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Hi everyone this is Colbyplaying League of Legends open beta Pretty cool game here. We got to introduce you guys to Fakerif you haven’t seen him already. He might be justthe best mid laner in the world. Starting my first cosplay I’ve got a lot to figure out I’ve just been building up and working on my skill set. We’re playing TFT today. This is my very first round. I’m nervous as heck. Yes. Assassin. Kill them. Alright, let’s do it baby. It’s to game on. It’s amazing because this Worlds has been historic Yes! The Movi Star is exploding with excitement! Teemo on duty I’m French. I’m French. I love this series. What? Dude, we get killed in an instant. The upset is complete as the kills come through. The SKT dynasty is over. A lot of people feel like dynamic queuekills the competitiveness of League. This game is so f******g frustrating. I made some really bad mistakes and I died a lot for no reason. There have been times where even Idon’t believe in myself and everyone’s telling me I’m washed up. I’m really sorry to all my fans. I’ve let you guys down. All we’ll have to do is get better you know. I got beat so bad the last game. Hopefully it goes a little bit better than before. Can’t end on a loss, one more! It was these guys who made me keep going andbelieved in me. May your mana points overflow and your AOE stick May supports cover your flank, may your marksman aim true For me, playing League is a way to break barriers I’ve done things I never thought I’d be able to do Anything is possible! Are you Ready? Hey everyone, Joe here againon behalf of the league dev team. Today we have a very special Riot Pls for you. Of course we’re going to tell you all about ourplans for the upcoming pre-season. We’ll also give you an update on TFT, and much more. In fact we’ve got a lot of great updates to share today. So be sure to stay tuned through theend of the show. But before we cover any of that, I want totalk about something important. This month marks a very special occasion. In just over a week, It’ll have been 10 years to the day since league’sofficial release date. For us, League has always been a game that we build togetherwith all of you. Truth is, you’ve always been the ones who’ve made Leaguemore than just a game. You’ve made incredible art. You’ve created memes. You’ve showed us in a million differentways that you care about League. That games matter enough to becomea meaningful part of your lives. You’ve helped us make League more than a game. For us, celebrating league’s 10 year anniversary is a chance to say thank you. To all of you who’ve helped us build league brick by brick, andto show our appreciation here’s what we’ve got planned.

Default brain teasers with multiple answersTo all of you who’ve helped us build league brick by brick, andto show our appreciation here’s what we’ve got planned. First up 10 days of gifting. For 10 days, starting October 17th, we’ll be celebrating you, the Leaguecommunity, with a small gift everyday you log in. And no it’s not just summoner icons, although of coursewe’ve got to give you one of those. All you’ll need to qualify is a league account that was created before thisbroadcast began. We want the rest of this month to feel like areal celebration. So expect to see SR looking a little brighter than normal. Your shop is coming back. And because it’s a special occasion for the firsttime ever there will be a chance that your shop contains legendary tier skins. In the past we’ve spoken about our reasons for moving away fromclassic URF to the all random URF mode. But this is a timeto celebrate and pull out all the stops. So for the first time in over fouryears we’re bringing back URF with full champion select. It’ll be available from October 28ththrough November 8th. So you can keep the celebration going. Over the last decade you haven’t just helped make league a great gameyou’ve helped make the world a better place. All the way back in 2010, you bought the URFWarwick skin and together we raised money to save actual manatees. In 2011, after a devastating earthquake in Japan, you and Nurse Akaliraised more than one hundred sixty thousand dollars for the Red Cross and provided relief to hundreds of thousands of people in need. The following year you banded together and through the Jaximus skin contributed to theMake-A-Wish Foundation in honor of a league player named Joe. In 2017, we committed over two million dollars from the proceeds from Championship Ashe to three great charities that you voted for. And last year with the help of Brian, a cancer survivor whohelped us design the Dark Star Cho’Gath skin, you all raised over six million dollars for 20 charities around the world.That’s the power of the League community. When we come together we can accomplishtruly remarkable things all over the world. In all of the communities we’re a part of. And we know there’s a huge appetite outthere to do even more. So today we’re announcing a new initiative calledThe Riot Games Social Impact Fund. This unique non-profit will be the enginefor our collective efforts around global social impact. Since establishingthe fund earlier this year we’ve already donated over four million dollarsto charities around the world. As a global game, we know it’s importantfor you to choose which charities the money raised in your region goesto and that’s what this fund will make possible. Later this year, we’ll be releasing Dawnbringer Karma the first skin where all proceeds willgo to the