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[Subtitles by danielsangeo] Da-da-dadada–Hey! Welcome tothe second follow-up episode. Now unlike the other Game Dungeon episodes, this one assumes you’ve seenthe ones that came before it. If you haven’t, this isgoing to be kind of like walking into the middle ofsomebody else’s conversation, except without the awkward looks. “Oh no. Steve’s angry at Roger.”I wonder who these people are. Anyway, if you’re a fan of voyeurism,you may enjoy this episode. Oh, and check out the credits. Wehave a fan art submission this time. Let’s go. Yeah, you thought I wasn’t going tojump back into the same game again, huh? Well, much like the game itself, “CarnEvil”keeps returning to me like a curse. Okay, help me out guys. I don’t rememberevery last word I say in the videos, so did I say, “If you see a CarnEvilmachine, please send me a photo of it”? Because it sure seems like I did. I don’t even know how many photos orreports of CarnEvil sightings I’ve received. Sorry if I’ve missed anyone; I can’t keeptrack of all this. That’s the whole point. These keep coming in, too.They haven’t faded off. Guys, you can stop. Seeing a photo of thearcade cabinet doesn’t do anything for me. If I could play the game and it’sreally close to the original, or hell, it’s even betterin some ways, then I’m good. I’m not the sort of person whoneeds the 100% authentic experience. That’s what the time machine is for. I mean, the arcade cabinetPOSTER is pretty awesome. This should help take your mind offany other problems you may be having. But, you don’t need tosend me any more photos. I’m just glad we have emulators soanyone can take a shot at the game now. Takes less quarters, too. And speaking of which, this is going tobecome less relevant as inflation marches on, but did you know that, whilequarters are larger than nickels, they’re pretty similar mass-wisesince nickels are thicker, so if you take a hammerto a bunch of nickels and flatten them out tothe width of a quarter, there are plenty machines that willthink they’re quarters? 80% discount! I mean, you probably shouldn’t do thatbecause it’s illegal and time-consuming, but it does work. And while I’m onthe topic of illegal things, the Internet has spoken onwhat it thinks of piracy. Now it’s my belief thatpiracy is ALWAYS justified if that’s the ONLY WAY to still play a game. I don’t care what the lawsays about that. It’s wrong. Well, I asked you guys what you thought,and you took it one step further. According to the Internet consensus, piracy is okay any time you have acompany that stops selling its game, and the ONLY way to get a legitimate copy is through leftover copies floatingaround on eBay or specialist vendors. And remember, these are just theInternet people’s piracy laws. Under actual US law, ALL piracy isillegal under ANY circumstances, forever. Because that’s reasonable. The point here isyou should use common sense and the cops aren’t goingto break down your door and put a gun to yourhead for pirating a game that the company is literallynot even selling anymore. Don’t sell crack out of your house, though, because they will breakdown your door for that. “Eternam”! Well, viewer Alex Holland hassent me an awkwardly-scanned authentic English manual to the game. It’s only a little less bizarre toread than the translated copies.

craps game download freeIt’s only a little less bizarre toread than the translated copies. Reading this feels liketalking to someone half-senile where they havecoherent individual thoughts, but their mind drifts so easilyonto something else without warning. You can download it in the description. Okay, that’s it. “Potty Pigeon”! Not a whole lot to say on this one. I guess one thing I feel kind of dumb about is that Potty Pigeonwas in NO way remarkable about having Player 2 joystick control thegame, while Player 1 is random garbage. When I made this episode, it had been awhile since I played a Commodore 64 game and I honestly forgot, because some gamesPlayer 1 works, some games Player 2 works, sometimes the joystick doesn’t workat all, sometimes they both work. Everything was a giantmystery with the Commodore. I think the Commodore 64 bringsthe player closer to madness than any other gaming platform. Not fury or rage–plenty of platformscan do that–but actual madness. Also, several people mentionedthe game “Wonky Pigeon!” which has the same concept asPotty Pigeon crapping on cars. It’s gotten terrible reviewsbecause apparently it’s broken, plus I’m not sure it has quitethe spirit of Potty Pigeon. See Potty Pigeon has a classiness to it. English countryside, historic ruins,All Creatures Great and Small music… I really think for a pigeoncrapping game to be successful, it needs that contrast betweenhigh society and bird shit. That, or the game itselfcould be a chaos simulator where you have to time your craps just right in order to cause accidents, startfights, ruin business meetings… there’s a lot of possibilities there. Anyway, those are justmy thoughts on the genre. I can’t say this is a gameI’m dying to see more of, but knowing the Internet, I’msure someone out there is. “Helious”! Well, I have some good news on this one. Sean Puckett was tracked down, or at least the closest thingwe have to him still on Earth. He says he enjoys very difficult gamesthat don’t pull cheap tricks on you. And from here, things get confusing. In 2014, I got in touch with him, andhe told me he made the game “Trichome” which was another difficult puzzle game. He gave me a link to it,which did work–I saw it– but now, this is all I get. He also told me he honestly couldn’tremember the ending to “Helious II”. Two years later, I getanother email from him– or somebody claiming to be himfrom a different email address– this time unprompted, and all it said wasthe ending to Helious II was nothing special. It’s as though he was trying to beatit again himself the entire time. Meanwhile, I also had twoor three viewers contact me and tell me they weregoing to beat Helious II and would send me videoevidence as proof once they did. I haven’t heard back from any of them. To the best of my knowledge, I’m notsure anyone has beaten this game. If they have, then my earlier theory of itsignaling the mothership may still be valid because no one is around to tell the tale. Honestly, I doubt thisone is worth the effort because these arealiens we’re talking about. For all we know, they don’t havea concept of a “game ending”. Sean Puckett could’ve just patched in theHelious I sequence to make it an ending.

