right. – We looked around. / – Just sitting there would be nice. – Right. / – It’s beautiful just to walk around. This reminds me of Myeong-dong. This is like a new town. (It takes about 10 minutes on foot) When we turn the corner… – We’ll arrive at the cathedral. / – Really? Hurry, hurry. I want to look at it now. (This is amazing) – They’re so responsive. / – This is splendid. Gosh, I can’t believe this. It looks so cool. – It looks amazing. / – It looks magnificent. How did they build this? Sculpting each of those pieces… (800-year-old St. Stephen’s Cathedral) (39m high ceilings, the tower stands at 137m) (It’s the best Gothic architecture in Austria) (Impressive mosaics roof made of blue and gold bricks) Mozart’s wedding and funeral were held there. His tomb is kept under there. – Yes, I heard he’s buried there. / – Really? – His tomb is kept there. / – That’s true. (They’re mesmerized at the same time) What is that? (The side view gives off a different vibe) European cathedrals are fascinating. Up so high… – You’re right. / – How did they build that? – Exactly. / – It’s amazing. – Those small decorations… / – Exactly. – I bet they went up there. / – They’re really exquisite. I figured out why it looks different. They didn’t finish building in the same era. It was destroyed in a fire. So they had to start from scratch to build it. The cathedral was built over a long period of time. That’s why it looks different. That’s why it feels different from different angles. When you look at the cathedral, you feel solemn. Yes, that does happen. When you go up the tower, you can see the view of the city. – Photos won’t do the justice. / – No, they won’t. It’s not possible at all. This is beautiful. (Trying her best to capture the beauty) This is beautiful. It’s so pretty. What do we do? What a shame. I have to engrave it in my memory. Give up on photos. (Too big to capture on camera) To take a proper photo, one of you has to lie down on the street. – Right? / – We can’t capture the whole thing. – I’m serious. / – Yes, it’s hard. Now, they’re going to the market. I really like the market. Exactly. You need to visit the markets. (Naschmarkt) (Largest produce, meat and cheese market) See? That looks delicious. – That’s from that market? / – Their cheese is famous. – Right. There was a lot of cheese. / – There was a lot. – Can you buy snacks from there? / – I’m getting hungry. – That’s Naschmarkt? / – Yes, yes. – It’s Naschmarkt. / – That’s really good. It seems like it. Apparently, this market overflows with a lot of food. – Fruits? / – That’s right. This market is called Naschmarkt. I looked this up because we were coming here. We diligently prepared for this. Let’s try it. Let’s say that something is expensive. We might have to lower the price. It’s too expensive. – “Gosh, it’s too expensive.” / – “It’s too expensive.” (Outstanding German skills) I think she’s good. (Acting fussy is essential) – What’s next? Extra food. / – “Give us some extra.” Wait, let me try that again. (Give us some extra food) – Do you have to make that face? / – She’s good. – Just like this. / – Okay, okay. They might raise the prices here. Yes. We always have to be careful. You might be pick-pocketed here. That’s why I put my bag in front. – I covered it with my jacket. / – Wear it in front? – Let’s be careful. / – It’s been there for 120 years. It’s an old market. On this street, they sell groceries. Restaurants are on the next street. Please eat something. – Yes, eat something. / – I really want to go there. – Let’s eat something. / – This must be the place. The fruits on the side… – The fruits and vegetables… / – They’re huge. Wendy, you must’ve been happy since you like fruit. I was so happy. I really like fruit. You should’ve emptied the place. I wanted to buy everything there. What’s up with those? It looks like it’s been wronged. – Do flat peaches taste different? / – Yes. – They aren’t juicy. / – Right. – It’s not runny. / – They aren’t juicy. – It’s not runny? / – No. You can eat it clean. (She’s calling the merchant to buy fruit) (Now what?) Tell him. Excuse me. Can I have 1kg of this? – 1kg? / – Yes. Please. I’ll try saying this. “Give me extra.” (She practiced saying “Give me extra” in German) – Do you have to make that face? / – Extra, please. – She’s going to do it. / – She has to do it now. (Here comes the target) (She carefully says the phrase) (Give me some extra) (Enigmatic smile) Finish? – He’s scary. / – It’s over. – He didn’t understand. / – Oh, goodness. – It’s hard. / – Poor Wendy. – It’s done. / – Is this the end? But I did it. – It’s done. / – 1kg? He pretended not to hear you. He pretended not to hear it. – Thank you. / – Thank you very much. (They bought the fruit but Wendy is upset) Green grapes! (They decide to wash the peach and eat it right away) Will it get dirty because of your hands? No way. I’m cleaning it thoroughly. It won’t taste salty, will it? I’m cleaning it thoroughly. (It’s finally time to eat the flat peach) – I want to try it. / – It’s not too sweet. It’s sweet enough. (Finally, Seulgi takes a bite) – It looks really sweet. Is it okay? / – Yes. – Is it good? / – Yes. It’s not sour. First, the peach smell is perfect. I’ll try it. Usually, the skin is astringent but this isn’t. Isn’t it good? The flavor and the fragrance are really strong. – Yes. / – Isn’t it? It’s like juice. Do you know what it’s like to eat a Korean peach? The juice goes all the way down here. I know. They drip like this. When I’m cutting it, the