Social Impact Fund. On behalf of everyone at Riot. Thank youfor everything you’ve done. The good we can do together is just getting started. OK. let’s hear about what we’ve got planned for preseason. Hey everyone. Jess here. Before we get into preseason I want to share a small announcement that will makeplayers in one particular part of the world happy. We know that there aremany League players in the Middle East and North Africa who love League andhave been playing on European and North American servers and that we can doa better job of supporting them. We are proud to announce that we willbe supporting these players by gradually offering all Riot Games products andservices in Arabic. OK, on to preseason changes. Over the years Summoner’s Rifthas changed a lot. Sometimes in small adjustments to things you’realready familiar with and sometimes in complete overhauls or totally new additions. We’ve always thought of Summoner’s Rift as a living breathing place with enoughdepth to be fun and interesting Whether it’s your first time playingor if you’re a seasoned veteran. And to that end preseason 2020,Rise of the Elements, will introduce new emergent gameplay opportunities on the map meantto open fresh strategies to master outplay and win. The biggest changehere is the new elemental rift system as teams take down elemental drakes,one element will eventually dominate the rift permanently altering the map. Each elemental rift impacts teamfights,

1 brain teasers with multiple answersEach elemental rift impacts teamfights, rotations, vision, and objective control, in a unique way. Meaning no one game will play out the sameas the last. Even if everyone’s on the same champ. Infernal knocks down walls and burns down brush. Mountain adds new terrain to play around. Ocean makes brush growlarger and spawn extra Honeyfruit. And cloud turns pathways into windtunnels that increase movement speed. Elemental buffs are also getting anoverhaul with the final stack of each element offering powerful effects that aren’t just stats. Plus Cloud Drakes should be more satisfying now thatwe’ve switched it to grant CDR on your ult. And don’t worry we’re not letting Elder Dragonbe one-upped by its younger siblings. When the game gets to Elder,We know the game’s progressed pretty far. And to that end we want tochange the invisible parts of Elder buff into power that more clearly tells you tofight and push through to the end. Elder buff is keeping its burn effect,but instead of the large passive stat stick Elder currently gives, it’ll now grant an execute against enemies below acertain health threshold. Dragons aside, we’re also making a fewmap changes to add more outplay opportunities. Top and bot are getting new alcoves to shake up vision control and ganks. And we’re adding some new brush by the blue buff river entrances. That’s just the start of what preseason has to offer. We’ll be publishing a dev blog shortlyafter the stream with more info on these changes plus a ton of otherswe didn’t have the time to get to here. Next up, we’ve got a pieceto show you. Following his relentless pursuit of his nemesis Lucian finally comesface to face with his past. Kicking off a new chapter of one of League’soldest rivalries. Check it out. That’s right, Senna is coming to League of Legendsas our first ever support marksman. She’ll be available on PBE October 29th. Summoner’s Rift isn’t the only mode that’s evolving this year. Let’s talk a little bit about League’s newest permanent gamemode Teamfight Tactics. When we launched Teamfight Tactics earlier this year, we hopedyou’d love it and the response has blown us away. TFT has brought millions of players to League. It’s one of the biggest modes we’ve ever added to Leagueand it has us feeling incredibly inspired about ways we can keep investinginto TFT for years to come. One of the biggest ways we’re going tobe changing the game in the near future is with seasonal sets. A couple of times per year we’ll rotatein a whole new host of champions, origins, classes, and items. TFT will always be about strategic depth and exploration. And the new sets will keep some ofthe mechanics familiar but will also reimagine a few favorites, and willintroduce others that are totally new. Thematically we can explore the entire Leagueuniverse and the alternate universes by drawing deep from the whole spectrumof champions and skins that we’ve created in the past 10 years. The first seasonal side is coming to live servers in just three weeks. It’s called Rise of the Elements, just like preseason. It will feature totally new origins like desert, inferno, poison,and new classes including the summoners and mystics. New champions like Lux, Annie, Olaf. and even some old favorites bringing new twists. Those that played in the beta season will get rewarded for their climb,and we’ll reset the ladder as we bring improvements to the system. And of course set two wouldn’t be complete without a whole new host oflittle legends, arena skins, and some brand new things to make you and yourteam look good. It’ll hit PBE October 22nd and we’ve just published a devblog on with more details. Check it out and letus know what you think. One more thing. From the moment we launched TFT playershave been asking for a mobile version of the game. It turns out, you guys actually do have phones. So by popular demand we’re announcing Teamfight Tactics¬†as its own separate app for iOS and Android devices. It’s coming in early 2020 and we’llhave a few betas coming in December of this year.