craps game download freeSean Puckett could’ve just patched in theHelious I sequence to make it an ending. It’s like I said before: When you’re dealing with aliens,you can’t assume anything. [music] “Arcade America”! One thing I forgotto mention in this episode is there’s an extra layer ofbadness to the gameplay here. When you jump, after a certain point, instead of carrying yourmomentum like you would think, it’s like you hit an invisiblewall and just drop down instead. This is hardly the first game to do this,but man, it really doesn’t help anything. It caused me to undershoot some jumps. AHH! This game. Now when I made thisvideo, I asked for stories of politicians engagingin not-so-slick crimes, and there was a range in the answers. A lot of people sent me fauxpas of things politicians said, or dumb things in their past, and a couple in South America sent me ones that were essentially dictators thatwere more tragic than anything else. Most of them didn’t hit the DerrickShepherd level of remarkability. It’s not every politician that breaksinto his girlfriend’s house, punches her, steals $100 and her cell phone, onlyto get arrested with strippers later. So out of all the submissions sent to me, I think the closest storywe got was Leland Yee. Leland Yee was a formerstate senator of California and was found guilty of acceptingbribes from undercover FBI agents, and more importantly, traffickingillegal firearms into the country. The irony is this was going on despite himhaving campaigned as a gun-control advocate. Tell me that does not sound like theplot for an 80s cop action movie. I can see it now: two rival cops teamup to crack an illegal arms dealer case, which leads them all the wayback to the state senator, with the climax of them getting in ashootout with dozens of his henchmen, rushing to get to him in timebefore he gets away by helicopter. I mean that last part didn’t happen,but come on, we’re halfway there. And since this is the Game Dungeon, I didn’t know this until Istarted making this episode, turns out, he also authored a billtrying to ban violent video games which the Supreme Courtfound unconstitutional. So he was making friends on all sides. Corrupt politicians arenothing new or unusual, but a simultaneous gun-banningand gun-running state senator? That’s something special right there. Finally a million people told me thatthe phone call I couldn’t understand was talking about plumber’s crack. I shouldn’t be surprised with Joey here. In my defense, listen to this enunciation. [“Joey?” [“Yeah?” [“This is Pete from thePlumbers Local Union 101!”] I can appreciate this though since everycharacter in this game is super-expressive. And when you do voice acting,sometimes there’s a direct tradeoff between how much energyyou put into your lines versus how easy it is forsomeone to understand them. [shouting unintelligibly] “Revenant”! Well the first thing you may notice hereis I found early version of the intro on the concept artist’s homepage. So it looks like Lockewasn’t always going to be

craps game download free So it looks like Lockewasn’t always going to be

craps game download freeSo it looks like Lockewasn’t always going to be rocking the Stallone-ishlooks he ended up with. Besides that, this game hasbeen rescued from abandonware, and is now being sold on GOG and they endedup fixing that damned magenta text bug. It looks like the musicreally was corrupted, too, since their copy of the soundtrackisn’t any better than the original’s. [music] Now I almost put thisin the original review, but I lost my source so I didn’t. But I have read somewherethat this game got rushed out because the developers originally hadsomething far more ambitious planned but ended up just needing to slapit together to get it out the door before they went out of business. Now since I made the episode, I did readthat again, but I still forget where. At least now I remember thatwas real and not my imagination. This is really how a lot of my casualresearch and knowledge on topics works. It’s a result of me thinking, “Oh,I know I read that somewhere,” but not knowing where the hell that was. My whole life is a little like that, really. Now when I played this, I hadsome difficulty with the combat, and I received a lot of feedback on that. It seems like everyone hada different comment on this. The one thing that was clear wasthat I was underutilizing the combos. So here I am, with no cheats, fighting with as many combos asI have available at this level. They DO help and I can really slashinto people now, but, good God, my stamina drains like I just wokeup and haven’t eaten breakfast yet. My stamina bar is depleted by a fightwith one enemy for the most part. So I have to kill a guy then juststand around and admire the scenery while I wait for