direct action act of war

direct action act of war, direct, action, act, war

[music] auto dealer [music] [applause] [music] come come that’s what Valdis needs to happen this is a real hole but we’re not here to suffer be such a pessimist come no my love I’ll be there soon and I won’t forget to ask him about it [music] the Germans rigidly impose their own rules on in the occupied territories we agree with this we faced them both in Belarus and in Western Europe we are talking about complete destruction of Ukraine the Soviet way of life is more concrete Korneev the first task of the fascists in the Soviet Union at the moment this is complete reorganization of the Soviet economy economy in the occupied territories they’ve already canceled the Soviet one let’s sit down comrades on the Western side of the river Ukraine in Lutsk the Gauleiter has recently arrived from Berlin. my name is Heinrich Krause forgive this one General Friedrich Friedrich Krause according to German Newspapers this is almost economic genius from alder to al standartenf├╝hrer von bork Mr Gulyai is so happy to welcome you you on our new lands the design of Berlin has not been adopted recently this officialdom how did you get there how did you shake so badly damn rattle I’m sorry but I can order please can I write to them in this city of course I have something to find a musical instrument a piano or piano I think Yes fine but to the point Mr. Krause put Diana’s name we have a serious task ahead of us here. to be installed a German iron order I am in charge of the military you are in charge of it that’s right Friedrich is already 45 years old one of the presenters economists of Nazi Germany since the 35th he was the head of the Ministry of economy for three years Bavaria then we will transfer the Ministry industry of the Reich participated in the the development of the plan Oldenburg in Oldenburg Yes exactly the plan has been developed by the office we don’t have the full data yet but presumably the territory of the USSR they are going to divide it into four parts economic the so-called inspector then it means Moscow to Leningrad gays and Baku and 23 economic commandant as well as 12 bureaus subsequently according to the

direct action act of waras well as 12 bureaus subsequently according to the the plan is supposed to divide the territories the European part of the USSR on seven States each of which will economically dependent on Germany well the Baltic States they include the composition of Germany but this it’s unheard of and Iosif Vissarionovich knows all about it I am aware of this comrade Commissar continue about Krause for a few minutes weeks ago Friedrich Krause appointed Gulyai 2 row he is smart balanced and a dream wife my main weakness is classical music how did you get such detailed information from a reliable source of Thai SAR our resident in Berlin if walking once I have just arrived in Lutsk so there’s going to be a big one economic operation it costs us there is a lot of work to be done the motto of you know why I’m here the bins the Reichsbank prepares for you parcel [applause] she [music] [music] Maslow carefully step back pay attention to logic type Kraus’s hager under my command are the troops from s ya we will ensure that the cargo is met by the most efficient in a reliable way and what do you offer as Gauleiter to destroy and disrupt them economic plans occupiers should to know they are strangers on our land is awhile [music] [music] still a fun race will you arrange for me to return to my residence brought that piano by firms for my I put my companions there if she’s a pianist of course gel paint would be nice I’m not a big fan of getting to know you the marsh & royal will send you different types of music to you today thank you and I will invite you and you listen for yourself and how is my claude that’s not the way it plays here of course vile as it seems at first glance let’s [music] elimination the fact of the matter is that the climate control you can’t do without elimination here. completely disrupt the economic operation you will be transferring the Germans.

direct action act of waryou will be transferring the Germans. unit no if the Germans are something if they suspect it they might increase security causa will go only your group is needed base in Lutsk there is an underground there, some verified ones people Yes there is no one there sit and not have time there is only a contact Yes this assistant it’s small so you’ll have to find the people search on the spot and what took me and my mother Kuros so long to get there we helped 5 children to wash their clothes in them and aunt Masha was ill then I know them on what I got sick good deeds the wasp can not be asked for the demand is not beaten in the nose is very much even drunk if you run into it from men give them a Cup of all the specified days when you know about everything okay thank you thank you take it take it thank you from and say that German Jews will be somewhere in exile send as in Poland or maybe not they’ll send them off maybe kill them all shoot them leva you’re a Jew and then they all get their money’s worth Zhytomyr will have to be shot with bullets enough well they don’t have enough remote control so on you can not go to Komsomolskaya street the oath was made by Tim wait Vanya I mean you only have flights in your head of the aircraft but the war it’s not a fertilizer su-2 splatter our seats are captured the enemy and we’re just going to sit there Tim separately says I wanted the same thing say well then say it but what can we do do something nothing or we can do something [music] I wish you good health that is to say to develop it rare cat see to what you pour well what brings us to Lutsk our task is to destroy Friedrich’s Gulet krause and disrupt a major economic operation on the rulers than of the policy of the Governor the resident’s information will arrive there very quickly a valuable cargo that we must destroy but is there a nuance to the whole operation they conduct only our group because better not the underground not the agents what think just a Threesome with no support in the city full of Krauts me Lech is right in the city of a stranger a mile away it looks like the three of us will disappear easier in the city but it is better to prepare yourself. it is clear the commander but heavily guarded the object will also have to be destroyed in three ways [music] three of them as always I wanted to live and fight of course

direct action act of war I wanted to live and fight of course

direct action act of warI wanted to live and fight of course a little bit but Mihas and you know what girls are in Lutsk Oh Moskal, how do you know which ones Russian girls and so set aside on we start preparing the operation in two days an hour later and here [music] careful-careful has a longer take it away hands are now 2 sheets and as I wanted mistress in this place before meet the background Borg this is my Claudio and so on thank you for the tool is not worth a Frau club and u you have some strange accent Biisk she’s not German she’s just German and a fine pianist we met her at a concert Frida shoke well now that we have one at the piano we will arrange musical concerts if you find it so thank you let me take my leave [music] it is a strange comic Martinet mask what can I take from it [music] my love I have to go take over the design yourself [music] so that everyone understands what we are talking about we creating the underground in Lutsk and aka the words scary here’s the field I’m a reeds anchor well then well come up with a plan don’t it’s scary and the Komsomolsk guard is not bad I’ll cut down the pickaxes in the city with the partisans but but it’s a firing squad what is it now all in one and the same plane if one passes everyone will be ruined stop who doesn’t kill anyone will Marie give up all her own all my life revenge service comrades Komsomolets I suggest you vote who is in favor of creating underground resistance groups Komsomol guard dad came right out there will be no turning back well there won’t be I will [music] left to live like this swear faithfully defend the homeland and do not retreat from it ways German enemies from the screw [music] then it will stay in place and shoemaking Magi’s workshop build boots

direct action act of warMagi’s workshop build boots and you yourself what are you hiding your boots in here for floor [music] is she here hands up from the station little girls are good for you there in the hand stand steps aside also can 2nd understood molokosos gps then google 1 on came down mediocre there is nothing special for a year I am here find nothing they call them while they’re still alive my God well, that the work would kill moves [music] [applause] [music] allow me comrade Colonel to go to Khari received cryptograms from a resident of Lutsk’s read the arrival of the parcel I confirm 11 blacksmith there is freedom [music] I can’t get to the house in this state mother a regular won’t understand my semantics protection trap this is for you know Dr. both in idem you are venous wine created and amix bison chance nothing special here I didn’t find anything here in the other room also look at the lads moves-outs pull out something like this [music] [music] it is better to stand still shoot at them [music] you are slightly taller [music] [music] [music] [applause] come on open it or we’ll shoot you and you hid these youngsters what are the bullies here hospital if it’s a boar then you’ve got blood and me I’d like to help you come on I’m a cast Caiman here the hospital here is not caboke let’s go [music] we are strangers in the city with no one to protect us what a legend we are workers from the cement plant plant of a name of Alabina they bombed many of the workers in the occupied territory the Germans are we