brain teasers with multiple answers It’s coming in early 2020 and we’llhave a few betas coming in December of this year.

2 brain teasers with multiple answersIt’s coming in early 2020 and we’llhave a few betas coming in December of this year. It’ll feature full crossplatform play with the PC version of TFT. Hope you enjoy it. We hope you’re as excited as we arefor what’s coming for SR and TFT. There’s something else we’d like to share.It’s something we’ve been working on for a while and some of you might even be expecting it. TFT isn’t the only thing going multi-platform. Coming soon we’ll be bringing the League experienceto both mobile and consoles. So let’s take a first look at League of Legends: Wild Rift. Hey there, it’s Michael Chow. I’ve beendying to talk to you about the Wild Rift which is coming soon to console and Mobile. It’s taken us years. Way, way, too long to do this but we had to get it right. We need to figure out how to bring a true League experienceto other platforms in a way that’s worthy of your love, your time, yourinvestment, and we think we’ve finally gotten there with Wild Rift andwe’re thrilled to be able to share it with you. Now, why bring League toother platforms in the first place? Well for years many of you havebeen telling us that the marquee League PC experience is sometimes tough to fit into your lifestyle. which can change from one week to the next, one month to the next,one year to the next. You’ve also been telling us that you simply can’tplay League with a lot of the friends you love to game with. Yes, because of their lifestyles as well, but also because League takes a long timeto learn. The matches are really long and so on. So we built a new rift that you can play on console and mobile. With 15 to 20 minute matches and a dual stick control scheme that’sintuitive and satisfying, and still super deep. We’ve also added some new systems that preservethe core 5v5 gameplay you know while adding a few twists that we think reallyshine on mobile and console. Now Wild Rift is not a port of the PC game. Taking SR and just shoving iton the new platforms wasn’t going work. To get the gameplay just right,we needed to rebuild from scratch. We spent a long time making sure thiswill be a true League of Legends experience that’s worthy of devoting your precious game time. Wild Rift has incredible depth, and you canmake those same, badass, 200 IQ outplays and team plays you know and love from League PC. We’ll be straight with you. There are some downsidesto the from scratch approach we’ve taken. We’re not going to have every single champ and skinavailable on all platforms. And although you won’t get the same unlocksbetween League on PC and this version You will get great rewards for the time you’ve spentwith League over the last 10 years. But like I said we think these tradeoffs are worth it.Starting from scratch has given us the opportunity to do a full visual remasteron a ton of the game. We’ve also takenthe time to build an all new collection system that lets you show off all yourchamps and skins in an incredibly immersive way. We think this is so dope. We’re justgoing to play this for a bit so you can enjoy it. We’ve got so much more to show you, but that’s everything for me for now. As you saw earlier, League on PC hassome huge plans ahead. But we’d love for you to join us onthe Wild Rift when the game releases in your region. We’re rolling out limitedalphas and betas in select regions later this year with plans to rollout on most platforms in most regions globally by the end of 2020. So whether you’re grinding Ranked on Summoners Rift, popping poros in ARAM, going full Glacial in TFT, or squeezing in a game on the Wild Rift. We hope that there is aplace for you and your friends to dive into the world of League together. Ten years ago being aneSports fan was hard. Tournaments were few and far between.