juice drips. Seriously, this isn’t like that. – Also, it’s easy to eat. / – Yes. Maybe because it’s flat. Also… It’s not too hard… – Nor too soft. / – It’s not too soft. – It’s just right. / – It’s not easy… To make your mouth water with fruit. I really want to try it. – I really love peaches. / – Me too. They’re holding the peach like a dumpling. – It’s easy to eat. / – Right. It’s easy to throw away too. All you’re eating in Austria is peach. But you must try the flat peach. It’s a summer fruit, so you can start having from mid-June. It’s in season in July and August, during hot summer. It’s in season now. If you aren’t allergic, you must try it. Since we’re here, shouldn’t we feel it? – Feel what? / – Europe. I’m feeling this flat peach right now. Why don’t we sit down here and order something? I want to eat this. Shrimp? Yes, that’s delicious. – Yes. / – You have to try that in a market. Seafood. – They have white wine. / – Okay. – Let’s order wine too. / – Okay. Try it. Sure. What is this? Olive chili. – Spicy? / – Spicy, yes. – A lot? / – Yes. Hot. Really hot? Hot lady, hot olive. – I think it’s spicy. / – Try it. Is that chili inside? It’s a different kind of spiciness compared to Korean chili. Is it? – It’s really spicy. / – Your tongue… – Hurts. / – It has a sharp taste. Is it spicy? You’re lost for words. Your tongue will be on fire. (She’s trying to cool it with wine) Cheers. There’s no time for that. – It’s too spicy. / – It’s too hot. – That’s wine. / – Is it still spicy? (Gulping) Don’t drink it like it’s water. (I can’t help it) Is it that spicy? (Seulgi gets curious) (She gives it a try) What kind of cheese is this? – Truffle. / – Truffle cheese? It’s spicy. (Sterbe) (No) (Ich sterbe) What does that mean? “I’m dying.” Because it’s too spicy. Let’s eat the shrimp. ($11.40 per platter) Wait. What’s this? Isn’t this shrimp? It’s kind of… I think it’s fishcake. – Isn’t it shrimp? / – I thought it was shrimp. (Still, it’s delicious) I didn’t think I’d drink wine in a traditional market. That’s really interesting. It’s a new experience for me. I guess it’s common to sell wine at the market in Europe. – I wanted to try this. / – Me too. It’s not cheap. – What will you have for dinner? / – They’re finally eating. – I’m curious. / – Me too. – We have to go quickly. / – It was so good. – What do they sell? / – This is a very famous place. – So what do they sell? / – It’s a secret. – What is it? Tell me. / – You’ll be surprised. It’s this big. – This big. / – That’s cute. (It gets grilled in charcoal) – Goodness. / – That’s it. – It’s game over. / – Seriously. – Look at the meat. / – That’s like the final blow. Goodness. What’s that? Poor Canadian ribs. That’s cooked on a charcoal grill. (The rib arrives) I could drink 8 bottles of beer with that. Right? You don’t need sauce because the meat is so good. – No need for sauce. / – No. The meat itself is so delicious. I’ll have to eat ribs tonight. Look at how thick it is. Look how thick that is. – Wow. / – I have to take pictures. It smells… How does it smell? – It’s like a barbecue in the yard. / – You’re right. Like having a barbecue at a place like this. Yes, like the barbecue smell from the next door. Grilling pork in charcoal makes it juicier. In Korea, we eat… – Mostly carbohydrates with sodium. / – Right. We eat stew and rice. If you eat meat there, you’d think, “This is what meat really tastes like.” I want to try it. – Shall we eat it? / – We’ll eat the rib now. (Seulgi doesn’t know what to do) I haven’t eaten ribs much before. Don’t make it obvious. – Just eat it. / – How should I eat it? Just like this. – There’s the bone. / – Yes. – Do I cut it? / – I love cutting the meat. Do I cut it like this and eat it? – Oh, wow. / – My goodness. That with soju… I mean… Soju would go well with it. Because it’s grilled on charcoal. How was it? This was… – The smoky flavor was so good. / – This scent. It’s tender. I understand why the locals love it. It deserves to be loved by everyone. Austrians… Really enjoy eating ribs. So there are a lot of famous rib restaurants. – The real charcoal flavor. / – Charcoal flavor. I can feel that. I think that’s really good. It’s just salt and black pepper. So it’s not too greasy. – Koreans would like it. / – Right. Also, it’s… Very juicy. That doesn’t mean it’s greasy though. Right. It’s light. It’s not greasy. It’s chewy. I love the chewy texture. What was the sauce? Garlic? – Garlic sauce. / – This one is Western sauce. – They give you sauce on the side. / – You must dip. – You need variations. / – What’s Western sauce? (Seulgi tries the garlic sauce first) This is garlic sauce. (She licks the sauce) Gosh, this is… Gosh, this is… It’s better with this sauce. (Let me try) It’s like the garlic dipping sauce for pizza. It tastes just like that. But I don’t like garlic sauce. – Because it’s greasy. / – Yes. This isn’t greasy, so I think it’s okay. Should I try this? (Now, they try the Western sauce) What is Western sauce? Western sauce is… It tastes like sauce from the Middle East. It’s like Western version of our red chili paste. That’s right. It’s a bit like red chili paste with vinegar. I actually thought it was for a moment. – It’s that mixed with ketchup. / – Yes, ketchup. I like Western sauce better. – You like that more? / – Yes. This one is good too. I like them both. I usually don’t dip my pizza or chicken in sauce. But this is good. Dipping in sauce is good but it’s also tasty without it. Then you should just eat it without