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Dude, I got it. Something moved! No Way. Suck it, Chuck.Suck it, Chuck Wooow.!! That is awesome. Got the sound off on your phone, Old Man? Bro, North Korea. What about North Korea? Getting close. That’s fine. Over exposed. It was definitely [inaudible]. Let’s go CTE, Chronic Encephal… chronic traumatic encephalopathy. phalopathy… There we go. That’s our access… Thisis out of our scope of practice. We have a word of the day. CTE, chronic traumaticencephalopathy. Wow. Something Absolutely get hit in the head toomuch. Yeah. Okay.Get a little punchy. PuzzleTime. Episode Nine, Nine? Nine. Oh yeah, we’re at nine already. Working ourway to double digits. Double digits. Double digits. Okay, So episode nine, what arewe talking about today? Um, We’ve got wood puzzles. Wood things came in today. Lots of wood puzzles. Most… a bunch Jean ClaudeConstantine. Yeah. We’ve got… I’ve got two here. So these arewood. Not really puzzles so much, but they are mechanical models. And so this is from ROKR. We also haveanother company called Ugears. So these ROKR ones arebrand new. They just came in. So that is a Marble… This one’s a marble, Like the, if have you seen ifyou’ve seen the Space Rails, these are kind of like those. Yeah.Where you kind of put everything together. These look way cooler though. And the thing I likeabout these is, so we did a video, like I did a video early on, on the Ugear stuff and we did a video where we, like,I solved this or putthem together and we sped it up. So it’s on the youtube channel.There’s some of the Ugears stuff. I think I did two of those videos, butyou want to get an idea of what these are, that that kind of shows it.Yeah they are a mechanical model, Everything moves on them. So like that thing, obviously the marble moves through it. This one like I thinkthe things spins here, like the propeller on this.What is this actually? Ah, so like a blimp, man. Yeah. Soas it rolls the propeller will spin. Yeah. Yeah. The wheels move. Therereally neat. I read it, actually on this one. Yeah. There’s, there’s like keys andstuff to help you build this. Ah, yeah. The light is just kinda getting it. But down here the uh…Oh, so there’s like a key towind it and stuff. Yeah. So this one’s like a windup one, eh,that’s a winding one. So that one’s not, so this one has like a winding, like almost like a like a clock mechanisminside where you wind it up and then it probably moves and stuff like that. Yeah. And this one looks like it’s gotlike nine steel balls on the back of it, which move through. So thatwould be kind of what moves through. Yeah, these are coolactually. I really like these. This is something I woulddo at home for sure. I think they take like a couple of hours. Obviously it depends onthe size there. There, there are recommended forolder too, like it’s 14 plus is the rating kind of on these, for age. Soit’s not for like little kids obviously. Now like it does come with sandpaper too, which makes me think thatthese pieces are gonna pop out, but you’re going to want to cleanthem up a little bit as well. It also has wax. So inside, especiallythat one I know has a wax. This one,

Default brain teasers metal puzzlesIt also has wax. So inside, especiallythat one I know has a wax. This one, doesn’t look like it has… youwax and like all that’s, yeah. This one does, too. So it’s essentially likea candle and you, you, uh, you wax the gears so they move better.Right. So that’s, uh, that’s these, I love them. It’s all flat pack to soit comes in and you just punch them out. It was just really neat. These aregreat. And so, uh, yeah, from, uh, ROKR. Really cool for yourdesk. Absolutely. Okay. Next we have… Unstable UNICORNS. Uh, super excited. Saw these on Kickstarter. I didn’t knowthat we were actually pulling them in. Yeah. Puzzle Master does boardgames. We have, not a ton, but there are some reallygood board games that we have. Yeah. Uh, my favorite so faris like Munchkins. If youguys play D&D at all, uh, Munchkins. Munchkins… check itout. Yeah. Yeah. Um, with these ones, they said there’s a 135 cards in herewith the rule book games take about 35 to 45 minutes. Um, yeah. SuperCool. It’s, uh, on the right, on the front it says:. Build yourarmy, betray your friends, Unicorns are your friends now. Yeah. Kind of a fun game. I like… it looks … the Kickstarterhas a video and actually the video is on the Puzzle Master website too. So if you find these on the websitethere is the Kickstarter video they did. Great graphics too. And likewe really liked the branding of these, hey… I think it’s just like… Superclean. Yeah. Great pictures. Yeah. And it looks like, yeah, you build anarmy of Unicorns and fight each other. Uh, lots of shenanigans. Yeah. The, well like let’s even open these up man,cause I was going to buy one of these, Right? Let’s check this out. There’s also these expansionstoo. There’s a dragon expansion. There’s a rainbow expansion. I don’tknow if we have a whole lot other ones. I saw an NSFW um, expansion. So it is a maybe on the moreadult side at times or can be. Cool. Yeah. So little things. Uh, thisis to poison your buddy’s Unicorn. Oh so… Oh man, yeah. The blackones are all the unicorns. Yeah. So I’ve got like a MagicalKitten Corn, Basic Unicorn. Huh? That’s pretty cool. So there’s awhole deck of just different unicorns. So this is your army and thenthis is how to screw over your friends. Right. So it’d be, it’d be similar to Munchkin causethat’s kinda what Munchkins idea is. But it’s just like a Unicorn base. Great pictures are where we did theartwork on these did a great job and uh, yeah, it seems like it’s getting prettyrave reviews. Even the box is cool. Hey, like they, they’ve got in the bottom,there’s like pictures of Unicorns. I like… I like… it seems like it’s goingto be heavy duty too. I hate, I hate when board gamesmake a box that is crap. And then the box is falling apart andyou can’t play the game anymore cause you’ve lost pieces because of stuff’sfallen out. So I really liked that they give you a nice heavy duty cardboardbox with it too. Magnetized. Yeah. Yeah. Working on my game collection,I like games. Yeah. Cool. Gotta play more. It is hard tofind time to play board games. Unstable Unicorns. Check it out. So next, which one do should wedo? I want to do this one. This, this looks cool. Okay. It’s called The Marble Canoe. Now it is from Creative Crafthouse and it’s a level seven puzzle. It looks… I love this stuffthat is so simple looking, but uh, difficult to do. I love the, I love the beautiful simplicityof some of these puzzles.

1 brain teasers metal puzzlesI love the beautiful simplicityof some of these puzzles. So it’s got two marbles in it. There’s a post here in themiddle that you can see. There’s a post in the middle and thenthere’s two holes on the outside. And so essentially, you justgot to get those marbles into the hole. Now the thing… we should try solve this, I think we should try solvingthis one’s got, it’s got like a, a piece on the bottomhere. Like a, it’s the, the post is screwed into something, but What I figured is itallows you to spin it. I figure that’s gottabe the solution, right? You already got it. Yeah, I was thinking… No way!!] I’m like,this has gotta be a spinning puzzle. So yeah, I was shipping one day and came acrossthis and wasted like 20 minutes trying to go back and forth. Yeah.Okay. Try it. Try it again. Cause I thought maybe the post would interfere with the spin. You just gotta get enough force on it It spins out and then tryto slow it down. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Cool. Yeah,I didn’t think about that at all. Nice and simple. Nothing hard.CoolI like these. These are fun. Love to take this over… We were talking about going to Tony’sgym there to shoot some videos. This would be a great one for thegym. Right? Let some people try it. Not super hard, but it’s a, yeah,it’s a level seven. Creative Crafthouse. It’s called the MarbleCanoe. Alright. Okay. This one, this is the house. H. A. U S. So it’s from a JeanClaude Constantine. Now our video guys said that he wastrying this one out and he couldn’t get nothing to move on this. Yeah, superhard. Now it’s only rated level eight, So it didn’t, it didn’t seem like itshould be that hard. But uh, yeah. So you, what you gotta do is you got to take itapart and put it back together. And apparently it’s a burr puzzle. So it’s like one… likemovement runs into the next one. Yeah. Essentially it all. I see. I don’t remember what the definition… There’s a little movement on this one here. Yup. Yeah. This was like, he said that he saidhe couldn’t, Chuck, like our video guy, he said he couldn’t get anything