3 brain teasers with multiple answersTournaments were few and far between. Streaming was still in its infancy. When we held our season one tournamentat Dreamhack We had a hundred folding chairs half of them were empty But you tuned-in in mass A million on the stream And that show of forcegave us the permission to go big To lay the groundwork for a sport thatwould be worthy of the passion from the playersand the teams and the fans. We saw the potential. But our journey was not withoutsetbacks and failures. Along the way, we faced our fair share of detractors. We often struggled to deliver anexperience worthy of your expectations But you, you continued to show up. A record shattering 99.6 million viewers tuned in to watch Invictus Gaming face off against Fnatic at last years World Championship. Today more than one thousand pro players on over one hundred professional esports teams compete in pro leagues across the world These organizations now mirrormore traditional sports orgs It’s coaches, analysts, personal trainers and sponsors. There are thousands of professionalsaround the world whose full time careers are in the sport of League of Legends. In the years ahead you’ll see morefeatures like ProView and more blending of sports and entertainment with experiences like the Elder Dragon and KDA. Even if you’re silver in League youcan prove you’re a challenger to your coach in the new League of Legendsesports manager coming out next year. We’ll start with the LPL at thebeginning of next season and we’ll work to expand to otherleagues around the world You’ll see more investment intostudios like the one we’re in right now Which was developed to power not only our LPL league but also our 10th World Championship. A multi city spectacle taking placein China next year. Now the next few years of esports willno doubt be epic but more immediately. We’re just as excited about what’sright in front of us. The 2019 World Championship 16 teams from around the world are competing in Berlin for the chance to raise theSummoners cup. Top teams who survived thegroup stage will travel to Madrid before completing their journey on November 10th at the 2019 World Finals in Paris. We are so grateful to all ofyou for watching for supporting and for believing in the potential of League. We could not have done this without you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to all of you for helpingmake League of Legends a global sport. For all of you and all the supportyou’ve put in a league of legends. Thank you so much. Even in the early days we knewwe wanted the league to be about characters with rich personalities, clearly definedthemes and deep gameplay. But we were all passion and heart with verylittle practical expertise. Some of our early efforts managed to capturesomething magical But we knew a lot of them had room to improve. We’ve always believed that we’ve made somethinggreat when it resonates deeply with you all. All that love that you put into our world and the appreciation you showwhen we get something right inspires us to keep trying. At first the League universe existed only within the game. Then we realized playerswanted to know more about the world but we were a little scared that wewere going to screw it up. So we invested in small experiments to try to get better. But now we’re entering a new era. You’re gonna see us try a lotof different ways for you to engage with the world of League of Legends. From comics to novels board games Music videos, TV I know this all sounds little crazy but like with everything we do we’re going to look to you tolet us know what’s working and we’ll double down on those areas. See you in Paris. (humming) When the world’s calling you Can you hear them screaming out your name? Legends never die They become part of you Every time you bleed for reaching greatness Relentless you survive They never lose hope when everything’s cold And the fighting’s near It’s deep in their bones they’ll run into smoke When the fire is fierce Oh, pick yourself up, ’cause Legends never die When the world is calling you (the world is calling you) Can you hear them screaming out your name? Legends never die They become a part of you (they become a part of you) Every time you bleed for reaching greatness Legends never die So for the last 10 years we haven’t just been making League of Legends We always knew we wanted to make newgames eventually but not at the expense of the growth and theneeds of League of Legends. A lot of us spent our youth playingshooters. Like really hard shooters. Strategy games Had a Street Fighter 2 machine. I love games that bring me somewhere new. One of my all time favorite games for example is civilization. The single player side, not the multiplayer side. Magic: The Gathering by far I’ve been a card gameplayer my whole life. I grew up playing lotsof classic adventure games. I play a lot of MMORPGs which tendto last basically forever. I was going to thearcade every day after school. I’ve been a dungeon master for 30 years. I think Riot is a collection of people that started as players, that wanted to make new experiences or better experiences so they became developers while remaining players. Whether you’re a tactical shooter fan, or fighting game fan, or strategy card game fan, you can count on Riot to support those needs. With a really, reallystrong long term mindset. Even though we all love League of Legends, I think we also all love to imagine the possibility of what would it belike to run around and explore the the world of Runeterra. How could we enableexperiences for players to go explore with their friends. I hope that in the same way when yousee a Disney movie and then you go to Disneyland andgetting to actually walk around and explore a space that you know really well feels so magical. I hope that’s the kind of experience that we can give to players. That feeling of actually seeing something and then going there in person andwandering around as though it were real. We didn’t build League of Legends. Right? We started it, we seeded it and thenwe built it with the community of players. The players have showed us ways toplay our game that we never imagined. And they’re continuing to do that. We just exposed a whole bunchof information