the sauce. No matter how you eat it, it’s delicious. I’m so hungry. (The ribs are so delicious) One rack of ribs was $25. – It’s cheap. / – It’s not different from Canada. People there love ribs so much. – It’s one rack per person. / – An entire rack. They must ask for a full rack. Now that we’ve had food, we’re going to go to the next spot. – Where? / – You’ll love it. This is where I really wanted to go. It’s the place that was on “Before Sunrise.” That’s all I can tell you now. I don’t want to go there with you. – Why? / – You’ll make me take pictures. That’s true. You should take a picture of me just like the movie. (The day darkens in Vienna) (They head to the last spot for their first day) (5 minutes to get to Prater from the restaurant) This is the place. This is the amusement park. What is it called? – It’s Prater. / – I see. This is where I wanted to come. This is the place I wanted to visit so badly. – Exactly. / – Is this the place? There’s an amusement park called Prater here. In the movie, “Before Sunrise,” the two characters ride a Ferris wheel. It’s right here. The Ferris wheel from the movie is here. Is this why you want to go to this amusement park? They should have a lot of fun rides there too. It says… It’s the very first amusement park in Europe. – It’s a meaningful place. / – It’s the first one. – You went at night? / – It’s fun to be there at night. – It was really nice. / – It’s like a movie. Wendy, are there tickets like free passes? There are no free passes. The rides are owned by different people. – Really? / – Yes, there are no free passes. You have to buy tickets separately. (There is no entrance fee) (But you need to buy tickets for each ride) (“Before Sunrise” and “The Third Man” were filmed here) – There are a lot of fun rides. / – I want to try that. – That one looks fun. / – It wasn’t there when I went. We have those in Korea too. Sook, let’s go ride that. – Sook. / – I will hit you. (Prater Amusement Park) Finally, I’m in the place I was eager to be. This is the place. What are you saying? You know the movie I watched five times. Yes, I know. It’s “Before Sunrise.” It’s right over there. Is that it? That’s where the two main characters kiss for the first time. And I’m here with you? What about it? We’re just visiting where the movie took place. – Why am I here? / – Isn’t it wonderful? – Why should I be here with you? / – Isn’t it romantic? It’s romantic but why should I be here with you? Why not? We’ve been friends for so long. – It’s pretty though. / – It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Let’s ride it and get up there. – Okay. / – It’d be nice, right? I’m glad I’m riding this with you. – Let’s get in. / – Let’s get in. What is this? It’s like a bar here. – Are Ferris wheels all like this? / – No, they aren’t. I’ve never ridden a Ferris wheel. It looks like there’s a whole room in there. You can eat in the Ferris wheel too. It’s like a restaurant. They can cook for you too. – Really? / – You need to make a reservation? Every car looks a bit different. How long does one round take? – It takes about 15 minutes. / – After you go around once… – You can stay there. / – Until you finish your food. – Until you finish your food? / – Yes. – Then it’s not bad. / – I’ll need 2 hours. If you have to pay every round, you’ll get sick. You’ll have to eat so fast. It says you can have a party there too. Every car has different design inside. – It’s very unique. / – It’s a bit… – Like a tower. / – Yes, it is. It’s a moving tower. – It’s so pretty. / – We’re already high up. (They can see the night view of Vienna up there) It’s pretty. This is a pass. It’s nice here, isn’t it? – It’s a pass. / – This is the last spot. This side is pretty as well. I love watching night views. The lights at night makes it so beautiful. Could you take a picture of me? You? How? (She stays close to the window) Seulgi, this looks so sad. – I’m serious. / – Hurry up. – Could you stand right here? / – Here? Okay. What are you doing? What are you trying to do? I’m looking out the window. – I see. / – I want it this way. Make it look like a scene from the movie. Hang on. – Are you sure? / – Yes. I don’t understand what you want. Look at me, Seulgi… I’m not sure about this. – I’m not sure. / – I’m not sure. I’m not sure either. Because they renovated it, so it’s not the same. I feel relaxed here. Relaxed. I can feel relaxed here. Whenever I watched the movie, I wanted to go to those places. I’ve always thought I’d like to go to the places the characters visited. And I’m here now. It means a lot to me. Now that I’m here, it’s fascinating to see that everything is still here. I wanted to get the feeling I got from the movie. So I really love this place. – Di. / – Gi. – Di. / – Gi. Dip! Day 2 in Austria. Today, we’re going real deep. This is Europe. I feel like I’m in a movie. Yes, I’m the princess. (They learn waltz in the country of waltz) – I feel my heart pounding. / – Me too. We look like we ran away from home. We need to go to some place to eat. Everyone eats this. It tastes great. I feel like a local. (They taste all kinds of local foods) It’s delicious! I feel like a real local. (Deep, local tour begins now!) It’s our second day here today. Day 2 in Austria. – Yesterday, we were tourists here. / – Yes. – Today… / – We’re locals here. That’s right. They look like they live there. – Exactly. / – That’s how we tried to look. – Today… / – We’re locals here. We’re going to discover the city in more depth today. More in depth? – You’ll love it. / – Where do we go first? – We’ll go eat first. / – Going deep? We’ll have a very local breakfast. – Okay. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. (Local day in Vienna) You’re trying the local brunch to feel how locals live there. – Exactly. / – Yes. – Brunch is delicious. / – You can get there by foot. – It’s right here. / – Everything’s close by. Most cafes here sell brunch. They all have breakfast menus. So we can eat breakfast here. Do you see that over there? It’s written, “K.u.K.” It means they used to deliver their food to the palace. – If “K.u.K” is written… / – I’m curious. It means that place is beyond average. You’re very straightforward. It’s easy to understand what you’re trying to say. – I’m so hungry. Let’s hurry. / – Right? Okay. Goodness, it looks amazing. There are so many cakes here. It looks nice inside. Women would love this place. – It looks delicious. / – There are so many bakery. – I’m so hungry. / – I’d like to eat all of them. I’d say, “From here to here please.” – It looks delicious. / – The coffee looks good. When I was in Austria, I loved their bread too. – Right? / – The bread is so delicious. They eat bread so often that they have a bread for before bedtime. – Really? / – Yes. (The locals come to this place to have brunch) – I love the atmosphere here. / – It’s nice, right? – I love the wallpaper. / – I know. – It’s so girly. / – It’s a flower pattern. – It’s what we love. / – It was our kind of design. When you go to such a place, what matters more to you, the food or the vibe? – Both. / – Both are important. – Both are important. / – I see. You look like a part of the seat now. You and the sofa have become one. – It’s red and we’re Red Velvet. / – That’s right. I see red everywhere here. – I heard that people here like red. / – I see. It’s here. – Omelet and orange juice? / – Yes! (The first local meal) – It looks so good. / – What is it called? – The three-tier stand. / – Afternoon tea? – It’s not it. / – It’s not afternoon tea. – It’s not afternoon tea. / – What is that? – It’s a boiled egg. / – That’s how they eat… – Boiled eggs there. / – That’s how they eat it. I want to eat that. Shall we start? Do you know what this is? This is… – It’s a croissant. / – Isn’t it a croissant? – Kipferl? / – Kipferl. – I studied a bit. / – Kipferl. This is the ancestor of croissant. Kipferl. (Seulgi’s learning channel) This was invented first in Austria. Marie Antoinette was Austrian. She married French king, Louis XVI. She wanted to eat this so badly there. So she asked the French bakers to make this. That’s how croissant was invented in France. (French people made croissant instead of kipferl) – She studied hard. / – Good job. Show how it looks inside the bread. – It looks different. / – It looks drier. It’s just like a croissant. It was definitely lighter. – It looks similar. / – Does it taste similar to it too? It tastes similar to it. – It looks less greasy. / – It is. – They probably use less butter. / – Exactly. (You’re right) You’ll get shocked if you see… – How croissants are made. / – Right, right. It’s full of butter. You use a lot of butter to make it. They seem to use butter moderately there. It’s light. Try it. I’ll eat it with jam. How is it? Most croissants… Melt in your mouth. There’s nothing much to chew. This bread is delicious. You can feel the true flavor of the bread. – She’s right. / – It must be savory. This is apricot jam. I heard they eat a lot of apricots here. Really? – Try the jam. / – It’s delicious. – This bread is so… / – Try the jam. – She looks like she likes it. / – Hurry up. – Eat it with some butter. / – Try this. Try it with the jam. The apricot jam was so delicious. The jam would make anything taste good. The apricot jam was really good. – Did you buy it or not? / – I did buy it. – You must buy it. / – Is it better than strawberry jam? – It’s way better than that. / – I love apricot jam. I thought nothing was better than strawberry jam. Apricot jam! This is the best brunch bread I have ever had. We’ve only tried the first bread. I’m going to eat this now. – Go ahead. / – I should eat it when it’s warm. – The egg? / – They eat eggs differently… In Austria. You don’t crack and peel it? – I will look it up. / – We should pretend we know it. We should pretend we know it. We learned how to eat it from a video. “Gently tap it.” – Then it breaks. / – It does. Tap it? You tap the top of it. Exactly. You should break the top of the egg. And? (Cut the top part with a knife) Cut off… – The top part. / – Cut it off? – Eat it. / – You don’t have to do that. That’s the proper way to eat it. – You put salt on top. / – Add salt and pepper. Then eat it with a spoon. (Then you can eat it with a spoon) Let me try it. Isn’t it too salty? Is it okay? – It’s delicious. / – Is it good? I’ll eat eggs like this from now on. It’s good, isn’t it? Isn’t it really soft? It tastes like milk. You can just scrape it like this. It all comes out. Everything comes out. How can you cook it like this? You can peel the egg shell at once like that. It must be convenient to clean up. It’s easy to peel it because it’s rinsed well in cold water. (They start eating the brunch for real) (They enjoy the brunch just like the locals) – The bread was so delicious. / – I want to eat it. – We ordered extra bread. / – We did. It’s good, isn’t it? Do you like it? Do you like your breakfast? It’s nice, isn’t it? We’re now going to where we can be like real Austrians. You don’t