know that several people worked at the plant brigades’ for the deaf and dumb here are the documents and in short Skye’s society is deaf and true everything checked well everything is clear then we jump get in touch Svyaznoy and lives on the street Lutsk street machine operators 11 and twitch and don’t twitch bear with it young man bear with it painkillers to forgive offer not I can do it as well as Filimonov does your father is a pilot Filimonov isn’t he the plane’s reference officer was killed in it endure and he flew to you all about the planes they know he even has water for him father I gave it to the pilot so I’ll be a pilot well Yes I hate Fritz the nutcase as he loves me too I’ll find a grenade and jump under it a car or under a tank but but it sits under the brave tank was found and when you will see the tank you’ll want to live in a hurry you don’t have to die annasaman you are so we are pee pee Le organized what I’m writing fuck I said something I didn’t hear I don’t want to know your bomber went to the wedding will heal now let’s go home come on come on no way it’s mine so without telling su you wait are you serious about the underground Rastrelli but we are not afraid I am not afraid of anything games but we’re not children either if you’re serious about it help the cause of victory remember the address machine operators 11 Ashot Romanov Nikolay Petrovich is called all the software Adjuster throwing piano customize will tell you what’s wrong with the filter well in General if you tell him everything he will tell you it will determine it well thank you very much not for that what about goodbye goodbye [music] got I love it when you call me Freddy units they don’t have them I’m not feeling well feels and why is it so dusty and if they fit in I’ll order them all to choose Albus a little music [applause] [music] [applause] [music] [applause] and if you want them they’ll come out all their own I want only one thing get some sleep and get some exercise Mr. Gulyan, the attic box with the notes from the standartenfuhrer selection is not yell like that he’s not deaf is he make up with the living room to that is what’s wrong with everyone yelling I hate you military man what do you want here there are only soldiers around me Yes I know tulips you like a private place to be parks and fountains it will be full enough [music] you’ll play for us at the reception tomorrow good well Freddy music is the only one the joy that remains for me here [music] but [music] wait for it girls I think he said it on purpose that we should to lure this one over to some miner for sure Mohi and there will come us as some kind of this spy is an extra one for me I thought I had known him for a long time it saved me why he sewed up my wound if he wanted to pass it right away but we didn’t it seems to be dangerous to surpass the boys at the dacha this means that it is not necessary to throw stones at the Krauts dangerous isn’t it come out we must go if we want to go to the center and the field means to beat the pain and at we haven’t been contacted bro will tell them before the prize was shouted demand happens but it’s not enough for you data or porridge is dangerous and one is in trouble if you are on tilka’s side you will die alone but no I’ve made a mess of it together. all right my dear children the steppe is quiet at home lads good evening still here well what are you doing Oh you bachiv how much time I’m sorry I all-all Valerian drank at home. in fact, you’ve forgotten Valerian . Faggot home and Nuka Nuka Nuka about the good the line is nothing shares to rummage through was not funnier, don’t go to sid hath’s shvydche Ali we will come home Shine light Sveti Sveti on the ice of the one before pobachennya well done underground worker shoes you do what is learned in a friend of the young on the mind of jokes from the place your outlier is 10 kilometers away from the city where does Svyaznoy live cold lives as a star right here on the edge the residence saying it in this Park double security cordon in the center former commandant’s office the building of the Executive Committee and this is what I understand a bucket Yes here it will arrive package problem kill walks the RA, the Germans immediately change plan for the delivery of the parcel destroyed the cargo will strengthen the security of the RA walks and so and all as it turns out what to perform two issues are not working and it should have turned out differently everything senselessly [music] andarz 2 how many got up at mp5 the movie is a lot work and save already had a bad night’s sleep this place has bad energy. enter and grace draught grey she you work do you know what will happen if you do it at the same time put into circulation with too much money St vide that inflation is the inflation of money there will be a lot of a products and services it is not enough and prices will also increase for the lawyer boring forests and the Soviet economy it’s just crazy what she’s doing here it exists against all the laws of common sense meaning and confidence of Alice you will do everything as follows you have to look at me as the smartest one Frida Chaudet is sorry to have to do this to deal with these military matters will give this is my duty to myself as soon as the war begins will the guests end up being the first to take them off these shoulder straps and remains then we can marry [music] Hello and you are the owner I need to see him where were you going we need Nikolai Petrovich adjuster [music] Petrovich was soaking wet what the hell do we need I’m very upset at school it is worth we are a chorus from a chorus so get out of here to students will pick up and greet them Matt is a paramedic on a very important case from Botkin’s filter but what have they become like sheep we want cabbage in the aisle to spread it out because you are on the Krasa boys we want to create an underground squad Oh so she came Ivan assholes of jokes we are absolutely serious we are we will not give up Vanya yesterday the Germans Belavin I was protected by Vince the hero there is no other in us ways we’re both supposed to lock ourselves in Sheck aren’t you until they all get shot Dr Botkin if you tell us why you will help us help someone I’m Vince a cripple with no legs we don’t we’re probably tight lipped now I say seriously I’ll report you to the proper place so that keep your mouth shut if someone blurts out, everyone understands Yes but you’re stupid or deaf I’m all he said it came tomorrow at one o’clock don’t go in droves one of you can come with a guitar there are skills you can break the strings on your guitar tell the batkam you’re going to put up new ones me with a guitar you will come understood so everything she’s here so it is in the mini store what [music] again kataske for God’s sake Wilhelm ii of course you can leave ruins behind why we need new lands if they have no economic value applications scorched earth strategy in the military all times brought a parade ground let the nation Tinatin nation wants to eat and drink the denomination wants a cheap loan a good one salary and quality products this is called welfare Belgium [music] APAT alloy so you consider slave labor inefficient for our economy at the moment Oh no no I think nia should impress counts stories not a Fig you you are military you’re wasting millions of Reis masheg by killing people and being destroyed why and what do we get in return fear is fear and obedience pros correct we are not an accountant and with my military and we are ready to sacrifice for this moneys [music] I raise this toast to what Mac’s flight is all about soon it will become the only currency in the world mire Wilhelm we are both experts from underwear to Economics to military Affairs let’s drink to the fact that each of us I did my job and didn’t interfere with my friend [music] she chose your well tank from the vine thanks [music] line up thank you for being me I’m just the one here day I’m sick to death of them all they throw it to the Kaida bear with Frida bear with it it’s yours work [music] [music] shut up too Lieutenant Colonel that’s right come in well what will you have a base in Lutsk a group of underground workers has been discovered tested there are no verified ones so you will be there check this is good and then went to the empty the city is just a place of local teenagers Komsomol members 6 people Viktor Andrey the account is impossible and a is in it I wasn’t hired and there is no other way out and you don’t have time you have to leave today you know that it is immoral for children to use it moral but we have no other choice a s with you they have a better chance of survival and do something really useful for the homeland of course the essence of the operation is not to tell them use in the dark run there is Tim I’m a faggot I don’t care about grandma for these 3 Obamas of mine either transferred so I’ll live in the dark see off the metro canard I would like to say something you already have boldly CEC war after all it does not matter to him c ot it depends on the person you know I’m watching you in 7th grade with what you sho touch the domain with us and not the time now you understand and I will be put down tomorrow and in General on seeing off this al look like [music] here tubas thanks here it is necessary I love you as you do not do you understand Dima you can love another person [music] who is the fool [music] don’t follow me pirate quiet only you can’t find out about your own people what do you mean the string is broken come on come on come on Jane now drink herbal collection calendula half hawthorn I got the answer from you use who who needs those and will not I will tell you first of all about my childhood second I’ll tell you the details myself I don’t know the operation will take place here 1 it looks important and