to moveon this, which is frustrating, right? Where you have puzzles like, andyou can’t do nothing… like figuring figuring out that first movetime. Sometimes it’s veryfrustrating. So I don’t, I don’t know if there’s,it said burr puzzle. So I assume it’s just something that’s gonna move actually. You’ve got to move it the rightway. It can… I couldn’t, you know, I wouldn’t think it’s like aspin or something magnetizedor any of that. Right? You wouldn’t think so. There’snothing that’s shakes. Yeah. That’s, oh, it looks hard. It lookshard. I don’t know. Hey, why don’t I keep playing withthis? And you show that one, You do that one next, here. This is the 4D puzzle. 4D puzzle, yeah. 4D. Oh, look at this.. This is, this is what Chuck said comesout. He did say that… the, the little, yeah. So the thing here justkinda comes out, a little stack. Simple. Okay. Keep going. I picked this one. It’s been selling crazy, like crazy. Um, probably a little bit hardto see but it kind of sits. I like that. So it’s facingupright, so everything kind of just,

brain teasers metal puzzles I like that. So it’s facingupright, so everything kind of just,

2 brain teasers metal puzzlesI like that. So it’s facingupright, so everything kind of just, I dunno. Why do you think it’s called4D? Like it’s 3D I guess, but I don’t know. All of thepieces fit in very weird. It is a weird thing though. It looks justlike a packing puzzle. Super Weird angles on allthese pieces here, I dunno. Are all the blue pieces and theblack pieces the same? Oh yeah. Yeah. Uh, I don’t want to….oh no. It does look like a lot of the pieces are,like the colored pieces are the same. Same shape though. Yeah. It’s gotta beman. Cause this, this would just fit… hold on. This one, like that rightthere. Yeah. So it’d be like the, Like here.. what I’m saying. Theblack, yeah. So the black pieces, the blue pieces, the red pieces, two,two white pieces. So it’s all, all the same piece essentially.Not all the same piece. Each color is the same pieces as it’s, yeah other colors. Weird geometricshapes on this one. Yeah. Super Cool. Yeah,I like that. I’ve, I’ve seen some other ones like thatwhere it goes together, but um, yeah, that’s really funky. And then each piece is kind of like itsown separate little like cube shape or block shape or whatever you want to callthat too when you pull it out. Yeah. Weird little puzzle. I stillgot nothing on this one. All right, well you know whatto do. Just, just give up. All right. Last thingto show you for today. That one looks cool. I like that. I like the look of this one.This is John Claude. Yeah. It’s the JP lock bronze fromJean Claude Constantine. And there is, so this is the secondedition, kind of the JP lock stuff, right? This is the bronze one. There’sa JP lock… I don’t remember the name. Holes. Holes lock, yeah JPLock Holes is the first one. So it’s a level eight and… Super cool. So this is actuallya, it’s three layers deep. The front layer is plexiglass, and thenthere’s two wooden layers and the… your objective obviouslylike every lock take off the… The shackle. off… the shackle, all right. Yeah. So that’s attached to the center one here. So all of these little postsmove and then there’s… there’s little beads on the inside justbehind the plexiglass that allow this thing to kind of move here. Yeah. The way I had toexplain to bit is this, this one as opposed to the original JPlock, that Holes one, and this one you can see the mechanism inside. The otherone, apparently you couldn’t. Right? So the plexiglass kind of adds adifferent feature to it. So super cool. You can see there’s little bearingson the inside. Yeah. Kind of cool. So do you think you have to… Oh yousee there’s slots for em eh. So… Right. So like the bearings, Oh I see, you’re essentially moving stuffto move the bearings around, which will eventually let youopen the shackle, I guess, hey? It looks like you’re moving the bearingsthrough like a maze in there…Huh! to open up the shackle… So there’s lots of cut pieces. Hey, so right here, look at that. You can see it. So if youmove this one over far enough, it would allow you to pullthe shackle up. So in here, there’s this one piece right here that moves. Let’s see if I can get it.Get it to… That one, it moves and that this whole V partdown here is attached to the shackle. So if you got that, that’d allowyou to pull the shackle out. So I mean you see the objective on it, but it’s just a matter of getting allthe pieces moved through. Right? Yeah,