have to say things like that. – Right now, I feel like a local. / – Right? Keep that mindset. Where are you going after the brunch? We’re going to ride a carriage now. We’re going to ride a fiaker. (7 minutes on foot from the brunch cafe to Hofburg) I prepared something for you here. What is it? – Are you curious? / – Yes. It’s none other than that. – That? / – A carriage. – A carriage? / – Yes. – A carriage? / – It’s so pretty, isn’t it? The horses look so cool. It looks cool. (Fiaker tour) (You can look around the old town of Vienna) It was really nice. I recommend you to ride it even though it’s a little expensive. As soon as you get on the carriage, you go back to the medieval times. – It makes you feel like it. / – You’re right. Can you go somewhere on that carriage? – You ride around the city. / – You just tour the city. (Hofburg, Michaelerplatz) (National library, St. Peter’s Church) – Hi. / – Hi. Hello. (They get escorted on the fiaker) We’re on it. It makes you feel like you’ve become a princess. – It must make you feel good. / – You feel like royalty. I wonder how you say it in German. Let’s go. – Gosh, it’s so pretty. / – Hi. I have to take a picture of this. (Even the entrance of the palace is beautiful) It seems like this is where the carriages can go through. (Vienna has a classy vibe just like in the Middle Ages) There are so many horses. There were a lot. That’s from the Roman Empire. He just said it’s about 2,000 years old. – That one? / – Yes. (Michaelerplatz) (It’s a square in front of the Hofburg) Look at that over there. It’s so pretty. It’s incredible. (Austrian National Library) (The largest baroque library in Europe) They all look beautiful. This is what you call Europe. It’s like an amusement park here. – Hello. / – Thank you. Hello. The buildings are so beautiful and the streets are so different. Austria is where you can make all your dreams come true. I love it here. Back in the old days, people used to ride carriages like this. It was like a scene from a movie. While riding the carriage, could you stop it and get off if you want to? If you take an hour tour, you can get off the carriage wherever you like. – Really? / – You can get off? Back in the old days, people used to ride carriages like this. (Right now, they’re the masters of their own time) – It’s like a fairytale here. / – It is. Aren’t the streets in Austria very clean? – They are clean. / – They’re very clean. There are so many stores there too. It’s so pretty here. I’m so happy now. I’m so happy. I felt your happiness just now. There’s nothing much in making a good country to live in. Whether a country is a good place to live in, depends on how happy you can be there. To be happy, you need to have ease of mind. – Don’t they look so happy right now? / – They do. Riding a carriage, passing through the old buildings, I feel like I’ve become an Austrian. The two look way happier than they started the tour. I was very happy when I was riding the carriage. – I was so happy. / – You look very happy. – Is it already over? / – Yes. Seriously, it felt like it was shorter than 10 minutes. – Waltz. / – The waltz is next. I want to learn something new. I found that you could learn waltz there. The dance? I have never done it before either. Since we both are beginners, we’ll just learn a bit. We’ll learn what waltz is like. Should I take a waltz class before going there? Let’s take a look. You can learn the waltz in 5 minutes, right? – No way. / – It was so difficult. – Why? / – I’m a terrible dancer. Waltz… Do you think we could learn the waltz? Honestly… I’m a slow learner even when we learn our own choreography. I’m on the slow side. Dancing is hard for me. I have never learned the waltz before. It feels like a classy dance. – It’s a classy dance. / – Right. I heard Austrians learn the waltz in waltz schools. That’s awesome. They all learn that, right? In Austria, they have waltz classes in high school. – They have waltz classes? / – Yes. – It’s a basic skill. / – That’s what their parties are like. – What if I can’t do it? / – You can do it. (50-minute waltz class, $81.90 per person) (How will Seulgi and Wendy look?) We even put on the costume. – It feels awkward. / – It does. I feel like I’m having a graduation ceremony. I feel like I’m going to a foreign graduation ceremony. They look good in the dresses. We’re in black and white. I heard there are great dancers here. Great dancers? The Baek Jongwon of waltz. The Baek Jongwon of waltz? That sounds strange. For our waltz… – Hello. / – Good afternoon. – Good afternoon. / – Welcome to our school. – He was so cool. / – He was really cool. Are you dancing in Korea? Yeah, we are a… We dance and sing. “Red Flavor.” Then there’s absolutely no problem. But we dance differently. He was a true gentleman. (They learn the basic steps first) He trained us really hard. It looks easy though. Was it difficult? I felt dizzy when I changed directions. Turn to the left quickly if you feel dizzy. Just turn to the left. – Okay? / – Yes. Now, we will have Viennese waltz, original speed. – Original speed? / – How fast is the original speed? Only to the right. Okay. To the right. We don’t go to the left. We only go to the right. Okay. That’s the dance they’re used to. – I know. / – Red Velvet… Their choreography is very difficult. – It’s difficult. I tried it before. / – It’s really difficult. It’s hard. – You danced to their song? / – Yes, for my concert. I danced to “Russian Roulette” and it almost killed me. (How will Red Velvet dance to the waltz?) – You know this music? / – Yes. Lean back. It’s starting now. 1, 2, 3… And 1. It’s fast. Is this the original speed? This was a relatively slow song. Wait a minute. – What was that? / – You’re just being dragged. – We were just being dragged. / – I know. That’s because he was a lot taller than me. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait. My gosh. I’m so dizzy. No, it’s… – I think I can do that. / – They learned the steps. Didn’t they learn the steps? – What are they doing? / – What was that? – This is hard. / – It’s like you’re being controlled. Hey… But their faces look like they’re dancing very well. This is strange. – It’s really weird. / – Look at their feet. Gosh, I can’t do this. He was very strict. He was very strict. It’s too fast. – Sorry. / – It’s like I’m being controlled. (They are getting better with the instructors’ lead) They look better now. You are the best students we’ve had here. What did he say? – What? / – He’s being nice. That’s how he keeps his classes running. He’s being too nice. I guarantee. I will give you 10 points. Out of 100. – You’re lying. / – 10 out of 100? We just watched their steps. That’s impossible. I’m so moved. Can I give you a little hug? Thank you. Thank you very much. – I feel dizzy. / – Let’s just do this. We should just be born again. That’s what they’re good at. – That looks much better. / – They’re excited. I feel better just watching them. Let’s go. (Absorbed) – You should’ve taught them that. / – Right. They got shocked seeing us dance like that. He looked confused. – He was shocked. / – Now it’s time to have rib soup. – I’m looking forward to it. / – Rib soup. You’re hungry after dancing the waltz, right? So I prepared something. This is like rib soup, in a way. – What? Rib soup? / – Yes. It’s a soup. I love it. You didn’t go to a Korean restaurant, did you? – No. / – It’s not a Korean restaurant. You wanted to eat Korean foods though, right? – Yes. / – From the first day. I wanted to have some soup. We rode a carriage and spent much time outside, so we wanted to have some soup. Look at this. It says “world famous” on here. Tafelspitz? It seems popular, so I just ordered it. – It’s tafelspitz. / – Is this it? This one? – Is it this part? / – It’s the buttocks? We’re eating a cow’s buttocks. Buttocks? It really looks like rib soup. I can’t believe that. I have to see it for myself. (It’s served with an appetizer) – What’s that? / – Is it pasta? When I heard it’s like rib soup, I didn’t believe it until the food was served. (Tafelspitz is beef loin boiled with root vegetables) – It really looks like rib soup. / – You’re right. It does look like rib soup. It was very tender. – It looks so good. / – It was really soft and tender. (Tafelspitz, $30) So, this is how it’s served. That’s why they have this first. – It’s served like that? / – It’s sliced omelet. – You eat it like noodles? / – Yes. – Sliced omelet? / – You eat that first. – They’re pancakes. / – Pancakes? – What? / – Is it a pancake? I thought it was sliced eggs but he says it’s a pancake. – It’s a salted pancake. / – That’s amazing. It’s very unique. They thinly sliced the pancake. Wow. It’s rib soup. It tastes really light. It tastes like Korean food. Some Koreans like to eat it with some rice. It’s not traditional Austrian food, is it? I’ll try this. – It’s really good. / – I’ll eat the pancake like spaghetti. The soup is so good. – You should eat it with the soup. / – It’s a pancake. Is it good? – You should try it. / – When Seulgi likes the food… Her eyes get big and she tells Wendy to try it. That’s right. It’s very unique, right? It tastes like sliced eggs. – It doesn’t taste like a pancake. / – Right? It tastes like sliced eggs or pasta. This is interesting. I can’t believe this is a pancake. I’m impressed that it goes well with the soup. I know it’s unique but is it also good? – Yes, it was delicious. / – It was? – I liked it. / – I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like you eat egg bread with rib soup. – This is great. / – It’s really good. I ate it all already. What should I eat now? We ate it all. (They finished the pancake appetizer in an instant) It’s meat. – It’s huge. / – That must be good. It looks amazing. Look at her eyes. It looks so good. I didn’t know it was in there. (Huge) – Is it a boiled beef slice? / – Boiled beef. They serve one piece for each person. – Gosh, look at that. / – It looks delicious. It looks great. (Spinach and potato) (Something catches Wendy’s eyes) – Did you eat bone marrow? / – Bone marrow? With that… – You should spread it on bread. / – Right. (It has marrow in the round bone) That’s how they eat it. (You spread it on bread) – Is it real bone marrow? / – Yes. It melts in your mouth. They eat it like that? (Seulgi tries it first) It’s fat. – Is it fat? / – Yes. The bread is very hard. And it becomes soft with this. I think people eat it when the weather is cold. It’s a healthy dish. It’s the most unaccustomed food I’ve seen. It looks unfamiliar but it tastes familiar. Try some of it. Mommy. I can’t even imagine what it tastes like, unlike other dishes. How does it taste? (She takes a bite of it) (What do you think?) (Mmm!) – It’s good. / – No, her eyes didn’t get bigger. – Her eyes didn’t get bigger. / – Didn’t get big. She opens her eyes big when it’s good. The thing is, I don’t like greasy and heavy food. It tastes like soft butter. – You don’t like mushy texture. / – But it was good. I like it. There