they will give us weapons weapons they will definitely give it to you they will catch up and once again add Pai sho on the neck we need to do more listening now less talking and waiting who needs to do it themselves you will be contacted I’m K we’ll know them by now the question began to ask well done I’m learning I think you’ll understand get out of here the plane will arrive on Saturday. security is provided by the Luftwaffe. it was Goring himself who called but for the carriage money in the vault you say of course gear krause security will be provided most appropriately I think everything it will pass perfectly Filya and maybe we will a little misunderstood each other at first, huh but it’s nerves but we’re in the same boat yet I’m relying on you William you are making me if they are the same stamp should not be lost on the way see you soon and the Gauleiter [music] [music] why is the wedge so sour our selection is waiting for that lie children and Korneev ordered them to be used I feel sorry for the guys set aside conversations [music] [music] firmly you only jump Lena [music] janitor [music] [music] about to decide, comrade Lieutenant Colonel, Yes come in received a message from ground units observations of the plane by the Pavlovsky group shot down by the enemy there is no other information yet [music] free is where only that prize comes from taken before it was this Palych who saved us this road to hell we missed landing 15 kilometers at least by morning we have to be in place and we are getting by and forward [music] when FRIDE sees that you love me listen they must have been damaged in transit. find a Customizer of course my angel I’ll arrange it at once [music] that’s the pace house. someone has to and uncles Lech give me the weapon leave it when you understand imitate Moskal [music] [music] [music] Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah [music] because what will we do documents the documents say the lander and the pastor owsley the passport knew let’s see hands up or buy working Builder idol is deaf and dumb but it’s all right hold it deaf-mute, I’m going to show him something [music] dream alpine [music] Ira to pick up the documents at the I will make a reservation auswise documents as part in home hands up [music] worker from Builder idol accept all right currant Dyson let’s go [music] here [music] [music] [music] [music] you don’t sell your dog [music] call [music] [music] hi we heard you’re selling a dog it is not for sale it is inexpensive unfortunately major Pavlovsky is seen standing and looking will you put it on sorry we can’t show any documents but before that glad to meet you I won’t be staying with you we are deaf from the factory came to the city to look work just don’t get all worked up about it there may be some people who are not particularly interested sting if he doesn’t believe you you’ll be here before dawn come back late at night and your clothes don’t throw it around but you’re a misanthrope aren’t you what’s wrong with the underground sucker’s located on Oktyabrskaya street, in a Shoe workshop’s they break through there Ivan stali is the very one there please feel free to contact us at our offices send a message that she’s alive and well. tricky didn’t you think Marusya let’s run [laughter] [music] your what’s deaf got it the sole came off Sarah said [music] Andrei that in the movies with you live sticks are friends eh we sat at the same Desk together and bullied each other together I can think of something I think ulici also likes me but I noticed how it is stretched girls generally pilots to sublet and Dima is mad not on time if honestly you and your K store you yourself I understand about the tightness of the attempt we are there to ask you forgot I’m not talking about that we can’t quarrel now that everything is in order one clip of pee pee Le will not go huhry-muhry speed will be given to me Yes Yes so and but that’s it direct work like they say that Soviet money to accept being [music] undead what will be the money Yes some we are lucky but it is still a grandmother in two said [music] but in front of strangers about the underground don’t mess with me kid though I don’t like to be an owl for anything stupid sorry now listen to me carefully and if you do exactly as I say you will collect it you’ll be at your kodla by seven o’clock today in the old king if the same inexpensive language keep your mouth shut on don’t cut yourself [music] we are bad people [music] I know [music] on our she’s a sample [music] comrade Lieutenant Colonel allow me to report on come in Pavlovsky’s group contacted them ready to perform the operation request support urgently land and weapons and the explosives container should be on the ground but by morning success depends on it there are no operations to perform today I will meet our partisans and go alone it’s better that they didn’t know about you just in case if one of them is being held you think they can handle it and the kids are walnuts they didn’t even smell gunpowder what to do of course all this is not for me I like it but there’s nothing to do about it use them I will try to teach them the course of a young fighter to at least some the goal skill and what about the resident gets information from from Carrow for apparently it’s some kind of officer from the police Department. our immediate environment we know that we are they’re still alive so the resident will come out with us get in touch via a field agent code phrase lamb in wolf’s skin sometimes scarier than a wolf in sheep’s clothing sprite on it is told so that Lech will be near Nikolai Petrovich is the Mijas you go back to the airfield don’t like it at all how does this toxin affect disabled people there jokes are made joke in the heat and lie on the stove but how can you at least sit in an ambush like this got it [music] if it is from the Germans then strengthen us puts and no one will know if you are an Intel typhoid it us Vanka already a hundred times decreasing or maybe he wanted to go to the whole group before 6 not on the the family as a Threesome I tell you we must leave the Kurds are staying I speak like a yacht their commander tilki no one chose you to be their commander commanders are not chosen commanders only a higher level was assigned the command of the soldiers tell you that on special instructions from headquarters you are go over at my disposal that’s right we are ready quiet give us weapons weapons I’m a JP’s bro but it’s a military thing not only weapons if the enemy wants you can and strangle the Yak with your bare hands like this enough you will teach us the grassy something I will show you but to survive you have to follow orders keep quiet and listen and we will have a task injects are very dangerous line up stand at attention and listen to my command tomorrow all the metro we will meet near quarries go to the forest learn the package and while it hurts everyone goes home there is a running March give me the projects [music] what the hell is that here it is powder so this is Vani Tim’s weapon take the parachute back girls bury it deeper we’re behind the second my for the second is faster let’s burn it I seem to take it down then write it down and study it and where is it over there under the tree under tree comrade clip and how did dynamite fall from such a height it didn’t explode no not dynamite and spent those more theme I find that it is possible to land it burrows only with the help of the fuse if you shoot it again repeat spent explodes using detonator’s show all the fighters took a walks or often leaves the residence and who knows you about so sho arrived Germans quiet there [music] you Nikolai Romanov so exactly you too my assistant he’s in the middle of nowhere they say you know how to repair and you can customize musical instruments there is such a passion in our plates problems with hayana but there is a problem we will Hiace martin will pay in rubles at all good morning only on one with me assistant I an invalid with no legs is quite fine how long will it take you to get ready and now Vasek is taking it to the doctor and all right hurry up TT flat gun is easy to hide under clothes my Andryukha here that is noisy powerful cartridge high armor and speed and the urchins you can separate the Krauts will see a road ticket to here Yes I know my father has one was well and high accuracy you well done but come on come on wow I fell on purpose myself better yet once a good evening on styling this the Customizer and its assistant here it is so Hello everyone and wise we will forever share what you have here Vasek pedal push push the pedal pedal push the pedal broke the cover lift it up if I Wake us up Jonas Melas wants you to go for a walk this very minute Vasek give me a lift Greeks to Deke I need the Greeks push the pedal push the pedal all over the place endless grey soldiers in the movie I I feel like a lamb sometimes wolfskin the ecologist is here though she’s a lamb you know in wolf’s skin sometimes he’s their mouse sometimes bad wolf over things [music] Frau Goldie do Smith has such a conscience that he beret I’m comin em Yes I’m comin em [music] [music] well the mechanism is broken the pedal it’s broken tomorrow we’ll do it tomorrow okay tomorrow at 12 o’clock and all right I’ll see you out kind for a very long time [music] choice or as he timku through the knee times just like me and you know what I was thinking huh I’ll go to the intelligence school, too well, when the war is over [music] [music] sho there’s nothing left yet all the guys bye Pro water you something not not need to van Lenta and dacha for now for now as well as the takeover much more happens talk we the grass to talk to go go and blowing see in the engineer Mandir obey three as a joke and go well it happens Shepel she didn’t say that to Maine or Lublino