3 brain teasers metal puzzlesbut it’s just a matter of getting allthe pieces moved through. Right? Yeah, I like that. That’s, that’s reallydifferent. Yeah, that’s, that’s good. I like the lock puzzles. Yeah we shot an unboxingvideo for that one too, when it came in. A buncha… Really? Yeah, it was pretty cool actually. There was a bunch of random stuffin that box. So that one’s a level eight. That’s called the JP lock bronze. Now… puzzle challenge, puzzle challenge,puzzle challenge. So this is our, uh, our theme or our segmentthat seems to become a… it’s going to become maybe a regularthing we do. I like it. I like doing…We’re both bad at puzzles… So it’s two peoplewho are not very good at puzzles. Yeah. And oddly enough grew up withpuzzles. Yeah. So, uh, yeah. So we’ve got these, um, think IQ boxes and it’sessentially… their Amazing Cubes. The Amazing Cube Right. This is the amazing cubenumber two. This is number three. These things sell like crazy. Yeah,essentially… It’s pretty simple. It’s like a bamboo box withthis weird like cutout in it. And then there’s this little key and the whole point is to putthat key into the cutout, into the box and then getit out. Yeah. So yeah, let’s say they’re both the leveleight. They’re from Mi Toys, M I ..Mi Toys, MY toys. I think it’s Me toys though. Ok.. Are the keys the same ordo you got the same keys? It’s definitely different. No..different key. So it is a little different. That is the one that I did. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Should we…? Littlebit different key. Uh, two slots on mine. Does yours have two slots? Yeah, my has two slots as well. Same shape though. I got this little “H” thing, So I wonder if it’s like you get it inand then you like… cause it’d be rattling around in there right? And then you gottafigure out how to get it out again. Okay. Okay. Let’s go. Ready? I’ll try the other hole. I think the holesare the same. I think so, too. I don’t think there’s any difference. I actually don’t know why therewould be two holes then, to be honest. It’s weird that there’s this little cutout of the top of mine cause that’s not on that one. You see? You have a cut out there… And it fits like a piece of the… like it’s the same width as the wood. Yeah.I feel like… you see… It’s one of those things where you can like see kind of some of the areas where like, okay, this would maybe fit in there,but you can figure out the angle on it. Right? You got it in? Got it!! Oh boy! Like, you know what this means,right? That you’re better at puzzles? Humiliation. Ooooh! Hahaha I got it in. Okay. That was cool. Now the puzzle is not over…. Oh no…the whole point’s to get in and then out. So I could still beat youon this. I could still beat you…definitely See, I think this is, this is theworst part now is trying to get it out. Did you have trouble gettingthis one out last time? I don’t even remember if I putit in all the way. Are you suppose to? Maybe we should have held ontothe end before we dropped it in. Oh boy. Oh wait, wait. No external tools required, right? See, look at… no, no, look though. See Ithink that’s what this little end is for. So there’s a little cutout end. I think that’s for putting it inand then you can spin it. Yeah, and turn it around. So you couldspin it. That’s the whole point. Probably that shape on there, sothat you can move it into the box, have enough here that you can spin thepiece… I mean I got it that far… and position it. I don’t remember how this….OH, oh look who beat you. That’s cool. I like that. Again, I still don’t know totally whatI did, but definitely solved that. Dude, mine is, mine is broken. Cause do you have to… I wonder if itmatters which hole you go in and out of? Cause I see what you mean. Yourslooks almost like it’s… Should go the other way…no, no, no. And then, then justspin it this way. No, no, no. Yeah. I’ll try the other hole. It can’t matter. These holes look the same.Maybe that’s the point though. Okay. That’s… this one’s not superhard then. Okay, I see what I did. So like the… Dude the hole definitely matters… folds in and then goes in. Do you mean which, whichhole it is? Aren’t they… I thought they were thesame shape though? Dude, I don’t know