isn’t much of it. Which one? You seem to really like that. It’s good. (It’s time to taste the meat) Look at the grain. How does it taste? Her eyes will get big, right? It must be good. Beef loin is really good. It’s very tender. – It must be good. / – Seulgi likes it. This is amazing. I thought it’d be tough. It’s so tender. – It looks like boiled beef. / – The potato looks good. It was really tender. – The spinach was so good. / – The spinach. I like that it’s a big serving. This is like wasabi. What’s that? It’s a sauce made with ground radish and apple. – That looks good. / – That looks good. It must be sweet. I think it’ll taste unique. – Her eyes went big. It’s good. / – That’s the best one. I like this. It’s good because of the apple. And the radish tastes refreshing. It’s cold. – This is my style. / – This one? It’s like cold buckwheat noodles with ground radish. It tastes like that. And it’s sweet and sour because of the apple. It tasted even better with the meat. (They start eating the meat in their own style) – Amazing. / – It’s so good. It’s so good. I ate everything too. The last course that we’ve been looking forward to… Is left now. We will see the night view for the last time. You like night views, right? I love night views. Let’s go to a hidden spot for night view… – That I found. / – A night view. – Yes. / – We can’t leave that out. That place appeared in the movie, “Before Sunrise.” She keeps talking about “Before Sunrise.” – We went there. / – I wish she would stop. She must have really wanted to do things like that. Seulgi has a big dream. She wants to go there alone and return as a couple. – That’s ambitious. / – Hey. Come to your senses. She got scolded. (Where the main characters whispered love to each other) We had so much food. Did you digest some of that? That’s the opera house. The building is so beautiful. Doesn’t it obviously look like it’s a building related to art? – It’s the opera house. / – It’s so beautiful. (1 of the top 3 opera houses worldwide) You can go inside and watch the performances but they broadcast the performances live outside for people who can’t go. – They’re doing it right now. / – Right? That was so nice. – They broadcast it like that. / – Yes, you can watch. People stood outside and watched. – It’s the city of music. / – You have to see it. You have to see it at the opera house. We haven’t eaten that yet. – What? / – Max. The sausage that Max recommended for us. (The man they met at the art gallery) (Austrian sausage) Austrian sausage. How about eating that sausage… – With beer… / – With beer? And enjoy the night view? Are those traffic lights over there… – Shaped like a couple? / – Yes, it looks like a couple. It’s a couple. – All of them are like this. / – They’re all… – Two people. / – It’s so pretty. Some have men holding hands. There are ones riding bikes. There are various ones with men and women. It’s so pretty. It’s cute. – It has a heart. / – We took photos of all of them. They’re holding hands and it’s two women. (Fascinated) It really is a woman with another woman. That’s fascinating. This must be the place. There are a lot of people eating here. – Is this the place? / – Yes. The sausage here is famous. (Sausage restaurant right next to the opera house) Where’s the line? Is this all the line? – Food on the street is the best. / – It’s delicious. I think it’s also popular because of the location. – It’s next to the opera house. / – You’re right. – That’s why he recommended here. / – I think so too. You come here to eat before the opera. You come here to eat again after the opera. That’s why people are flocked here. There aren’t a lot of places that are open until late in Austria. But this place opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 4 a.m. You could come here to have a meal, you could have this with a drink or you could cure your hangover. – I wanted to try that. / – Yes. – Can we have that one, please? / – Yes. – Sliced or in a bun? / – Sliced. I really want to try that sausage. (The sausages, $5.40) They finally get to eat Vienna sausages. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. That’s it. This is the place. I think it has various kinds of drinks since it does business until the morning. – She’s excited. / – This is the place. – They found it. / – This is the point. – Really? I don’t recall. / – Yes. (If you go up to the 2nd floor of the Albertina) – It’s right above the sausage place. / – Okay. It’s so beautiful there. – Excuse me, Hyorim. / – Sorry. Hyorim, you’re doing a good job. (The main characters whispered love here) (The night view of Vienna makes you feel warm) All the buildings are pretty. Europe has this kind of charm. You continue without knowing how the time passes by. You don’t have to do anything. You can just be dazed. It’s so pretty, isn’t it? I think the wind and everything is perfect. (Everything, even the fresh wind, is perfect here) – Let’s eat this. / – Yes, it’s getting cold. Eat this with beer. Let’s see how good the sausages are. (She takes the beer out of her bag) She’s so cute. Can you drink outside? – Yes. / – Yes. I’m jealous of people who live here. They can always have sausages and beer here. (The last part of the tour with sausages and beer) Cheers. Wendy is almost on Sikyung’s level. I met my long lost sister. – It’s nice. / – It’s nice. We have to eat the sausages with beer. Have one. (Yum) It’s good. I think it’s the perfect pairing. Make me blend into the background. – You’ll surely blend