I did but winbo is anchored somewhere you know everything is already clear she is my zhinka du [music] now it’s 13 142 ready boar thrushes I got permission to communicate back in the Berlin I will confirm the parcel on Saturday 13 at 15: 00 she’s a Pro I see you like the spy no I was just surprised no one told us what does this one look like resident [music] well [music] [music] childhood now there will be denunciations against the neighbors and debtors Yes but also big fish maybe “and we’ve got enough bullets for all of us.” ZIM but you’re not a bloodthirsty man are you von Borg I am not and I am simply merciless to enemies of the Reich as you probably are sir Krause you are not a military man underestimate the danger of even one the only saboteur he sees is a. s. and you ladies as a military man ignore the power of money I’ve seen you we’ve already done it Yes I gave you permission to open it here private companies create their own business trade all the things they hated so much Communists and freedom we feed it Smith our money is in and I’ll thank you for that but it’s already too late but I probably you’re right [music] we have to destroy this plane that’s all what does it have on Board like like money burns bad about explosions just scatter it you have to blow it up aviation fuel with not everything will burn out what at the airfield well, first of all there are a lot of patrols there and with the transport cargo I think security it will become much bigger and I have some ideas how to get there snuck of course there is one place we make a manhole and patrols that I was lying on my belly for nothing shorter than me there is a schedule for changing patrols so we have everything we’re ready to go fix the royal crown tomorrow [music] give me your paw [music] whole fully prepared Stingers louna has become an insole set up royal ready and know on it only remains to configure the tool be good fedec Friedrich will be happy Yes Yes I have a headache we have a headache please bring me some water marshmallows we’ll be sure to file in the area of the bomb to activate the charge you need to press the left pedal [music] you’ll have two minutes to leave the Gauleiter must stay make it so that the walk and entered the enter the room and activate the bomb St tenants send the spirit you pay the principal here and entrance witcher 3 [music] [music] [laughter] [music] here you go you didn’t come here for anything . excuse me and get up the commandant’s office is here before he doesn’t just go there. let’s talk about dominating the wings there fuel tanks and more wings we need to get there well driving a couple of planes to fix it up lookout explosives on enough Yes only here’s a plane we can’t get our hands on there was nothing to mine on the move I have an idea for you risk the good of his lads did you fight they clap and that’s for sure [music] then we will show our grandson the medals for release the boat or all of it we will show them in books they will write Filimonov’s squad that and some kind of power, well, war we’ll put his squad in charge look you are silent answer stop leave at the bottom stand and hold them shoot [music] you say they didn’t want to talk tell me I’ll kill you where did he go that’s where they’re going [music] report to the commander send it reinforcement [music] [music] what is it not Nikolai Petrovich Klim said in an emergency the place meetings are an old cowshed for everyone to warn they’ll figure it out [music] [music] the Germans go on the left all passed, and Andryukha Bering where is the grace of the Germans left uncle if I take you out it’s too late now a burden to you go away go away through all the vegetable gardens to the courtyard [music] Herr officer this is the house I have seen than here [music] there is only one friend left so in bless I am behind the guys Pascal Pascal Pascal Pascal let’s come with me let’s game like you stupid day Oh accounting calculations figures figures the figures are free Gridina Obama let’s hold this evening we start off as if it is the most important one we have abend the latest me why we’re done we’ll drink champagne with our hearts and light it up candles and Yes as then fitting for so ya do with as then de von bork ring then there are soldiers von bork this Jung he will give they killed a boy from the city’s underground and they blew up the house of some disabled person in die luft the market no one thinks about this site pour on them only need to be good I am Yes my love [music] and and he but [music] and we saw Timka talking to her about something. by the Germans at the commandant’s office we noticed run the Krauts shoot steel I friend killed the Yak it was and now Nikolai Petrovich and she stop this drooling this war and on when people kill we start the operation with morning until the Germans pulled out the main ones after all, tell me anything about operation why you there’s always something we can’t tell you. if Klim was telling you everything we would now all the dead people were lying here because of it. your timki means so young people listen I will be sent to the airfield tomorrow a very valuable cargo is arriving which we have we must destroy it the airfield is very heavily guarded but there is time to skip between patrols there we will split up into groups me and Lech either with Lena and Smee the boss the two of you now Mihai sleep all the rest tells [music] transport vehicles based on data true claudio it’s easy and also great but I have one more wish worth more than five minutes come on Claudio please I have to go fame for me after all please sense 5 minutes mais tu Fritz you know FRIDE du bist ein you are a rare person our troubled times are their bin Yes I’ll tell you sincerely grateful for your love for tenderness for your attention du bist ein you are a real man to the bottom not a soldier of the secret and not a fascist of the OBR namely man a. b. us 1 I can’t forgive you and where are they hearts you what rubber for non Nazis re di te animals and scum that star you see what are they doing building [music] Yes the air you know about the camps before huberty’s case about the kilns Tu Claus you don’t believe in death do you you know if they’re really like her what are you talking about why are you helping them asked Frieda audi Claudia come over here and do the paperwork although I’d rather stay with you stay with you until the end hold me tight FRIDE tells me coldly moya lyubimaya [music] the eyes are Shon bin ul and the feet are only Avagyan stand up a new in briefings stone loops I am there is a here they are [music] Micha if everything is coal and then what is it for underground fighter they’ve got all their bombs and when will they put them on all of them quickly and appointed place to the mail plane I see Yes go ahead [music] this [music] come on, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go come on come on [music] let’s [music] all right let’s go where’s the Gauleiter Herr standartenfuhrer hasn’t arrived yet everyone line up the plane will land in some minutes just like pushing a sledge hung the spirit [music] and [music] carefully the main thing hold [music] at night a XTO van kun t plus this base Kbytes [music] and [music] come on [music] but here she lived in the Taurus look how many Germans are meeting him we will meet him on the runway at you can see the fire shield on the turnpike driven weeks [music] and here is our plane wait for me here [music] [music] [music] and so would Tim and go go [music] for two minutes [music] products’ [music] [applause] [music] it’s him we went out on the strip [music] catch must [music] all greenery [music] [applause] [music] [applause] exceptional bravery here is something to live in the scout all wrong people don’t even get the order in their hands do they instead of an order the order book is just like that you think claude will be awarded posthumously don’t you Petrovich’s they have done their duty by helping them memory [music] for exceptional bravery and service [music] look at this [music] so what’s the scouting going on accept new deposits [music] I don’t know about you cream but I’m for our future calm the one to the right letter and top-up to the scouting company when it was painful get out of here comrades fighters welcome to scouting [music] [music] we are bold need [music] thanks [music] [music] I’m here at last we’re doing it alone huh how in Russian hearts will light up plant one day I do not eat posts miner like and you full of votes let’s go red get away from the sound of Saltane [music] sho accounting up clear the left flank then the factory will be our value I’ll take care of myself with these [music] yes 1 [music] back [music] but until I have to, I must 0 every attack [music] problem new the factory was guarded by major Karelin’s battalion the order has come to blow it up they are going to blow it up we booby trapped them but we couldn’t do it bad very bad Viktor Andreevich do you have any idea what kind of plant this is the same hour lessar K is ammo mines and shells are enough for the Germans put two of your own machines and start again to start production, the air force tried to strike but the Germans managed to cover it the factory was equipped with anti aircraft batteries and tightened up Messer to the nearest airfield so the sky is closed there [music] what will we do with it what will we give it away factory Germans can not let’s raise the Pavlovsky group we will to think like blowing up the plant from the inside is harder inform the Colonel of the coffins to hear the Russian cops are cleared for this already our nose and forward faster it is still alive needs and become [music] we’ve got a move on move on went miryat between dre and the third day I don’t sleep the Russians are fighting back like hell I can see that they are going according