why I put this inhere. That’s the whole point… Ahhhh That’s the whole point. You gottaget it in and then get it. Oh, Do you want me to try? Okay. See the problem is you can’treally see the shape on it. Ooooh, what’s up now? Ahhh….So look, look like see it was the fold inDouble loser…so it was the fold in right there. Oh…So, not only did I solve my puzzle, but I solved Tony’s. What was this about? You were saying about shameor something… Shame, humiliation, yeah, You see Kenny versus Spenny?You know what I’m talking about? We should have a punishment. I likethat. We should have a punishment we do for the loser of our challenges. Let’s see I could choose atattoo that you have to get. Oh Man. That’s a large commitment.No, no…I like that though. These are good. These are good. Not like crazyhard. That doesn’t quite…Ok… Does that seem like alevel eight to you though? Cause I don’t see thatas a level eight. No, that seems more like aseven but yeah. Yeah, it’s good. It’s good. They’re fun but notlike, I mean it’s not like crazy hard. So yeah, those are good.Good puzzles. Think IQ. They are the what are they? Amazing Cube 1, Amazing Cube, Amazing Cube Two… no. Amazing Cube Two and Three. Oh yeah. From uh, from Mi toys. My Toys?Me Toys. Yeah. Cool. That’s those. So yeah,thank you guys for watching. Make sure you check us out on youtube. So click the subscribebutton, the Little Bell, the dingy thing for notifications.Check us out on Facebook. You can like our Facebook page.And then also on Instagram again, Instagram has lots of ourpictures, new puzzles coming out, our new puzzles that are out, just kind of pictures and someshort little videos from some of it. And then Facebook has a whole bunch ofreviews. You’ve done even reviews lately. No, Leon’s made me want to shoot…He’s made me shoot all these, uh, well just like random stuff around theoffice.Ya ya, kind of the fun things… It’s the weirdest thing, He showed up the one day he picked up a, a meat slicer from PAand was just like, hey, your cousin’s going to come and slicesome meat. Weird. Sorry. This is a, a puzzle company man. Like, Hey, whoa. Is this any weirder though thanwanting to do balloon animals? This is true. We’re goingto have a balloon animalchallenge one of these days. I know how to to do balloon animals. I can do them. You can?Yeah, I know some of them. Yeah.. Okay. Balloon animals. Maybe we’ll make someballoon animal puzzles. Yeah. Balloon puzzles? Well we’ll get uh… we’llget the puzzle master doing his thing. Yeah, that’d be fun. Yeah. Soagain, check us out on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. I alsocheck out our Kickstarter. We have a Kickstarter campaign. Wekick started three new puzzles. We did them just last videoand episode eight. It’s the, was it last video or eight orseven? Uh, this one’s nine. Yes. The last one was eight.Yeah. So it’s the Lattice, the Slideways and the Dirty Dozen.Check them out. They’re awesome. metal puzzles. Some newstuff from Puzzle Master. Uh, We will probably have some more Kickstarter campaigns coming out again cause it’s, it’s been a lot of fun.We shot that video and uh, showed you guys a bit of the behindthe scenes, about what we do here and how Puzzle Master works, but yeah, check those out on kickstarter.comand uh, yeah, that’s it for the day. That’s it. Yup. Puzzle timewith Tyler, Tony and Tyler Episode Nine Number nine. See you guyslater. Thanks for watching Hey Ok Dude dude… What? I got it! Something moved! No Way. Suck it Chuck. Suck it, Chuck! Wooow! That is awesome! Cool. Check this out too. It’s… Woe! Yeah. So it broke into twopieces there…. was was it really stiff? It was stiff. So you had to push on that endand the whole chunk here came out. That’s awesome. I imagine that’s how you get every other piece out then too, like it’s not too hard after… yeah it wouldn’t be… Getting it back together Yeah, that’d be ridiculous. I don’t know if it’s that easy still. I didn’t think my thumbs had that much power, but It’s all those thumb exercises you’ve been doing. Cool, I like that. You want to take it apart the rest of the way? No. See, I was thinking this was maybesome sort of pin that releases something. Yeah that’s what I was thinking, too. It doesn’t look like it. Oh yeah. That’s right. Push them in. Cool. All right.

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