in. / – Yes. You look pretty since you’re not showing your face. Am I pretty? (They are immersed in “Before Sunrise”) How should I take the photo? (I’m the main character of “Before Sunrise”) It’s so pretty. – Photo of a life time. / – Yes. Ethan Hawke was sitting here. Julie Delpy was here. Can’t we imitate… That scene from the movie? Just the two of you? You have to do that. They’re doing it. Hi, dude. What’s up? (Seulgi Delpy) Seulgi Delpy. Yeah. (Wendy Hawke) (Their fateful encounter started on a train) I feel like this is some dream world we’re in. – You know? / – Yeah, it’s so weird. I feel like this is some dream world we’re in. It’s so weird. It’s like our time together is just ours. They’re so serious. – This is embarrassing. / – We won. It’s our own creation. It must be like I’m in your dream and you in mine… (Seulgi Delpy smiles) (Looks at her with mellow eyes) (She couldn’t contain her laughter) Let’s stop here. Good job. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. (The Vienna trip Seulgi designed also ends here) – Are you ready? / – I am. Let’s enjoy to the fullest! Let’s go! – This is it. / – This is it. It finally feels like Austria now. – ??Blue sky, blue sky dream ??/ – No, no. You should sing… ??Do, re, mi ?? Yes, you should sing that song. I can’t believe some people see this every day. I want to live here. Isn’t it nice? The colors are so pretty. It’s like a movie set. Go, go, go. You went paragliding? (How to enjoy the small town in a more thrilling way) We’re flying! Everything is just perfect. The world seemed even more beautiful. We enjoyed it. We have to mention the rib soup. Is the rib soup a traditional food of Austria? Yes, it has a long history. – Is it not a fusion dish? / – No. Isn’t the color and everything similar to Korea’s rib soup? What did the meat taste like? – We usually think that rump is tough. / – The buttocks. It’s not tough at all. Since we had it with soup, it was so tender. It had a light taste and with vegetables like spinach, potatoes, radishes and apples… – You could eat it in many ways. / – The sauces. – It was so delicious. / – Will Koreans like it? – Yes. / – Just think of it as Korean rib soup. – Really? / – You can enjoy it. We ate that when we started to miss Korean food and it took care of that craving completely. We always eat our food with soup. – The traffic lights are impressive. / – Yes. Is it that diverse? Are all traffic lights different? Yes. It aims to decrease prejudice against gender and disability, and respect diversity. That’s why they installed traffic lights like that. That’s why there were men with men… – And women with women. / – That’s right. – There was also men with women. / – Yes. How was the acting really like? It seemed like Wendy couldn’t stand it. – Please tell us about your acting. / – Yes. Seulgi must have been satisfied. – I really like the movie. / – Yes. – Of course, she was satisfied. / – It’s meaningful… – That I could do it with Wendy. / – I see. What was that? – Let’s hear their last thoughts. / – Yes. Seulgi, please tell us your last thoughts. The night view is more splendid than what we saw in the movies. There is food that even Koreans could eat easily. You can do all that in Vienna. Everything you see is art and everything you encounter is history. This place even has the trendiness of Europe. Is this a rap? No, right? Everything you see is art and everything… – You encounter is history. / – I wasn’t rapping. That’s a rap, isn’t it? Could you do it one more time? Everything you see is art and everything you encounter is history. This place even has the trendiness of Europe. Will you join us and visit soulful Vienna? – Of course, we will join you. / – Of course. – How could we not join you? / – Of course. – We will join you for sure. / – Okay. Are you all ready? Please vote if you would like to go to Vienna according to Digidigidip Tour’s plan. Please vote. (They designed a trip to a country they’d want to live in) (What will the judges choose?) The Realistic Sibling’s Tour to Canada vs. Digidigidip Tour to Austria. – Let’s go. / – What will the judges choose? – Please. / – Come on. – That’s important. / – It’s not over yet. – We still have 2 weeks left. / – We still have 2 weeks. – We have to captivate them first. / – We can win. – We can win. / – Come on. Come on Realistic Siblings. – Come on… / – Let’s get a win first. Did we lose? – Here’s the last digit. / – Gosh. No! – Here’s the last digit. / – Gosh. – No. / – We won. – No. / – 7, 8, 9. Please. (Who will win the 1st round?) – We won. / – Yes! We won. We did it. We won. – It’s okay. / – Good job. It’s just 5 votes. So, the Digidigidip Tour… – We won by 5 votes. / – You’re in the lead. – This isn’t the end. / – No. – It’s a small difference. / – We can do it. – The results can change. / – Yes. Though I’m sure they won’t. It could be overturned. – I’m thankful to be on this team. / – Me too. What’s the fun in life? – What’s the fun in life? / – They’re happy. We could overturn the results in the end. – That’s the fun in life. / – That’s right. We’ll come back with more entertaining trips next week. See you then. The world is your school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! (Next episode) It feels totally different from above. That’s one island, that’s another. So cool… (Mother Nature’s gift, ice wine, winery tour) It’s perfect. I love it! (Small town charm with real siblings) This place is really charming. (Battle Trip) (“20 Something” by Jeong Sewoon)