it to replenish.Otherwise I’m going to have problems. And god forbid the enemy pushed meback to where I’ve already been, because of course, let us not forget, enemies respawn as soonas they get out of sight. So now I’m sandwiched betweenTWO guys ready to kill me. I tried blocking more, too, and youwould think that after blocking a blow, that would create anopening where I can attack. Well, sometimes it does, sometimes itdoesn’t. It just feels semi-random. Most games that have allthese combat mechanics tend to have a more-establishedpattern to your enemies. But in Revenant, everythingfeels frantic and unpredictable. And speaking of which, it stillfeels very much like a dice toss how much health I’m going to walkaway with after every encounter. Considering how many potions and food Ineed to chomp down to stay where I am, this doesn’t feel sustainable at all. I mean, obviously it’s possiblesince somebody’s done it before. I could just save and reloadconstantly because that’s fun. Or I could just stand here and wait for myhealth to regenerate with a special ring… …but my conclusion standsthat this combat is a chore. A chore where you die. To cap it off, here’s myfavorite comment on it: “One of the best game i have ever played. “Way ahead of its time. Difficultyspikes were frustrating. “They made me destroy my keyboardfor the first time.” Bartek Bierbasz. Moving on, regarding the framerate, I had a lot of people state that tyingthe game speed to a low framerate is a bad practice and thedevelopers should’ve known better. I had almost as many peoplesay that this bad practice is very likely to continuefor the foreseeable future. I also had several people ask

craps game download freeI also had several people ask how I limited the framerate inthe first place, so here you go. I used a program called NVIDIA Inspector,and set the game to VSync at half the rate, but it has a frame limiter option, too. This is also how I unlocksuper-secret antialiasing settings on a lot of stubborn games. If you don’t have an NVIDIA card, I think the program RadeonPro forAMD cards does something similar, but I’ve had less luckin getting games to obey all the custom settingswith that in the past. Alternately, you might be able to usethe program DXWnd (DX Wand? Dex-wund?). I used this one for “Baldies” since even 30frames per second was too fast for that game. That’s kind of how all thisstuff works for Game Dungeon. There’s no one program to solve everything. I just keep running more programs untilI have no certainty of anything in life. But yeah! 30 frames a second! And finally, I have onemore important item here: Since I made this episode, viewerChris Cogdon has contacted me about having access to a high-end printer and has offered to print a fullprofessional poster-sized version of the island of Ahkuilon forme if I finish mapping the game. According to him, it can be up to 44 incheswide, and whatever length I need it to be. So, now I HAVE to finish it! I’ll have to get a framefor this sucker, too. I’ll update everyone on that once I’m done, though it will be a whilesince the image is MASSIVE. It’s only about a third done andis around 24,000 by 10,000 pixels. And, to quote him, “In a year’s time, we’ll probably have both forgottenabout this… we’ll see.” Oh, I won’t forget what you said, Chris. “The Last Stand”! Okay, let’s get one thing outof the way right off the bat. A lot of fans got riled upon my comment in this episode about the movie “Aliens”being better than “Alien”, saying I’m a philistine whocan’t appreciate something without a bunch of action, sowhy don’t we clear that up? I like slow movies if they’re done well,but that’s not quite what Alien is. The first half of Alien is awesome. Great buildup, lots of tension, goodcharacters, mystery and intrigue… no complaints from me whatsoever. The second half is the protagonistwandering around corridors for twenty minutes at a time doing nothing at all, then BOOM! Spooky alien! Okay, another twenty minutes… …nothing at all happening… BOOM! Alien. And that’s pretty muchthe rest of the movie. This is the part that feels lame to me. I feel the same way about”Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. Awesome start, kind of weak finish. Now we look at Aliens, and we have the sameintrigue, plot buildup, good characters, then bam, it’s nonstop survivalsituations for the rest of the movie. Then a frickin’ boss fight at theend. It’s just paced so much better. The thing about wandering corridorsin a scary movie is, at some point, something needs to be happening,otherwise, it’s just… Dahdah-dah-dah, dah,dahdah-dah, dah-dahdah-dah– And while we’re talking aboutthings that are not zombies, a lot of people were quick to point out that the reason “FinalFantasy” is named how it is was that it was