to plan Barbarossa is prepared the factory is intact as you wanted to undo it operation captain . Yes Yes this plant is just a gem we are we can supply half of them with ammunition the army hatch has only to be installed new machines and notice the production line line I the power plant is still intact of course, it was Caesar pri who had sensed something careful I see something here Mina they put a mine everywhere wait for me check out the Russians live they are not fools I also understand this I would not in their place I’ve come to terms with my loss of control but after all they understand correctly and that’s why I transferred you to the battalion I’m a soldier at the factory but I’m not a soldier at all guards you German soldier polka you serve the Reich debts Reich you will be ordered take everything you need sappers and taxes the best fighters form a company of guards now this is our common problem I am a robot Herr Oberst they found it in the what are you doing I’m a factory Manager and he says that the Director of this plant I am here it seems to you shock or shell shocked and back Girich me I wonder how he managed to survive the attack his build is very good, I think. we can use it if it is done before palvin go ahead go ahead I said take him inside and about aviation Unk analyzes to find epica that I have to go mom Yes son again the task you are always in front of when you leave you look as if you want to say goodbye forever but what’s there here’s a grandfather’s story he was a believer [music] let her keep you safe mom Nizhnik solved this is St. George the victorious to the patron Saint Russian soldiers may always be with you my heart will be calmer too but everything everything go I was told you were the best of them best I hope that this is true although in the war on the word to believe no one is allowed who is this guy [music] [applause] war is my name is the mouth of August Gerhard falke I have one rule if you’re with me I don’t agree if you prove it you will guard it this plant as the cherubim and the cherubim be and the gates of Eden [music] step forward soldier [music] apples annotated man’sa I heard you a great expert in hand-to-hand combat grant me exactly schlag make you I’m sorry for being brighter hit me this is an order I am a dangerous man my orders are law and so on in 20 minutes I will assign you to the following categories shipment everyone gather at the checkpoint [music] and you’re going straight to the infirmary aren’t you disperse Tyumen Eugene and you do this for the lid don’t you hold on hold on it’s going to move and remember you as the sappers called you once they’re making mistakes comrade larvae realized for sure that’s right comrade Lieutenant how strict are you who is he mining and processing Institute graduated sapper from God he made you out of shit like that we’ll make explosives for our troops and we’ll get them from them sapper conversations fits important how with and this is his profession and that’s it step on us will they tear off a very important voice that he marry save district stop whetting your teeth you will be replaced I looked with my own the major gave a clear order lunch min lane finish step to the left one step forward three steps forward one step forward establish guilt say SIC 11 so we we’re almost done so here we go guys aerial photography data as you can see plant-aircraft guns you see Yes the patrol’s barrage lines but everything is clear the plant is cordoned off so simply without a battalion wouldn’t have been able to get in there without a fight another division ask for a court to remain just a diversion but the problem is that it takes a kilogram to blow up such a huge object 200 explosives Karelin’s battalion they didn’t have time to blow up the plant but for sure of course the Germans are his mine clearance means so guys drop them off in the area of Volos city do we have anyone there who doesn’t want to unfortunately we didn’t manage to leave anyone behind the partisans are not underground not even connected drop them off in the area of the city of Volokhov I’ll give you demolition specialists think about the rest go ahead Sashok people my penis was blown up by a soldier when just a security breach I didn’t have time to do anything it’s your fault the commander is always guilty didn’t see it now the fine is on the ot probably and we didn’t lose a soldier at the front it’s just that so by its own stupidity this war wait I don’t have to finish my work the carburetor is leaking my grandfather won’t do it for me he’ll probably arrest me but not me forget you listen and I love you in you I’ll be waiting Lieutenant of the Reds I am and you are a Junior Lieutenant it’s not so accurate for you to share you must report to headquarters as soon as possible fifth Directorate of the red army machine waiting so exactly for a Dating soldier at the sight of it hooks well, I came all I bad I live with you grada wants to talk about you will you come with me now come noon follow me scholar [music] dive in comrade major I have arrived understood freely major Pavlovsky welcome Lieutenant Viktor Krasnykh Jr lieutenant Elena Beletskaya what’s the matter with you quickly not all at once all the same in the intelligence service you have arrived tell us Viktor and they respond to you as good specialists you are a minesweeper actually, I’m a bomb disposal engineer. the mines in the tunnel but now the company commander sapper company of course new in addition that his fiancee how do you know I’m everything I know it’s not nice to pry into someone else’s personal life life be rude to your senior we’ll call you specialty mechanical engineer Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute practice on volkhovets com Electromechanical plant themselves how does Scoville know that this is what it looks like well mentally still in the Institute we met in Kovel at her place my mother lives I take it that’s what you mean interested in including this let’s go for by me there is [music] Director quartermaster circle Qty from from you from party leadership from the party leadership guides are happy to give me a buf on the plateau vaxa and Stan plume igse-action sends you badly we see that you feel bad about scottish us exactly a tweet does not dare or ferting the Scottish rarity of Germany is no longer supplies appreciate this also Reggie whether the entire tiara tiger attack and the engineers of the machine go around the family name in Tuscany for hero would understand your feelings this way the valiant red army evacuated plant machines and engineers but a family hero Director evacuate red the army didn’t have time what is this field on you remember jokes of the right question at validome but also the cars on the street about her in the cafe high speed of red you mind subaru he hung up the info and the forest from the carpet is from Germany new machines will arrive we’re going to have a few Beers and equip your plant for the following purposes the Reich you know everything here I said through the window I’m afraid my health won’t allow it control over where to stick down for gesundheit optimist enzo edo warm up from at home without a car so improve your health Bieber legend December amicus families disasters full inertia and gave a damn so think hiab Kryukov you have a very large family. it will be hard to survive without a breadwinner um zu mir and a small word especially in a concentration camp [music] okay I’ll help you out landings do so he stands by bytes louder hi oho you can do I’ll be my own person spending our money you know oversees most of the tank factory the filling remains the Germans will come to their own machines this will not be difficult because the plants the railway line has been brought up and this is I’ll give you some tea if the machines come from Germany then the train must pass through Kovel and the freight trains stop there for about a day exactly they stop how do you know that I was born there my mother lives there so we can plant explosives there that’s right we can land under Kovel they are in the area of Volokhov as Kornev suggested all right let’s try it they planted explosives in Kovel from the train to get to the factory and you you know I I was in Kovel before the war like there are cherry blossoms and not giving now like Yes I said I didn’t notice the entire perimeter surrounded inside there are people all over the place just like you you see you’re sleeping says MIDA stylish pin knowing your meticulousness I assume you are and in the workshops put snipers so it is and there are also arrows on the roof in the DRA but what else can I do for you demonstrate this [music] but it doesn’t matter where the shots came from Monsieur Le Comte and it is important who what now does not go to the plant not a fly will fly up and not one of them will get through Russian cool well I’m happy with you but I powders how much to do fact Mel behind me 700 before how unexpected all of this is at least better than penal battalion but we are a hopeless operation let’s lie down all misunderstood I don’t think by a friend I’ll see how lucky the box is in the cab put it down I’ve read the Beletskaya file on mothers only and the poles on now not particularly likes so what can it do on its own territory behave as you please but she is good he knows the city and the factory but if anything we have on our hands this account has clear instructions all let’s load so exactly where and the wires are something to occupy the eye Yes the eye needs it I’ll also keep an eye on him one you fool where did I say that the wires are about a hundred meters long and there is nothing wrong with them let’s do it yourself but as a sleeping car go while [music] [music] something suspiciously quiet here and very it’s cold it’s Russia if foldit as hosts I thought they