about what we’re making as we become, I think, more transparent,that they will know that we are always thinking about them first. As a developer it’s such an exciting time. When you’ve been working on something,sorta behind the scenes for such a long period time and you start to show it to the rest of the world to get feedback. About a month ago at EVO wewere able to share news about Project L with fighting game fans aroundthe world live and in person. That was a crazy surreal experiencebecause we’ve been working on this for a little while and we’ve alwayshad to be so secretive. What I think League of Legends players expect from this game is different, but in some ways harmonious with what I think fighting gameplayers expect from this game. Everyone wants a great game, but whatwe’ve been seeing is that people are really excited to see Runterranchampions in a new light even from from a new camera angle. Making fighting games is really, really tough. These are intricate games to make andwhile we’re a good ways towards making something that we think is really coolwe still have a long way to go. We’re going to go dark for a whileafter this so please don’t expect anything soon but know that we’re here workinghard for you. My hope is that Riot continues on for many manyyears and decades to come. As a company that players can counton to have their back. We’re really excited to see howpeople react. And we believe that there is an incredible opportunity to sort of make some player dreams come true and a bunch of new waysand we hope we can do that. Hi everyone I’m Anna and I’m the executiveproducer on one of those games you just saw codenamed “Project A.” We’ve talked about our philosophy ondeveloping new games here at riot but I figured we could also show you some. We’re making new games and this one’s different, so here it is. Project A is our character-based tactical shooter. It’s competitive. It has precise gunplay. It’s set on a beautiful near future Earth. And it has a lethal cast of characters each with their own unique abilities. This is our take on a competitive shooter. We promise that just like League we’re in this for years and years to come. With Project A we’re staying true to the high consequence gameplay of tac shooters. But we want to evolve the space. We want to tac shooter with morecreativity, more expression, and a lot more style. In project A your abilities create amazingtactical opportunities for your gunplay to shine. We started with a crew of veteran developers who have a deep passion and a wide range ofexperience in the FPS space. But it’s not enough to have the right team. We also need to solve the right problems. But what does that really mean? Well, we’re all tired of seeing our bullets not register because of low server tick rates. We keep hearing buzzwords like dedicated servers, but almost nothing about low ping or how the game plans to fight peekers advantage. But with Project A, we’re going bigon things like global infrastructure and netcode designed to go to war on peekers advantage. You’ll hear more technical details as we get closer to launch, but just know, we know these are critical things to get right. Now let’s talk about the cheaters. We know you hate second guessing if you really lost or someone was running on a aimbot or a wallhack. From day one, we have put anti-cheatat the forefront of our development, and we will do whatever it takes to preserve theintegrity of your matches. We want to be firm in our commitment here because this matters to us and we know it really matters to you. And these are just some examplesof what we mean when we say we want to do a character-basedtactical shooter right. We’re keeping the fundamentals thatmake the genre so so competitive, but also bringing some new additions. We’re going heads down for a while, but expect to hear more from us in 2020. In the meantime, keep an eye on ourRiot Games twitter feed for any updates and maybe a few cool teases. Thanks everyone. Hi I’m Jeff Jew. I’m Andrew Yip. And we have a confession. We’re making a card game. What? Okay, okay. We know what some of youmight be thinking: RIOT! There are plenty of card games. Why are you making another one. And we get it. We’ve been playing them since we were kids, so we’re super familiar with theflaws of our favorite genre. Spending an entire paycheck just to try another deck. Over-the-top RNG deciding which player wins. Metas that get solved way too fast and cards that stay broke way too long. So we asked ourselves what ifwe could change all that. We spent a lot of timethinking about what we would do differently. And now we’re aiming to shake upthe card game formula by keeping what’s great improving what’s not and adding some new twists of our own. We’ve been hard at work making the bestcard game that we can imagine. One that we hope playerseverywhere will love and we’re super excited toshow you what we’ve got so far. Today we’re going to share threethings we hope will excite you too: How we’re bringing the world ofLeague of Legends to this game, What makes our gameplay unique. And finally, how you unlock cards. Let’s do it. When we decided to makea card game in League of Legends universe, we knew where we had to start: The champions. Ask any league player and they’ll tellyou why, their main is the most badass, exciting and satisfying champ to play. Our goal is to make the Champions and Legends ofRuneterra live up to those expectations and then some. In the first set, you can choose from24 champion cards to include in your deck, each with a unique mechanic inspiredby their original league abilities. Champions enter the battle as powerful cards, and if you play smart, they level up to become even more epic. These level ups are game changing moments, both strategically and visually. Champions are key cards to build your deck around but to take down the enemy nexus,you’re going to need a team. Pick allies that support yourchamp’s strategy to level up fast and take control of the board. And you have tons of supporting cardsto choose from. You’ll encounter some familiar faces, and discover completely new ones. Every card and character in the game comes from a region of Runeterra. At launch, you have access to cards from six major regions: Demacia Noxus Freljord Piltover & Zaun Ionia and the Shadow Isles Each region has a distinct playstyle and strategic advantage. But things get even more interesting when you combine cards from two different regions. There’s a deck for everypersonality and play style. (YIP’S FAMOUS BIG ZED BUFF-ET) (SUPER MEGA DISCARD AGGRO) But it’s up to you to find the right cardsfor your winning strategy, or a different kind of strategy. We believe the best card games arethe ones where you make meaningful choices and constantly interact with your opponent. While the worst ones feel like complicated solitaire. So we’re designing Legends of Runeterra to really focus on that backand forth between you and the player on the other side of the screen. Each of you trying to anticipate the other’s move, and then beat them to the punch. You probably start with a strategy in mind and a win condition on the horizon. But as you alternate actions with your opponent, you’ll need to think quickand make on the fly decisions. It’s all about finding opportunities topredict what your opponent will do next, adapt your strategy, and achieve that ultimate outplay. The moment when you pull off your plan and make the move that wins you the game. In our experience, these moments are the bestpart of a good card game, so we want to increasehow often they happen and ensure that there aremultiple paths to get there. Now we could spend hourstalking about all the ways you can win but they told us to keepthis video short. So here’s a few: In Legends of Runterra, It’s skill above all. No game is over until it’s over, and there will always benew cards and strategies to discover. But there’s probably still abig question on your mind… How do I actually get all these cards? We thought for a long time about what we, as players, wouldwant the answer to be. With most card games, it takes a lot of time, money,or luck to get what you want. And if you only way you can get cards is at random that sucks. We think one of the most fun aspects of a card game is experimentingwith the different kinds of decks to find your style. And that’s really hard to do whenunlocking new stuff is too random or too expensive. So one of our top priorities is to give youmore choice in how you get your cards. To start, Legends of Runeterra is free to play. As you play you’ll complete quests and earn experienceto advance and automatically unlock new cards. But which region you unlock first is totally up to you. You decide where your cards come fromand can switch regions whenever you want. Which makes assembling your dream decka whole lot easier. We get how fun cracking packs can be, it’spaying for the card lottery that really sucks. So the start of each weekyou’ll also unlock chests from the vault. These chests level up the more you play.They can also contain wild cards which can be turned into any card you want.No guessing required. But we know sometimes you just want a guaranteedway to get specific cards too. So instead of waiting for the right dropyou can unlock cards for your collection using shards you’ve earnedor coins you’ve bought. Bottom line, in Legends of Runeterra,you’ll never pay for randomized packs and you have a bunch of different waysto get the cards you actually want. No matter what, you’ll end upwith multiple decks for both casual duels and the competitive meta. We’re really excited to focus less on selling packsand more on the things that make a card game great. Deep interactive strategy, frequent releases and balance updates, and endless experimentation. We hope that by focusing onthese things above all else Legends of Runeterra can grow to become more thanjust a game. Like League back in 2009, we believe the journey is just beginningand with your help we can create something incredible together. What you’ve seen today is a foundation which weintead to build on for years to come. The full PC beta is coming in early 2020 and you can preregister for both PC and mobile, right now,at We bought that URL right guys? dot com and I know we said we only have three things to share today but we might actually have one more. Are we ready? Guess we’ll find out. For the next five days we’re rolling out a specialpreview patch of Legends of Runeterra on PC. Head to andpre-register for a chance to get access right now. You can also check out live streams on twitch to see more gameplay and link your Riot account to increaseyour chance of getting access. A lot of things are work in progressand we’re still developing the final features but we’re super excited for you allto get a first look. And if don’t get a chance to play thistime around don’t worry. We’ll be back with another preview patch before theend of the year. Thanks for watching. We’ll see younext time, and until then we hope you enjoy your first peekat Legends of Runeterra. We love it when we have the opportunityto connect with all of you directly. And so much has happened since we allstarted on this journey, over ten years ago that we really just wanted to takea moment to say thank you. We’ve always aspired to be worthy of thepassion, the love, and the dedication that you all have for League, and weare committed to bringing that same level of care, and attention to everythingthat we do in the future. And I really want toemphasize the thank you. For sticking with us through the upsand downs of this journey. Through painful server outages and game breaking bugs. Our failures to listen and get certain things right. Tons of misfires and missteps. Not to mention about 72 different Ryze reworks. Because through it all we’ve built together, over the last 10 years, this game, this community, this sport andthis world of Runeterra And on that last notewe’re committed to finding ways to bring the stories from Runeterra to life and before we wrap we’d like to share a glimpse into one lastthing that we’ve been working on. FOR 10 YEARS WE EXPLORED DISTANT WORLDS AND SAW LEGENDS RISE A NEW ADVENTURE AWAITS FROM THE CREATORS OF IN 2020 RIOT GAMES PRESENTS AN ANIMATED SERIES EVERY LEGEND HAS A BEGINNING I’d like to let you in on a very important secret Power comes to those who will do Anything to achieve it It’s time to let the monster out ARCANE

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