really a HailMary attempt from the developer where they thought this wasgoing to be their last game, as opposed to what may be thelongest-running RPG franchise today. This one’s my bad. Like a lot of the Halloween episodes,I was under the gun for time so I was spending every spareminute trying to finish it up and ended up not researchingthat as well as I could have, but you know what? I didn’t hearany comments about “Final Fight”. [clearing throat] Okay, so back to the game. When I made the episode, I had aseveral reports of people telling me that the game actually ran slower thenas opposed to when it first came out. I have absolutely no surprise that Adobe Flash could havebecome even slower over time. I do have a faster CPU now, butI’m still getting some chugging. Also several fans are quick to point out that a chainsaw would be a terribleweapon for the zombie apocalypse, because all the blood would gumup the chain and cause it to jam. That’s a really valid point Ihadn’t given much thought to. I admit, I don’t have a lot of experiencehacking up human bodies with power tools, so now we know. But the big news is,in the original episode, I skipped “The Last Stand: Union City”because I like my games in full screen. I must’ve had a dozen people telling mewhat to do to play the game in full screen AND NOTHING WORKED. I tried it on Firefox, Chrome, Opera… this screen would alwaysturn yellow right here. Well, I fired up the game again torerecord it for this episode and… now it works! I don’t know what to say besidesFlash has updated since then. And if that’s not enough, I wasable to run the game offline, too. So that’s a serious 180 for me. The game still chugs pretty hard, but I’m so happy about the other changes,I can’t really complain that much. To be fair, I am running what wasmeant to a game in a small window at full 1080 resolution so itwas never designed to do this. Most games usually run fasteras technology gets better, but there are some where you can havethe fastest computer in the world and it seems to make no difference. In any event, the game iscompletely playable now, even if I may want to considera resolution drop on this one. So I guess that means I HAVE to cover what’ssupposed to be the best one of the series. This is a pretty full game though, so Ithink it’s going to need its own video. I’ll cover that closer to Halloween. I say “Halloween”, because if you know me, every day is a good dayfor the zombie apocalypse, but come on, I have to giveother games a chance, too. Finally, I noticed that the– [siren] Uh-oh! Looks like the secretfollow-up alarm triggered. Here we go! Okay, so as some of you know, I’mactually stranded on the moon. In addition to Ross’s Game Dungeon, I tried experimenting witha show documenting this but it didn’t go over so well since it turns out that there’snot much is happening on the moon. In the first episode, I playedthe game “Cyril Cyberpunk”, so here’s the abridged version on that. In the year 2224, you play CyrilSmith who intercepts an alien invasion and transforms into CyrilCyberpunk to go stop them. They’re all bears. Cyborg bears allover the place. Everything is a bear. The music is pretty great,the animation is fluid, the level design is soul-draining,and there are a LOT of levels. The whole game is a fever dreamof maze-like levels and bears. >> S-so, yeah, we know they’renot in business anymore, but we don’t know why. I’d love to get like an interview with… the people who made this and find– or just anyone involved andjust find out what happened. >> I feel like their answersare going to depress you. [laughing] >> Hey everyone. I’m still on the moon. Now if you watched the lastvideo or the one before that, we played Cyril Cyberpunk withTom White from Weird Video Games. Well, not only is he back,but someone else saw it: Stuart Mackereth, the leadprogrammer of Cyril Cyberpunk. So we brought him on and we’regoing to ask him some questions. That’s right! Stuart Mackereth,one of the original programmers, came on to interview withus and answer our questions. And to add to the suspense, everybody was supposed to record themselveslocally for a higher quality copy but something went wrong on Stuart’send shortly into the interview and the rest of his video was LOST! But! Thanks to me being paranoidthat something WOULD go wrong, I recorded him on my end anyway, just case. So not only is this a unique interview,but it’s a SALVAGED one at that. The entire interview is almost an hour long, there will be a link to it inthe description of this one, but here’s a few highlights. >> Okay, for the credits, it looks likeGary Morris was the head guy on the project? >> Gary? Gary was the sort oforchestrator of everything. He-he… Yeah, so he was the mastermind. Basically, we moved into his house. We took