would bring me freedom and set up a prison worse than the Soviets and your howls true we do not understand how you are called by your brother fed faces not sick but I repurchase in Paul I’m looking at what’s on the subway at the station our oops so many guns will be a horror echelons echelons echelons guns guns guns not in the ears and my and that same 9 list enter go on houses in three with automatic weapons and rewriting it promises a step I heard them sends will be somewhere like Pasha vi but I to so it is possible to treat people before in wars one attack was Russian now the Germans came even worse how’s your Lenka do you hear anything out there and our one behind the letter front doesn’t go up to what kind of disguise is this well who so masks the sapper is called Mina also lays a bum-blooper from you you’ve got me still here and I’ll teach you firewood put more money the smartest one here is up to I I’m not smart I’m experienced well get your hands off me guys Sergei Yes calm down here I always am I’m relieved that you got involved with each other I’ll talk to you again what and how can I have a few words with you right now I’m coming [music] Yes commander if there are any conflicts in the then I will regard it as a provocation on the one hand he is the first began to be honest so precisely this goldfinch’s Lena can I get you up to [music] look we are here for what purpose the sides of the better Kovel under these along the river and then on the overgrown road but then moving out moving out I know the whole neighborhood here I’ll spend it like this no one will notice come on move sapper Micha get your hands on it I didn’t get into any trouble but I can tell you did did you like it better than La femme?” you train the minelayers think again and it seemed like a bad dream to him don’t say a word but by the way one group you have to be insubordinate at the end but their business is serious you know what sailors say if a woman is on a ship so there is trouble Moskal understood the case you’re always up to something aren’t you [music] innovations came come I think commander [music] what else does he wear who’s mom is an open member of that mommy open it it’s true I’m your daughter she’s a cat Mama I love you . momma is my native street mommy these people wave with me it’s not don’t worry you’ll let us in Dali wants to teach them fate you are at least somewhere safe Germans I thought I’d never see you again just don’t let anyone know we’re here here I like me all this stuff what are you for my share of what was involved warrior is a matter for you guys’ you like to fight you’re fighting yourself your mom Elena knows the plant very well she is there you know what kind of practice she had you she was out there jumping out of a parachute so true she’s my fire from the tag fat does not finish the scout so for a nice price soul thank you very much from the red army eh you are not from the red army target thank you very much very delicious salad mom help me but this is very important I’ll tell you then everything everything everything everything is explained to nu all right you should say hearthstone very well what you need to know at the station when it arrives at the Kuril knot train with machines from Berlin I am Breakfast dispatcher’s office I clean up later and I’ll try to find out the stationmaster comrade major but you don’t have to do it often go out of the house and then have our neighbors they might suspect us we provided local passports working the merit of the help to make repairs in your house it should have been a bridge go to bed or you’ll have to get up early tomorrow work Yes we’ll be in my room we won’t have any after all even in the room alone eh if I’m here my mother has the bed my mother well what I said you know me all at once I’ll get you a blanket come on I’ll show you the house before severe Madame will be almost ours border guard did you notice that they didn’t like Yama what is this sapper we have noticed what has become it becomes less than well what do you ask for a blessing so I understand it is useless why come on while we’re here it’s like we’re really just a colleague like that this is still why well, first of all we are on and you can see how my mother reacts but what if my mother reacts is because of a scout is a whole day’s worth of eyes for you build what do you think I don’t see when long blonde looks at you like you you can but pan what’s your name here’s a blanket Tasha the dining room’s where you’ll be sleep mom what did you want to tell me my mother is like a moth you see Vitya is unhappy the incident occurred at the service a person died but it’s not his fault we have to help this scout or just afraid that his name will be so who is he to you [music] we were going to get married she said a lot so they will help damn and maybe you can hide it but from these people you can hide the Russians with Marfa at least with your own train but you won’t hide it will you I’m not going anywhere I didn’t like him I didn’t like you some guy is silent all the time mow I asked for my consent to Detlef’s wedding while mummy it’s going to be all right [music] everything is quiet soldier up to [music] but after all these radial courts are therapy [applause] [music] [applause] Mike the intelligence of rod and how do you assess the state of the West and the saw Sila substation the cables aren’t damaged so everything will be fine work and tomorrow dos as a stamp face d Krabs of Zion if one Decembrists node alzado properties alstom behind him he sang timann to the light of the audio stream Zion ounce is the benchmark as far as possible piebald equip the leopard here exclusively military objective but it was created with the purpose of not having to it was difficult to convert a solid to all about das wird nedokomplekt you see and here is the machine man in love love and the Cabinet with the ninth cialis cialis tick very soon the new Germans will arrive here machines and you will be obliged to take care of them by preparing and enabling the app, you have completed the following steps if you come to Bergen you will be loyal to our machines it is easy to create a website and let’s talk about it for a few minutes mole dal ha ha common and then there will be workers and small their training is also provided in the following languages bash and weave performed on ice from you and hakk gas and viz carry such as I know you are you don’t like me but you can drive up to me and he will magazine select a highly running fear that this is the same very much do not like your skin it caught well then I would kind of like my work and did not have the thought house bed and i get if you will I work well you will you will receive money and be happy xii it doesn’t matter how many children you have does it to and then will give but I [music] [music] [music] I won’t disturb you okon Ignatovich well what am I to you wash it wash it of course venediktovna enter good morning Ignatovich last night I started a magazine here rewrite will you give me a schedule train traffic for a week why do you need to go to a week well why do you remember that last week it was a week ago and the acolyte broke down the schedule was not then simple I need two days on 3 tracks and I’m German quartermaster for every hour of downtime post hay hair added I’m sorry Sancho don’t I can as well as you can’t and so the Germans are all of them classified military secrets must be important cargo they will now transport the schedule today for today it is issued only to me how do I know what to do? dispatcher R dispatcher on you of course you can go to the quartermaster of the car and ask for classified information long-term schedule but I’m something I doubt it but there’s some good news today the salary was delivered tomorrow there are going to be brands of this but if you still have no questions come along Sanych del you are acting on the throat make a mistake they did but tesya peeping through the face of Toshiba but I’ll get in I still have the dispatcher’s office thank you sky venediktovna [music] [music] [applause] [music] here you go thank you you know what I’m talking about he’s a Jack of all trades a worker or something Yes no we have a legend such I same village grew up and there all I did it with my own hands and you are beautiful and you you fool you asked me to fix your typewriter I’ve already done everything but I’ll have a Cup of tea there but how to put it [music] what [music] go to the domain and it won’t see us here it’s all classified by the Germans but it’s in the quartermaster’s office isn’t it the Cabinet is highly stored two of the guards I’ve seen are always there they stand and you can get there under the guise of cleaning they have their own staff and treat them not to let bad little time is needed in the evening already the office thank you its Benedict but they for you and for the point try hard [music] [music] give it to me urgently [music] the Buddha Yes exactly as well General I will report at once Yes Yes come in if you don’t mind come on in there’s a message from our guy the Berlin agent [music] group Pavlovsky been out of contact for no comrade Lieutenant Colonel silence is dismissed there is [music] they are 6 no and he has seen Oh, Yes. there is no hell to be found there [music] showed Astana [music] Andy cmyk ahlyak did not achieve much female contemporaries of Medvedev’s hands and I’m calling you I’m calling you 2 and take you to Yes I’ll kick you [music] [music] Lech open the office and there will be time it is not enough to act Bush quickly imitate robbery how can I get there there are sentries there I’ll take care of that before the bomb squad how you’ll say isn’t a man not a human being overdo it quickly leave us you can’t show off everyone understood everything right then it all forward [music] who’s the first beta I guess and why are you we don’t have anything to do with it for my girlfriend only I climb see I live like you on it you look like a cat at sour cream Lenka and I have been Dating for two years we were going to get married so you know and scavengers 6 all right all right here those and Yes okay but that’s it March cat otherwise let’s do what it’s happening see how I’m on and stingrays I don’t know what we should do we can’t just watch can we beat each other to death [music] watch how these animals are cooked in the wild Russians why be surprised [music] some kind of patrol is leaving guards keep these brutes down order you to stand stand for an hour three of you I can walk and stand [music] [music] here are the punctilious ones every flea they have signed from Berlin, all that is necessary all [music] [music] [applause] give it here from one of the operas you fight well what hill from view’s quietly [music] there is a freight train from Berlin cargo la hair looms arrive tomorrow great that’s not all [music] we won’t create anything either [music] [music] so from Berlin that’s it [music] there is freight train from Berlin cargo machines for hair Alla arrive tomorrow great it’s not all of us really nothing more no one had heard anything they have no one for the date they will come in the situation very strange his patrolmen say that the sentries had called them out to deal with a drunken brawl but the combatants ran away and soon we found out that in our office they’ve been infiltrated by someone eating anything gone gone unfortunately it was also lost in this safe the money was kept salaries railway workers so I I kept thinking but this is how we’re going to get it blow up like well about them it’s him and blow up as yet not everything is so easy this quantity of explosives one solo field and we are scattered to the wind and what are you suggest we’ll take the train together anyway with the remains so and in each machine at its base there are technological cavities here in them I suggest we plant explosives for her Oh my head no can you imagine metal-sheathed explosives the power of the explosion increases several times a if they want to check the machines well they don’t necessarily want to check it out therefore all fuses will need to be installed enable it separately so that it is still included in the the moment when we will need it then when starting the current this brilliant Victor this is a Trojan horse it turns out the Germans they will bring the bomb themselves install it and blow themselves up beautifully good idea so far it’s all just fine sounds like we need to reschedule somehow explosives are loaded into the wagons and then put them in the how do we get to the train station under the guise of movers on the we’ll try to carry the explosives in bags and ment or coal spokes as you imagine it ran connection objects of mode verification especially after yesterday we should already have baking keep up thank you she said probably not much at all tired on the fly Moskal my daughter they also brought us a General assessment of the situation but we have there is a problem we need to move out of cities by train and for that we need access to the train station you need to learn if I want them for you the form draw steel I have an idea [music] you’re pretty clear Miha stopped not make eyes that Victor is very important element our operation can be judged put it later from an ethical point of view they are not going to get married the Kremlin likes it we don’t so it’s an order Lieutenant Sushkevich I will not tolerate an irregular relationship you you know me Klim do you understand me Yes I got it they’re all here [music] [music] what was I planning and what was the reason for it the same summer or body I’ll get you soap with me zamyla day and Barza I didn’t see either body ryukzachoks heavy masks normal normal well let’s go I’ll take it intelligence of the terminals do not give it away [music] what what a long time we have already washed out the beginning how are you Yes it’s fine as a cucumber but fuck you here heating and went for you in the evening will be disrupted so it’s nothing to worry about and the field the train will be here in an hour so it must act quickly wrote dytyna heavy puchezh spoons come on come in close the door [music] we’ll hide the coal here explosive then we go to the back roads we will wait for the train only quietly and though we need it the tool is the tool of this district [applause] total for strelochny to the new sent you must have a very important train I’m an old boom zilch all know here that’s what we need, and I’ve got it for you an unusual request since you are ready for everything can you get me a bottle of vodka and here still this something on the bottle there on the someone else’s once you pick your pockets in the locker room workers are paid by your robotek [music] Kant’s darphin 15 removed the trolley from the tracks quickly done now how are we doing comment by tenda I confirm this Berlin freight train kom arrives in ten minutes at the door ropes’ you all heard me prescribe faster than yours the train arrives he’s a switchman gone to the station all thanks thank you so much for everything mom we have to say good bye mummy I’ve already given you sentimo’s money back we’ll live through this as you see you know what not my dear ones you know I can’t it’s time for us to go mommy on can’t I touch up and sit mommy couple a immediately and because what will your pass show in the cart racks are bothered by I’ll check for and what here you can go and hurry next parts of six Ki will stab the pouches and remember Mikhail Sushkevich’s name eh and I never got married I’m not afraid believe me experienced sapper dynamite is not even necessary explodes it explodes [music] [music] let’s stand for Alice to dig up lexter alt [music] these [music] don’t forget your documents at the facility and there is a next step we just need to go check with the seals on the cars and fill the train with coal we’re all set Mr. rift [music] we will [music] help me take it to the very door it’s all very quiet and fast [music] come on come on [music] [music] anything at all [music] what is happening where is the train immediately find out one thing Mr. RIKTA where lettered well and Mr. quartermaster the train got on a different track and so gear Richter the train has been found. mistake stop mumbling people are he and where is he I have no idea I can’t find it because he got to another site by mistake way [music] that’s mine for a did you find the train sir no m arrow what’s wrong with him here’s the bottle that’s a hell of a drunk pig I sent the Berlin train somewhere they have no idea sir officer I have no idea where the search is I am a Russian family train I have no idea Herr officer of course there are more switches let’s go faster let’s go don’t tell the boy with a mask just you the train car is in chaos [music] answer and the whole city come on come on come on [music] Alice’s year you’ll be busy for a long time who’s hand [music] find [music] who is faster to check for safety vans’ [music] global Mr. train officer Sternberg I’m sorry we don’t have much room here it’s a mess and then we’ll sort it out suku this is a switchman’s error what you are engaged in what can end such sorry for any mistakes those responsible will be punished most severely way Nicole and the coal is ready for you on the first floor ways those are good for you gay let’s go army go with him, or the train won’t stop again. I would have gone there I would have understood only one thing the soldiers behind me [music] down the row Yes sir officer create a website he discussed hell can’t get close I’m not staying here because it’s MMO here in one place of the path is repaired and the battle with there it slows down a bit you can try it system you can jump in on the move he said complete the task at any cost [music] and that’s the worst of it sir that’s a Colonel of some sort coal loading is finished with the schedule will catch up we are still those marks make and release it at last-we’ll throw off this one weight off your shoulders [music] are we there to admit that if they don’t they will have time to decide on everything there is a panic in the war the last thing she does is let go calm down he wilted her offense will not give a Yes Hector really calm down to them something concocts [music] but [music] [music] I said I shouldn’t have gone down [music] Yes shut up for sure I’ll be quiet and then blow up your own licorice you want [music] do you know what I can do to you according to the law of war time go on go on you think I’m afraid of you hachi Hachiko what have you been waiting for so long accept the girl and [music] smartphones [music] there’s a Blizzard with you you’re alive [laughter] [music] time is short so it’s time to prove it what a professional you are I thought so we used to have the Germans send such machines to the factory left well that charge should be laid here are the frames and bring the fuses the wings are very good they work like this an engineer a powerful force was not taught that way it’s a pity that we didn’t study they should be jewelers only not very much we Miller not to tea and you have a whole carload of tanks still working and we’re getting in the way of work we’ve got enough time all right we’ll finish it Mihas one spark and dynamite will detonate since the machines will be connected to a single circuit they will explode all at once only just what just needs someone I got into the factory and closed the fuse I don’t know how to do this we’ll figure it out a noble will come out a Trojan horse everything taking a vacation together yes allow the track Colonel Zagare is ours the resident in Lviv reports that the belt with machines for Volokhov left Kovel show the country