over his house, wemoved into the basement, I think we chainsmokednight and day for a year, and he would come in at night andgive us food, and tell us to go home. And then come in the morning, giveus food, and tell us to go home. Bunch of guys did it for free,essentially, for about a year. Owen took a pagebook and we’re workingpretty full time, and, uh, yeah, and then he disappeared. So, yeah. Yeah, I found him a couple years laterselling spoons from the side of the road. >> Hold up! Hold up! >> …never to come back, the game is over! Yeah, it had cycles like that, right?He was pretty up and down kind of guy. >> The way you’re describing him, I’m almost imagining that if hehadn’t been working on this game, he might’ve ended up being a cult leader. [laughing] >> Yeah, he was a bigpersonality, that’s for sure. >> Actually, let’s jump to that. Do you know the– was there any storybehind the obsession with bears in the game? I mean, that was Gary’s turf, obviously– >> No idea. >> –but he never explained himself?Just bears. This is what we’re doing. I guess, “Why are we–” “Shut up! Bears!” He’s also working on what looks tobe a much better game, “Discrepant”. It’s going to be a surrealscience-fiction game with what’s hopefullya strong story element. This will date the video, but he’s currentlylooking for assistance in a few areas. You can contact him here if you’reinterested in helping out with that. And hey, for everyone else, this could bea game worth playing once it comes out, so I guess you’d betterdo a good job, Stuart. “Polaris Snocross”! Well, the first thing I want to say is Iam so happy I got this shot right here. This feels like gettingBigfoot on video for me, because the computer wasdoing this the entire game, but you never got to see it. And here it is, although we only have this becauseI was using my crippled AI. If I had left this on the default settings, they would keep doing this, I wouldjust never see it and I would never win, but it’s a conundrum because you would never even SEE this levelplaying this game legitimately. Some people thought the StickyKeys thingin the video was an intentional joke. Oh, I tried to turn it into a joke,but that really happened as you saw it. I was running this under a virtual machine, so of COURSE a fresh copy ofWindows turned them back on. How many times do I have toturn off default Windows crap? For the rest of my life, that’s how much. Next, volunteer Bryan Schuder managed toget the headlights working in the game! He recorded this nightfootage you’re seeing here. I’m so happy when I feel like I’m not crazy. THIS is what the game wassupposed to look like at night. He did this by running thegame in Linux under WINE. Go figure that the best way to runan old Windows game is on Linux. Bryan also got a stopgap methodof antialiasing working with FXAA. I tried to do the same thingwhen I recorded this episode, but it just wouldn’t takerunning on a virtual machine. Between modern Windows and Linux, compatibility on oldgames is all over the map. I get worried as we march forward some games aren’t going to run correctlyon either one, or under a virtual machine. FXAA or SMAA are both cheatmethods of antialiasing. They work great in some situations,and never work in others. They unfortunately don’tfix what drives me crazy which is the shimmeringyou see in a lot of games. Blah! Unlike traditional antialiasing methods which use 3D geometry to figure outwhat the image should look like, these use black magic and just guess.They don’t need any 3D data at all. I have to say though, as much of afreak as I am about antialiasing, it’s slowly going to be lessof an issue as time goes on. Computers are getting more powerful, and the industry is aimingfor 4K screens and beyond. Now I’m fine with lower resolutions myself, but only IF they have decent antialiasing. If not, well, once the pixels get smallenough, I stop noticing the problems. And yes, this IS kind of obsessive, but I think I figured outwhy it bothers me so much. See, the small flickering I thinktriggers the same part of my brain that thinks there’s a bug flyingaround, like a gnat or something, so my brain doesn’t let itgo. It wants to kill it. I kind of hate bugs sowant to kill all of them, even though that wouldmess up the ecosystem. Anyway, if this doesn’t bother you when youplay a game, more power to you, I’m jealous. Oh, and there’s been no update on thehuman bones found at Point Defiance. And that’s the endof this follow-up episode. There’ll be more in the future, but making these is kind oflike returning to a crime scene, and explaining to the neighborswhy people got stabbed. It’s a lot easier to justcreate new crime scenes. Okay, stay tuned for the next episode fortides of weirdness. It’s going to get weird. [music] [CarnEvil music]