there is news from Pavlovsky in no way the same there is a Lieutenant Colonel on the line intelligence group until I went out Wake up Wake up and Wake up sapper let’s put the plant on the exit [music] after all tell me do you like me why aren’t you sleeping I’m still waiting for you undress scared-then the Germans come then who only has it on throws and the light does not he says it’s all right I’m at the factory today as in hells take it away he would have strangled everyone who whom whom he would have strangled the boys have already signed me up as a traitor unique you kiss nice cute don’t today with you after all children to children and if they are afraid eat a little good night bones [music] and the warm ones fret and you’ll check out the growl and but finally it’s a big team to be honest I thought that there will be fewer machines just ordered something brought who’s in charge of security Mr. fields I am one Herr Oberst they have all been checked print wagons whole if the documents are in order 10 everything suggests that there are reasons for no worries okay [music] and here’s my dear fellow another one and they were there you can’t approach them here probably everywhere from the sniper to the security guards how could I not tell you about the Forester they will have to get through first the machines they will test it individually and then they will connect you to a single line if we we won’t connect the fuses it won’t work give me vinako floor of hooks the factory Director is remembered by his family I did my internship at the factory Yes she did family great hooks great guy he is he never gave me a grudge. the hostel helped me I think it is possible to use it I know where he lives I can show you what we will do follow follow and wait [music] hook hooks will Wake up [music] only live money was touched Nitin Mikhalych remember me Lena Beletskaya Beletskaya is an engineer in my practice I don’t remember but the major is a peda stripe Directorate of the red army coming for me only know with the Germans I do not willingly we are not for it these came why tell me when the Germans plans to launch the plant two days later the looms are already standing tomorrow will test machines and mined how the plant should be destroyed we only need to connect it a detonator on one of the tanks as soon as possible get to the factory without a pass not like the Germans put SIMA on the joint my name is Konstantin Mikhailovich nu think of something [music] family Savior I will connect haggling Kryukov I’m still haggling you’ve left us here old people and children Germans for fun my children still want to live promise me bring out the family then I’ll connect gaitana [music] you don’t have any other choice of cola hooks for you Achtung this is really a great honor I’ll show you everything here Deza this is the workroom Yes I am there we are let’s plant our heart there’s a special guest there two generals and as usual even the German press will be equipped with a movie camera. muss we must not forget what this is about the first German factory on the island Council territories are good very good thank you you could he’s a cent I’m a d’azyr’s they are but also the main line in concerts he is a nobleman and we are not comas and stuff st remains the rod from listen I the cap to after Jagr tomorrow and will start a new machine line and he will be in person attend the Banquet perform up to charts cut up move Asians of products you will banks be interpreted assholes [music] here’s the deal kid senior take care of your mother no tricks dad you’ll be here soon soon soon my relatives soon my holes sit down bone something up in mind why are they Sveta is not supervising you either everything is going according to plan you will return tired of it your stupid po questions and we’ll get back to you I said I’ll be back so I’m back but that’s it it’s time to get ready it’s time to get ready for midnight-this place was all by itself on everything will be fine sound [music] what will happen to them Alexey will take them out of the city where they will be there wait for the cart that is in front of the ruler behind front line [music] the Germans will shoot if they see me something with machines deal for sure there will be all under God walk [music] he’ll be all right what was going on here how did I not die then I don’t understand it myself here they were buried right in the ditch dumped lime was sprinkled and leveled for tomorrow hryvnia appointed the opening of the plant there will be a lot of important people gathered the main thing is the plant although the cones are also not bad 5 major sometimes have a drink with me who knows maybe I won’t come back but never again military you will be my last forgotten money possible [music] but come on for what for so many important decisions drunk [music] here’s to your family [music] for the family so that everything will be good for them [music] I think I’ll go now you remember everything how to connect the detonators remember I want a drunk not all the brains yet in [music] graphics okay or not please note I have lost your pass or really what tomorrow is open today and tomorrow is yours pass to the number holding on I can’t know next 1 9 tomorrow so what is it exactly that’s why when I canceled it I ran for the waiting for a lot of guests my firewood is not wants to blush for your eternity of it you have both free noses today and tomorrow the day off is for you to go through I forgot the order her fences are out of the question please the bread is all gone for me they really didn’t let me in on my own at the last moment everything went awry until need a different plan before meaningless everything you can tell us more about the opening of the plant will be all clear everything is on the line minutes are scheduled grave will make a speech the orchestra will sound the Banquet button and here’s the one on the left minced meat it will be too late cast iron that cast iron crumbles the hull of tanks cast iron casting a bullet will penetrate it from 2 to 3 the red hot crumb will blow up a shot charge well done girl I did not teach you in vain the head in the cocoon workshop is large can it will turn out that is you suggest using the window to shoot at the machines if one machine blows up blow up everything is a chain reaction smart that I would be able to do only a rifle needs a sniper’s rifle and you can show me where you need to go shoot I can only do it with snipers like dogs nerezanyh it is our task Victor at we’ve got all the explosives left you know what guys listen to me carefully we can only succeed if everyone will clearly know their business well good luck a port [music] [music] why did you go the left one coped by himself I can leave seriously if they start shooting petenka only a neat detonator [music] [music] [music] [music] no fooling around marry me if we go back [music] on [music] taste [music] soon it will start after all and it is impossible to cope with it it’s no big deal I hope this explosion should to drive them inside [music] stop already [music] [music] go ahead in the night all is lost you can’t even get close to the patrol is coming [music] take [music] [music] padik I am glad to welcome you here today we have a very good occasion here where are you with the explosives spread he’s a mound see that everyone is waiting for I walked around a lot [music] our factory is the first military factory in the world this territory which will serve as the glory and power of the Reich [music] here [music] Oh wait load more it’s like a factory Manager he’s precious to him even if he’s a sniper and they’ll shoot him on our shift maybe problems [music] what is he hiding here to stand what are you doing here you’re doing what is this leave what you found here shit the curse has begun [music] all building concerns immediately what happened is the most likely version ok I am your security I am your self I will shoot you, Monsieur Le Comte check everything around you CREG is with me [music] who doesn’t bring a gram [music] going to leave don’t worry everyone it will resolve in a few minutes check it out this one I see here are our machines I will you can continue [music] Hans you see Yes I see they are moving years [music] but also stand [music] NAPAs is something shining Jedi [music] clip Klim where are you going [music] go away go away on the roof measure the content Yes what are you going to do and as a standalone application [music] leaving well done we all go [music] sniper snipers work here [music] and this date is the doctor’s weapon Yes I understood that it was an oral argument the rest is just a distraction umnyasha lsha sniper 12 ante bellum by machines need to know where you mined them Germany in full more now Yes I am delighted with the miners mine respect well that’s it [music] but Wake up glue wet clip clip Klimachev that is alive with him leave from here it is necessary to give him a breast. [music] I don’t want to go to God let’s dump Kryukov where Kryukov died come on let’s go home well done guys congratulations Tony sabotage is already all over the world writes England America it’s not enough that you blew up the factory then you are also a Nazi General they killed him they say Hitler himself is furious Viktor Andreevich to the Director’s family plant’s don’t worry they’re fine I just want to say Lieutenant Colonel that Director of the plant Kryukov died as a hero we will challenge you to submit it for a reward no but those who worked for the Germans we also reward him he died and buying up his own “and here’s someone else.” I give you a 3 day leave of absence well done go for a walk [applause] [music] have you found time for a woman in labor [music] did they ask you let’s drink to that [music] a very good man said Moy a toast to all of them was good come on . [music]